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Lexington union. (Lexington, Miss.) 1838-18??, November 17, 1838, Image 4

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Oh! the while tea gull, the wild sea gull
A joyful bird ia ho, '4
As lioliei like a cradled thing at rest
Iu the orm of a tunny tea!
The littlo waves rock to and fro,
A nd f ia white cull lies asleep. '
Ai tho fisher's bark, with breczo ami tide,
Goes merrily over the deep.
The ship, with her fair sails set, goes by,
And her people stand to note,
How the seagull sits 011 tho rocking waves '
As still an anchored boai.
The sea it fresh, the sea is fair,
And the sky aim overheard,
And tlio BCH gull lies on the deep, deep sea.
Like a king in his to) al bed !
Dli! tho white sea-gull, tho b;JJ seagull, .'
A joyful bint ia lie,
Sitting, like a king, in calm repose
On the breast of the heaving sea!
The waves leap up, tho wild wind blows,
And the glfds together rrowd, .
And wheel about, and madly screnm
To tho sea that is roaring loud ;-
And let ihf sea roar ever so hind,
And tho winds pipe ever so high,
With a wilder joy ihe bold seagull
Scndeth forth a wilder cry.
For the sea-gull ho is a daring bird,
And he lovea with the storm to snil ;
To ride io the strengtli of the billow y sea ;
And to brenst tho driving gale!
The little boat she is tossed about,
Like a sea-weed to and fro ;
Tho tall ship reels like a drunken man,
As tho eustv tempests blow.
'But thosen-gull laughs, at tho pride of man,
Like a foam cloud culm and white,
Tko waves may rage, the wuuls may roar,
But he fears not wreck nor nect',
For ho rides the sea in its stormy strength,
As a strong man rides his steud.
Oh! the white sea-gall, the btld sea gull,
He makes on the shore his nct
And he tries wht the inland fields may he;
Hut lie lovcuiti.c sen ine nest,
And away from land a thousand leagues
lie coos mid lurciM foam; 1
AVIfat matter to him is land or shore,
And away lo the north Wg he-rocks fcr,
To a sent dial is lone nnd desolate,
Will the wanton sea-gull go.
For hocarolh not for the winter wild,
Nor those dcsert-reirions chid :
. O . " I
In the midst of the cold ue'joti rahn, blue pen,
Tho sea-nnll tmth his will
And the!deud whale lies on tho northern
And ihe sal and the aa-hore grim.
And ihe death oflhegreatsea-cri-auiremake!
A full, merry fuaet for him.
Oh ! tho wild cn-gul!, the bold sea-Riill
As he screams in his wheeling flight:
As ho sit on ihe waves in storm or calm,
All cometh to him nright!
All cometh to him as ha liketh best,
Nor any his will cainsav s
And ho rides on the waves hko a bold onnt
That was crowned but ves'erdav!
Tho ;n, isns.
Or Samckl Walkeh & Clarsxdon Dix
His partner, who murdered Mr. Parker
dt tho Mechanic's Savings bauk
Louisville, Kentucky.
My name is fcamucl talker. 1 was
born in the cily of New York in the year
XBia; my parents were ricn ana won to
do in tho world. I was educated for a
lawyer, but did not choose to finish my
'education, sol ran a way horn home, in
tho year 1821, and came to tho western
pountry, where my principal theatre of nc-
i tion was laid. .Nothing of importance
occurred tome till 1 reached Cincinnati,
where I became acquainted with a great
V.many river characters-boys like myself
vkho porsuaded mo to go on the liver with
'then?, I did so.and immediately went as
cabin'J)oy,on, the old steamboat Calado-
, , nin, confimandcd by John Hussell. In this
manner, though not tho most respectable
occupation in the world, I made my living
for come six or eight months, getting a
salaryof six, seven and eight dollars per
monVb.--Being what is called a pretty
smart boy, 1 thought that was too Iittlo for
m to have, and so I came to the conclu-
feion to bo better paid, by helping myself
iromiuQ passemjers pocKtns, wnen tney
were asieep. i no ursi unnrr i aid 0j tins
kind, was robbing a gentleman of his
pocket book on board the old Feliciana,
' wharf; to which bont I th-sn bolongcd.
