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w n. J. OOZXXLOi oi OAKnDM.
SuiMRirTloNB-r-Five poil.ars in advance, five
fifty at tbe end ofsix.mont'.g or six dollars at the
expiration of the year. ' No subscription will be
tfiscontirfued until all arrearages are paid, except
at the option of the publishers. I'ersons wishing
to dicoutiuus will please give, notice thereof ii
writing, t h
No subsoription received for a less time ; than
six mouths.' ' ,
, Aovbrtwements.-Inserted at the rate of One
DOLLAR pet square (ten line' trlett,) for the
first insertion, and Fiftv CEfTaa square, for
each continuance.
Advertisements which are not limited on the
manuscript, as to the number of insertions, will be
I continued until ordcrea out ana cnargeu accoru
I'roS-BBSIOSIAL Aovbrtibemknts. For 10 lines
or less, not alterable, 3 months, $10
f do. do. 6 do ' do. 20
I do. do. I J do. do. 30
$ iVAaAii inn wnK must be oaid for on deliv
j IK - - -
4 flM
Announcing candidates for State offices will be
s in dollars, and for county five dollars each.
i Postage on letters must be paid to receive, at
j, rtmon. ;
Wo the People Of
Lawrence County.
Having been electetl in No
vember last by your free suffra
gesas one. of the representa
tives. (l Lawrence county, to
serve for the term of two years,
awl having, in pursuance ol my
duty, attended the late session
of the Legislature, I have
thought it proper that I should
lay before my constituents a
brief account of the action of
that body, and of the course
pursued by me while in the (lis
charge of the important trust
confided to my care. r ,
The two Houses of the Le
ffislature convened at Jackson,
f the seat of Government, on the
first day of January last, it be
ting the third regular biennial
! session under the revised Coq
I fciilution. The Senate consist
ed of thirty, and the House of
Representatives of ninety mem
bers, all of whom, with one ojhis State can own stock in this institu
two exceptions, were in attenq
ence. This being tlie first oc
casion that every portion of our
territory has been fully repre
sented in both Houses, they con
vened under uspiees more pro
pitiousthan usual to that har
monious concert of action so es
sential in the proceedings of Le
gnimive oooies. 1 oe
1 - 1 - n . a. - 1
elected Adam L. oINGAMAN Ot
Adams county, their President,
.u- ri.,oa nf Ranroflunt:.-
1 1 i iv 'if..
uvc cicu.cu jun y . ws
Rankin county, their Speaker,
which gentlemen presided over
tliPir rpsnprtivft Hnusftfi with a
promptness and ability that ten
ded greatly to facilitate the bu
sinesss of the session. Much
of the first week was occupied
in the usual ceremonies of or
ganizing the two house s, inau
gurating the new Goernori and
appointing thfe various standing
committees. As soon as the
two houses -were properly or
ganized for business, 1 1 lost no
time in aiding to bring forward
for the consideration of the Le
gislature, the revised Statutes
ti Vlissieisinni. which in mtr o-
. . . . 1
1 pinion, constituted the principal
business of the sessi6n. A re
; vision ol the statutes, so long,
I and so .unanimously called; for,
hadbeen accomplished by Judge
f Pray, who had 'been appointed
i for that purpose by the Lfcgisla
$ ture in 1833: This work had
been printed by the State, and a
sufficient time had elapsed for
its . examination by jihose who
wished to tesj its merits. I
therefore believed tljLMimft had
arrived that V sliould receive
ihe action of the Legislature.
A resolution offereoS bv.-myself,
amendatory to oneoiTer S-b"
amenrlatory to one'piTervb''l10vent Banks to make a
Sch'I. Brown oi" Cpi'tWv yl" v therel7 keePin5 up 1
dopted, appointing a joint com
mittee of fifteen, which was af
terwards increased to eighteen,
to wnom this important subject
w is referred. The majority of
the committee reported to the
two houses in favor of acting on
the revised code as a whole,
without reading. This report
was immediately-rejected on the
part of the Senate, and laid, on
the table on the part of the
House. I then, on the part of
the minority of said committee
presented their report to the
house, wliich was received, and
five hundred copies ordered to
be printed. - This report pointed
out rules of proceeding for the
two housec on the revised Stat
utes, and also a plan for class
ing and publishing tHe same.
