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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, June 02, 1838, Image 3

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i. h.r.bt tven I ha the
rubscf f ten
: i.ni.ts for W
ffl" . , .... rl.a can
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Rsil . Hftl , A'
ott dav f i !
, .. it.
' ..:il Ten
r h Ji 111 ili i imp 1 . ,: - - -
. ...;,.,! i tha time f sub
'"' .... ... ftf anv chartered
ill ni rruu"' - 1 .
Notice, .; , .
,irir; (r Subscription lo the Capi
. ici..rirni' tlm 4lissis9i!pi Union
(I ai unuucriiu itin
the county of Lawrence (the
.aVof Justice of said coui.ly.) on i
Jl,nJy i" May next, to be.' cent
1st A
,.rand durin ibe space of one
L,i o,'t'.'i
'J and twenty davs.under Ibe su
.:.,...,l.ne of lb undersigned mana
L appointed for that purpose, by the
ct ;0pp1imDtil t ar,;Act .(.corpora-
a ill II1KLI U
11. IN. lAJuiwv
LHOrN, )
Monticello, March 17, 1838(0-0
of lCC. , ,
nni-s nf Knhsrrini' on mr i""
kit be opened at Jackson, irn r- vyi
r .L-iM nf the Mother Bank on the sc-
Ld Monday in April next and continue open for
B fpaceof stxmonhH. .
Dy order of the tnpr ' ;
Prosiclent M. B,
Jackson, 2Sth Feb., 1833-20-5-. "...
J Khali at the next June term ... ....
A Probate Court ol Lflwretife ; cuny
re-ent my account as ad:nitntrator o
hffntate of Jnsepn Amfoa.
L final cettloment and allowance.-.
Mont.cetl.., .fpral 14, j8382.8-Cw.
i'iTP.rir.WKeie6"IPn. ) nl.nwrenceCir
( r uit Cbort
Levi Noble )
Td September; Term
f llilft
ninder.JtfcKinna C Attachment for 89,
T .nniarirff to the SitlS UCtton Ot thIS
Court that the defendant has abcond
I or o conceals hiinelf thaf the ordina
r iiMcess of the law cnnot be served
' ' - . " ' "'Si - f .. '.-J. -1 I II...
pon him; whereupon u is orutsrru m
nlestbe detandam appear, put in yw
ial hail plead to the plaintifii action
In or before the .first day of . the next
ientember term of this court, judgement
nal will he rendereg agami mm.
L . . . al a I i
(Ih estate attached "Wtii ne toia io inmj
aiotiflO claim and all "costs.. It is fur
er ordered that, the Clerk of this Court
use a copy of fh order to be, publish-
A Ir r cit ...ki (successively HI llienin.
jper called the Pearl. River Banner,
printed and published in . the' town ol
I certify the above to be atrue fXlract
rom the minutes of said Court.
a ft ' I . I . a
kereunlo set mv l.and aod ohicihi seat ai
ibe town of Monticello, this ihe seventh
ay of April 1830.
Apiil 7, 1838 25-. . ,
TATE OF MlHSlPPl, lu Lawrence Ur
raurrnre Ceamtf. ' Nruit VO'jrt.
He i y Boyer VI'o September Term
vs , (1333. ' ' .
Aaron M'Curober. ( Attachment for
faTT appearins to the satisfaction oillvs Court,
LB. that the defendant has absconded or so
fcreat himself (hat the ordinary process, ei
ihs law cannot be served upon him; . whereupon
1 1 ..rJined that iinlessihe OelenrJaot appear,
iut in ,i.ecial bail and ptetd to the piamiiu ec
jion ou or before the first day of the pext . Sept
erm nf thiicouc. iudsemenl final will be ran
iUr.d avinat him. and the eetaia aturfieif will
lit sntd to tatufv nlnintifTs claim and all cofs
It ii further ordered that the Clerk of this
.Court cause a copy of this order to be publmb.
dfor sit weeks successively in the newspaper
ailed the Pearl River Banner, printed and pub
Lhd in I he lnwn cf Moa'icellO.
I certify the above to be a true extract from
the minutes ot saiu court.
hr!inm set mv hand and official seal at the
town nf Mouticellf. this the seventh day of
April 1838.
. Monticello, April 7, 18;J7 5?-6l.
