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The hornet. (Carrollton, Miss.) 1843-1843, October 03, 1843, Image 3

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' I I lh m Irii.l iliMrivMl.tMiil li ill. li im lU v .. I ! i lunrr 0 til
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,,, , I , . Utile ! ' l'
, , lot lb rrf, I I ...
HkJ i 11. .1 mi that 1 1 tab tbo l
MltiNi brail ! bad ha ' 1
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of p, h
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left! r
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iN h aHaaoloaJ
I -wii 17
in n r
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vlll on ll
Mill Iw L ,
il Ihi.k in 7 I
, niifi d. dl.tr from lliff limit, nor
,,. . ,, J,, .i I'I, i in illinium
I g I MM in innrkffl, come
rr imiif In be f 1 1 1 . 1 1 I
. i nl. Mm inn, Il i tniff had i
,i i.l imlff-j Ini oilier purKwe. I
r whflt, "ml used 1 1 fur hi"
liriirlil, which wire ltl out
HI the institution timed there
i i, in tin' purpo-e nl ni
, mi , U Undid lake l. li-jui-
h ihihty of the concern. 'I ha
; invflnligntion declared (hat 'JO
I wiioii' amount of iImI taken,
i ii,ii ibal object, hit I MM m
fuit llld lelined to pay IrM a-
k . . , ... i.... ,1,1,1, 'I. , I ,, t V I
r im ii 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 i i . ni'i, ,..,' '"
Hvlntu'i'tl an piiiial amoutit nl
t ni Morton montVi until I w;i
l ihil ln'in thr fart. I uro"
.I, f.. . i.
that iu-lii'i' miiflil Im iri'M.-d out
onk ami liill holder, lint this
i.i . i !
llld urn li. i i i - " - - -
peculations hy means of the in-
t 1 ir v commtnetd suits m the
aittcei' Courts. As soon as I
ni-.-n .... 1'iLi.ii iciiii' i line' -
ill destruction to the nnfortuntte
and to save mvself from Wich
I . i " ' -c . u
j c -
for mv neffroat. I did so lor no :
. I .1 c .
td tlius, into the Chanccrv Court,
a a final settlement could be had.
. bill is filed against me, and the
i , ,
..T j D-
my property, is liable at tins
judgment or execution that may
against me.
IB i l niA aU I Am An I rC n" 7 nnnnf.
i' a u ui ,ian tin hi. i'i in T uwiiuvvi
he Morton bank. 1 never made
'speculation nr otherwise oil the
tiee.nnlr.irv invfi nst ninilV. 31K
I III t " 1 . I ...4
nd mA fVillinc I InniiniTivn v must
r .
. " I? . L"l
n I i i , . s I im .ii.., iitir n iv
cue lie n"uiu i.u . '
IP i.fmr ....J .J .w.i.n.l 1 r, mA'Jtl tt
w.... v& ...J,
Q inurnriracAiilnirr Ill-IVflIf rharilC-
i'"-'- ""i, I" '
Pro ....... I..-.H lh. cot nt iinn hi"
"""O mi" "' "- - i
. "....jw. i.... .'J
Yours with respect,
es County, Mi., Sept. 11, 1843.
depl) nnrisln llio nrnmntinn fit
I ''II ill I . 1 V J I 111. .... i ......
I v L - . i
n(! linn ciiiAY't i ill.. rrnrt nn1 Ml.
"...v- j I ' I L IIIC X U I, '
1 1 , . ...... n. I . J .... ... .-. . i . ..i I II M
-'". U .''l, 11CU I J L I , j'l -' '
slio.l L. LI- s l f il.a
'-- ... ill l l ' l. 1.1 1 1 UllllIU, "
- .ii,. til me- IIHCIC9L mm j..
lid Tii-f "l I in rrlO
fthat detailed account of our first
hich came off on Saturday, the 2nd
as lor the purpose of organizing a
I, I . . .. . I. ' . ml . - La
" ! nils COUniV. 1 lie CUlliac 13;
: I ,i ,' i :.
nines norm oi L.exiiig(on, "
Mr. Ceorge Stigler; it is 5.5 yards)
"Wi and has but one lull to "pun
these exceptions the place is well
c ousiness. There was a sweep-
"iMi oi one mile tree lor any
se mare or irilden in Holmes co.,
the thf of sni.t mootiniT Four
n n.: I , .
o annuals came 10 me siaiim
the signal was given for them to
he e "tries were as follows:
r A" Irv..n U T I u,.
