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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, June 23, 1838, Image 1

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-KUfflDEn cp
L ...s-Fiv. pollers In .dvair., g
iS,-iu. . , months or six wmura
L itw?0'?.? wn subscript will be
T . . .. t tn VUO r - - - - , . .
V,nr .L,itil all arrearage art. pam, ewwpi
,contii."--f h blidlert. rBr8oiis iww
I""'.'- reived for a less tinw thaa
KosuMcnp - , ,, ...
.1- ..
V rj.onn. ..Inserted at the rata ot una
OI"!!.! Fifty CyT- ware,
Lat iBC"0"i " i- -
. ........
lrhcoruu"' . ,... - lm;ti on tha
KKeT and char accord.
do. H. do. 30
... U his;l,., ... tro-hmi
daw..rUted to k.,l.e wand.rrd .oour own .ui.kor.or.
,,, h0B.dU ru..iB. . disturb
tuit H jTllNTRD HOUSE.
Ti,. fV,llr.winfr true StOfT 8aVt
a correspondent was related to
rae by a C
from thr biflcers m the
where it happpned .
. k. T7 ... h. man
At the time me r rcmin
Aln th.ie were
army ioo (or bar want, ana .V "'T. V , hi, l.o in
ni mm.... , three tiifferentplacelheflames
j r in Vaiair .uiaies. 1 rrpn bit throui? 1 we iiuuci siu
a4 IJ"M . 7. ,
. ... . a .. ... !. t m
T- -jjj. ... ,.v Rthta officer wH ba
f Annoancius-nr.... . r-- .
Hollars anAIM " , '
W aat togathaiB alone
At evening, in- die silent bower,
And far the ail -cry starlight ehone
O'er sloping ea and folded flower.
I knew not truly how Jua rae: .
That we were ihtiogthua together;
Jut love, I know, if hard tame,
And often bieake from .Wisdom' Urther. ,
H7 talked at first of careless thing,'
The weaker and the last new novel,
Ad botli were sure the pom of kinfi
Was oousht to ffieadsWp ina hovel.
Wth bow and (hen a tremuling pause,
Oi t subjects were not very manys
And so, I know not how it was
At last we did not tall; of ny. ,
Suttboush w tpoke not,,all the while
Oureyas wera sweeter converse keeping?
And Love, with marry a wiunlog smile, -
Between the half-shut lids was peeping
And though the -bower was dimly dark, .
I saw the heaving of that bosons,
O! it was passing sweet to mark
The opening of loves early blossom. '
f....n!nir thmucrli the UDDCr
ri !( ' a4 j -- -e? - , . ,. , 1 "rrr-a;; . . ''
two vouna men in the army who .,.wn.,r rnfisiiial rea.ii,;. nria. Kannv home. The
....... 1 . 1 .1 UlKl Cv II l" " !! . - 7 i Mil. wny' -7; . .
hnd beeu educate u logeu r - . - . Qt w. nn ntfSt with ;btit U rirhA woman and her para
. 1 1 . r.. ' al.i I an . " ' . .. ,v. w .1 .- . 1 .!....
r in ark 1 hip ii'i vu . . . :i nr trtft evnsi ir ..ra umtifien .rum men
. . r1i 'ir S Bll 1IIU9IIIIIIVH ' . IHIUIII
....... W ..I l. I h Sllll . . 1 a. I . . I I... ll.n 1.ini(
meni i b'iv"v . ,1 , (of tight-lHCing, Hna we my i adulterous areams uj uir. ..am.,
At a larireL.wt n.chpfl tn the windows to
is. when wc arrived at the ; somewhnt formal dinner- SBVe themselves, by leaping out,
ihe lawilor.l alter aptm.,... . . before the ladies )U, below sl)d the iniunnieu
f-ir not being able to aocommo- rootn ai0ud repoM, like husband with his nflt. aud the
date .hem. cammumciieu . - - IiatoI, suddenly start- moment the casement was open-
. . i.i ... . . ml I tn one ! I IIU L " . I . . ' i ..in.
Bis..grcerfui ui.i..& tj,e wnoje company; cou-iC(j ie tire(i wna uhcihh6
II thaoeus was enR. -..,;,. i once dropped anil antj they both tell amuuneuur-
Oh iit-ver mind, aan- someo a (eil(,v1(.nCe ensued conster- ning ruiQS
theoffirers, we can set up al . . on f Cotitten-l . ( u:c
(night ; only g.ve us plenty . o the .hispered. to , A R;
. M,i. r w"l vwu.v. lrt nnu th(. rfpmand. he was
nave a nou8C! ttwv" ..... ; inth tita 4iaen crimson oihsiic r,:.t. ' .