Lawrtnrt County ' cuit Court
Henty Borer, ) To Sepiember term 1833,
vs I'"'''' " 'x ' '" i
Asron M'Cumber ) Attachment for $600. :
T appearing to the satisfaction of the court,
thai th. defendant has absconded, or e
1 nenceals nimsll mav 'na u.u.ua. j .-v... v.
I; the law cannot be served upon him; whereupon
it is ordered that unless the defendant appear,
f put in specil bail and plead to plaintiff's e
da on or bofor the first day of the next Sept.
teres of this court, judgement final 'ill be ren.
I dereil against him, and the estate attached will
( be sold t satisfy plaintiff's clai and all eosts.
1 that lha Clerk of this
Court cause a copy of this order to ba publish
ed for six weeks successively, in the newspaper
railed the Ptarl River Banner.priuted aud pub
lished ia the tewrt of MoHieello.
I certify the abve to be a true extract fron
til a saioutes of said Court.
fcareuBto l thy hand and official Seal at the
low of Monticello, this the seventh day of
ApH',838EDWARb L. BOWF.tf, Clerk.
.IT-,. .. " -:.7. J3S--t. .
STATE OK Jtf PIT, ? I Lawrence Cir-
LatcrtnetCounly. a J rail Court ,
I'brouh Benson -' VI o September Term
n f 1033. v
Btnjumin SilU. f Attachment for .
' ' i . $I8I.I?. '
IT appearing t the satisfaction of this
Court that the defendant bas'ibscon
ded or so cpneeah himself hat the or
dinary process of the law cannot be .'tr
ved upon him: whereupon it is ordered
ttWunlesstha defendant appear, put In
special bail and plead'to the plaindtiffs
action tin or before th first day of the
next Sept; term iifthis court, judgement
final will be rendered against liim, and
the estate attached will be sold to satisfy
DUintiflTi claims and all costs. !l is tor.
therordered that the Clerk of this Court
rause a copy of this order to be. published
for six weeka successively in the news
paper called the Pearl Hiver Banner,
printed and published in the town of Mon
Ucllo. . .. " .
I certify the above lobe a true extract
from the minutes nl s id oourt.
hereunto set my baud and official tal at
the town of Jlfonhcello, this the seventh
day c.f Jprll 1838. . ' - '
April 7. IH33W-6w. . . . !
LEETTERSof Administration having
been granted to the undersigned by
the Probate Court n Lawrence county;
at the February Term 1838, on the les
Ut of. David Burney deceased, with the
will annexed, Notice is hereby given to
all persons having claims against said es
tate to present them 'duly authenticated
within the time prescribed by law, or
they will be. forever barred, and, all..;. per.,
sons indebted to Said estate are request
ed to come forward and make immdiate
onticello, March 31, 1833 '21-6w.
LETTERS of Admsnis'ration having
been granted to the undersigned, by
the Probate Court of Lawrence county,
at the February Term 1838 tin the estate
ol A. S Eldrtdge ' deceased. Notice ih
herehv oiven to all nersons baine claims
auainst said estate, o present Ihem duly
. ... . .t .! . . . .-...:t.. i
autnetiticaieu wnn aine time prwenuru
b v law, or they will be forever barred,
and all nersons indebted to said estate
"l , - .... I
Monticello, March 31,183d, 31-6w,
Probate Court, MarcV. i e m 1838. )
WHEREAS, it haviij; r . . preseated to
tins Court by the Administrator of A. S.
Eldridee deceas" thatt necessary that the
real estate of said dec j should be sold, it is there
fore ordered by the Court that all persons interest
ed in said estate be and appear at the next May
Term qfeaid Court to shew cause if any they
ran whv the real estate of said deceased should
not be sold. It is further ordered that copy of
,h above order be ' : vublished. in tlie Monticello
Pearl River Banner for six weeks successively and
advertised in three of the most public places in
WrrNEse, the lionoranie w. u.
CANNON, Judge ot 1'robate m
and for Lawrence county.
V htutd March, 29th 1838,,.
A trim rnn fiaiB the minutes of said Court.
. ' . J. CALDWELL. Cl'k
Monticello March 29, 183821-bV. .
List of Letters
r E W All INU In the rost oaice at inonocei-
tl, lo on the 32 st of March 1838, and which
:r n, j-iitari ftr within the three months next en-
1 VikI iWirm an
m . . ' ,
Dead Letters.
