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The hornet. (Carrollton, Miss.) 1843-1843, October 10, 1843, Image 4

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f It
Carrollton, Viw , fei
II. I.
n I c ti'w tew
Arm sor. i mid fifV' i Worm I' ; Medicine
ever ihMni-ri. It is estimated that In Hi" l BUM
hki.(km) mii.I'i;k,n a n i ' a LL V
from Hii elfivt of Wnr nl me. This nt mi irtn I -
tjr run he almost entinlv .rrv n'- I b tin' m :
Bvlt'l rclflirnt 'il Low !((''
(irown (ht-iiik arc v.'i . ''I'm flllli' iil with WortMi
mi ri' iwUm4 i"r vtrtoiM eomhililSi withoMi tny
b'iirlit, whin ow it two dofl Iff tin- LaMtltffta
would MfMrfily BMfffl tln'tn- Tlicv nm an Infallible
roMirHy. nnil plMMlit to Um iMtt thtl eMldrm
will In ltr tin'in ns readily as they would a COHllDOII
pi'iirrinint LoMltM
ThonsniuN nnil UrM of tftOUMndl pint nvay nnil
(lie of Wiirni", Without Jp6Ctlng IM real dlWMM.
The fblkxrinf if few of the lyiiiptooisi hwdichDi
jiale Uptj RaMicd i heel.-', dittnrbtd dream, tVverith
n("s, hud taMe iii the nouthi oifensivti bmth itching
of tin; nostrils, ptin of the sloinarh or DfttttMi initia
tural tppttitCi swelled stomach or limlH, MBM of
MfJMtkting risini; jn the stomaeh, &.C.
To parents, we say, do not be without the Lozen
ges at uuy time attend to UlllO suggestions, as you
yulne the lives of your children
I'rice, SIS tents per box, with full directions.
For sale by Dr. W. M. STANSBURY,
Carrollton, Miss., Sept. 1, 1843.
Tlieso Pills liave long been known and appreciated,
for their extraordinary und immediate powers of re
storing perfect health to persons suffering under near
ly every kind of di-ease to w hich the human frame is
They are particularly recommended to all those
persons who are afflicted with any kind of a ekionic
or lingering complaint, us thereis no medicine before
the public which bus so natural and happy effect upon
the system in correcting the stomach and liver, and to
the formation of healthy chyle and thereby purifying
the blood.
They are acknowledged by the hundreds and thou
sands who are using them, to be not only the most
mild nnd pleasant, in their operation, but the most
perfectly innocent, safe and efficient medi sine ever
otl'ered to the public. Those who once make a trial
of these Pills, never afterward feel willing to be w ith
out thein, and call again and again fur more; which is
Sufficient proof of their good quaJittMi
Those who have suffered and are weary "t' suffer
ing with this distressing complaint, will find S ;i
cer'.i ULntabU frtVj a remedy tit once cerium and im
mediate in its eli'eets. One single dose of the Pills
taken soon as the heidache is felt coming on, Will Cure
it in one half hour entirely.
As a remedy in sumn, r an I kw d complaint, they
display their wonderful power to admiration, and are
far superior to any thing in use for these ( ci.-laints.
In Dys sjHM "'! Liter (JompMnt, tliey Stand un
rivalled. Many have been cured Inn few weeks, after
hnving suflbree under the dreadful couipi iint for
In Habitual Cnstirrnas, they are decidedly soperi
or to any Veretable Pill ever hroi.lit before the pub
lic; aud one 'S) cent box will establish their surpn ling
virtues, and place ihein bevom1 the roach of doubt in
the estimating of every individual.
Thev are invaluable in nervous and hypochondria
cal affections, loss of nppcite, and all complaints to
which females alone are subject.
They are mild in their actkw, and convey intOM
immeditttd conviction of their utility from the tirst
dose. They may be taken by persons of any age; and
the feeble, the iltfll'lHi the nervous and delicute are
strengthened by their operation, because tbjw clear the
system of bad humors, ijuiet nervous irritability, and
invariably produce sound health.
