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The hornet. (Carrollton, Miss.) 1843-1843, October 10, 1843, Image 3

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' A D I i
lr. i i ill -
I iMMlir
wii.i.unr i
l I III M Wl
, I . ' . .. ,1 . r f '.( HTl MflHW
0 NM)N4 lllS? tpSfftf
i. I I.
Castas I A
k I I 4
fill III u v,.c
r"J liutnl,
it Itnlhtr- itrtrtf tt (
., Illlll Hi
lllll I '
iiimI id
.ii inn
lurihvf ornared Ihnl i i i y i Ihis w
iii-rrlril m lit" "I Iiii in t" mice i Wei
E'ni i in Hand mil,
TnHE House and
i. Mr
; I. (ll Ml
Ml VI I II. TKHMi . m ,
I o.tt.tttswH.y .11 m ii.i.vr
Ii tv irlfn i, i,ii,
I .'. INA fl -3m,
i i fllltllli .jll) Moll!-.
f th fl7lh in-il
I I'll l iNHN
ii yr 44
m mgfw mi
U.f film nl-1 '
very bJuwa i
. lb whit nf
i 'I '. 1 ., In.tor.
Willi I
(.. i has this (Uf
' i ri. ftftt
mi, r r..ifpd u
' ! til
I rni w ill (ifxi-nt
I fullr Bullion".! u
ijti'iuN ilnin
ro XT)
f ron-
J Mi s
liilv I. I":
ml ittenfl
i, I'm. j Kll - ilni , ill I v IAMB M i nS'NKI.I, liM of tin- Firm of Mr-
In,:,,,,,, -', . d w,V bprnrml Brown, and lil'ICD M ' ' iN N ELL. bar-
tdvance on Cotton In Ktore HuMjieit lnf rbawl onl Mr. A. s. Br. ., mienm m the
Mtrotug. mill plmige Hmwlf Uwl nil ,'''r " yjpwtfelly rtfcf UMto mikes as
rwMad lu I nimii nwivi- i'iiiiIiImI ,,.r. tf,,,,rl i'"1 vommkmbM ummum tt Wii-
f- -II'.
r r m b r t) I r r I i o n .
ITOKES DM rMIM4t6a us to kflflOttllCt
iniim ill' inr s,('ss'ir ii I ;irroll ciMinfy, lit
KiwMnlii'r eli'i'tiun.
the house-kfteping lino.
v ill also
I a no-
VI HTQ 0! l.llllil vil nl(l sell iii v llOIISi'-
1 1 I 1 furnlturfl consisting l fine Sidehoiird,
BurcnuK) plnin ind drMtmu Side 6i Ditn'rifl
T Roles. Secrfltary di DiokoftM -nil new snd
MHnnffuny. As I Btn delerrnioed to remove
to I he North West, .ill ol Ihe Above will be
snlil ii ;i s real sacrifice: together with ('hair-.
RUSSELL, i a otfldiil.'ito tor Ciinmor of Hrd-tcnds. nnd almost everv article used in
I'm. hi I n' iirvt rVovamhnr nWHnn
IS I'. MARSHALL hits rr.piestod us to
ih niDm u nanHiiltu U ,, nf the
" of Carroll county, nt tlio next No- an" !l K'd fif-ld hand. I have so nc n
tion. Iditor'l Warrants to dispose ol.
1843. . C , VINE.
MILLER, is riiniliiliitc tor membflrshin
ol Police of this county, nt the next No-
P,0l' hlSTI.'KT I'll V! I'.I.'V flrtl'TH'P
hthorized teannonBce JOHN F. MARTIN I nt ,i, Vi '.. i;.'..-..,;,...;
Sate for Sheriff of Carroll countv, nt the , , Z 71
mber cliii iioi, jotbph moKHls, ci ai., v omp is, i rvumn
vs. Rules.
rEMMONS, luis autliorioil us to announce Samuel Locjoins, ct al Def'ts. ) A. . 1843
fl" 00 tain Blafins then
ions will ! tin' 30th of Mmri
III till' Ii
I HI Ail IIMII". In- Sllil1l'l Willi liflJfUl lig,
riiMj Bacon, Porh. Mufar. CoHIm, Monsoaa,
iiinl H l" Btfal Rtuok of Sliocs. Hunts, IUt,
-. rlarawara,Qi nswnre, InuiiV ' 'ustimrs.
a ill m nil Haws Ik1 pre pa fad to n ,iU Km
lui'iri . oil 1-ittnn in hand.
kMDiNo. July I, I94t
1 1
r, tor
wcllarc ol a school ol
payment of a small matri
tin1 tuition fee tor the ses'
vii nee.
