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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, January 06, 1838, Image 4

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'WiLL-J-lL.J J' 1 1 .!'-
frnTii5'- of ilil.i iiiisttiim living been
J granted to t!ie uodoisigncd by the Probate
Court ut t .awn-ire en,iiity, ai the O'tobcr Term,
1S'!7, (in tbi'uwof " illiam I . Mullen deccas
ed Notico in hctrhy given to oil pi-rwns having
claim a"inst Mid est.it', to prefent thein duly an
thentifnted, within the time prescribed by law, or
they will be foie.er barred j and those indebted to
Hid estate tire rctpicsieu wniaenmueaia e pay
'"""l .'. .V.IMUEL PRESTIWiE Adm'r.
Oa.'i IcSH -4-Cw.,
of mi:
be published nt Washington,!). C. quar
terly, m an 3 vo. JSoof to '"' pages;
jiri.-o $" per annua, payable in adranre. The
place ischotn'uiiot niily lor its. f.icility of informa
tion, literary and political, but because it is tint at
which the Southern Stntcs can be wired upon the
mi lertakmg with thegrcatest caxc, and with the
greatest fieednm from Mate or party jealousies.
(11 tie matter, three fnu.tlis (fiy Utipp.) (.ball
nnvi t i f rcil it H.eview, making about nine of
i!5 pp. eich. The.e as to litcruy works nt lean
iha , ' ivu c. as a eenerd ml'', foin -wh i lo-
wu.. ..'.!. ofclcr method, aow V.nostf rTiuen, Jiid
gi . j t .: i ir absti ict of the boon e;i-wed, u" It
be'.jl s it w merit. In poliii't, u'l uonn occasion-
ul sj.-ois there .vill be a g'eati Jrwi.iii.y oi dc
via til's; into mere disii ilili.iition.
lu this inctni.l of the llevetw, there will be
j fii.cn, iu each No. a paper historical of the politics
mi i e.ie.al event tif tiie .lay, to "rvo as a llisto.
rural lieter. lis etecutioiis will always be coin-mi!:.-.
i in the strongest haims only; and its purpose
1 1 p-x a unity au l rpnsistency to tha public doc
t.incs of the umicw, stichns scarcely he so well ef
fected in any ot.vr manner.
0: asi.mal iieiuispcctive Reviews will also be
enii ic;l iu t.iis p u t of the plan, with a view of
1 ivo;.i;;,ni i eoiuin degree, t:ie more curious stu
lio5. oj lorcvi.'e thekuu v ledge of important books
forgotten in the confusion of modern learning.
Vv' .iters will be led, of regular purpose, to give
their paper.-, whenever the subject will permit, the
Hum .i u eeiK.", iu order not only that they may
that, uit'iid a more complete body of itiformation,
but er'.e,also, to reprint apart, for popular circu
latum j method thht will much augment toth tlic
tepnt-.ioii ali i tbe u.-efu!iie?s of tbereview,
A Uj.ly of miscellanies some 51) pages will
foim Uitisiibo.ilnp.te and nieve am sing part of the
Journal, lwcoi.teiits will be somewhat various,
but n;l, for the moi-t part, consist of short Litera. :
y Notice.:, Iftuli.iirtplii. ul articles, a critical lit
ot ne outiucations. fo.-cmii and ilomcstic, and
ceuerui :v intcliieDce.
ill communication;, the most compressed mode
of wnuig wiii be every where ro(uired, ropers in
which lut; WJf.is do not bear t. jtist proportion to
the iitfunnutiou conveyed, or thp effect intended,
will be eiuitf i.jecud without scruple, or nuruigea
Without inmcy
To w .riant this execution, the usual rat" of
n J -J
compensation to writers wu. oe auvancro u, r.v , ,he CQns re f,om . "
tloll.tinnerui'ii.te'J uae. a puce that will offer fur , ,UJ . ., . i ...... . PoluJ'-''
WILL in a few weeks, be published at
VV'hiiistoiu District of Columbia, and
delivered simuJtaucoii'ly iu the principal cities of
the I anted folates, a new monthly magnnne under
thrab ivetitln, ilevoted to the above principles of
the Democratic party.
It has long been apparent to many of the reflec.
tbg members of the democratic party of the United
Stater, that a periodical fur the advocacy and diflfu
fion of their political principles, similar to Ihost
in such active ami influential operation in Englan
jsa desideratum, which it was vtiy iiiioort.mt to
supply a pi'.rioiiical which should unite with 'he
attractions of a sound and vigorou. literature, a
political character capable of giving elliricut sup
port to tiie doctrines and measures of that party
now maintained by a large majority of the people.
licu! sii)e the great questions of polity before the
c. untiy, ixpomi'ling and advocating tlic democrat
ic doctrine thr vghout he most ahlc pens that par
ty can furnish in at tides of greater length, tiion
condensed force, more fljaborate research- and
more elevated tone than is possible for the ncvvsp.i
per press, a M marine of this charneter hitfiines
an in.tdun. nt of inappreciable calu" for the euliht-
unmr-nt and fjiiuation ol niiblic opinion, and f r
the support of the principle? which it advocates by
triev in.irc,by tfiusexjilaiiuns and defending the
meamtresof tli.-great demornrue party and by a.
ways fiirni;hing to the puhhc a clear and power
ful commentary upon these complex questions of
policy and party which so frequently distract the
cojntry and upun which, imperfctly understood
as tticy otten are, by friends, nusrenrtseiited nnd
distorted as they never failfd to be by noJitional
opponents, it is of the utmost importance that the
public should be fully and rightfully informed, it is
UiOjicn that the periodical in question may be made
o exert n beneficial, rational, nnd lasting infer
ence mi the public mind. .
