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Official Proceedings Of The Board Of Holmes County Supervisors Feb. J962
OF THE Board of Supervisors
of Holmes County, Mississip
pi, begun and held in the City
of Lexington, Mississippi, on
this 5th day of March, 1962, it
bei.ig the first day of said
term, with the following mem
beis and officers present to
wit: L. C. Johnson, M. B. S.
No. 1; O. R. Campbell, M. B.
S. No. 2; W. Leslie Smith, M.
B. S. No. 3, President; Estell
Scott, M. B. S. No. 4; W. W.
Salley, M. B. S. No. 5; Par
ham H. Williams, Clerk; Mrs.
Andrew P. Smith, Sheriff; and
H. H. Johnson, Attorney for
the Board.
When and where the follow
ing proceedings were then and
there held and had:
In Re: Budget Report for
month of February, 1962.
Amt. Exp. Amt Exp. Unexp.
Current Fiscal Budget
Month Year Balance
Office & Adm.
5,817.02 28,144.45 45,800.55
Judicial, etc.
2,501.88 20,752.85 27,447.15
Health & Sanitation
1,622.18 7,191.35 11,788.65
1,884.53 10,043.56 14,376.44
Farm & Home
1,383.87 6,716.00 13,584.00
Main of Bldg.
746.37 3,790.50 13,059.50
996.05 5,249.06 7,360.94
Capital Outlay 100.00
Welfare Const.
14,727.24 60,306.84
29,679.14 142,194.61 133,517.23
Fund Balance Feb. 1, 1962
Advalorem Tax
Prior Year Tax 1.10
Land Redemptions 16.24
Privilege Tax
Mineral Tax
Fines, etc. 958.25
Misc. 416.08
Total 160,059.65
Less Expenditures 29,679.14
Fund Balance Feb. 28, 1962
Cash on hand Feb. 1st, 1962
Budget for 12 months
Month’s receipts 3,707.88
Bridge receipts 40,838.73
Previous 4 months receipts
Total receipts to date
Uncollected Budget 175,735.35
Cash on hand March 1st 1962
Eudget for 12 months
Month’s allowances 20,466.80
Bridge allowances 6 104.47
Previous 4 months allowance
Total allowances to date
Buddget balance for 7
months 255,749.35
In Re: Separate Road Dist
rict No. I.
The Road Report for Sepa
rate Road District No. 1 hav
ing been filed with the Board,
and the same having been O.
Ked by the Board, it is here
by ordered that the following
accounts be allowed due and
payable as follows:
R. D. Hammett 580.00
James Henley 12.00
Pete Downer 6.39
J. D. Bruce 172.85
John Hobson 112.00
James Martin 152.60
Marvin Abies 143.90
Oscar Daves 94.22
Mrs. Myrtle Burkhardt 161.55
Leslie Farmer 166.56
Frank J. Devine 139.15
H. T. Alford 139.49
^ ardaman Abies 139.15
Dave Grantham 122.79
Southland Service Station
Lexington Auto Parts 9.84
Henrich Drug Store 1.00
Lexington Implement Co.
Crown Service Station 31.83
City of Lexington 2.00
T. V. Blaylock 18.95
Spot Cash Tire Co. 48.75
Covington’s Garage 17.50
McLellan’s Texaco Station
Presley Chevrolet Co. 3.45 j
Weathersby Chev.-Buick
Co. 219.31
Texaco, Inc. 530.34
Allied Equip., Inc. 124.47
Miss. Road Supply Co. 199.09
Womack Bros., Inc. 332.70
Womack Bros., Inc. 12.72
Allied Equip., Inc. 200.00
G and M Tire Co. 100.66
Terry’s Garage 54.71
Holloman Mch. & Supply Co.
Miss. Power & Light Co. 4.87
Peoples Oil Co. 484.74
Hammett Gravel Co. 544.74
In Re: Road Report for Se
parate Road District No. 2.
The Road Report for Sepa
rate Road District No. 2 hav
ing been filed with the Board,
and the same having been O.
Ked by the Board it is hereby
ordered that the following ac
counts be allowed due and
payable as follows:
Hammett Gravel Co. 647.50
Standard Oil Co. 148.17
Hand’s Store 23.51
McLellan Truck & Imp. Co.