Tbe consideration of this report
was finally postponed to the. ad
journed sessionand on my 1 mo
tion was made the special order
of the day for the first Monday
in January next. The - post
ponement of this important sub
ject seemed to arise more from
an aversion to the labor rrqui
red.bf awork of such magni
tude, than trom any. distrust of
its merits; there being a deci
ded majority of both houses fa
vorable to the code. : Our, pre
sent militia law has been ext rac
ted from this work, and is pro
nounced by military men to 'be
the best We : have ever had on
that subject. It will, no doubt,
be f ; und u p oh investigation,! hat
most of the code possesses sim
ilar merits, and will, I believe, if
properly appreciated, preve a
valuable treasure to ..the State,
The next subject of importance to the
people, was the passage of tbe law char
tering the Mississippi Union Bank, with j
a capital ol nlleen million rive hundred
thousand dollars. ' None but citizens of
tiuni and although I ami opposed to over
bankjfig, I cannot but believe from the
features of its charter, that it is really the
people's Bank; and opens a door to eve
ry industrious, enterprising citizen in the
country to better bis condition. ' One
third of the stock in this institution is re
served for the State, th proceeds of
which, are io .be applied to purposes of
Education and Internal Improvement
The fund that will accrue to the Slate
from this source will be sufficient 10 re '
moVe , be obstructions from all our, navi-
; gable streams,, construct railroads, and
Icarry tbe blessings of an English Educat
lion tp the juvenile inmates ol every
r.ham't m the country. .Entertaining
,h(!Se viewgt although I differ from some
0f my friends on this subject, t gave my
support to the charter of said bank. -
An able d.rectory ot tbe institution, con
sisting nf ten members, was chosen bv
joint ballot, and there is no doubt but it
will be got in operation as soon as prac
. ' An effort was maie to change the Idea
tion of a branch of the Union Bank from
Augusta to Mount Carmel; this measure
I advocated; believing it would not only
be belter for the institution, sod more
convenient for the people,. but would give
a great impulse to the prosperity of that
thriving village. Tbe proposi'ion final
ly failed by a very close vote, id , Ufe
tioese, aner na? ing pasaeu ine oenaie
After the passage df tbe. Union ( 6ank
charter, with its seven branches,, tof-b'e
located in the various sections of J the
Stale,-! w as of opinion tbat it was inex
pedient t create any more banking cor-
puraiions at tn preseni penuu, ooiiev
ing tbat excessive banking is a great evil.
and .might subject the community to Rrea
loss by he sudden' depreciation of Bank
paper consequent upon such unlimited is
sues; I therefore voted against a number
of bills for the establishment of Hanks,
three of which were vetoed by Governor
WcNutt. whose course on tbat occasion
met with my concurrence.
A bill, the object . of which was, to
place all (be Dinks in the state on an e
qual footing with regard to the paymen
of interest on their notes when not prompt
ly paid in speoie, was vetoed by tbe
Governor, and ort being, returned to the
f -.1.. .... . - I k.. U . .... I ... .
tional majority of the two bouses, and
became . law.. Tb.s b.l. I supported
believing it would enable a number of
the price of out'
great tuple, when Ibo restraint. tby la-
bored under previously, would effectually
preclude tbeiu from affording an such fa
cilities. . , "J ryt, ';;
A bill was passed authorising all the Banks
in, tbe State to issue bills under tbe de
nomination of fire dollars," for the spa e
of .eighteen months, the object of which,
was to 'drive the shinplaslers out of cir
culation, by the substitution of a better
currency 1 This bill ,1 understand has
been lost in consequence of an oversight
in not presenting it to the Governor fur
hi signature ' ' ;5-;:.'' ''.v; r'"
;A bill Was introduced to provide for hol
ding an election to determine tbe sense
of the people with regard tocalling a con
vention .To this bill 1 was opposed, be
lieving it premature to agitate the quest
tion at this time, and calculated to in
crease the conluBi'on already experienced
fur want of a" settled code of statute (a w.