This circumstance I supposj the public
ho never beforo known.
The next thing I had a hand in, was in
robbing a flat boatmen of about seven or
viguiuuuuicuuviiaisduu u Krciuiimniny
, of Jewelry. - This was done on the Love
in new vnudiis suuruy aner i icit me
Feliciana. A short time after the robbery
I went to Natchez, where I robbed seve
ral persons.' 1 then left there and wennfair. hr
lit : ! ...I t.-LI. -J H '
to Memphis, where I lobbed a passenger
on the old Uncle Sam. 1 then left M?r"
phis and went to Louisville whoiti
for, very near three year? ' withor
any thing but rob hula I'JIrcr
money when, they had been r
--,V rants. ; 'V'" 4 :'f.-
Duringthe stay in this place,"'
acquainted with Geo. Lovet;,
Hoover and Thompson, wha L
since been hung, and commit
them, at different times, the folio L
, predations, viz: In the first place v .
shipped On board a flat boat, bound kr
New Orleans, for. which we were to get
entyfive dollars a piece. All things
went tolerably well on board of her, till
, , tre got between Paducah and the mouthj
. , ol tho Unto between wmcn places, we
killed the owner of the boat uVtd his broth-
er. ' Wc threw thorn loth tJTcrb&rd, run
tlto bout to Memphis where wo frold our
cargo and bout, for which we got $1,374
which we divided among tour of us xu:
Lovett, Jones and Thompson and myself
so each having $1,003,60 cents a piece
we concluded lo go 10 New Orleans so
we got on board the old Cinciiinutiati and
went to New Orleans. -At this place we
tituid nearly nil winter, arfd all wo done
was kill ono man, back ormothcr Gor
don's big house, on Girurd street, and al
so buried him there. This was in the
year 1830; I being 18 ycnis of nge, and
having; committed so many depredation?, 1
was highly ; honored by tho honorable
boasd ol common scoundrels, rouben and
murderers. They all snid I was a smart
hoy, a great mar ami that if ever 1 was
their pro
fession. S), with all of theso inducements
I continued in their profession. '
1 ho ncftl thing I did, wa3to kill a man
over tho river opposite New Orleans, mid
robbed htm of $1 1,01)0, in United States
Louisiana and Vjw York money. 1 Ins
was in tho month of March, 1831. After
this, 1 got on tluj old steamer Farmer, and
weritt Lnnsville; and from thenco to
Whoclini;, V n., where! robiie 1 a man of a
horse, and $500, and mile back to Mariet
ta, where 1 sold rny horse for $7o. I
then got oti tho steamer Statesman, Capt.
torsyth, and robbed tho clerks drawer of
11 gontlemVs luxik of $120, and
""other of his pi.sto3 and trunk, and then
went ashore at Oallipolis. I rom there,
I siolu another Iiur3' from a Mr. Here
ford, and went to l'or'snioulh ivhero 1
robbed tho Exchange Hotel drawer of
seventy-three dollars. G it on my horse
and went to Majsville where 1 sold my
horse for sixtv-twodi'.l!ars. I then (shipped
on i,oar,i t,e Jule fyy, and went to Cin-
pinnoii fhia ,0 !. tl fi.ll f 1 fefsl I
, ' . . . . ... , . '
V,nn S01 " l,uam 01 w' ..upi.
ownnnrid Capt hcoit, and remained on her
as Cabin hov iM fctowar; . for nearlv two
years, witliout committing any dcniada-
f l rn j tliKilnlOli flic-til I f fwitlrvllft 1 finl llUfsrl
ir'tir i iiniU'V'l j in . ii a. it i1 iii; i i. i vil in iu
an honest tilo to" Ion?, and si 1 went to
Louisville, in November, 18'3, on tho
steamer Helen Mar,(.pt Fnllcr,on which
passage I robbed several deck pna?fngers,
nn I u habin pftssangor of about M'd, nil
together 1 then staid in Louisville till the
summer of 1831 when I shipped on
hoard of the Steamer Galcnian, Chpf.
