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The Progress-Advertiser
Subscription! *1.00 thw Y.ar
Official Journal ol Holmes County,
(With the Durant News.)
Offict. journal of ewlngton.
Offlcla Journal of Tchula.
fettered at the;Leilngton poetofflcc as mall
matter of the eecond class.
Thursday Horning, Sept. 10, 1903.
We are all Democrats.
Nothing good can come of crimina
tions and recriminations on the ac
count of the contests in the recent
primaries. We are all democrats,
and should inrgood faith accept the
results, and join hands in making the
administration a success, and thus
promoting public welfare. Some of
the most presistent taunting of those
who supported candidates who
defeated, comes from men and papers
who are thus signalizing their pre
sence in democratic ranks, after hav
ing deserted those ranks or secretly
aided our political enemies in our last
national contest. In the course of
the administration, steps will be
necessarily be taken which will not
only alienate some of those who were
supporters of the victors and failed
to receive something expected, but
also others who have nohting person
al at stake, but will be incensed at
something which if not done as they
wished would have incensed some one
else. The next administration will
start its course [with flaunting flags
and booming cannons and the plaudits
thourands, but it will not go very far
before it will have to solve difficulties
of various kinds. People will differ
to the correct mode of solution.
Errors will be occasionally made and
hostile feelings aroused. Men will
become as strong enlisted in favor of
this or that applicant for office as
they were on the governorship, and
be more resentful over defeat, be
cause they can lay that at the door
of one man. These and other con
siderations should warn all the friends
of the next administration against in
creasing its difficulties by intensify
ing and prolonging late differences.
The proposition advanced by one
of the papers of the majority side
that the Money and Vardaman forces
should keep up their organization
and carry the fight into the legisla
ture, making it an issue in its forma
tion, not likely be al tempted. If it
be attempted, most seriously at the
very start, and will do much towards
making its career failure. The Legis
lative ^department of the goverment
is declared by our constitution, and
necessarily so, as wholly independent
of the executive. The two are inde
pendent and coordinate. Intrusion
of either upon affairs intrusted to
the other is usurpation of auhority
which ought to be, and would be, re
sented. The attempt of Senator
Lamar's influence the legislature in
behalf of Gen.Walthall's succes shope
less before that legislature. The se
lection of senators has been deter
mined by the primaries. Its organi
zation cannot effect that result, and
for] a senator or governor t<> at
tempt to effect or control the organ
ization of the legislature, under ex
isting circumstances, would not only
be gratuitous intermeddling, but it
would have a boomerang effect. If
it succeeded, it would leave a strong
well organized opposition whose ranks
would received constant acceession,
and would in the end constitute a
majority. The last two state admin
istations commenced with a legisla
ture In full accord, but each ended
with a strut g legislative opposition,
controlling one or both branches.
We do not apprehend that such sug
gestions as those mentioned have
been, or will be, entertained by either
Senator Money or Maj. Vardaman.
We think each of these gentlemen
are too sensible to engage in any
such suicidal folly. The new legisla
ture is an able body of men and will
determine for themselves what is to
be done In their own bodies, unmov
ed by past issues, and looking alone
to the future.
Men who prate abont elevating
Judiciary and divorcing it from poli
tics and who, at the same time, be
come frantic when the hope of shar
ing the loaves and fishes becomes de
layed by a resignation of judges who
than save themselves from the humil
iation of being summarily turned out,
preaont a pitably display of hypoc
On Monday, at Thomasville, Ga., S.
B. Mitchell, a negro, was being tried
before Judge Culpepper, upon a
charge of swindling other negroes by
representing himself as Senator
Hannah's agent, and thus collecting
money to secure the passage of the
bill to pension ex-slaves. There was
evidence plenty to sustain the charge.
