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Louisville messenger. (Louisville, Miss.) 1842-1843, April 15, 1843, Image 1

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ri.iti- nui un.i.Aiti I'Cit
Vol. J.
Louisville, Winston
lih'bvilll .mwv.siu'Mt
yirri 4 mo rmtHnuo cvittr
Nui itt'Ar Mohnimj, ir
Jalia J- Yhuinpaou.
Mis. Hahi'nlay, April 15, IHUL
MN aiiva.nci:.
f " r II v ,
, r 'iiinr:i:,ii
T n.M TV (I
. A riiitliit . I l i'Ivafc
the i iwl of ti e j ear.
Anvr iuir:r mi w II bo 1 o t I
nt the ra'c of SI (JJ per tfu r for
the (ir t ni' rt on. arid 60 cents lor
tmli wvck lh r'.ni rier ten tin r
: lo b, r ui i!itiUin(j u poire. 'I ho tinui"
i licr of inott!u.i!" r quimd, rinsi-le
, maik".! on the ii.arulu of thi oim.n
script, or Pcy will be' ins r'cil til
forbid, mi rluirgi'tl ntcori ing'y.
All Advo tisomotits from adi -Mure,
miiit I c ic?.n jvmio I with l o CASH
or they will not I) ! ins. r.ed.
Ann it ciiff oa d dat s f"t ( 711 co
wiii i.u &5 loi- county omcesio
l'.p-tali; olficts in advance.
Ynuti.v A Iwrtiy m nis inserted
ti n iisonaliK; term".
I'oslage ovist le pai I on all let'crs
rv iioctotl ".villi the office,. to unsure
it: cntion.
' in l i. -- . . . .
' -ii i nntr i ii imi , ii, j
lit in,
Oil lviL'l.llid, alo'lif. DP
do GO Jays, 2 m
Sovereigns -
Pari, GO days 5(.52 a 51.55.
Ni;.v York, at sight i ul dis.
New York, 60 dap, 2 a .3 dis.
Boston, t, s'ulit - - j a I (lis.
JJo.-ton, CO days - Hi a 3dis.
Ph ladclphia,alsight J.il clis.
J tliimore, at sight -; J a I (lis.
li.iltiinore, CO days 2 3 il s.
U. Slates Tn-a my Notes, di-;
- - $ I S4aS4 87
15a,S GuO
I'atiiott . do - - SUGOaSlo G2i
Anieii an Gold - - - al preui.
'20 frnnt, pk ets - 13 90
M xican Dollars - -- - - - - puy
Hall' Dollar - ...... - - - p ir.
Dhn. s - - - - - - - - -v-- "-. ptr.
Dank of Lo.iisiana, - - pavs specie'.
(iass H ink pays qn cii'.
MeelianifS As TratU rs, pays sjicrie.
Spanish Doubli.oas &16
iu hh.. ii tmi , Hint n (,,,,,,11,,
(' tfar ri"yt,(.r!
'I ft- Hit, m.' null, Hir . vrt I rrm
ilh living 11,114 ui ,
Ou t ,iiiif fi'im mt liinrlfp I (iifinil
I'l'ltH f J HflllK In j,
Ii i Ii Im in) I Hn,i H iii'lcr t,
V'lil i', n ii:ic rtii,jii tun. j
An t llii r.r l Miiilnin. Ihhh a rmi-i.
' Ol in iit' ul ilirn hhii,
I. veil III" l"flVf n" l',. r.iffnl tii-m,
Mine' li en. i,.,,tn i' wlm,
Malutit In.- nail iiiur i"i( tuiiliiiil
't o lillif Ii M ih ,ie,
''.if Imij It, . o'i f jjnricn f ,.tt
A Ii il) ,i mliiiin,
Juinifi, i nil m vr ii ;in inlMli,
I I. i' iiiumr. In ol J uiif j
Aii i the (jn'.-ii vve up in tti itfc;i,
! I kit cimiu fn f ,
A lit, in ihi ir Inillmv iiiiwiiitiuin,
Tho choru of tin- ca.
