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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, April 28, 1838, Image 1

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. ' " -II . .JI . - - - .. i , , . "I"" I , I.. . -
1 . 1
Pt,ofnirTiosB. Five pollar in advance, five
f.fty at the end of six months orsu dollars at the
ipiiatioii of the year, euoBcnpuon will b
rUsrontinued until all arrearages are paid, except
t the option of the publisher. , Persons wishing
to discontinue will please give notice thereof
No suhwription received tor a less ume 4tnan
lix months, ' - ' ; .' ' '
. n........wvvra lncrtAf1 lit lh Tut nrllnA
- -
DOLLAR per square ten Une$ 'nrlrst,) for the
1irst insertion aim jtjktt vh-ib sijuan?
I t:rh continuance.
f A drurt'inimnrta ujhfph Br6 TOt imited
fmanuscript,nstr the number of insertions, will be
continued until ordered out and charged accord-
I Professional AnvESTWKMiWTa. lor 10 lines
for less, not alterable, 3 months, ( $10
-J do. rto. 6 do . do. . 20
do. do. 12!1 do. do. 30 ,.
$ ffc-AIJ job work must be paid for on deliv
ery-. i ...
i Announcing randidates for Ftito offices will be them QUIte nlaiD
1 lorine
are "v
I on "(he
Hone a vawninc abyss, where a
foaming torrent was struggling
against the overpowering force
of winter. "Lay hold of my
belt," whispered the father, as
though he was apprehensive.
lest the very air might overhear
him: "and hold fast; 'tis not
the most pleasant walking here.
The ffirl trembled with cold and
lear. ana siienuy louowed nor
rough conductor. "Stop!" Jhe
cned air at once; 4do you hear
nothing f Were not those men's
No, father, it is the wind how-
' , . ' i. -
ling through the puies ; : (
. 'Stand still, then, and listen:
that must be footsteps. I hear
nnrl fnrcmmtv five dollars each.
I Postage on letters must be paid to receive at
Tram the Cranl (Julf Advertiser.
1 love to see the full moon rise,
When no umbra ting clouds disguise .
tier silvery light:
Her gentle beams impart a balm,
Amid the universal calm
Of silent night. ;'
' ' f , :a " ; -' -,
I love to view her n her way,
While chasing down the king of day,
With stntely pace ; v '
A myriads of shining lights ' ' .
Dome large, and some as small as elites
Her pathway grace.
."' . ',: ,v vv:
sea salutes her with its roar,
And rolls its mighty tide ashore,
' , . Submissively : i
Nor does it still itself again, "w
Ijll she in sizn begins to wane,
In some degree. '
Ah! soon her face of pearly light, .
Will bo enveloped in darlc niht, ,
And shed no ray: V '
Po man, with all his haughty pride,
Doth float 'down Time's uoceasing tidg,. .'
. And past away, ; ' ..ut
;, - CORSETS. -J -vj."i i-
While thousands fall by clashing swords, -Ten
thousands fall by corset boards;
Yet giddy females, thoughtless train! ,
For sale j of Fashion yield to pain,
And health and comfort sacrifice
To please a dandy coxcomb's eyes.
No. father, it is the ice burst-
ing in the abyss and the water
dashing against the rocks.7 :!
The old man. wrabned in a
gray surtout,- clapped his far to
tlft side oi tne rocK to listen,
and presently- cried, .come on!'
The path became more difficult,
and the rocks more abrupt.
Should any misfortune befal
me to-night, my dear girl, said
he, Hell your mother she must
not give up the business; I have
made a profitable concern of it,
und I should not die ' Contend if
I believed it would drop with my
life. You are now old enough
ty to the rock ; he burled .lis , From the St. Louis Bulkim.
pack at the animal, which tum-J THE F.TffrWA xivxtti
' i . vi itu rn.rn.-avw m
bled howling, together; With a I VW bavt nevervietred a pricier spec
mass 01 snow, down the nreci.l uc, ""'eh the roiEhfy stream.
pice, 'Give it me,' he cried, ta J ?!ling iu T,8t Ad tionjf our eity to the
king the lighter load from ih ?Z ttLl'W
. , , . . " 1 uiuuuk is itrnoie. -
fiu, 6i .losing iici iiuu iirinty, nen it pouts a long in dark waters be-
and drawing her with accelera- ne,h ths Kent, tftiH f mA sum.
