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Louisville messenger. (Louisville, Miss.) 1842-1843, August 26, 1843, Image 1

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('"., iff. J. II' ' .'A.. . f ... . .
plums two uollahs rr.u annum, " 4
kifpor t of ti n i plii all
vommh ii.
j.oims viiJj-; MivSsi:N(ii;itt
rM.irr.ii and roain ivi:nr
Juhn J Thompson.
annum, in ad vane-, or lllllhb, nt
tho end of the year.
AnvKurinr-MKMTi will bn inserted
at tho rate of 1 01) per fnpiiro for
the fir-t insertion, and 50 cents for
each week thi roaftor ten line! or
los, constituting a square. '1 ho luun
her of insertions requited, must l)C
marked on the margin of tho manu
script, or they will le inserted till
forbid, and cnargeu accorningiy.
All Advertisements from a oVtancr
must he accompanied with the CASH
nr thev will not be inserted.
Announcing; candidates for office
will ho' S3 for county offict$10
or stale offices in advance.
Yearly Advertisements inserted
on reasonable terms.
Postage must be paid on all letters
connected with the office, to ensure
Exchange on England, at light, pr.
Do do60days,6ia61 prm.
Da Pari?, 60 days - 5f-30a iif.35.
Do New York, at fight par aiprm
Do New York, 60 (la)-?, do al dis.
Do Boston, at siiiht - k a i prm
Do Boston. 60 days I a l dis.
Do Philadelphia, atsight iti pirn
Do Phllapelpliia,ltOday 4a l dis
Do Baltimore, at sight i a pun
Do Baltimore, 60 days Jal dis.
fj. States Treasury Notes, la1 prm.
Sovereigns -.jSl 8-la$l 87
Spanish Doubloons-16 .Wajlb50
- Jal prem.
$3 80ag: 90
. - . . . par.
. - - - - par.
par a I prm
Putriott do
American Gold
20 franc pieces -Mexican
Half Dollar
Dimes ------
Bank of Louisiana, - - - pays specie
Gass Bank .-..-- pap specie
Mechanics & Traders, pays specie
Union Bank - pay specie.
City Bank - - - pais specie.
Louisiana Slate Bank pays specie.
Carrollton Bank - - pays specie
pays specie
- 32a 31 dis
- 3oa37 dis.
. - 60a65 dis.
- 60a65 dis
45a50 dis
Canal Bank - -
Commercial Bank
Consolidated Bank
Citizens Bank
Improvement Bank
Exc iange Bank -
Bank of Oilcan?
Atchafalaya Bank .
foin.-j.inK, 7al0 dis
on lutrciianis t k
Municipality No. One F2al4 dis
Municipality No. Two 7 a 8 dis
Municipality No. Three 65au8dis.
United States Bank Notes 50a55
AU. State Bank & Branches 14 a 1 6
Planters' B'k P. N. Natchez, 60aG3
Agricultural Post Notes - 4Sa5i
Grand Gulf 70a74
Mississippi Union Bank - - 84aS7
Com. & It. R. B'k, Vicksburg, 90a93
Geortria Banks uncertain.
Virginia & South Carolina
Cincinnati Banks
Ohio Country Banks - -
Kentucky Banks
Indiana Banks
State Bank of Illinois -
Ban of Illinois, Shawneetown,60a65
Tennessee Banks - - - Jal
Arkansas Banks - - 60a65
par a2
- par a 2
. . 5aI0
par a i
-. - la2
- - 60a65
State officers.
T. M. Tucker, Governor, until 1844.
L. G. Galloway, Secretary of State.
J. E. Matthews, Aud. of Pub. Acc.
Wm. Clark, State Treasure. '
J. D. Freeman, Attorney General.
Judges of High Court rfE. ioA.
Wm. L. Sharkey, Alexander M.
Clayton and Edward Turner.
Clerk, F. W. Hopkins.
! Nlh Colli f of Krinr. uZt',Z
peaU ha. no j.j.W.luiior,, .Xrrjil
rtl.iit propcily belong io (i (Wiof
Lrrors and Appeal,, i!M,..ioii, tuo
hojden on the litst Monday of Janua
ry and July, at Jim k-on ; being virtu
ally hut on scmIoh peraniiurn.
aiuiCtlti,r,. j, Uu(kiKr, Clk.