- " T lC U. C. DUVWUUU, UI
ler-ch. f., by Sir Charles;
Pr (B. D. Scott's) gr. h., by Paco-
raw, Adams won the track with
"u,otiglcr3rd, and Pender 4th.
M W d
mm" n a
We -re
wmiled mi Iim purl In reli er (hem
hie and nflremhiff while Uiey .ijiiurn
i. Il ii luoe I wit eloniiJ ihi' my
liml MHoM at Mfihling for n'. iper; pi "in
ilKi hwrrr, il lhi hould le i,i plhle ti
sou and (he i.'nl.'i i of the "fMimger," In lei
i , ,, i inn ', ii , i, .1.
j.... ....... .... -n'-
I eniiei't Is mv II' tl I" n I ill' In "Mid V'iu '
. ... ' e... v., i I ... l.i i(ie
sin nr urn n iiu mi un- p-.i,..
. . ... ... . fcn.iiti.ir i i.i ',..,,
iC'llornat" I inenn ) Keep your tma in good M JaMM m MfpN ,h priMIW, UttumhpnU lf Tf(M
ni l"i tor the tall Hit 1 1 in", "ml 'tfUMWlu f. nre7. .. ... ,,, iitien In iiantii ! ti -irifli(l ili
- - - . W un- i' u- n in n nnn "iiir im - mm w - --" - l
Ki -n i'tlnny, yours, vvc, f..r Ai'..r .) n rmll Mlie in t ..veniiii r
., taction. lime IKili, lW.
n I UllllKUT ritOSH. F.ir . Ini fc.i.i.'.I.Ml ii. I. .mi.
nuance Iii nmne n- n rmiiliilnte tor I'mlinle Jiiilifi'i.r
; Ctrmll rmiiil)', nl the iimt Nnveniln'r elirlimi.
Ml I II I 1 Nl'l ' I I ' 1 1 1 I' I.... mtmd urn tn HlfntllltMj
rjn w pj gm v., iri.i.i i.-. . . " " ii" ...
Ihfl nasi N rnlier I" 'i
ftwoi to mmmm a. hkw ahu
I'.ir r. . . I.-, I ,, ,ii I,, II... i.fl
I un' Hill.. MM
.i lli w, half f n. w. or., owHImo M,
li. r. tt 9nu llw a. hull "i 1
Tm ec It.l, inwii. I?, r. ft raaii lha n. half of
e half of n. w, ijr., M totM l,r.fteot
the sooth half ( w. lull nl . . r. '..,
IOWA, 17, r . ItOl - lojeih. r with llui in reaa
ill said Hlaves, if unv sini e the i v MrtatH M
aid I ed "I I i ml, or no mu'h of -.il l i r i ; r -I)
a. unv he ii'ceniy t" pay the null iif
nla and the huioiiuI ol . u I ilebtfl, inte I,
if i Irrk .if "'I OOflif JW. NV'e Ihe iWOJtriWI a MM
in vi No in I rii'tee will ronvey only mu ll title n i
i. ,1 . .i.i
ve-ieii m im umier ami nv vinua oi sara uwa
Kmni thu New i)rli"iui Hiillelin.
fuh 1843
v. ( . CLARK,
Sati ri.av. Sept. '.:, 1 13.
The tiansaiMiniii nl the week, ill nil ai liOtOI,
have been limited in amount, as nonunion at
this-easuu, eprciallv when it is BUppoeOfl' iN
fever prevails in our city. Our principal sta
plrs arc not present in iuantltlif to attract
purchasers, and the upper rivers being at the
low stage usual al this period of the year, pro
duce docs not arrive in larger ipiantities than
are sufficient lor local consumption. The le
ver still prograsfloa in about the same ratio that
we have noticed for several weeks and while
it cannot be pronounced au epidemic, yet ; wards of $1,1)00.
dii MM MS sooaMdale Iiir Tres-urer of Currnll culm
ty, st the nexl Nitvembcr vlertinn. Juno III. I"1) !