pur present Constitution, although in
tome respect defective, may, I think, be
gradually perfected by the mode pointed
out in tbe instrument itself. A conven
tion at this lime would inv-dve the contin
gency of ,a removal of the seat of Gov
ernment a question which the best in
terests of tbe State require should rest lor
the present. Toe further consideration
of this bill was postponed until January
ne'it. by a small majority. 1 , ; .
A bill to establish a general system of
inwrnai improvement, anu appropriaung
tli surplus revenue for that purpose, pass
ed both huuses. but the constitution . re
quiring a majority of two thirds of each
house to make appropriations of this kind,
the bill was lost. This -important sub
ject, I am confident;, will Jje. more fully
naatuivu at the next session. , v. , 4
I have long been of the opinion that a
well digested system 01 common schools
should be established in (his state, and
an et cedent bill tor that purpose,' copied
from he code ot Judge r ray, was intro.
ducrd, but which was eventually post
poned until next session :",; ;
Many other matters of less impor
tance were agitated during the sessiom
of which the limits of this sheet will
not permit . roe to go into detail, very
ew local measures were required by the
county of Lawrence: in these, as well
in measures ot a eeneral nature,; ms lt
and my colleague, Gen. Fox, with bu
few exceptions, concurred in opinion.
In consequence of the resignation of
tbe Hon. John Blaclc, one ot our bena
tors in Congress, whose regular, term of
sert ice would have expired on the 4th o
March 1839, it became necessary for lh
Legislature to fill said vacancy. "v The
candidates for (his exalted station, were
James F. Trotter, of Lowndes, William
S. Bodley, of Warren, and John Mender
cnn. nl Hanrnr.k: all pentlemen who Stand
high in the estimation of tbeir fellowciti-
zens. The first named gentleman is op
posed Jo a National Bank in any shape,
believing such an an institution unc nst -
tutional and inexpedient, the twolast
named pentlemen concur, in the opinions
entertained by Washington an J Madison,
that a National Bank is both constitution-
al and expedient. Allowing the qualifi
cations of the three candidates above na
med to be on an equality as regards tat
euts and integrity. the question presented
to me. was simply this; which will best
advance the interest of our common coun
try, Senator in favor of a National Bank,
or one opposed to a National Bank It
being my most solemn opinion tbat a sen
ator io favor of a National Bank would
best promote 'the Interests of the people,
and the country generallyand being un
der no pledges to support any particular
individal, or any particular party, I ac
cordingly gave my vote to the Hon, John
Henderson of Hancock county, whose
high standing as a member of the bar, and
of the .State Senate, recommended him
favorably to the consideration of tbe Le
gislature;' Mr Trotter of Lowndes court:
ty was elected on the first ballot, by a
majority of five votes oyer his two com
petitors. Whether the choice thus made
will prove fortunate or unfortunate for the
State, time wi
of less ira porta nc
fill a vacancy, wh
bV the election Of Senator at me ses
sion in January next.Uo serve for the reg
..I.- i r In ih mtan
time a more full developement.nt ne
umenisoi me peopm oi ;ihimhp,
deal of discretionary power must neces.