Clarendon Pix, a steward of lie; I lere
I shall give an neconr.l bow wo worlttiJ
together and from it hope nil steamboat
men, from captain to the meanest st uion
on u steam boat, may learn to shun all
bad piactices and also I hope it may put
owners on theirguard in tho first place
to inquire- into tho character of every
commander fn steamboat, with the strin
test scrutiny; also to commanders ot steam
boats, 1 woulJ say, bo careful who yon
hire for any situation whatever even to a
fireman; for if I choose todiscloso their
names, peoplo who are now highly Imn-
ored and respected by all who know the
would soon bo knocked Horn the statioi
thev now fill and be hmoed forever. JJnt
this is not gomgk on with what concerns
mc, for 1 know that my time in this world
is hut short so to goon with my story. ,
Directlv after tho Galenian left Louis
Jville, I was watching nil the passengers to
see who had money and who had not.
Amongst tho rest I observed an aged gen-
tleman, with about $000 in his trunk;
he came to mo nnd said steward, if von
will put rny trunk iu my stato room 1 will
give von a dollar; certainly says 1, und
immediately did so. After wo rot in the
state room, from amongst the passengers
1 inquired ofhim whero he wentushore nt.
lie told mo that he got out at Smithland;
sol was determined that ho should not
carry his trunk ashore with nil that mo-
mey in it, nor; yetnnyof it. So knowing
that we would reach Smithland bv da,
light in the morning, I intended $o, take it
that night when he was asleep; and about
12 oVlock, I went into the door nnd there
I found Cant. Dix robbincr ihft' inmh
Says, I hold on captain, that's y game--
and I see plainly ut is yours; so lets di
videi and looking nt that instant On the
bed where the old man Inyjl saw tho blood
gushing from his heart, a'nd a dagger ly.
if you.aremy friend, and ihig is your game
only stick with mo and I will make your
. fortune so come, let us take and throw
this old son of a b ch in tho river. So
opened the window I cot ou the out-
siae oi it, ano capt. JJix hanuedliis head
to mo. I then put my arm around his
head and body, and cave him ono pitch in
therlver; t9''i"Wood caro to throw the
bed clothe- V h f After this af-
tan - en-
' that I
S a
A tra
ction f after
ien came
years ago
jo name of
I place, and
-been on the
by .....
and boar
Carroll, wh
to my knptfk
liver tincc ; W'yet seen fits wife tlilce;
only when she had her child 'when it ws
about three weeks old. I believe ho went i
up to Maysville to sco her und remained
A short time after, he c'ntno lack to
Louisville, und 1 think, he bur not been
away from it since, lie still boarded ut
Mrs Carroll's, till last summer; whet! he
removed to tho Gull liotiso to board. 1
was boarding, (under another name,which
I shall not disclose, for rouson's that I
have within my breast concerning n young
lady nt the Lauisvilla 7otel,) ohd lived
nn honest life, till last fall when he came
to mo one day, and told me ho was out of
money, and in debt greatly for instance,
tho last ten days ho had received thrco
letters from his wife, nnd that he wanted
to go home, nnd sco her. But, says he,
I'll blow my brains to the devil, before I
will go there without plimty of money. 1
have a plan laid to get somo considerable
quuntity, if you will assist mc in it. Says
I, certainly I will and accordingly, the
fdlo.vmg plan was laid: lie told me that
I was to eorno to the 'Galt houso at 12
o'clock, tho day 3Ir. t'arker was murdered
by him: Accordingly 1 did so. Now
says he, I nnvnequuiuted nnd slightly re
lated with Parker, tha clerk of tho Me
chanic' Savings Institution, and can get
admission ut any time. Now says he,
give mc your u i r It . 1 told mm 1 had i
weapen with me, never wore them. Says
he, I have got a pistol' that will do the
business for him; so ho went away and
got one. Ho then came buck, and just as
he did a young man whom ho called Ju
lius or Julian, went from the bunk, him
and 1 standing together at the lamp post
oi'Lvnch'd Garden he left mc, and went
to toe window o the Hank, us 1 came
from it. Julian sai I to him, lire you pot
going to dinner IN o says hoi do pot
feel like eating. Julian went on and he
came back to me, and said that 1 must
wait till I saw Julian come ba-k and
then come by the door und whistle Yan
kee Doodle. Ue then went to tho bank
door, nnd I crossed tho street to tho cor
nor of l'eaii street, and so down as far as
Maxwell's bookstore. 1 then saw Julian
returning to the bank walking fast; got
uhend ofhim, nnd went past the door and
i ;i i i- . . i
wnisucu according to promise; nnu so
passed on to tho corner, nnd kept skulking
h boii t nil thealarm was raised by Julian.