R.v Butler Anthony. Baesitt James 2, Butler
Rarah. Buckley Thos It 2, Butler James i, Boy-
.i, T.anv. ririd'e Henrv Ii. Buckley t Benj A.
... v. .- -- . ' ', , -,.,.-, ..
Ruck e lidward. HucKlev uicoarn, man y ivuueri,
(;. Carter Wro S,C01e Jolin, uooper jsoepnj
. ' 4 . ,. . I ,...... .1
una moors now-
ty, Ualtiweii josepn u-aiawen wh
l.nwrnra Co. Clerk Circuit Court Lawrcdce
County. ' :
D. Dixriri DavU 2, Pavls S W, DtitsoaMrs
Margaret. ' . ,
E Ellii Wm, Easton Jarhes D.
'llmt Kmacie Sam't Wt Fitts Msry.
a Gallendef Mich lal 2, Guyn M Gray W
Harris RichmundHolden &. Walker, Hartxog
A Mitchell, Holeman Moody4 Harrison Jeremiah,
jklennigtop Enorh, Itutctims .diss susani
Kennicott Joseph E 2, King M 3, Kenney Har-
aao,' t" ' - '
L LcgcrtawJohnT,Lape&. Styder, Langs-
ton David, Lynch UiarHw.
. M. MeCumber Aardu, JWartin nemprm.,
if,.,.u .: Mullens Elias. Moore James, Mc-
Leode George D, Martin Robert, Murray James,
McKiiity Alex'r, McJiiney James, inj-.. -u..,
MelsOrt J B W, MoffltJ vv moony u .
K NeWton Major, Kooie itu, .
1 . -,... tu (I fi n.t David.. ;
' P Pharneys Thos-2, peters Jdseph, Pendledn
v p-i.,nn rr Jn. Prestifke Samuel 2.
f Rogers Sarah, Raglin Mr. .Rafale GabrieL
, ai Dk.nh.,rf M. NTartcv2. Schulta John 1J,
e-:v.. t AMon A. ttk'mkcr Thos. Sonee Henry,
Starling Allen, Sauls Jamea, Scarborough M
Oaha, Stringer Josiah F, Smith James A3, &her
HT orClerxof Ijawrenceco
m rr t.. IT
VT Weathersby Win X Whitehead H W J,
WaltmaA Robert, Wilson John, or Peterson
t.a. Watharahv Arthur. WVIie Jonn i
T . O V..l.k 9 VVar Hirim & Ward
April 7th 1838. ...
Drinte(jwiVirn and des-
r rflUf sted to come forward and . make dayafterthe hpurot nine o'ciocK a. m. oy any
imrrediate r.avment ' ' '''' person except a regularly li-enscd tavern keeper
)mrreuiaie payment. who shall be fully provided to aconmoda-etrav-
CnmnbeH Thos (.Tirter ihtmel.
land.Cowart Zadhariah. Col. Comd'g
' . b " . jll"
. wn fa . ir fttlTir - I
miENDERS bi prclessionai erfict
to the ritizem of Mendcello and i
einity. ' Office one door noria oi ea.
Boyer i Store.
Jfpri! tl, IS33,-4-6fv
OFFERS hit profeiMOoa
the citizens of Montii
services ; to
onttcello and vi-
cit, and trusts by a strict attention to bu
siness to merit a reasonable shard of pat
ronage. ' ., ; ' ,' t: ', .. ;
Office one door west of Arthur bmith'i Law
April 7, 1838 22-6t. '.'
Law Notice
A mo S SMITH, have associated
themselves in "the praciice of the
law, they will attend to prolessional ' bu
siness in the Superior ' Courts, held in
Jackson, and in the," counties, of Law
rence. Jlfarion, Covington, Simpson, Co
piah and Pike, any purines .confided to
theiccare will receive thelr prompt and
undivided attention. Office at Monticel
lo. , ; J,
Feb. 1, 1838 17-tf. ' -
Attorney and Counsellor at L't
''v lexingtox,:;''';.
. Hairnet County, Mississippi.