McLellan’s Store 2.80
Spot Cash Tire Co. 65.52
Hand’s Store 1.00
Cities Service Oil Co. 5.48
Cities Service Oil Co. 212.49
R. D. Pointer 5.00
Miss. Power & Light Co. 9.29
South Side Service Station
iAmas liarage 9.25
Hand Motor Co. 142.84
Miss. Road Supply Co. 39.72
Stribling Bros. Corp. 11.70
R. B. Tyler Co. 80.00
Allied Equip., Inc. 117.98
Reeves Stonestreet 202.57
Halbert Farmer 144.81
Jim Siddon 155.86
John Ben Yeager 155.86
Richard Ellis 155.86
Dennis McBride 144.81
In Re: Road Report for Se
parate Road District No. 3.
The Road Report for Sepa
rate Road District No. 3 hav
ing been filed with the Board,
and the same having been O.
Ked by the Board, it is hereby
ordered that the following ac
counts be allowed due and
Payable as follows:
Oscar Rogers 197.06
James Harthcock 157.67
Eward Chisolm 138 59
J. P. Malone, Jr. 132.68
Kimble Parkinson 72 66
Bilbo Marshall 72 66
Silas Steed 72 66
Byrd Abies 10162
Larris Ferrell 117 78
Lexington Auto Parts Co. 15.35
Saxton-Gardner Hdwe. Co.
tt 14.20
Henson Motor Co. 69 64
Four County Butane Service
4 25
Hall Supply & Equip. Co.
•rj 230.40
R- B- Tyler Co. 80 no
Planters Hardware Co. 27.50
etermann Gravel Co. 438 25
Yazoo Valley Elec. Power
Assn* 2 00
Standard Oil Co. m\2
Miss. Road Supply Co. 300 00
‘‘l,y J»ombs ,o,
Luther Upton
Byrd White
W- W. Spell j9^
Henson Motor Co. n'nn
w- s- °wen & Son 7’39
Hal] Supply & Equip. 0O
Woi, o , 267.70
Hall Supply & Equip. Co
D , 250.40
Presley Chevrolet Co. 27 50
Standard Oil Co. ^Qr
w- sPeii loaoo
Spencer Gravel Co. 144.80
In Re: Road Report for Se
parate Road District No. 4.
The Road Report for Sepa
rate Road District No. 4 hav
ing been filed with the Board,
and the same having been O.
Red by the Board, it is hereby
ordered that the following ac
counts be allowed due and
payable as follows:
Uon Service Station 22.95
Lexington Auto Parts Co. 4.84
Yazoo Valley Elec. Power
Assn. 7 ^
Smith’s Super Service Station
Petermann Gravel Co. 255.80
Keyes Road & Supply Co.
Shields Oil Co. 370.24
Moses Ford Co. 3.33
Miss. Road Supply Co. .77
Delta Implement Co. 94.07
Mrs. Bobbie Edwards Grocery
Walter Wigley 125.45
S. W. Hearn 110.33
In Re: Road Report for Se
parate Road District No. 5.
The Road Report for Sepa
rate Road District No. 5 hav
ing been filed with the Board,
and the same having been O.
Ked by the Board, it is hereby
ordered that the following ac
counts be allowed due and
payable as follows:
J. C. Allen 8.00
Hammett Gravel Co. 46.40
Tchula Hardware Co. 21.48
Standard Oil Co. 266.34
Tchula Amoco Station 15.80
Western Auto Store (Tchula)
J. W .Henderson Garage 39.50
Spencer Gravel Co. 365.00
H. A. McPhail 202.57
Henry Patton 134.02
Cleveland Clark 124.74
James Smith 105.56
Lion Service Station 14.05
Hallie Mae Hammons 10.00
Clark Wood 124.74
ficViot. O’.Moal irtK co
M. H. Johnson 181.52
J. W. Henderson Garage 15.50
Gordon Motor Co. 244.78
M. H. Johnson 3.68
Scruggs Equip. Co. 11.16
Lexington Auto Parts Co. 8.19
Smith’s Super Service Station
Hammett Gravel Co. 27.50
Stribling Bros. Corp. 13.70
Standard Oil Co. 26.08
Hall Equip. & Supply Co.
