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v:NF Til 13 LAWS
NOVEMBER 21, 1897.
1 1
Bai: re i ji
OA tllMtUT.
cial Journal of Lowndes County
K. C. H.KI;, l'r,,r,..,,.
. W. 11 I. II, K,itor and lluniur.
The Mississippi Agricultural a-.d
Mhanical College opened last
Wednesday with 223 students iu
attendance. This is a good show
ing alter the rigid quarantine.
The special term ot the State
Supreme Court is called for Mon
day, Dec. 5th. The docket of the
First district will be acted upon
end the cases will be taken iu ro
tation, according to the rules of the
Thz Next Legislative Session.
The approaching session of the
legislature, which will convene in
Jackson about six weeks from the
preoutt time, will be one of the
most important ever held iu this
state. The mem1 ers will have
many leading questio s to decide up
on that will require the profoundest
thought and most solicitous care.
1 hen, too, these questions must be
acted upon quickly, without any ex
tra time that would prolong the ses
sion, if they wish to redeem thern
se ves f om some of the past severe
Ohio Womsn Sufford Great Agony
From a Terrible Sore Her Story of
the Case, and Her Cure,
"For many yean I Wai afflicted with
milk U g, and a ftsw years ago It broke out
in a Bore and spread from my toot to ray
knee. I guttered great ayony. It would
bum and Itch all the time and di.ichsrpe
a great deal. My htalth was good wuo
the exception ot this sore. I tried a great
many kinds ot salve, but some would
irritate the sore bo that I could hardly
stand the pain. I could not go nenr- the
fire without suffering intensely. Someone
sent me papers containing testimonials o
cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla, and I told
my husband I would like to try this med
1 1 i ant mi, a K.. . ., A T I j ...
l,,l,l",u lu1 "iis otn P"ta neaviiy helped me. I kept on taking It until my
upon them The members will be i" w completely healed. I cannot
Col. W. II. Tribbett, - a well
known merchant and banker, of
Terry, died last week at Clifton
Springs, a sanatarum iu the state
of New York. He was a kind
hearted, high toned moral man
one ot me very best in the state of
Mississippi, and the writer drops a
tear to his memory.
expected to settle down to hard
work from the start, and not waste
time in long winded arguments,
pro aud con, on the new capitol or
One of th first acts of the kgis
i. '..til . .
jaiuic smouiu oe 10 make war on
the present coast quarantine sys
tern, uincers suould be placed at
important posts that can be relied
upon to do their duty. The state
Lealth law should be so revif-ed as
to permit no more yellow fever to
enter this state,. from gross careless
ness or mismanagement.
A convention will be held by
the cotton growers association on
December the 13th, in Atlan
ta, Ga. Its object is to per
fect a permanent organization
for the purpose of controlling the
production and sale of cotton in
the South and to fight trusts that
seek to lower the price of cotton.
May unity prevail at the conveu
'in v-i asjto insure its sty" ''
-. . ,. - fcCCsS.'
praise Hood's Sarsaparilla enough for th
great benefit it has been to me. It
cleanses the blood of all impurities and
leaves it rich and pure." ilM. Anna B.
Eakeln, Whittlesey, Ohio.
any other question. Themajonty of druggiaU. Bo sure to get only Hood's,
the tax payers are sensible people, ':'e tuTlZr,:
who understand practical ideas when l'041 s 1 l"s cathartic. Moe 2o.
placed before them in plain Ian-1
guage. They do not care for grand lhe luestion of site cached a hap
and impassioned oratory, when I pV de,J0U!nent of legislative gov
they have to pay the bellows blow- I ernment. ,li an agreement on the
ers What is required at the cresent : sdme wllnoul executive d.sapprov
time is unity of purpose in our pub
lic men.
State Senator Kiger gives
some timely advice along this
line, and we t;ive our readers the
benefit of his peace promoting letter.
i I'll- (invert. nr mitl l.ei.ihimre of in,
riuic of Mi- isa ppi
"I. -I I 1im ileail pasi burv its dead "
And yet. that dead nasi of thp
Capitol bill, in its momentous his
tory ot tne session of 1897, needs
at hast a passing mention.
