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ii' n ihy know '"ill w
I " HI MINI I , w
1 1
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I 1 1911
ul II.
Iri I inn.
. ' ' n
in(f th counilofl of Cftrrolli HoIrimi Choctaw Vslo
bulia iiml Tiilliilmtchic.
Sept. 7, 1848.
Not long since, agreeably to previous ap
pointment, the candidates for the Legislature
of this county met at Carr's Mills and made
speeches. Collins Hemingway spoke Aral in
opposition to his opponent, 'J'. S. Ay res, and
among other tilings took a decided stand a
gainst the Bank-nipt Law, and abused every
person who had taken the lawful privilege oil
w il
1 1
hi hi
it the
be connect
not iresumii
ta ke to ex ia
i villi
be I ween a bond
anti-bond paying
its benefits. 1 1
e secmed'to hold the law in ut- I.
.Maj. Kennedy end
line lime Mi. Ilai
wilh the Morton I
1 1 1 LT Von to he H loo
to you t he difference
iank debtor and an
itor. The former is
in favor of paying his debts at all hazards the
latter class goes on the whole hog swindling
repudiation principle- that is, steal all you can
and hold on to u as tight as "grim death to
a dead nigger." This is your doctrine, and
we are of the firm opinion that no honest
man will uphold you in it.
As Hemingway has not told the truth rela
tive to Mr. Hardy's connection with the .Mor
ton Hank, hut on the eon tram mni it hi. i,,,
l to traverse thecounlv .-mil miwanuoni
ind LIE about the matter, it would be as well
lerhaps for him hereafter to "lay low and keen
I v from ; hind
ter contempt, and to think that no honest man
COOld countenance it in any manner whatever.
llrni'i i . .
wen. Kino reader, land von nnrtii.nl. K- ,,.,.! , , ..
f . . - - vi-.ciitriii.lv iiiiu iiiiuseii
fortunate and honest bauk-rupts,) what will ,he ferocity of Davy Jones' do
uu mum oi mis man Hemingway, it we prove
to your entire satisfaction that he voted for MAJ. B. KENNEDY,
this very same Banerupt Law which he now When this gentleman got up on th
mnaerty opposes. I lad not such mm been! of our rrt n,i ,,, i
in public life, no such law would have covered speech of Mr. Ay res, and when he found that
V 7 . " HIS heart had entirely failed him, it was a rich
Aow lor the proof. When Mr. Ayres rose j ,,-eat and a source of great merriment to the
and had touched upon many other inconsis- spectators, to see him jump entirely over the
ences of Hemmgway, he took up the House question, a, issue, and commence arguing that
Journals oi 1840 and turn,., in i am i . .
. ., . . 1 vH" .iiiiiasmnrli as Air. Avres was not rurtni no fnr fi, i... i ,. . . .
snowed to tnose present, that he voted, while ,he Senate tin. ihe'i-W.,-, I I I u. ' 'U' ' hvU" H
a member of the Legislature from this ,,,,. ... . ,', J i 1ht ,0 OtisKl, or colleague,! wi
K EEP IT i:r,r IRE THE l'E( PLE,
I That 0iijmin Kvnmdy who th repudia
n ' irom iniH count Ve
, voted, while a member of the Legislature from
Copiah county, to pledge the faith of the Stale
lor the very same live millions of bonds now
outstanding against her. Not satisfied with
binding the sacred honor of the People for the
redemption of this amount of bunds, he urged,
while acting in the capacity of a director of
j bank, the sal ' five millions more upon
the same condition on which the others had
been parted withthus showing to the peo
ple of Mississippi and to the whole world, that
he either knew the bonds had been const it u-
ttohaUy sold or that he had committed pbrju I
av because he urged the sale of the other
five millions of bonds after the passage of the I
Supplemental Charter; and contends to this I
day that the oriainul nhnriar i
iindins on the PeoDe. it iu I
i w null lil ie I la I
with us whether the original charter is binding
or whether the Sumdement i ,.-..-ii.i . . ?.
