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Louisville messenger. (Louisville, Miss.) 1842-1843, October 29, 1842, Image 1

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' ii. . 1
Vol. I.
Louisville, Miss. Saturday, October 29, 18-12.
No. 10.
I'u'dnHnttvtni Milunfav Mirninf
jiv joiin ii. iiaudv,
ttiirn urn momiktoi.
I r 1 - " - "
A'lvriiwmfiit will t inw-rud it
tlifl unit I fnt .
Nkw am Mojfcr MARicr.
CtmicMn Wiiiii msi TNiNa
Um.im I'kivvm.
t'mtd SiaittT"''i Woi,
Ppamih I'nubliwat,
Patriot do
Amfioari fluid,
SO fran pltcst,
Mir Dollar,
ll.ilf Dollars.
31 k 41 Hi.
f 4 UUa 4 Mi
lb II 18 60.
16 6t a IS .
4 I pim ,
3 HO a 3 90
New OntKaHt Citi Banii,
Duk of Louisiana, pal tp'rli.
Gait Bunk, py (ole.
Mechenle and Tradn'i Bank payitpecit.
Union Hank, 0 a 9 per cl. dist't
"it Bank, ?i a 9 do da
Louisiana State Bank, 9a II Ho do
Uiirrolltoii Zfunk, 6 h I U do do
Canal Dank, 30 a 25 do du
Commercial Bank, 9 a lido do
O'ousulMa'ed Bank,' 20 a 25 iln do
(JifKRin Hank, 36 a 40 do do
Exchange Bank, New Orleani, 5 a 61 do do
Improvement Bunk, do 55 a 60 do do
Atchauiyala Hank, do B0 a US do do
Van ol Oiletini, do 65 a 70 do do
Commercial iank, Nalcbex, checks") 1.) a 16.
on Morchanta" iJunk, Net Oileant,J . discount.
Municipality No. One 9 M percl. disc'i
Municipality No. Two, 9 a ll do do
Municipality No. Tlircc, 37 a 42 do do
United Slates ank Notes, 05 a CO due't.
Alabama Stan Bank, and Branches, 20 a 22
Hunter' Bank Poet Notes, Nalchex, 55 60
Agricultural Post Nolo, 55 a 60
Grand Uull, ' 1 65 a 70
Mississippi Unonl Bank, SO a 85
Commercial and railroad bank, Virkib'e8'i a 90
Port Gibson, ' 60 a 70
Arkansas, ' ' " 50 a CO
Ceorgia J3:ink, uncertain.
Virginia and South Carolina, pat a 5
Cincinnati, , . ' 1 a Sdise't.
Ohio Country Banks, 5 a 10
Kentucky, I a 3
Indiaim, i , 4 a 6
State J5ank of Illinois, ' ' C5 a 70
Bank of Illinois, Shawueetown, ' 65 a CO
Teiuiassee Banks, ft a 7
A O It 1! A T I' N T 1! 11 ! If I H V. f -
....... I i'miM of ff m-Ut
v.vrr.n mails .urnuAr
II MO ft M L ft.
A FAMILY M'.WSPM'l'M ill' Till:
Cikcpit Court or each Count
in this Statu 13 help:
VVliat Mon-1 County
day held. Scats.
iTiiliFy&N INaichez
Clarke '
Holmes 1
Jefferson !
, Lawrence
' jlanon, c
, Narshall '
1 Rankin .'
Scott - .
- Tishamingo
; Warren
' Washington
Wayne 4
Winston -Yalabusha
Yaoo '
do do Libert v
1 in Apl' & O Kosius'o
2 do do Bolivar
1 do doCarolt'n
:uf4inAil' Nlllouston
4 in Mar & O.G'nsboro
4 in May &N P Gibson
do do Quitman
do do Gallatin
2 in Apl' & O coaho'ch
do do Wm'sbg
Mar & Sep Hernan.
