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The Progress—Advertiser.
Largest Circulation-Guaranteed-of Any Country Weekly Published in
DECEMBER '24, 1903.
sinner to the St. I.ouis " orld s !■ air,
is doubtless doing his very best to
make Mississippi have a creditable
Commissioner R. H. Henry Ex
orsising Every Effort to
Get up a ocelli' able
Col. R. H. Henry, State
llie principal things that,
we feel interested in are the two
state colleges for bovs and girls, the
first with its textile annex, and agri
cultural and mechanical instructions
prepares the boy, if there is anything
in him, for working his way honora
bly through the world. The gradu
ates of the second, or of the Indus
trial Institute and college, with its
high grade literary curriculum, and
teaching the girls needle work, and
the preparation of food, through
which persons will not take in their
peck of dirt in a month instead of a|
lifetime, will always be independent
of future contingencies, and in de-|
These foregoing State institutions
can not be too highly colored, or the:
luccess too inucli impressed on tin:
fostering care of our people and then
The exhibit of our cotton, so far is
any good will he derived from it, will
not amount to the cost of freight to
get it there. It is the same with our
timber, there is no use in sending
samples of our timber, those who
need it know where it is and are com
ing after it. Indeed if the destruc
tion of our timber is kept up a few
years longer there will not be enough
left for our people, out of which to
build their negro cabins. Many places
have reached that point row. As
. ..... . .
for exhibiting our native birds, a
person found kiiling one for that pur
except blue jays and sapsuckers,
Ho liday Line
Finest American Cut Glass, from Punch Bowl to Salt "Jellar, Taizan Vases, Moriagie and Amphord
Vases, Hand Painted Vases, Fine line of Stag Horn Articles, Austrian Court Goods—Toilet Cases,
Collar and Cuff Boxes, Military Cases, Handkerchief and Glove Boxes, Celluloid Novelties, Lamps,
Picture Frames, Mirrors, Work and Waste Paper Baskets, Wall Pockets, All Kinds of China Ware,
Baskets, All Kinds of Musical Instruments—Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Banjoes and Accordians,
Japaneese Novelties, Terra Cotta Ware, Grotesque, Bisque and China Ware, China and Bisque Dolls,
All Kinds of Games, Boys t Wagons, Doll Cradles and Buggies, Mershaum and Amber Pipes, Leather
Goods, Ladies' Purses, Chatelain Bags, Wrist Bags, Netsuki Bags, Music Rolls, Cigar and Ggarette
Cases, Bradle Books, Card Cases, Bibles. Fine Assortment of Papcterie, Full lint of Latest and
Standard Novels, Children Toy Books, Medallions. ... ♦
' u
< e_5£/ > < e_;
B. S. BEALL, Lexington,
0 0 0
should be fined twenty-five dollars
and thirty days in jail- The exhibi
^ eauvo ' r > > 8 alright and we
I would be more than willing
j to sea the fifty thousand dollars spent
It will stimulate thought in
I foreign patriots, statesmen and mil
J itary men, when tired of commercial-!
ism and fakiers, and fill our brethren
of the north and east with envy and
their old time feeling, when they
emancipated the negros with the hope
that they wou i (1 mur(ler
;im j children at home,
1 on it.
A picture of
i'resident I>avis and General Lee as
they sat on the fence near Malvern
Hill, as our soldiers filed by into that
battle, and placed on the galery at
Beauvoir President Davis'accustomed j
seat, would give additional thuught'
and reflection- It would be worth
the trip to St. Louis to see Senator
Hoar and Mr. Crumpacker taking a
view of it, and its admirers.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup
Immediately relieves hoarse,
lT0U|)y oppressed, rattling,
ragl)in!; nm , ,, ifflclllt , m . atbiUf! _
(b steain8( I)ril> , Kiat ,, Shl .i 8 .
Wilconsin , writo «, May 20th,
190l: »i have been selling BaUurd's
Horehouml Syrup for two years,
and hvue never had a prepasation
-list has given bstler satisfaction. I
lotice (tint when 1 sell a bottle they
come hack for more. I can honestly
recomnipud it.