Fot the purpose also nf
ii win in' n
uring licit punctuality
ro Woman, who is a (food COOK ami was jt'i". in the entrance and subaeauenl attendance of inmils.
winch IS ot such VlttU VMVOfUttUStt tuition will he
har.reil for the tchot tstm, except to those dudIIs
ash, li
male, stock ol cattle ii hI hoijs, h WSffffOn, curt,
lllky mid names hOUSO-bohl mid kitchen furniture
lid fsmnttf UtensilS of every kind.
A lios FOY,
A Uguat 38th, HI".!. 7-(im.
Pi' all persons interested in the estate of
ames T. Smith, deceased,
That ai the ( ) tober term
Willi AM
Haviv. told out 1 1 1 entire mti-resl in the Firm of
McConnell & Brown, nt William-.' Landing, Miss ,
I take (Trent pleasure in recninineiulinj; Messrs. Mc-
Connell ' Brother to the public as every sav compe
tent nnd full v worthy of their patTODS re nnd confi
Grenada, Mik
A. s. BROWN.
ruly l, isi:i. i-tf.
el Ot C V .
town of i arrollton, "nrroll county, Mississippi,
next i our t" the I nutile ( Ithce. anil on the south
t of the Prf ulria nt' the Piihli'r Amur tntaiuli kmantnm juuiatantl
Grenada. ( Ictober 2d, 11:5.
11 tf.
who enter at or after the middle of the session, who . ,, , , ,, s,u" ' ,'" ."l mwww heep
will be charged with tuition for half the session. bate Court ol Carroll county,! will present on hand o tresh supply ot
Suitable assistance will be procured as soon as il mv ncoounl for final settlempnl and allowance rarefies, fflieriisituire,
iliall he needed.
Air. Nason, in once more o
community, in which he is ha
that all are his friend, trust
to his already established ch
g Ins s(r ices to a
tnd proud to know
he need only refer
er for scholarship
p candidate for tn'Mnhershiii of the Riard
j Board I TPON opening the matten of this bill, and
beat. V j( appearing to the satisfaction of the
Court that Samuel Logirms and Carter Lr-
i. rrc 1 1 1 county, in t he Carrollton
1NIEL i:tMnvs . nAiAa At n.
noil county, at the naxt Nov election. gin, detendattts, are not inhabitants ol tins
i 1843. Slate, hut reside hevmid the limits thereof, so
lS" L, EAST has authorized his name that the ordinary process of this Court cannot
"a candidate for Treasurer of this county, I hn evecnled mum thpm. it is
nojeraber election. Ordered, That, unless said defendants ap-
W'Mi S. CATRON has authorized his 1"''"' tore the Vice ( hance lor, at the Court
r 6d as a ciiiiHiLiie for shn-iiF of this Uoom in the town (il ( arrollton, on the third
J oexl November electioa. i Monday of December next, and plead, answer
to the bill ol complaint therein,
and issiduity, tor i ffnarantee thai ins eilorts will be
uch as the people will approve of nnd cheerfully
MioonToif, Sept. 5th, 1848. 914a
S A B I N & R R E I) Y ,
Successors to Ctsfotm Se M inter,
CoinmiMioii A Forwarding
Tl errhants,
Greenwood, Yazoo Rive.r,
I 1848.
t Move
has authorized his name tne several allegations thereof will be taken
I will sell to the highest bidder, for cash, be.
hue ihe court house door in the town of Car-
irtire, !V.,
I And has now the following articles, which lie offers
OH the mOff! reasonable 'enas for ( ash only, viz:
Sugar, Coffee,, Powder and Shot Shoes of
all qualities; Tobacco, Candles, Coperas, Gin
ger, AU'Spic, Blaik Pepper, Alum, Brim
stone, Epsom Salts, Castor Spirits of Tur
penli'ie and Copel rarntsA; Qnccnsware and
Hardware; ( alicoes, Muslins, and a great
variety f other articles.
