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Louisville messenger. (Louisville, Miss.) 1842-1843, September 02, 1843, Image 1

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II ii r v 1
fin toMirri'mtill I'Mitnll!''
J, 1 H 13.
NO. Xt
rnijirrn and itimmhii t:i.nr
Nviuiiiiay Mohkimii, iir
John J Tlioniion.
Ti:mi. TWO DOIjIjAUN per
Milium, in Advance, or lllHhh, at
tho end of tho year.
Advehtiukmicnti will be infCrtod
nt the rale of tfl 01) per tqitare for
(Ik: first insertion, and 50 cents for
each week thereafter ton liius or
lots, constituting a square. The num
Lcr of insertions rccuured. must he
marked on the marein of the mnnu
scrips or Ihcy will be inserted till
loibnl, and charged ihcoi iiiijjtiy.
All Advertisements from a dictanre.
must te accompanied with the CASH
or the v will not be inserted.
Announcing candidates for office
will bo $5 for county offices $10
for state offices in advance.
Yearly Advertisements iuscrted
on reasonable terms.
Postage must be paid on all letters
connected with the office, to ensure
Tim I Hnh com l of rJriori mil Aic
prnU Inn no jtirMictlctt, rxvcpl
what properly belong to n Court ol
Emm and Appeal! its rWn hio
loldcn on tho lint Mnndny of Jnnua-
ry ntnl July, at Jncloonj being vlitu
nlly but one icxilon Per iinnum.
Utancrlhtr.li, il. Diukiicr. Clk.
R. L Dixon.
mi p( of ,o n .plUiiiitiii, li ,r
(omt ii mtfUfif'd Iroiii thn Hlidnvit
Ihut (hero i cmise to lull q ofe, (be
ruin will be entered. On showing
uiue, affidavits Inker! by either pap
ly may be n ud to show tho suflh leu.
cy or Inmllicieiicy of the tenuity lr.
ken, provided rc'neonable notice be
given of the taking of the ii;mie, II
the security it ndjinlge'd Umullicclcrif,
the additional security muni be up
proved by the court.
Ordtnd, That hereafter when u
re-argument is oi dried, the re-nrgu-me
nt nhnll be had at tie eame term ui
which it is granted tho cause to be
plat cd at the end of the docket of the
district to which it belong.
Exchange on England, at sight, pr
Da do60days,GabJ prm
Do Pari?, 60 days - 5f.30 a 5f.35
Do New York, at sight par aiprm
Do New York, 60 day?, do a dis
. Do Boston, at sight - - i a prm
Do Boston, 60 days - i a 1 dis.
Do Philadelphia, at sight prm
Do Yhilapelplua, todays 4a i dis
Do Baltimore, at sight - i as prm
Do Baltimore, 6Q days Jal dis,
U. States Treasury Notes, lull prm
sovereigns oj o
Spanish Doubloons - $1G 20n$ 1 6 50
Pu triott do $ 1 5 50a 1 5 55
ial prem.
$3 80a S3 90
. - i - par.
American Gold,
20 franc pieces
Mexican Dollars
Half Dollar -Dimes
- n - t
Bank of Louisiana - pays specie.
Gass Bank pays specie
Mechanics & Traders, pays specie
Union Dank pays specie
City Bank - - Pa)S specie
Louisiana State Bank pays specie,
Carrollton Rank
Canal Bank
Commercial Bank
Consolidated Bank
Citizens Bank
Improvement Bank - -
Exchange Bank
Bank of Orleans
Atchafalaya Bank - -Com.
Bank, Natchez,c'ks)
on Merchants B'k N. 0(
Municipality No. One - Val4 dis
Municioalitv No. Two - . 7 a 8 dis
Municipality No. Three 65a68dis.
United States Bank Notes - 50a55
Ala. State Bank & Branches Haiti
Planters' B'k P. N. Natchez, 60aG3
The Superior Court of Clntnrcry
Iim jurisdiction over all matlcn, nlem
and complaints whatsoever, befoul
ing to, or cognizable in a court of
equity. It holds two ses. annuallf.