IL determine; but It Will oe Iwrenca county, for the poor tax coliectea nt . f,,h4. .un.and. as
aa it was merely to Ji. t wouw not uoume myseu norms pun . .
nch will oe uperceaeu . ....,.,,, B, ;t l .. i.i-, it4PAnii. ih right
be obtained. I have always contended uberated on the subject, bill was reported fa- . nace, if she did not open,
that a representative should ever act id vor of Mr. Eakin. Asl wasnotoneof thecom. -
f.Z. f11,rj -AI1tiiopnts and m ttee, I loft the matter chiefly to my colleague, the itoor. lie also proceeuea 5
good laith toward bis eon9t!,tteo,' 0J who h;d M opportunity to investigate the merit, of , in. when she shot him dead on the spot,
although in the nature ol tilings, a grem w. th bU. f r fi a, ttu. tT. r k-- 0Uraffe beine
sarily be conferred on a representative wawn why I could not support it, and concluded " ahotsandcremed from tbe '
vot ik.r. h ia f.irlw instructed bv a ma- by moving to lay the bill on the table, assigning W " ana "nols o',1'
yet where he is nructd oy m reM(f the mKt ttW,on th;writt of wrndows, unlil some gtv-formes were,
jority of bis constituents. hey snouia b&mort fJ1, RMertaineaV mA jUi. tt,,,.,, to ,he house; but nothing wouW -never
be disobeyed Should 1 nave in Uca done ,u th(J matter Thii rootion failed by I jn(iuc for 0 open the door until f the re-
honortohsve a voice in choosing a Sena onevote. The question wai afterward taken on ' !tr r u-r father from church.
to, at the next session. I should act on my the passage of tbe bill, which prevailedmrelf ot rt
1 W
well known sentiments previous to my e
ection, unless Uirly tnstructea nj
v a ma
' ,
jo other
- Jost unt!oubt.
w 'w,," ' ,1. h.li.ted audi
dvances on Cotl? ' J . . .:.u .w.
in.i.ni-iiMii f nniiii-ini ino mucu n u iu
interests of my country, inwhifcb cfe'I
sbduld yild up tbe trusv reposed in me
by the people, to one wbj would perform
the service required.' .In tbe late elec
tion of Senator, was aware that my col
eague .uen rx, would give hit vote (0
the candidate' opposed to a National Bank
in any shape, and in doing so, spoke the
voice of that portion of the people ol
Lawrence County who entertain that n
pinion. On the other hand. I wat aware
that many of (he most iriielligeni citizens
of the county, including a large number
friendly to tbe late administration, who
have changed their minds on this subject
since the, experiment of substituting a
shin pfaslerfora natonal currency, were
in fvorofa National B.mk, soas to leave
t doubtful mi which side wa the major
ity; I therefore, knowing that many l ad
confidfd in my well known, and tinron
cealfd opinion on this subject, thought
ituut justice that the voice of that por
tion of niy eow-citizens should aldn be
heard in the Legislature, on a matter so
deeply involving the best interests' of the
country. "" '.
Governor Lynch, in bis late message to
the Legislature, s:eaks of a National
Bank 88 essentially necessary t" the Gov
ernment as a fiscal agent, and for the reg
ulation of the National currency. - Me
observes, - "The establishment of a Na
tional Bank at voire short period, i much
relied upon as the most efficient and spee
dy corrective for the existing evils and
distrej. Inlhee opinions 1 full v con
cur, as will be setn by reference to the
report ef the 'ninority of the committee
to which so much of ihe Governor mes
sage as relates to this subject wss refer
red, ol woich repart bve hundred copies
were 'jrile red ! be printed by tlie hiuse
in- 18 lb, when our, country was lahor.
tog under difficulties snnilir to the pres
eut, from the experiments of depositing
tbe revenue in local BankJ thy venerable
lames Madison, the lef der ot the demo
cratic party , sanctioned by his signature
'he charter of , the late !r United 'Stales
B nk as the, best means of preserving the
public, revenue, relieving the country
trom shin piasters and establishing a cur
rency sound nd uniform throuahout the
conl'ederitcy; But how' chsnged aje .the
times.,; For itrivi'ng'io' relieve Hie coun
try by the remedy f 1iiilwn, I am de
nounced by the tools o party, and ibo
who oppose ; his remedy are called true
democrats What kiad of dem cracy il
is God only knows it W certainly not
the democracy of James MadUon. V
. Previous to the last election I wrote t
a number of the mot repectable citizens
of the county, stating that I had never
made party a hobby, to ride into omct
upon; that I considered lb person wiw
would witfully sacrifice the interest oi
(ihe country lor the sake of party as
uanor. anu unwunn; uie cunuuru ui
! free and patriotic people? that there wa
much of the policy of the late and pre.
