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Lexington union. (Lexington, Miss.) 1838-18??, November 17, 1838, Image 1

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rinted and published every
1 We ngree, however, entirely, witW - Mr.
McPuilie in the great Importance wrueii,
i. ... ' s biiA.n.,i:.. . ..'Vhoaa IrnhOM
ury receipts partake in no degree of tho
jthe rinrid
. 2,00
: 4,oo
oijojcar, m advance, ' ,
UK mouthy iii atvanr."
ihreo months in udvafl'iJ -one
year, it tho end offl8 year,
Lit '.mniittm ut the" end of tho time,
J " . .... '. :.. i. ........ .o.nnii nn uiiinlh
Wie time of B-ibsoribins; tt.H De considered
1 Mated above .ull to'doroiiiiclcd. We ure
Vsnlicit becuuBO wo wish to avoid trcubln
f iwute in the collection Of our nbscriptipn
Kv We be? that alt who wbjeribe for tho
U will note the teruHfiubscripiion. - ...
fR OP' ioVERTlSlKOf. , "
l'iV.'mVht wilt ImJnMrtwJ at the rM nftl ?
WeTtwmemi . 30 coflta for each
T IM i iinb of Wnrtin8 tenured ""
thatm "nriii jM'w 'iucript. ..Mhoy will
!. -t from At MJ apnea, nnm "v -
liaracter of bank
lected in the net ot l
specie eionuaru nicy r yi i-m muir vm-
uo upon their 'convcif. Sity mjo specie,
i nf nnnn ibp fTrjIIt fif v Yiliprnmenl vest-
but upon the credit of
cd with the unlimited f
.. "J :..nL.!i I.. . .
anu uoun uirn uuiu: it
ment in paving ot the ns
nro equally uolikototlu
vi ... .... ... I It"
ocnuienuH mnuey. j
Continental billJ hecan
that government issued
hevoud (heir demand.
iivo hundred milliona ofx
.circulation, thev .Lecnr.il,
ra29. Now, tlicisc trcis
i never be in excess. bccJuf
rLr ". .. j i
r oitaxaiion
by ihfe govuru-
due i They
I, oejrcciaien,
casouWvhy tlie
tocicesH ux
tVhenHour kr
coursi, ancrc
v receipts tan
the Iffffal Liv.'
KcASU 'S frretice in town Aui.ounc
ykvULY A'.VKttTlSINa
. .. . n.l W.in
WW fort 'lino or less,- ?wable at t?lte fOO.
rtfwntMct taken fur V
i y Lir ...nrlvin auvanc!
at n& aiuMti la limited to iiih
'fr ., ;,:. !, i .-bb: and nil n.lveriixfnmuia lr
S ofoinc K-u.l8l wi.t i t.y thuuMnu-tbe
pViliTHrflOWAL ADVi:U4lSEMnTa. n
U "jo linn or not alt.'ral.K-, J won n.
I ,U . . -l 19 ...iinlli. SO
Rv. th.t..r.nvArnt(gar tit's same nrt,tiiii! rutatc
K-r., .Vicki-biug. Uraml Cnlr. Mtnrii,ter
r i,.... i thin Ktatn. no iHHUICiiou win uo
. e - 4i.om in niw ense wniteer. .
I1 UttrM on hut new mua hi' f8t pW, or tlicy
jf rn ti , . nini
H not be tultau iro l m vv..
fcoiiw'trcxtiiOUN 'and the
'A final appeal to all real merchants.
JTlie opinions of Mr. Calhoun ia regard
the credit svpfcm, aro try many peisuua
:i mlann.b-Miood. Such inisunder
itiAuM-hft rorreeled. both froui
IIIIMIIlg o.'ix'1'U' ' i
ii f '.llinn. Hnd from rc'iirc!
f tr.itli itself. It haa been supposed that
14 Jistin'iishcd statesman wa3 in favor
'tta lndtp30-li-nl Treasury locaaso he
opposed to u credit system. Nothing:
Hi U) ioow Uiitrufl than thin rtaternent
iv.ivmeiutuMi: (iui anv thinkina rocr
,nt, who It'ilO'.lS upon iiu ,rc;"iu-
ing9and"re,eorde'l eowy of John C.
hourjTy'l)U hand upon his heart and
th-t Mr. Cnih()'i i3, hostile to the
tcanti 0 comrmuMiyr i iiu: vvumuiu
my not one. . Hjw, then, can he becp
Ld to credit upon, which tlie rnrcanlile
t : . . a y. . n .. r . .
wnunitV depend I in Kiel, so niruuiii
nosing, "Mr. Calhoun sock's a credit &ys
x'i Ha id id favor of the independent
Aririnrv: herftiisa it is one step, and tho
Anrtrti ( Kvstemiza credit. It is also
AiVrtilv' aflirmcd tliat- Mr. Callioun
. it, by means of the, Independent Trcas-
V.' irt"r1vtrnv the hank. This W an
i;i.. , ,. r .
hnnllv untriin RlatftiTient of lrrc-micton.
