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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, January 20, 1838, Image 1

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SijDsrnifTrn.Nr. Hvo po'lnrs m advance, fivo
- ft'ty at lift end of tin. itiotttits ortix dn lurs At the was reduced to a state of -destitution. Ue
' ! -.N.iiintiou of tlia yoav, subscription . will bo ' (crinmed however, ofl revenge, , he lol
j rli u,itli,ue.l mail nil Mrauragc,are paid, except invtj ,,e ..lelate'a family to Ireland,
f tit the option of t!i piulilie;s. reiwms wishing . . . - . . k ,
t T) iliieonUauo will pluabO givs notico tlieieof
unting. ," . ;
fc .u subscription receiwi lor a less iinio than
, hi mouth. ' ' ' , - ' .
( VjJLTjAR porxpmra (Im A IV the
jf i-4 insertion, and Fivtv fa-rua. square, for
i rii'-h coiitiiiiiaiifp. vt
J AdtrertiMJinoma which aro 1101 limUoil 011 the
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i Amu!ii-ins 'mi fi hit fir StitaolTices will 'e
fen 'inll.ir.s an I'i ir ert.mty live i.ilJttr-cacti.
lX-vv oul.'"ij;s in jut be paiJ 'to 'receive at
en ti U.
by ins. iie.MNs.
Child, am'dt b fl;wur at play,
"While the red lit fides away 5
Mother, with thine .'UC5t eye
, Ever following silently ; , ,
Father, by ihe breeze of cvo ' .
Called tliy harvest-work to leave
Pray I ere yet the dark hours bt,
Lift the heart and Lend the knee !
Traveller, in the-sti'anj'jr's land
Far from thine own iiouse'atiUI baudj
Jlournrr, liRimted ly the tone , '
Cf a voice from this world gone ;
Captive, in whose narrow cell "
Sunshine hiith not leave to dwell ; . ,
bailor, on the daikening sea
i.ift the heart and bend the knee !
Warrior, that from battle won '
Breathestiiow atset of sua!
Woman, o'er the lowly s'aia
' Weepiug on his burial plain;
o that triumph, ye that sigh,
Kindred by one h"ly ti,
Heaven's first star alike ye see .
Lift the heart and Lend the knee! -
Senile v's Miscallmv contains an ix-
Iraoidinary meiroirot tliut most extroi .
dmary Italian arch fienj Mascalbrupi.
it is trom lire pen ol (. apt. ii.cw.n, woo
was an eye witness h th? miscreants ex
icutioii tor a murder in one 61 the Swiss
cantons. He was it seems, the son ot a
pauper living in the tnarchs of Jcotia; was
tiken notite ol in his bus boyhooU by an
Italian lawyer, 'whom, in gratitude for
Tiis patronage, he robbed and murdered,
nd then ran away to Paris, where he
figured as a m.'iirof fashion, and became
a favorite. in tho bigher ciicles. Futd
of the monotonous dissipation of the
French metropolis, be crowed the chan
nel and came to London.
"He now turned Ins face towards the
channel and opened the campaign in
London on a much more eu'ensrve scale,
lie took up his (pjarttrs at Higg-nbot
tout's hotel in the same year thai young
jMapoleon came to England, . and 011'y
left when it was givt-u up to that I a men
led Prince. It is not generally 'known
that he ever visited England: His. so-.
'journal the capital wa kept a f-rofoimd
secret. The master ol the hotel and all
Jiis servants look the oath of secrecy; and
.Prince Esterhazy and the members ol the
Austrian embassy weie imt likely to be
tray it. The prince passed a week with
George IV, at the cottage al .Windsor,
& afterwards assisted at Hanover Square
Kooms, bimselt leading a concerto on the
piano' Mascalbiuui on that occasion ar
traded all eys, and faseiiiiied all ears,
and was creeled altera solo with the lou
clest plaudits. ,
He now become the fashion, ev na'
ing forged a letter from one of the cardi- i ol 1110 vuiage, nas .a... aa.ue ' "-.
