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Poor and
AN . . .
Mrs. Robert Fulton, nee Miss 1
ty i.i' htm
vuruena uucrspoon, cane over
from Birmingham to attend the :
Beard-Lipscomb wedding. While
W 00 u
AT .
A. n.
FOR . . .
Catarrh ond Bronchial .Troubia -
v.mh jomB-ngn cotter in
Every Way-A Delicato Child. I
"Bom time lnoe I took suddra cold i
,r ,,, ,.,.. ,
( in the City .he IS the guest of MlSS toc.trrh.ndbronchi.ltroubleIcoSbl
icniutj. a luHfc my appetite trta gre
poor and wenlc and I did not feel like
wort. I began taking Hood's Barsana
rilia. In a short time the cough dlnap
rared, I slept well, had a good appetito
ar.a 1 was better In every way. Last
fprlng I was not feeling well, I had no ap
petite and no strength. I resorted to
Hood's Earsaparilla and soon fttlt more
like work. My little nephew was t dell
cate child and had a iiumor which trou
bled him so he could rot rest st night.
lie b3 taken a few bott.es of Hood's Sr-
sumrilia and now han irnnA .mutu
f. T r i.. i.. ... ....... . . . -
n. j. iurus, me up 10 date" and li able to sleep." Misa Abbib
paper hanger, which appears in I,'REEA!'i South Duxbury, Mass.
another column. Mr. Burns' shop
is on First Avenue, North, oppo
site the Christian church, where I ' the One True Blood Purifier. All lra(tuists. (t.
j parties needing work in his
win ao wen to call on him.
Willie Gresbam.
Mr. Frank Ervin, one of Lowndes
county's most promising sous, of the
New Hope neighborhood, left
Wednesday for Oxford, where he '
goes to resume his studies at the '
State University, and where he
will graduate at the close of the
session. 1
Attention is called to the card of ',
Hood's Pills 1
:.. v
Sour Kraut at Silberberg's.
Birmingham bread received dai
ly. Mrs. Ella Terry.
German Dill Pickles at Silber-
bergs. 1 f.
Fresh nuts of all kinds at Mrs.
Mr. O. Staicos, of Aberdeen,
was in the city yesterday.
Fall printing at this office. New
type, lower prices.
Mr. J. R. Hover, of West Point,
was in the city yesterday.
Mr. Jno. B. Darnell, of Caledo
nia, was the city Fiidr.y.
R" the laborer's friend
Rev. E- P. Jones leaves to-mor
row for Starkville where he goes
to assist in a piotracted meeting
which IS beinsr carried nn in that
ritk R, i t qii .1 i luc parties and one
tor of the Baptist church ther,. i " at h3S been the absorbln2 toP'C
Mr. Jones will be absent two weeks
An event which has been long
1 looked forward to by the friends of
intend to,maV.'in Columbus
MrtrTTtwJU Jo re to stay ana
u'mi -.
child in ioolrlend
of conversation in social circles for
many weeks past was solemnized
at the Methodist church at eight
o clock last Thursday night when
the hearts and hands of Mr. firnest
N. Beard aud Miss Laura Lip
scomb were joined together in the
holy bonds of matrimony. The
choicest flowers bad been culled
from all of the principal conserva
tories and flower gardens of this
city to contribute to the decora
tions of the church; which were
perhaps, the most tasteful and
of West
' ith a
f Studio.
f West Point,
so there will be no services at the
Baptist church next Sunday.
Rev. W. R. Dye,, the beloved
rector of St. Paul's Episcopal
church, left Wednesday for Au
gusta, Ga., 111 response to a tele
gram summoning him to the bed
side of his mother, who is very ill.
In consequence of his absence there
will be no preachiug at the Episco
pal church to-day.
