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Not,:—Youa Question Will Br Answered "Free" id Thu Column. For t
mPrHat, Rtfly* . . . Send only lie for my new Artroloot Rbadino & Lucsf(
t>A, Chart and receive by return mail a confidential letter of Free Advit, analyse
1 Ing three (}) Question* privately. Sign your full name, addreaa, and birthdate tw
! Rll letters, and please include a self-addressed, itamped envelope for your replye
L s D— I have a home but it is so far
from my work and I don’t get to gr
there but a few times a month now and
I want to know if I should se’l it or
rent it out? Tell me what to do as 1
am so fond of the place?
Ans: Rent it out. I don’t favor youi
selling the p'ace when there is a possi
bility of your getting married again and
you will no doubt prefer to go out oo
this place to live. You can at least
realize enough to keep up the taxes on
the place.
B K— Am I thinking wrong about my
husband and this woman? I have been
thinking it for a long time but was not
sure. And the man I have been seeing
I am not satisfied to see him any more
and 1 want to know if 1 should «ud
seeing him?
Ans: What are you two trying to do
play games to make one another jealous?
Yes, it'd be to your advantage to give
up this other party for you aren’t get
ting any happiness out of this kind of
life. Show your husband a little more
affection and he wiil behave himself
Both of you are too old to start any
of this foolishness.
L O H— I am now employed on a local
job but X would like to try out for a
better job in the city. Should I file
the application?
Ans: Yest indeed do it immediately
marry him? :r ^
Ans: No, he won’t marry you. Neither
does he want to give up hi* charming
wife and baby for you. Stop this flir
tation at once and don’t let this man
. try to ke p you fooled any longer. You
1 can’t hope to accomplish a thing in thii
world but a bad name by going with i
married man and it is time you realized
as much. By the way—hi* wife is jea
' lous and she isn’t going to fake one
tiling from you or any other girl chas
ing around after her husband. There
are several young single fellows whc
wou’d love the chance to make youi
acquaintance—get out and meet more
people. j
Ans: It will be several months before
he is in a position to get married—if
at that time you still feel that you are
in love with this man—go ahead and
get married.
M X C— I want to study and become
a nurse but my aunt is trying to tell
my mother to make me get a Job. Dc
you think I could be a good nurse and
am I suited for this work?
! Ans: Make an effort to enter nurse
; training this fall as I feel you would
make a very capable nurse. Your aunt
| doesn’t realize that you want to prepare
(yourself to help out with the other
I children and you certainly could dc
.more if you had a profession. Your mo
ther will not allow her to influence her
to any greet extent
Take the trip into the city and file
these applications. This is the only^ ^ ® * 0111 a on^ dic
way that you can pull out of yourman ** 1 Iove » married and haa 006
present rut and get ahead-as soon aichild' No one knows about our court
you get a better offer-take it. ship t0gether' 1 010 very much lovt
with him and he seems to think a great
deal of me. Does he really care or if
C B O— I am going with a man andhe pretending? He also says he is going
he says he loves me and he wants tcto marry me if there is ever a chance
marry me. Do you think I shouldWiil he?
We Lead In Our Many Specials
Come to see Us or telephone Us about our club
account, which will save you money.
More than 150 bona-fide members already.
Your Business Appreciated
1600-19th St. Free Delivery Phone 1547
l I
Harbour Floral Co,
PHONti 340
Flowers For All Occassions
Manufactures High Grade Brooms and Mops
~ Telephone 736 Meridian, Mississippi
Cleaners and Hatters ,
511-13-25th Avenue Phone 130
Notice! We have a few moieA41 model cars left
Hurry on!