Shields Oil Co. 202.16
Delmar Products Co. 18.09
Moses Ford Co. 46.43
B. F. Goodrich Co. 79.76
Automotive Parts Co. 4.00
Miss Power & Light Co. 1.50
Miss Power & Light Co. 1.50
It is hereby ordered that the
following accounts be allowed
due and payable out of the
County Fund as follows:
Johnson & White 190.95
Gordon Ellington 95.96
Mike Lammons 10.00
Pat Barrett 151.06
Pat Barrett 50.00
Parham H. Williams 41.66
Parham H. Williams 253.75
Parham H. Williams 177.81
Henry B. McClellan 197.98
Thelma Sharp 65.43
Billie Rosamond 293.84
Elizabeth Moses 197.09
George Bailey 32.50
Lexington Armory 25.00
Durant Armory 25.00
Lexington Hardware Co. 5.90
Lexington Hardware Co. 3.50
McLellan’s Texaco Serv.*
Station 3.80
Miss. Power & Light Co.
miss, rower & Light Co. 24.57
Standard Stationers, Inc. 15.50
Standard Stationers, Inc. 19.51
Miss. Valley Gas Co. 18.87
Miss. Valley Gas Co. 73.96
Miss. Valley Gas Co. 133.66
Tom L. Ketchings Co. 14.53
International Business Mchs.
CorP- 16.85
Dement Printing Co. 14.08
Dement Printing Co. 8.65
Dement Printing Co. 4.68
Redd Pest Control Co., Inc.
Xerox Corp. 130.38
Fuller Printing Co. 22.08
W. R. Sullivan 3.00
Duane Tucker 48.73
W. R. Sullivan 368.30
Duane H. Tucker 50.00
Alonzo Henderson 150.00
Mary Harpole 215.00
Louise Swinney 69.16
Ann Smith 119.33
La Verne Y. Lindsey 92.00
Daisy Anderson 60.69
Tom L. Ketchings Co. 72.33
Simpson, Stepp & Lott Lumber
Co. 728
City of Lexington 2.00
City of Lexington 7.60
City of Lexington 19.50
Mrs. A. J. Henrich 75.00
Frank Hughes 75.00
J. T. Garland 75.00
Henry B. McClellan 75.00
Mrs. C. M. Ray 16.00
Mrs. J. M. Howard 10.00
Mrs. John R. Jenkins 10.00
W. G. Martin 10.00
T. C. Hitt 10.00
J. S. McBride 10.00
Mrs. W. C. Sheehy 12.00
G. F. Wilkins 6.00
Roy McNeer 6.00
Mrs. Luther McLellan 6.00
Ralph D. McLellan 6.00
L. P. McLellan 6.00
J. L. Moorhead 12.00
F. D. Simpson 6.00
C. L. Laugherty, Jr. 6.00
Mrs. O. L. Lowery 6.00
Mrs. J. L. Moorhead 6.00
D. L. Lowery 6.00
3. S. Truitt 12.00
B. S. Ellis 6.00
Mrs. W. E. Hill 6.00
Mrs. S. S. Truitt 6.00
Davie Catron 6.00
r. L. Downer 6.00
r. A. Ousley 12.00
J. G. Jacobs 6.00
J. D. Neaves 6.00
Mrs. Ruth Derrick 6.00
Mrs. T. A. Ousley 6.00
Anthony McMullen 6.00
Mrs. A. C. Autry 12.00
Mrs. William Brock 6.00
A. J. Stevens, III 6.00
Mrs. G. L. Bock 6.00
H. L. Bowie 6.00
3. C. Campbell 6.00
Fisher Stationery Co. 10.75
Miss. Power & Light Co. 7.03
Miss. Valley Gas Co. 18.75
Mrs. Denton Rosamond 398.00
Mrs. Ruth Cade 128.31
Mrs. Ruth Campbell 10.00
Mrs. Dentor> Rosamond 4.00
Tom L. Ketchings Co. 39.95
Tom L. Ketchings Co. 20.48
L. R. Thompson 16.00
Thurmond’s 4.95
King’s Volunteer Store 42.72
Henrich Drug Store 1.30
Hollingsworth’s 6.68
Holder’s Repair Shop 7.24
W. L. Edwards 164.71
Plez White 135.59
Ebenezer Cash Store 32.35
Humphrey-0’Reilly Co. 32.00
Holmes County Coop. (AAL,)
Henson Motor Co. 10.40
Dr. P. B. Brumby 13.00
Lexington Hardware Co. 4.45
Dr. G. D. Russell 6.00
Standard Oil Co. 53.18
Yazoo Valley Elec. Power
Assn. 21.98
Dr. H. G. Causey 8.00
Dr. P. B. Brumby 4.00
Parham H. Williams, Clerk
Parham H. Williams Clerk
Dr. P. B. Brumby 6.00
Dr. S. R. Pate^ Jr. 6.00
T. B. Lehman 5.00