Upwards of three hundrul mnd statute (AotMsmslj
boxes of these inestimable Pills have been sold within
the lasttwelvu months in three Btnti - a lone, and more
than three times the same ouaiiuty in other States.
An an anti-b ilious medicine, in la'.-iily sh-mlo be
without then. A singe- trial l" th.-ai i- n.ore
factorv tii.-in a thousand cer!i;:rates. I'rice 2) emts
per box. Eoi sale by Dr. W. M. STANSIJUU
Carrolltoe, Miw . Sept 1, 1843. J
Twinr, IM In In- ll'de til lliiv nil wl " n i
wnh H4 to rvt flirin, M Ml tlio most n,i
Mllblf frnm.
SVr. nlu krrp n mippi v il Suit, thlgWt i f
frr, Btteon, Ffoiir, Limt, irnn, Snih, Cutting',
Our? nnvonff. tft9H', H n V II" . '
thrrs, .S''r, limit, Hut', Viipn, Bliinkrlt, tint-
a , A'- .'., A-'. . 0fMM HI "' h"l Shu-
itigt, ',imr,v, Afc, ,y, . 4fr,f inH le priofi,
we pledge tnifntlvei i l" M wHI by vmi n
von mil do nl any point mi Ifeg IMKM Kiver.
We -ell for Cakn or CoiYOffi
PWlitlQ nilfselves now prrmtltietltlv settle)!
nl tliii (dure, we Clin a-siiro our fiieiuls, tliul
any bunion iniruleH to our fin e simil Iwiyi
have the iersun.il at ti'iition of one of U
Wi will at nil times bs prepnrwl lo make
Caum advances' on Cotton delivered to n-'-Try
ns we will endeavor to give MtisfilC
YooNi very respectl'ullv,
BV virtue of a Heed of Trust, to me executed by
Bowen Reynolds, to secure certain deb's to.Iohn
I iibhs, agent lor Wm. Mabson, therein mentioned,
which bears date loth of April, 1843, and has been
duly recorded in the Probate Court of Carroll county,
Mississippi, in deed book E, pages ISO and 131 I
shall, on tie FIRST MONDAY IN APRIL, K41
tit the residence of said Reynolds, in said county,
proceed to sell to the highest bidder for cash, t.ll or
so much of the following property, as sha I be sulli
cient to satisfy the said debt end all costs, to-wit
Sixteen head of Cattle, one Curt and Yoke of Oxen,
twenty head of hogs and household and kitchen fur
niture, I shall convey such title as is vested in me.
Sept. 38, 1843. 10 ts.
For the Northern District of Mississippi,
to wit:
Be IT BBMKMBEBKB, That, on the fourteenth day ol
June, in the year ot the Independence of the United
States of America, the sixly-seventh, JKBIMIAH
COOFBB, Esq., of said District, has deposited in this
(dice, the title of a Book, the right whereof ho claims
as author and proprietor, in the words following, to
wit: "Patriotism versus Abolition, und ibo Aboli
tionist .Mirror; being a .Moral and Political Examina
tion of Slavery and Abolition, as applicable to the
United States Hy Jeremiah Cooper. Esq." in con
formity to the act of Congress of the United Stale-,
entitled, "An act for the encouragement of learning,
by securing the copies of Map-;, Charts, and Books,
to the Authors and Proprietors of such copies, during
the limes therein mentioned."
l. B.j Of the District Court uf the United
States fur the Northern District of
august 10th, 1848. fl-4w.
PmI i-Ik r' Hall. rMI
i it mSlsl'R i VOiVH "
KTTKKt ni .viiitiiiniMiii.il bajvl
4 MMSlaJ li tin- li uh I.I "If 'I. (llV ll
-" -
, .eidv i nn' Ihrm. Thy ntf an
h. sad a piss sal to the tiiste that
e pjM as rciilily n rolninoM peppvr-
air I
ml I nl I ai mil POIMlt) .)