"Other considerations, which cannot be too high
ly apprecmterl, will rentier the establishment and
success of the proposed .Magazine of very g cat
"In the mighty struggle of antagonist principles
wincn is now going on in society, the Democratic
I arty in the United States stnads committed to'tlie
world as the depository and exemplar of those car
dinal doctrines of political faith with which the
Cf.use of the people in every age and country is iu
oYntified. Chieily from the wants of a convenient
means of concentrating the intellectual energies of
its disciples, this party hitherto has been almost
wholly unrepresented in the cpuhiic of Ir-uars,
while the views anti policy of its opposing creeds
are daily advocated, by the ablest and. most com
manding efTms of geiuus an. I learning.
"In the United States Magazine, iho att-mpt
will be made to renin; this reproach.'
"The present is the time peculiarly appropriate
the debvfrv v( the third number. The absolute
necessity of this rult in such on egtaUhmcut
be obvai gin nil.
Mlu return for fjr a rcniiUanea of $50,elaven
copies will beeiit;forI(H)t tweuty three copies,
i tie cett n ate ut a 1 ost Muswr of the rem ttunce
of a sum of money will be a sullicieut receipt, a l
dangers of the mail being at the r k of the pub.
"All comm'Jiiications will be addressed, jiost
paid, to the uudei iueu, tne punlislieis.
for the commencement of such an undertaking. j
The Democratic bo.'y of the union, after i conflict
wmcn teste.1 to the uttermost, its stability and its
prnui pies, nave succeeded in retailing oossesoi.
of the executb e administration of the country. In
d 1 0X DUCTED by IV, Ji, Gallagher and
J J. II. Marshall. The editor of "Western
l.ii.'rary Journal" having, in Connexion with Jas.
D. iM.irshall, Esq., become proprietor of the "Wcs
teui Monthly JMagazine," th two works have
been united, and will hereafter be published, sim
ult aiieously, at Ciuciuiiatti and fouUville. " Every
arrangement, being now made for issuing the Mag
azine punctually, and in a style qual to its .'is
nun comeiiiporariec, u is irusteu that the union
era announced will meet the approbation of the
pationsgcnei illy nf.botb publications. The read-
eis of ihii "Juunial" will find increased a tractions
in the work, from the contributions of the corres-
p indent:, of te igazine aud those of the
r.ltigazine" will not olily lind the saino, fiom the
wnaugsof tlw) correspondents of tha "Journal,"
hut v. t.i also get a larger amount of readin? nnt-
ter than they b.ive hitherto received. Not in th
spirit ol boasting, but to give patrons of the" Mag
azine an I Jouir. il" an i lea of what they may ex
pec, from month to month, as the numbers Hp
pear, the following list of occasional corresnondeuts
and regular contributors, is given j
Morgan Seville, l.dw udl). Mansfield, James
.-Perkins, Alextiidrr Kinmonr. Edward P.
Cranch,John L. Diddell, Charles li. Ramsey, R.
Hhelton MackauJe, AViikins Tannehill, I'harles
. Jones, vv in. w. oaks, Otway Curry, George I).
Prentice, Eph. IVabo iy, I'liomaa l(. Shr ne,
J ,l I- n T.i r - ... .... '
vuiiuui i.eiis, jonn i. inioii, AlDert 1'ike, Lewis
'. Thomas Airs. Caroline Ler Ilcntz. J. A.
M'Clune, II. J. Croesbeck. J. S. M'Jilton. Mb.
Harriet L. BeaJey, Dr. S. l ILldfeath and oth-
Th" Western Monthly ?,friz!ne and T.ltra
T.. 1 i.li .1 i .1 . - . - J
uuiiiinu, iuiuiMtr:i miring inn nrst week of each
moiitfi. Its general contrtutb ar Tales, Kssays,
Poetry, Sketches of American Ixcnery, Charac ter
iid Manneis, Ke.iews ami Literary notices of
iew vvoiKs in thesev jaMepartinents of Litera.
lure and Mcmne. biographical Fk'tclKs particula
ly of thaPionrers, ofthe West, Narnttives of Hot
eroi Attventures, statistical Papers, ic. .fcc.
f.ncti number ot the .VJazagme contains from
io on actavo pages, and the year is divided into
two volumes ol about 4;'J pages each.
i Linn l,nti per annum, payable at th
time ot suoa-jritMroj J.yvi, if payment be -lidaysd
six months $4,W, it delayed over that time.
