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MERCIIA STS. it you Vfl i 1 1 r - I '
icish to reach the people V' U L j I $-X 1 1
advertise in the Dispatch ktf , V s, -
. jieadehs: Ion will
find the Dispatch' n orth
your money, Subscribe.
1 1
VOL XV1I-N0 .7.
golambtts dispatch
tnU'red at ttia Columbus Postomce as stiond
cIhbb matter.
Official Journal of Lowndes County.
Mr a. s. O. MAKR, Bdltor nd Froprttor
P. W. MAhlt, City Editor A Bniiinn Mcr.
Hrau-wMklf per year......
ButHtrty Hpr er year.....
toeiy i er yr...
M 1 0
Ii rti
. 1 5u
National Democratic Ticket.
1-OR congress:
An Appeal for Funds.
Ilon.W.V. Sullivan.memberof the
National DemocraticExecutiveCorn
rnitteefrom Mississippi, has sent the
following throughout the stale, ap
pealing for fund to carry on the
national democratic campaign. The
appeal is iu the following words:
"The National Campaign Com
mittee of the democratic
part jl is sorely in need of funds to
carry on successfully and properly
the campaign. As you are aware,
the cost of printing campaign liter
ature and information is very great,
and thre are many other expenses
too numerous to mention, that
must be met. In this contest the
Republican party has an inex
haustible fund to draw upon, while
the Democratic party must rely
upon small contributions irotu a
ereat mass of people. We caunot
overestimate the importance of this
strvegle, upon the trusts ana
money power upon the one side,
ud the toiling and producing
asses on the other. Ple;ise at
once see what money jou can raise
and send it to W. P. St. John,
treasurer. Bartholdi Hotel, New
York City, at the same time notify
ing me of the amount contributed.
We have several times urged the
The Campaign Fund.
Those who wish to subscribe to
the National Demociatic Campaign
Fund can send their subscriptions to
the Dispatch. The names of
subscribers, with amounts of sub
scription, will be published, and
when the amount has reached re-
- spectable proportions it will be tor-
warded to headquarters. Every
little helps. Seud in your sub
set lptions.
"My friends, I am no anarchist.
There is not beneath the flag a
truer friend of the government or a
greater lover of law and order than
the nominee of the Chicago con
vention. I love the government so
well that I want to make it so good
that there will not be one citizen in
all the land who will not be will
ing to die for his government. I
love law and order so much that I
want the law enforced aeaiust the
greatest eneaiies that law and or- j
der hive in t' is country; not, my
ltiends, the rktlemen, but the great
ones, who think that they are j
great .t than the government k- i
sell' "William J. Bryan.
tyvork more
Mr; E. K. ;
ville, has
, Capt. I
y Vid"
Ex- Lieutenant-Governor Sims,
of this state, but at present i'lrst
Assistant Secretary of the Interior
at Washington, tuougu a gotu
stan iard a .vocste, will support the
democialic ticket and work for the
success ol Bryan and Sevvall.
Fifty Years A0,
This la tlit cradle In which there rrew
That thought of a philanthropic brain j
A. remedy that would make life new
For the multitude! that were racked
with pain.
Twas sarsaparilla, as made, yon know
By Ayer, aome 50 ar ago.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
wa3 in its infancy half a cen
tury ago. To-day it doth "be
stride tho narrow world like a
colossus." What is the secret
of its power? Itscuro3l Tha
number of them I The wonder
of them! Imitators have fol
lowed it from the beginning ol
its success. They are still be.
bind it. Wearing the only
medal granted to Esaraaparilla
ia thts World's Fair of 1G93,
it poi; n rrout'b7 to ita record.
Others imitate tho remedy;
t'ney can't imitate tho record:
5o Yenrs of Cures.
Mr. (' 1
are, can..,
Mrs. Mi. . :
a. t
father and i--
Stephenton and v-v
Mrs. Lucy Vat.,
and brother, of Colu j
king her this week J
Miss llessie VaugV..
to go to school at Iuk.i
We guess that is the re,
tain yotiug man's eyes
Mr. L. A. Baker is t:l
the L. B. & M" Morris !
Portrait Company, of C.
The writer had the
hearing Mrs. M. . J.
great' evangelist, of 'j'
Tenn., preach la- t wet '
lllil, Moni'oc county. !
of the most feet'i.g ni'.