Miss Annie Armstrong, of Green-1
vibe, Texas, who veiled Colum- beautiful ever seen in Columbus,
bus last winter as a guest of the It was a chrysanthemum weddin?
family of her uncle, Mr. J. T. Arm- and thete beautiful and gorgeous
strong, is expected to arrive in a I flowers were used to the exclusion
lew days and will. spend the winter of all others. The pulpit and choir
in the city taking a special course railing were one solid mass of
at the Industrial Institute aud Col-. white loveliness and over the
lege- chaucel rail was an arch of the
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Roberstou, same beautiful and fragrant flow-
and their charming daughter, Miss er9- From the center of this arch
Lavina, who have been spending ' was suspended a white dove, the
the summer in Battle Creek, Mich., j emblem of purity, a fit symbol of
and St. Louis, Mo., have returned .; lue loving hearts, noble characters
to their uomc in this city. Mr. ' alul Pufe lives whose fates were
Roberston is much improved in ' sooa to be linked together. ' -health
and his wife and davitrhter ! Promptly at eight o'clock Rev.
are looking unusually Weil and Geo. II. Lipscomb, a brother of
seem to have enjoyed their .trip im- the bride who performed the cere-
meuselv. hmnv oh-
Tne Jol lowing gentle mc'
01 ou
ing about our'ie litS some
talk ; it show' ';" are rell-
1 Poolc-Campbc'.!.
ro,. r.fnrcc M. l'OOte. Ol ims
V-Ul't. O - J
city and Miss Bessie Marie Camp- j
bell, second daughter of Capt. and .
Mrs. C. II. Campbell, of WinOiu, j
were married in the Methodist
church in that city at , noon -last
; Wed net day . The churcn naa Deen
GOODS," j beautifully decorated 'and was
' crowded with the friends of the
contracting parties.both fromWino
na and from other cities. The bride
has for a loner time bsen one of the
t. GOODS,'
Things will gi
for we are goii
oi Columbus.",
to the New St'
bargains neve!-.
before. We
ike this
i' - 1
'! , s j
"very day
1 i business
ate flocking
v.prp tliev find
hfniciidxr. I I
ure, one yric f
back if ytru tni!
ttoi I
tovl I
and cus-
lvntt"'ll and
Largs co
AH linen
Large linu I 9epach.
jace.r LY
Cotton I fael 20c..
80. e.t, i I
.ar(rtib),l.. i,4 1-2e., 4
mil....," - F
Lartre shei ts! k
f'ir 81. a!li"
... 1
lor 4e.
for Sdc.
for ;t)e.
ure firi
in key ij
worth (1
at KSo. a.'
2Ze., 27
Ladies'" made fascinators 10c
UndcF ' 3 cents.
V.and 25 cents.
ca in puwi jiij-
and your moyiey
,V2e., 13c, 15c,
4 3-4c,
its a pair.
ts each.
'p. large with fringe.
fable' cloth 84f!
color, ' l(Sc, 2io.,
o tho finest linn
reigning belles in the social circles j
of Winona and has many friends;.
there whoie regrets at her depar-j. -fu
ture are co-mingled with best wish
es for'a long and happy life as the
wife" of the young gentle
man who has won her.- Imme
diately after the ceremony Capt.
and Mrs. Foote left via the South
ern Railway for this city which
will be their future home. They
reached here Wednesday night
and he was kept busy all day
Thursday receiving tlie congratu
lations of his friends. j
Mrs. Foote is by no means a
stranger to the people of Columbus
having spent two jears here-as a
student of the Industrial Institute
and College, during which time
she made hosts of friends who are
delighted to welcome her return to
Columbus as Capt. Foote's bride.
She will be quite an acquisition to
the social circles of Columbus aud
many teas, dinners aud receptions
are already being arranged in hon
or of the popular young couple.
Among the Columbus people
who witnessed the ceremony aud
who returned to Columbus with
the bride and groom were Mr. aud
Mrs. V. D. Molloy, Miss Annette
Foote, Miss Jessie Walker, Messrs.
Will Foote, WillOttley, Tom Har
ris, A. Iv. Love aud others.
V,. ? T,-
The depression of limes not giv
ing us a satisfactory amount of
trade up to date ia this heavily
bought Hue, we offer the above
number of
Ladies' Capes,
At Excssdingly Lo;
Values !