K. L. Dixon.
The Snporior Court of ( hanrcry
tins jurUdn (ion over nil mattem. tAf.,
and f Omplaiht hat?ocv( r, hcloil"-
ing to, or cgnizahle in u court of
'uity. It hold two Bps, finnaally.
This court has original iurUdinion
rt civil cases, in which the sum in con
troversy exceeds $50. For each of
the eleven circuits, a judge and attor
ney are elected quadrennially, by the
people, from November.
This court has also exclusive crim
inal juiisdiction.
Re-orgnnization of the Judicial
Districts, as per act approved 19i
Ftbruary, 1840.
First District. Composed of the
counties of Warren, Claiborne. Wash
ington and Bolivar: Geo. Coalter,
Judge; E.G. Walker, District Atior.
S cond District. Composed of the
(ounties of Yttlobu-ha, Carroll, Choc
taw and Tallahatchie: B. F. Caru-
thers, Judge; G. F. Neil, District Attorney.
Ihird Distnlc. Composed of the
counties of Adams, ilkmson and
Jefferson: C. C. Cage. Judj;e ; Stan
hope Posey, District Attorney,
r our in District. r Composed of the
counties of Smith, Copiah, Simpson,
?co(t, IMewton and Neshoba : A. (J.
Brown, Judge: E. G. Peyton, Dist.
-tilth Di'trxct. Composed cf the
counties of Jones, Jackson, Green,
Perry, Mayne, Jaspr, Claik and
Lauderdale: Beiiry Mouugcr, Judge;
J no. Watts, District Attorney.
Sixth District. CompQM d of the
counties of Noxubee, Lowndes, Kern-
ley S,
District At loriiey
Seventh Dkrict. Couipo.-ed otthe
counties of Huds, Madison and Ran
kin: John II Rollins, Judge; Frank
lin Smith, Dijtric Attorney.
' Eighth Dirid. Composed of tha
counties of Drsoto, Coahoma, Tunice
Ponola, Lafajetle and Marshall: J.
M. Howey, Jidge ; Geo. A. Wilson
District Attorey.
Ninth Disrict. Composed of the
counties of JVLnroe, Itawamba, lislv
I.-ii. tl etef int er, Hi I'ralnlon.
(ouit l Haiified Irt'in tli avit Hi ott, .'Id Monday In Ai-
1 hut then) 1 I.', i lino to ihl( II O'C the
rule will hi Cut red. On boring
run e, affidavit taken hy cithnar
ty may b? read to how the Aiifhien.
ry or lii?tifricicury of tho fceuiitj ta
ken, provided rea'Onabh not In he
'ivenofthe Inking of (ho sainej ll
the seeuriiy is nt'ju!ge( iiHullicirnl,
llie'udilitionnl seciinly iniist h ap
proved by the court. j
Ordittd, That hereafter who a
rc-nrgumenl is oidercd, the tv-"ty.-inent
shnll be had at tl e same vrival
which it is grai.ted thu caie to be
plAced at the end of tho docA'tol (lie
district t
her, lit llilhhon nuh.
NimpM.n, 3d Moii.lay In May and No
member, at If vf vilL.
Sin'iih, -Idi Monday iii April and Oc
tober, at Fairiiield.
Talluhalrhie, 4th Monday in Mai &
November, 't Chailelon.
Tuni a, I't Monday in April Mid ()c
tidier, Ht Cointneree.
Tippah, lft Monday in Apiil niid
Ocobcr, at Riph y.
'I'islu iningo, !J ftlonday in .April fe
October, al Jacinto.
Warren, 3d Monday in April and Oc
o! cr, nt Vicksburg.
Wellington, 2d Monday fn April &
Oeti her, Princeton.
Wayne, IM Monday in April & Octo
ber, at Winchester.
Wilkinson, 1st Jlonday in April and
Octobei,a( ffbndvifle.