Tlifrr'n t;" v.ily in the itimincr !',
U'lii'ii limn hi. oci mi ted,
l.ikfl triijf iiiiii ri'lii'ihf.l hy ulci-ji,
'I'hi' Sun riilifis hi lical;
And wiii-n hcliind tin. ivestfin rotks
' At evriuidt. hi' (toe,
Unv bciiiiUniis an-ilu! crimson cloud
That curiHin hi? rrnr !
Are nut the iriHssy valleys fair,
t'lvk'.l ii. iln ir sjiriiiu' nrty 1
Ami Hit- high hills will, lorrfSU clad
llnw liciiiili al rr they !
Look nil the rH,ihat gir'tltil VHt,
Wh.-rmvnh thi earth U houn l!
Hvrii in f nr 'g ihlodt (Iri HIIH
C.'mi aiinlil iiur glaij ho liHiml.
- O'i! '(Hfrc iii lerd a radiiiiit wmht,
. A paiadi.M! cnniilie
gii fill. It-til ul" lovely things,
Ho (J .;:l with vairen sweii.
If Sin h:n I not in r il hour .,
t-Jiil- r'.i thi ilcaiacliin,
Yielding ilii-m over unto t)t-atli.
8.1(1 L-tiiiM-q-. l in e of crime!
lI(Mic is ith u the clmicrsi fJjtv'rt ,
Fll hy ii ? ill riei-HV,
And hn;ifs to hich w Itimlly cling
Puss snd.'.enlj uuay:
lei 'ini.l all ItlaU ol unrlil'e,
Thi t)lt s-(l thought isshven,
V.iinli in not - or Kbidh g pl.icc, .
Man' imiive c'.inm it Heaven!
(Jivin U' i. I ,i t, r f!y utUihk In Midi ft J , uiii . tit
I.v dl pl.y. . tit ,..M, Id.,,,'! U it
ffAvr- (tiitimiii) 1 1 1 , (f mix
ifclitMiitr . imiIiH.I. Mcjunip.
"I t'te tli?im n I iDlhn i l.i N
tihtiijr wbut wo tin) n y ui oi l
1 l!f, llf It (,HI l l O im pill t
U ih' r. If I, .,,? i (. vrrtior nil
w ould l.uvc b, en mfr. If f in, ,i
lierve, I woiil I liaVj ntn lebeii
lor two cJny.. It In nil
iibotilM, iniililV L'ftflt nerve.
I ll"f (btll. i (I,,, i !,i M i kill I
(.f i!iti'i , mil iW(t,i In ml jfuj.
tliein niri,er pull f, r Ui.Vt-iiifii,
(Aidc) .fn-t ,i lurt n,,ni. f,,f , uni t, i
niiltr. 1,-iv'it l.ent n Mrlbfxli.l
pff uli'-r an, I lawyer for lir.lblfi,
St i.,Mn U I (Hnur Tin for ami Jf,
''ir.rr Well, Jnibff! Sliiukp bn
I'liiVO I Ii - iiininli ir ilm i-l-a'ini.''
ii'sjnM jtj-np (I iwro'NiitnJ IliClt n tl i, " ' MM 'nnio,i over urnvci ut once,
il n on the brink and wont toleci ' tho two of talkinp.
