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Lexington union. (Lexington, Miss.) 1838-18??, November 17, 1838, Image 2

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y tea Democratic and atatei Rmbts
a .
I Woodward is a gentleman of pro
penetration, and as a politician has
eriois. He is a steadfast ttepub-
devotcd admirer of the orthodox
, h of '93, and a firm and a consis-
oi souwcrn uicnis. in mm
i would find a ' faithful condju
.alhouns, the PickenB , and tho
South Carolina, the champion
ommerce and a warm ' advo,
eat measure of "deliverance
A9a citizen of Yazoo, the
Se a compliment to the fer
his nomination bv the coo-
e hailed with - delight ly
isttc triendd winch ti;is
lius ndeared to hira by
lalmes. i r his nonuu-
n, hia election may be
like the CeldyCnd fight
on the plain oi IVJis-
I fni ' '.,
( v proclaimed by the
Winn in the. Sa rtn'e
s . '
. in tho lIouae,n nd
Wuiar will was
Vha Administrn.
relating to the
ll be shown at
ened thatBIr.
one in hia glo-
the expres-
been aince
a which the
ration in the
were fully
ilessago and
I f the Trea-
l parties in
the results
Hnce taken
t .1
seldom wakes up; una, tuougUTiie may not
have waked nt thu Ia elections w venture
to predict .hut be will be widA awake be
fore 1840. . ' ''. t
. In yEaMONT M'e probably: gained one
Democratic representative tUi" Congress,
and had a jargely increased majority ' fur
another; leaving tho State olliceis5 much
as heretofore. ' v '
to induce a recission, when not long
he ent Wilson ai.GOO nd n.
notes, except one for .I2.0fiO ,ui
ben transferred to Dr. Duncan of N
w. v uson still refused to render u
8IOn lllllofl Dihanr. I I . '
n"uiu reium nin
noio in vt. D's hands. So tho
Stand until loKiTni.' ' i V.
- imn i ui v, wupn ir nra
that GibsonSimpson, one James JVl,
Gullunf, generous, Democratic Maine
came next to the rescue, with a gain of son, a man by "the n.ime of Clark,'
iu repreacuiuiivesiu cungrea, a cnungo uayi, IJooper arid rv
of Governor by ever three thousand ma- came to Wilson'aolantatinn nA
jority;and a total revolution in favor of A. M. When thev arrived Wihnn I'
n n . : u. r : i... ; "in ...ii. .l.-i .. . .
riiu.iui:y in uer risiuiure. aim pcu iu iue Kiicnen to order breokfasl
praise is duo to iier tuUe bearing under so ihem; on his return, he found them st
many comroarcui anfaunn pressures ana ids iq and near th dnnnrt,;.
rdrmi (( itr Cmvn. I fnlil him kaalim.KI .
. ... ..v. iivmuuiu nut entrr it thnt
I . - n I 1' I ' ... " '"
u irrupiifii irom nJ come to taka nnaaOOHi .rr:,
,V,I;" vi uiuncicu v --u buij uruerea him In nnvn
rJ by such Federal premises. , He refused to do s thei
. I'billips, Courts the sumo time threatening him and- ,
rilodds of pfcbes playing sundry pistols, bowia kniv
' - -rr tvnson ana pi
m v btb m i it
ugoen iinumao. m anaea him to ho off. and simr n ..J.
line that fought o handle near at hand, beat him m,t .,nmAi
I i . i . I i it " "'""VI" '
i.ie re?oiuuon, dui in ci(uuy,uua Jeit mm prostrate in the v..rd
panics; under the m
rue son, and: lhe,V,(
. 1. n. 1 ' 'i tl
(iiucr&iaici pi wifjj
eoatributiong coh'
oommittct'u jus
and Gravea.auoy
inu pampaitu
Ions Fedora or'f
Lravoly, nojonj
the Itto war, nt
tho chivalrous q
Deni'cratid Gov
many yeari, baa
tlvnastv ofFederr
taj dj uni'r wli
and conquered.