'nail at Rome to a patroness of Jlmack's, has gone to to sleep forever. Lvery bo
obtained .he entree, and made one of the dy knew bim, and bis lips were eloquent
three hundred that compose the word of with many a tale. A playmate hat was
London. You know, however, in this lm; bad married and died-one hero and
world lhat there is another world-orb another there. Ve trace them to the
wilbinorb-an imperium in imperio une, and nought breaks the silence .. ol
the exclusive., It in difficult to find that holy spot, save the tnuklmg of the
what the qualifications for an exclusive brook or the signing of some pas-n ze
are; it U not rank, connexion, talents, phyr. The grave! That home ol the
virtue, grace, elegance, accomplishments, great: and tinal couch of earth s kings!
Nol Dullnhallnot attempt to explain What a glorious company the living have,
the inexplicable. Curiam it is, however, In view, when they are called, away from
that our hero was admiited into the cor iher idols abovel The patriarchs of old
teriefof this castle at distinct as much Jacob and Joseph, and Pharobs, -ol
separated bv a line of dematkatioit drawn gypt, Solomon,' - whose goldem temple
round Ibemfrom the rest-as the Haja- mocked the glory of ol thesun-the lbe
pool it from ibo Kaiuui. bo sprung from bans-&rrr u" Rom8 aod wretce,
the beefs of 'Drama.
Being a remaikably handsome man.
Ma&calbiuni soon ' managed to gain (he
affection ot the daughter of an Irish Bish
oj; but ere the wed ding Jay was fined,
I) is real character discovered, and he
I r .r. .
, she was about lo be married u a young
, Lngli-htnan ol rank and , ijitune. We
8uljj.,ii, a'kketcli ol tbistcene.' '
- V"ictly had lf.ur . months elapsed,
however, when fresli . preparations were
made lor br itiartiae, anJ a day fixed
(or thu nut)tia!i. f he hour came, arid
behold in-the conventional language uid'
, ,, -e-Br i
on sui:lt occasiofiS; t!ie lujtpy pair, Lady
M - the bridesmaid, and a numeruU'i tiar-
i... . . .! I !.. ( I. ' I f I
.,; Elated. t Tbe ceremony
,llJ already com me need, and the rile
. was on tli point of being ratified by the
invfcliciil tvne ol onion'. lie rin-i." when a
figure burst lluoui;li the cllected crowd
I about tiie doom; a liuie mure like a spec
tre man a man.
So great a change had taken place in
him from a wild and sa'?e life that , he
had btfcn leading among the tnounliarw,
the privations lie h id, endured, and the
neglect f liU person, ilial no on j would
have reC'-gnized for the obseived of all
observers, tlie once . bandsutn Jlfascal
bruni. Mis hair, inatlod like the mane
of a wild beast, streanu d ovtr In lac-&
bare neck. lUs thetk wj s fallen, his
eyes sunken in their sorketsel in them
burned as in two dark can s, a fierce and
sumbrie fire. His lips wre tmiHiluus
and convulsed willi passion; his whole
appearance, in short exhibited the dia
liolical raj;e and 1 hirst f .r t enhance lint
fiad electrified th'! salle de amies in hu
memorable conlKt. He advanced straight
to the alter with long and hurried steps,
a,H tearicg aside the bands ot the couple,
the n'i'5 lell our the coimritKiioii rail to
the ground.' :
So pitfouiiJ vas the silcme, so prat
the consternation and Aurpiif-e, the sight
id this apparition created in tlir, m'iuJs of
all, lhat the founil of the ring as it rolled
:tiong the tualted pjvemfckt was audibly
heard.- It was an umen of evil augury
d warning voice as from the grae to teii
of the death ol promised joys of Jiopes
d, stioyed, ol i.appine-s iorever crushed,
lie tood wildly waving his arms for a
lew moments between tlm pair, looking
as though ihcy had been traniiormed in
to sMie, more like two statues kneeling
at the tomb than at the altar. There be
(oldtd his arms, gazed with a triumphant
and gliastly tiii ile at the bridp, said, or
rattier muttered.' :Mine she is!' ther. tur
iiing to Iho hridi &r oni with a snetr of
tcoiri and ' n oclccry, he "howled, 'Mine
- .. hu,
t,ee bcimic vdrds he turned on
ja ym,.A vihjut i,lte.iup
lion the porUl by which, be had entered
So suddenly had all th'S passed, so para
lysed and panic stricken were the spi-c:
tator3 and aiidieii e of ibis scene,';. tbai
they' could scarcely believe It to be 'other
than a dream, till they saw the bride ex
tended without 'seine or motion" on ihe
sli ps, Thus Was she borne, the snvice
being unooncluded. to her chamber.