This court has original jurisdiction
in civil cases, in which the sum in con-
troveriy exceeds $50. For enc h pf
the eleven circuit?, a judge and attor
ney are elected quadrennially, by the
people, from November.
This court has also exclusive aim
iual jurisdiction.
Iie-orgri7uzation of the Judicial
)istricti,as per act approved 19 h
Ftbruaryi 1840.
First District. Composed of the
counties of Warren, Claiborne, lash
inglon and Bolivar: Ceo. Cbalter,
Judge; E.G. Walker, District Alton
Second JJtslrict.Lomposefi of the
counties of Yalobusha, Carroll, Choc
taw and Tallahatchie B. F. Caru-
thers, Judge; G. F. Neil, District At
Jnird JJistritc. Composed of the
counties of Adams, Wilkinson and
Jefferson? C. C. Cage, Judge; Stan
hope Posey, District Attorney,
f ourn uisiria. uompojeu oj me
counties of Smith, Copiah, Simpson,
ftcott, rtewton and ixesnona i A. u.
Brown, Judge; E. G. Peyton Dist.
Ftjih Zivrc.'-COmpoCsB of the
counties of Jones, Jatksonx (ueen,
Perrv. 7f ayne Jaspir, ' tHark and
Lauderdale; Henry luounger, Jludge:
Jno. Watts, IJtstrict Attorney.
btxtn Com post d of the
counties afJVoxupjee.LQwudea,hem
..... i:ncA .. a ru;i. i i u i
. . nr a I nrm L's r...iV. it..... n". ... W WWCVU.ie.
i uj " iKsuucii, rfvuy, wui ""Villa
LMsinci Aiiorney.
oei;enAts,icr.'-CoujpOfed ot tlie
counties of Ilmds, M,adison and Jvn
kin: John II. Rollins, Judge: Frank
lin Smith. Distric Attorney.
bighlh Ik sir ui. Composed of tya
counties of Desoto, Coahoma, Tvuiice
Ponola, Jafayette and Marshall: J.
M. Ilowey, Judge ; Geo. A Wilson,
District Attorney.
Ninth District. -v- Com posed of the
counties of Monroe. Itawamba, Tish
emingo, Pontotoc, Chickasaw ajnd
Tippah : Stephen Adams, Judge; J,
W, 1 hompson, District Attorney.
Jenlh Disenqt.-iComposta of the
counties ot Yazoo, Holmes, Attalla,
and Leakey Morgan L. Fitch, Judgc;
m ii . . i; :J. i ii
iv. .i. ren v. uismcc Auorncy. mtn
EliVf-nth District. Composed of h Au m'a
the counties ot Lawrence, Covington,
Hancock, Marion, Pike, Amite and
Franklin : Van iramp Crawford,
Showing when and where (he Ciruit
Court of each county in (his State
is neia.
Adams, 4lh Monday in May and No
vember. at Natchez.
Amite, 8d Monday in May and No-
vember,at Liberty,
Attala, 1st Monday in April and Oc
tober, Kosciusko.
Bolivar, 1st Monday in April and Oc
tober, at Boliver c h.
Carroll, ht Monday in April and Oc
tober, at Carrollton. 1 07" e are authorized to announce
Chickasaw, 'id. Monday after the 4th I JU11 liAKDY as a candidal
. ... . I fl 1JV -r. .
ceinbrr,nl llniiidon.
Smtt, 3d Mondny In April and Octo-
her, at IlllUborougb.
Simpoon, Hd Mouthy In May and No
H'inbcr, 'it II etvllle.
Smith, 'tih Monday In Apill and Oc
tihcr, nt Fiiirlilcld.
Tnllahatehie, 'Ith Monday in Ma) k
November, nt Charleston.
Tunica, lt Monday in April and Oc
tober, nt Coinnierce.
Tippah, 1st Monday In April and
October, at Ripley.
Tishciningo, k2l Monday In April &
October, nt Jncinto.
Wurren, 3d Monday h April and Oc
tober, at Vicbburg.
