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losing Out Summer Goods
I t's a long time yet before cooler weather can be expected, and if you have failed to provide your
family with the necessary HARDWARE COMFORTS, we want you to know that we
have a good stock of Screen Doors, Hammocks and Ice Cream Freezers that we do not want to
carry over and are going to sell them out at the astonishingly low prices below -
: While Mountain Freezers 2 quart
Old price, $2.25; summer clearing
White Mountain Freezers--3 quart
Old price, $2; summer clearing
White Mountain Freezers—4 quart
Old price, $2.75; summer clearing
i White Mountain Freezers- (1 quart
Old price, $3.25; summer clearing
White Mountain Freezers 8 quart
Old price, $4,257 Hummei^clearing
Screen Doors- -good pine- 3x7
Old price, $1; summer clearing price
Screen Doors—better grade — natnral
pine finish, fancy; $2.25; now at
Screen Doors— Cherry, well braced.
Old price, $2; clearing price
: Gauze Wire—any width—per yard
I Old price, 20c; summer clearing price
j Hammocks— good, better, best
Some tine comfort to be derived
70c We guarantee every sale
as represented—We are
^ always glad to show
$1.40 goods, whether you buy
15c or not
* $1.40
relic Freezers
Old price, $1.75; summer clearin
'Arctic Freezer
Old price,
Arctic Freezer!
Old pri<
Arctic Freezers -0 quart
Old pr
Arctic Freezers H quart
.Old price, $3.75; summer clearing
If our goods don't come
up to what we say about
- $ 1.90 i return and get
your money back.
! quart
25; summer clearing
I quart
. $2.50; summer clearin;
5; summer clearing
$ 3 .
75c upj
do you need a good razor? We have a few more Refrigerators
We have ad stamlar lot of extra fine blades that we are going and Ice BoXeS and they are going
to put in with these goods---and it will profit you to insped and , J ° °
the same way.
You can find what you want in our line without running all
! oyer town for it—and will not be undersold on anything in
| hardware.
get prices.
Hardware-Lumber Company
Trade with us
or we both !ose
Feed and Sale
The Tent
On the Square
Is doing business
at the old stand.
Pure, fresh
All the Time
Every Day
I have bought out the Bakery busi
ness formerly conducted by R.
Winstead, and will appreciate a con
tinuance of your patronage.' Particu
lar attention will be given lo please
patrons, and yon can rest assured that
the best will be none too good for our
( Groceries, Fruits, Confect ions,
(Agars, Tobaccos, Beverages.
Lunches, Coffee, Sandwiches.
Under Opera House
Lone No. 42.
Owehs Wells Hotel
lire Y. & M. V. Railroad, between Lexington ahd
high ahd dry spot, it is an id?ai r?sort
Durant, on a
Th? Curative Powers of Owens
Wdls Waters Are Unsurpassed
it will cure
Torpid Liver, Malatia, Chills and Fever, lndig?slioh, Dyspepsia
Biliousness, General Debility, Constipation, all forms ef Kidney
a Sure Relief
Trouble, and is strongly recommended by many as
for Piles.
Water for Shipment, lSe per gallon, f.o.b. Owens
IK Hotel, Under New Mahagsment, Is Now
Open for tK? Recsptioh of Gussts
Having besn enlarged, newly furnished and thoroughly rensvated, It is
now in excellent efinditisn, and can accommodate 150 guests
$10 per Week
$30 per Month
$2 per Day
MMETT, Proprietor
asr .#
I am Agent for the
best Laundries in the
Mouth and will appre
ciate your patronage
Prompt Delivery
Phone Number 1815
Chalmers Hammond
Bank Annex Barber Shop
month $5
1 did, and I say that any man can now
afford to ride in a buggy.
Sold on Installment Plan
Small Cash Payment
See me and be riding in a nice new
buggy in the next week or ten days
Want to Investigate?
Would you like to know for sure
hat you can run a gasoline engine and
keep it in order? Let us ship you a 3'{,
horse power "Woodpecker" gasoline
ngine on 30 days' trial.
O. A. FRITZ. Agent.
Editor Times: Having seen so much
in print, and my friends generally
conversing so frequently about Mr.
Abe Sheppard's corn in response to an
invitation to come down and see, my
wife and myself visited this home
Saturday. I have seen lots of corn
fields in my day,but I can't recall one
that looked so promising as that one
acre cornfield he fertilized so lavishly.
His other corn is magnificent, but does
not compare with this.