1.5, UpOII tin- I'. ttite ol
potMt di noitee i- btfiby
ledi with-
nrulilf tie
at the .l"i
William P. AIIimhi, ib
si van lo nil Ihr En III
uresen. (heir claim . l
in the lima prescribed by law, or I he) will bi
forever barred.
(if i he Batata of V. I. Alukik, dee'd,
June 8th, 18-13. IMl.
tTYS Pridny, I lie 31st d iy f July next, I will,
in obedience i Decree ol lite Clrcuii
Court of Carroll county, Mississippi, (Chan
cery s'ulo thereof,) sell in tin; highest bidder nl
puhlic sale, on a credit of twelve months, at
iiiiibrstiMHl ntnl prnrl i I by the
in Mniii''l, wlnil I rnl'ed s
inli", OM l iv, lo charter and has1
ihr nit I ilfiv. lo borrow t'roinlhn
n , i noun I, ntnl the next iu
im ni. 1 1 i i ' Hi- "i" I m per, ana
mil ii ini Inite llir inxlitutimn, tn J
he way, with a NNta cry Kstlffl
Such nhliorrrnt nml ilcttabii
u ill nieel n filial doom at Iip nrtla
naattnfl at tMStomaih, llii-hiMof the true spirit is nianilcsted by the baa
party o. .Mississippi, w e appeal
Dftiioermtie fMPiv, who claim tt-btj
ol Jellersofl, ntnl implore IMM lo
ihoulilers to t lie wheel and assist ml
the wheels of Slate out ol lb? m'tA
are nssureil, from the tone of the DJ
II Kllllf ll' III' II'
inis und
, tfriniliiisr
IihiIk, olleimvc bo
of the teeth ilurintf aleHu, mid nt times n psletirs.
iiIhhiI the lips with Hashed fherksi bleeding nt UM
,.... ,.. leis.. ii uiiii., iiiu
i w .. ... . . .... ....
' .1 .... . ... .1... .. ...I ...... . .1 I 1... I.. .... ',.,l . 1 1 1 1 I 1 . .
neio iiwt in miimi i ' im im'uj. siin, ,,mii-
shivering, headache, drowsiness, vertergo, lorpor,
disturbed dreams, sudden tartinn la sleep w it i fright
and aeraanriaa w i I , troublesome cough, fevensh-
ni sa; Hurst, plaid hue. tits, Imd taste in the mouth,
difficult araatMng, pain In the stowash or boaraie, fa-
nu'iie, nausea, squaamishneas, voraetom apeetita,
leannesa, bloated stomach or limbs, friping pains in : hond-pnviiit' meclintfl which have
various parta ol tl e hodv. n sense of something ris- . . ..I ' ,p , , ,i ?,,. U
.i ,i . i ,i i i. in dinerent parts ol iiteoiawitM
ng in the throat, ItcMnfl Ol the turns ownriN night, l"" " ' , . .
ing iii tiie inroet, itcmna ot ins inus lowaras mar
a frequenl desire to ptiss something from the bowels,
and sometimes dischtrges of slime and mucus.
Read Vie fnilotcing LiAltrii
New-York, September 18, 1S41,
Daaa DocToa: According to your requeeti we
the Court House in the town of Carrollton, havi used ycir Lozenges in several cases of worsen,
the House and lot of urouncl formerly occu- .n ,oun t!,Mn miitormly successful
pied hy John .M
! I R i . i i ft., r.. i
V OCCU-' MMiini i :-iii uiiiiui mi) succe-siiii. , u nav no
' .l:l! I... ! .1-1.1- . .. i. . .1 . .