PON opening the matters in this Hill con- Also, heoameson the SADDLERY & HARNESS
.. , i ;. l,,l,,, ll MAKING, and REPAIRING business, and war-
... ,i 1 c i i ,7 i i rants his work to be executed with neatness and de-
W alker, one ol the defendants, resides with-1 spatdl on terms agreeable to the times.
out the limits iii this State, so that the ordinary j. w. GARRETT.
process of law cannot In- . xecuted Upon him; : July 11, H43. 1 tf.
it is therefore,
iinlereil. J hat uulihc'itimi tie ma.. m " i tie
a- Administratrix i said estnte
ol the estate oi James 'J'. Smith, dec'
August 25th, 1843. 7 Gw.
Ojf the Slate of Mississippi.
VV. Y. Waolinoton, )
1 .1 LLY & BtiAKEV, et ill. )
andidatefor Treasurer of this county
inner election.
...,lli,, i '.. It ML ; . ....
,l I : K'Hioii. v .1 1 it'll l "llllll , in ism.sm (III, IIII .! (l -
ir conlet-ed as to them, and sucn oidoi ami . . ,n , . , 1 ,
, , ., r. i, dav. the Idib dav ol Oetnher. I S 13. the
i-i:i. decree made therein, as ine ice onaiiccnoi 0 , .. , ., .. . , , ,
' yi'umm , i .iii Keal bsktte ol John Harris, wlio has been
i i. p cut nas requested 09 to announce may ueem Mjuuauie aim ju
Hornet," weekly for two months, successively, "OS E indebted to me for Groceries, dhj., arc re
,1 mU, .hn'eold lhnH Wlbr hll n. A 1'"-"'1 " '' Henry Hamilton, Esqr., wh-
...v. ...... ... i ((1S my jncounts, and make immediate payment. -o
pear at Uirrollton, on or oetore the tmni By so doing a little cost may be saved.
Monday in December next, and pleas, answer JOHN AI.LEN
, i i i , . . . i . . i i iiii r i ' . l . . i v,,..i ...K,, l l u i o ii n.
asa cni i 7 c A , , , V . I , , , -v , c ,i dnlv declared a 5 inKrunt accon inur o an nc ten -demur io tne saio nui m v om uanii. me iwh , vow
candidate for Probate Jutlire ot this ix further ordered. 1 nut a copy ot this I ,. : , 1 , P . , Ln. . .i t ...:u i. . L ' i j
next November ol,...w. i 1 I 1.13 ,n I ! Ot OOni'l'CSS 111 SUCH Case IliadC atld provided, i aiien.llliilis iiieiem win oe. luacil as 0,111 lessen, m:-, ,. , M wl II ;l j 9 .i I a
I la"qAt ""vwnner election. oroer be insetted in the "Hornet" once a week, . 1 i ,.r,i,-i , ., t . i .. i. Vi,. . 1J si ki, h,hl.k, t all
or two mouuis successivaiy, t . tvt i : .1 r t t v
... iiuiiivriilMV ni 1 "Ot J NO. 1 111 t he I own nl UoUglatS, I a ZOO
Vr .1 . llli.UlU VV , V K'lix.
Member election. October 2nd, 1843. ll-2m.
X)RSEY has requested us to announce his
, candidate for R inger of this county, at
"luncri lias reiiuested us to an-
Drakb & Sheppard, Solicitors
at the iievt M.,. .i,..- ..i..,;.,..
gj.. .l-.VIUm CICL.tlV11.
'wme as a candidate for circuit Clerk oi DISTRICT CH VN'CKRY COURT,
Of the State, of Mississippi.
LKw.s II. Hiooins, Comp't, ) 0dobfT RuleSf
vs- , -i. 1). 1843.
IAMBS .11 A Hit AY, ei at.
authorised to announce R. A. SEWARD,
,!'' '"r fe-election to the office of Clerk of
wwrt ot Carroll county, nt the next No
C. M. WEAVER, Assignee,
By VVm. HuwiiBV, Dep'iy Assignee
In Bankruptcy lor the Northern District
of Mississippi.
Sept. 14th, 1843.
Chancellor may deem proper.
Cafrollton Mi., Sept. 1,1843. S-k3m.
T. S. & .1. P. Avres, Solicitors for Com pi' t.
W I T e: k u o o iik.
rail IK undersigned bps leave to inform their old
I will sell to the highest bidder, for cash, be-! Gentlemen:
ire the court house door in the town of Cat
-'IKS M. r)TT!rr i nit J :. ,.,..,.-,. il.o Boiri.tinn nf ih,. nilltiin. Cnrroll noontv. Mississinoi. on Mmi. have onened a I loi si: in this iilnce. tor ibe our
wa ins to announce his name as a candidate (nr, that James Mabiay is not an inhabitant dav, the Kith day of October, IS 13, the pose of transacting a general
t Carroll county, at the next November . ... SfaU, u, , .voli the limits Real Estate of A. R, Drake, who has been! PAmmiulAh. KfMwivlnsr mad
I lO.I. Ul'l l,M "... . J " ' . "
"CRoss p, k .'.; . .. ., ;.. thereof, so that the ordinary process ol this Idulv declared a banKrnpt according to an act r'orwardniff Business.