Winslon, 3d Aonday after tho 4th
ionday in April and October at
Yalobusha' 1st Jonday in May and
November, at Coffeeville.
Yazoo, 1st Aonday in Mav and No
vember, at Benton.
tr, Winslon Ind Oktibbeha: Head
r A I .i tl n
ley ft. uennei, juuge;nenry vray,
inston County, at the
eminiio, Portotoc, Chickasaw and
Tippah ; Stephen Adams, Judge; J.
IV. 1 hompsou District Attorney.
Tenth Disrrict.- Composed of the
Counfies of Y"po, Holmes, Attalla.
and Leake: MtrganL. Fitch, Judge;
li. A. Perry, District Attorney.
Eleventh District. Composed of
the counties of Lawrence, Covington,
Hancock, Marios, Pike, Amite and
Fraoklin : Van Tramp Crawford,
Judge; John T. Lampkin, pistrict
Of the High Court of Errors and Ap
peals, adopted at ls January term
Ordered, That hereafter when a
case is reached on the docket, if no
council appear on either side, or when
no council be marked on the docket,
the case shall be dismissed : Provi
ded, however, that such dismissal
mav be set aside, on good caue
shown, supported by affidavit ; but in
no case Will such dismissal be set a
side, unless the affidavit also show
that there are probable merits.
When any defendant in error shall
be dissatisfied with the security ta-
. -r i i u
ken in any wru oi cnoruuira, ue
mav move the court for a rule upon
the plaintfff in error to show cause,
on a day to bo named, why the super-
sedias should not be discharged, or
other security given; a copy of which
rule shall be served on the plaintiff in
error, at least five days before the
expiration oCthe earre,
The motion for the rule must be
bunded upon an affidavit of the in
sufficiency of the security taken &
the affidavit of a person interested in
the judgment below, may be read in
to which it belongs
Showing when and whore the Ciruit
. Court of each count in this State
is neiu.
Ad ams, 4lh Monday in May and No
vember, nt Natchez.
Amite, 2J Monday in May aid No
vember, at Liberty.
Attala, 1st Monday in April nd Oc
tober, Kosciusko.
Bolivar, 1st Monday in AprVand Oc
tober, at Boliver c h.
Carroll. lt IWoniJ.win A mil and Or.
tobcr. at Canoll'on. . (rVV are authorized to announce
ChiYk.-isHW. vA i..,,1.lV!.'tr ti, dth: JOHN C. HARDY as a candidal
I.nrf.iir in Inril cm. I Ort-Vmi. ;fr Sheriff of W
Choctaw, 4th Mondain March and
September, atGreensborough.
Claiborne, 4th Monday in May and
November, at Port Gibson.
Clark, 3d Monday in May and No
vember, at Quitman.
Copiah, 1st Meiidny in May and No
vember, at Gallatin.
Coahoma, 3d Monday in April and
October, t Coahoma c. h
Covington, 4th Monday in April cV
'September, at Williamsburg.
November, at Hcrnandp.
Franklin, 4th Monday in May and
NoycnibLr, at Meadvillc.
Green, 1st Monday in April and Oc
tober, at Leakvilie.
Hancock, 1st Mor.day in April and
October, at iShieldsboi-oiiHli.
Hinds, 3d Monday in June and De
cember, Ht Raymond. .
Holmes, 3d Monday in April and Oc
tober, at L'enington.
Itawamba, 3d Monday in April and
October, at Fulton,
Jaikson, 4:h Monday in March and
S piemuer, ar Jackson c h.
Ihr ihtiii2uihnl
ril and Octo- ir,idr, low d.itic, i,0 U bt
epnrnitoii Irom Lattlii, tfonony, tn
(retirhmefit, ntid milcl iidhereiicr U
th? consiltutiofi M
It will odvocato iho permanent
prosit, nion ffth.it unconsiilatbn.il,
uujinf, and oppressive Protoctlvo
S)Mein, which has so long disgrace I
and ravaged the hist interests of thi
Gicat Nation. It will oppose that
i.utrngeous nuisance, to which tha
ountry hai been so long mbjecfed,
an iifiCoitsiitulion.il, corrupt, ai d ir.
redeemable paper currency. It will
advocate ilio solid currency of the '
consuiuuon, as contemplated by its
wise and virtuous frannrs; and with
if, revival of all those moral virtues
which have been txpelhd the land,
by the pestilential inlunce of tho
hanking system, state and national.
