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Home Agent
By Mary F. Harpole,
Home Demonstration Agent
Did you ever notice that
when your eyes are tired, you
are tired, too? That’s why we
need to understand light and
how to use it.
Good lighting is important
in your liome to help your
family see to work well, and
to read and play.
In preparing for good light
ing it is important to use the
right light bulb in the right
place. You don’t want to use
the clear light bulb in your
home. It is Upcofinfortable
to look at this bright light
bulb. Instead select a bulb
that is inside - frosted or one
with a white coating inside
the bulb.
The inside-frosted bulb was
developed to reduce glare of
the clear bulb. Even so,, there
is still a bright spot on the
bulb near the center. The
light spreads over the entire
bulb surface of a white coated
bulb and the bright spot near
the center disappears.
You will find that the size
of regular light bulbs is being
reduced, but the wratt size
stays the same. You can put
a new smaller size 100 watt
bulb in places that the old
larger bulb wouldn’t fit. For
most home lighting, you need
at least 100 watt bulbs. For
reading and studying a 150
watt bulb is better.
You'll get 20 to 25 percent I
more light if you keep your |
bulbs, lamps and ‘shades !
I-" "" - -
Indoor Planters —
Growing plants give a “lift”
to almost any room in the
house. Some folks put them
in planters for pure decora
tion, others in planters that
serve as room dividers or
accents to an entrance. Flo
wering plants as begonias and
geraniums are in better har
mony with tne “old fashion
ed” room. Flowering plants
require more light than foi
lage plants.
Many house plants are
grown in soil within a planter.
It is preferable, however, to
have them in clay pots set
in the planter. Surround the
pots with peat moss, shelf
moss, fine gravel, shredded
styrrafoam or similar mate
Most pot plants do best in
a roof temperature between
(>o and 70 degrees. Beware of
either underwatering or over
watering. it is safest to let the
soil become dry, rather titan
Carpet Repair —
Here’s a suggestion for easy
repair of loose threads in your i
carpet. Draw the loose end of
cloth or yarn to the back side
of the rug with a coarse cro
chet hook. Then, from the
right side pull short loops !
through the old holes until j
> ou have the space filled. Fin- '
ish by drawing the last loop
clear through to the right
side and snip off the end and
even with the loops.
You can repair a looped
bedspread or tufted bathrobe
this same way.
# Concrete Gravel
# Concrete Sand
# Mason Sand
# Clay Gravel
Durant Road — Lexington
Phone 700
4-H Member
Cites Value
Of Safety
By Dona Kaye Pierce
What does the word “safe
ty” mean to you? The word
Safety by itself has no real
meaning. The safety of you.
your family, and maybe your
neighbors depend on YOUR
actions. It doesn’t make any
difference whether you live
in the country or the city,
you can always use ideas on
what to do in case of an ac
cident. ,
You might say, “How can
I do anything about safety?”
The answer is very simple.
First you remove hazards and
then practice good safety ha
bits in your home and com
What does “health” mean
to you? Perhaps you are like
many others who think that
if you feel well and do not
have a disease, you are heal
thy. Health not only deals
with physicial health, but also
with mental, spiritual, and
social health.
Are you happy most of the
time and go around with a
pleasant look on your face?
If you can answer “yes” to
that question, then you can
probably say your mental
health is alright.
Physicial health means that
your body feels good. For
good physicial health, you
should —
1. Have a regular physicial
and dental checkup.
2. Eat 2 good meals a day.
3. Keep well-groomed and
Your spiritual attitude is
one of the most important
cornerstones of your health.'
Faith in God and prayer will
make your spiritual health
a success.
Your social health is anoth
er important factor in build
ing good health. If you have
lots of friends and enjoy be
ing with them, your social
health is probably in pretty
good shape.
Good physicial, mental, spi
ritual, and social health build
up a strong body, but if you
are not safety-minded enough
to remove safety hazards,
your strong body can be de
stroyed by an accident. Health
and Safety go together to
build strong, able citizens.
Since Mayor Kenna has de
clared th emonth of May as
Clean-up, Paint-up, and Fix
up month, we have a whole
month to get our community
in tip - top condition. This
entire month will be devoted
to removing hazards that en
danger our health and safety.