2 - 0> Wc and $lo0atB . s, Beall,
B- C. Alexander, M. F. Winkler and
Foster Drug Co.
Cruger. about Dec. 1st, one dark bay j
or brown mare mule, ahout seven
years old, 15J hands high, heavy set
with little hair on tail, carries ears ^
a little stiff • A liberal reward will
be paid to any one delivering to J. F.
Rodgers at Cruger, Miss., or to the!
undersigned at Lexington, Miss.
, „ !
J- U . .McLean
Silver articles in the popular French j
gray finish at P. A Lindholm's.
Strayed or stolen.
From Big Egypt Plantation, near
with the large mercantile establisb
ments of our country are extremely
interesting. One of the leading met
ropolitan papers recently published
some facts in connection with one of
the largest mercantile establishments
in the United States, the National
Cloak and Suit Co., located at 119
and 128 West 22rd street, New
York City- This Company makes ladies'
5000 Letters a Day.
Some of the details in connection
suits, skirts and cloaks to order only
and employs over one thousand peo
pie. A lady in any part of the United
States can write to them for their
Catalogue and samples, wnich are
sent free, and they will make any
garment which she may select, and
ship it express prepaid to any section
of this country. The mail of this
Company frequently runs as high as
five thousand letters in a single day.
In fact, so enormous has been the
growth of their ousiness that they
have recently had occasion to rent a
new building in addition to the large
quarters which they already occupy.
The company lias a capital stock of
one million dollars, and is one of the
most reliable and trustworthy con
cerns of the kind in existence.
Head Ahout to Burst From Sever Bil
lious Attack.
''I had a severe billious attack and
felt like my head was about to burst
when I got hold of a free sample of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. 1 took a dose of them af
ler supper and the next day felt like
new man, and have been feeling
a p pV ever a j n e e ," says Mr. J. W.
Smith, of Julifi, Texas,
ne88j 8 t 0 mach troubles and constipa
t| 108e tablets have no equal,
P r j c e 25 cents. For sale by Swinney
. .
For bargains in Furniture, go to
Calhoun Furniture Co.
For billious
Purina, the best feed at T. W.
Smith & Son s Co.
Resolutions Adopted by the
United Confederate Vete
rans Favor a Confeder
ate Park.
The Yazoo Evening News contains
resolutions adopted by the Yazoo
Camp No. 176 U. C. V. which we here
reproduce. One similar to the last
one was adopted by the Holmes coun-'
ty camp, at its last meeting, and the
first doubtless will be at the next
meeting, on the first Monday in Jan.
"The Yazoo Camp No. 17^, United
Confederate Veterans, met at the
Court house on Wednesday last. In
conformity with the following reso
lution, a committee of five was ap
pointed to execute its provisions, the
members being Dr. R. E. Hale, Theo.
Schmitt, R. Bowman, F. R. Carloss,
C. J. DuBuisson. The resolution as
adopted is:
Resolved, that a committee of five
be appointed to present the memorial
of this camp to the next legislature
of the State for a liberal appropria
tion of money and means for the
equipment and maintenance of Beau
voir as a home for Confederate sold
iers, and that other camps of the
State be requested to appoint like
committees, and that a day be fixed
upon for their meeting during the
sitting of the.legislature- We earn
estly invite the co-operation of the
II. C. V. Camps, and th.: camps of
Sons of Veterans, and of the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy in the execu
tion and accomplishment of the pur
pose of this resolution." Concerning
the proposed removal of the Confed
erate monument at Jackson the fol
lowing was cat Hju,
Resolved, that we protest against
the removal of the Confederate mon- *
ument from the old to the new Cap
itol grounds of Mississippi. We think
the old grounds should be retained,
! improved and adorned as a Confeder
ate park.
The Camp requests that all cit'zens
i bring their influence to bear on the
Legislature to have legislation, such
: as is called for in the above resolu
tions, put into effect.