ll "I 1 1 1 tr.S, 11
is sufficient for us to know that .Mr. Kenned
urged the additional sale of bonds under the
force of both these Charter.-. How dare he
have the brass, after acting thus traitorousiv
1 1
in i leimii
made u
.1 Ibe
il li
decided opinion he would make an excellent
Nficer. The members of the bar, who should
know best, are unanimous m his favor, with
out distinction of nnrtie
To our I )i
read th
delivered befon
Ymn nHkt
A l II gf
i if
1 1 r v i v nti0ii
ii, I, I lV l
I I 1 I I I I I I i ill' T
I '''''I Ift ll
To the Voten it the Conn
Oelibi.eha, oxiiIh-p, Wi
'luckasa w, Pontotoc. 7 "ild'ah.
S . . I I
I ta ' a mbo, .Monroe, Lifiivei
He Solo, Tunica, Conlioma,
busha, Carroll, TsJIahtteaaj
taw and Neshoba,
l Uowcitiesi
i ii i . ,
e very gratifying torn
C friends we would
"!' "I C. Thomas . William. ! VV""1
icfore an imn ...i i ...... - ' Pecom persootily acqusioMt
--. . . nun , vi in ii ini ir i niniM.,.. i i . w
;.i..0 ., c,,u.- ii'I lielievmtr it nniiossililiMiiili'
on the
m and solicit his vote.
IV, on the I .Sib ie eclionu in V... ......t..,, nvt
l,n- Ihomas H. Williams is well known to method of announcing mt
the Democracy of this State, as their bond- 'njl)lic' 3,1,1 of making myself mi
paying candidate for Governor, Around his I WQ monM l,'t.' v,)ler3 ''
stnndnr.l .....I l i ... I have resiileil in t lif imvn ill
""" m""1 'us unpoi ute, banner Uh- . . I " .,
will ihmianiwlo .r , . , the last ten vears, where have
will lllOUsanUS O till,' ftriH hnnul l -i . . i
,nH' uoiiest tie oiii'i-iitu i in t Hi ...-r,,.. i k. i oi,J
,,, ... in, iiiuui;e in me uii. oi
I u.i- 11 i .... I .: . . .. . - 1 . . '
, ...ii i n . 1 1 1 i , . t m i.i t w.. j .-Cuitia
M i i,i In riMii i. ... i . ie 1 1 1 1 1 w i ri -i i , t ..n.l mt.Mvclimril!
I1! .ii i ii ...'.11.
I I' I ... . ""..n.l lll.l. I V I I 1 I I"."! IK I, II LIU' '
' 'ill 1 1 i I e ri n ml I' . r . i ....... l.i . - i t.
.iiiii.-. . in,, in, , in 1 1 1 ,-. ... ,1... i-c.ii- ..m.iiin
. . . i l . . I i ! I I j j .... 'UUVIO 1. 1 111V i.i.
HFe- ays:-we are almost starved having
P,tchea our tent with nothing to eat." Altho"
injre nas been severe "rubbing" between us,
o i hnv ,-ni il .,.... i. r,
K ,-7 "e"Herem.ngway, who puffs
hlmS f weekly through your paper, nor anv
0"e.0! the "lan-v repudlators of this conn,;
will Lrive von li.n.l i.. - '
, r . FtCveni starvation, just
hi the District with whom lain
September 21st, 1 S 43.
This is not all that should be kept before the
People. Maj. Kennedy, in acceptinga direc
torship and borrowing lanre sum. r
it constitution.
nth or I.,. I
in il,;,i v,:,r , M.;n,.n..e , . ' " w P"oc- I'rown- men in perpetrating . i , ,
"'7'-, nig men will catch at straws however, & as Mr ; the Peonl M ' U',on
retentatiws tn Congresi, to nee erery exertion Kennedy was in the last , Ju2i IT T' .Wany an ho,lest laborer was
tn their power for the passage of a general ' death.it was to he nL k. , i ' "" h,S m0ntf,'s 'bor b the su.
i r . . , - oun ii in. nil i s ' 1 1 i i It I
i 4,j,m ivi iincfjv norrowed
uu .very m.ng to keep ins head as he shifted off the,
e sll-:li.i .1 1 tin. i.,.;i..,.. I I . .