I resulted in one oi t'.ie 5;:
vivals w; have had for y
is holding a met.'
week at Quincy Ch
a les are tnrned somatmies:
t3 osual to 8-e in resttiti
. Hign, ''Sfata rosorved far
' Int there is a restanrtint in
, j'a, much froquontpJ by
, iu which there is a feign
"Seats rKsetvod for ineu."
'citJ from Atlanta ea) s: "Uv.
ps, he fionsational cvhii
laa taken up the political cud-
siftst what he calls thn ring
I of the Democratic inaeliij,
? kfta pnlminntn,! in Mil ml
n tabernael before olK'O
a chargfis that the D.-'ui- j
aou guilty in t'uo j a-1 !
and deti riBjj cf j
'vrittur of rt'C-
:.r Uiio it
lis. tho '
'iiun'cd j
V 'bat
; t
AWcjtablc Preparation for As
slmilaflitg iheroodandKcgula
ting the S lomachs and Bowels of
Promotes DicsUon.Chmful
ncssandKcst.Contflins neilher
Opium.Morphine nor IhacxaL
Not Nahcotic.
Letter Frcni Kolola Springs.
The summer is over, and Kolola
. , .1 TI 1.1ll
is almost uescneu. iiei ucanu
giving waters are still abundant,
her natural scenery is still beauti
ful; the little stream of Buttahatchie
still Mows 011 in its ceaseless course;
but alas, that gay and aiappy
throng, they have folded their tents
and quietly slul-Mi ,W3j ! Let US
hope tliat '97 wi'l bring a larger
1 f
8 "
crowd than
:ver before en-
attend the meeting of the Sover
eign Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows
at Dallas.
Our fanners are quite busy look
ing after their 'agricultural inter
Mr. Heme, of West Point, we
are glad to learn, was much im
proved by his visit to the Springs.
I regret the brevity of this com
munication, but as we are so de
pendent on Kolola for items of in
terest, please ariga iLfo necessity.
Greenwood Springs,
gatiou is e::timr.ted
hundred d'tv and ni
doing a great work,
to be far superior to
She is working for h
Master and
ing of all
of the Lord for over ten V
has been jrer-1;;!-, p- .'
singing; ever v. ' ft'
six weks v. itlmm . ; .
has ha I only - '
- a
Jlpfumant -
J'l tMfortm3id
Ih'iem Sttd J
( vrthd Sitw .
Ancrfecl Remedy forConslina-
.'on. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Xnns Convulsions Fcsrrish
V nnd LOSS of SLEEP.
Signature of
J ' ' -OF
Si d
3 w
k1 the goo 1 ntA
churches. $
. 1 . 1 r ...
?r T.6. 9
3 o r" z.O
S r: a -n
... ej " S -r a J
.a litis cjm .j . . iyt
, of raising funds lor
.butionto the campaign ex-
-, , t.jses, and with this c? we again
Emphasize and urge the necessity
organization. Clubs are spring
ng up all around us doing good
work iu encouraging the leaders of
" the party and in sending iunds to
-v defray the expenses of the gieat
fight for the lestoration of silver as
a constitutional money that the
nominee of the party is making.
Are the democrats of this county
less loyal to the party than demo
crats of other counties and sections?
We believe not, and believe they
will yet send a substantial contri
bution to the Slrssissippi National
Committeeman for campaign purposes.
Bismarck, in reply to Gov. Cul
berson's inquiry as to what effect
the United States' adoption of a
policy of bi-metallism would have
on the movement for an internation
al agreement, says; "Ksteemed
Sir Your esteemed favor has been
duly received. I hold that this is
the very hour that would be ad
visable to bring about, between the
nations chiefly engaged in the
world's commerce, a mutual agree
ment in favor of the establishment
of li-nietallisni. The United States
are freer by far in their movement
than any nation of Europe, and
hence if the people of the United
States should Cud it compatible
with their interests to take inde
pendent action iu the direction of
bi-metallisni, I cannot but believe
that such action would exert a most
salutary influence upon the con
summation of international agree
ment." Thus another of the biggest
and brainiest men ot the world has
come out in favor of the free silver
movement in the United States.