We defend our word, a test being
the best evidence. Our stock com
prises the Latest Box-Pleat Styles
m Plush, Covert Cloth, Melton,
Beaver, Etc., to the cheapest
Double Braid Bound Cape at 50c.
Sam Selig,
55 Market Street,
Sept. 19.
Your Thanksgiving!
One d,
of two a
Mutt's hi
Men's 1
big r
fit here does the work
I else.
4ol cainel'n hair un
Led (
nton , rx
iv CO Imei
j?d inilerstir
wJi 'L eo lined
Circuit Court.
' The first week of the fall term of
rirint Pnurt which came to an
end last night, was extremely dull
nearly tho entire time being con
sumed in the" trial of small and uninteresting-'cases!
Things this
'eek , however will be much live-
. . . .1.- f T T ..it onrt
' r as me eases ui j--
r Brooks, the two negroes who
"Viarged with the murder of
"tn Roberts at Artesia ou the
Decembar 31st hst and
"''erkins, the negro charg
Vvil1'' -nn Hughes,
,. cS,. ---
Thanksgiving mears being thank
ful. You cannot be thankful
unless you have something to
le thankful fcr. Many people
think that all they have to be
thankful for is the turkey they
cat lor their diuner. You have
reason to be thauk'ul for the
oppoituuity to buy Cist class
Clothing at a price that suits"
your purse. Our excellent
values are wrrlhy your thankfulness.
. n 1
v?rT.iosU, .-j.ccuf
. 1.. . Ms
from a visit to uis menus m
All Justice of the Teace blanks
for sale at tins ounce
1 tT-rrr,-rroUtJ
the thanks of'Tiis "Dispatch for " Teasdaiei pealed TwJu-.
evvals of their subscriptions, diou3 stra-ins 0 the wed
and forms
cheap. ,
Aluminum toilet sets are appre
ciated as a gift on any occasion.
Chapman's Drug store.
Mr. Adolph Moutag, ol Atlanta,
has been in the city the pait few
Mr. Earl B. Smith, of Crawford,
speut several days oi the past week
in the city,
Mrs. Leila Gordon has returned
from a visit to relatives in Raleign,
North Carolina.
Pall at the Feldotto Studio and
examine those large Portraits. They
are made directly from hie. 031
Mrs. T. E. Mayronne has re
,,m.d from aa extended visit to
relatives in Little Rock, Ark.
-a r TT n. Watson, of
. Q'atinn are in the city
SHI vug w , -
i.. r,f nr. and Mrs. B
xue gucsi.3 '
A. Duncan.
Mrs. D. P. Bester and her
jlre ui the cfty the guests of Mrs.
S. B. Hudson.
Lost Two stud buttons, black
and connected by a small chain.
Finder will please leave them at,
Budcr Eics. and receive ltward.
aisles in the following ordar
srs. C. W. Mills, C. A. Was,
Pi.-hanl Leleh and T. I. Sturdivaut;
ln bti.-1f and her
llitl. .... 10
... - f T.ll..rc!
honor, Miss Riary uovau u"'-. , t ,
which have been made during ine the briJal party marcE
past few diys: Messrs. J. A. Lsjes,
Steeustou; W. S. Evans, rawioiu;
T. Honnoll, Rve 1
L- F. Taggart, xsew nopc,'."
tha following for new subrciiptions:
C. Burns, CUy; F- J- lerry, St. who were both gowned in elegant
Louis, Mo-; and J J- -"h " evening dresses 01 wnitc w
Dow, Miss. I aud the groom on the anuol nis qest
The title of "The Great est Show ! marJ, Mr. R. J. Hargrove, 01 1 us-
on Earth" has been claimed Dyiuduj ca;0osa, Aia., uv.uu --
ggregatlous which annually visit neously up either aisie, iuc u.v
bi 0 . ... i.n. 1 ..t; nn.ler the arch
this vicinity, but it is ceuaiu ana groom mcii, --- -
are none greater Una the ureal whcre tjie solemn
Wallace Shows. Not a feature as aa- bound togetner wrever tu
vertis-d was omitted, and all who tue happy young coupie wc
attended the performances were fpoken. Immediately after the
loud in th.-ir praises of the prodac- : ceremony bad Deen penoimcu .....