, . , ' wuwnW M round and cursed the bank f i .-
ie had been thrown. - .(.. ... ., - ne ,w"' declared it a
1 1 .. . . "l inievin; concern; and he all iha ,vi,;i. i i
recollect in our life-time, of hiving heard a it to thL i,, t, . " . hHPin?
ii u ii in iniee. tiv horrowimr -m I
man, other than on this occasion, contend that rr AnUY i i . PaMlne! ,ts P
a ( ITER had no right to examine his course 1 ' , November election, honest whig,
u-biioin nni.t;.. ' ' anddemrl8.yo will be called ooontn "
and be left sprawling on the ground before the askin, the sufJYa,es of the Deoole f r S;",C,i"n V0M. acts of
i v ul i-,.v ; . ... !.-! . . this 111:111 Tin, ...... . .
Maj. Kenned v. will v oil be so tin, I nA i "m evolutionary sires
. .- . . ' " would nave trusted tin
u.u,g, ,mucn as you nave attempted cond time, aftei
rri s r i rt
a ne ?y tM 1 1 1 1 LT I Uil oprita'"M
Consider ill' Blrinir nf i . i ... ' atnfinn tl-nt il,.. ..rmmo nnV I
r --. .t.....: . i . ..iiiiimi!
wom in, wnere von aril i ...j I ... . -.i
imiiii ioa t,vvi w-" -
give it a pull and
at least enough eatables to pre
ifank-rupt Laic. hen this came out Hem
ingway's ghastly mid cadaverous form his
wild and languid look, told a tale to the audi
ence that was any thing but flattering and in
dicative of success. Little did be think that
the hobby be had mounted, was to be knock
ed so suddenly from under him bv .Mr. Avres
hold o
above l
n .i n i ii til,. .......
. .tnn
ecause just so soon
"nouni on hand, he turn-
i.i i . . . i
in ou lahen onr.-i,
'"ur present aie
j i u,cau is not the thing it
l" w. At the close of day I
apt to retire wi
this h.
w, II. ..Ill, I I ,,. ... . ,
is retailed
lie Will be M...
an ciiini o ...... ... i .
, . "TV JHlltor
should not crrin l.l.. ,- , . .
mo roia he is
be a bar to all gnawing and hung
ry whi-
pvps if n ritfhonl'il.li. ..,. ' M . i
mrjvwm wwaW dllU j I j I f 1 1 1 ' J) I R UQ 1 6 1 1 'O .
sr --
xut ii was even lo. And we hope to Cod. deseemlm,, i l .. . ,,ave "usted the traitor Arnold .
that all men, be they whigs or democrats, who i to enlist sympathy in vour behalf becaZ Mr Zi IT T '-ay his
pursues the inconsuteni path as that followed 1 Ayres has held von up lo the public ga a, M k! I 'i No' er!
by Hemingway, may meet with that tale they ! to give your reason, for meeting thagen,' no d id Iv" f h,m8e,f '"t.and
So justly deserve. Being a full-blooded fepu- men on the stump i the vear IStl, w hen iif t T
Jor, Hemmgway MSUme. the ugh, of ,,,,. ,as a (:anr,(IaU. m y ( Momachs capable of
. i. in.:: i-i i- ll.in.r 11, . i i ... . . 111 S allow nil? SI e. I :i iliw.i ,l . ...
' imsiiiven
prevent starvation, one time, exclaims: "Whit I
i i ii. ii .u ...ii,.n,ini
i iin-i u Hill l lie iiruii.il""
I (meaning thereby the whigs,)
How has ihi aruMiM fjeeil b
e.onn I iv? Win.- l, I he u-hit
winch the Spectator and other
one-sided tree traJe, assail
the very moment that they i
beneficial effects, and exult o
not iiml I hi. i. .i.iii n'Kcpd. iinil
- " - ...... i.m , , i i ii ,..... --.
i - r I W L I I will V 1
niowii wnen tne wmgs " i
wit: '20 nercent. duties,) msw
. mm . J V'
oi specie in tne
I., wi
not now have bad, we vernv'
()((). for. inalAad nf the S''i
......I. I l I 1 .-. flip D
I in iKirtin,, : lcl" """-ii nave noweu nn ",v
'arsol my connection with u P "e balance of trade in our
as stated bv Col i... "" lhe Morton Bank, have nrobablv sent SiOM
Larr's Mills. Sai',1 , . a "P660" at just the balance of trade agai
. ..... .i il ' i Il ii I,
"lated to nr,..,, . 7 ".BfWlieous, la exemplify the remark
I 141,1.: i.i p. n in., .. ' . i " . ii ... i i i
Carkou CocNtv, Oct. 3rd., 1843.