. chiu
soa, In , . iV. vUanniiij visi
tors since the waning of Kolola's
gayeties. Among them were
Messrs. Long and "S'tockelt, of
Okolont; Messrs. Beau and Go
lightly, of Birmingham, and Mr.
Bush Powell, of Waco, Texas.
Mr. I'owell was a former resident
of this neighborhood, and, having
moved in his youth to the '"Lone
Star State," where he has gradu
ated with honors, is now enroute
to Vale to perfect himself in higher
brunche.i of study. We predict for
our t.ileutjd young fiiend a bright
and pro-p-.Tous career.
We are deeply grieve 1 to hear of
the sudden death of Dr. Connell
who was with us this season. Dr.
Connell has visited the Springs for
many yenrs, but we will miss this
genial perwm next summer. Our
syi!;p'i:liies iinked go out to his
Bidet family.
Dr. Hutchinson leaves soon la
' "fcomebT!
a present of a very pretty dog. Li
told the itcnor the next day that
he didn't eat that breed himself,
but that his suite enjoyed it very
much at breaklast.
The famous yellow jacket of I i
Hung Chang has been taken up
by ifce ultra fashionable ladies of
Paris. It will he interesting to see
how that unsightly specimen of
sartorial art 'will look when worn
by the fair sex.
Tlis Rev. William M. Lane, an
Kpiacopal rector of Alameda, Fla.,
has "'.Ved because, as he says,
igossip was excited in
wearing a brown
cigars purchased of
going to
the 4er.
tj; c-j u
Slom.ifli, -i 1 1
and I'limiii.'
(ly-ln p-i 1. iii-o mi
ti;.ri!i:i. Tii' il n.
w k'i v. "!,!
uirit't't-. 1!h.kV
tont'.i nnd n il:
(li;;f 'l!vc sin
t'n.r- c:i!l. d vatcrlirnll,
p;.Iti. ill-l tfs-i, n.iu.-i-a,
d l.y
) liiiid's Sarsa-
'i'c;ili 3 1
elcfj), iind
C:tsi t'f tl
set'ius io 1., 1
" For over 1
ill :";. el' Hi a blood
:-:ns .t;u ilia it-i'ni.!y
' II- (hi' -UlllKl' ll Itlld
! 1 1 ! : . s ; ' 1 1 -s Hie livor,
iiiin t'-tf, frlii r"fr'liiiifjr
i':;i-c (i.c tmio. In
p.'! i.: iittd ridi'.'iviiiiii it
,,t 1' a m. i 1- t ii u. h ."'
jLri 1 cuJered lrj:n euur
1 fcOli2
-The Dispatch is the paper of the
peop'.e. The letters from all sec
tions of our county give the news
and make it interesting to them.
I every man take his county pa
Help Bryan and free silver to vie.
tory. Send your small contribu
tion to this paper and it will be for
warded to campaign headquarters.
tfti.h PI'V.'IO J.lilli t T(;l v;y Bl;
and great d.s:n 1 "lu.fviuk'ii
iv '.licit vi 0.1! 1 li .i'"0 ma cry p,
faint, di;I".cii!t t fjrt my I.. rath, 'i '-ne
polls came rf.cmr end more scvfc. I
did net rrfiive any U:.t:iu l.enef.t from
phyidans. hut f.itmd asoh happy vt! oU
from trial of ITihhFs Hari.i:rilla, that I
took several hottkain'. mciu to ! ay
keep it in the house. I tm nw b'i!s to
do nil n;y own work, which for six years
I hav hen unt-We o do. My husband
and son havti also bm greatly bene
fited by Hood's Barsafarilla for pairs in
the back, and after the grip. I fadly
reconiniend this grand blood medicine."
Mits. Pf-TER BCBBT, Leouiiii-t'-r, Mans.
n n n
Istlw One T.-n" I lcd Purifier. AiidniJjMS. It
" r,-,. cure nil I.hm Ills aiid
nOOU S PitiS Sick UedMU. WCcuU.
lander end the
Two ,v.-angelistic workers are
traveling through Maine in a car
riage ornamented with Bible texts
and having an adjustable platform,
from which exhortations are de
livered. Handy tacks hold all sorts
cf tracts, and 1 he wagon is equipped
villi seeping accommodations for
the; woikeis.