utiiir (o biorjr Mff looki'dnbloti'
1 be- 'ii"lv. Thh Ml iir will in tire
lit'Ve I mil iit i.rrt v n Sh ifki v mv. P1' hell, 1 110 peonlo won't fl uid
elf,aiter nil. M v imiioii is. that be I " HfVaid too of divilont iti tho
and Ilu-kni-r are trying to rmike whig ""'y 'I'lwn mc Hican an A Mc
capiiabiirul that tlx-y idl want CIkh-'J-Jtt Harris of the Signal nnd Tall,
law to nil olf with t.iomon-totiiaL '"f'crljp of tho Settinel, together
t ey c m net up a bin; out-cry. j "'i1'1 trnn)' oihcn wbo will t ot ftand
(,'win Of eour-e iby doj the M,,y t,,,n? !,'ort of iiicondit:oial rep
wbi ouKJ help him elfif they bad haflon. Hownrd, Quitman, Wil
a cbuiice. Cov., you hava acted ( ' n.m" "n Oholsou weii't hoar nny
miulilv wrone in litis matter: von had ! ""g but the pntment of all Londs. !
p(wer enough nnd t tight to have ar-' s or m, I w ant to go it sorter in
retted Choctaw forthwith. Now, j ,1,e middle 5 pay the Planter and
you will see bow it will be, be will get j b'ow UP Union I ond.
away with the money and all the! Frccmm We mast establish a go
blame will iiisdv ha I. iid on von, and between prrs, nnd put all kinds of
' 1
hit him, lit
ttfld I'ff r MVIf. bfrnuat
trflbt furor of ch VhuU t'a V,nnk
11. mU. Ihi wat ih'j (iirt hp to nt
vui'i not whf ii I gol Init, ollcfl. (In
tvrotd tin article URiilint my uiaiigurnt
rfirortly U Wm deliver-d, nnd then
IfdKiin eofrnn out in itiioibcr ortielrt
and laid that "wo were Tlerhf i
Ui ion Hank
- pays f-p.-eie.
pa)S se i.
pays sp c'c.
- pays sjiccic.
. - 2J..26 dis.
- - 3:);. 3 "id is.
. . 80ii?3 dis.
- - 65a70 dis.
. - 55a(!0 dis.
- 55a(!0 dis.
80a85 dis.
City Hai.k
lioniMana State Bank
Cano lion li.n.k
Can d Hank - - - -Commercial
Bank -Consolidated
Bank -Citizens
Bunk -
Improvement Bank -Kxc!
ange Bank'
Bank of Oilcans - -Att
hafabnn Bank -
t'om.llrik.Natclu-zx-ks) Ufll
on Mcrdiants' B'k N. 0) -
iMu!:iei)ality No. One - - Ha 14 els
Manicipali y No. Two - .20.-22 dis
Municipality No. Three -: 65-T70 dif.
United S.ates Bank Notes - 50a55
Abu S ate Bank &. B anchcs Kiiat'l
P;anter8" B'k P. N Natchez, 60a6'
Agrictdlnial Poet Notes - - - 45(50
Grand Gulf - - - - - 70a75
ppi Union Bank - - SO1S5
Com. & R. R. B'k, VicksVurg, 87 .90
Cc-r;ii Banks - - - uncertain.
Vinnua & South Carolina - - lal
Cincinn iti Ba iks -
Ohio Coin try
banks, dic'tit.
----- - Ia3
Banks - - - - . 5a 10
Kentucky Hanks - ...... tar' a' I
J:i liana Baik- fa2
S ate Bank of Illinois - - - 60a63
Ban.c of Illinois, Shawnectovn,60a62
Tennft s n Banks - " - - - - - Ia3
Arkaa-as Binks - - - " - G0a65
v MVCRPuoi. CI.ASSttriCAT. ,
I, ifprior.. ,v 4 n,4
Ordinsry..... .4j a 4.J
Middling...... .... .v,......5i : 5
Middling fair...... ......6 n 64
Viir. I.... .71 a ? i
(lyA Fair.,, ..8 :i hj
GrjJI and fine.-. ... .. .9 1 1
Of evcrv description, ncatlycxecu
at .tins ur r tuti,
Sctne 1st. ( Enter Judge Shar
kev. Chancellor liuclmcr nnd
Parson Shatluek.