In his defense Mitchell introduced a
newspaper containing a speech which
he had made denouncing Roosevelt in
terms, for appointing the negro Crum
as collector of the Charleston Port,
and on this evidence he rested his
defense, having no other. Judge
Culpepper dismissed the case against
Mitchell saying that the speech show
ed that the negro was all right.
Cussing Roosevelt is a paying business
to some people, but the mass of
negroes are the losers in all those
th'ngs with which Roosevelt is con
Because a man is registered does
not legalize his voting in the primary
election if he has not lived in the
county sufficiently long or is delin
quent for taxes. If either of t> ese
things are true then one crime was
committed by registering and addi
tional crime by voting. Every ille
gal vote cast in the primary was
wrong to every legal voter, because
every fraudulent vote cast off-set
some legal vote, and was thus
wrong to every legal voter. If
fraudulent voting was indulged in, in
our last primaries, it will be indulged
in ten fold as much if some body is
not caught and made an example of
before the next state primary.
Any Judge, at any time for any
reason has a right to resign; and any
honest and capable lawyer who is ap
pointed as his successor has a perfect
right to succession. If the motives
for the resignation of a judge are
base, this merely proves that he did
not resign too soon, but should
not operate against a worthy succes
sor, nor prevent the confirmation of
such a successor by the Senate, unless
it was proved that the appointee
personally unfit, which is all that has
been required in the past and is all
that should be required now.
In an interview this week, Maj.
Vardaman reitterates the statement
that no offices have been promised,
and that appointments should be
made without reference to anything
but the public welfare. Such being
the case, it is fair to assume that the
present kick at judicial resignation
does not come from him at all, but
from the friends of the wouldbe ap
plicants who wants to enter the king
dom throug services recently per
formed and whose value may be lost
by the efflux of time.
Some of those who boasted of the
next governor, at the earliest possi
ble moment, will keep out of office
appontees of the out-going governor,
profess to be indignant now because
some of the judges are resigning,
without waithing for the kicking out
process to begin.
The regular fall, examinations for
teachers will be held in the court
house on the following dates: Sept.
18th and 19th, Oct. 23rd and 24th,
white, and Sept. 25th and 26th, Oct.
30th and 31, colored.
Two days is required to complete
the work. Examing will open at 8
a. m. sharp.
C. C. Swinney, Co. Sopt.
21 Years a Dyspeptic.
R H. Fosteir, 318 S. 2nd Si. Salt
Lake Oily, writes: 11 1 have bent
hotbered wiiti dyspepsia or indiges
tion for 21 years; tried many doc
tors without relief; recently I got a
bottle ot Horbinc. One bottle cured
me, I am now tapering off ort the
second. I bave recommended it to
ray friends; it is curing them, too "
5oc at B. S. Beall, L. C. Alexander,
M. P. Winkler, Foster Drug Co.
J. M. McCaleb Dead.
In the death of Mr. J, M. McCaleb
which occurred last Thursday after
noon, Holmes County lost one of her
best and most highly respected citi
zens. Mr. McCaleb has been a con
sistent Christian for many years, and
was loved and admired for his many
Stirling qualtiee bv all who knew him.
The remams were interred At Oak
Grove church cemetery last Friday
afternoon, in the presence of a large
number of sorrowing friends and rel
atives. A good man has gone to
rest. To his bereaved family the
Progress-Advertiser extends its sh
eerest sympathy.
Fresh cream cheeee at Keirn Bros.
Fresh mackerel just arrived at
Keirn Bros.
A Serious Runaway.
The fright and running away of
a horse Wednesday morning came
near being a most serious affair, and
those seeing it cannot now account
for it not terminating with greater
injuries to Mrs. Wm. Turner the oc
cupant of the buggy, and to Mr.