Your correspondent does not
"iheam dreams," but he would like
i-iu s because i to know the name of this county
east of the river. The brother from
Artesfa wants the western part of
the couniy to retain the name of
Lowndes, but did not suggest a
iiam for the eastern portion. We
will apply to our Governor in Ala
bama for a name, for we think oar
brother has done us bad in divid
ing the county in the night time
when the Caledonians were asleep.
Jle that as it may, we will gp to
Aberdeen when wc get ready, and
ask our friends to coma to see us
from all parts of the county, and
we would be glad if the ' 'Dreamer'
would come with the rest of our
friends Come, brother, while the
weather is hot and dry.
Our merchants are looking lively.
Aa cotton is being ginned very
fast, they think trade will be bet
ter. Mr. Robert M. Burton has his
hogs in a well. He says the trou
ble of drawing water is too great.
Mr O. F. Kgger paid this town
mercy on t-w.
are preaching for in
when you hear a pr S
Ijcan't preaeh for
certain sum of nionJ
hypocrit, a wolf in
ing, an "agent for'
will land in hell.
full of preachers and f
stir up strife and ill
community; and siul
that when we hear ; j
and preach about
whiskey and sinners' ul" Z'"
tnunity, and leave the holy word
of God out of his senui u, that he
is another one cflbe devil's agents.
She is com iiiy to Cai: Ionia some
time this fall to hold a meeting.
She gets her sermons f; 0111 the Bi
ble and uses no notes. She wears
no jewelry of any kind and dresses
very plain.
There was a traveling man in
Monroe county last week that met
with a cold reception. If e called
011 a wiiow lady and si e refused to
l.jokathis samples, and told him
to get up and gr.t, and he got; but
not fast enough to suit '.he old lady.
She set a pack of ei; lit dogs after
him, and he barely hi! time to get
in his cart till the eight dogs were
in full cry down the Aaerdeen road,
nfter him; the dust looked like a
cyclotie coming. lh"Vs fiuallv
w rt
rl " O
a o -u .2
3 .a-rj, a J
& P-i rl XT!' "' "" ""
yfcOlHI ilsl Ml
- 0
2 7. I
MS 3-2 I
't- O On I) 2 '
2 m o
to. a s o.V.
a u n 1
a c ! s a r
0 I - E u a. sn .-'
OaitoHa is pnt r.p in oe-eize bottles only, It
is Dot soM in balk, Dro't allow anyone to sell
yon anything else on ths pica or proiuics that it
is "Just as ood" and "will snRncr arpry pur
port," r Bee that 710 get 0-A-3-T-0-B-I-A.
Tin la- A
their humea,
sept - Mrs. S.
rtllt tO
D. Sessvms.
bayed him in a ere
some negroes to
curs off, and
business in
goods store
(.1 r. X
ouinn opriy
n'i. 1, . . 1..
1 ne jici rniV't
Rruities, Kuiv.-1,
Kcver Horcf. "IVlt.v
Chilblain!', (Vnis, ul
poim, ati-i (Kisiti v !y ,4,
tiay rtiiirviL It i:i .cu:"
iKTf-t Halilulimi or n.
I'rlce -ut jvr Im
K. C t'liuptnan
She got
,A Krup
c, or no
id to friv
v refiindej
t'or eule by
Licr-tiscs to hpII ci;;rnetlrs in Tort
Witynp, led , cost ?"iQ each, and
s )tuf rli'Jora hu. ltiii,c advantage
of tho politicil cumpa,' ;n to circum
veut the lw. Thv I1 party but
tons kdA throw in t he carettes.
If your time has a money value,
protect it against sickness or acci-
i i,iit J., ik r'.,;, t D,i :..
a call this week iu the interest of: 4.:,,: r t.'i-.
j il.VA. l.ll IC'U Vi ill. 1,'
iiP. K. .' i li-.ACHIN;,
.. . .. I. . I. ... A
Ijis churn.