Cr''.xchangps, Correspondents, and oersons
willing to sabcribe, will please address to the til
itors nt Jjouisvule iy.
remuneration to talents and labor. For, in tnis
ort of undertaking we know tii 't"ademtis stti lio-
rum pijuniit, etiam stu lia pe.iuua."
Ut tills rt'i-t- a. of a Iteview of .the Pouth, the
Tnr.) isOjs io i kc rti ,.e more to our region, now
eminTTBynee t.niit, an im. rprcier ana a iaico-
de uiocomtocii tsi p.escutative of our I.istitu
tioifs unit nf the mill. i it .cif amongst us. Such, in
thai dreat cOujicss A jjini m, where the fates of
ci; iuzed iiiii uii ai , now r, i aigely ettle.d, we do
not pufje.-s; in i we. .vi e ilrea ly siiib'.'ed much
foi it. It is Iraie to in tke ouikelves urdarstood and
resp cttf t thvre, ' The : journal which shall do this
riiust t'oinuhie the genur il strength of all who, in
!he.Nutu, love th"i country, and are capable of
doing a still actual sei' ice. ft must then be, not
tlietiinnptou or tli:; propagandist of local opinions,
but the frieii i of aii that p irsue the public good.
Into tiie vu.g ir method ot politics, debased by par
tisan rancor, or corrupted by the interest, or o ver-
st lie, the period is auspicious for ori?aniziim m.,1
rn 1 tl llfT tl fk'tti i.Cf...a..ran.4.., e. ., .....
h " in t. it. mm jjuwciitii n:,y Ol tills
cimracfr, interfering witji none and co-oueratimr
PJ0rE' IU6
- ia. 1 .. iimiii oesicn ot cue Uni
t-d Mates -Magazine.no care nor cost h..n...
e.i to rentier it, a literary pyint of view, honorable
... u.o utinuy ; mm m io cope in vigor of . rivalry
c.a ui.juttun ..tun uruiiois. . viewinptlifi h ii.
:rjish langugf as the noble heritaee and mm,nn
birthright of all who speaks the toiiffue of Milmn
and Shakespeare, it will be the uniform object of
.c.ni.miHirs io present only itie finest nro net ,.n
in the various branches of literature, that can bo
piocureu ; aim io .mi use the benefit of corwt mn,.
eis oi lasie an l worthy exculion.
"In this department the exclusivcness nf
which is inseparable from the nolitical
. But.ii a wo.k, win nave no place. If ore we all
Stan', on a neutral ground of equality and rec'mro.
n; i .l. . i ... . 1
come by the popular passion of the hous it must ZCLr". lasle 10
notfall. Prom it the oride of the Nullilier m. . " ,: . " " . -Jl . "c 08 rPC0-m-
receivciiodiiuiuution, the fidelity of the Unionist
no rj;.:uach. It must be no vantage ground to
eit ie.i party, (tor serve but as a common field,
wnere they will only contend which shall most ad.
vanci; invj c-iue of the South.
'i'o vintlicate, tiieu, our peculiar in nitutinns; to
repel with argtiHicc.t, lest pre-etitiy we be forced to
repul witn arms, all external interforence with oui
domestic condition, against the wild rule of merl
chance and corruptiou ;,to ujihold ar"p,iblican and
W len live, as listinguishe 1 froinaconwli'latina ad.
in iiistration of tae national affairs, from the disor
ders of the central Oovernuient, where reform is
hopeless, and useless, till you have g ven your
wtlvs :t.Onger and wiser loca' systems; to direct
t e jti uia view t.jwarus a home puliey of the
Pt . ..i i Inn through itsel t,to ctmfi'r upon our
peopl i .ioia olssaigs ol well orders I hhrty whit h.
Wj ex i in vain from the referal pow;r, from
the de :o;i.; of party politics abroad j to ca 1 home
ti. .tienti in of our people to those and by which
me ;vi . ao 1 Drive have otten r tiss t
zed as the common law. Our political principles
rtU .... rt. U- a ! . L . .1
i..i..i i.o wiiiiijirooiiseu, uni our common -literature,
it will be our common pride to chevkh ,.,!
extend, with a liberality of fueling unhased by
partial or minor views. -
"As tho United Statas Magazine is foitntlcd on
the broadest basis which the means ...rf in
of the Democratic party in the liited .States can
presenilis intended. to render it in ever respect
a thoroughly National Work, not inprphr fW.;.r.-...ii
forephemnraIiuteifVt and attraclion, but to f;ou-
unue oi permanent h storical value. With this
view a considerable n .ruon of each number ri t h,.
appropriated to the following subjects, la addition
io me general features referred to above.:
A general summary of political and of dnm.
ticiutelligonco, tlrgestedin the order of too Stat..
comprising all the authentic important facts of ihe
picceuding montn.