Smith Turner her son who clung to
the horae until he ran against a
tree. It seems that Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Turner, of one mile south/of
Black Hawk, wete returning from
Owens Wells and were met here by
their sons James and Smith with
buggies for their conveyance home,
Mr. Wm. Turner and son James start
ed on followed by Mrs. Turner and
son Smith. At the livery stable of
Mr. J. W. Morris Mr. Smith Turner
concluded to water his horse, as
there were no convenient places on
the road. He alighted from the
buggy his mother remaining in it,
took the bit from the horse's mouth
to give him a better chance to drink
when something flightened him and
he broke to run when Smith seized
him by the nose with one hand and
by the mane with the other and
clung to him until the horse ran into
a tree, the shock of which threw
Smith to the ground, horse and bug
gy going over him, and at the same
time hurling Mrs. Turner about thirty
feet from the buggy. Both were
terribly bruised besides which Mrs.
Turner had one arm broken near the
shoulder aud the wrist of the other
arm badly dislocated. Doctors Ken
Farr and Baker being near by at
once attended ihem and soon re
leived them of their suffering, al
though it may be weeks before Mrs.
Turner has again fully recovered.
Devoured By W orms.
Children often cry, not from pain
but from hunger, although fed
abundantly. Tito entire trouble
arises from inanition, their food is
not assimilated, but devoured by
worms. A few doses of White's
Cream Vermifuge will cause ibetn
to cease crying and begin to thrive
at once, very much to the surprise
aud joy of the mother. 25c at 13. S
Beall's, Lexington; L. C- Alexander,
M. P. Winkler, Foster Drug. Co.,
Increased Capacity, New 1 ,Machinery.
The Wilson Cotton Oil Co. are in
stalling new machinery in I heir plant
which will increase the output about
30 per cent. This concern is manag
ed by enterprising men who are
always on the outlook for improve
ments. The manager Mr. Kinney re
cently stated to a representative of
The Progress-Advertiser that he
would soon leave for the east to ex
amine recent improvements in oil
mill machinery.
Sheriff's Sale.
The State of Mississippi, Holmes County—sot
NO' 3889. Fannie R. Durland v». H. W.
Parker, et als.
By virtue of an Execution whioli Issued from
the office of Jno. H. McBee Circuit Cterk of
Holmes Co. In favor of Fannie B.Durland and
against H. W. Parker. J.H. McGee, E liMcG»e
and Jas Schwetkert for the sum of four hun
dred and twenty four dollars and alxty cents
besides the Interest thereon and the cost of
suit, 1 have this day levied upon the following
described property belonging to the said de
fendants, in the County of Holmes and State
of Mississippi, to-wlt. Lot 3 and 4 section 1
township 18 range I west. Lot 1 and 7 section 2
township 16 range 1 west, s J£ and n % seo
tlon 35 low-ship 17 range 1 west. s w Vx and s
n w 14 section :» township 17 range
w^neq and e 1-2 a w 14 section
27, township 17 range 1 east. Part lots 4 amt 6
aec'lon4 township 17, range 1 west. Lot I s
county line aud lota 9 and 2 I.
township 17 range 1 west. U.ttl, Jl, 12, M, 14
8 de. off west side lot 15 section 1 township 16
range 2 west. Lot 6, II, 12,13, 14 and 8 de. oft
west Bide lot L5, section 1 township 16 range 2
west. Lot 11,12 U, M and 15 section 2 town
ship 16 range 2 west. Loti, 8, and 15 section
11 township 16, range 2 west. All section 12
township 16 range 2 west 2 % u 1-2 lot 10 In
t.Tugcrj all of which 1 will oiler for sale a'
south door of thn court house at Lexington,
Holmes County, Miss., on Monday the 5th day
of October A. D. 1903 to satisfy said execution
amt all costa. Sale within legal hours.
This the 9th day of Septeuibar A. D 1993.
D. H. HOBBS. Sheriff.
n w Y\ and
Lot 7 section 5
Sheriff's Sale.
County of Holmes. j
John McDnugall vb. H. W. Parker et als. No.
By vlrtuo of an execution which Issued from
the office of John H. McBee, Circuit clerk of
the county of Holmes, and In favor of John
McDougal and against H. W, Parker J. H.