Holmes County Herald 14.80
Holmes County Herald 30.97
Holmes County Herald 47.75
Holmes County Herald 49.25
Holmes County Herald 9.85
Sou. Bell Tel. & Tel. Co. 270.29
Miss. Power & Light Co. 4.62
Rochester Germicide Co. 277.64
White Rose Industrial Laundry
Peoples Drug Store 1.40
H. T. Busby 4.09
Holder’s Repair Shop .50
Fuller Printing Co. 10.90
O. L. Ellison 63.01
Peoples Drug Store 3.90
O. L. Ellison 288.00
Mrs. Andrew Smith, Sheriff
Mrs. Andrew Smith, Sheriff
Mrs. Andrew Smith, Sheriff
9*21 KA
Fuller Printing Co. 28.49
Sou. Bell Tel. & Tel. Co. 21.28
Mrs. Andrew Smith, Sheriff
Mary Head 15.00
E. W. Hooker 40.50
E. W. Hooker, Trustee 69.50
miscellaneous funds
It is hereby ordeerd that
the following accounts be
allowed due and payable out
of the Miscellaneous Funds as
Sou. Bell Tel. & Tel. Co. 7.75
Holmes County Library 860.00
Golden Age Nursing Home
W. T. Brock 25.00
J. B. Bradley 10.00
Mrs. Nina Tye 25.00
Verlet Chunn Pugh 25.00
Annie Mae Anderson 25.00
Bobby Jean Dulaney 25.00
Cora Sutton 25.00
Olive Tyson 25.00
Mamie Anderson 15.00
Mrs. Ann Heard 25.00
Essie Mae Reeves 10.
Carrie Powell 25.00
Mrs. Fannie E. Martin 12.50
Mrs. Joseph F. Abies 12.50
Mrs. Annie Clower 25.00
Richardson Rest Home 25.00
Jessie Lee McGee 25.00
Mrs. Biddie Hocutt 12.50
Julia Jones 20.00
Elizabeth Moody 25.00
Leonard Tate 15.00
Mrs. J. G. Grace 20.00
Mrs. R. C. Spencer 25.00
Delta Burial Corp. 25.00
Miss. State Sanatorium 39.00
Miss. State Sanatorium 56.00
Crosstown Pharmacy 1.25
J. S. Bevill 90.00
J. A. Evans 189.75
Gordin Hutchison 90.00
Miss. Power & Light Co. 2.95
Miss. Valley das Co. 10.33
Andrew J. Noel 96.87
Redd Pest Control Co., Inc.
Clarabel Rhyne 128.31
Holmes County Welfare Dept.
State Welfare Dept. 362.60
Susie B. Minyard 101.33
Dr. S. B. Caruthers 2.50
Holmes Co. Health Dept.
Dr. J. C. Pegues 6.25
Henry B. McClellan 26.50
J. C. Pafton 100.00
J. C. Patton 35.00
Mrs. Kate Strowd 25.00
It is hereby ordered that
the following accounts be al
lowed payable out of the
Bridge Fund, as follows:
Hutchison & Allen Lumber
Co. 299.04
Simpson, Stepp & Lott Lumber
Co. 1.50
Thurmond’s 13.75
Guy Rainey 133.80
Raymond Hobson 139.49
James Davis 120.69
W. W. Home 12.00
JCjliliiHVl XlcUUlCUlA. W.W
Holder’s Repair Shop 55.85
Choctaw, Inc. 788.13
Frank Wilson 10.00
Willie Webb 25.00
Garrett Moseley 51.00
E. L. Steadman 240.71
Ezell Givens 105.56
Steve Maddox 147.85
Lee Caldwell 167.46
Charles Durham 21.80
Joe Gilmore 136.41
Norman Stewart 117.78
Canton Treating Co. 60.00
Hutchison & Allen Lumber
Co. 450.00
Henson Motor Co. 7.00
W. W. Spell 50.00
L. A. Ferrell 59.55
Joe Carroll 76.08
Samuel Hearn 16.00
Joe E. Hearn 22.50
Leon Ivy 20.00
Silas Steed 33.00
D. H. Dew 126.32
It is hereby ordered that the
sum of $500.00 be allowed to
Ada Wilna Graves Dufour and
Ada M. Warren Pillsbury and
the sum of $1,00.00 be paid to
J. P. Love and G.P.Sharpe
for dirt pits to be used in the
construction of the Belmont
It is hereby ordered that the
sum of $25.00 per month be
paid to Miss Rosa Ramsey,
an indigent sick person; and
the sum of $25.00 per month
be paid to Mr. Tom McBride,
an indigent sick person; and
that the allowance to Mrs.