Sept. 30 1S37, ly. , . , '
HY M: C CaYC'E.- t
'April IJttJrs.-'
Patsrdbv the Board of Selectmen of Hit town of
Monliccllo at tkeir nession in February 1838
BE IT OBDAINED, by the President and
Selectmen of the town of Monticello that
the 6th Section of an ordinance providing sundry
regulations for the peaceable, ordf rly,
regulation for the peaceable, orderly, and whole-
some Govelmnentof the town of Monticello berc
npiiiml. ' '
r Be a furtief ordaia By ,he President
H slei:tiiwn of the town of Monti.ello, that no
.niritnnus Iiauors shall beretailed ou he Habbath
- r . . . ....
fnr everv such offence.
3rd. tie it luwieroraainea. mat any person
ho shall be convicted of selling spirituous liquor's
to an-. Slave or slaves witnoui a whhru neriniMo
fmrn their master of dversecr. shall pay a fine of
five dollars for every such offence recoverable by
warrant. , . '
A. HAKiiis, rre t, ,
J. C. Chancb, Ssc'y.
Feb.' 17, 1838.
STATE Or MI3?IIPPI,MoLwrenrecir
Lrwtfnce Lonfttj. )'iwn.
Aarooj Uargie, J To Sept. Term 1838.
Bent. VVatlcins S Attachment for 4fjl.
IT appearing to the satisfaction or the L-out,
that the defendrtUt Ins absconded or so
conceals himself tht the ordinary process l
the law cannot be served upo hiaas wnerupn
ilis ordered that unless the defendant appear,
put in SoecUl bail and plead :o plamtiff's
' . : Y 1 . . , C9
on nn or tieiore tne tirsi uay oi i ne ' exi ociji
term of this Court, iiidicement Rial wilt Da ren
dered HCainsV him, and, the estate httached will
- 4 7 t r . . . - ..i - J -. t I -
hetnio' td atisiy oiatnun s cinim sou n
it fiinhor n'ntpred that the Clerk of this
Court cause a copy of thi oVder to be publfth
ed for Six week successively, in the newsaper
aii.t tha parl River Banner, oriuteil and
I ni.Kl.ahajl in tha tnWil nf Monticello.
I - .... .1. - .t.A I. 1.. .Nil. k.vlt.a.t IVnm
i ccrtiiv 1110 RUU, .IF WW M w ..
Ir minnl.I nt 9I(1 Cftlllrt .
htireuntrt set my hhd and official Seal at the
town of Monticello, this the seventh day oi
April 1833.
tlTRIJ b DU'ii'iVHH.
Monticallo. April 7, 1838-22-81
rpAKEN up by. Martin
1 King Sen'rw a filleiyi 4
rears old, 'with a white sprit
on the left side of the back.
about 14 band 3 Inches high, appraised
to 75 by Ja-ufi King and Alexander
Kussell, J3J pril 1838.
Bowen, J
HRGIS, Ranger. .
Y.Wm. MlXOO a
.UDstnallgray Horse
five years old , next
spring, i H' Dtisn oi ms tn ;ui
rir Atinraised to 60 bv , Win.
Stringer &M. T. Mikell
... . Mfmiritifiv i..,k.
tharafnre asks a favor, that eacn newspaper puu-
Kta Abulia States wUJ forward him by
Usher In the umwa .wet, " '
H.a.1 nn COnV Of thf.ir Haper. ' IIO imenna w
mail, ope copy
.t mbv of the Directory as soon mmm
rtady"; The advantages of a hcetbf this kind te
HuMiahera. must be apparent to all
ftrEditors will please copy the above 008,01
twice, in otdet to (Jnr Itcirwutom
Feb. 17. , r ' -
A. HAUGIS, Rnngef U t, paf th. iut g;
E. L. BoWEH L l . 1 Lirtintjnthear.-omplishmei.lofa woik which will
.1. t lotd . ' L,ft,.V.ItHlvdiseminateikiidwledg of ourintt-
Lawrence Oounty, Feb. -JHtb, i 8'.'d J .'
perwii holling ctHims aust Uie etUte .
Allen -SterliiiRg, late decf;(t, are reiree-
ted to present tiiero for payment witfiin the time
Drencribed 6v la.
. ' " jYlAjutc ijvy xoecutor.