McGee, Ella McGee and James Sohwelkert
for the sum of Five Hundrtd and Ninety-Four
Dollars and Slity-nlne oents, besides the In
terest thereon and coat of suit, I have this day
levied upon the following deacilbed prnperti
belonging to the said defendants, in the
county of lfolmss and state of Miss , to-wll:
Lots 3 and 4, eectloi 1, township 16, range I
west. Lots I and 7, section 2. townshlo 16,
range lwost. South ^ and south Jg of north
Jg or seoilnn ;r>. Township 17, range 1 west.
Southwest H and south Jg northwest hi section
36, township 1range 1 west. Northwest
and west Jg northeast Jg and cast half of Bouth
west H section 27, township 17 range 1 cast.
Part* !ot*4 and 6, section 4, township 17, range
I west. Lot 1 south county line, lot 9 and 2:t
degrees In lot 7, section 5, township 17, range 1
west. Lo.s fi, 1-1,12,13 and It, and 8 degrees off
west side lot 15. section 2, township 16, range
3 west. Lota 6, It, 12,12,14 and 15, section 2,
township 16, range 2 west. Lots t, 8 and 15,
aeetlon 11, township 16, range 2 west. All of
seotlon II, township 18, range 2 west North
half and 2*g degrees In lot 10, In Cruger, section
U, township I* rugs 2 went. Allot which i will
offer for sale at south door of the Court houae
in Lexington, Holmes oounly, Mia*., Monday,
tho fttb dug October A. D. 1900, to satisfy said
execution and all coats. Palo within lagal
hour*. Thla 9th dry of Sept. A. D. 1908.
D. H. HOBB8, Sheriff.
Th< Imperial Minstrels.
The entertainment which was given
by the home talent at the School
Chapel last week, and which on ac
count of the illnets of the editor we
failed to mention last week; was 'one
of the most successful ever given
here, not only from a financial stand
point but also from an artistic
view. Some of the players far ex
celled some of the so called profes
sionals that have graced the boards
here lately. Prof. Fuqua and Mr.
R. H. Douthat were exceptionally
good George Wilson as "Gloomy Gus"
made quite a hit. Miss Wilburn's
song "My Creole Queen" was splendid.
Miss Mildred Smith scored a success
in singing Priscilla. Who was it that
didn't laugh at somo of the /Foolish
ness" that Steve liurwell and John
Dyson sprung? And can't Moss and
Rhyne dance? "Poppies" the last
song of the evening, by Mrs. J. S.
Eggleston was thoroughly enjoyed.
Has Sold a Pile of Chamberiain's
Cough Remedy.
I have Chamberlain's cough Rem
ed.y for more than twenty years and
it has given entire satisfaction,
have sold a pile of it and can re
commend it liighly.—Joseph McEl
liiny, Linton, low a. You wiii find
tliishemedy a goo I friend when
troubled with a gough or cold. It
always affords quick iclief and is
pleasant to take,
ney & Stigler.
For sal' 1 by Swin.
A Card of Thanks.
To my many friends and kind
neighbors I wish to express my deep
gratitude not only for the assistance
but also for the love and sympathy so
kindly given during my late bereave
Mrs. Elizabeth McCaleb.
Usually begins with the symtoms
of a common coldjtbere is chilliness,
sneezing, sore throat, hot skin,
quick pulse, boatseness and impeded
respiration, jGive frequent
doses of Ballard's Horebound Syrup,
(the child will ety for it,) and at
the fust sign'of a croupy cough, ap
ply frequently Blqlasds Snow Liui
rnent externally to the throat. 50c
at B. S. Beall, Lexington Miss., at
Tchula, Foster Drug Co, L. C.
Alexander, M. P. Winkler.
We want to do some business with
you, Keirn Bros.