Each one of us can begin by
ridding our own home of
these hazards and by practic
ing good safety and health
regulations. Our community
will be a bettr place to live
in if each of us make use of
this month.
Durant Lions
Elect Officers
Ralph Ellington was elected
president of the Durant Lions
Club at the regular meeting
Thursday night, May 10.
Other officers include Hugh
Skinner, first vice-president;
Buddy Bley, second vice - pre
sident; Wheeler Bolden, third
vice-president; Sonny Potts,
secretary - treasurer; Don In
gram, tail twister; and T. C.
Hitt, lion tamer.
The newly elected officials
will take office July 1.
Local Churches
Plan Joint
Bible School
A joint Vacation Bible
School in Lexington with the
Methodist, Presbyterian, and
I Episcopal churches co-operat- !
ing will begin May 28.
Miss Fan Sadler and Miss
Ann Shepherdson will be spe
cial guests here and are to
be in charge of the younger
groups while the local teach
ers will have the interme
Superintendents of the de
partments are as follows:
Mrs. Roy Young, Beginners;
Mrs. Dan Pepper, Primary;
Mrs. Edwin White, Juniors;
and Mrs. Parham Williams,
Committee chairmen inclu
de Mrs. M. K. Ginn, hospitali
ty; Mrs. Gordon Russell, Re
freshments; Mrs. Lynn ’ Jor
dan, playgrounds; Mrs. Billy
Jordan, refreshments; and
Mrs, Doty Porter, music.
Each superintendent will
need helpers and anyone wno
can help is urged to contact i
any of the leaders named.
Miss Sadler and Miss Shex>
herdson will be guests in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Martin while they are in Lex
Mr. Robert
Instructs Local
Mr. and Mrs. Robert John
son of Memphis were in Lex
ington last week to instruct
Holmes . Attala Hairdressers
in the latest styles and tech
Mr. Robert, one of the
leading educators in the beau
ty industry who has partici
pated in over 200 beauty trade
shows, conducted his course
at the Modern Beauty Salon.
His prize winning students
have won over 16 awards in
the past 12 months.
He is a successful salon ow
ner and educational director
for the Moler System of Beau
ty Culture, a nation - wide
school system.
Mr. Robert featured custo
mized permanent waving and
the latest in hair shaping and
modern styling techniques.
VFW Meets
!r Taylor Home
The Ladies Auxiliary of the
Otho C. Byrd Post No. 2589
Veterans of Foreign Wars
held their regfular monthly
meeting in the Ab. Taylor
Memorial Home on Thursday
The main business was the
election and installation of the
officers for the ensuing year,
Jo Chennault was the instal
ling Officer. A list of the of
ficers, elective and appoint
ive will be sent to the papers
at a later date.
Plans were made for the
Memorial Day Program with
Mrs. Lida Taylor and Lela
Gantt serving On this com
l ,.c meeting closed accord
ing to the ritual. The next
meeting will be held June 4.
All members are invited and
urged to attend this meeting.
No. 10310 Letters Testamen
tary having been granted on
the 17th day of May, ltM»2, by
the Chancery Court of liol) es
County, Miss., to the under
signed upon the estate Sim.
on Gadson & Matilda Gaston
Deceased, notice is hereby
given to all persons having
claims against said estate to
present the same to the Clerk
of said Court for probate and
registration according to law
within six months from the
date of the first publication
of this notice, or they will be
forever barred.
This the 17th day of May,
Ruby Ga llon Polk,
May 24, 31, June 7, 14.
Every Wednesday
Lexington Sales Co.
Graves Livestock Co.
Demand Good For All Kinds
Of Livestock
Packer Buyers . . .
From all Major Packing Companies represented
HERE EACH TUESDAY. The best group of
know come here.
Send Your CATTLE and HOGS to us and get the top
Market Price ....
BILLY GRAVES, Owner and Manager
Maximum Commission, $3.00 per Head
Office Phone, 434 Residence Phones, 448 & 872
Since we can’t congratulate
each of our graduating seniors
in person, we take this means
of wishing you well. Good luck.

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