Mr. Sheppard is also to be congratu
lated upon his cotton outlook. He has
a fine stand, it's free of grass, lots oi
it being head-high now, a number oi
bolls and still a fruiting. I observed
Items of Local Interest
Gathered In The Round Up
Mrs. Jno. A. Blake and daughter,
Miss Mechling Blake, arrived here
from San Aatonio, Tex., lust week on
a visit to her kinfolk,
Preston Darnell. It is Mrs. Blakes
first visit to her old home since 1808.
At that time the country was in such
an unsettled state, that a number of
our people fled to other countries and
Mr. Darnell, father of Mrs. Mechling
Blake, went to Brittish Honduras, and
after a number of years most of them
found their way back to the United
States. We had the pleasure of meet
ing Miss Mechling and found her a
most interesting and intelligent young
morning the train from Durant Sun
day evening and Monday morning
went no further than Lexington Hands
have been working on the road bed
near Howard to raise it and put it
above liighwater. In its present con
dition it is attended with great incon
venience to the travelling public.
The Times crew had the pleasure of
meeting young Shad Seitzler Monday,
and 'twas a pleasure indeed to run up
against such a bright mind. Mr.
Seitzler is rubbing up on medicine
this summer preparatory to entering
medical college this fall.
Noel White attended the W. of W.
picnic at Benton Friday, stopping with
Hon. S. N. Sample the previous night,
who accompanied him.
T. H. R. Brown knocked The Times
off the Simplex chair Saturday
iglit with a piece of lucre about the
size of a dollar. Many thanks, triend
Baxter Wilson, Phil Henrich, Bridg
forth Wilburn, Peter Pinkerton. Pit
Shepperd, Arthur Jordan, Willie Frank
Waterer, Jessie Walton and David Wil
son composed the Lexington bull
players that lieat Owens last Friday
13 to 1.
G. W. and
to the hard rain Hun da)
Miss Eva Shepperd went over to Du
rant Saturday evening to spend Suu
the visit of Mrs.
day and return
Maggie Taggart Hook.
A. E. Porter came over from Lake
Cormorant last week to spend a few
days with the old people, to get well
ot the chills and rest up.
Mrs. L. Leyy, Master Gerald and
little Miss Myra have returned, from a
sojourn at Castalian.
J. A. Rogers and son, Clijf, were
here on business from Ehenezer last
L L. Lyon, of Howard, made The
Times a pleasant call Monday morn
Sam Moore drove in from the country
last Saturday afternoon. - [ ■
Jus tice J. W. Whittington was in
' d business. /
no shedding, it is luxuriantly green,
and in a most thriving condition" His
Louisiana acre is about as good as
could be, and his potatoes are hump
And hogs—the blooded red breed
Mr. Sheppard raises—are fat and fine,
and are worth $25.00 a pair right now.
Mr. Sheppard's farm is an ideal one,
and 'tis a pleasure indeed to view the
growing crops thereon and enjoy the
old-time hospitality so prevalent in his
home. I believe he will bag and crib
the banner crop this season, and he
has always made good ones.
With best wishes.
Master Leo Levy returned Tnursday
night from his delta trip of
months. The young fellow is looking
fine and his many friends are glad to
have him back.
Mr. P. A. Parker was tbe guest of
Craig relatives last week.
Arthur Jordan and Peter Pinkerton
spent Sunday at Owens Wells.
Hugh Wiley is back from a recent
visit to an uncle in Aberdeen.
Last Sunday 'a rain is reported to
have done considerable damage to
crops on creek bottoms.
Bruce Seitzler was busy on Beall
view Monday afternoon for interested
BruiCe Sietzler was out on a wood
pile at Owens Sunday surveying the
high water with a Memphis, Jackson
and Lexington young lady. It whs
knee deep when they waded out.
Capt. John H. Downer remembered
The Times force with one of the largest
Georgia rattlesnakes we ever
was delicious. The Captain says his
crop of melons is fine.
Richard Terry, of Jackson,
guest of Lexington friends'Sunday.
saw. It
J. A. Williamson reports consider
able damage in his section from Sun
day's rain. The fanners had just stood
up the cotton from a recent similar
downpour. He noticed 5 inches fall
in a tub in the open.
Claude Shuttleworth, a manly
Howard youth is visiting his sister
Mrs. John H. Roachun.
*Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Estes returned
to Cruger Saturday from their visit to
the old people near Emory.
Jno. E. Ashcraft after spending a
conplo of weeks at the maternal home,
returned to business at Greenwood Sat
Mr. D. O. Alexander has been visit
ing Lexington relatives this week.
Mr. Alexander is a prominent Deita
contractor with headquarters at Itta
Berra. He hit The Tiines a 12-months
blow which was appreciated.
Registration has been rather brisk
with City Registrar Ashley. No, 3's
in the lead.
As fine peaches as we ever saw we
caught B H. Alexander with, who says
he raised them on his plantation 2
miles from town.