M. II. J. Lggcr has a big fuu of
40,ooo,oco, -
1 Of the Surplus Funds Which have ..ppn sn-ntim.
eld, by any other Life Assurance Company by over
J - a. H
fvz past i en years tue I.quitable Society has made
as earnings of over m i,
y $46,000,000,
,.lave been larger than th( se of any other company, and has, after
yng Dividends to Policy-holders accHmulated during the same period
'Total Surplus for it3 l'olicy-holders amounting to over
which exceeds the Surplus accumulated by any other Life Assurance
Company in the same time by over
It would be wise for a person intending to assuie his life to study
the record of the Assurance Company proposed to him, and learn the
facts upon which the promises cf future Dividends and l'rolits are based.
In e ther words, lkt him ascektain for iii.msklf the results that have
been secured by the Company suggested, in the accumulation of surplus
during 11s history us well as iis aveiage profits inrtceut years.
hi tniering into a contract which may not terminate for thirty or
forty ye;.rs, it will well rep..y the assurer to give the subject the careful
investigation that would be devoted by him 10 any other affair of like
magnitude and importance. Due inquiry having been made, let the
best company in which to assure Ijeselecled- one whose past record and
present financial condition justify the belief that in theluture it will af
ford both the greatest security and the largest profit of any.
The business ol the wSoriety is conducted on the purely mutual plan;
all surplus belongs to the policy holders.
Persons considering the assurance ol their lives will fieri it tn tlifir
i advantage to send for a Prospectus, which contains a full description of
l, ( 1 1... .1 . . r
:w u iu
J. Uluiim, Agent.
Or to R. P. LAKE, Manager,
Mississippi and Western Tennessee,
Equitable Building, Memphis, Tenn.
Our livery business in the future
will be conducted on a cash basis.
This rule will be rigidly adhered
to. ' Peachkr & Siiin-x,
Props. Cady, Livery, Feed, Salt
Stables. Sept. 2-1 rti
To live well, is the aim of every
one. What is more essential to
attain than health and happiness,
comfortable warmed homes and
properly cooked food? "Garland
stoves" accomplish these results
and are guaranteed to be the best
mat money and ingenuity can tbe vatiyus kinds of policies issued by the Society
make. At bnernll s. i i:of iurther information apply to
For the St, Louis I all I entMUcj.
Round trip ticliois will be fold nt
all ticket fetation on Hie Mol iin and
Ohio railroad south of tbe Ohio
river a follow: Oa Monday Sept.
7th r.nd Thurbday Sept. 10th und on
each Monday and Thursday there
after dm ing the continuance of tho
Exposition, ronnd trip tickets will
be sold ot ticket stations, Mobilo' to
Wickhffe inclusive, at one fare plus
price of admission tteLets, enbjpct to
to the following liruitsj AjeniK
Wicklitfa to Jackson inclusive, limit
five (5) days from date of sale.
. Agonts Pinson to Artesia ine! ns'vo,
limit tm (10) days from date of n.fe.
ln.nl. 1.-.r.n . rC:l I
i- ; 7,-x , ' ...wui,.-, """ainitioioer aua turned BLdstfioll
uiuii uuwu io) ays from date of ; V.
arranted Better
Hlilnu'lcs from tl.hu to fJ.7S per liiflO.
, 1 K , 1 k 1 nop
i .il2-Goi
li E.
Graded than River-Side Mill.
I!nf ,' ;i'''.'''"s;i!"'1( ''"'"S ''"" Sl" J:'" rr lm fet.
r 111 u r-nuitii AH kllxls Of OI
wurk, nituidii.g, nc, 011 1,1, oil l uuie. call and
C'llKATHAMT.t udHl Jk(nstjil)out.'
Wagons, Buggies & Hacks.
For the St. Louis l air ronnd trip
tickets on sale at one fare plus price
of adrpitjsjon tickets from October 3rd
to 10th itiolusive, good for retnra
until October 13th, 1890.
For the King Ilota Parade, one
fare for the round trip on October
2nd, tickets good for retorn until
October 5tb 18U0. Blacksmithlng and Repairing of Ail Kinds
ior the veiled Prophets' Froces- Done at Raasonablo Prices.
ou.ii, UI10 irior tne round trip on i t ntl nT I rimminrr
October 5th. eood for in,'n,,: ..iniinjj, i rimminfr,
On October 2nd and Mh
Wi'i be B'dd W trmiit ri (ltli
purchBe oi adinissiou tickets
IiuV0ics, Surreys, Pha tons, Carriages, Etc.

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