ted steps'dowW the - rockV nath' f." W giMing. rip-
Fright deprived her of the us SSifW
t r ' ' i , , : " ""J iiiiiiiiigm iiiuon ii. course is
"l iici iniius, IHI HC OratTPeO I Still inteulv learfu res ial -vttnl
her along like a 'thing. l)es-,h5nk 01 if 'far'' lonely journfjriog, ami
truction pressed c bser and VlnJ me "oe i mi wnneFsed, and we look
... ' iLgj. L'.s- ; I "Pon 1,8 placid surface shadowed by the
ser onj their, ieels. Voices re- forests of ihe bat.ks, ad a 8eems m u,
jcdicujy cneu uait.' io ... m all its rnaeest c Awnine-nri- hnlr a
swer was returned: and the ,c- 6'ant, slumbering from his labor.; But
port of a piece-reverberated .a whf?. t;,Mutifiil pring t.m. Ir over,
,.t ;t ' janu ine Damy tnoonlielitevehSnffof sum-
hundred fold bv the echoes of n;::." rTJ
, L - !. uiuiiiii aiiituuwr is no
mo uiuuiiirtnis. i iic wdiji siruCK J more, wnen winter broods oer desoia
th rnrh anH dmnnn.l n . i.-:lted nature, thin it i tint lti rr;kl
...V 'w.a UlVUIIbU V ' lllCll I ..7 . ' ...v I."i'I
ggt , tt.i.-oisaif ft , . Msguuies sit in teanuiness 01
M-,A -j i ; , I aspect, ana we realize tbat we are ea-
girl, I cannot go any further. " single exception, that flows upon our
ucav v lilt; IrtlllCI , lliey Will 0011 6 . ' . uuiniugmugranueur
murder me." ' . ublimity magui6cence.";-, Turn your
,.. .,1 1. . f ... eeeen now, reader, over rts troubled
wui yon win oeirav me ffir i
. - -r. " o -w "liov R OJICCWVIC VI gllllU-
;iu, hw, leave me nere. antl eur aoes that rnichtv mass of votomed
make your escape. . waters present. The opposite shore Is
You will betray me. aftdbrini? "T.rr 0 .DJea.K' "e
.1- . , , "i iiskcu uanas no sieep iron? iDa rushins
yourfathertOthegallow. , Come stream mantled will, ice; the trees are
COme along. .'V;' -: ! ' I leafless and drear; at" intervals . throueh
Filled with despair, hfl rais- ,hei: fcare W6aMler beaten ll-unks. you
ed her from the ground: ; and "T',m.r 0 an hiouni up-
. .. ' 7 ' ion ine smootn prairie. while tar awav in
WOUOfl Willi , twft i lolcl burthen the blue distance, .standing out airainal'
... 1 t I . . . m I.. . - a 7 "
ruuiiti a teage oi rocr. It WHS ine eastern horizon, are perceifed
to no purpose. The sharp shoo- 1 . ,oftS wh,le c,lH' or tf rounded sum-
ters appeared above and below! n n in !7Tg.f "'V?'?
, . . . . 'line view. Uloodv Island in the midst of
vou have once taken the sacra
menu von 'will be able. 1 should
think, to carry on the thing well
He then directed her to con.
ceal herself in a small cavern
gler increased every instant.- 'en. sandy shores, sad and gloomy as
The girl had sunk down as if graVe yard! ah! 8rave y1 and whn
innnimntff nnrl all k the associations connected witb Us dark
ffe a r 1 h effrtS hi8,orJr o throng the mind,
nt IhA nttriirhtarl TatliBii .in." . . . '
w. ....i.6mi,., "uicj iv oiuuac i toe appellation is no misnomer. A grave
her were unavailing. , Again
was heard the cry of 'Halt!'
in a rock. ."You mav earn vourl Apnin thR hnli haA
I ... - . . I to " ' " " lvu lias:
supper tnere ne ooservea, 'lor Hnd the ministers of the law
... . - 1 -- l " . I B . . t .
we , are now upon me ironuer: kept approaching, nearer and
death depend
Among the mountains on the
frontier of in Germanv ' is
. . . . . . .