Makes teething easy, regulates
Z2 the bowels and stomach, stops '-2
M crying, cures summer complaint.
_ - — Mayor Yewell of Owensboro, Ky.,
1 * "-A says : "Our baby was wasting away
while teething. His bowels seemed
beyond control. Three physicians
=353 gave him up. Owens Pink Mixture
^=bda saved his life I cannot say enough.
It saved
None genuine without this ^ / 25c. and 5#c. bottles. •
signature on every package: Money back if not satisfactory
For*sample and book free, address THE FLOYD MEDICINE CO., DETROIT, MICH.
for Indigestion. 50 tablets
50c. Sample and book free
For Sale by B. S. Beall.
rJ Cures Cholera-Infantiim,
III DUrrhoea-DysenUfy, and
[11 the Bowel Trouble! of
fl ■ Children of Any Age.
HAIdj Digestion, Regulates
| the Bowels, Strengthens
the Child and Makes
Or null 26 cent* to O. J. MOFFITT, M. D.. ST. LOUIS, MO.
Costs My Scarts* Inggfcfc
Puree Eruptions, Sores, Colic, Hives, Thrush. Removes and Prevents,
COUNTERACTS and overcomes
Selecting Spectacles.
Mm H. Levy on iny frame* is ongraved,
And by ray skill In fitting,'eyes arc saved,
X-Ira th -y arc'made for>ycs so dear
H«ve me to fit you while I luu.hctr.
Lcvy,» pcbliles spectacles are thn best j
Kyoolght they preserve, and give rest,
Vt-lon strengthened and for years retain,
Ynur eyes Ihey protect and do not strain.
01iB8CB.lt properly fitted simply
ihe eye to the optical candltlon of one that Is
perfect, and do qil» In a purely mechanical
manner, eo thnt po lojury can result from
thalr use, no/f ♦ pergon cm dp by their
aid much which would he Impossible without
them; while to'd.ejay ppHtug them on is to
risk serious Injury to the sighf. The failure of
the *ytit which eninmealy comes from old age
(somotlmes hi eotplny ppHoeaclo at an early
ngc fls twenty-five ,or thirty years,) Is a ttjlng
of see'' gradual growth that t^presonoe Is not
ot*«rved until |i hoirlns t) ^Interfere 'with
tine's work or reading, T/ipsIsn of |t-> approach
Is a tindency of letters or sewing to his oms
blurred unit IniFsttnci
one's bonk nr w or* al a ttpng'ep distance from
the aye than is natural. Thfissmn Indications
will a »o tell w en'the glosses which "no ngua
lng have ceased to be of necessary strength,
and new ones are required. In buying spec
tacle 1 It Is wise to get good glasses. Cheap
glas ea always liar" inor
dofecta;thitt exist tn the eyes which they'arc
InfernUsI to assist, and therefore strains tho
sight, and cannot be used for a long lime wttb
outHyfoi g, |n's|des ginning the rlak of In
flicting permanent Injury. And as the great
maj .rttynf glasses Imported Into this country
are set wltl&ommon prewod len»«a of every
defective construction, It Is Always beet to
purohaae spectacles from seme dealer whoso
reputation 1* sufficient guarantee for tbe qual
ity of the good!.
8cirnti?l4*»»lly I fit a Klnaa tha^ easy wears,
Gomformbly you will *eo for mqny years,
In uslnj* zlaiweR, have the b(-ist flolecGo»L
Rytuigfii if priceless end need proteetlonj
Numbers of pebble gltiAsea in gtorit I keep,
To ineit ihodom.indH of the eye In need.
I tfanYmM uni county, here 1 mention.