'. 'iVAtfyy -Gcntlen.e;!, I am st Try I
S'i'pe.ided that ord r to bring Choc
taw to a s! owing by counting the
money. J am alia d he will abtquat
ul zc with all the money, before we
can uct at l.im.
Person Slialliuk-Oh, be is a re
j.udiator; just let him go. When he
fixes my fee, 1 watv him lo run, but
I mnsi have, my fee, for when a par
son turns 1 twy; r, o c uise you know
it is ft r the fei s. How nuh h ea-ier
it is to k e; rogues out of the Pern
tcntiary th n souls out of I el !
Iiuck.ier l'tt rate Parson,' ba,
ha, he, h-. -
i'.-Di,! you observe, Pr;on, how
I cut lho Gouu-.ior up when 1 could
get a chance. We m ist m .ke a lit
tle whig ( apital, you know, ns we g
al nir ia this huiiHs-. , I shall say all
the. time that die Governor has. the
power, and ought to have ( xcer.iscd
it a loan time since. .
That is a happy thought. We
can make .enough out of this to beat
thc d loco loco. I tinderstai d
they are a going to present me a hill
in the morning for an injunction to
lop Gr tves and the money, but I
sha'lf put it all oft' on Tucker. I shall
say that he bay ample authority, and
has had all alonpl nd that the court
har,o pow er. Parson, give me some
mo e Port-Wine. ,
' Parsm ,S. I (ell you what it is
"entlemen. "w ',i ,ime 10 "se."P
The bro focos. You know Tucker
h,'at me for Governor; and you see I
want him and bis lackey, Freeman, to
get particular poss; you just post
pone thts search in counting, JMiarivey ,
lor two da vs.' In 'the mean time,
Choctaw will tun off with all the mo
ney, and then c will make a big
fuss generally; and say that loco foc os
will Steal anvhow, andwc will lay
it on Tnek.f'. Some will say that he
is In lohoote. with Graves; and every
hedy can't help saying thit be is a
stupid old dunce, and has neglected
to dohisdu:v, hf cause, that you know
is .t. f.uti 'nrd, as t.- Freenvm and
Matthew,-why the thing is dead out
with them., 'rixii, tf 'l.'3 luC)S
then the whigs will charge it on npu
Tvcker But Doctor, you surely
would not have me do unconstitution
ally. . I read the cor stitution and the
revised code over nine tim. s and did
not find Richard Graves mentioned
the (ir.-t time. How is a man to net
in such a case ? Giaves was elected
by the people. Encourse 1 could do
nothii.g wi.h him. I had no power.
d win Power, lu II nonsense, you
ought to have knocked l.im down &
robbed him, if the;e was no other
Tucker The bcll-fne 1 ought to
have robhedhim ; you must recoil, ct
Doctor, that 1 never was Marshal of
the Southern .District and don't un
derstand robbing and rough stealing
quite as well osyou do.
Cwin -What do you mean T'-k
erf I will give you to undoi stand,
( Enter Freeman and Matthews.)
Fireni m News, news gentlemen,
news! I sny news!! Choctaw has giv
en the guaid the slip aid run oil' L
disgube, money and all!!
Tuckir (His eyes sticking out a i
feci.) Why, you don't say so Free- J
man ? are 30U quizzing us ?
n. vr 1 n n-.i
he's gone- I always thought he was
. "Fellow by the haml ut nature marked,
Qnotrd and signed to do the deed ol thame.'
Tucker 'Com", this is no time for
poetry; rreeman, why Oraves is a
dog, sure enough! The ungrateful,
-unconscionable rascal!
Gwin What did I tell you? Let
me alone for smelling out s ealing.