!nt admiais:ration of the general ; gov
ernmePtihat I could not approve; panic
;ulrly ihe experiments onthe currency,
he bitter fruits of which, bad been tasfi
ed by a suffrtring rfation; that I believed
we had wandered astray, anq ? snouiu re
turn to the old beaten track pursued du
ring the' golden days of our commercial
prosperity; ibe path marked ;ou by by
the illustrious W ashingtort, and j followed
bv the venerable Madisonv It was from
sentiments like "these, and the well known
fact of my being in favor of a Natienal
Bank, that my opponents chiefly tried to
break me down at the election. ' The
people ! knowing - my sentiments, and
knowing also that I could noi be seduced
br a corrupt press, to sacrifice the true
interests of tbe country at the shrine of
party, sustained me by a triumphantma
jority; and I have, on my part,; as I
most conscientiously believe, sustaineu
them and the country, so far as my
bumble" efforts could prevail. ?
,n ray return from Jackson, I was informed by
some Of my friends that there was a current re
po't In circnUtion, that I had votad for a law to
release William Eakin from the judgment against
... t(: resort with a view of lesseninf me In your
coundenceTh facts are these : Mr. pakm,
who a meraW of the House caused a peti-
him, in favor of the Trustees of the poor of i , .i......-.,! !o hre4. open the door.sho
tiuvv w nuiH iiiwniivi"'i lecutitiu. sue auui in" ' w"-n-. - - r-
refred tn a committee, of which my conchoid man who must have passed that Way
: Gen. Fox, was one; after the committee had de- ,cl , i .l. hMW nolhinff Of RiO; 4 ana
jn a brief address to the House, I stated the
th):.imB in. ? Me. i( dia Bot
reacft i, the action of tho Senate,, and of cour
u .1.. .u c j ..
rcaci ilia ilium ui uiu aiic wu v wi
- fKi"ubecoi8alaw. ' " "
fr dement of ih'lhiH
atue., the consideratiion of which, I eoneoived
W be thstiua bualaess ofthslHiio,ndbUvin;l.runv .five litUJ dos. und voa black fl.'
much Legialation premature ud (II they were ditpc '
ed of, I wu anxinuitq ailjouro at l eady a? day
Is practicable. I.ACCwdingly intrdduced the join; ,'
resolution to adjourn until the first Momlay- In
January nem, which was adopted after havlnr ,
i l-.i O 1. .1.'. . ....
ueon auieuuBii m uio cwiiaw uy nriKinj out luo
10h and inserting the 1 6th February. '
f After all my exertions 0 discharee my dutr "
faithfully to the people and to tbe country,! do
not expect, amidst the tnfe of political parrie,
that I should please all, or that I should escape
censure, or even slander. -. It has been the fate of
tlie most eminent men in the- uatioit, who looked '
beyond mere servility of a party to be vilified by
those who were incapable -of appreciating' their t
motives. Men whose capacious and patriotic .
minds grasped tlie welfare of the nation, and tbo
"preservation of our Republican Iiinti' utioin, evert
the spotless character of our beloved W nshmgton,
proved to be no shield agiinst attacks of this ca
wre. Truly may it be said then that your humbli
representative neud not compluin. 4
it k Qot to be expected that I should unde. taka
to refute every slander aimed at my xcpumioa
through the the colums of a kennel press where th
most meagre puppy claims the privilege of burk
ing. . ' Much lee thai I should st-iop to Jioti' e the
low scurrility and blackguardism that carries ort
its own face indications of the polluw;'! fountain,
from whence itemanatfs. Such of the coutempti
ble cabal who have hadlhe impudence and lauity
to undertake to dictate to the fret-men ol Lau rence
county the manner in wliich they should exercise
the right of suffrage, and who have laboured with
their envenomed t pens to sever the ties that u
nite me to my constituents would act wijwly to pnn
der on the following reasons why I have been bon
Ore l with the support of so many respectable citi
tons w iose political sentiments differ in some re
pects with my own. ' . . , .