"General Literary Intelligence. Dnmnc .i
- " a j . ...n. aiiu
itirejgn. ,
"G ueral Scientific Intelligence, includidg Aff.
(lllen i-iiue.'l nptt. v,,. I i . ' .
. J tica i ncuuurai imnrnvpinrtntc a ........a nf nil t
into uou.e sn. nrosaer.m t;nminonwnlthc. . ...... ... ' " " mw i at-
.nl. - ... 'C.. ;t.i.. . . .l ... ..! I . '
iiui 11 tii, 11 i'KiuuiR, m iiunr uiTin piace, an.l con
vert t ."oi froia1 vand?.ing ml sel ish adventures
into t:iz.!;ii, the lo.eni oi. civilzition; to re-ani-'
mate p 'olio spirit and give it purpose as well as
en-tfy. to hoi !, o.er parties and pol tcians, the
' tribunil of i public opinion far diffirent f oin that
idle au l corrupt 0110 of which tho newspaper press
is ,tia voi -s : for these purposes to give ditTadon'
thio.r;h the land to sound and well considered nub-
1:. i ... . ..... ..
ic.ioctnne3,spi Bailing, with them knowledge and
taste, thmr natu.-nl allies such will be the con.
stint etfovi of that literary league, among the best
- alentsof tlic country, which has been set on foot in
tne preseut undertaking,
The foregoing prospectus was prepared Wore
any uehuita arrangement had been made connect
ingtue undersigned with the houthe' Kevi.
editor. It is adopted as expressing, with sufficient
litstuu-tness, too object, design, and plan of the
It is probable that the first number of the Tie-
Tie at will be issued some time in the month
Ictob irnext. If, however, the necessary ar
angm mt can be completed, it will appear at an
' earlier day. . . . ,
it is proper to state that the' Southern Review
wilnotbe published as.a more experiment; upon
- piUll" patronage. As the work is not undertaken
1 with any vie to pecuniary profit, it is due to the
propritors that they should not incur no itek of pe-
,."ii..iy i.)3i, i or importance oi sncn a work to
p.iopie oi ta teoutti is consrally felt and acknnwl.
edged. Its principal reliance for aupport is on
thea, and it rests with thuin to ay whether it shall
ver b called intft cxlntrnc.e or not, iSie expense
attending the publicatimi oflt will eecessarily be
very heavy, requiring at learft three thousand sub
viibars to secure tho .proprietors against serious
1" less than that number it will not be
)tn ncnr.e'l. , . . . . t , .
The un'lersined has no other conncctlnn with
th wenk than as its Editor. All communications
detiTnel forhhn in that character, will beddreMi.
o i or i.,e present, to iwistvi.'le, Northampton conn
ty, Virg-nbi, 'I'hu duty obtaiitihg suberibers, snd
of maturing nil other arramcemonts preparatory to
th piiliuhotio i, Is devolved en others. Commit
nif(fiiion.i:h s ilijocts will be mide tcj Wil
J)t W, Mobb tV.J. of Waihio-rton city.
. p. rurun.
LL 4 . , ...
-it. condensed account 01 al new worli. r r
tcrnal Improvements throughout the Union pre
ceded by a general view of all now iu ooer!i,i
or in progress. ' ,
' "Military and Naval News. Promnt'inn
xn ...... ..: - , ' -
"Foreign Intelligence. ' , . '"
U l: i . . ?.. . ...
. iogrupnicai ooituary notices of riisfinpnished
"After the clow of each session of Congresi, an
extra or an enlarged sheet will be published, cop.
taiaing a general review and history of its procoed-
...St buiim-iinti! ausiraci oi important o.licial doc-
umeius, nno ine yvcts ot the session.
" A 'rn..tn trma ni'i ..lun t... .,..1: .. '
-s, ....... .t... ur limrn nt tj,e means
concentrated in this establishment, from all quarters
.... v ....... iU ui.cti ana ingest such extensive
statistical observa tions on all important interests
oi me touiury as cannot iau w prove a very great
irn. , . .
"tms portion or the work will be
To be niibUshtd in .UhiUn.
rn. n r. . ...
i ne southern piar win roui neure lis career
with no empty prouii'es of ne t rab j promi
ses mace lor tne niO'l part to subserve tampon
r iry ends, and wiih no .e'tled pu pose ol beitij
n. iu annoi iD'e. vve shall coot eive it oar pro
vioce, as wellas our il ity, tOHdvcae wi h be
cowing zeal ihe principles which wedee'n roi
rert, ud to expose it possible, the fallacy o
such as we do not approve. .But in J .inj this
we ran nert cr cihiui it es our privilege, 1101
regard it as our duty, tosas.dl with violence oi
malignity the politirl tenets of ntbers we
shall strive so to temper our cenduct as to gave
no jusi cause oi .complaint to political advaten
ries, but at theame time, asurn au att lude
sufficiHiilIy fir n and independent to leave no
room lor ei eo skeptics to doubt our course.