Jlav& NoiVe'dv'll
I Apl' & Oct Le'kv'll
do doSh'ds'bo
3 Mm & Sep Raymo'd
3 Apl'& UctLex'gton
3 do do Fulton
4 Jlfar'& Sept Jack' ch
2 illay & JNo Paulding
do uo Fayette
ApH & Oct Ellisville
do doDeKalb
4 May &NovUarionr
4 Apr & UctM' ticello
I do do Carth'ge
3 May & Nov Oxford
I Apl' & Oct columb's
1 Aay & Nov canton
2 pl' 4-Oct Columbia
4 do do athens '
laf 4 jfavN IT. seines
4 3ay 4- No Philadel
3af 4 ayS'JN Decatur
3 in Ap'H O Macon
laf 4 Apl & O Sarkville
3 in tfp'l O augusta
3af 4 pl $ O Pontotoc
I m May W Holmsvll
I do do Ponola
1 June 4 Dec Brandon
2af4Aay4-N HUlsboro
4inlay 4'NWestvill
laf4 Aayfi-N Fairfield
4 inilay 4'N Ch'lstou
I in pi 4" .'Ocommer
ido, do Ripley,
do do Jacinto
do , .do Vicksb'g
do do Princet'n
do; do Win'chs'
udo do Woodv'l
;?af4 ap'lfr O Louisvill
I may &. Novjcoffeevill
1 do dtfiJtfitoA
3 .
i ;
3 i
I '.:
The iffifict.ri of ll hmf t'.truU Tan
Urejml (Mirclimnl (I,., tutiij talili4riiirri( (rf
III r-aluiiliiy Clritiur.lr,'' sn'l alwt of llii
I'tiileJ srn-kly nr ulrt, (h hn
rnn mlifi(ilmn ol hislt riMio'rns tlitf
h.ivs till if (J will, iliHit-vy lntf Hit riainniity
I 'nit, a ImiihI ih,ii r of 2i Jfm. tiandnig, ami
no lin Hit! Ihri e in riiic, ui.iler li lilloal (lit
"UniltJ Utalci tiutitrdatj I'um and Clutni-
1 lit prrufnt miiiilirr will cummenri
Aod with the siipriiur (acililiet nt iiiefi hj
the pri)ncior, thry cun allont o puhlmlM
larger, huiMlxonn'r, mill hfllrr pupef lor the inn.
ney th.in ran l.e li.nl rUr hrrr. The editorial
department will be titi'u r Hi control ol teveral
jenllrnii'ii of liigli liti'rnry standing and ability,
and will be eontiiictnl v illi a ili'ire of vi'ir
and spirit tbut innt icinlcr tl.o papr-r one of Hie
TPry t't'st t er it-sncil in the country. The treat
size of tha sheet will enable the proprietors in
(ive a greater variety -uf original and spiri ted
matter tlian cmi tic found in coieinpnmry slicets.
The mutter will in miiny lesnects be of a ilifO'r-
ent quality. The tlesiyii' ol' tin proprietor! tieinj i
to make a , i
First Jiate Family Newspaper j
In every paniculai, cafculnted to' meet the
wishes 'of the people from one of lint Union
to the otlier, the fnllivin are the poiuls lo which
;hey invite attention, a einbraciiij the charuc
ter l the thm
It it a olieet of the lurgwt ilaat printed on
fair, cleur tjpe, with line while paprr, an1' e"'-
taiua more ri a.uug mutter tlian any wuiluy pu-
per puuiisni.n.
It is devoted to tne highest giailt oT liglit
Literature, each iiinubur coiiwinuig Ihrec or
lour tliasie original ami ee'icled l ALlIS; which,
while" th'ey tha'M iiiti-rc-t ttie young, shall at the
tnmetiuw point u mort'l,' liaiao coiiUms muuli
good, Hdii'r tuv had lOICIUV. A ci.e
olis compend nf well-lolii Anecdote. Rich Hu
trt ,.(
nf I ty M ( rt i'K
"f pln'l 'f . hn M 'fl Hnl 14'wm (
iIim !. uk mi'y a f4 klf pf, itri'l
mhirH tli4M ltM'tf II Itt ll ! 'Iflll.. I
I n ih iia',!)l.wH rinnli inlliiil 1 1.
i,.nf h( eii'iM. tmy f t Ih 11. 4t IT'
f en('. lit III ft'4 " 1 1 Ihit . ,
rtofXh.r iiwtt il' I t' l,r wf a umilil
tit i iff.