Irl Calhoim-ii.no enemy , to haaks, but
" iptrusts, in common with every otner
VlTnlitftnRd ' mind, tho 'present banking
lie balicvca that the workings
itiia svBlem in its present form is iniu-
' V- "J - I -V "
Sura in the Ion run, to the permanent
tXa oriliomcri;nant,nno uuqny op
to tho interests of all other .-classes
hhft r.nmmiiritv. Medistrusts theprca
ifinkinrr stcm. let it bo Understood,
it Jbecausa he is an enemy to merchants,
t because he is their true anu sunstan-
il friend. Ho favors the Independent
asury, not because it will destroy t,he
nks, but because it will, tend much ti
'osor'r thpm, by checking their constant
&M . over-action, nnu -uy wu
lM . . try largo specie btisia for
kirpapt circulation. In U10 eye, 01
vk Calhoun, tho union between the pov
' nent and the banks, is not only Jm
is to the government, -but bad for the
Iks themselves, and he believes that, as
' have now pretty generally, in this
otry, travelled up to the idea that goy
: fint.td'rp.liiori both' thrive best a-
1 1- w V - - .- - .
Ion?, bv a divorce of uov.
imni nnrt hanks, we 'shall - reach, bv
her road, an application of the same
ir1fvp- Mr Calhoun roafds
I 1 t 1 II Vjay .j ( - ' , - O
Inrjependen .Treasury as wo .hayo eta-
fo hn Hip. first slen necessary, in -
to nrfinarft the wav. not for tho de
ction ofthe banks, but for such a grad-
i..l."....i!nii r.( t lianlflnrr CUkittTII.
tftll secure the just ri?htaof the ajrn-
vjuurai,' mechanical ana proaucing cus
I I nnrl n cnivit. l!m. IllilPa. rnmlTIPN
credit upon sound and iure founda-
IS. ...rf. J-.. . 1 .... ; . .''-..!.' V . . '
Is proposes, also, tint receivable ttll,
led Ly laWj should be paid- out by the
retarv of the .Treasury "to tlie public
Hitors, ijivinj to 'inch creditors th
n'ce be'vi-.r;;: t!)'j-v; ijreriarw recefpts or
i ana i ver; .ir, .UcJMliw claim'
niirjior-ihip of this idea. - It-is quite im
crial whether 'the' TlVht':ofori'Iinnlilv
Jra'bolangs to Mr;" Calhoun or ia hiai.
Itliich riJirulales
all trade, applies to thehttnon unerring
and most benutifiil nrorisi'in, nnu so t-oon
na "theilemnnd for trfiasnrrecciyts should
....... . . ,. 1 . r
lull below tho demand tnrgoia anu tuvui,
rt'i ..'I'. .. '..! - ...III. ...1,1 11 n.l
1 lien uie receijus are su nr
silyer, they would, of Awrsc, , command
the preference and tin 1 tho.se rwtuls be
ing in less demand, woiil be l l'iu L-at.iv.
intoiho treasury, aclumulatiig ; there,
. r : I f 'IIP.
wruihl rrpfltfin Imrlier remand lor coiu oi.
;:f.. r.' nn ri.iv.i,iJrr Sa llirti.lhi frher
DI1TV.I. . I .fJ O.'.'ll. 11V IHilvij..-, , i-
demand fhonld be reCilced byiM "I"'
inVofrmhUnd pilvcr. 1 then tlie issuing
of receipts would usain bcgiu thd. .0 on
forever. Hero we have rfgUprity, not
the result of an oriiilei.il systetni but spon
taneously flowing fr6m an oy-jdiencc to
the, rules of nature? Tho nfa of iic
treasury receipts wiuld be twn fold, fiscal
and commercial. They ivouU serve us a
rne&nsof pnymsnf'of tho revi nuesy and
wouldTurnish tiro itiercharit wis i n Bafe
convenient medium of remittal ce to. any
kiointin the Union. They woild contend
successrully withhold andfcilvcp as a me
dium of generaj circulation thrcughotit the
country. Ifank paper, 03 a medium of
local circhlition, would still continue, ami
to the peopfiVho difibreut states would be
Ipft tho work fHvl ilnlv of nulling the lank.
ing system in theli several state iplosuch
a lorai as past expervence and the proscn
siato 01 purine opiuiun oiuu sci" 10
noire. Such is a brief outline it Mr.
hounVsyRlem. That itcannit iv
... . ... 1 . r..' : i
PO cumi'ieic v-'i'v-i-i, io iv.' "
ought not at once go uuoomme
is likewise true, llio nlnHU
irian. where imnortant inlcreic
edv by cradual proximatio"n!
rsrrrtatchanires, .