The question of a new capitol
affirmatively decided ii the State
Senate, and practically settled s
far as that body, was concerned,
during the regular session of 1896,
and by tacit agreement, as it were,
between the two h .uses iu the ses
sion of 1807. it was left to the
House of Representatives to formu
late a measure for legislative enact
ment. .
T ..i ihe
'1 , is-
V,u ai.le
.!.'! ii tln-re
!,,,t county
; ; , t nio the
i! ' t lias be-
, ig , e mmiy
:u ji'-tn the '
?d upon the hile it is
ies He liri''ct.ivini!; a
r.ris" the I ifcir co'f-n,
Vive raised
Would it be considered bad ar
rhitectural pyrotechnics to leave
the question of a plan to the de
cision of commissioners?
Couldn't the question of appaint
ments of capitol commissioners, the
fourth aud list ohstucle in the way
of a new capitol, be determined ty
paining the commissioners iu the
All these suggestiqn9 and inter
rogatories, randomly conjectured,
materialized aud written, have
taken the pith out of the capitol
discussion, and shown us the plain
pathway of dutiful obligation.
Let the Governor and the legt3
lators be heedful of the recom
mendations, and do not let a trust-
iut people teel that We have uo- j
necessarily squandered appropri u''
The 1
Sta'es an
State ui M .s i
SUed pi Oil"!":
next Th-irj
ever was a u
of Cuiuinbii'. :
h id riuse to 1
Lord for the it
stowed upon
true the farm
f . r 11
learmny low p
it is equally trut
a tremendous cro
euce iu tfie rr
ueariy, 11 riotvu
the difference
should be pro
wi nave escape
fever scourge
so muctl iiavor 1
the South and h;i
and desolatiou lo S
ern homes. Then 1
be thankful for the
prosperity that h;is
bus during the past
the erection of 11
handsome btrldiii"
many new euterpr I
and lastly we slio:j
that we are citizen I.
the prettiest, cle-i
tuira! city iij the
monwtalth of Mi: :
a h. -.aWJ
brought )
j it ies in
J death
1v South-1
wave of
i Col urn-
lew auu
Hoard ot"
At a meetiujr ( i
Health held at t"
Thursday Nov. 1 ' ,
were present : A. t .
D., president ; It. S"
D., Z. P. Landru-i, !
Honor. II, " '
"i t-uy,
j mktul
1 1 most
. com-
Ird of
' I Hall
Of Uercury!
Mr. H'-nry Roth, of 1S48 South 9th
Street, St. Louis, was given the usual
mercurial treatment for. contagious
blood poison. He was twice pronounc
ed cured, but the disease returnedeach
time, he wis seized with rheumatic
pains, and red lumps and sores cov-
"I was in a hor
rible fii" he
says, "and the
more treat
ment I receiv
ed, the worse I
seemed to get.
A New York
specialist said
could cure,
but bis
treatment did
ao g ood
and full of
pains, my ten arm was useie
that I was unable to do even the
'lightest work. . This was my condition
when I began td. take S. S. S., and a,
few bottles convinced me that I was
!,.,. fitted. I continued the
medicine, and one dozen bottles cured
nie sound and well. My system was
tinder the ellecta of mercury, and J,
would soon have been a complete
wreck but for S. S. 8."
8. 8. S., (tfimraiifeed purely wgetaote)
is the only cure
for real blood dis
eases. The nier
curial treatme
of the doctors a
harm than Rood. Beware 01 mcim.,.
Cooks on the disease and its treat
ment mailed free to any address by
Swift iSpecitic Co., Atlanta, Ga.
S?,k?,ys' Nov. 30.
1 U CiaZ? VJ t I ,
lhe differ- k S l V BPC
.in C'frt 7:;
. . . whatever. 1 wes atiff
i f:- 3Rn;r( circus ir
-fy Grand
V N ..' r
dis- O
al- CV
i'jVJH.l'w'-li -V
ttf. ''-' , v.
1 11 1 r- v I
iSEilTATlON tm
nit. .1. . MAY BIN
Kflera Ins profei.'l'nl servlcet. to the
citizens of Columbus and viein'y in
the varioun brancli. s t f his profesMon.