SAMI'KL II. MIT, i'i" ire-enl Ineiitnbenl, hs- re
jiiosleil in In iiiiimiin, .' In. imine ni n rniidnliite lev
tlm I'n.linte Clrkihli of ( 'nrmll l ounty. nl the next
November rleelinri Jlinu l'. 148.
r lut it in :i Hand Hill. JJ
rTIHE I Ion-c and Lot on
which the subscriber ie-
sides will be sold lor $1,000
in cash. The improvements
are substantial and OOtl up-
I ....Il iIm i.II mv liiiiis...
Il canuui ue unrauuiNM iu c.mciinv. i warns iii ij'i,inni. i ..i t,v.i
there are a sufficient number of cases daily to hold furniture consisting of a line Sideboard,
prevent uiiacclimated discreet persons from 'Bureaus plain and dressing Side de Dining
entering the city from the surrounding conn- Tables, Secretary it Rook-case all new and
try. This circumstance also tends to confine J Mahogany. All am determined to remove
the business operations for the present to the i to the North West, all of Ihe above w ill be
wants of our local population. Kvery move- lsold at a great sacrifice; together with Chairs,
ment, however, that we have noticed, tends Bedsteads, und almost every article used in
to llio probability that the regular business ol the house-kepping line. I will also sell a 7ic
the fall w ill open, when the period arrives, on gro woman, who is a good cook and washer,
- ......I.. l...;.j .111,1,11, NIAM evtenileil scale. n,-irl nlcn n ,r,nil ftt'lii Jinn I. 1 have some Au
U SUUill IVI IM9W v.t. .. . . . . . . .. , itnu ' " n ' J -
especially so far as merchandise is concerned, ditor's Warrants to dispose of.
x I L l ...... i t , i i ... I itr i t Ii In r vniviP
lliail W t IiaVC USOU lamitu . im it. . ... .
years past. Gobwada, October 2d, 1843. Utf.
Our receipts of cotton continue light, ami ! rUiNrn,v POTTliT
our market is still but sparingly supplied. DIS1 RIM CHANCERY CO! RT.
The demand is improving, and'prices, particu-1 the State oj MaM
larly of the better grades, say from lair up, Josbpr Moruis, et al., Comp'ts, ) October
are well maintained. The middling and good vs. n law
middling qualities have become more abun- Samubl Loooins, et al., Defts. ) A. U. lo4o.
dant, and have receded fully a quarter to a: TTPON opening the matters of this bill, and
. ii . c? 1 .....u .........I., nt i I ) . ... .u a".., m t il,
hail a cent. ocvciui sman iaioi u. n appeaiin": in ine auaiaL.iiwn i -
middling cotton have changed hands within a j Court that Samuel Loggins and Carter Log-
...... . f Tl j-i' . Inkakitnnla nf litis
Uay or HVO, Ul uum i a i 41..
y or two, ai irom 1 a jc. cms, ticieiuiants, are noi mnauu.inis ui mm
The sales of the week amount to about state, but reside beyond the limits thereol, so
2000 bales, about 300 of which were old
The annexed quotations are corrected.
Liverpool Classification.
Old. New Crop.
Successors to Chisholm c Minter,
Commission Sk, Forwarding
Greenwood, Yaoo River.
Miss. iy La.
5 a 53
53 a 61
6i a
7 a 7i
10 a
, fnf
i ..n.
lie I.l Mon
and SOil nf 1 H
I M, 10
)m Miiraa,
), 11 1 TriiNv,
11 mi:i,
HART, Ch ra.
II .
Wh M11 ran.
M IN I I If. I I Kit Y vV CO.,
A '. 17. ' ..; M INo?i
i iirlraii, I. a.
lopiomboi 19, I 40. ! 3m.
liffV i oiiiiui-ooioti IIoimi'.
A V f'APKIlTllN' l. m,onr..l Houw st Wll-
111 ,11 LaiMilllf 1 und itiienilt filling a (jenernl
cjmmistiiov, t:o ivitfa &. ron-
Iff u ill ..in - l.i.i' H sirmlv t.f IPIT. AND
:si;tMi. 0R0CERIE8, BHOEH, nml nil baavy
; U li.r I'lnnlntinii nm tvill he nreimreil to
no .r ( '11 .li AdvniM'i "ii 1 " t t ri in S'nre. He mlicim
1 share of patroaaga, and pladgas I Insalf thai nil
lUStoaflS BtltrtMtefl: to him shall receive faithful per-
111. 1 iiH.'liunn.