I then left the spot immediately, nnd
went to tho liver, where 1 staid till 1
heard that Dix had killed himself, nnd
then wont homo and changed mv clothes
pvt on false whiskers, and went along te-
tho brink, and in the crowd 1 robbed anion
of his hankercbiefand pocket book, con
taining $1500 in Kentucky money. This
was n young man who had on tin old grea
sy white hat, broad brim, Kentucky Jeans
coat, striped cassinet pantaloons, and
check short. The pocket book was all
tore in a Ft rait piece, nnd had G. E. II.
of New York, written in it. The reason
why 1 so minutely describe him is because
hi- money lays buried near Mill creek
bridge, under n little house cell first and
last retreat in Cincinnati.
My lift is now nt an end; and P have
but u few moments to live; therefore, my
young companions,! would Bsk of you
who dio on a bed and not a condemned
criminal beforo on earthly tribunal I
would ask ff you, to live an honest life
So farewell.
The R iver. -Contrary to our anti
cipation, we have the pleasure to an
nounce that the navigation of the Ohio
lias actually been resumed. On Wed
nesday the Newcastle nnd New Lisbon
arrived from Pittsburgh and have de
parted for ports below. On the same
day the Pulaski left for Louisville.
Yesterday wo had the first arriv.ll from
down the river---(hc Franklin from
' ' ' Wheeling Gazette, 2Clli ult.'
. 1$ OTIET"
A HALL &, Co. hog leave to inform' th
O citjzcns of Ym.oo county and vicinity
Hint tlic.v have cMaldished themselves in thn
buviiiesJ 111 JIinchnter, nod re-pecl'f.illy nolicit
tho palronago of the public geiierallv. Goods
oreveiydc-cripiion received on commission, and
sdI.1 at public or piivate kale. Regular sale dav
every Tliutsilay. , '
UefprexcHs 1
J. J. IIamkus -M.
Adoock. ' 1 t
Vance &, Axdufavs.' K
IIoit dtWuiGirr; I g
J. J. Jac kson & Co. J
WI LL practice iu the nevi rul Courts or Holmes
und the adjacent counties.
Oliiceon the public fqnare, in ihcrootooc
cu)icd by Drs. Miicludl & Cain.
October 27. 5il 4w
HAVING associated Uictanolvc togciher in
the practice of the law, will nltnnrl ibnCir.
cuit t:ourts of Choctaw Yallabusha 'J'al!almtchie
CairolJ, Holmtv, Attala and Ynzoo, also, tls
United States District C-ouiti a I'otitotoc. Ilin
L-oaii 01 errors uiki appeals ana Chaftcery
Couits at Jackson.
OnncE at Carsolton Mi.
. . OrflCE AT MiDPtETON Ml.
August 1 25, if.