Briuht, situated west ami i' " f 7 w ' ' ' y
. J"" IVVHI J U- H 111, " -IIIOll II I IU Ml I l 'II l a -
near to the Said rown, on the south snlc ntnl ,,, whenever occasion oilers, believing them to be
adjoining the Road leading from said Town In the best vermifuge medicine in use. We have also
V 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 s Landing. Saul lot contains about
live acres. (A particular description ol bound
ties given til the sale.) lion. with at least
two approved aecuriikd will lie required of
the purchaser,
,l.S. WKLLONS, Adm'r
Of Estate of Titos. Rhodes, dee'd.
Juno 3rd, 1 8 13. 1 4-6w,
Used your ( niigh Lozenges very extensively, and line
tlieiu fully to answer the nurnose vou recommend
Fever and wfgue i'itls,
A certain and tpttilif cure fur F'Vf nnd AftUt,
Tub extensive prevalence in this country of that
tioublesome disease FEVER AND AGUE, or IN
TERMHTENT PEVER, and the vast amount of
suffering and ilistre-s which it has occasioned, has
naturally led to the adoption ot many compound
and mixtures tor its mitigation and relict.
these some few have been found temporarily betieli-
eaaa intended to lie cured. In other cases the delete- j Y. r ' y ,
rious nature of the ingredients used in these empyri-1 h &l ,'! "T
cal eompounda, lias been found extensively prejudicial mS"tc at
.i .-. , .i H. . t came Irotii tier. S
to the constitution, not unfrequently result i na in uu , ,
ihein lur. We are yours, re4uectfu.ll v.
W. E. PLEASANT, m. d.
Dr. Smith knew a child that was cured of fits by
these Lozenges, after three years Buffering, nnd when
nothing else wi uld give her the least relief. Ha has
used them in his practice for the last two years in
several hundred CrtSt'S, Ull(i fllwftVS With HUCt'i'SS, A
boy on Hoard of one of the New Orleans Packets was
cured of tits by only one dose of then,.
.Mr. Fulsom, of Spring street, cured three of bis
children of worms by only one box.
Captain Griffin, cured bis child 8 years eld, by only
three doses she had been riven mi hv the nbvsicnna
lis I nnil rn kid ,,,,! ttra m ,.., i . ,
Among ".isiinjr away, oeing at
iuwm ir.uiceu in a sKeieion. i in; doctors could not
ial in particular cases while the .m-at majority are I , l"L cm'?' a" 1 reading the
not only utterly useless, hut absolutely deleterious- mll"" . worms, u,ou,rht probably they might be
in many instance, operation as stimulants to thedis-! ,'e ?a"s 'l the difliculty, and consequently op-
ease intended t. cured. Jn mher cases the delete- "r- Wy ",,r a MX ot his Worm 1
rwu'".' ,lrs' "Use tin; child ran to her fa- 1
the larm ouantitv of worms tbt
She is now as well nml !,.. m,, '
iw ug I mil I . 1 1 ii , 1 1 1 . 1 y lesiilllllir 111 l'l 1 i 1 L , '"""J
other affections of a highly dangerous chanrctor? i r ; ' ", I0 ved from an early
If must be evident to all persons of reflection, that n , . ,V i i, i- lozenges
tatiom are not made lO vain.
A iilit from the homl-iincstion,
will contain Foreign, I'oIiumI, Mimm
Poet, v A'Ticultural. N. Drlean'M
' ent, Legislative Proceedings of til
Session, with all other news .it impa
In oriler to put this publication j
reach ol evcrv body, we propose ws
in subscribers until the Novembtfl
the reduced price of l)NH DOLUS
vance. All who are in favor ol II
and wish it success, will plcaie
agents and procure subscribers, ki
vtty on the art of our friends,
great good towards us in a pecuniary
'view, and would more fully enable"
h snirited sheet. We expect this
them, nnd have no doubt but thaiouraj
tiniK will ! fnllv realized.