Appreciates Your Patronage
Meridian's only Colored Theatre
Death List
The following deceased H. B. A. mem
bers have been reported by the fo.low
ing local presidents to be paid off in
the September Boards:
1. Lula Davis, No. 71, J S And rson
President, D’Lo
2. Clem Brown No. 54, Jas. Patrick
President. Hatt esburg
3 Ed Reese, No. 23, Rev. EBB ackman
I President. Bassfield
14. Ollie Thompson, No. 57, W C Mc
Leod. President, Bassfield
5. Brown Applewhite, No. 23, Rev. t> B
| Blackman, President, Bassfield
,6. J V McClendon, No. 96, Rev. J F
Grace. President, Porterville
T. Henrietta Dunn No. 399, John Cotton
President, Macon
8. From e Gaston No 93 G E And rson
President, Shuqualak
9. Adlean Neal, No. 252, O S McGee
President, Rose Hill
10. Aaron Harrington, No. 28S, B J Tt>
turn, President, Mt, Olive
11. O C Thigpen, No. 260, Manzie Paige
President, Laurel
12. Minnie Cruse, No. 213, Brown Me*
Ree. President, Quitman
13. Annie Lee McGowan, No. 262, Allen
Bridges, President, Jayess
14. James Wilson No. 4, George W leon
President, Macon
15. D J Harlan, No. 305, Am s Johnson
President, Macon
! 16. Dell.. Lewis, No. 125, F C Lewis
President Collinsville
17. Bamma Jones No. 477, Alex Mc
Million. President, Rose H.11
18. Char.ey Kelly, No. 28. MVB Pitts
President, Toomsuba
19. Dim h Johnson, No. 47, J C Burton
President. Meridian
20. Ike McWill.ams No. 30, Mrs. Annie
Blanks, President, Lauderdale
21. Lula Abney, No. 92, G B Arrington
Presid nt, Laurel
22. Claudie Whigham, No. 301, C 1.
Moore, President, State Line
23. Abraham Thompson No. 21, Floyd
Ott, President, Toomsuba
24. Pink e McCrea, No. 260, Manzie
Paige, President, Laurel
25. Elija Payne, No. 118. W J Rankin
| President, Weather.by
! . !
The Meridian District North Zone
met Sunday, August 31, 1941 at Zion Hill1
C. M. E. Church. It is thought to have
been the best since the organization
Reverend E. F. Young and his member;
entertained in a most satisfactory man
ner, and without a doubt, the younf
f. '' -
The Larteuse Beauty Bureau was established by the
r Godefroy Manufacturing Company to study methods
j|A of preserving women's natural beauty, and to make
f»” the results of this research available to the publil
:• v
The story of Cinderella holds n
special place In the hearts of
Women, for every woman In the
Wide world has dreamed of being
transformed from her everyday self
Into a gay, glamorous person,
fftxere’s always a Prince Charming
In the picture, a gallant lad who Is
i won on the spot by Cinderella’s
beauty and charm. The fairy-tale
1 Cinderella story is a bewitching one,
but no more exciting than the Cin
derella stories which happen In
M«1 life. However, the magic wand
that transforms ordinary girls into
glATiiour girls isn’t a wand at all.
II Is merely good sense applied to
tbs problem of making the most of
oneself. That’s beauty—and that’s
I the beauty of it 1
A modern Cinderella story Is the
ensa of the 111880111'! twins, ages 28
who were whisked to New York b.\
• national magazine to be stars ii
t 1941 version of the Cinderell.i
story. When they boarded a trair
I hj Missouri, they were girls wlu
Jwul just let themselves go. Hah
! drab and arranged carelessly, sku
with much to be de_sired, posture;
*!ouehy, clothes wrong and untint
taring, hands uncared for. The;
were too thin." listless, and lookei
ten years older than they reall;
yrhen they returned to the!
Homes after six weeks of expert ud
♦ Ice, exercise, food and beaut;
treatments, they were alert, charm
ing women, jfretty a* their maga
tinj pl.-tUMH. Their hair shorn
from'brushing and correct'sbamooc
tng their complexions were clea
and alive, they stood straight an
proudly In th'tir simple, well-cu
| Holies.
