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- ■ .. ... . , __T , , . Uian 10,000 Readara.
____ t^iblished Weekly at 2508 5th Street
_V0LUME xvn _ !: i EV}ia FRIDAY. OCTOBER 11, 1940 - - . - NUMBER 8
m m m
Cash Grocery Moving. Onward
Mr. Herman T. Smith
Advertising Repsenl
ative Oi The Pepsi
Advertising Representative
for Pepsi Cola
MERIDIAN, Miss., Oct. 5— On Satur
day the Meridian business firms naa a j
* rare treat in the Nisit of Mr. Herman
T. Smith of Long Island. N. Y. Mr. I
Smith is advertising representative for
the Pepsi. Cola Company and without
a doubt, his ability in this important
^ field is matchless. He is a fine repre—
sentative of the Negro race, and an ex
cellent example of genuine, unselfish
Americanism. He travels over the entire
United States in interest of Pepsi Cola.
. I
Mr. Smith visited the Colored Schools
in the interest of Pepsi. Cola while in
the city last week. His visit to Meri
dian has already increased the s le of
Pepsi. Cola among our group to between
seven hundred and one thousand bottles
in one week. The Pepsi. Cola Company
is giving employment to a large number
of young folk of our race.
According to reports, this company
is spending thousands of dollars an
nually in the employment of members
of our group. This should certainly be
encouraging to us and since Pepsi. Cola
hits the. spot, we are drinking a lot.
It is a fact that if we can receive
financial support and aid through this
company, it certainly hits the spot. I
f reparation For The Fair By
FT. ! hanies, ounlj Apent and
]Mis. EsMier Butler H. D. Afjent j
* --
A b'g effort is being put forth each
c1 y by the Colored County Agent anti
i' It-monstration Agent of Lauder—
d. 1 County in order to make the fair
a success. Each day they are preparing
If ■' their exhibits which will begin
going up Saturday, October 12. This
yjfar the exhibits are being placed in
ihc Industrial Building as you enter
the fair ground. The agents are ex—
nccting a very alarge exhibit and at—
tendance this year. A large number of
fair catalogues have beer distributed
over the entire county in order that
each farmer may have a clear know—
ledge of what may be exhibited at the
All 4.H Club leaders have re—
ceived emphasized letters pertaining to
‘he fair to encourage their 4.H Club
boys and girls as well as adult farmers
and Home Demonstration women to
take a part in the fair.
i ■■■ ■ .< . ... r-. , ~ : ~ t i
The above is the likeness of Mrs. E.
F. Young, Jr., instructor of the E. F.
Young, Jr., Beauty School.
The E. F. Young, Jr., School had its ■
pidseason graduation exercises Sunday, j
September 15. The graduating address '■
was delivered by Mrs. Mammie Block
to the graduates and operators of 1940.
Mrs. Young awarded 8 diplomas to11
students finishing this course.
The graduates were lovely in white 1
gowns. '
The exercises were very impressive.
Mrs. Young is doing a wonderful work I
for the racev I <
Lauderdale County
tsiu.x-i a Active
Gotten Parity Pry
(Nej>.'o County Farm Agent)
The amount of $S0,3I„.67 has been
received for Lauderdale County farmers
on the citton parity payments. These
payments are for farmers and their
tenants in the county who cooperates
with the Agricultural Conservation
Program. The checks are being deli—
rerert to the farmers by tee county
agents in the several community meet—
ii gs that are being held over the county
this week.
MERIDIAN— Mr. James L. Oliver,
cpresenative for the Buffinton Taylor
Company of Memphis, Tenn. arrived in
lerc Sept. 8. He spent some three er
our days in the city fitting up some
>f the business men for Fall in the
me of clothes.
The Buffinton Taylor company is well
bought of by the Negro male citizens
f Meridian.
People’s Cash Groeery
At 501 - 25ih Avenue i
Opened on Saturday
The colored people in the city oi
Meridian witnessed the opening of the
People’s Cash Grocery Store in down
town Meridian, Saturday, September 2f
at 7:00 o’clock.
At the opening hour a large number
of persons were present trying to be
the first to make a purchase. Since
this was the beginning of such an effort
down town by members of our group,
I prayers were offered by the following
ministers before anything was sold: —
Reverends B. W. Coates, pastor of Union
Baptist church; E. A. Mays, pastor cf
St. Paul Methodist church; E. F. Young,
pastor or Zion Hill C.M.E. church; M.