ID3 We have' the promise of
Iron, several of our worthy co-labo
cause, and in fact would be pletwl
cotnmunications from all sourasj
any subject that would be of m"
rXjWe would respectfully
izensof Carrollton lo take eacharrsj
i i ir.. in inerpase oi'rllsj
G. VV.
m; H TE
Carrollton, Miss., June 23raly
tifttiz rs JYotiee.
Taken up, by lb'tijatniii Syhes, a sorrel horse, nat
ural pacer, It years old inprs ised lo sixty dollars.
Taken up, hy t 'liarles Stovull, one light bay mare
mu'c, blind in the right eye; fourteen hands high
some gear marks; fourteen year- old; appraised to sjiito
'taken up, by J. L. ' Strnnge. one brown horse
mule; seven years old; thirteen hands high; a blem
ish -.n the rigtil eye appraised to fifty dollars.
ri iil.cn up, by Jq n Britnal, one bay horse mule 1(1
or 13 years old appraised to forty dollsrs.
Taken Bp; by Aaron I.ott. one black mule, 7 years
old; some gear marks - pppraised to forty dollars.
Tuken up, b.' MatkeW Beck, one mare mule, H or
10 bands high; dark brow n color; with a white spot
in the face appraised to VJ.j dollars.
Taken u , by Mich Sal I'vror, one sorrel horse; ball
face, with both hind feet white to the hoofs; 4 years
old appraised to 40 dollars.
Taken up by .lames Kussell, one little jay mare
vie, with a Stripe down its wethers; some gear
marks; five years old appraised to 'Jo dollars.
Julv 26th, 1843. 4 4w
Of every description, correctly executed at this office,
with natneK and ce3atcrj, on the most
reasonable terms.
KVI'.l! AND MiJi, to be treated sueceasfnlh
must be approacbetl aeientifically, and with a full
knowledge of the peculiar character of the disease,
and particularly of the leading causes of its appear
ance. Though dill'ering materially in many of its
features from other fevers, INTERMITTENT FE
VER, OR FEVER AND AGUE, is almost always
accompanied In a deranged and sometimes an irrita
ble condition of the digestive apparatus. This con
dition is indicated by a-quick pulse, thirst, pain in
the head and loins, and other evidences of fever.
To afford the desired relief by the adoption of a med
lcme calculated to operate iinon the m.irestue nnrmis
, , .. . .
i ins tin. was recently . ttea
hentiieltv. iitler oene ralin" u"e ,
Mr. W. Honewell. Bat Mmml Vl'n ir fin., i!...... A
hi-1 child and thev hromrht nv.ni; mnwm L. u..jj
, - , ' .' "t inuiureus. rvi'iiuicKV, uner peiieimn"fi - l.
I arents should alwavs keen iluwo 1 .i. . i. ..e i feet belo tw
, ,, . .... , , ' J".i-ii":.s 111 nil' ll luurus Ol lU liuiiuiv.. . . tfg
h , use, lor they are the best medicine that can be ad- i face. It was readily BUpPOSM gl
ministered to children afflicted with worms. Chil- .Medical virtues, anil has been apph3
, Mil take then, as readily as most delicious sugar leled success, and is most hiphlv recoro"
Mtldy. Price, twe:;tv-lve cents I, i. c ., .J .,, CholC, SMJ
.,.,,,, ,. .-' ' - " '"i nun ilium- ireuimeni. 01 niieuiuan-i".
rections. For sa e hv I' a. i i milium,, . . tt. n.i Hrinse?, .
. .. j . u. o4 ;i, i i.i.. iresn i.iirs. uicers. i mu-i ..rye
. . i . I r 1 1 1 1 '
Carrollton, March ftl, 1843
, Conaumpuon, t jJ
im, phthisic &?jd-H.rgSi
Eyes, Cancer,
ivor piimii nml. I'ht. nsiC. dcoiu .iij
on the Head, Tetter Worm, Uropsy.
pies. Ear-ache, Deafness, Worroaswi
m I C t s, I I v'l llr..n .