Washington, 2d Monday in April &
October, Princeton.
Wayne, '2d Monday in April 3; Oclo-
bcr,at Winchester.
Wilkinson, 1st ATbnday in April and
isiiwi'ei, in nooaviue.
Winston, 3d Monday after the 4th
Monday in April and October at
Yalobusha, 1st jVonday iii May and
November, at CotTeeville,
Yazoo, 1st ilondnv in Ma v and No
vember, at Benton. " ,
pays specie.
pays specie
32a3 1 dis.
. 35a37 dis.
. 60aG5 dis.
. 60a65 dis.
45a50 dis.
- 84a87 dis.
7a 10 dis.
Monday in April and October, at
Choctaw, 4th Monday in March and
(September, atureeiisbarough.
Claiborne, 4th Monday in May and
November, at Port Gibson,
Clark, 3d Monday in May and No
vember, at Quitman.
Copiah, st Monday iji May and No
vember,, a Gallatin.
Coahoma,, fid Monday hi April and
"l.l . y-. I t
uciooe,rxa ioanonvi c. ,
Covington, 4th Monday hi AprU &
September. at Williarnsburs.
DcSotp4lU Monday in March and
INpiVember, at Hernandp.
FranJcliu. 4th Monday in May and
Green, Isi Monday In Apr.il and Qc
ec. at LeaJcvU e.
ncock, lsj. Mondiiv in April and
October, aSJiifildsboroiigh.
Hinds. 3d; Monday in June and De
cember, at, Kaymond,
Ilolmesy 3d, Monday In Aoril ajid Oc
tober at Lexington
Itawamba, 3d Monday in April and
Uctober, at b qlton.
Jackson, 4,:h, Monday in March and
bi pteml)er, at Jackson c h.
asper, 2d Monday in May and No-
vempei;, at Paulfiung.
Jeflersort, 1st Monday in May and
IVoyember, at rayette.
Jones, 4th Monday in April and Oc
tober., at LllisvUle.
Kemper, 4,th Monday in April, and
October, at, Dekalb..
Lauderdale, 4th Monday in May and
for Sheriff of Winston County, at the
ensuing i-iecuon.
OrWe a re authorized to announce
James B. McLei.land (the present
incumoent; ns a candidate for Sheriit
of Win&fo.n County, at the ensuing
lh dl.tinguUhed oulheiu UlfimTin
"I'reo Irndf, low dulic, n t)f,f
leparntion from bnnki, economy, s.
trenrhmcnt, mid strict ndhorence to
the conntitution "
It will ndvocat !h 'permnneiit
prostiatlon of that unconsiitutlonnl,
imjmr, and oppressive Protective
System, which hat so longf disgraced
nd ravaged tho best interests of thil
Great Nation. It will ofpoi that:
outrageous nuiaance. to which the
country has been so long subjected,
an unconstitutional, corruut. and lr.
(redeemable paper currency. U will
hutuluic ma soi iu currency oi ine
constitution, as contemplated by it '
wise and virtuous frame rs; and with. "
it, a revival foil thoaamocal virlVVcs
which have been cxpelji d, the land,' t
by the pestilential iftflueftce o(tbe
Banking system, state and national., i
It M'ill denounce the establishment
of a National Bank, under any name
or guise whatever, as inexpedient, & '
unconstitutional, and as fraught with
danger to the liberties of the people
It will advocate the "one terra" print
ciple, in reference to. the presidency:
and oppose nny change, in the United ;
Mates constitution as to the veto pow,
er, t will denounce tb assumption '
of the state debts, by the general goxi
ernment, ana the a1str.1but10n.9f the
proceeds of the public lands, amonir
the several staks, on the ground of,
their inexpediency, impolicy and un-.' '
constitutionality. It wij.l strenuously
oppose any increase of taxation on, ,
the people of the state for the pay.
ment o( the Mississippi Union Bank; ,
Bonds, regarding the claim as illegal. '
OCT We are authorized to announce and unconstitutional 5 as decided by a
Nelson, Sansino as a candidate for large majority of the tax payers, t
Lawrenpe, 4th Monday in May and
November, at Monticello..