Ashburnham. Ontario, Testiges to the
Good Qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
Asbburnham, Onlario, April 18th,
1JX)3.—i think it is only right that I
sliould tell you what a wonderful ef
feet Chamberlain's cough remedy lias
produced. The day befors Easter I
«as so distressed witn a cold and
cough that I did not think to be able
to take any duties the next day, aa
my yoice was almost choked by Hie
cough. The same d-'y I received an
order from you for a bottle of your
Cough Remedy. 1 at once procured
a sample bottle and tood about three
do9es of the medicine. So my great
relief the cough and cold had
pletely disappeared and I wag able
to preach three times on Easter Day.
I know that this rapid and effective
cure wiie due toyourCough Remedy.
I make this testimonial without so
licitation, being tbanktul for having
found such a Godsent remedy.
Respectfully yours,
E. A. Langfeldt, M. A.,
Rector of St. Luke's Chercb
To Chamberlain Medicine Co.
This remedy is for sale by Swin
ney & Stigler.
Armours sliced star ham at Hwin
Fresh Cheese Sandwich at Keirn
ceiving new goods every day.
The Calhoun Furniture Co. is re
1 TT °
Unable to Determine Whether
In a contract He Is "Party
of the First Part, Second
part, or any part at all.
Mark Twain and Harper & Brothers
recently signed a contract whereby
the Harpers have acquired exclusive
rights of publication in all present
and future hooks of the great humo
rist, including his projected Authobi
ography. "After an experience ofj
thirty-seven years," said Mark Twain
in speaking of the new contract,
have come to the conclusion that the
only way an author can make money
is to keep all his books in one pub
lishing house." Americans generally
who have patriotic pride in Mark
Twain and the cheerful manner in
which he has met many financial
changes, will be glad to hear him say
that the arrangement assures to him !
and his family a competency for life. I
In a farewell talk, prior to his de
parture for Italy, where he went for
the benefit of his wife's health,
Mark said apropos of this new arrange
"For three or four weeks, now I
have been borthering over this con
tract, full of strange things about
the party of the first part and the
party of the second part, and I have
never yet been able to make out whea
ther I was the party of the first part
the party of the second part,*or any
party at all. Through all these
four weeks work ray respect for the
Divine Creator has grown week by
week, because while it took us a
month to create a contract, he creat
ed the world in only six days.
I have found this dealing with, law
yers an expensive undertaking. It
has cost me four umbrellas already,
to say nothing of the onslaught upon
my morals. I have done nothing hut
buy umbrellas and leave them in my
lawyer's office. The other day I stop
ped at one of the umbrella counters
in a big downtown office building,
where there were three piles of
umbrellas. One pile was marked $1,
the second pile $2, and th? third pile
was marked $2. I did not look be
yond the third pile because this con
tract was not yet signed, and I was
not certain how much money I could
afford to spend. I said to the man
in charge of the umbrellas,'I am a
stranger from west of theilissiasippi,
all unused to the effete ways of the
East. I came from the wild and
hoping West, and I appeal to you as a
man to man, whether, in your judg
ment, you being an Eastern man, and
I a stranger on his first visit to your
great city, you would advise me to
buy this $1 umbrella for $1, the $2
umbrella for $2 or the $8 umbrella
for $3? I ask you this as a pilgrim
and a stranger.' And the man looking
me straight in the eye, said: 'As man
, ,. ,
to man ' and 9 P eakmg heart to heart
t0 you ' a 9tran « e ''' 1 woul J a,lvUd
you to buy the umbrella. —Mr.
Mark Twain.
"Which shows that a man with a
past can't get awav from it—even if
he has become honest enough to buy
his own umbrellas. That is the
trouble with me I can't fool anybody,
I am too pure, too innocent. Every
body takes advantage of my innocence.
It is a mighty good thing I was not
born a girl
"I am going aboard, and may never
see my fellow Americans again in this
life, and I hope, for their sake not
in the next!"
Not loo.
A meeting of the stockholders of
the Holmes and Yazoo Telephone Co.
will be held at 3 P. M. on Wednesday
Dec. 30th, 1908, in Sample-Bunvell.
Co. store, Ebenezer, Miss.
J. W.Burwell Pres.
S. N. Sample Sect'y.

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