""n" as a candidate for Probate Judge of (JoUfl cannot be executed upon him, it is j of Congress in such case made and provided,
"!it(,'t,i-' next November election. I Ordered, Thai unless the said defendant Bp- to wit:
'.u A1,'K. has requested us to announce1 .,oar before the Vice Chancellor, at the Court ! The south west quarter ol sec. I, town. 7,
ext a4rorTrca"-er of Carroll c.nin- W l)u. l(W11 f Carrallton, on the Kurd of raOge east.
CAl member e eetinn 10 ISC noi'm i , , r , . , r ... .
customers and the public generally, that they
have associated themselves tor the purpose of trans
acting a general Retail Mercantile Business; Our
Stock beinr large and fresh, and having been pur
piuchased in the best Market in the United States,
will enable us to sell agreeable to the times. We
August 28, L843. would smrirest to the public, that we would be pleased
j to take them through our Stock before they purchase
,-r VV,, l,e,r le.nve tn ftnnri vim. lhnt we eisewliere. It consisn in parr as rouows:
....... . rr -
' LIWIJ. tllllll' I.'. . "
. rvl, the present incumbent, has re-
Mnndnv of December Jiext. and o ead, answer Also 19 I own Cots in the i own m AJid-
u niinoi.,. Li. ,'. , ' Inr ileinur to tile hill O
I PU-i i name as a canuiuaie ror
;uip ot Carroll county, at the nex-t several imegaiuui
June 19, 1843.
J E p p & K s O N & CO.,
n M Tobacco Factors,
58 Camp Street,
17, 1842.
W have now and expect to ke p on hand,
at all times, a general nnd sufficient lot of
Groceries and E'rodure,
Together witli Sagging if Hope; ad of which
. . i 1 1 1 1 rv a ,
iiii! therein, lie etotl. No. I (Ml. I'll. 1UsJ.iV C-'l More 1 louse: " 's we win sen i-w iuk x asm, uh
s iheTeof will he taken for Lots Nos. 133, 13 I, 135, (!-. I 10. 155, 156, Any ami: THRU on Cotton. JJL
, i j i r.- ii ii r ... . . ana I'll iio l .-. V k. oeot emeu, resiieellu I v solicit vonr
MCaaH urn .nc , niiier nr decree mane aim i.n i. inni-c imo, i.n, i.i,, i.,, - e. . .-i
L L ih. ... C.o.nei'lho- o.av deem 151. I53 and 154. patronage, and promise on .mr part, prompt-
. , Til l It..-., I r.,r Lots where A. It Hr.-iL-e ness and strict attention to your interest
eqmianie aim jhmi - - -
It is further ordered, That a copy of this lives.
order be inseted in the "Hornet" once a w eek, C. M. W bA bli, Assignee,
for two months .successively. By U H. HcwLKY, Dep'ty Assignee
VV'w. HEMINGWAY, Clerk. In Bankruptcy lor the Northern District
October 2d, 1843. U-2m. of Mississippi.
Drake & Sheppard, Sol's. Sept. 14th. 1843.
With this assurance on our part, we respect
fully tender you our services.
For Sale at this Office.
CLOTHS, Black, Blue, Invisible Green &. Brown;
A heavy lot of Summer Coats, Pants and Vests;
ChaHies; Silks; Painted, Plain and Crossbard
Mouslitis; Lawns; Jackonet, Sic;
A variety of the latest style Prints, (French, Eng
lish and American;)
Irish, Brown, Table and Towel Linens;
!0 bales heavy Brown and Bleiched Domestics;
40 cases Boots and Shoes assorted sizes and
Panama, Beaver, Russia, Leghorn and Palm Hats,
assorted sizes;
A large lot of SADDLERY, and a heavy lot of
With various other articles, comprising almost every
thing to be found at similar establishments in this
section of country. Bought expressly for this Market;
and, all of which, will be sold for cash, or on short;
time, to men of undoubted punctuality.
Carrollton, Mi., May 1, 1843. f-tf.

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