lion a-i l Ilia boqest way in whicti anj Mrs. Beard pioceeuea u
the management conduifU the gi-1 cozy Utile cottage on the corner of
gautic affair. Pittsburg (I'a. ) , Main and 9th itretts wp
riirnnicle-Telegrapii, way win iu iuiuic icsiuc.
are woi
2 very e'.t' J
5.4if, Vij
f tied wrpers 98c.
look well, hangs
Fuiuid In velvet,
ijufrht from a fail-
following unheard
ul:ir $1.30 capes OSc.
iid, very elegant, reg
our price $1.81.
Ji-il and $2.63 capes
f! values.
Btai ciobkb ?u.') ana
r,i- and wide.
Io greater luxury than a foft and
perfectly lunde couch. Onu f.ud the
very height of pleasure t"pona noucl)
fuch a we arc cllii:g. t'f course vie
Lave a very lr:uuj 8eb"-lion and
liuny nlmiipn kliil at ail unVen. But
Kllare lantiin;, Mrong audio faoil
Slowly but steadily grows our
corp? of news correspondent
this irtsue there eppears a
The young couple start out m
lile with the brightest of prospects
In and wjib the best wishes of a large
Tit aw lut
cheviot (
Heavy bu
Heavy wojf
A good
Bllil't I
A veiy I
Toe be y
y l-jill wimiI dark blue
t, 95 cents.
rUiii(r shirts d0
1 1 34 cents.
std "t heavy knit
iff parita
r-fjH) cent
the i., 4lc;
r 1 1 1 - 'IVin (yrftfitll
Rtyit; , l,i-v. v-a p i." pw
w.ue , the junior partner in the extensive
- , v. . . . . - .... ... ir r
jotin, ot uow, wiio is a new oua - dry rrcods esiobiisuuicui 01 vv . w
added to our staff. We extend to j Beard & Son and is a young gen
him a hearty welcome, and hope j tleman of unusual business ability
that his communications will visit ' and whose moral character is with
these col u-.ii n at r?gi;l3r intervals : out stain or blemish. He has -for
in the future. These courtesies ou ! uumbfr of years been an earnest
the part of our friends are appreci-! and cousisteut member of the Medi
ated by us, and we would be glad ' odist church aud the moving spirit
to receive news communications j of the Epworth League, of which
form other portions of tbs county j he is prtsident. The bride is the
than those already covered by our
present correspondents. This en
ables us lo give cur readers items'
of iuterest from all sections. 1
Rev. Ira M. Boswell, w
the past to years has Lie;) a stu
dent of the Kentucky Theological
Seminary, at Lexington, Ky., will
preach at the Christian church in
this city ac 1 1 o'clock this morn
ing anl at 7 o'clock totitg'u. r
Boswell made a s.endiJ talk at
prayer meeting last Wednesday
second daughter cf Dr. an4 Mrs.
W. L. Lipsfonib aud-is thedescen
dtnt of one cf the oldest and most
highly respected families In the
ho for j State. From early childhood she
! his been a devout and consecrated
tiliiistt?; jni since reaching the
age of maturity has be:u proinj
I nunt in the church and charitable
I work of the city. Mr. Beard is to
b congratulated upon winning
sucu a laic, pure and noble woman
; tut a wife and TkS DiSL'ATi-ll
topes that their lives will be one of
night," which wjs very much &n
joyed by hts m my old fiends who
had gathered to hear him. Tha
twu ;r?on3 which he will deliver
today will be the first that have
been delivered in the Christian
Church for many we;ks and he
wilt doubtless be greeted by a
large congregation.
Cough?, colds, pneumonia an
fevofs be prcveLtcd by keep
ing the Hood p",r? ami (i;.- tjttea
tenel tip witli livod't !tUjsf4filtj. I'-Kk i'ak 'ithat citjr.
i going fint, be one of
s to g.t eouic of these
- . .
Men's pure win coats' $1.98.
Swinging la .J9, lovely J1.7J, f 2. 24,
ioc. up.