Can l.e fun.t at Street'B Drun Wore
or his resideuee. uovl4ui3.
Ccdpotent in Strength ! Heal la Chmctsr I
Splendid la praanlzation 1 2aanificcnt In Jre6cntation I
u ,.IKt Cleanest, Mik'htiet and Uoft Masniflcent AmusemeDt Insti
tution of the llltli Ceutuvy-
All rr'ns indebted to the late Prof.
Oarl linr'inan pre reque'-ted to call nd
pay the same to the unileraiuneil.
JiluKFlt HkRZ-
Administrator of Carl Hartman.
"ov. t"'th. t'ir. '
St v, A ''
v :A
. . Lands Posted.
No hunting allow ed on our lands
five miles north oL Columbus. All
It us risejj
.Mrs. Minnie Wallace Walkup,
lhe beautilul New Orleans young
woman who was tried in Empora,
Kansas twelve years ago for poison
ing her husband, at that time the
Mayor th city, has again created a
sensation, this time in Chicago, by
clijing to be the widow of the
mfUontire, John B. Ketcham,
who died recently leaving her all
his large property. The Ketcham
family deny the marriage and will
contest the will.
The Natchez fair, the only one
to be held in the state this year,
gives promise of being a grand suc
cess and the managers feel very
much encouraged by the many en
trees of fine stock aud horses.
There will be a good exhibit of
cotton, machinery for its manufac
ture, and all kind of farm produce
as well as many uuiqe attractions
in poultry. The fair will open up
on Monday, Dec. 27th and will
last six days. There will be rac
ing of the fine horses every after
noon during the whole fair.
"Johnnie," our Artesia corres
pondent, is one of the best farmers
in the county as well as a good
writer. As the busy Christmas
and hog killing season is approach
iug, the Dispatch readers will
miss his interesting letters fora few
weeks, but "Johnuie" has tasted
printers ink, caught the correspon
dents fever, aud we feel sure that
in the course of events, his readable
letter will again appear in the Dis
patch columns. "Come again,
Tohnnie, we are always glad to ste
The agitating cow question has
struck Meridian and the merchants
want the municiple authorities to
adopt the curfew ordinance against
the cows within the city limits and
make it a permanent law. Th
would all be very welt if it were
practicable, tut we are afraid that
an innocent and hungry cow would
not regard the six taps of the Cre
bell if a wagon . loaded with hay
stood iu its pathway home. If con
sidered at all, the curfew order
should include a clause, as well is
a penalty, that each merchant
shou'd see that bis cow was driven
olf tie streets at six o'clock This
would relieve the city autho.ities
fcf niutii caie and many embataas-
From the hour that the Gover
nor's message favoring the passage
of a capitol bill was read to both
houses of the Mississippi legisla
ture of 1807, up to the announce
ment, of the vote on the Governor's
veto, was one of the most exciting
episodes ever recorded in the an
nals of State legislation.
From the initiatory tactics of the
House capitol committee on the
plan of the building, down to the
report of that committee on the
Governor's veto, was one of the
hardest pitched mental battles ever
fought out in a legislative arena.
Able arguments by conscientious
lawvers were heard on the merits
and demerits of the Governor's
objections, with citation of author
ities as to constitutional preroga
And it is flattery to none to sav
that from the Chief Executive of
our State down through the per
sonnel of the membership of both
Houses of that legislature, that
e .cu ana an were governea Dy wuat
was conceived to be honest con
victions. Is it necessary that that -discussion
should be indefinitely prolong
ed, to the detriment and injury of
the issues it involves?
Is it needful that the State
should be the loser by that extra
ordinary session, or that the fruit
of its agitation shou'.d be withered
and lost?
Is there such a divergence of
opinion amongst the adherents,
:m 1 opposers of the policy of the
Governor, as to necessitate a dis
ruption amongst the representa
tives' of the people?
Is there no middle ground of
concesMon and accomplishment,
where the extremes and the means
can reach an agreement?
Are we, the sworn agents of leg
islative enactment, so derelict in
our duties as to defy adjudication?