Feb. 28,1838-20-6w. . . , :
rilHBTruitSb of thiluiiitut'on, feel gratified
JL in being enabled to inform its friendi and tlie
pubKc genemlly, that the puuci ng tor ine accotu.
moilation of teachers an I Pupils, lg.bearly com-
pleied, mud will be opened for the reception o to
deott on the first of January next. It is & large
and handsome edifice of two Stories, commanding
a lieautiful prospect of the town and neighborhood,
The upper roorft will be appropriated to the
male department, the lower to the male. . ! t It U
spacious and airy, and wJl be fumithed with every
fecomraodmion to promote the education of youth.
The location of this institution, is hi MomicelJo,
on iA Kiver in the county of Lawrence.1 ' A
town celebrated for its salubrity and health. . Ita
bounds with never failing spring of the ptirest wa
ter. Parents harefore regarding the health ol
their children, can no where promise themselvesi
awa flattering hopes of its continuance than at
tht Acaoemy. .
The instituticta will be. under the superinten-
rtenceof the Rev. A,R. Gravk, a gentleman of
talcntaod expnence. Ih -following Honorable .
snti tcev gentlemen aie n rreu to, ax
recommended Mr. uiave? to Me lrusteer, as a
mmi of unblemished character, a ripe scholar and a
skilful teacher.
rbe Rev. Jeremiah Cbarnberlian U. V. Presi
dent of OdUand Collesjc.
Rev. Benjamin Chose A. M. of Adams county,
Rev. Benjamin Shaw A. M. of Woodville Wil
kinson roiinty. '
Rev. A. U. Lawrence A. r. fcintoroi tne ew
Orleans Observer.
i Hon. John Henderson orMancock eounty.
, Hon. O. P. Smith ' of 1 Woodville Wilkinson
county. '
Th fiiiAaledpoartmetit will he under the care &
management of Miss SofH'A Rovck, a lady who
enjoys the wslt earnel reputation oi a quuncu
and su--pesf:il iii'trui-trt'ss. "he has for the last
four years been the principal teacher of the Fe
male Semiiiiry at Port Gibon.
aAxss br TTj-inoi.
, Spelling and Reading per month
Writing,..Mdern (eoifiaphy, enmmon
Arithmetic and English Graramdr per
i : .4 Ancieat Geography, Ancient and
Modern History, ! Political Economy,
! onstitution of the United States, Na
V -,
tural, Moral and Intellectual rouoso
phy, Loj;ic and Rhetoric per month
Laiinand tureen languHgra, mau.c-
fu i ASiroiimny, .v.uc.iiwmj
M-,nf.r alfurv and Botany per monJi ' SOO
French, Masie aan urawmg aunt uui
extra.., - , , .
urok1v exercise In comoosition for all ot sut-
ficieut age, and also in declamation f r the male
" . . ., . .1 ... . .Aif A .nni...t.i n-rtf 111. !!
An extensive bciui njininiis o p'u'" - i
r'lAiSt for inastratine the more cliihctiit parts oi oo-
Mathematics and Astronomy, and tor th
S'T-" ...... :.,...
niiiirmance otau v.emore ii u,.""'"
tine exoenmenta oi vnenusuv uu ii"..-. -
. . ,n . . A II-,.,.-',! VW.I.
o OT)hy. . . ;.ri v
Board, including lodging-, wasninfr, iigni anu
fuel can be had in private families lor - en or
twelve dollars per month.
Mr. Graves will himself board those pupils whose
narents or guardians wish to place them under his
particular rare, not only during Academical hours
but those of intermissiqrt; forthe dutyofa. Precep-
!. ,i:,..i,r,ri.l ho foxrnlv tmnrtinf thtetiect-
ual instructon,jntii exienos w uv tmu.ouuii .
improvement of the manner's and morals of those
entrusted to his charge. ,
The amount for boarding and tuition, except ior
booxi and that which is calltf l "extra" in the rates
will be $200,00 per year. .'- ...
There will be Out one vacation in . mo jear m
addition to the usual holidays and festivals. This
vacation will be of one rrtdnth-, ending po the "third
W,lndavof Sentemhet. 'lhe regular com.
th Academic tear will, therefore
Xhorsda following that thud Wednesday
It is very I esiraote, mar as ninny iw"""' "
. ' . ., ..: . .. .. 1. !Kli f
the children whose parents or san.i.. ...
disposed to send to the Academy for th fcomine.
season, should be present at the commencement,
that the best clamificatidrt of the pupils may beat
once effected. . . . . '
By order ot the woarn ; -'
, ' A. FOX, President.