"best Macintoshes
goods stay in our
. J A
unalloyed happiness sud pleasure,
V'r. aud Mrs. S. M. CLidsey,
who have been spending the past
r.ioijth with their son, Mr. Cohley
Chidsey, in St. Louis, returned to
Artesia Thursday aud Mr. C. J.
Custer, who has
the AtUv-iu luitel
u. ,
i;.e it.;-:
he !
w iere
1 j;.;i-iUvItt
been managing
curing tr.eir
,r IJambc'dt,
01.S In a-.Miuie
ot the Houl Car-
fa. 7.1.
Lurtse fea(ht dusters 10c. anl lc.
Bin lot of 'olutrne, brushes and
combs iiii received. Our prices
uouse on- 1 -I
Dauib-jo ce ist tables 6 o. and 04c
llatnboo cabiiiets C! ccwt;. '
Wljite enamelt d tallies $l.Q'X
Oftk facklnhaifs cents.
Hcauliful pl.nires, la.re sUo f 1,13.
Paniboo eajJiS-Pc. up.
Trunks $1.15 up. .
Quilts C9.-. 'aidfl.41.
4 pound feather pillow 55c. ench.
Mattincr 12e.,20e., 23s. -
C'urniyi e 1 carpel paper 2c, yard.
Smyrna rngstl.91.
Morjuet ru-J2.40.
Beau iul ehnillo p rtiers pr.
Lace curtains 4ic, aud 81c. pa'r.
"I'luw f-h -iiir. l)c. pair,
ft 3" limit 'to- Ut siore ili'it lijf i .
e'.it a'-d tiadi priees ai.d here you
will be trtft'ed like everyone the.
N'o pjeiliil tivor thowu but tvery
man's 111 "ney the tauie. .
tiSfW lieiivoupeeitinouraditi-so-.
"ecTArrrn-t-njwiiing Ol it
the negro small pox 'patiiut' near
New Hope last August, will both
come up for trial. Charles P:
Goyne, another negro charged with
murder will probably have a hear
ing during the .third week of the
It has been impossible to draw
the petit jury for this week as the
names in the panel box have been
entirely exhausted. Judge Sykes
has ordered the sheriff to summons
a special venire of 150 men to try
the three murder cases mentioned
above aud the petit jury for this
week will probably be secured from
among this number.
The following is a list of the
cases that have been disposed of
since last Tuesday :
The State vs. H. 1). Fundcrburk, t'.
ft. l'undeibuik and K. Fuudeiburk,
niton. IVtmissed.
The Hiale vs. A. C. Cole and II. D.
Prunes, Raisins,
Citron, Shelled Almonds,
Old Process Buckwheat Flour.
'Phone 197
A Desirable House and Lot for Sale
at a Bargain.
I offer for sale my home, former
ly owned by Prof. Barrow, located
on tlie Highlands next to Dr. Cor
uelims Hardy's, at present occupied
1 until 1 uurk, dibiuruint; laiuiiy. l'lea yr Sam'l Kaye
or. guiny en;triu. raeu lined -iou
and teitt neid to tix iik nths iu.pris.
n.enl. Sentetite su."p'iidid on i;ood
The State vs.. Vol prtiitt and Mary
Walker, unlawful col. abitation. I'lea
of iiiiiny tuUi-td. J'efi liiielils rlntd
f 10 c.uli anil se.iteiu e 1 t, ldaj'siiu
l i i;oi;n.t lit iu the col i;'y ja;l.
The Stale vs. Tom Vicliiirfb, cru
elty to ani.T ai. 'ot KUilty.
Tins State v.s. William Ward, 111a
lici uh niij-i'hlef. (iuiltv.
The Kojcrs Mcrcantila
Ealesinen : v
11: - .: v, 1 AMir;:
1 1. !..-; 1 in;.
!l--i JKXMK luji.t,
TUOj. At. K'.Ut.lia.
"tuie vs. .li.hn lii lertson and
Hi btrtson, 1 ptuled ease. Mot
i;tato vs. Wm. llairsti n, tp- j
. (iuiltv. ' I
-t tie vs. .'inly B'l.ler, petit l.ir-
Ti.e I
The i
Tho )
eeny. tiiiilty.