In IIhiM, i'iiil'l i1 lnff
it rtiiti in'i m ill rti it n't. 1 1, if an) n.'ii.
r, l try of ft ' U., ln p'ii II It Itr
'lieir, lriMi'4'l nf j hi lt'l rt t t'Hf, still' U
it tli pil t ii tli iwi mtni"ih lirirt.t' itl
Stw Yoik,!!'! Ili IWO ill 'loll, , t .i.li.rtlp.
iiennf lli l.niifNl Hiai Mjlnnlay !'
U.N I.Y I Vt O bOl.l. A U-, f" r f.
MASims AM) 70 VLV US.
Asa infant of cniiii,ntin lo 'ntiiiaiier'
forllieir tinoDitat U:;noi, or ut an itnlu I'liimit
for nriilitin u coiolini', and thut ui the
I'lihlikiirrt the CiKt 'if iiiilif nlual pin king, ih reo
tiiiou, Scr i dit lollox -ij ad(iiaiiMl admainrt
ee hem mil :
Kar trery j dnllam current mmity, free of
pottxgf, will li tent 3 copies for one yi'iir.
I'ur e trery 10 dollars cuiciil nionry, dee -if
pntt;i(p, will hittent 7 f.r une )evr.
for every il diiilart uiineiit money, l.tr til
poi'tijH!, will Ii stnl I ti i iitii e-, for one yiur.
I'm tvriy ji ii(iilri cuntnt manty, free of
po;tni;e, will be scut 4iJ topics lor out ymr.
Q-lii nociise, Imwewr, will an or.ler lecive
Utlt'iilion, unless U is in strict arcordaiire with
the iihote terms, to wit: in current money jo
admire, free nf postage. It will be a great ad-
vatiint't, if rosiruRkitr, iusiead of tending uu
individual ii.nnt, will stud lor iht uumhur of
copies in their own rinine.
Me,. P8 Clu'snut 8ircet, Philadelphia.
In the inid.it of the "hard, timbs," we
end our proposU lonh onca more lor
patronage lo a Journal io which we con
fidently hope to be able to make it the in
terest of ' eteryone capable of reading to
ubicrihe- It will be our conaiant airn to
Pointed Wit, Juki fsaiire,' imd Sentiment i report every useful iovtntion and discor
ino('''' Jt contains also ihe greatistt rv in the wide iitld of ficiaar. nd iho
vurie'j" ""ci.ini i I'm " af imi .-- - . - v--, - ...v
inarane, "-" anairglil combtnlnir. and miourinr Hie
difforeut toils, will be presented in the
most familiar and practtel manner. The-
county; societies.
het telectioiis Ironi the AuieriG.in ami Ktubii J
M;iga.ines,iid all it'e oilier louuiains of choice
Oii,'imil liti'iature. '
lii fine the IW, upon which the concern is
f.....i..,i hu heen couceiied everywhere to be
ihc first newspaper m the country in ihe quality
audtiiiauticy of itsUriK'in" ia'-'i r..iyi, i
try, anil other maiu'r. """'"'"o "...v.-.
whoe aiiiclei appenr reulaiiy us coiu.nns,
are a wariiini 01 us im-rns.
I'homas J. Beach,
J. 'JUilon Siiuieis, au
thor of " The Miama
C. 3. Arthur, nuthor ol
''Temperance l'ieiljt,,"i
"The Urikin Aler-;
clmnt," HiiiJodiw j tin-,
perauee Hiviea. . . . j
Pro lessor J. . i"Sia-
k,-, aullinr nf 'I.alhie.
'Kyd, fcr. &c. 01 "H'lto wnosnawe,"
Jesse E. Dow, author "Howard Piiickney,'
of the 'Loz of old roii-i- ineies;i -ihim,
Valley,' .
3. D. Anderson,
Lyclui H. Si"oumey,
K. . Thomas,' author
sides ,' &c. ice
R. M. WaMi.
Miss li. Leslie,
iN. S'.jWilhs, .