' Jos. NtTLAita, Sec'y.
Meattee'le Bee. Sth 1137
For publishing Hit Laiii ofJSMssiypi. ,
IT AWtbeini the rule of action prescnoen oy
the suDreme power of th statej commanding
what is right, and prohibiting What is wrong, a
;heral acquaintance with its provwions is desira-
ble to thsscnomr, meiB5ui, ..-
mechanic, as well as th lawyer by profession. ; All
t... f anoUtvJ in a reDUblican'gover"enl)
likeour own,' dependant, lr the perpetuity of its
institutions, uloneoit an entigtuenea pum
v.mi r anine know cone oi turn ke vu.v
ments,Upon which their libertiss, and their fortune
j.,i t
SI.. . ' b ... ... . i , ...tl... a.
Tne laws o Mississippi oi a gem." i."v,
. . . .... l...:.'.,.,. lid eralfpr.
...inn it n mr Kurr p..n m iizr ..uiuc. . .
ed id numerous volumes buried under mass of
private acts, of importance to tnose mone wan
direcdy ihterestid in their priviaions, and offcriugi
k.. ti,.',rh..ii). antl th. want ofarranzerrent, en al
most insuperiblebarier. to that general dwsemina-,
tion of their Coiltents,amongf!t we gre
the people which their importance would eoem to
require. . '
TnprilWiiridarranMittllthelawsofa general
nature-, now In force, in this state, under their ap
propriate tiUes, togetner wiui a w.6"
irtdexi and supdrintendin H person, the coniple
tion ot ot me worx, uuu. r'uy ui ui . , - -
a labor of no small manhltudei The support rid
tutionsj and tnewhdtoht on which they are based.
Tk. irV will bn ouhllshad id two royal rtctavl
Lortmies,comprislnftort five to seven' hundred)
I . .;!n alt after the enacting clause, vsr- .
iawa. n uieswu ....- - -
owes, will be applied, bringing at once to the view
' . ' .r t rtf th u. (1 jaw axxt
bm a vrauiimu r .
, j;.,:.. artiirunr ate tit 0.
at, ., :
toed, be rriady for delivery by tite Jh of Jaaut-
T. J. TOX kW&Xl
- ,
jTftX the 'e veiling H ffce 6th of Feb.Vlom;.
SJU hef, n, th town of MonUrello. n ,m. .X
&Wu by John H. Tkunuson, and nW.m
pr.j:tle to the undersigned ofr thefirgwiay of 'Jan.'
miy jb fc oue bundren dollars. ' :
Moptieetto, March 17, 183iJ-2-3w. , .
L ETTERS of '-Administration having
been granted to the lifiderMj;ned t
the Debember term, 1K37 of the Pioliate
court of Lawrence county, on the ettat
of William 8. Carter, deceased.- No(ica
is hereby given to all persons indebted tT
said estate to make immediate payment,-)
and those having claims against the sam
'to present them duly authenticated witb-
in the lime prescribed by law, or the
will ue forever ti.irre.1.
. Monticello, Dec. SO 1837 13i't
Sh;irtfh College
IS si'uatedh1 Madison comity, V.lissiippi", wir-y
en mileneasttiily fioin Caiuon, . enii tweltk
m iw,th f101(1 MHilisomllh', ou the eleiratlouof'
ia.n - 1, between Big Ulack and fca.l River, iu
a region as healthy as any in the Slate. Tbin ft-
ttitutiuu includihg a female (iepartuietit,' nW ia.
successful nperutioo, was chartered by the Legiw
laiurr, in tlieir semiori of the last year, 'iht
fown of bharuir, in which the College m located
was i.iicoipoiateJ at llie st.ne lime, with special
referee to these Literary lustitutins, designed to be
reared within its liaiiis.' .The bearing of the act '
of incorporation, on the promotion of 'good order
and learmng', may be understood by the following7
extra-1 from the charter of the Town . '
... "Be It iui-ther enacted, That the President and
Diuncil fhall have power to pass all iiecrssaie
laws for the gflod order, aua government of sai-4
t own, not mcoiifciittiit With the t-onstitutioii, aiut
fAWsol'the State, and of the United MnerJ
wnereoy education, ana learning may be pmma-
ted, and th retailing and vending of ardent piri
it, Gambling, and every species of vice tw irai
morality, may be suppressed-, together with the loi .
tal Inhibition of the odinus and savage practice a!
wearing Dirks, Bowia-Knive, or Pistols."