We have snoken of Mr. Culhr
. . 1
gard to the credit ystetn. e h;
ininz now 10 pay 01 mm "
nnhlift man. . Great men orp to U
ed in great scales.' It is poor cn
judge by fragmentary portions 0
ninton, character. . ilook nia(,
as at anv, other ffreat woric, as
The rule of the "Itoman orator i
n.lii iw-ih'irril , rnnsistenrrv-
I WJ J.w. . - " . - '
said he. for tho famo not of havinji
said the saiho things, but for that1,'.
fftmo of haying always moved Jntj .
direction? Regarding Mr. CnlhoU
this. point of viewi vfosee one ,k
spirit shining ihrougji his : whole
lie is a worshipper jofconslitutioif
dom. "Admitting that in some perl,'
life lie may , in eeeknig out that fi?
have been hurried tm far,, still 1
"srvnethinw is to be pardoned to v
nflibftriv Anihhion is the mn nf
31 1. Calhoun's ambition is honorab'i
brave. It neither stoops nor flinn
It skulks not behind t'wall neiil
it hi, ia itflR r art a nornnr. It Birba 1
of danger and loves beuit4be
i I. ' n t . ' 11 i' jri . I s ' 1 ' .
me 112111. nir, VUiiioun may ic n
ous.; but haa'his worst enemv ilnrerl
that i'ri' ordef to comnasa bis nmb
aims he over boiled his fingers with K
ty or jowf lived action! t- '
Mr. Calhoun' HOW ' Unnnnrs bpfir.
r.OUntrV ill a Iiobla and rnrhmnnrlinrtl
titsiA ' I lid nr.iian-..ni nr k 1
sionihistory, will record as the .brigll
uc't of his political career, Even "til
who complained of previous abcrratid
now admit, that his splendid Intellect!
once more iii tho right trackl lierjis
that same flag which lloated proiikly
his head io early manhood,1n the ful
of lis powers, he once more Elands. 7i
old Republican banner of .equal y
a strict construction ot tho . Const?' 'j
up in the presence of King iAg
. .i. ...K.i., ..,.i..v ...n..i.. r
an ill'; iviinc oiiutto nvivio ui
Sober n'ess, i , :
Wp fiflflrMi' iho ItoRton
oral character as a public tnr
position oLtha prcset.t mom
' . . - . .
ins opinion n3 regards mc
are not these opinions woif
serious attentiou and rogaf
by iur- i-ainoun, or onna
acter, mtit be adopted,'
riibtuio viioeiiiuruccsoi
Let us, before we triad! v j
ill at tesu t. : i. tin dt,
moFt frflmicnllv made r
' ' j. . . . i
n f real jNfational JauKj
stitution is needed to,
banks, and keep ihemj
liomidn. . 1 o any 01
press this argument,
tho!, you want 'B'.iNi
same principle upo.
iu a great bully to(
gofjd order, ie 11
so, let ua have we '
curity against tlif
ne lias given me
in, and beccm,-self-conceit,
his v.'fll-lehav
who aro mindin
ijectus ina o4uiii
ation of L.yncli
ty lies within.
It U this. It
bank with pow
the others, Wii
limo a power
able. When
cend, when $
sources, when
the secret of
ed, then and
inn bv miner
astray K
ncoilefj' -
v ' -
id jhe limitation of the netioa" V1
eneral Government within iIia. nW
noBsihln , unrmrp. m nr!n nniiirlai?.
iiic . jiv.'UKiiv,au jiuiij r ill iui
marclfbencath if, conquering rod foyl
cner. . , Mr. Calhoun has" b'ccn'tiltrjdl
man 01 'one uica., taii nun so, jv0
will. He who looks six inches btfoijc 1.."
nose and (here Stons. is vcrv mt !lj i :,'.
him crazed who enly bund3 his viev tv
nntnre's own horizon- . IWa adimt'liAa
ever, that in his contestlwith the niobitd
i. i i . i . i . .
power wbielx now seek
m. m I 1
country, Mr, Caihoun it mad. c;i..e
is niad, as was fct. Pau
to. . enslavf j t,5
when lie4 00J
tho c

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