Let me show' you the new Smith
g 'pewriter— its the best going. L. E.
R. H. Hewitt, of Durant, passed
through here Monday on an estimating
crop expedition.
Some of our hill lands that scarce
made nubbins one year ago will make
good com this year.
x-MT -
?' :
Registration Notice
Lcxiuicton, Miss , July 21, 1906.
Thn Reirlstratlun Books for the (,'ily are now
open and the qualified eh clors for Miei'Byol
Lexington tile earnestly requested to end at
the office of ttie C'I'y Heelstrar ai d replsU r, a.
the time for com, lellnz the r tilslrailou is
Iteulstrar f>r the t'tty of Leiuormn.
limited. *
Notice to Contractors
lly an order of the Board of Supoi vlsosr ot
Holmes County, passed at: the leg u I nr June,
1906, met tlnif tUereof, 1 am instructed to ud
vertIso for bits to do the wood wotft on Iron
orP'ire across Tdhula Lake, at Tcliuta, Miss.,
according to plana and epeolOcatlima hy H. K.
Ruck, Contract to be let at the next
regular meeting of the board, lut Monday In
August, 19011, to the low eat responsible blddi r,
Hueeosafu I bidder or contractor to give a good
bond for completion of work, rim board re
serves tbe right to reject any or all hide.
1'AHtMM WILLIAMS, t'lerlr
Notice to Contradors
By an order of (he Board of Supervisors ol
Holmes county, passed at the regular July,
HXJtl, meelbig thereof, I am Instructed to stiver
tlse for sealed bids for r epairs
across Tcltula Lake, at Tchula, Miss., to be
siibinltled at the next regular meeting of the
llourd, 1st Monday Ir. August 1906, said repairs
to be made accor logti D.ans and speeiflea
tlons now on lllo In Ihc ('tntnerry Clerk's office,
b ds submitted to hq accompanied by a check
fur $2 0 as art assurance that a bond equal In
amount with the bid will be given for the faith
ful completion of said re| airs in the time given
In the order, to be given to the most satisfact
ory bidder.
• Iro i briiliff
I'ahiiam Williams. Clerk.
Notice to Contractors
By an order of tlio Board of Supervisors of
Holmes county, pass d ut Ilf regular July'
l#u«, meeting thereof, I am liiatruitsU to adver
tise for bills for repulrs on court house roof,
dralmrs for down pipes, oort.lee putters, sol
dcriUH for old guit, rs, etc.; and repairs on gut
tors and down pipes for county Jill, according
lo estimates and plans made and submitted by
T. H. Dalton, Water Valley Miss,, and on lib
In the Chancery Clerk's office,
let at the next regular meeting of the board,
1st Monday In August,
responsible bidder; successful bidder
tractor to gives good bond for completion
of the work. The bi ai d reserves the right to
reject any or hII bids.
Contracts to tie
19116, to the low*st
or con
The Imported German Cojich Stall!
Will Make the Season of 1906 at
Lexington, Mississippi.
TERMS —$25.00 to insure—money due when colt is foaled. We
will use all care to prevent accidents, but will not be responsible
should any occur.
DESCRIPTION—"Rolando" 3479, is a handsome dark bay
horse, 1(1 hands high, weight 1250 pounds, with broad, flat bone,
fine head and neck, and great style, finish and action. Was Im
ported from Germany and sold by J. CROUCH & SON, Pro
prietors, LaFayette Stock Farm, Lit Fayette Itid., and Nashville,
Tenn., and is registered both in Europe and America, and his
pedigree aud certificate of registration may Ire seen on application.
All interested In good stock should patronize this fine horse
Lexington German Coach Horse Co., owners.
J. H. ROACH, President.
J. C. PINKERTON, Vice-Pres.
SAM HERRMAN, Sec'y and Treas.
J. Z. MORRIS, Manager.
... i-i
When your ship comes
in, or goes, remember
Let it do your Hauling,
the time ready. Prices right.
J. W. ASHCRAFT, Proprietor
MAL. RHYNE, Manager. /
1 am agent for
Laundry, of (
Basket leaves Tq
returns Fridays*!
bring their lauaHv to town
lie Delta
(lays and
All who
Leave It at The Buber
Shop <
Where it w.M r
tion. If .work
right, it will nc
J. E. Mosz
etve atten
1 not done
cost you a
I solid yfitr business.
| Lsxinglon, Miss.
Telephone 119
is cheaper
And Why N I Just as Good
He has been balding all kinds of
houses a long Him#, and caa make de
signs and estimatai over night, and it
will afford him pleasure to tell you
Something about your next bill of re
pairing, painting; paper-hanging—Or
that new home. i
Phone 30

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