It will be our purpose to applaud political vir
(U" wherever it may be found, and we sha 1
vita relentless frrasii rend the veil th.it ol
seines political iseformitv. lu our politics we
re uecuuaiy Uf:mocraiie-wo yielded a hearty,
nnd we think, well merited support fo uiurh
tha !;reater portion of thelale administration
nnd assisted to the utmost of our humhlo abili
ties, in elevating to power the present Clue
v1a:ris-iate of tbeHtion. And, thoug-h we are
edde.l to no man or parly, yet to loogas he
'..tutmuoifto follow in that line, which he has al.
rea ly. cln.iked out lor himself, we shall con
ceive hat we cm no better iim.i. ni
rtd ilelftid Ihe constitution and liheitias of the
i-tPli'e, taati oy yiei-img htm an ardent and u.
tiri.g support. Reared in the land that gave
bi.iii to the great ap tle of liberty,, weirl
lolispDem'H racy, ieffersnsi, Liberty we have
enlisted freely in the cont.sf, and our suhse-qu-nt
days shll be 'pent we trngi as our ft si
h. ve bee-i, battling in the cause o, freedom
We believe that the so styled W-, ,ja and
Kentucky resolutionna of ami 99 jj.vt a
trueesposttiou of the spirit and meaning ofti...
finlitulioo, that the political line which Kiev
"e urawo, is ma one intended to bj tlicowii
around the national government, to bepnii
iu its prescribe 1 limns, but in yicldm" to tin,
neM, we have not Ihoiight it aeccasarv (a
:.. i . 1 1 .. i . r i , r . j "
iiiuwiu uiira oiaie Uiirhts UOClriUfi.. r.m, ..i
:.. .c. a... .i. r. .. " . . "wt
in in out in Carolina ordinance of 1832.
vereior stnci construction of th .......t:(
t i . . "-"t'i "
""u, ciu can mereiore never vbsht h.
rVXIE extensive ami growing interests of the
JL South-West, its moral and social improve
mrnti and its increasing literary an I scientilic de
mands, have awakened attention to the fict that in
ihis highly important portion of our country theie
is no journal or paper exclusively devoted to liter-
ature and science, advocating, tho doctrines of no
p,,r'y '. - .
reeling the necessity ol such a piper, the Jeffer
son College aud Washington Lyceum contemplate
publishing a periodical to be entitled "j'HK
ted to literature nnd rcience,and all subjects inter
esting to the gereral reader.
It will be published semi-monthly, in the C ity tf
PaU'lie7, and will enntinu sixteen small quarto pa
ges, similar in form to the ' Penny JMagazlnr,'' on
line paper, and protected by a a good envelope, so
that it may be coin eypn to npy distance without
injury. J he pagesojine envelope will he appro-
pCriated to a'lvertienients and general notices.
The editorial department will be conducted by a
(retitleman 'ong known lu the community as tin a-
ble and spirited editor, whose zal in subjecis of
htcra tore and si lence win reinu. u an elhcient
director nf such B puf Ueation. ,
It will hp remembrred that we have work in
the South-West similar to he one in (ontempla
tionjand evetyouo whof'els a pride in nny en
terprize calculated to enhance th1? social and moral
character of our country should come forward and
asoist in carrying this worthy enterprise into oper
Pecuniary emoluments constitutes no part nf the
object of this publi'-ation. It is not mtented to
benefit any imt.ri In tl or lycemn in a pecuniary
point oi vew. 1 bier sole onict lt to advance
knowledge ami diffuse a taste for the refined enjoy
ments of I iteratnrean f fVicnre.
Nothins is wiotin"; tithe accomplishment of the
wishes of the I yrhm but the patronage of the
community; and iHs expected that this patronae
will bpn'omptly nno cheerfii ly extended.
All mmmunicfttinns in n f 'rehce to thi period.
Ical should be addressed ; post paid, to the cecreta
IT of the Lyceum, .atchez or WasHinirton. M:s
The sohscriptir.il price $5 '11, in all rams j'i ad
mit. . . ,
I he first nnmber o th.s paper will .La jfsucd jn
C. V. TI. For.'nrr,
fs.c. Mrnvi v,
J. P. B.TMM lIHtj
; -v.a.-vwmivY.-'.
i!xec:itiv Committee.
m:& 1838. To contain nu
'hat Congrsscan, without a most palpable and
dMigcrousinfrauion ol the couitit.itm,. ,i.......