I n account of the healthiness, aud other advanr
tagesof the place, ruany friends of good order
Iearniiig and morality, sue already beginiug ty.
make it the place of their residence. '
. five gentlemen from druerent .States in the Uia
nioo, all of whom being now, or having be?o", pro '
fessnrS in other institutions, are already elected Ua -the
faculty. ' F6m of them are clergymen Oridi
Methodist, One Baplist,oiie Presbyterian, and o
Cumberland Presbytcriifti. The couise of studies
in this liis'timiiuir, is to be equal to that bf any dtti- .
er college in ths United States. The preparutd
tiepartiiient is wlrt-ad'y iu operation and nimibfa
betwerta thirty and forty pupils, and will be mur
extensively orgauss"! 'on tis Cm Monday of Ma f
next, r
. The College proper will be organized nod el'a i
ses 'formed On the first .Monday of next Oct.nhi'j. -..'
Any student howeveri,withii)g before that time, to- ,
pursue any studies of tlie college classes, shall be
duly attended to-, by uie prole&sorsj at any time atV
tetVne first Momlay in May next. 1
There will be two vacations in the year ma
from the last of July to the first bf Octoben " and
the other 'during Christtiinst week. .
h the pVepartory department per annum , 3Q.
In the college classes -' - $4b
payable in advance.
Board to be. p'roctirad at $ '0 per month; asui. ,
washing including fuel t.$ 50 cts. per mnutl i, !
' , , By order of the Trust e.
. ' GRAHAM, Sec j. ,
ShasonFeb. 20, T83ft. ,
' .The Sprinand.uinTier Session for the pr -itVLf
year will commence on the first Monday in ? lareli '
and end with the last weeV in July. ,
The .Studies hf the Prepantory Class wj'.I em.,
braes Orthoemphy, Readme, rannmnshij), Arith- .
tnettc, English Grammar, and Geogf tphy-wiih the a
use of tne Glohej.
.Tnnirtr Ciiasaa Aktmnomy. Natural; M jr: 1. audi ',
Cental Philosophy, History, Clmmistry, Rhetoi
ic, Logic, alid Politics 1 Economy.
Senior Claw Drawing, Orlentai, Mejrotia,
and Velvet Paintings, and Ornamontal Needle
work, including the branches of the Junior Class.
. The Inslitutiou has been provided with a goed
Pianoj and the ' Trustees hiving mide arrange,
mentsto prosure the as'iiistanne of two additiorrl.
Tutoresses' feel themselves authoria?(f to offer fe
patents dosirous of prnenring for their daughfe'rr
a solid and Ornamentd) education all the ad vail a
ges which numbers and competency of Instrdiuor
esses, spacious And well regulated Acadentr.
and a retired, healthy, arid pleasant location Ca "
secure. .
Tha .Boarding llouse under the s'lperinteddeme
6f)r. Younj, has been fitted up, with a special
view to tlil aecortimodatinn of young ladies Thee
House is now ready fort ha reception of serenry;
Boarder aril no paina will be spared by lhe paw
prietor to promote the comfort aivl convcuience lef
of his boarders.
' The price of boarding per month, $10; waihJ .ir
Bdarders will be requirsd to furelsh theia aosru
, Tuition payable in advdnrp, . t
By o; der of the Board nf Trustee, :
C. GRAHAM, St ;'V.
.Feb. , 1838.
. ':.,..' j. " ' -( !; J. ..... '
r'- of Mails ' -
. Ftom Brookhaven jp ,cnn
1ays, VVednestl'rtys and Fu(Ihj
at 3 P. m.
For Brokhavek--c?
' Mondays, Ttiurf .la r an.
S:iturclriys, at 0 A.M. , ;
F rom RlosRoe -flif n F jfiriayi.
m m , I V I ra k A3 rt n s
1 1 pQf Mo.VftOS 'ftl .SCI " Mfia-
fJaj-stirfl TiiarsJSa.7 a,j. -
"ueeo, A
it " )ajaa...

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