'1 lie State, vs. Leo Lauibus, np
priiled ias. Not guilty.
W. 15. ll.llnapp & Co. vs. W. F.
Slierrill, nssumpsit. Verdict in favor
of plalntiil for J-'ol.-ST.
The S ate vs. I'r.ully Mo ire, carry-
il-g C'vt;!.! -I weapons. liu,:'.y. 1 11-;
teiiivJ tii pay a flue of fill and liO days
in the county Jul. !
Court ad ctuncd at j'o'c'ock;
yc ,tt relay afternoon until 9 o'clock
to r.icrro'.v morning.
- - - - -
Ci'tiK-r Hotel Arrivals.
Contains about four acres of
land, good garden spot, splendid
well of water, young orchard.
IIousi has five rooms ou ground
lloor ; two in attic. Stable, ser
vant's house and other buildings.
Removed from the dust of the
city, retired, cool and healthy, it
is or.e erf the most pleasant places
around Columbus to live. Within,
ij minutes walk of the city. Not
i:i if.l'i section no leasehold or
e.tv fixes. House cost over $2000
to build.
Price $.800.00, one-half cash. A
hirgiiii for some man, as the
f, round alone is worth the price
a ked. For further particulars ap
p'y to C. C. Martin.
Oysters and Pish.
I take this method of informing
t'.ie public that I have opened an
cyster parlor at Albert Fisher's
cldfiaudon North Market street
v. here I w ill at all times keep on
l and p. large supply of fresh oys-U-is,
fMi, shrimps sud crabs, J
v.t.s f. r '-'.any years connected with
?-'r. P. Cernud in the oyster busi
1: Jfc ti d heve his persoual en
do; sement as a first class cateier
G. Thompson, Jno. W. and oyster tnan. Oysters served
Mosbv, W. B. Smith, Nashville ; 1 Y ktyle at any hour. Solicit,
J. R. Hover, A. I Fox, West ! 11 11 cua' ul t'1"""- fuuKC,
roiat W. 15. Pob.sc,n, C- li. Ma- j
ley, ?t. Louis; J. Gordon Smith,
II. D. Chemvorth, Chicigo ; A. B.
Shield, W: C. Mossburger, Louis
vil'i : J. II. Donaldson, Bo-ton :
j W. Vance, Bufard, Ga. ; O.
! lit j!: Alerdecu ; iv T. Jones,
jl'arkeiam Lliis, Atlanta.
I am respectfully,
-im Bkn Jones.
Read Tnr
Dispatcu and keep
V.'anti o 75 cypress or cedtr
o',., ,5 to 40 feet long, to square
, 1 2 n.cli-s at top. Apply to
You are
Invited !
,To call and examine
our large block of.
Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
Ladies' and Gent's
Also a complete line oi Opes and
Ladies' Trimmed Hats in
Felt, Velvet and
ALL of which were bought direct
from the manufacturers. ' No
middle man to share the pro-,
fits, and this you SAVE I
REMEMBER, we are headquarter
for liridles and Saddles.
Y'ours for Low Piiees,
o31. GG and 68 Main Street.
Mr. Will Sherrod will be assocf
ated with me in the coal and wood
business and will appreciate any
order sent him. J. T. Wood,
Sole Agent Galloway, Corona and
Splint Coals, oct27tf.
kuaaajr Excarslooa.
Comenemg Sunday July llsf,
1897, and on every Sunday tbcn
after until December 26th, 1 SOT.
all ticket agenti of the Mobila
and Ohio li. 11. will sell round
trip tickets to its station within a
di-taoce of 100 miles at rate of One
Fare. For tickets and foil partic
ular, apply to Boy ticket agent
Mobile and Ohio 11. U.
ncj-iw Lkctric Lighting Co
Tin-tray, comb and brush made
of celluloid completes an-elegant
set for the toilet at Chapman'
Drug Store.
"Scud or telephone your persona!
and news items to Ths Dispatch

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