Kirs. t.iiiuiau. Luiunrj,
Airs. A. Annuo,
Mrs. Lambert,
James II. Dana.
Lewis J. Cist,
Lrriia J, Pierson,
Theo. S. Fay,
Geo. P. Monis,
Francis S. Osgood
Alfred 13. Street,
William Wallace.
jW:ss J. .'t.telie,
John G. vvi.ittier.
MrsC. 11. W. Esling,
Mrs. II. F. vVichoL,
Mrs.. Amelia B. V elby,
J . Tom I ill ,
J . Iloss Virowne,
l.ucy !eyiiiore,
Mrs. Mary H. Parsons,
Mrs. (Juroline F. Prue,
.mis m. 1st. Leon Loud,
.Mrs. Ann S. Stephens,
J. T. S Stullivan.
Mrs. F.. C. Stedruan.
Mm. C. Lj. lleutz.
And others.
, ptrtlon Of its columns will be devoted du
' the Lecture season, to Scientific Lectures.
Stories, appear, in every
number of the paper, with Origin
al articles on all subjects .'
crreeily reported t Iruth- a featuia posse.-std
byiiotilher weekly paper. In its columns all
the valuable Lectures of Professor Lyell on Ge
ology, in this city, and the still more interesting
one of the justly celebrate 1 Dr. Lardner, on
various Scientific subjects have appeared. The
new series of "lectures on thb renh
Revolution, bv Dr. LARDAER," jost com
menced in this city, will be reported in full, by
one of the best ieporiers in the United States.
Hence, subscribers rtruote can have all the ad
vantage of these highly popular discourses with
but little oest.k The great sweof the paper al
so enables us to give all important Congressional
Proceedings nt length, and all reports and other
public documents in full, together with occasion
al Congressional Speeches in full.
It is intendeo to make the paper one of great
interest to tne Farmer, by giving the reports of
U1C OIUOICIU 0t l. Wlli'ini vrito ( H.vt " "
inventions; late experiments in tilling, and able
pauers from fevery sours eatitled to conSdenoe;
so Ibat the agricultural portion of the community
will, find in, its column, without entrenching
upon otner matter, all that is desirable to knew,
without the expense of a separate journal ,
'As a weakly newspaper it is believed that the
not eqaaUeel tay e.y vkl,f literaiy papmnew
most suitable crop for the dili'.'rent cli
mate and toil, wiih the bett mode of
cultivaiion, will be extentivbly difcussed.
and the Garden and Orchard will occupy
a large space in our columns. Household
matters will net be lorrjotteu, and ihe re
quisite Economy for the times will be ur
ged with our best poweg. The breeding,
rearing, feeding, du'eaem, and use of all
doiresiic animals, vriil receive strict atien
lion, and in a word, every thing benelic.al
to the physical, inteilecluul and moral
condition of nmnkiiid, will be tnvesti
tei .
Our Ihaii'u are tendered for the very
liberal support to the "Agriculturist,' du
rinj the three yeart n its nitblicaiuin,
) and we ask one elfort faore trotn our pa
irons, and we believe Irotn the exceeding
cheapness and utility ot the work,' the
sjhscripiion list tan be easily increased
fourfold, if
The work will be published Monthly
on good paper recti No. to contain 16
pages well ulitcheJ-r-at $1 per annum,
To any person who will procure five tub
scribe rs and remit the money free of pos.
tage, one copy will be sent gratis; and a
C3inmisslon of 20 per cent, allowed on all
subscribers over live, As the price is
put so low, we shall be compelled to re
quire the money io advance in every in
stance. Any one disposed, is authorized
by this Prospectas to become an agent for
the work. Person aubscaibiag alter re'
ceibiog this Prospectas, can have the Vol
nraes for 1840, '41, '42, and '43 for 5.
All subscriptions to commence sad end
with a volume. Those of our friends that
do not feel disposed to act as agent for us
we hops they will be kind enough to
hand the Proaneetu over to some one that
that will take an active part in procuring
Subsbribers and forwarding thenfonas
soon as possible,
1 Publishers,
Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 1942.