Are the points of difference so
many and so varied, as to leave us
desperate, determined and unrea
sonable? It is n-'t evident to even a casual
oo-erver mat tue o.a c.ipuoi diu.u
in;;, cotuleiniaul by architects, is
dav by day approaching dissolu
tio 1 rr 1 iu hourly danger of tall
u:i; to piece--?
Have titer, ever been more than
fc r prom cent questions, from
v. h to re .ch a determinate con-
ly an apjj--rlT-nT"'"i-
a grand old commonwealth, and
give to Mississippi what she most
pot n Ls
lution was ad. ' '
needs a capitol commensurate! . ,, ,
with her coming greatness aud IIonorabIe
prosperity. . rwoil th:,t th
And, when the past present and ! nuarantine
future records of the State that ,
takes its name from the great
Father of Waters, for the century
of a cycle of time, shall have been
written, the proudest page of its
historic annals shall be the un
swerving devotion of that State
executive officer and that legisla
ture of men, who placed their
patriotism above every considera
tion upon the common altar of
their country's good..
W. G. Kigkk,
State Senator from Warren Co.
Ou motion, the j
! Board was empowers
tion with the Chief 1.1
01 tne county reiiuivt
ventiou of small pox
the city.
On motion, the Bo it
Z. F. Laadkc '
The State- Univetsity at Oxford
opened 'ast Monday with about two
hundred studeti's. A number more
were enrolled during the week.
Com I
Walter McLaurin, warden of the
convict farms, has cleared consider
able money for the state the past
year. He estimates the crop of
the State on the convict farms as
3,000 bales of cotton; 25,000 bush
els of cora and 5 000 bushels of
peas, besides large qualities of hay,
fodder, vegetables, etc. A $2 ,000
barn is being erected on the Rank
in county farm and 1,000 acres of
new land will be cleared on that
f irm in time for next year's plant.
On the Sharkey county place,
which was almost wholly submerg
ed, and where, in consequence, it
was estimated only about 700 bales
wouli be raised, it is now thought
the yield will be between 1,100 and
1,200 bales.
The "Thanksgiving" comments
of an "elderly lady" are necessarily
omitted from The Dispatch fo
two good reasons. First, she fail
ed to send her name as a guarantee
lo the proprietor of good faith.
; ccondly, because we have never
endorsed any of the attacks on Gov.
McLaurin that have appeared in
these columns Hnd think her charge
utrfne v ab-urd. Gov. McLau
rin is uot respt.t.sible lor all the
misfortunes of the State in the pas',
year. "We" have ouly resumed
the editorial pen for a week but
t ike thi opportunity to express
the opinion that Gov. VcLautiti is
i-ne oi the ablest and brainiest men
in the s'ate ana is far above the
avttage pohiiciuu iu ttuipcr-uce
Hasn't the question f cvt and 1 and morality.
The City Co
afternoon and pa
ordinance :
Be it ordained t
Pitv Conm-i! thnl
j ,
. . 1
ordinance now in fore
same are Hereby aliroi
:all towns except the
Vhistler and Mobile.
I all seacoast towns beh
I and New Orleans iuc!
two cities. Also Clint
and I aviiira in tilling
( tfiivading
,r and
'"g :
, and
A'.u Vds
t Posted.
T on our lands is ptc
; 1 .iltv of law.
( . T F. Weaver,
B. B. Wkaver.
Mis. , Nov. 14. im
For Sale.
One buggy phaeton, two buggy
horses and one mule. Will be
sold cheap. Apply to
2 wks B. H. Atkinson.
Rto feenre m,5"n'slon
fc-PM LEICHEII . - a
t-tr-MltV LETOWNifK f :l
Half Mile Kacc Track ! 1000 Features!
ioo rhenomeual Acts, 25 Clowns, 20 Hurricane Races,
4 Trains, 1,500 Employes, 6 Bands, 50 Cages, A Drove of Camels,
15 Open Dens, A Heard of Elephants.
!?4,ooo.oo Daily Expenses.
11 .
For Sal4
Ten grade Jersey hi I ers, bred to
registered Jersey bijl. Due to
milk in December. ! $2 each.