IV " : W"M8! ! I To lemove : PIesi lir-ache, Ueatness, .yml
these troub esome nH , , . e ., ai... ; ,ntment ot the M .
wmnua ttsm mOUtt l . S. i ot the stiinin,. I, K .l " " nilinuu.lllis . . riL..i;. Snre P"'".
........ ..... .,.,. unn, aim correcc ami im- ; , ""i is, wmcn s() often ltnnair the s,s ,n Horses: cois, v iioni - olisa
prove the tone of the stomach, the most ear uell aiten- ';':i,'h Mie destroy the Uvea of CHILDREN use Dr 'Sorcs. Weak Eves, Film, Scratches. -r-
turn has recently been directed by several medical I "'"v" w,or" Lozenges, a certain and ssie nrenera' So far as the proprietor ot w ' j
gentlemen ol extensive experience, and the reeuttof nror the removal of the various kinds of W, r has been informed, by those wboMwj
the investigation is the adoption of the preparation : 'yspepsia. Sour Stomach, Want of Appetite lnfan ' ed it for the Cholic, they have never, j
bare recommended as HULL'S PILLS, which having ; lle Ague, and Debility of the Stomach a, i afford relief, even from the most to
ww prepare,, will tie sole reterence to this particu- ' u S pi Digestion. Price twentv.fi.. I he Cramp Cholic, within Btiew i - v-
lar uisease, am wit.i strict regard to medical science."'" I'" 0,,x' iti,full di.ections. For sale bv taking it. and usually JTZM
ia iKiiiiii.tun uioa iu restore ine iteranged organs
of the system to a heallhiul state, mid of course to re
move, simultaneously, both the disease and its causes.
In renewing the healthy actii n of the digestive
organs, the emit of this medicine is to operate in a
highly beneficial manner upon diseases originating
in simila,- causes with Fever and Ague. A matin
m-Hiini, rsunswy ine ooweis, want ot ji- the Tooth-che , ,i r. r am cure ' UISfSMv -jn
petite, Night-8weU, Waterraah, and that most an mfallihl.-i. J :,l.cut'll,co n-conimendit as ! rHE co-nartnership heretofore
cents her luiv ;,l, ..ll Jl
C. & G. bTANt'l l l. : lie has never heard of its tailing
3-6,,). ; cure for Scalds or Burns. f01s&
1 irvkTTw. The above article has oeeu'"
LACOUNfS VEGETABLE TOOTII-ACHF ' prietor at the Drug Store of Drs- J
ELIXIR. bury, where certificates can oe -
A certain and imm,li.,u 'who have used the oil.
R. LACOtrXT k--i . . " CARRni.t.Tnx. June 12. 1&A'
. 11 u nr m riT rut .. l .
Carrollton March 81, 1843."
ob-ti,.:.... . ompU,,,,. DVSFEI'SIA; the extensive pre- ing S howWe' git- 1 name and style of Wood & Trj
.aience or wtoc 1, in Una country, lias become a mat- outany injury to theTe. ' U t(JO with MJ dissolved by mutual rMM
ter Of serious alarm For all these diseases, these nr...r'i ,.f Lu..l 1 "T (,u,ns: " possesses the s.i,l. tk. K nf the said firm- . i
Pills is an excellent remedy. Each box contains . state, and of resi.irin. . , . f" wl,cn in a niurbid i r, $M
nt aoses. it ce, only Une uollar. ; 1 ru.,. Hr, K H,J aa vij
For sale by C. SB O. RTANCILL. 7 ' v,al For s&' by
ntrmiiten, Mareh 31. 143 m-Qm
Greenwood, Miss., April 15. ti
aj rs o. Jll :ll nnlinUS P"
Osrrolraon, March 21. 184g.
occupied by Wood & Staaoa"-

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