Ur Course, most Ui ua meu v, lut-njr i
enough to be glamorized by the j
perts at no cost to ourSelveS. tv®
have to do it at home and .as in- |
expensively as possible. But it can
be done; it is done evgr^day.
The first step is to take a good
look at yours^fjh a mirror—pref
erably a fiflTTehgth one. Is thal
girl "who”T(Wks back at you tbs
nToe'sf pos'Silftb' you? Is sbe the girl
who will make your day dreams ol
love and romance come true? If sl.a
isn't, don’t despair—but do get bury
and do something about it! YoM
might judge the girl you see in J'C»I
mirror by such a yardstick fis this!
Is she as clean as soap and vru
ter can make lior—as clean a< t
blue sky washed by rain? Is - * ^
neat? Dress pressed, stock' I «
seams straight, -Shoes well ca-»i
for? Is her tigure all that it she -id
he? Is her hair shining clean s 1
arranged in the most flattering pr, *
sible way? Does she sit and star*
straight? Are her hands w!
If what you see in your mlrroi
isu’t all you would like fo be, start
’ your plan for bea-uty right no*.
Beauty and charm are yours for 'v>«
earning, and the rewards ere g-c.-t.
Good times, admiration, romance
love. • i
That’s the beauty of itt
What 'are your beauty problems?
Writfr’Marui Downing. Lat eute
Beauty Bureau, f)09 i
Bird., St Louis, Mo., and she * ill i
j he glad io aorvtei t*
sure ,o enclose a ;.!j-aJJics:?Jt
people rendered th? best program wi
have had. The spirit was fine an;
everything went out like c ock work
In th? absence of Reverend Z. D. Brent
pastor of the Good Hope C rcuit, wh:
was ill, Reverend M. J. Jones, pastoi
of Newell Chapel preached to the satis
faction ot - all. He chose for a text
“Whom sha 1 I send, and who will gc
for us. Then said I. here am I; sene
me’’—Isa.ah 6:8.
Tire financial reports from the variou:
societies were round and a total oi
918.85 ws left in the treasury for the
benefit of Zion Hil church. Our nex'
meeting will be on. the Good Hope Cir
cuit at Oak Grove C. M. E. Church
Reverend Z D Brent will be the speakei
for the day.
Mrs. L. Wilson, Presiednt
About Folk
We Know-'
The East End Beauty Shop, loCatec
on 9th Avenue and 17th street is stil
showing signs of progress. Interior im
provements have changed the looks 6:
the shop greatly. Mrs. Sally Gulley
the proprietor states that her btisinea
lost is Heaven’s gain.
is grow.ng Iso rapid y that enlarging
jthe building is very much needed W
accomnv.d te her customers. She is also
' in quest "of an experienced beautician
to assist her in th,s work. Mr-. Gulley
is a graduate of the famous E. F. Young
Jr., Beauty School, located in this city
I Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Wa ker and fam!«
ly were visitors of Mrs. Jess e JJjrM
, the.r sister, of IBM-20th st. Thfe family
l.otored here from Laurel. M ss. Mrs
Walker and children spent the week
while her husband, sister and friend*
joined her for a we k-end v.sit. The
fami y left Sunday to continue theix
vacat.on in points in Louisaiana.
I _
Dear Editor:
Th s comes to let the many readet*.
know that Lodge No. 368 has lost on*
of its faithful membersTsister Jane Wil
liams. She passed August 26, 1941, She
has been a faithful member for th rteen
years In 1928 Lodge No. 368 was orga
. ni,zed with her, feeing one of its first
I She leaves to mourn her passing lout
sons, one daughter, a ho t of grand
ch.idrgr., relatives and friends. Ouf
j Funeral services were conducted by
! the Reverend A_ R. Davis of Sortag
Miss. At M. B. Church Dry Ridge, Aug
28, 1941 at 11:00 o’clock a m.
\ S. L. Walker /J
President & Reporter /
l Honest
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j I • -W m ‘ . f
{f 250S-5ih St. Meridian I

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