N prtiKuLiceofan order of tb6 court of P10
bates (or tbfl county of Vuzikj nt the October
1 enn of ruid court, fur the your IS.ld, tb niider
signed nt nMmlnhtrurWi of the estato of Charles
A Webtoti dece.iHHl, willt'xposo to nlc atptib
lio auction to tho hiidmst bidder ut the court
Home hi the tominf lxiiigton Holmes county
and Ha to of MiiM.ipi-i, on t he loth day of Dec
ember next, the following tracts 01 parcels of
laud. lying n ml bfuijr miaul rmnily of IlolniOF,
In wt: Tim N if of SIS. tho IN W orofS ii
tho N hf W hf S W or of S IR, tlio V, hf S W q
88, E hf S W qr and the W hf.S E qr Sec 18, all
in township la, Ii J 1 coni.nniup:
hcres. E hf S E or Sec 31, E hf N W cir S 31,
W hf N W qr E hf S W qr S 31, S hf W lit
OlS KqrSaj ISMS K f IS HI, V hi N IS(ronn
Is hr N V or .it. t be W hf ISo ai.iiii in 1
M U 3E, also the E hi NwqrB Gund tin; N hf
IS hrs w qr S ti i 13 K 3 IS cmilainuit; NIU m iei
more or less, uho the w hf N V. orntid S E r of
ihoN E or and the N Eur of S 4.. Ami tho w hi
of S E rjr and ilic'a E qr of the S E qr, and the
w hf ortho N IS qr of S No l, i JJ K .1 IS con-.
taininsr 4b.H-I0 nr.rc morn or leis;niso mow
hl N wtirSno3TMK3E.
Thev will al'O a such adiniintfaiors proceed
on the 22nd tiny of December aforesaid, to h,)1
ih like mutitiee m the fdwn f Mnwhestei Vtizoo
county'ftn iimliviilid hall' of lots iiOG and 2S
IviH( and oeiui; m mm town 01 iiiiiiiruesiiT.
Tbel uids and tH afort'wtid will be t'uld upon
a credit fif one a"1' v" ynrs. Jloiids with cood
and siilllciciit security will be required or the pur
chasers. The lands almcsaid uillbo ohureo
in lots to suit tho'e who 111:17 wish 40 buy to lar
as the Bsme cau be done with advantage to said
' 0irO,e of Ihf "hovod rscrilit d tracts of land
contains about ciclil nutuni'ii ncresanu issituai.
ed about emit miles horn Jxiii"ton, nnu one
from Eiatikliii. It Is a rich utul fertile body of
land with over two hundred acres now cleared
and in" fine condition fir cultivation, uith all
licnessarv ihturc'l"r a cood force
THeio i also n largo well ur.uiged hrick store
hou.o on the hits ilnive oft cm I lor fnlo 111 the
towiiol JJaiichrsier, m line repair, unil in as,
eond a biisiticw lomlioii as can bohad in wiiil
31. II. II AM EH.
AduTs nftlicf Uteof C. A Weston, dee'd
Ijxliiftion Nov., li j-fiw
riifl Miinclwler Wlnj? will puhfhh the
above for font wocls arxl transmit tho account
to this ollice, ,
rjflflE partnor-iiii herrtafoic rxistitip between
it W C KINNI V itl). 1. HATES tbi
day devolved hyi.lual cotis'iit.
All persons iudd tu tho firm will please
"rill and settle witrj l. F. Hate, who alone i
uthoriifd 10 receipt Pol tho sumo, or they will
hid their notes and gamuts in tho hands of an
ufTiccr (or ollectioii
Ort. 27, lh1S f o 5vr
Orrnm:n 13, 18..
! f2m.
I And
ScpfclnlHT,25, 1S:58, 3in
partnership leretoforc existioe hotween
the undcrsij.'tiei in tho practice of law bus
be 11 ti
uuy oia.suHUU Dy indium coinuui,
1 J. It. ENLOE,
loverjiber 3, 1838. ;
1 TI. fF.NLOE hn tnltnn nn olTiee In the town
of "chnja and will coi'tinoe the praetieo of Jaw
in no various courm onnn jinni .1.11 ei'im i, uu
in tie Sapreme Court of the United Slates at
fov. 3. 4wp
jfN pnnunnce of an order of the Probate court
M'l Yazoo routiiy, I will ou Motuiay tne frd
dawif December. IS.'R at the iloorol'thu Ex-
cbaire, in! Mhnohestei, expose to public wile to
Uieiiglicn Diudcron a croon 01 monins, me
folkving described lsnds, titunto in Holmes
con tjr and Mato ot Mississippi, viz ihe souui
wet quarter and cast half of the imrth west qt
of lion yi, townshipjl j, range 1 east, poritain
ing n all 240 m rcs.
ho, lo( tmmber ori hundred nnd sixty, in
Uptown qi" Manchester, county of Yazoo nnd
stivt- nforeiaid, belonging to the estate of J AS.