The ceremony was privately completed
the next day. . ' , '. ,v
; 'No domestic fecllity attended Ihe ill
fated onion. It was poisoned by doubts
and supicion, and embittered by the
memory of jliscalbruni's words. .'Mine
she has been, continually .rung in the
husband's ears and the anniversary of
that eventful day, after a lingering illness
of many months, a martyr to disappoint
mutt and and chagrin, he sank into an
untimely grave'
;11UMJN LIFE. . , ;
Life is sliort; and bow many trivial cir
cumstances octurdjily to remind unfits
turtlil The pilgiins who lias wandered
far from bi native village, on returning
to its. little burial place, finds many a
stone and many an inscription to chain
him lo wonder and silence. So short a
period, and yet bow many lights of friend
ship have gone out' He wanders among
sharlows of the ancient elms which shade
bis' home, but h is a strang'T That sil
ver headed old man, who was toe 'uncle
1 .. ,. . 1 1 1.. i- ..-IT -.i
xUI&9lSSII'If J AtflTAK Y 20, 1 8iJS.
wnh thousandiol the lilusimm of more
modern days. The grave u indeed rich
wnh departed greatness. Where is fccolt
the immortal Scott ? lie sleeps with bis
,. i tin
brother 111 tame. DhaKSneare. vviiere is
our own Wasliingfon? He sleeps with
Cincinnatus and 'Jlfrtd. three names as
legible as the stars in heaven. The
grave has tliem all, and never will such
du dissolve again in its ballovvtd pre"
cm Is
, .From tfie Somen ille (Tenn,) Reporter.
Purstmnt to, nolicp giv'RiVby
our illusiriutis "brother, Peter
Pluugly, the exclnsive.s of Fay.
eite assf ntbled in the submbs of
of-tovvu, ton miles due' east of
sunrise, at 2o'clock oii the mor
ning of the, 14ili inst.
. On niotion, Perlinax Particu
lar was appointed president 'and
Solomnn Moonshine. secrotrv.
'Alter iwistine'oll'.th'e tail of
a comet, and performing van-
I - . M
ous oilier wonderful exploits
rertinax Particular. L. D. S. It,
submitted the following "Decla
ration of Independence,' whi.'.h
was adopted unanimously anu
the rattling of tin pans and thun
ders of applause.
hen 111 the course of human
events, it becomes necessary for
those. who arc uncompromising
ly hostile to ihe perpeiration ol
inatninooy, and dissolve the
bands which mat connect ihem
with others, and to assume a-
tftong the unimal creation the
separate and single pos'iiion -to
which the laws of caprice and
ol natures Cupid entitle . them,
a decent -respect for the frag
ments of uMaxi's rib scattered
around the Gl be, requires ilmt
they declare t lie Causes which
impel them to a separation.
Vc hold ihett truths 10 pe sell
evident that all men are crea
ted single: that they are endow
ed with certain unalienable
rights-; that among these are not
to marry and single blessedness.