For th*' benefit of the eve. Rive at tern Ion,
I'l'i muki* n pair of apeon
meet your caeo
vou to koo when nil others falj.
m ide onl»e Irn^f and the eye,**
A jjHHy I
No one cup ever fit you better tlnnjl,
Do not i .jure the eye,vi«i<»nyou oinnot buy
ff«r n few] mlnutea'
working, and »n Inclination fo hold
rriictjeal fzperlenoe * M»<e ••yo »wl ,ta
R -iid, lmpty|f'rg|WM>'imnc8fi prodtjue;
A • Y»ye that failed near, with RRafgtAnee
ran he t'npt Trim falling »H a <}i*l^iiee;
Tf*e nyy that hwilled far and near,
III. a hlfooil piife and clear;
t'< mmon village* are net fit to wa>r. Why?
Am the b'*«» are none t *Oj^i0d lor tho eye
Levy luifi theuhUily to ill you
I will II:
leas cf ;thc name
< I V.
(Itplclin by profession, and III a< a glance,
Prepared I am with the h"spuf l,ense;
The oye I Si. by science and power of sight
1 give a pair of apnea perfect andjbrlght.
Cornmenfied my profession In the.yenr 1889
I have been fitting up tn this time,
A clrculnr I give wlih full Infoin atton,
Names ot parties on my recommendation.
» if
Scientific and Practical Optician.
In praise of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea -Remedy.
"Allov me to give you a few words
in praise of Chamberlain's Colic,
C'olera, and Diarrhoea remedy,"
says Mr,
Prss, Texas. ''1 suffered
with bowel trouble and took all kinds
of medicines without getting any
relief, when my friend, Mr. C. John
son, a merchant here, advised me to
take this remedy,
dose I felt greatly
when 1 bad taken tin
was entirely cured. I thank you
from the bottom of my heart for
putting this great remedy in
hands of mankind."
For salo oy Swinner & Stigler.
John Hamlett, of Eagle
•lie week
After taking one
Stores to Close.
Our stores will be closed on Sept.
22nd and Oct. 1st on account of re
ligious holidays.
R. fr B. Sontheimer,
Lewis & Herrman Co.,
I. Flower,
C. S. Rosenthal,
L. Dowbroski.
What is Life?
In the last analysis nobody
knows, but we In know that it is
under strict law. Abuse that law
even slightly, pain results. Irreg
ulal living means derangement of
be organs, resulting in Constipation
Headache or Liver trouble. Dr.
King's New Life Pills quickly rc
tadjuets ibis. Its gentle yet thorough.
Only 25c at B. S. Beall's Drug
The remains of Mr. Wm. Saffoid,
who died at his home at Elliott, La.,
arrived on the morning train and
were immediately conveyed to the
Odd Fellows' cemetery for interment
Mr. Saffoid was well and favorably
known by most of our older residents
having at one time resided in this
county. The Progress-Advertiser
extends sympathy to the grief strick
en wife and bereaved relatives.
The beautiful residence built by Dr.
F. L. Bott is completed and is now
occupied by the doctor and his family.
This is one of the handsomest homes
in Lexington and adds much to the
southern part of the city.
Cracker Jack just received at
Keirn Bros.
Fads in
■ Men's
™ Fashions
What the fastidious man of fash
ion on the other side is wearing
and how he wears it—How em
broidery has invaded haberdashery
to the extent of monograms and
initials worked to match on half
hose and handkerchiefs—Smart
color effects in necktie and hand
kerchief of the same shade—and
more—most charmingly told in
The Designer 10
September cents
The fastidious man's wife,
daughter or sweetheart who in
vestigates the new idea in marking
will find that it helps solve the
vexing problem of making attrac
tive the useful gift for a man.
Laundry Agents.
We represent the famous Chalmette
laundry of New Orleans. We guar
antee to do first class work, to re
place any article lost. Give us your
work and be pleased. Headquarters
at Lewis-Herman Co., store.
George & Hugh Wiley.
Mrs. Fred Unra-th,
President Country Club, Benton
Harbor, Hlcb.