situated a lonely village,1 once
inhabited by puor, but industri
ous people; now, since it has
been thrown into the corner of
art IriMtvi-iy. m afrn & &
n iMiiiiuui, ii ia a iirsi oi , smug- yr- Z "a'"-1 . mat iiivy say
glers and thieves, where all the vou wil1 have " dimcohy. they are obliged to commence
vices have taken up their abode, 'Tis worth a good round sum, early in the evening to get thro1
inougu. i uy sunrise. '
An Idsa. An Illinois editor
I- - . - - - ' : iv(. u j i uauiiiii
and up, yonder you would only nearer. Life or
be in my way. , 1 II whistle ed on a single moment. He bent
when I come back. When you over his child aud caught her
near inar sign, iook aDuut ana m his arms. So help me god in
bestir yourself. , my utmost need!' he ejaculated
" nn.-inese woras ne conun- aloud, and threw her down the
tied his ascent, and the half fro- abvss. V lt
zen girl crept sobbing into the The bodycashed against the
snowy retreat to say a pater projecting cragsln the descent,
noster. At a dizzy depth below, and rolled into the torrent he
me torrent roarea monotonously neath
before the wind whirled the The pursuers stood aghast at
snow in eddies from the rocks, the atrociousdeed andoverpow
She was alone in this dreary ered with horror, dropped their
spot..v'4,; ; , weapons.' The smuggler esca-
After awhile the annointed w,uu u: .t.. j i.
. . . . . . l' " ' "ini yrttn; ana nas
signal, was given, and she heard since'.-often';. visited' the same
iootsteps. tier lather came Upot on a similar errand,
with a pack, which he dragged! ? . aw'
after him.' v I- The'roirnM nf rVv VAfV I,m.
Here, pull it in it is butlight;so much to do, that thty say
yard! let it bear the title; whateverour
views respectmg the scenes it b.aswit
nessed, the name is appropriate. 1 '
and where they are fostered by
o . i . . i . k ' , ,'
The pack was deposited in
trie ilinralive thritltrh t'.anaormta
- ' , uuijcwi will? I . - , -
nrofession thai is thp n..rc..A.i the carern:, and the smucgler
Here, with all the pride of bah went bft.ck agai0, Th 6irl in sPCak.'nS of one of his con-
iiieiiiiwmie, uuucneu Denina me temporaries, says Ue has ius
a' I'll a 1 - I . J
ditti boasting of their achieve
ments, they related to me. a cir.
cumstanctthe thought of which
makes me, shudder.
'Come along," said a father
one evening to a girl of thirteen.
who hud just relumed from the
pastor of the villace. who was
giving her instruction, prepara
tory lo coiifirination, ."put fen
your thick coat; we haV srmi
thing to get lo night. "Bid' vhnr
" o - (, vuur i . ' ' : -7 4
mother cood bve. nd of my old lungs
to lay her hand diz may be called the Citr of
or we cannot tell whether the sometninsr behind na' tne Jf oot.as Miss fardoe calls
Almighty will bring tissue thro' :3o along girl, and hold voor fj1 lkcity Sf theS.uJla?'
inc uustness or not." Ther st ..! ' . ' majestt of the J30UL Man's
Mv. The wind I blew intensely 4tk ' ' .l- . 8oi is greater than his fortunes,
oma over the hiils. and i . . c 7 "U,,,V. ""5 ""'"g and there is majesty in a life
, ..hi,u ik.i,i 11Ci ri ...i,... ... . v .- w . ' .
rees; while low ' " ' UI,ucr' lhal towers above the ruins that
oack : and robbed her frozenlsense ennnrh t lio-ti k;
limbs to warm, and keep herself er home with a dark lanthorn.
awake. Some time again elan-1 : . I -
sed ; again a whistle was given ; Spanish Ladies FEEtiliut
asoetore. and the lather return. I as for fanr.rlrfeinn v.nmm.nt
' . I Kwiuiuiii.1
ed with another load. He barle Ime to the hflle nf r.aA'.n. fri.-
. . . I , -.-- vain, tlltic
her to take up the first, and I are certainly no such ankles and
1 f . . l i f ' .la" .
mane ner goon Deiore mm. insteps in any other part of the
. Tamer, i near aogs earning, world as you see upon the Ala
don't von. (mada of Cadiz.'- Thv
,No, no,tisonIy the wheezing you like a sunbeam, so lighk so
"'igi w aJiniuai, in iact.ua
ommigs the
dont yon see.