That to secure these rights so
cieties arc organized. among cx
clasivcs, deriving their just pow
ers froth the grand " universal
compact of man againsl.w oin;w ;
that whenever any forms or cer
emonies become destructive of
these ends, it is the right of the
cxclusitts to alter or .abolish
them, '''.and to institute a tribunal;
overshadowing that of Copies,
laying its foundation on .sti'.h
principle.;; and orgaizing its pow
ers in such form as to them shall
seem most likely to effect their
singleness and happiness. Pru
dence indeed, will dictate, that
rights and ceremonies long es
tablished, should not be chang
ed for light and transient caus
es; and accordingly, all expe
rience hath shewn that cxcla
sires are more disposed Jo suffer
while evils are.s.ulYcrablc, than
to right themselves by abolish
ing the forms towhich they have
been unaccustomed. But when
a long rrain of abuses and usur
pations, pursuing invariably the
same object, evinces a design
to reduce them under '"an-absolute
despotism, it is their right,
it is their duty, to throw off such
controlling influence, jnd 16 pro
vide ne w guards for 1 heir -future
singleness. Such has been the
patient suffering of tl)es6 cxclu-
si'vcs: and such-is now the im
perious necessity ; which' con-'
strains thcrii to alter their for
mer doublenesSi, TS history of
the present ladies of Fayette-is
a history: of repeated' injuries
and usurpations all having in
direct object the establishme.nt
of absolute tyranny oyer these
exclusives' To prove this, let
facts 1c submitted to a candid
I tvoHil ,
They have' refused their as
sent lo arrangements the most de
tight fat, as well a3 wholesome
and necessaty for these exctu-
They have plundered our hearts,
ravaged our pockets, burnt our
lingers, and destroyed the' live
ol many of our exclusivcs.
r or cutting off our intercourse
with great portion ol the la
Fo r "q it a r t e r i n g 1 a r gc r pi a n I i e s
oi sleeves among rs.
For imposing parlies on .us
without our consent.
For depriving us in many ca
ses, of an impartial dial in the
iibnrial of Cupid.
For ticking many exclusivcs.
For hacking many exclusivcs.
For m xrrying many excusivss.
J hey have obstructed t he ad
ministration of pleasuic, by re
fusing their assent to laws for
establishing the privileges of
They have kept among us in
times of peace many intimida
ting 'instruments, without the
consent of exclusivcs.
' They have affected to render
themselves independent of, and
superior to the exclusivcs, -
They have constrained our
brethren, trfken captive on the
Ocean of love, to bear arms a
gtiinst usnud to become the ex
ecutioners of exclusivcs.
lo every s-lage of these op
pressions we have petitioned for
redress in the 'most- ' humble
terms; our 'petitions have been
answered only by YepeatTul in
jury. Ladies whose characters
are thus marked by r very e.ct
that may (lefiite a tyrant are un
fit to rule exefttsives. "
Nor have we been wanting in
tttcntions to the Laiis. We
have Wc.rued I hem, from, timei
t tiivielof tlwir ;it.tpmnf fi v-l
.,. i. i..,:. . i.t.. :...:'. I
trnii men umviii i niuaiiiu iuiis- i
J :
diction over us. We have an-!
oei.ledto Urn unlive jiistico-f.ud
magnanimity of thr ladies, we
' ..i . i
havcco.ijt.ren tliemjo disavow
these" -..usurpations, which would
inevitably interrupt our connex-
ions .an I correspondence-;"' We
must therefore acquiesce in the
necessity which dt nounce.s our
sieparation and bold theiri as we
hold the rest of mankind ene
nties in war, in peace friends.
We therefore, the cxC itsives
of the County of Fayette,, it
general Club assembled, in the
suburbs of town, appealing lo
Bacchus, the Supreme Judge of
the tKilusivcs for I he rectitude
of out intentions, do, in the n me,
and by the tint hoi ity of our bre
then here assembled,- solemnly
publish -and declare," that we
arc niuL.of right ought to bo
free. ind independent Exelu
sive's; that they are absolved
lYmti all allegiance to .Cupid's
c lo n , am I that all con n c xi on
between them and the inhabi
tants of Cupid's dominions are,
and ought to be, totally dissolv
ed ;.' ami1 that as. free nnd inde
pendent Bachelors we have full
power riot -to contract alliane.es
and to do all otherthitigs wnie.h
indeperid&nt y tscUsiccs may of
right do. Ami lor too support
of this declaration, with affirm
reliance on the 'prtecuon of
Bftc'eltus, , wo multijilly 'pledge
t'jeacli other QUI-, glasses, our
exqvusilftues. atid. JMr sacretl
Pies' t.
Prenliss and Word arrived at Washing
too about Christmas. No luitaer news.
.Take care, ftiils, f,.r ihertj h
an awJul squinting at ,n ifrac.