Saptembor 18th, 1848, --tf.
o I'ici:
V virtue of a tDOrtOtfi dflfldi given by John R.
Pm In imii l'iiv . 1 1 , r t)i, 1 1:1 v ttiiMit ill nr.
p - vv j ' - " J r 1 J T
iiin eluiiiis therein Rietlttotied, ami ilnlv raooraM on
he until nt .uiin h, ls IV.', in t ne unite 01 in.- i inimte
lerk nt t urroll County, in DOOR B page UO, 1 will
n the First Monday of April, A. 1). 044, expose to
lie, to the highest hvlder, for cash, live liorscs,
1... stiii'L- nf I'llttt.. nn.l I n a a ' ' fun. ,-"rf
""" o ' pin --- ' i
alky and harness bouse-holJ ami kitchen furniture
ml IbnaiBg utensils uf every kind.
auua h'iy.
Atwrust 28th, 1843. 7-6m.
-(Wm. Oliver's) gr. h., pedi-
ord go given by the Judges the
on well tni.ni Kr II., ,- ,,,,.,.,1 in
dams rln.- .. c?.: i I
; uj ougier auu x eu-
6 uf me rear. Hi
Jams took the lead and was cut-
U firb of.... .i i. . . .
. -" 'ier me neks ot "f ashion,"
fortification of the crowd gene-
Middling fair, -Fair,
Good Fair,
Good and Fine,
Bagging and Rope. For Bagging, I3i a
133 cents, for Rope 33 to 51 cts. cash; on tune
Bagging Ui a 15 cents, Rope 4i a 6 cents.
Sugar. 44 a 6 J sales brisk.
Mir, 73 a Ste. Havana!7i a Hi cts.,
yjun i t". an-' w t
and St. Domingo H a 63 cents per pound.
Molasses. 21 a 24 cts.
Flour. Prices have been uniform and stea-
j . OH lOl q 8:i npr h.'irrel.
av . sav c i . , r
fork. for iiess im i un
$10 50; M 0 $10 a 101; Clear $12 a 12.
Lard.W a 7 cents the demand is dull.
Bacon. Hams 4J and 6 cts; sides 3i a 4
cts.; shoulders 31 to 3i cts.
Jl7tsAey-20a21 c.
(Jans. 38 a 40 cents. The receipts are
I im rlAmnnH.
about equai iu ,
0-28 a 30 cents per bushel in bulk, and
31 and 35 cents in sacks. The stock is light
but ample for the demand.
Rice.Fwm 23 to 4 cents per lb.
.-Imperial and Gunpowder, in small
packages, 50 a 55 cents, Young Hyson 3o a
40 cts , Powchong 40 a 45 cts., Souchong 3o a
1-New Bedford brands 27 and 2Sc.
. . .. .i.: un in. r noillld.
Nri!4, a 5 C, ,ei 1U
SW.-N. 1 W and cruShed 11
12rZaT.:'dtoe U..l -H
per sack.
that the ordinary process of this Court cannot
be executed upon tlicm, it is
Ordered, That, unless said defendants ap
pear before the Vice Chancellor, at the Court
Room in the town of Carrollton, on the third
Mnnrlav of December next, and plead, answer
' ,ir rlamur tn the bill of comulaint therein,
. I . !.. .1 r ... :ii Ua i.. I-..,.
a 7? the several allegations meioui nm u ..,r,t... imie me own imnn uwu. ... ..v- ....... .
a 81 I for contelsed as to them, and such order anu j rollton, Carroll county, mississippi, cm tuou
n Hi : decree made therein, as the V7ice Chancellor dav, the 16th day of October, 1S43, the
I. i. hppn
may deem equitauie and lust. i neai i.siaie ui .itmu ua...-, t,... .......
I will sell to the highest bidder, for cash, be
fore the court house door in the town of Car-
lav oeem ctjuiiuuie anu jusi, incm mvkj .
It is further ordered, That a copy of this duly declared a Bankrupt according to an aet
Kn irwo.tnt in tin "fTitrtipt" once a week, of CnniTress in such case made and provided,
order be insei ted in the "Hornet" once a week,
for two months successively.
October 2nd, 1843. ll-2m.
Drake & SfiUWFAmD, Solicitors.