Messrs. Brown ,5. Terrett:
ticoucower ., -..... " "SsMa'ure ol pet.
... . u......,....,v. .1.1,1 , uu were 1101.
dialing every thing that dees riot exactly suit recollect, sir, that the opponents of M
lllv- !.!.. -it ill,. 1. 1 I '. . .....II 1 . ... .
--. - ...... 1.1 ,
vn ii. .. . 11 . .: .
(in,,,,,,..:... "'imi esions 1 Cent v .".nl m nm t ie lilllis
HIV in ini,,,-. . J. ""T.,..
lor the 1 Y ' nn 1UV "lul Hie export ol tfnin";
glslature, but as "a 1 Stales, in the vear 1S4,
value than thev have beenm
loJ, and that they were
"s a candidal
private citizen
ro cau.e these misstate
"'I me II, ;i,J o
ments to recoil up.
r. A v 0
. - I 1 v... .,..,1 u, O I I ' ' 111 f
11 h.- 1 v i n -1 r in iii'o.on 1 . i. .- . . - - 1 - 'ii v 1 1 1 1 11 iw'ri
... i l l' ,- a l"emn8 ;i"d Wadlingtoo) were on the spot , rjnited S,e X '1 V , ,pOSed to
Iher repudiate and kick Irom presence her off , at the time, but thev were considered bv vou If ,1 V ,' ' :'" lh'
spring, and expect countenance and alfection , as two small swivels not capable of makinsf wluV, L "r gen,,nn democrats, with
tVom her acouaintances, as for Hemingway to very fond reports, and you bunted o K T 7 '
expect the people lo vote tor him alter he has upon the stand as the eighteen pounde'r of the 1837 f K yUr.SU'1Pl,rt- year
fathead the liank-rupt Law and now after it j lepud.ating party. ThU was - iS53Es-Sv5 0"
is on the wane and a somewhat puny ohject.nd although you left the field bleedmg and, establNhment of. Unded Zl
oiuies Uank, and
one hall' lhan the average
rs II-
d 1 ), r 1 ,.. t ... ... -.
uessary lor ,,. , VM . ., 11 ""'V ne-
o .... 1 .. .. me l. icts to n ,u. . j:.. -
ou coondinv nnlilii. Bucr- ins nine preceding t-
Rondemn a IV...5.-L ' who Wlil never I extHirla of British aooi to"
"mi- , lit. .ik. 1 I 1 - a .
l&SS lo 1511 00"'
I .ill
u" l iDtriiriioin.. .1. 1 u,e "'ere asser- Irom
",s,,1" 'lie station ",,ef J.ce to
,-n.n Iain seek n
'inn v :it ...... 1 "mt nit , l iKit iiuire iria
. . in j . it. 1 . 1 - . .
8,v.e lull and satiat.inr . nai 1 sbould the free trade men,) it
I .l,.l .. . ""Glory eZOlanaU e . . . .11 h.ivl
-"n. iis i:it,..i ...1 - . 1 n"ii. 1 in 1 ii.nir ;nni. sue win
wie aiiK.iint ,.1 ci " " ",lU mstitiition so we s ia ose in tliesai"-
"ill I V AJMm. y , j,
the value of 7,S$0,UoU J
iin,UU U m ...... 1. 1111 mo 3U we SilUII lose 111 .
amount in ir..: ... , 'mn, that is I mv. ih-i mnM .i,.... ,in hv refu1D
. . -'i.n,M i.iou , .V ...... Him. v ,"- -rf
aci be handed uic the -, 'L' 1 res'dent. This is the common wrZ
1110 lame amount back in .hirh u .roMl 10 the

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