-i na lien Hank, or create any other orporat
body. Yet we do u0t entorU n anv surh
an vision as ii held by tne Loco Foco i.artv ol
. . w u-ui ine zuTtt.ninKiif .1 .
n exclusive gold and silver carrucv ifi...i
covering the land with distress and w.de sprea,l
rum, we believe it i, wholly chimerical, absurd
iiju i inn uiiiim wo Jin nni r a i at 1 1
----- - --cue, c inai any pro
A hiiiinrit
for the m. ridhti of Natchez: Sketches
of the et rly Historydf the Stulej t..e Mata Con-
suiuiton ; tne names ol all i onnty and Statu Oifi.
cers; incorporated II mks, with ' their offici i
buarus, capitals, i-.-.j Popu atiou of the counties
an I county town-, with titer distances from Ja.-u.
ion; i nunc wiuuiings, l hurdies, Motels, ityres
ana ian ..lactone-, ot the principal or county towns;
incorpjiated Uailioad Companies, with their nrtl.
ciul bo.-irJ amount tif stook, au l the localities of
tneu- raiuo.iils, whether comiis(iiM!il or in contem
plation; ,ist ftft'olleges, Acadfcmiesniwl Semina
ries, with the date of th'jr incorpo.ntion, annual
income, names ot President, Professors or Princi
pals, and n imber ..tudents or pupils,'- names of
the Elation Precints. Pus Othres.
Lukes, Bayoii.sj Djscrintion ofn itu-nl ..nnHr.,.;!
L-linositios; Us;ot '. -htnvhiisr.f varioim H.mn.nS...
tions,vith tiie names of the t!Jnirvinen nnri ti,.
uuinher of members belongiiwr to each ; Tables of
me prou'icts ot t otton in various years; A .,...
rccicn onnograptiy ol the Indian name of Coun
.twin ...nu ru era in the t -hickasaw and
v-noctaw cesoions, with a mass of valnnhl. s.,..
ties relating to the soil, agrieultm e, resources an
Kiu.uuiit, m hid .new c inntips. as w. n. ih,.
State at large: To which will h.i ad l.l. n
plote Sectional Map of the State, showing ih,f,li. i.
lonscourse oi streams and location of county seats
is jiww i-iiMiirx
i ne necessity ol an annual volume like this, as
book of refcrenoe to every citizen enzaired In h i.
"in, as wen as to travellers an I stioculators, will
..iai. iu ui on, ii is neened to flevelope the
rHDIlil.Ai.. it.. C!..... . .. m . . . I
. o..v.is.,l uioom m er-R nsetu in hinim
to the emigrant, and to embody. an aceessihh,
compass, such valuable t uitistie as can be obtain-
eu jrom no othez source. ,.
' T l ..
1'iyingasiue tne considerations ' utility, the
feeling of .-state pride would be a sufiicient motivn
to sustain a pulilicntioas well eltulate.- to show.
... (j.j(j.uitfitin, agricultural wealth and
"Imost boundless resources of the State. The an
nualtpnblieatiou of the Register (tho continuation
of which depends upon the patronage of the firs!
year) will give the publisher ample opportunity to
keep up with tha improvements of the State, and
make his volumes the annual records of 'the ad
vance of society in Mercantil pursuits, in the arts,
in education, and all that embellishes lifn.
The publisher has been at the expense of send
ing an agent into every county in the State to ob
tain accurate statics on which ho could rely. I(
ha9 a'so made arraimemmts to hnvc th. ?...
map forthe Register engraved by a distinguished,
nIsl ,n an eastern city. Me has oolv to look to
a generous public for reimbursement oi" these h....
vy expenses, and forsudiciPntpatronage to mak
itan object to continue tho oolfdcatioi, in future:
Otlt. B. tl.A tmn. !.... U , . '
, ' i.e. wnww scorn to ask
Mf('la"''ai'aaMMSSMmmMtf "
.1015 PKIN mu.
1112 subsciibtrs having piiiijlipsed a fplendid
vfik nshuitment cf r.cv iyri , are pieptired M
execute Job Woik of any kind Willi lK!atncs un 1 .
despatch. , v ,
Montifcllo Sept. Wil.
HOWTNO the public aiid Indian Lands, J.
dian Ret.ervntions, Land Distikt-. T.ir..
i-hips, htreauif , Hid engraved finni tho Oovein-
ment survey., unJ plans in the (.'.ineial Land Of.
lice. Washington city; by E O.i M ix, Dlallghl-,'
man in the General IxiikI O'hcc . ,
F. TAVLOK. IoriRselb r, Washington ri?-'
has jufct published (and uvured the or.n vi i-l.t .
cording to law) of tho above Maps, whirh will l ,
found infinitely more complete and accurate than '
any heretofore published on separate fhertM each
contnir 'jii nearly six squire feet, nnd will be found
rspeejally useful and valuable to. tliOie interested
in the lands of cither States ti thry Jiow e try
item of information which is in the r.ossc si.m ,,r
t.n f .....I iir. ... .. ' ' 1
.j,,,,., voice;, le.auve n water cotincs, loan
ship lines. Indian lands and reservation.., hmd
districts, ILv., and w ill be found e;f. cily accurti'
and precise .k the.e points. Th.-v can be ienl fyr
mail to any part.nf the United Mator, subject only "
t- single leiter postage. l'fice Un dodavs, or
three copies of either wi'l be t by for
clul.lars. A liberal discount u ;n i,. ..... i.. ...
.d!mg -.e.etit?, or to nny wh-.huy to sell hg,i.