Freeman what m rimes mo the
most is, that be tun off with my speech
I had committed it to memory, and
intended to have ns'onished the na
tives with it. CI Oi taw is ungrateful
to disappoint me so, .after all the
good advice I gave, him about the 3
per cent, lunci. liesioes, oniy 10 inmK
of that letter that Ittl Yerger read in
Court. I might have known it. I
shall never g t over it; (he thing is
out w ith me forevc-ronly to think
that there is evidence of my calling
on Ciictavv for another thousand, &
addressing him, "my dear , Colonel."
Gwin Yes, you have made a per
fect Jackai ares of yourseil. lou
are ruined; the people will say that
you and Matthews got the money, &
uien ici iiutiaT mu aimj. 1Jc.i..
on yon!
Freeman Doctor, : don't be too
smart; I reckon 1 can come it as well
us yon. They say that you are a de
faU"u.rmade over all yQur property
to keep dear of your creditors ana
live under a - --r. ' huury &
splendor. Then they talk rather queer
about those floats. 1 tHl y ou what it
i, some things can be done its Well as
others. You take a half a million, &
like Alexander, are called a great li
nancier, "the indefatigable Gwin,
while I get only $1100 and am call,
ed the poor little, stealing Attorney
Come, come grniiemcii
bits of poetry in it. I tell you there
is noining like poetry ma dog light.
Since ((mi lltn ,t t uppf &r to me lh.1t
I hnvo never h.l I ho toi.fi'lrnca of
my party. I tvlj Ila.in was at tin
devil, mid n lo fuli, I wish Rubin hit J
.hot hlirt through the hcuit instead of
the liiigh;
Howard Well one thing rriust
bo aid of Hagan; ho has tdleiils nd
ntrvo to entry o't his principles,
which U more, than tan be' nld of
the rest of you, and as to Fall he can
hold hi- own in any c towd; mid mark
il, gentleni"!), thoFC men will make?
ull you small fry take water, or come
0 it like men in favor of unconditional
repudiation; ba, b, he, he, ho, ho;
Is it not easy to perceive what hen
or or credit is connected with- ,itf
Does any man receive promo!i6n be-
Fulhcr Mrfthews Gentlemen, I'Cnuselie is expert at profane swear
will do any thing you say but my 'ng? Never. Low must be the char
opinion is that universal repudiation actc.r which iUch impeitinence will
will carry the day. .The pe ople don't
bc'icve in taxing poslerity, an'd more
efrpeciolly themselves. I lagan is
right if there is any merit in repudia
tion. He goes for placing it on the
broad ground of the greatest good to
the greatest number, instead of tech
nical objcc:ions, bcctise when you
come it in that way, the people will
say the- courts must decide.
Gwin (a-ide) If that man Matth
ews dou't steal before a year, I am
no judge of physiognomy. Well gen
tlemen, I want to reflect on these ques
tions. Matthews Thincs Jook eloomv.
What can bo done with the lWd' De
mocrats. ' There is Howard already
addressing the people, a d d chang
ing, talking, speaking, wiiting, fight
ing sin of a b b. Oh, excuse me,
gentlemen for prof inity ; you know
saints swear sometime. Anyhow I
am glad Ihi.t the whigs abuse How
Enter Isaac McFarran.
MFarran Well gentlemen I sup
pose y ou have heard of the escape of
Graves. It is a shocking aff.iir, but
what's the use of crying over spilt
milk, ba, ba, ha-
Gwin-How arc you on the bond
question now McFanan ?
McFarran I am eppesr d to tax
ing the masses, Doctor, (laaghter.)
But on that question I say but little.
However, my posi ion in relation to
the Planters' Bank bonds, is ns firm
and unallerable as it is independent;
tliati--, Iam.neilhcr for nor
them; (all latlgh.)
Enter Col. Howard
IIow,rdGcivcmtxi, I hope I do
not intrude. '
Matthews Not at all Col. most
happy to see you. We were just talk
ing ahout democracy.
exalt; high .must be the character
which such impcrtinenfcc will not de
grade. Inexcusable therefore, must
be the practice which has neither
reason nor passion to support 1t.