F.;l AINEY, ilec'd. Dond nnd security will be
retired ofthe purchriser, nnd will make 10 him
title ui was in sftid liainey at iiisoecc.ase.
of thiJadnjinistraUrs of Junics F. Uainey,
ovembcrS, 1833 Jwp ,
YlYOTldF The undci-signcd Adminis-
J3H wutrii and Administn tors of the estate ofl
Duko W NtilUhire, deceased, will nt the next
December 'iVrm of iho Probate Court of Holmes
Conntv. nretent their uccount ofsaidcKtale for
final scttioirrnt 1 nnd allowance und surrender
their letters Administration. '
ARY I ILMAN, Adm'x. ,
Adm'r in right ofliiswife.
Stcan Cotton IYiess.
THE Suwjciiber taket this method of inform
ing the public that Ihe Steam Cotton Press
in tie City of icksbnrc,ill be in full opeiation
on the first dajjof October. Ho is now prepared
to receive a ud tnJVly store thirty thousand bales
of Cotton : se vi hundred bales can be con;preesed
fper day; and he will ship nnd forward to any
ponn uesireu ny me owner.
Craadon, Sept. U, 1533. 17 1m
Louisville Arm
flJlIIE increasing population (if Win
j-. iy, nnu tnejrowiiiK i,roiMri. J.
ilie, nave induced the undersir,;,! i ,
posnli fortl.H publication of .W.-1.1. u
In doing this he is influenced erea u u f'l
lieitutions of inanv intr.ili..,r Dt (l
ston cornilv. Without f..,i...: '-;ilzeofH
flyourfla,,,,,,! uskyon 'TS
have a lull 7,lfr ami fmll w' , .
we luclc is tho metal to n0 , ''v AI
As to nolitica, wo'nre strai-rht
n tlint
iar. ego lorino IIaki
AdminMiuUon. W .i, . ." "u,u"K?i
Itatik, support Southern Com 7 CT? " i
upporiuthorn Commen-e, & 7 ti, i '
to pronioto (he prosperity und ,Wt T'
U section of the Sin c "'airor,
best to I
of this
t , t r or
0.1 now have what wecnll n candidn I For
. Teh AnnoW shall i, n. ..." ?u",aP"T-lvM
rral patro..ai;e will secure the exe.e;.! V'HFof
factillics ,0 please ,,0 (Jffi
and illumine the utideilundit,K. 6 Mnf
s t
I.L persons indebted to the undersized f,,t:
I'l l linnliiiir mwl ..I.. . !
6 "-. rimp, UllothiV.
will plraM come fe.ward ami m&kc pav4
i hose who are in nrrMrf,.M . uc. n
ilard' lid to this time, will iilso obligo by payinr Uni
N e have had to pay cash for all our expu,w2 " ;
nnd it is hoped those iiuhbted R ill make ltm, Ai
payment. 1 'V'1
I hose 1 1 n v 1 1 1 if tlauni ngnin4 tho suliscrivV
wdl please buvo them mesanti-d bv n,n thu
Januarv next.