It will denounce the establishment
of a National Bank, under any name
r guise whale er, as inexpedient, &
unconstitutional, and as fraught with
lander lo the liberties of the peoplo.
It will advocate Hip "one term" prin
ciple, in reference to the presidency
and oppose any change in the United
States constitution as to the veto pow
cr. It will denounce the assumption
of the siate debts, by the general gov
ernment, and the distribution of the
proceeds of the public lands, among
the several s;at g, on the ground of
their inexpediency, Impolicy and un- .
coi stitutionality. It will strenuously
oppose any increase cf taxation n
the people of the slate, for the pay
inent of the Mississippi Uuion Bank
Bdnds, regarding the claim as illegal
ai.d uncor siitutional; a9 decided by a
l.Tge majority of the tax payers, at
the election of 1,811, and further, by
solemn resolution of the representa
tives oi me people, in the legislature
of 1842. It Will advocate, in good
f nib, tt.e payment of the flanters'
Bank. Bonds regarding it os adjust
governmt ntal debt, crealcdunder the
terms and within ihe spirit of the
constitution of our state." It will
advocate the principle, that all just
t oJith al power is based on the con
sent of the people, .and ought to be
ensuing election.
OCrWe are authorized to announce
James B, McLellanr (the j resent
incumbent) as a candidate for Sheriff
of Winston County, at the ensuing
03" We are authorized to announce
Nelson Sanmnu as a candidate for
Cler! of the Probate Couit of Win
ston County, at the ensuing election.
fl3We are authorized to announce
William T; Lewis us a candidate
Cierfcr-vf iMe-JPfoLal -Vonrf-f
Winston County, at Ihe ensuing eJec
OrWo are authorized lo announce
Erastis Huntley us a candidate fro
Clerk of the Probate Court of Winston
County, at the ensuing election.
(KrJoHN J. Thompson will be a can- exe,C'sed for the common rrood. It
didate for Justice of the Peace, at tho I will yield a wiKine support' to the
eiiusuir.g election.
03" We are authorized to announce
J. 1 . Simms as a candidate for Clerk
ot the Probate Court of Winston Coun-
y, at the ensuing election, pf p J
0CTV c areantliorized to announce
I ,tnor OA rt i., in Wav nn.l n.lll'-. lr CL . ,.
iu. u.v ...v - iM. ii. batjiin as a canoidaio lor
veniDcr,atlJauiaing. Police member, at Ihe ensuing tie
Jefferson, 1st Monday in May and'Uion,in November nexf.
November, at Fayette. I : - ,
Jones. 4th Mondav m April and Oc- prospectus of tub
tobcr, at Ellisville.
Kemper, 4th Monday in April and
October, at DeKalb.
Lauderdale, 4th Monday in May and
November, at Maii n.
Lawrence, 4th Monday in May and
November, at Mouticeilo.
Leake, 1st Monday in Map and No
vember, at Carthage.
Lafayette, 3d Monday in May and
November, at Oxford.
Lowndes, 1st Monday in April and
October, at Columbus.
Madison. 1st Monday in May and
November, at Canton.
Marion, 3d, Monday iu April and Oc
tober, at (Adumbia.
Monroe, 4th Monday iu April mid Oc
tober, a,t Athens,
Marshall, 1st Monday after the 4th
Monday in May and November, at
Holly Springs.
Neshoba, 1st Monday after the 4th
Monday in April and Qflober, at
Newton, 1st Monday after the 4th
Monday in AJay and November, at
Decatur. .
NToxnbee, 3d Monday hv Apr.il and
October, at Macon.
Oktibbeha, 4th Monday after the 4th
Monday in April and October, at
Perry, 3d Monday in Aprjl and Oc
tober, at Augusta.
Pontotoc, 3d Monday after the 4ih
Monday in April and October, at
Pontotoc. "
Pike, 3d Monday in Apiiland OcJo-
ber, at llolmcville.