A. man 'down east has a nose so
sharp that he cuts his finger when he
takes hold to blow it.
Absence. It is said that absence
cools moderate passions, but inflames
violnt and solid on. , ,,'
January, lln evlin l Imrn tri flif
fnnntli. Will hi l.ib"f mum, strt'l rt lV fir
it( k'huI wiii, liul vry tifiji rt I'liufV
iMity Ii in i Irw rflr-n f'.rzM Vi jmy
lil il' liti ( but lin will I n r)in.Un.iiil
iiixl wild, il n linn mii'T, Tin li'ly
tiotii in ilii inniifli, will lit n pfily
jirmli fit limii-wif', r.ttlir r llir lyfir lin
I)', bill )(:t Ofiil Ir iliJiTinl.
I'rhmary. Tlio nun bom in lliU
month, will lovi unry inur.li, but
tli'i l.iilioi more; lio will to sturdy nt
lidinn, but pr01l14.il ttfiio.nl. 'I'liri I i
dyr will Ik! it limit hid uii'l aircctioiiMir
wifi', ninl u trndi.T niutlii r.
Maich.'YU man born in this
month will bo rather handsome In;
will bo hottest and irii(k'iit, but ho
will ilio poor. , Tlio lady will be a
jualotw, passionate chaUcrliot, somc
tliin? given to fighting, and in old ago,
ton tuii'l of tlio buttle.
April. The nuni wliolia.i Ihe mis
fortune to bo born in this month, will
he subject to maladies. He will trav
el to Ins advantage, for he will mar
ry a rich heiress, who will , no
doubt, you all understand. Tho lady
of this month will be tall and stout,
with a litllo mouth, little feet but a
great talker.
May.'L'lie man born in this month
will be handsome and amiable. lie
will mako bis wife happy. The la
dy will bo etjually blest in every res
pect. June. The man born now, will be
of a small statue, and passionately
fond of children, but will not be loved
in return. The lady will be a person
age fond of coffee, she will be mar
ried at twenty-one, and be a fool at
June The man born in this month
vyill be lair, he will suffer death for
the wicked women he loves. The fe
male will be passably handsome, with
a sharp nose, but a fine bust. She
will be rather of a sullen temper. -
A ugust. The man will be ambi
tious and courageous, but too apt to
dies and two wives. The lady vilf
be amiable) tmd twice married ; but
the second husband will cause hei to
regret the first!
September. Ho that is born this
month will be strong, wise and pru
dent, but too easy with his wife, who j
will give him great uneasiness. The I
lady will bo round, and fair-haired,
wily discreet, affable, and beloved by
her friends.
October. The man will have a
handsome face, tloritl complexion ; he
will be wicked in his youth, and al
ways inconsistent. He will promise
one thing and do another, and remain
poor. Tho lady will be pretty, a lit
tle given to contradiction, a little co
tjU'jtish, and sometimes a little fond of
wine; sho, will give the preference to
Veaudevie. She will have three
husbands, who will dio of grief, she
will best know why.
November. The man will hare a
fine face and bo a gay deceiver. The
lady will be large, liberal, and full of
December. The man born in this
mouth will be a good sort of person,
though passionate. He will devote
himself to the army, and be betrayed
by his wife. The lady will be amia
ble and handsome, with a good voice
and a well proportioned body, she
will be married twice, and remain
poor, but remain honest. .-
nmlt, wh )m di"! Mid ffn I 11
in lln n gflivM in JmM A ,!, and WrV
liow, 7ili r Willi lli dilute wfil
liny lie n l"i hvuiff, rtf lo I M-?rn-
b! r f'-ynilirr Wid'-f lli'l roii'lm 1 1( .