••After my first baby was bom I did not
seem to regain my strength although the
doctor gave me a tonic which he consid
ered very superior, but instead of getting
better I grew weaker every day. My hus
band Insisted that I take Wine of Cardui
for a week and see what It would do for
me. I did take the medicine and was very
grateful to find my strength and health
slowly returning. In two weeks I was out
of bed and In a month I was able to tike
up nv usual duties,
astic In ita praise."
Wine of Cardui reinforce* the organa
of generation for the ordeal of preg
nancy and childbirth. It prevent* nun
carriage. No woman who take* Wine
of Cardui need fear the coming of her
child. If Mr*. Unrath had taken
Wine of Cardui before her baby came
she would not have been weakened as
she was. Her rapid recovery should
commend this great remedy to every
expectant mother. Wine of Cardui
regulate* the menstrual flow.
I am very enthoai.
Emergency Medicines.
It is a great couvenienca to have
at hand r. Fable remedies for use in
case of aci-ident and for slight in
juries and tii in.-ti's. A good lini
ment and out- tl.at is fust bf coming
a favorite if not a In useho <1 neces
sity is Clmmberlninfs Pain Balm.
By applying it promptly to a cut,
biuise or burn it allays the pain and
causes the injury to beal in about
one (bird the time e quip d, and as
itissn anlifeptil it prevents any
danger of blood pomrning. When
Pain Balm i-. kepi at hand
maj be treated b. fore inhumation
sets in, which insures a quick reeov
ery. For Hale by S«'inney & Sdgl. r.
Containing results of nil Baseball am! Turf
events twelve hours ahi-al of any other paper
The Memphis Evening Fcimitar is issuing a
night editor, containing the results of all
.portii g ts tbe same day they occur.
#hich will It- delivered to you early the next
morning by local arert nr mail.
Ten Cents a week delivered by your local
agent ur sent hv mail; 50 cents a month.
1 make a specialty of
repairing Gins, Boil
ers and Engines. Givo
me atrial. Have your
Gins put in shape be
fore the season begins.
I urn prepared to do
hauling promptly—in
any quantity. Atten
• tion of a personal na
ture will be given all
favors. I can be found
most anywhere on the
public square or orders
can be telephoned to
H. F. Willis & Co.
For Sale
or Lease.
I have in the town of
Black Hawk, a cotton gin
and grist mill plant which I
will sell or lease at a bar
gain. I have 3 gin stands,
a grist mill, a corn and cob
crushsr, cotton
one engine and two boilers
which I will sell for $500.00
without the buildings
$750 and include the build
I have been ginning
from 4 to 6 hundred bales
of cotton each year with 1
gin stand.
J* B. St*eate*.
castor i a
For Infants and Children.
Bears the
Signature of
Repair Work
a Spec!altv
ALL applications, whethkr
StBam Fitter:'.' Supplies
PUmps, Belting, Etc
Take the G.&S.I.R.R.
Quickest and best. Connects with trains
in all directions at Gulfport, Hattiesburg
and .Jackson. Through line to Gulfport,
the Newport of the south. Double Dally
Serrice. Short lino between Jackson and
tho Gulf, making close connections with
trains for all points from Gulfport, HattIra
bu iv and Jackson.
No. 1
Ar HATT|ES R UHGi;l5 a:"' 2:4 ° , '-' n '
No. a
. 6:85 p. m.
1:15 a. m. 10:110 p. m
No. 3
2:00 p. m. 11:06 p. m
Ar HATTIE8RURG 10:00 a. m. 7:16p.m.
I r GULFPORT 6:46 a.m. 3:66 p.m.
trains are arranKod with a view o
making all desirable connection at Gulf
port, Hattlesburir and Jackson.
Partlea can leave Jackson in the after
noon and reach Mobile or polnta on the
Golf Coast tbe same night, or take the L
it N. Coast train in the morning and
interior towns without lying over In
No. 4
tooo Mile tickets Good One yean
Fur further particulars call on or nddreae,
Gulfport, Mlffi.

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