Ponolw, 1st Monday in April and Oc
tober, at Ponola.
Rankin, 1st Monday in June and Do-.
nominees of the recer.t Democratic
State Convention, nnd adhere, as far
as practicable, to the'eeneral course
of policy therein indicated. It will
advocate a well digested svstem of
public education, 'as objecU ofpri-
m;.ry noportance fpr the general dif
fusion of know ledge- . It will ar
dently advocate the Agricultural andj
Mechanical interests, as essential to
the glory and prosperity of qur com
mon country. It will advocate the
cause cf Temperance & Religion, as
necessary to good morals, social order,
Q IT A -w1-v . . .r1 " A 1 - t I
aim uucuiciicc iu, jaws, . II Will.
Published toeeky in the city of
kACKsox,Mis3Js$uri, at 3 PekAnx-jm
)Evoted to politics, literature, j promptly and feailessry expose all,
1.gricultue, news of TnE day, &c, improper public acis and proceedings
Tbe first dav nf SeniPnr irjt 01 sta'e ottKers, without "fear.
vill be issued in lhLi'v of Jai.bm.MvotJ or "ff'Ciion." Itscolumns will '
hp. first niimWnf :. .. v,tr ever be hermetically closed against
burnal, bearing the above appella- al, artif S ?f a vindictive personal,
"J 'rim i . .i nature, nssaiiinp fhfi nrivatrs m- mill.
)uit. Aiiu iiiitrivai uciween mis cc . , ' " , t
Ae time designated for the publira- ,IC characterof,eilher political friends
tbn of the Southcrn'Reformer, bein ?r. PPnenta.- It. wi4l exercise a yi-
s limited, it is deemed expedient, to 5 j V w"-lwMU"'esg over u icuemu;
nw merelv indulge in an omm.. ''d disbursing state officers; and fa
ti)n of the leaditlg p rit ciples and pro- vor a r'Sid Ysie (. economy in the
rrinent measiuei which will be dis- exPei"jtures of the staje government,
cis ed iu its. columns. It will cultivate a spirit of courtesy
Tne Southern Reformer will be the ,oward its cotemporaries othe ptfss, '
consistent, inflexiUe, and faithful ad- d,,u ver inau,6e M coarse personals
virate and expoLder of the Slut ,l advocate a tporough re
Rirhts ReDublicaii'n-fr;no r o-ji, krm P the present Penitentiarv
r i 1" w v ix, i - . . j
'9J. It willadvoce for nominal inn. rVslcmtso a8 ,0. rrevent the, labor of,
OVine lai onal Unvonf nn ac I. '" whviiuu wmuhs m luuiuwc
fir-t choice for thePrMif,.nrv. th tion wilh that of the meritprious me-
intellectual and incd-uptable sla(es- chaniQS pf tho state I its editorials.
man,Joii C. CalhoW; and for. the and, selections will embrace such
vice-presidency, the Wine, of "that suhJ'cts and articles, only, as are. de. .
honest and unswerving patriot. Levi";"" mora, "4 ueiui? ienamg io
WoODauRY, of New Hrnnshire: sub- '""cctual improvement, and practi
. r . . . I
ject,, of course, to tl.d decision of a
Democratic National (invention, so
constituted asto exprtjs faithfully
the voice pf the peopleA It will ad
vocate a frequent recdjence to the
fundamental principles! of mpm.
mer.t, and their strict aVlication to
Federal issues, as imporllj to a pro
per appreciation of ourViirhls. the
happiness of the people, aid the per
manence pi this glorious Union. It
will, undeviatihglv adhefc f h
principles so admirably, eniodied by
cal advantage; and in all respects,
aim at an elevated, dignified dehiea-'.
nor. It will sedulously avoid a course
of illiberal ily and dictation toward
the Democracy, of other, portion! c-L.
the state, and encourage, a spirit . of
justice, good fueling and armoriyt
with all- seriions. It will dohtain a,
faithful synopsis of the decisions of
Federal and Stale Courts, held at
Jackson, on all novel tagal points and
important constitutional quisticni
It will, each session, contain a gen-.

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