J. Jones, pastor of Newell Chapel church
ar.d Roy L. Young, Presiding Elder of
the Meridian Distirct C.M.E. church.
I -1
Short but interesting prayers were of
fered for the. success of this business.
Several young ladies and young men
fiom the various churches were givep
jobs on the, opening day to assist in
| registering the customers and helping
to serve them. Between four and five
hundred persons registered. The pro
prietors and managers of this store are
Messrs. Walter Block, Jr., and Carl
It is the desire of these young men
to render first class service to the pub
lic and they will appreciate any en
couragement given them. Th. s far.,
they have had splendid patronage. They
are doing their best to give employment
to young men and women.
When in Meridian spend some of your
money with theee young men.
Hospital For Negroes
Opens In Starksville,
We are jnst completing the Peoples
Hospital in Starksville, Mississippi for
Negroes. Twelve (12) bed capacity. Dr.
D. A. Buckingham, Medical Director
and Surgeon in Chief. Mr. W. M. Mat
thews, Jr., Supt. Mrs. Francis Gipson
Evans, (R.N.) Head nurse.
— t
The opening and dedication of the^
ffospite.l will be in about three or fourj
weeks. I
Dr. Buckingham is a son of Meridian
and has done more than 300 successful
major operations. Mr. W. M. Matthews'
is a recent graduate of Morehouse
CJ — -
i i
The, above is the likeness of Bishop
Charles H. Phillips, senior bishop of the
Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.
Bishop Phillips resides in Cleveland, O.
at 10828 Drexel Avenue. He presides
over the First Episcopal District of the]
Colored Methodist Episcopal Church,
comprising Ohio, Kentucky, California,
For a number of years Bishop Ph i—
lips has been a beacon light in Colored
Methodism. He has not only repre
sented the C. M. E. Church and his
race in this country, but on spreial
i occasions he has represented the church
[ and his race abroad.
During the month of August, the
Convocation of the First Episcopal Dis
trict of the C.M.E. Church was held
in Cleveland at our Laine Tabernacle
Church. This was undoubtedly the
greatest Convocation held by this pre
late. It was an inspiration to find
oneself in such a spiritual atmosphere.
The people, both young and old, from
all sections of the church came to
witness this historic bind outstanding
( affair. It was an honor to see thia
prelate preside with such dignity in
, this great meeting.
I The bishop, his loving wife and dau
ghter threw the doors of their palatial
home wide open for hundreds of visi—
I tors who were anxious to have it said
i that their feet had trodden on the
beautiful carpet and their eyfcs had
beheld the beautiful walls in the home
of Bishop and Mrs. C. H. Phillips.
SUED KIR $35,000
Reverend Roy L. Young! Presiding
Elder of the Meridian District, CME
Church, has been sued for $35,000.00. It
is alleged that his car struck a motor
cycle being ridden by Mr. Glois ' A.!
Reverend Young carried liability in
surance, however, the insurance com
pany refused to defend the case on the
point that it was not notified ooncern—1
"g the accident in time to make proper 1
ivestigation. 1
The attorneys for Rev. Young are: '
he Honorables Thos. L. Bailey and R.
• Gilespie. The case was tried in the ‘
September term of Federal Court, '
esidf 3 over by D st ict Judge, Sidney t
Myers.. Attorneys for Rev. Young ;
lave made arrangement to appeal ttts c
College with a degree in Business. Mrs.
Trans received her nurse training in
Weridian. ^
Watch the Echo for the date cf
tase to t)ie United States Court of
Appeal. Rev. Young carried insurance
v th the Travelers Insurance Company.
Z ne Meeting
Sunday Sept. 29, found the members
end friends of the Meridian District
North Zone, making their way to
Pleasant Grove C. M. E. Church for
he purpose of holding the third Zone
neeting for this year. Because of a
uneral at two of our sister churches
he attendance was not so good, but
>.e work of the Zone was not materi—
fly affected.
After an interesting discussion of the
iunday School lesson and a brief de—
otion. at 12:15 Rev. Z. D. Brent
reached an inspiring sermon from
oman 12:5. So we, being many, are
nebody in Christ, and every one,
umbers one or another. Subject: "The
'oweir of Organized Body.”
After the sermon Rev. E. F. Young
joke very touchingly on the Christian
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