The drunkard has bis cups; the sen
sualist, his mistress; the satiiist, his
revenge; the ambitious man, his pre-
ferment the miser his gold; but the
common swearer has nothing;, he U
a fool at large ; sells bis soul for nought,
and drudges in the service of the devil
gratis. Swearing is void of all plea;
It, is not the native offspring of the
soul, nor interw oven with the texture
of the boby, nor any how allied to our
,(Vne. v lr MS f great ' mart (TilioN '
son jcxpresses it, "though some men
pour outoalhsasifthey were natural,
yet no man was ever born a swear
ing constihution. But it is a custom,
a low and paltry custom, picked up
by low and 'paltry spirits, who have
no sense of honor, ho regard to dece.v
ey; but are forced to substitute some
rhassody of nonsense to supply the
vaerncy of good sense .. Hence the
silline s cf the practice can only be
equalled by the silliness of those that ,
adopt it. '' '. ';-' ' '";
The following suggestion is froth the
Newark Daily Advertiser; v
It bad been the custom in some cf
our country districts to sell the poor
of the parish to the lowest bidder.- t
Why not dispose of political beggars
in the same w a ? Suppose when ah
office becomes vacant, the appointing
power should advertise for proposal?,
as the Pest Office does for mail con
tracts, and give it to the lowest bid
der who can furnbh the necessary'
securities. It mghtsave politicians,
some artifice at d lolly, and the coun
try much agitation and disi;Onen-
Howard So 11 seems I Jocfor.
Gwin -You are mistaken, Howard
in supposing that I have farnjsbcd
Dalian with the needful I never kt
him have'a dollar in my life.
Tucker If ever I go to Ilagan s
dinner again may l be etberially and
constitutionally damned. He not on
ly ahuscs'me in his paper himself, but
lets that d d Jackson correspondent
ridicule me almost to death. 1 am get
ting to be dow nright ashamed of my
self. If they pester me much more 1'H
resign my office, for I am out with
the w orld and don't care, a d n. I
heartily wish that Shattuck bad beat
me for Governor, (every body
laughs.) .
Gwin Yon spoke Governct of the
lJackson coi respondent. Who doyou
flippese is the autnor Ot that dialogue
in the Scajinel about you and Fiee-
' man. ,
I 7 veker Why I don't know, with-
Ift.i ifififhf lat Aoriate . editor of
r ' n . r- Ct rrnni i ' r . t , ' I , . u ,.w..- - - " --. - . --
Mum lVS-Wr 'V:',"' .U T S. p 1 don'l krrow
we must not qunrre.; on y w, tW(,k of wril.
a condition we arc .ill in. - , ' , : '
Trulv. the counlrv is sadly mctamor
Gwin -Well Howard, I see thnt phosed. Political ambition. as thing's
rr li ... k: ....! . i? .
liagan gives u iu us an in no uu.u jnow go, is tne vulgar voice 01 meuice
rily, of minds without intrinsic vigor
enough to win distinction in any Oth
er field; hence the miserable shuf-v
fling, the strife and scramble, which
render all the .scats of political power
loathsome scenes of bribery and cor-
rup ion." ' - ' ,
We do not know how long it hr.s ,
been since the first setilemcr-t of this
town, but we belicv the Fo'r,t 'was
built in 181415, and not until! tnq
day last tfeek, w ere any of the in
habitance of this town aware that
they live within less than a mile of a
gold mine. The SndividuaLwbo .d,:,
covered it, nnd showed us one of the .
pieces of gold that he dug therefrom,
(which pice we should judge would"
r.ot weigh exceeding 4 ounces,) is a -itranger
to us. He. no doubt will'
make an attempt to putcbas the land :
beneath which this hidden treasure
lies. Fort Gaines Moderator.. 1? f. -
There were, ou the- 27th olt. a sti ..."
penor procession, of Firemtn in Phil
adelphia, Pa"'"' . '

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