L - 1 ; . .1 ' l I 1 .1 ' '
arcm u in me iept3 oi luurru jn men got upon Wilson's horse
ifror in the k;:t. A went iut j Uie cotton field nnd drovo ibs
r, for the first tim in negroes (fcroagh the yard, with ih ink I
acceedod to the bitter tion of Cutting them off. Jiv thio timn i.f I
nU; and the ring of the things were prepared for the company A
Ijirv and oi Ketorm was start, n ilson had crawled ,nto the house
(iGnyfioa'noU)' rallied got his rifli, and shot Morrison through
I the head. Killinir hiininstnniltr lla .i,. . I
The Keystone df the Arch came neit. iot a (shot pun Buvt rnia k; 1
PcJTJfSTMUM A hrai't-lv lirvaalnd llit I tirn f him Ll 1V;!. . . i . I
---i - v --"."' i ..., u. uauu iiicu ursi, una snot
storm; nnd notwitl unJinf the thiriy-five lioyt; his recovery is thought very doubi
million .Oiink end coadjutors in Philn- ful. Gibson, Clark Dawson, Simpsot
delpbi.1, with their frauds to defeat theea. and Iloper, then moved off with h
gaciom Inerstd-j-noVWitliiitanding the groes, and it is said, by Simpson, that
ruil-rortd ujnJ eirtil cohorti illejally Wils in cut across to a part of the road thev
I, i . . - .vvi. w..i.a
.i;1 In I . 1 k.. ...A '. A.I .., II J. 1 . '
....vu.. .v, ,1T; M o uv BUi;u piui.iyan: i were Luui)viie:i 10 pass, ana us they camo
eaders t Sierent ind Dickey, she hae by, fired and killed Clark, wounded Gib:
sunt to lontress as increased number of son slirlitlv. nnd nprhibnu nrin n ih a .1.
D. - - - i - 7 f- WlW v l tl v U il-
emcratic reurcsiintatives: rescued the ers.
Ejkfccutivochnit-from Antimasonarv and On Saturday SimnB.innfimntnititj
edsralism rortibined, and given a Di'mo- and on his deposition, a State warrant was
that in ismed for Hilsoii bv V. Botlor
Wilsnn rna-o no attempt to escape, but
waa met and taken into custody by Mr.
1 ho ficlvi
ion lost one
tn n and
j of a new
Wnor was
I majority
inod ;and
:'ft Cn
e bun-
- V?n
vmuu majorny more man floncl")
tlie I'reaidenHi! electioti in 1835. and bv
jera! thousandi beyond the aggregate ma
i J . "vi ..uvuuu w nig rtr;iuuiy Kiivmi'jii, i;; uepuiy rnerin on Ihl9 war
. . .
nere. A subpoena was then issued for i
In ltTTn CARotWA. Uie Indensndent "ibionr.nd Simpson to attend as witness
Treasury has gained to it cause ore re-1 9es ta officer sent to Black Hawk (where
presontative.iiitheoiilvtistricthenrJfrom lhey Wcrc) af,er 'hem. 'l"hey IcU, W.
by an overwhelming mnj-irity; and Mr. jorer,ns son ns they head of his arrival.
Lrfgare has been left at tome, to dnr.K ivn A"Cflmen; was men issued to com-
alonethe tlaek broth he offered to theJP" attandence; on this the officer
Administration, and to nise, we hone sue
ces.tfully, the cotton he misreijrcsented
ihe Secretary af tho Treasury as fishing
wuiecourage. i
New Jeksbt hninlsi s!vw.i hersell
v e blue. Sim ha3 prcbahiy, i!" not revc
oized the Slate athjxtof sent an en-
mncraha ceStion to Congress
' 'Aofa Fcderaldeleffitian. 8!m dc-
e lasi'jeg gratitude of the Demo-
V,rte djced tho Uppmiiion
, Vi( Irujmphed throughout.
it we nve not n-.iuo j ia
vote on the Snb-Treas Jry,
ed the opposition majority
lection of President, r.s well
r, by near eicht hutuirad
. what all who were well
honest admitted before, that
returned non est in rentus. The Mazris
tra.e was then reduced to tho necessity of
taking tho voluntary information of thA 1
accused according to law. On Wednes
day evtning,Vilson gave his.informatinn
as we have stated above -upon which Mr.
Justice Uctles decided that he was
justifiable under, tho ninth section of
the IJill of Hihts in the Constitution of
this State. Wilson was then released
from custody. ,:
As tho affair ; will, in all probability
undergo a thorough judicial investigation
we forbear commenting upon it.