Fannie Martin, an indigent
sick person, be raised from
£12.50 per month to $25.00 per
It is hereby ordered that the
sum of $1,149.74 be paid to
Mrs. Andrew P. Smith, Sheriff
being 2 percent fee on the
Homestead Reimbursement.
It is hereby ordered All of
that part of NEJ of Section
20 lying North of the line bet
ween Yazoo County and Hol
mes County and all of that
part of Wi of NWi of Section
21, lying North of the line
between Yazoo County and
Holmes County, all in Town
ship 13, Range 1 East be
leased to Lamar Chisolm for
a period of 5 years for the
sumof $25.00 per year.
It is hereby ordered that the
sum of $300.00 be paid to H.
A. Smithson, Sr. for a pair of
mules purchased for the bene
fit of the County Farm.
The resignation of J. L.
Bouchillon, Justice of Peace
in District No. 2 was received
and accepted.
The sum of $1.00 per day
...» » » M m n f » J iVt » Ilf io
w a.o iv u«v
sissippi State Sanatorium for
the treatment of Joe Dickens,
a tubercular person.
The resignation of Fred
Taylor, Constable of District
No. 2 was received and ac
It is hereby ordered that the
sum of $150.00 be paid out oi
the Advertising Fund to the
Mississippi Association of Su
pervisors for dues for the
year 1962 for the said Holmes
County Board of Supervisors.
• Section 16, Township 13,
Range 2 East was leased for
oil and gas purposes to Sun
Oil Company for the sum of
$1,280.00 cash, and delay ren
tals in the sum of $645.00,
The following allowances
were allowed: Parham H. Wil
liams, Clerk, $45.00; Mrs. An
drew P. Smith, Sheriff, $30.00:
L. C. Johnson, MBS No. 1,
$300.00; O. R. Campbell, MBS
No. 2, $300.00; W. Leslie
Smith, MBS No. 3, $300.00;
Estell Scott, MBS No. 4,
$300.00; W. W. Salley, MBS
No. 5, $300.00.
W. Leslie Smith,
CD Director
Explains Plan
For Surveys
Mr. John Moses, Civil De
fense Director of Lexington,
said today that the Depart
ment of Defense, U. S. Corps
of Engineers and Mississippi
Civil Defense Council, working
through the local Civil Defen
se organization, is moving in
to the second part of the en
gineering survey of all exist
ing buildings in our communi
ty which can be utilized in
the event of war to provide
protection from radioactive
fallout for the people of our
community. Architect - engi
neers have completed the ini
tial examination of all build
ings in the state that have
a protection factor of 20 to -
that would accomodate 50 or
more persons.
Mr. Moses stated that he is
calling upon designated build
ing owners that have struct
ures that are determined to
be desirable for Civil Defense
purposes to cooperate with the
State and Federal Shelter Pro
gram. The building owners
were requested to allow engi
neers to make a study of their
buildings to determine their
fallout protection and to re
commend physicial changes
which possibly would be eligi
ble for a federal grant. Civil
Defense authorities will stock
with provisions those build
ings that possess a 100 pro
tection factor. The provisions
that will be stored locally in
qualifying buildings will con
sist of radiological detection
instruments, emergency medi
cal supplies, water containers
and canned wheat wafers.
Our Civil Defense Director
further stated that there
would be no expense whatso
ever to the building owner and
that there would be no liabili
ty for the care, protection or
maintenance of the provisions
by the individual building
Inasmuch as this is a very
high priority program in
which all of our citizens are
expected to cooperate for the
common good of the State,
it is pointed out that the cur
rent shelter survey is the pre
lude to an expanded compre
hensive program of Civil De
fense in Mississippi and the
Attention — -
Mr. Pecan Farmer
I Will Spray Pecan Trees And Will Be Under
The Supervision Of County Agent, W. R. Sullivan
• High Pressure Rig To Give
The BEST Results
Ernest Eee Ingold
Phone Write
1085 Lexington 200 Andrews St.

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