lst Ifecause having resided about twenty year
among my fellow citizens of Lawrence ccuiity,
and having had dealings with a great part of them,
they have confided in my integrity,
2nd. Because they believe that a representative
who is the mere tool of a party and can be lathed
into the traces at will is unworthy of the confi
dence of a free people. "
3d. Because, , as independent freemen, tney
scorn to be dictated to Cy a mercenary and cor
Tupt press. :r.'-"- ,. .
,4thvBeca'nse they have agreater regard for their ,
country thanfor any political party whatever. '
5th. Because I have never made party a hobby
to ride into office upon.
These are a few of tih principal reasons why X
have been honored so repeatedly (With the confi ,
dence and support of a large portion of the intelli '
ffentahd patriotic, citizens of all political parties.
Uence some of the minions of party m their new
born seal to denounce me, and who imigine I shalt j
fall an easy prey to the blighting effects of thflie
calumrty will find that I am too well ihiclded ia
your esteem and my own conscious rectitude to b
injured ty such base weapons. -
During a residence of about twenty years among
you, through good or evil report, my political sen
timents hare remained unchanged, nnd althor.gU
hi some important particulars I have differed in 0
pinion with a Iar;e majority ol" the people, yet I
hav hea repeBtedly honored wkh tlie free sufira
ges of all political parties, these demonstrations of "
the confidence of my fellow-citiaens will Constitute
one of the most pleasing reflections of my life,
and for which manifestation of regard, I sVjt-.ll nev-
er cease to feel grateful. That I should fi !51 the.
expectations of all in the important trust si?neif
me, I have not . the ' vanity . to expect, b ; pos
sessing the consciousness of having done my dutyv',
t cannot but indulge the hope that my humble ef
forts will meet with the approbation of a highrain
dei and patriotic people : '
Your obedient 5ervat,
f'f;':;--:s: -y SAMt'FL J VTXE.
Brookhaven, Lawrenc i county, March 20, 1333.
The Garet'e uf Vjgsburgh1 for Janua
ry, ,1890 eives a singular, account f th
heroism and presence of mind . display e(V,
by tbe daughter of a game-kf-eper. resi
din' in a solitary bbuce near Welheimif
Her father and theres of 'the famijy
had gone to cburcitf'when there appear'
ed at the door ; an bid : man appart otljr
half dead witb cold. Fr.eling tor his sit
uation , she let him in, and went into the
kitchen to prepare! bim some soup.
I hrouih a window wnicn communicaiea
from the rporrt sbe bsd left him in, with
the kitchen, she perceived that nt) bad
dropped tbe beard be wore when he en
tered; that ' he, now appeared a robust
man; and ?,hat be was pacing the eba'nv
bet with a poniard in bis hand. ' Finding
no mode of escape, she ) wired beiseli
with a chpPr'n on'5 Dsn'' ani' ",e '
iog soifp in the other, and, entering tb
room where he w-as.-first threw the soup
in bis faci, and then struck him a bliwr
with the hachet on bis neck, wbicb
brought bim to tbeground senseless. . Al:
this moment, a-frfsh knock at the door
occasioned bef to look out at an upper
window whfn she saw a strange hunter
wn0 demanded admittance; and on re
shoulder, on which he- aiadbis waf
back to the fore-st. Half art hour after.
a third person came, and asked after an
' , .n-..;i. , to sink-
s pWh wlihina to tak. ths itaae
-I. .-....
ftjuwasMked by'tiis driwilf ke had any
datl lava ee dt baggie at all,, but tbr.
. 1 '
... r;i
.... -

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