Leake, 1st Monday in Map and No
xr c-. m dor at i u rrn
Judge; John Lamplin, District . jfoy 3(1 Monday in May aqd
Agricultural Post Notes - 1 - 48a52 Of the High Court of Errors and Ap
peals, adopted at its January term,
Grand Gulf 70a7I
Mississippi Union Bank - 84afc7
Com. & R. R. B'k, Vicksburg, 90a93
Georgia Banks - - - uncertain,
Virginia & South Carolina par a2
November, at Oxford.
Lowndes, 1st Monday in April and
October, at Columbus.
Madison, 1st Monday in May and
November, at Canton.
Maiion, 2d Monday ia April and Oq
tober,, at Columbia,,
Ordered. That hereafter when a
case is reached on the docket, if no I Monroe, 4th Monday iu April and Oc
i council appear on either side, or when tober, at Athens.
no council be marked on the docket, Marshall, Lt Monday after the 41 h
Cincinnati Banks para 2 the case shall be dismissed: Provi- Monday in, May and NoyembQr, at
Ohio Country Banks - - . - 5a 10
Kentucky Banks ------- par a I
Indiana Banks Ia2
State Bank of Illinois - - - - 60a65
Baiiit of Illinois, Shawneetown,60a65
Tennessee Bank3 - Jai
Arkansas Banks 60a65
State officers.
T. M. Tucker, Governor, until 1844.
li. u. lalloway, Secretary of State.
J. E. Matthews, Aud. of Pub. Acc.
Wm. Clark, State Treasure.
J. D. Freeman, Attorney General.
Judges of High Court of E. & A.
Wm. L. Sharkey, Alexander M.
Clayton and Edward Tomer. .
Clerk, F. W. Hopkins.
ded, however, that such dismissal
may be set aside, on good cause
shown, supported by ainciavu ; out in
no case will such dismissal be set a-
I side, unless the affidavit also show
that there are probable merits.
When any defendant in error shall
be dissatisfied with the security ta
ken in' any writ of error bond, he
Holly Springs.
Neshoba 1st Monday after the, 4th
Monday in April and October, at
Newton, 1st Monday after the 4th
Monday jn May and November, at
Noxnbee, 3d Monday in April and
Uctober, at Macon.
may move the court for a rule upon Oktibbeha, 4th Monday after the 4th
the plaintfff in error to show cause, Monday in April and October, nt
on a day to be named, why the super- Starkville.
sedias should not be discharged, or Perry, 3d Monddy in April and Oc-
Alitor anrnri'tv DrlVPn It rr.T.f nf tiThfrh ! aimmlo
rule shall be served on the plaintiff in
error, at least five days before the
expiration of the same.
The motion for the rale must be
founded upon an affidavit of the in
sufficiency of the security taken &
the affidavit of a person interested in
the judgment below, may be read in
I oiuoiuq, ou xvionuuy, ninji, iuc tin
Monday in April and October, at
Pike, 3d Monday in April and Octo
ber, at Holmesville,
Ponoli?, 1st Monday in April and Oc
tober, at Ponola .
Rankin, 1st Monday in June and De-
Clerk'of the Probate Court of Win
ston County, at the ensuing election.
tO" We nje authorized to announce
V illiam I Lewis as a candidat"
for Clerk of the probate Court of
V mstou County, at the ensuing elec
OrWe are authorised to announce
EKAsTi'slIuxTLEYasa candidate fro
uer.i ot the Probate Court of Winston
County, $t the ensuing ejection.
OCtJoun J . Thompson will be a can.
didate for Justice of the Peace, at the
enusuing; ejection.
(KrWeare authorized to announce
1. Simms as a candidate for Clerk
of the Probate Cour.t of, Winsion Coun-
y, at the ensuing election, pf pd
fc7YY e are authorized to announce
Wm. II. Eatman as' a candidate for
Police member, at the ensuiujr elec
ttiou, in November, next.