' CttrroIIton Enquirer. '
WATrn Wobzs Bank or Vickseoro.
We leat n that this institution has made
arranserncnt with the Mississippi 'Union''''
aver b.i given for either of j,pank to take their notes nt5 per cent dis
ir. candidates for the Pi eoi-. I count: Our lost quotation of this pnpr
w;. at 19 per cent, discount for bankable
paper, or 23 discount for specie. The U
nion 15ank is now drawing on Philadel
phia at 5 per cent premium for its own
notis of ten percent. It will therefore be
readily perceived that those notes nre
worth DO cents on tho dollar,- being" witfiT
in three per cent of the best"Mississippi
bank paper abroad. ;
Natchez Frea Trader.
ioung but mighty giant of the
,'cn no only the deathblow
J beyond tho mountains, but
j political iccoun:s of the lie-
-irth bend and of the Farmer
- js effectually as Maine close I
iho godlike in the East. Ohio
Id, the present1 Federal Gover
In of probably twelve thousand
fie was bef'ra elected; has
Ivjislature De?noeratic in both
Jid sent four, jf not five, nddi-
iblicon membfr to Congress so
bFUL Rencontre.
palled upon this week to record
iotre which took place at Mall's
Grrat Bridge. -The Vircinia pipers
boastof a rail road bridge erected by tho
Itichmond and retersburg rail road com-
pany, over the James river. Forstrangth
J and symmerty, it surp isessevery work of
the kind in the United Staten, or perhaps
in tho world. Itslongtb is 293!) f set. The
space between the piers is 160 feet. Tho
Izoo vnev. in the lower Part of . i. .. m . ...
i - , i . . consiructea, i nere a eignieen piers ot
. J, a few days Is.nce, which re. imm0Veaby planted upon a solid
work of granite in the falls of tha river..
Substantial lattices surmount the piers.and
on the lattices isjplaced the floor ;w the
rails. The strength of the bridge will en
able it to resist, without damage, the as- -
iTA "JU"' saults of the most voilent hurricanes, and
rrZrrV flo.d.nnot move its firm'
" , .v. : . L-r; i::- foundation.;
tie death of two individuals, and
fin;: of two or three others.
.:poit3 ara 8flont in relation to it,
Jhe best information we can 'get
m iK-. i.orlinl stalpinmit fit Vilnn
aigne'J botore a justice; ot tno
the circumstances are '. about
fn Diicember last, Senford ' V.
In Gibson, of, Vicksburg, atract of
EA C.rtxr rir fifltf "nprtrheSi nrtit
U OUI1IU w -,
the amo mt of
1 their notes to
bO as the consideration. Gibson,'
fast spring', made propositions to
& Simpson to rescind the contract
ne means he Induced Simpson tqgj
precision annuo buucuucicu w
is deed (or bond for deed) to the
td which Wilson was opposed;
intinucdin tha pbsscssion of the
fduring all the time. Gibson pro
Wilson to rescind the contract,
ftredVim $5,000 to do so Wilson
fto tskeit. if be would surrender to
ies. ana eivoihui aiiwu y
Mincein one and two years; to which
sor, a-rreed-and induced him, Wilson
'go to Vicksburg for the purpose of get-
lm tho monev.- which he failed to get,
ilthouh hefremained there near two
weeks., Wilion returned to his plantation
' and went en to maka a crop. Various
OT The steamship Cuba, arrived in
New Orleans on the26lh ult, in ten days
and sixteen hour time from New' .York,;,
having had during her .voyage, much
stormy weather which she encountered so ;
well as to confirm the confidence felt in
steam navigation; Sha has undergone
many improvements to render her fit for
the dangerous navigation of the Gulf, aorl j
is highly recommended by tho New York
inspector, as a safe boat. The furnace
consumes much less coal than formerly.
SF1IPWRECK.-The Walter Scott hi
been wrecked on the Bahama Banks, with j
200 passengers. , j ; ; ')
fj-The democratic ticket has eucceed."
ed in Florir'a territory. The democratic' .
ticket has also been carried in Iowa. lb. , .
Truth conqaen all thin ji;

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