' ftlliturf of .Newspaper?, . any where, who "
will giviettbove ndv e,ti5ement (including this
notice) one or two insertions, sh'd II receive by re-
luminal a coyy of ,-,-,,.h ,Bp, jf ,,, wi;1 n(J ;
copy oftho p .per chaining it t0 the advertiser.
j' HE subscribers have just completed ,,ejr IWW
specimen book of light face.i bonk ...i i,.i.
prmtuiy types, flowers and ornaments, thp con.
tents of which tiro herewith partially given, Dpi,
...ond, 1 earl nos. 1 HuA Ag;ltr$ )os , , ,
.vgaic on oupanci uoily, IN onpa. ieJ, ,,os, 1 1,
aiid 4, luinionette.nos. I ail(l ). n,;,.!,,., '.
.1 and -I, . minion on brevier body, breve dyny
minion body brewer ll0S, J, 3 ailli treW J
bourgeois body, brevier on long pimmer d ."3
bourgois on brevier body, bourgois nos. 1, a,bnpb
f,.bmou on long primer body, l,Tg prim 3 .
JHIltl 4, loiifl r rimer no . I. : .
small pica nos. 1 and -i pic .m.,11 ll
pica nos. 1, i anl 3, , icH eng!h body, neL
nos. I and 2. great primer. na. ,... ...'....J
glish, double paragon, rnT '27'",
'wo,,,J, "'S"1 P,ca con-lonsed t.ventv
n e, seven line and ten
7 Hi.... i,ri- : i'.'- uiiiniiMiuai t, .
7, , U and 15 lines plca ..haJed, 8. 18, U and
1 b lines antiqe shaded. ' . 4 a"a
Also a large n,l bea.iful collection of flowero.
from pearl to se.en lines pica, many of which
not (o be f ,uud in any other s, eci,.?.? "m .
fortment of ornamental dashes, n .,L. '
horters nearly two thousand metal orna nen
brass rule, leads of various thick.,fi .,.. . .. .,
...athematecaland physical sign Z i ZZl
and d ishes, from 3to.'t() " ... . Mces
if' '
..d double pica scripts on fip K
nont and noiioai Bi . . . .. .
.ght and heavy face two line letter, f La io-
i.nn m.rl i.'.l;rt , ... .410 Htm ,
nmn and italic nonpareil, minimi, h,-' . ,
er and other hi-,:. ' -" M' u.Rprii
iionpaiiel, minion and bicvicr
Greek, Hebrew and Saxon.
any lor the Spanish and South American mar
kets: Snan sh French p...:.. " "ca" m.mr- -
of 111 the priiithnr husToesn a n .. L a le u.s0
furnished at short not ce.oV ' SZ" '
- K "nil.Jf. nuti.
0.1 as reasonable .erms. a, ,ny-otner .
... CONNER coOkV " '
OCT Propi-ieto.-s of oewsfeanera nrintPd' u.fri.L
r.: .. 0, y. " vcrtiscinent three times aurl-
. I minent member of th f )o
as to admit of bii.diiw b Ua.it -j .:. . ...u '-v eve'
ed with a cootoua inH. it,.. .l. n. mtiihur r.n. ii.. .... u; ' ti ' mis mat
States Manaiine will 7 ",.u" 1.H w. 7, ' pnrenerer
. , r, - voiisiHiuc a complete! mi"iiu uia' ine precioie mntu .
Annual Kcuster.on a .. .. ...L' I ... n.. ,.i .. -.. f " oieta s
andofverygreatlinponancetoallclas'sevnoton: - p.pr curren.o,; ;t,J
ly affordm? , current and comhiaed viesV, from 4"d silver at the will of th ZlZ L ?.
months of the subiects which u,;n i.... . V... . . ., c ..... no"er, for the
th value of wbtch Will incr. u,i.i, ,u j...... ' I tittnm .1,. ... r y .v 18 bPst
ofirk,h -t , , - tbi.rw;
particularly to the Democratic rT 1 - 7 m, W. ZZ "Z. "'JZ'' "L"1 . " t(' a.l
edwith the doctrines of nonnoni thL .1. fo,. u.A, . . ? ' rtsPe-'s, have
teil-will recommend it to a libera ad nd W fiKtune. . of
,.ri .romau pomes, ana from the larMM.r. t .. . ..
party. xn tnus launcmng out upon the trou bled bosom
"Tonrnmnt- ih. i ... . the p-litb al ocean, we are Burnt-. ii..
nyinC upon the nnite'd , To) 'It 7em" V!T "'
nn.. .. 1 . . ""mocratie I tiunuRrn course ti tht. h... r . I"
"in as Momowiers, the pries of subucrln. I ,7 V " ' prosperity. jut
tion isfixod at the low rate of five dolll W'hU our canva.M 10 andtrus
aum, while in mechenlcal arraneemenft 1..
e, quantity of ' matter, th Uaited State.