Of the Slat of Mississippi.
i Lewis H. Higoins, Comp't, ()cttt,)rr fiuieSf
A. D. 1843.
Iamks Mahrav, etal. ) I will sell to the highest bidJtr, tor cash, oe-
TTPON opening the matter, of this bill, and Ifore the court house door in the - own ot tar-
I V 1 b . ., .- r..: r iU ,l inn n.-irrii eonntv. Mississippi, on Alon-
it appearing to tne sausiaciion ui n. , - -- , . .
Cour thii Jn4 lbh , no, .. kUta h AJh.'
of Congress in such case made and provided,
to wit:
Lot No. 17 in the town of Douglass, Yazoo
River. C. M. WEAVER, Assignee,
Bv Wm. HoRialTi Dep'ty Assignee
In Bankruptcy for the Northern District
of Mississippi.
Sept. 14th, 1843.
e .1,:. siinio hnt resii es lievoiui the limits
Ol inis "',vi r , .
thereof, so that the ordinary process ol this
Court cannot oe execuieu upon nnn, .o
OUIl canuui itc tAttuivu "c" -- . j
Ordered, That unless the said defendant ap- 1 to wit:
IJnl F.stnte ot A. R. Drake, who has been
duly declared a bankrupt according to an act
of Congress in such case made and provided,
S I - ' J -
near before the Vice Chancellor, at the Court
the third
Ivooin in Hie kiwii .'i wan utiiu.'i "
The south west quarter of sec. 1, town. 7,
of ramie 5 east.
Also 19 Town Lots in the I ow n ot Mid-
llinilll ". ""- ...
1. . . I ii,.....,'
Monday ol ueceinocr nexi, anu pu..u,u3v. i . , io Store House-
o demur to the bill of complaint therein, the dleton fS
Several allegations thereol will e taken lor! Lots V, IX luL 13 ;, (I -K 55 ob
confessed, and such order or decree maue ana ii - " "
-a r ffM 11 . ' 1 . I 1 k I O fill I
therein, as the ice Uiancciior may owuui i w " f"
....',nlil.. .111,1 i list.
It is further ordered, That a copy of this
order be inseted in the "Hornet" once a week,
for two months successively.
October 21, 1843. li-2m.
Dm akb (fc Shopfard, Sol's.
Title Bond for Lots where A. R. Drake
C. M. WEAVER, Assignee,
Bv Wm. Hunlkv, Dep'ty Assignee
In Bankruptcy for the Northern Dis ei
of Mississippi.
Sept. 14th, 1843.
Tn nil nersons interested in the estato
fames T. Smith, deceased,
Thai :it the October term next of the Pro
late Court of Carroll county, 1 will present
Ly account for final settlement and allowance
s Administratrix ol said estate.
of the estate of James T. Smith, dec.'d.
August 25th, 1843. 7 6w.
Of the Slate of Mississippi.
jW. W. Wadlinotok, )
. . . i.i.v st Blake Y i et al. )
UPON opening the matters in this Bill con
tained, and it appearing that John II.
Walker, one of the defendants, resides with
out the limits of this State, so that the ordinary
process of law cannot be executed upon him;
it is therefore,
Ordered, That publication be made in "The
Hornet," weekly for two mouths, successively,
that, unless the said John H. Walker shall ap.
pear at Carrollton, on or before the third
Monday in December next, and plead, answer
or demur to the said Bill of Complaint, the
allegations thereof will be taken as confessed,
and such order made, as to him, as the Vice
Chancellor mav deem proper.
Pnrrnllton. Mi.. Sent. 4. 1813. 8-2m.
T. S. it J. F. Ayres, Solicitors for Compl't.
August 1343.
XJ We beg leave to apprize you, that we
have opened a Homo in this place, for the pur
pose of transacting a general
Commission, Krcciviug and
forwarding Business.
Wk have now and expect to keep on hand,
at all times, a general and sufficient lot of
Groceries and Produce,
Together with Btyggimg Cy Roc; all of which
artfcles we will sell OCT L-ow FOH Cash, or
Advance them on Cotton. rJH
We, gentlemen, respectfully solicit your
j patronage, and promise on our part, prompt
und striet attention to our interest.
With this assurance on our part, we respect
fully tender you our service,
PV Safe f (kit Ojfiet.

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