Apply to,
, Nv-Guprry. ,
Oct. 19-im
a JL
Piano Lcssn'iS.
Miss Anuie B. Neil.on, an ex
perienced piano teacher, will be in
the city this winter aA wi-hes pu
ptU. or terms, apply at the resi
dence of Mr. C. C. Hopkins,
oct 17-1 mo
For Rent.
Stnt- 1 ( ie on Mmkct street
m.xt '(! orcvpied at
pr-M 1-1 b 1.- 1 P t l ;.t(! en. Fcr
t rn ;i Vi-. 1 II Dashiell.
nov 14 tl
Two Mules Strayed.
On Saturday night, Oct. 31st,
from my place near Trinity two
mules ; one small 'bay mare mule
and one lipbt sorrel mule about 15
hands lih. Ary information
leading to their recovery will be
rewarded J M. Dearing.
New A'ct .V.arkel.
I have op.iwi ur a new and
first class Meat Market at Mrs.
Terry's old stand on Market Street
and invite the patronage of all of
my old friends and customers.
None but the nicest meats kept and
especial care will be taken in the
fulfillment of all orders. Your or
ders will be appreciated,
oct 30-1 m Albert Fisher.
"The Best Seen Here in a Decade." Cin. Commercial Gazette.
"High toned in Every Way in Magnitude of First Rank." St.
Louis Republic.
"Bewilders the Senses, Dazzles the Eyes." Denver Times.
"The Cleanest, most satisfactory Circus yet seen here." New Orle
ans Picayune.
"Gives more than it promises." San Francisco Examiner.
Coal! Coal!
have asociated
For The Little Folks.
together tor the purpose of doing ;
lhe Greatest Performers in the World !
- are with the Great Wallace Shows this Season,
Including the
9 $10,OOO.oo CHALLENGE ACT I jfy.
general coal bttsiuess, under me
firm name of Price & Neilson at
the Trice & Gu titer coal yard, with
phone connection and office over
J. L- Walker & Son's grocery.
We respectfully ask a share of pat-
Havine studied the 1; test methods! r0nai:e. Otdtrs through the post-
of Kindergarten work under the j office or phone or left with Irion
most progressive teachers in New 1 & Leigh will receive prompt
York, with the purpose of teaching i attention. Price & Neilson.
in Columbus, I respectfully solicit oct-io-3-m
the catronaee of parents w lio nave
from 3 to 5. ' For terms
Pamela A. Mayo.
Oct: 241 m.
I , I.'ll If
ji-i . -
- V MM ' R !(".
ViiT I l'I'tni'Ml
4' oi Y ASPS
--'.I H t H'SiMKHt.iL
The Gilmer place, located four
miles east of Penn Station, consist
ing of 820 acres of rich prairie land,
toe therwi'h rr.iM house, pin, 12
,,r is c;.!' r , f.. d barr, bf mi
t 1 an: r, . oll.er improvements.
A!.-o all slock belonging to the es
tate of J. H- Richards, consisting
of horses, mules, colts, etc Will
be sold at a bargain. For terms
and particulars apply to or write to
C. B. RicnRns,
novi4Uii. Peuu, ilis.
The Werntz Farriily Aeraltsts,
The 4 Martells, Bicycle and Skating Experts,
The 10 Dellameads, Statuary Artists,
The Sansoni Sisters, Female Samsons,
10 Principal Male and Female Equestrians,
The 3 Petits Aerial Bars-Extraordinary',
Mme. Dupres Trained Elephants,
Rowena, the Head Balancer, and
Grand Spectacular Ballet, 19 Coryphees,
(Led by 3 Sisters Maccari, Premier Dansueses.)
,0 a. m. Daily is the Finest Ever Put on the Streets 1 A Sun
Kr.t t Snlendor. a Triumph of Art, Money and Good
Taste, with Lavish Luxury of 'Spectacular
Effect, with Greatest Profession
al Features Conceivable.
Excursions Run cn Every Lina cf Travel !
No Gambling Dtvict's Tolerated.
Never Divides! Never Disappoints!

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