.k.. wu, oojmvcea on a par at least with the
leading monthlies of EmrlanJ. Th. k-.. T
e . , . m winf Will
fora. three larpe octavo volnmer each rear.
44 "he siihsrrinlion will h In sill HMs ma t.1 i
lYtiaceor (for ifc.fi.t yearonly4 iloilun 19
wilh a good helmsman and sober 1.,
1 andtrust
rew we shall ere
loniv riclM Ant nf th at In -:.. l
c 1 . . M '" in, aim moor our
little craft along side vessels 0r ...
stronger bottom. As intimated above, LitPrator.
Vwum 4r'...,.ii,... S......1.1. . '""raturp
S.i.tncil. A rii.iiltiim Jt... ...lit. , .
pf oui attonUooi. ' ,n'"Poon
favor thatmy not hn f.lly earned by the intrinsic
merit and value of the R-:st"r.
Hecninmend.s hisentenwlco tn t.... -r l-
,, . . ... ..liissrs ,., niH
wnowitizeiis. to ,Iudgs,-County 'Clerks. Rp.iV
..... u.iu uiipnr ..1n1.11 1 i-.F, 11 nn in,. ...... i
,. . , ,. ' " " " t "tits vitiim-
Die information tor such a compilation, and whose
""r ;" !l may oe tl coinmanicate the same for
All matter for compilation which those who
vinnoilH ul lOI'Warillllir fSi n.i.n....!.. . .
.I,.,,,., . "-'ttnw mav nirnish,
should be trausm.ttod previous t the first dav of
"u.siiiui:! Iiutli.
Thn T?an'..n. ...:ii u. . ...
.... . ,n,en WIth nev .
fine nnner n rh. ,1,, .: e ... ' ' "n
... u j 7 lorm witn more than
lIliTutr.10 "like the America,"
.ia uim:r nilliuais 01 the Class.
nl Vl P'rC.u ctha lister, including the section
KTa pq" Stat, t0'b-rib.r. will be .FlVl
tJf.l.A(S. novnlila n. ,ii! . .
Tt -j .i.ni,rry or ne volume
Large d.scounts wit! be made in " .
. A limited number of advertl;nr... '
pended to the Re.lrtet t,r ,h ""'3:" w'"
whomayde,ire their tdfi
everv nnrtnfh. C... . . ' 'late
- -j jl "lain. leirns r.r .a,,.!. !
One Dollar a tin. " """ ''"R,
All orders for tha worV.
tfons containing special Infor F T "'"1"
pmaiedinthe Renter, inavh-' ..t.i". "7 "
compiler and publisher - L. A. PJiNAN.-OV
'tte trader qfficeXakh.et. ,
tied to their pay in anv tvn .. . , ?nt
' . : - .' .'
" TIIE ,,C ; - . J
fpiIE und'ersignetl DroDoe't J.mi.l
A to vof M ivTicnto Mil f Hl tJ
News Pa,, h..i.-;t",lM,IBll,P' weekly .
-re that ., attempting ."coniU I !
that'we a-ilj imve trt
VAtUn Aic . i... i
assurcl that we a ill bo sustained Z Z 2L T?
me south Eastern part of our St-to ,i P
whol,y hnsnpplied U a press Th
allude to the counties souii, n. . ' . . ' .. wfc
rtin3 . uuuu una ruu
- i-.u.cip,csupon ivluchit js ,obe- eoil(,uc'.
Ouroect-forwe will speak out (ZuL
t to m-ikenur imhei-h -..r
Ivos and dlyVhile own0?,;
frest, make an honcsteflbrt t ,i.i... . "
est and haz iness of those whojVST
be mo5, int.res.i.tg alld usrfu? 'em ' ThI
HUrcswo suppo.,, ,o be those ti T
frt::i nrrrrcu t.ual i,,t, ....'
happmCss and pioSp..rity. Ooi poli.h, I n ,wr
are thMe- wtertelnertl Wash pi ' i P ".C'plp
son. I favor of a l,J! ""1 Jel1'
the Constitution. Wo bel eve ha, a T1
granted to the Federal Oovtin
to tho States or to the- People- nith ,
tions of the reserved hTl'. '1 81 Vlo
oln.ion of the CoostituUon a mrl Vd, " V"
pation on the part of the Mjj fet
I he present situation of our count !?. .'U'T
"ncholly example of the conseo e' T"! TW
ecutive throwin;. aside the I V..:.;....,:! TI 's
garding nil the check. TkT
Constitution ban imposed on Mm
no Other restraint hn hi. im.,""lttc,,u
"-"-"""f "'gn mil tutu should sink fm .m
to poverty i, tior,terftfCru9h"',f"raniuo.
of our paper devoted ti piditics J" thut P0"5
ference for' men, we 8ofi SiMf "
oo for Libkki r ? 'fc"01 me
publUhed on a larrro .
to subscribers nt five do 1 . "LT 1 "
lrs at the expiration of tkl ynK " "l4
Monticello JulyL?SLD C-W1EK0JE.
primed with ncatnfss and del
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