i r t In "tni f'lflrf of MMy, mid
iIiti k' pt for n nH-ioii until tin row
in? 'storm of iudic-uniioii1 upon llm
world, mid liio of Mi iiihabii.ifif i nUIl
I111 to puwd or r. Thm fliin worU
H tht!fl lo b'! dinlrojrcrl, or ratliuf, pu
rifi"l by fir, nnl m"llil fervent
hot.' Tlii wi:kid arid unconverted
wbo .liall Ihun bo found In it nball al
io bo tHwml.lcd, n' pcratfd from tin
nint, nr.d, together with Satan, or
the d'-vil, lc rt.iifincd and uhlil up in
the botlomli'SM pit, and utterly destroy
edor annihilated, bavin?; no further
existence whatever -'which ii tha
second death- That then tho saint
am to bo brought from their chamber
of safety, where they had retired, and,
together with Christ, made tho ever
lasting inheritors and possessors of
this earth, which shall huva been re'
fined and purified by fire of all its
dross and tvil properties; and that in
this way and this mannerthe end of
all things is to be brought about and '
accomplished. .
"The begining of this scene, by the ;
descent and personal appearance of
Christ, it is distinctly, and confidently ,
stated; is to take place hi the ensuing
year, 1813, and probably in some of
of the early days in April, being that1
day, at any rate, on which he was cru-o
ciiied Danville ( Vermont J North
Star. "
The Millerites are at present ex
pounding their doctrines in hundreds
of places. Some converts are made,
and they are persons of all classes. We
annex, as a matter of information, the
Llatest announcement of their doc
trines : ; .. .
"Thev teach as their undoubting be
lief, from a minute examination of
prophetical writings, that there is to be
seen on this earth, a personal advent,
or appearance of Jesus Christ,' in the
same orooer person anu luriu, in
which he appeared 1800 years since
-"in like manner as he ascended m
the clouds of heaven aftcr his resur
ri'rtinn : and the cverv human eve
7 ; , J
shall witness and see his descent. That
immediatelv unon . his appearance
there is to be a general jesurrection
t. . a .
from Mie dead ol all ngmcoits or
The ladies of the West have alwayi '
been celebrated for courage, and we
find, hi the late Pittsburg papers, an-1
other proof of this bravery. On Fri-
day evening, the 30th ult., the family,
of Air. Willson, who lives in Pride V
fields, a short distance from the city
was alarmed, when about retiring to
bed, by hearing a noise in the lower
part of their dwelling, mr. W. being
absent, his wife, taking a loaded pistol'
rooms, and Just as sue got ttawtif w-so
observed a person passiug through a
door in front of her. She at once pre
sented the pistol and fired, and from
the blood discovered round premise's;
there is no doubt but the shot took
effect. Immediately ; after , the dis
charge of the pistol a man was seen
rushing ' from the house, and a third
was seen in the garden. U. S. Sat'
urday Post.
A irentleman was robbed lately in
l.nvino'ton. Kv.. in a manner which
does credit to the adroituess of the
rogue. The robbery occurred in tho
Northern Bank. The gentleman rob
bed was standing at the counter, con
versing with one of the clerks, with
his bank book, from the end of which
n. check for near two hundred dollars
was seen protruded, in his hand. While
thus conversing, a rogue seeing the
check gently slipped it trom tne dook,
unperceived by. the owner, presented
it at the counter, nan it casnea, ana
left the bank without being detected.
Shnrtlv after, the eentleman to whom
tho check belonged missed it,' and re
quested the teller to stop its payment ;
his astonishment may be conjectured
when told it had already been paid.
No clue was furnished to the detection
ot the adroit scondreL . Even i the
sufferer must say of this fellow as the
veoman said to . Sir Charles Fox, MI
admire your talents, but-konfound
your principles v u. o. oat. foal.
Ahunary iury at the late court in
Halifax, Va., commenced a regular
dance in their room above the Court,
to the tune of "Whar did you come
from? . The Sheriff was soon sent up
by Judge Leigh, with orders to pro
vide them a more suitable apartment
in the jail, where they might continue
their frolic during the night, if they
thought proper. ' " ?
Noah Webster says, that by substi
tuting to for imd, in his version of the
Bible, he has saved thirty-four pages
Of close letter-press. , i j -. ...
Ellworth, the pedestrian, completed
his extraordinary undertaking of wa Ik
ing a. 1 000 miles in a loot) hours on
Wednesday the ith inpt, :"Yv.

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