Editors of newspapers who mnv have r wir
counts iipaimt tho SUndard hllico (r advertiw -tn
are requested toforwaid them lo Leximrton ;
'mediately whenth'-y will bo collected and palkflh
novemiier IU S3 1
Nov..;t, lo3. h te
Jfl( T 11 meeting of tho Hoard of Director 0 ' f
UHX the jiuiiU ol Jicxiiiirton held this duy ihe
loilowirip resolution was adopted: t :L
RESOLVED, That tho Hunk leave it
al with those persons ngninsl whom it holds rot1'
ton bonds to nay said bonds at mutnrifv. vA'"
January. 1st, 18:i9, in csh or bv Hills of Exp f
cbango mumring at tho sntnn tinie'of tho Bom?
on approved houses in Manchrwter, Vicksbiint:
or Natcber., or by tho delivery of coiton ut Moa'
Chester or Tclnda, as ugrwd upon. I ''
i.Mruui 1 rom inn minuiCE, 1
W. MORTON, Secretary.'
November 10 3wp . I .
CO.ll A j ISSI ON MEIIC1 1 A N T.S,1
LAWRENCE.' of Memphis.
J. V. CHALMERS, of Jackson.
November ID 3ur
OTICE is hereby given, wariiingfidl per
sons from Iradinc lor a imte of bund, tiv
by mo. due J.indsey S. Wells for the mm of l
hundred ilollui', made on tho Ivth !.ny JS37 atff
due January I83D, us 1 tun determined noi It ji.-
pay sai
note unless compelled by law so to (In.
6 Iw
LsiEC9 Fontaine & Co.
CONTINUE the Commission btisinegj in N,
Orleans. Tho instructions of Fluuters L
Merchants strictly complied with.
New Orleans Sept. 1, 1838. 50 3m
AGREEABLY to an order of the Froliste
Court of Holmes county made on tli5tlil
of November, 1838, for tho sale ol the real estate
of William Allen, deceased, wo will sell to (I
highest bidilcr the following lands, vis: Tw
west half south east quarter of soot inn 1 8. smitt.
west (iiinrtVr f soction 14 township 14 rarure V
east; west nan southwest quarter ssciinu no JH
ol town. nip 14 range 4 castt wer. nan soutnl
Anct iti:iri.'P r,f rrrlinr. 17 tnULrtclln U nfrimfM'
. ' r , I- - "bil
4!ensl; uestlialt souui east quarter or lection I c
no 9 township 4ranuo 4eaMj cat half soul! 4
west quarter section not) of township 14 raiitefe'i
4 east j north cast quarter of section no 25, tow-f j
ship 15 ranee 4 east. The uliovm dfscritei,
and i well improved, una will be sold on tMr.
23nd of DECEMRER next. Those who wish ('
purchase would do well lo attend tho sale, asi'lfi
will bo sold on u credit of one und two years 'Je
iJAIiV AM.ISTV, Adm'x. la,
Nov. 10-
E the tiiidersigncd hereby give notice tlit i
we intend keeping open an establ'ndimei L".
iu Lexington for this season nt least nnd perlmi 2
longer. Wc would also givo notice that 5L ft
Cornelius Lnno is our authorized agent to trst pi
act our busrTiess in Tchula. Any urrangemrt iti
that may at any timo be mado with bim will
strictly udbered toon our part. V
UUAWl'Ultl) y JIAY.
Tchula, Spptembtr, 23, 1839. .
A fine plantation
1.01 feflttC '
IIE undersigned ofTers for snle a tract d
jA Jll(u, coinainine 9G0 ucres .lying on O
sopa creek about H miles from Lexington,
G miles from Yazoo Valley. 2j0 acres of tW
land is in a state ot cultivation, upon it there'1)
a convenient dwelling bouse, Gin Mill, QuirtcK
&.c. It h finely timbered, nnd well watered. I1
is also very convenient to market, 'bring witM
12 miles of both Marion and Tchula. lie v'1
also sell n slock of hops, cattle, corn and far"
inff utensils. Those wiliiiig to purchase c'
leurn tho terms by callinq; on the subscriber.
Holmes county Sept. 8 1-1 tf
" '.
JfWHE undersigned having been appointed H
the Prohnte Court of Holmes county,
mis'ioners to nuditexamine and a ow tlio c.'vr
against the estate of Wiley Davis deceased, ')
meet at the Court House in Lexinsrtori oflt
third mondayincaeb. month for the next six
forlbat purpose.

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