...,.r rr TI: ."Goocl ;.ience! ,h sharp
heads of the rnvu L ' shooteis! VVe are lost if we
- . . "rutc ftiuuff an
fall around his path. .
ami elambma lite chamoi a:
iinlrrqueiP(l m,iuj1
A fine portrait of Jndo-e Tnlm.
enn rf tht IT Q" C ..
A doc: came up and threaten- hna r,.n
ed to seize the man, when cling, members of thl Bar to the Bar
nS viuiouk vtner nope vi aaic-jassociatioa of Charlcstoiv. '
, Frofn the JV. Y. .
th Naty. Tbe inefficiency of our
xiary nas neen tor a ion? time a iost sub
ject of complaint Tbe force In the com
mission, has not been4 nor Is it now, suffiu
cient to afford that : protection to com
merce. which its importance rlemands.
Not only is ; our naval forces Vak, but
by the admission of the Secretarr. nur
whole line of maritime foriificatinr.s r
in a like defenceless stafe. In the last
number of the rcny sr Navy Chroni
cle is a comparative statement of our n-
val armament in commission, with that of
Great Britain and France. The British
force consists of 23 shins of the line. 15
frigates, 61 sloops, 25 brigs and schoon-
a a Wj
en, ana a numoer nt survettino' vpI
Ffance has 15 ships of the line, 13 frig
ates, and 61 smaller vessels besides
which both have a number of steamers.
VVe have I ship of the line,l razee, 5 fri-
gates, and 17 smaller vessels, a force
wholly inadequate lo the want, of our
commerce, or to maintain our national
respectability in the eyes of foreigners.
The amount afloat afford; KtfUe employ
ment to only a amall pari the officers
on the navy lr,iouf of fifty captains on
ly five are afloat. The whole system re
quires ( a re-organization; the force in
commission should be Increased, by
wbfflf employment would be riven W
. ww,
the officers, and enable them to acquire
that skill and profession I knowledge
which can alode render our oavv useful
to the nation and formidable to "its ene
mies. v .'' 'ry
king of the gevenitnenij, is Vt be listen,
ed to lha workmsn'e narraiiva win. a
stem and distnjjtfui cofluteoance.
It leeiiis tha wlti the poor fijllow wis
doing some repair in one of th ni,..,.
bouses with which fan's abooods, he 6.
yeroeaiu, inrougn a chink in the partition,
a conversation 'carried on in an und
tone between, two . perioiwppi nf tK-
court the nam of the kfns fremiti!..
uttered dtevr his attention he listened
attentively-l-and the details lie learned
vere of the most terrible irrporiance
.moni: the nOsocavs which wr
preented to n:s maiesty on the
of his fete, one was to be impregnated
with a poison so aublle. that it i.hm,M
caue the instant death of inv nn.
should smell it. Master of so portenfom
a secret, the frotl&tr bad left hit wotIj
unfinished, andr, without .time to change
his Wonkine clothes, he bad ha
tlfe bot&lo the police to reveal the dread,
ful plot that was ireoarinX Ritlil.' .it-
ted him closely on various points of hi
tory, byt found bim peyfeclly consistent,
and was at length convineei of.hjs tar.
nestneres, partfcoUrly as be offered to sub
mit to Jhe torture to testify to the truth
of bis words. ve loot him
ruge to Versailles, where he had placed
him unJpr this snrv;iir, e .t. . .
While he went to the kins apartment by
a private staircase, in order not to excite
the fears of the consprlors.
. At eight oVlock on the same evening
Loms XV, went to the grand saloh ,(
reception Where be sat ith . ,
countenance in the chair of State, at th
uoimm oi me room, before, him waa
the magnificent round table of mozaic
which had been presented lo Ijouis XIV
by lh republic of, Venice. '
tined - to receive the brilliant oofiegay.'
which were to be offered to hi. m'.;.....h -
on the present joyful occasion. Louir.
exchanged snailinr wlann. ' m.:tu t.
de Pompadour, and with his handLWs$-
7 "" apiniei ipjacea on a stool
at his feet. ; The ceremony at Jengib,
commenced. The kinfr rr.i-j ,-.1
ode the various ban-in -(r,A ,-. .