Hon upon yoifi loug stblihed
practice, in the following adiui
rable cousiituiion. b. 13an
Qf the Lndir A.ik.htrt-i t;
KslMiihei m f- -Suuuntum. jhm li ,m '
iMiiw have thetr-ladies' rif-iiti, '
A-nt eiey're sure M .lie if ih,y Jacc to., ht.
Article I. The. object of r hV
society shall be to prevent in In
dies those distortions of nature
seen m the wasp, homer, and
otaer insects 'quite cut in t,vvo ii
nie mi.hUo.
Art. II 40 mciober of thi
M'ciety ha wear .stavs mail.
ofstioitermateii .Is titan hemn.
vhaie-bonc and st el.
Art III. ,o cord fehall hp n.
sed in lacing of more than an
inch in diameter, nor shall tlirv
same be of tougher texture than,
well twisted cat-gut.
Art. IV, No stronger mean?
shall be used in bringing th
stays home thun that of a wind
las worked by a nigger, or iho
ciptain of a schooner with cook,
scullion and loblulaboy at the
bars. '!'..
Art. V. No memlier of tin
society.when bhe shall distinctly
hear her ribs crack, shall tell
tl;e man at the wheel to give it
anoiher turn, hat shall always-,
delay, at that point.
Art. VI. No 'member of thi
society, whatever may be her
shape, sh,i compress her Waist
wi'.hin less than one thud of it
natural dimensions.
Art, VII. No member of "thi
society, so. lace I by nc idenf or
otherwise, that her heart hs to
seek her throat for breath shall
complain of hea'd-ache, giddi
ness, sufficttion or apoplexy.
Art VIII. Auyniember of
this society who shall violate
any of the foregoing nrtirles,
shall be expelled for life, and at
her ileal ii shall be delivered b
ver to 'he surgeons who mav
. , i ...
etlt 'i III - .n .... . I ....II 1.-
J.i - ,. " . ' V1-111 re"
,l..,l,etIICa, 0"oK, ,in,r
'discover, as ii warnni" to a L
J iiwv ir.iiiM; I'lJOIII tills
.'Jccoidiug to ihi Taunton Whig, they
bavea Aoxsnsipji roarer hi that peace
ful vitlue. The description which th
'cretus gives of himcif is this: I
, '-rmvery much like a whale, with a
little shade of the ig eleihantan.t
light touch of the wild calamcunt. I'm
a r.al catxstrophe -a small . creation,
mount Vesuvitii at the top, wiih red hot
lava pouring out ihe crater, anJ routing
nations; my eyesore two bl?st furnaces
teais.n d Imt me'ted . iron, and erery
tooth in my head a granitH pillar, mf
ieet are Virginia plantaiions-my lg'.
bran til railroads of whalebone- fiisl
rocky mountains, and arms, whig iiberry
lo!es, wnh cast jteel springs. Eiy
sli p I t;ke is an earthquake, every blow
I 'tiike is a clap of thundei, and every
bieath I hreadut is a tornado; my disposi
tion is Duponl's best, and goes off in a
flush, when 1 blast, tbeie'e be just notli.
ing left bul a ho! three feet in circomfer
nice, and no f-nd to ih-. deith. ,1 gig
is a wilJcat, with boop.snake wheels- my
team, a tandem ot sea serpents, wi'h rat
lie snake reigns, four roaring lions for bo
dy guard; and I advance and retreat liku
a hurricane."
A gentleman who bad a nuff box that
played dn ps .'Drops of tlrandy,' and
'Th l is spaikle on lh board,' went
to dine wi'li a friend a fear mibfS out
f town, one .'u.iday, liking his box i'
his pocket. Ho accoirqianied the-familr
to the paridi church, and by som acci
ilentrtl pres-u;e, he. about the inidJIe of
the ser ici , tojehed tie spring of the box,
winch lru k up 'Dips of brandy' most
merrily. Ev ly eye and eiry er w
directed to the spu', to the great Vi r ry
of the cenllemau, win endeavored lu
stop the box. but indoiigs i In; only cat s
ed it lo change the tune, on which h
bisteneJ out of th churrh, the box int.
tling attay wbtle l marched ulun t .t
aUls. -
-- it

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