Published weekly in the city of
The first day of September, 1843,
will be issued in the City of Jackson,
tne. hrst numaer o a new weekly
journal bearing th above appella-
nio Aiiciniervat peiween mis ez
the lime designated for the, publica
tion of the Southern RefQrjmer, beine
so limited, it is deemed expedient, to
now merely mdulge, in an enumera-.
tion of the leading principles and pro
minent measures which will be dis
cussed in Us columns.
The Southern Reformer will be the
Consistent, inflexible, aad faithful ad-
the election of 1811, and further, by ,
solemn resolution of the representa-.
.i - r .1. . . . . .
nves 01 uie people, in me legislature
of 1842. It will advocate, in good
faith, the Davment of the Plnrrv
Bank Bonds, reeardine it as a wiust
governmental debt, created under the.
forms and within . the spirit of the.
constitution of our state.' It will
advocate the principle, that all iust
political power is based on, the con-.
sent of the people, and ought to ha.
exercised for the common good. . It :
will yield a willipg supcort to the
nominees of the recent Democratic
State Convention, and adhere, as far
as practicable, to the general course
of policy therein indicated, t will,
advocate a well digested system of
public education, uas objects of pri
mary importance for the. generabdifv
fusion of knowledge." . It Will ar
dently advocate the Agricultural and,
Mechanical interests, as essential to.
the glory ani prosperity of our com-.
mon country. It will advocate the .
cause of Temperance & Religion, as,
necessary to good morals, social order,
and, obedience to laws. It wilL
prpmplly and fearlessly expose all
imnrODer Dublic acts and nroceed intra.
1 . - - ' g ' O
ot all state officers, without "fear,
fivor,or afflction." Its.columns wiJL
e,ver be hermetiqally qlosed' agajqat
all artiqles. of a vjndic.tive pqrfona.!,
nature fassailing the private or, pub-,
lie character, ofeither political friends.
or opponents. It will exercise a vi-.
gilant watcMilne.58 over all receiving.
anddisbursiog statf officers; and fa-,
vor a rigid system of, economy in the .
expenditures of the 6tate government.
It will cultivate a. spirit oc courtesy -toward
its cotemporarie.iof the, press
and,neverindulge iu coarse personalis
- - r w
by the National Contention, as its
first choice fox; the Presidency, that
intellectual and incorruptible states
man, John C. Lalbocn; and for. the
iqe-presidency, the name of, that
Democratic National Convention, so
constituted as ip express faithfully
the voice of the people. It wil ad
vocate, a frequent recurrence to the
.'tinaamcntal principles of goyern:
the convicts from corrnng in competit
tion with that of the meritorious me-,.
chanics of the state. ..In. its editomla,'
and selections, it will embrace such
subjects and articles, only, as are, de-:.
qorous, moral, and useful,.tending to
intellectual improvement, ana practi
cal advantage; and ia all respects,
aim at an elevated, dignified demea-..
nor. It will sedulously avoid a course 1
of illiberality . and dictation toward
the Democracy of other, portipns." of,
tne state, and encourage a spirit, of,;
honest and unSw.rvinr nairiof. I.-vt I wrous, moral, ana: useiui,.ien
' r 1 t m 11 . 1 a. I , a :
IVnnnnnov Mr TI" .-U'. k lUiCIICCUll lIDDiUVCmenU HtlU piatlll
iTUAyxuna j m xic m iaiiii iai hi r :.hiiim i -
lL. 3r. '. - cal advantaere: and in all Tt
jwii ui vwurse, 10 me aecisiqn 01 a
ment, and tlieif strict application to g0d. eU tar?D7- '
. : t with all sections. It will contain a.;
t all sections. It will contain
faithful, synopsis 0 the decisions of t
.ppines. of lb. f pl,, ,nd tt. per, J - JSZJXJ5 ,
manence ot this glorious Union. It ; n-r"
will undeviatincly adhere to tjie important conxtitutional questions.
principles so admirably embodied by I W'N eocn ession, contain a geA'i
Federal issues; as important to a prof
per appreciation of our rights, the

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