under the pretext of playing with his dog, '
nuuw iiioi.ircei vivacity seemed great
!y to amuse bim. he hA .rk i..u f
Bowers to the animal's nose, and then
laid it on the table. The members of
the diplomatic body first
dresses to JVmaJesty, ben came the
royal famil io had courteously yield-
ed them to the precedence. Cin Iryicllln
the first nosegay preiented by tbem the
dog fell dead, Madame de omnadnUI
turned Pale, and srasahnut .
when ber royal lover wbini-.,t
"be not alarmed-the danger is past i '
Aide the poor spaniel in a ttAA f
robe he died te justify tbe saying 'Son,
brother, nd father of the kfngaud nevee ,
king himself. ' ' .
From the Baltimore Transcript.
On the eve of the fete of St. Louis. In
1750. a poor laborer arrived out of breath.
at the hotel Of the lieut. of nolica in Pa
ris and asked to speak with the chief
magistrate. thO celebrated M. Rerntin de
Bcllisle; butlt was one o'clock, the usu
al dinner hour at the period, and the el-
egaully drassed valets would not disturb
their master for a 'shabby looking work
man.' , ' " . '
The man insisted they lanebed at
himhe entreated they ordered him
out, aud at length provoked at bis impor
tunity, tbev took bim by the ihohlder and
attempted to force him into the street
While struggling with them he exclaim,
ed 'I bare particular business with the
magistrate the kind's life is in danmrl
flt these words the menials desisted and !
an officer who was present, struck with
the bonest countenance of the man in-
formed At. ft ffolliala nf iho eirriimafanra
v..wwww,...vw i uiiivm ur larj t
who immediately ordered him' to b con- husband was hangod, of sbo will f, -
.1 . . I . ,1 A 1. 1. ... i. . I itraivini, ninl..n..
iw ma piiTij muni, Auure ii j -7 -"-.. uiipi9ui camparisons.
oon joined bim. The magistrate had ft. A great lady noticing that a pea'.
quently been dec.iv.d by p.rns who - boy looked admiringly upon be? Zot ?!
in the hope of reward, had trumped up nance, asked bim wttb , smile, nort h. ! u
loaeitor; of aiarnm l,nSer8 to the k.d the diups which ,be troro la hex elrj t
f The ceremony was soon afterward
eoncloded-i-and Louis returned to hi r.ri.
vate apartment, where he sent for the
lieutenant rt police. 'Yon were Well,
informed, M. de Bellisla 1911 h. !..
year the polnfcrd "of Damiens a nose
gay inn time and all from t,be same
source) But in this case 1 rannni nHn;.k
as I should. You Will nleaaa
lent on the dreadful mvsterr. Ai mil.
man who has saved roe, I wish to see him
present him to me.' The magistrate
made Some excuse ahnnt th frA-..r.
humble dress and - apoearancei-.bu waa .
interrupted by the good narured mon
arch with "So much the httr1 , Th
workincr dress in the t
glory! Bring the frolteur here ! wilt 1
treat him .better than a nrkiea! Rtt.
ifle went out and soon returned holdin
oyme nana fitsproteqe, trembling nt
not daring to lift up his eyes, ! Loiihi XV.
advanced to him ''Embrace your king.';
worthy tnan.'aaid he, 'let thin be your
first reward.' Ah, sirel exclaimed th
man, trying to throw himseli at bis feet,
'am I worthy of such excess nf l.rtnni.
and goodness!' The , king drew htm t
bis bosom, warmly embraced him, and
kissed him on the forehead. I.orti .vb.
ed bim in what way he could serve hia
teii men, sire (jie answered) I slW.d
ucui,p7 lo.uvmearyoar majesty btrn
in the neighboring park. ' If yeu -will
permit me to see yon sometimes I will
always be happy.' 'Is that a?f.' said
Lewis in Cfleeo days a house shnll bo "
huiltforyou my worthy. friend-ar-d ei..
ery morning; you will brinrn.
1-ay.which will make me remewt er that
i nave owed my life- to your loya It v and
afRction.' The king kept btspr. mis-,
a beautiful cottage was built lor bis hum
ble friend near Trianon a pension of
1200 louis a year was settled upon bim.
and be lived in uninterrupted banpioe
till the end of his day. ;, ' ' i
Never marry a widow, unless her tfrYt
-s y

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