,wdi..,., vvhich is anmhabit-: "J c"md lhe e. of locked .pi. L H"
,v ... . . W a& w W e - J i ... '
ed, in which 1 can accomnv- - . htf lt was
date you; but to tcu WV' Vnofi however, till many
truth, it hc.s tne irpuwuu-aftersvards ,hal that the
ainiurt' aim murmured la
"kiisisii ui ..,, - - , r- -,. .-,
iniirsaib!y swtet and Ibritling ccol,
'I tin fast linking to ny rsl 1 Ibanii jrou
.... i u ii in (iiir aravi
ueaifsi. ivi ii v' iv. . - , -rf
ward 1 beriv Do not eawirn that I mi
early caltatt Earth would ba
. . sT all. atl.l.lr Aatt
lieen but wary piate iur m 'v .
hatl, but, Flora nee, I would tit 1 wU
once nof ba oet ni,' d a foist "
flUsb tinged ber ja!hd cba, sue uun. ,
it htt Uf e iu uht paie naiiu.. .
' .. L. . ...I ..J lia
' f WreSC) tprung IM n ri,an
dark eves flashed wildly as h cried;
'Name bim not, Therese, if you would
be me keep my senses. Cold-hearti-d t
r linn as be is.bow can your heart o
l U)- lisuo Cling io vims ',
the eflHCt her veliernenct oau tvuscu wF
oo lbs sufferer, ahe becane instantly
calm, and bent aboe ber whb lbs londv
est aoothing. ... 1 .
... . . ...... S ' -
I0tl lorgive, as ""'"i
whispered the dying, girl, looking il
ber fate with an sKptessioiK'f, ingleI :
resif nation ai'd fear. 'I have long sine
ceased to think ol bim with soger, 04
have prayed long and earnestly lor pis
happiness. Promise to forgive
But ere norence couiu niae iu ju-
m m. 1 a - .1 .1 astn.l aW.al aa. ak
roise, Mrs. usrsona emerr.u. ai.u wui
iOClicti up III Jli- ....
atri fia ilrnr! vp.d of that support
w,,r ' . . r
L.l,kl. .uanu hdk'HIl Stall Ul"
eens . ,-
,'. !f. .o oVtearuPfl hV Her1 HI
1" i .I'- -V
arris iii.il itiw niw 1.. . ,. . , i .. ;.r
be.nK l.ncl.' . . .... i:"-" of lhis S1,ular pbe-'tU . J.
The officers ...d t.ey, sno U : . 01), d ve lt . ms ... rj, ' ,r j " jt
in.v Mme tii a. laree House
nine , mj - ...
before whicu mere whs imh6
avenue of lofty trees This, said
the landlord is trie place wncrc
vou are to spend the night. ,
Alter having maue jhc nu
.r.....vAd uinner. he . bestited
them to go back with htm as far
as the eim ot tne avenue,
was' afraid to return oy mm-
-i, TIipw atitrhed at his iooi
9(11. W ...i.'
ish fears, but went with htm.
Ihey then returned co me ninu
hikI thus given risa to thc my
erious explosion.
A , TViixiMTIC 'Tragedt.- A
tragedy of a painful and appal.
r... nil iwht to anu" c. ' ..i u.if ! Iv sid to her
preicr n""f, f v- :no, rrom tnr young iay ucimi - - ..,
.1::-- t tw.i,f w t r suck ai" " 1 .1.-. frr. fatharwil
3ircpun r - - but rQmautnoriiy,
ble recommendation, i , a . . ,lf upp sfav!l sit
"-"" - - . . - . 1 1 1 lie 11 1 an;ii vi . -
The two young Iriends however ;uaihea.oTer thc rcgion of thc
agreed to accorop any siomicu had suddenly snappea
lord. Alter. wik og ao",u rtiul ihusiriven ristto the my-
bourbad passed by when the pure a.vl
geat'a T here was reVeased from earllil
suffering The .two sweei urpuan nau
been left to the guardianship of an uncle,' .
by Mr. Lancy, their father, a gentltmao
of fortune and respf ciabilrty. He was
t tally unui ,'ior ms uarg, ,
regarded their pecuniary affairs hs was
.. 1 LI. f J.. nl..i,l 1 Ks in at
StriCliy ? WOnOMVIB. aao i.-v-
. : . . . I' .L..... !. V ...
a tashronauie rjoaromg nuc , ,
a .- If. at ! . .1 .a a amvkl4ttar
unmindlul 9' tofirneeu vi a iiirV..
sod then sat ott upon 8 uur ui im w
tun States. Therese, a few nmnihs sf-
ttir left P to visit a Ineixl in
a. v; rrTinVn Senator has ex
pressed his readiness to vote fur
the Devil for U. S.' Senator in
k. .t.a nf Mr. Rives. A
r:-n'.rntt nanr (ihiCtS. lht
the tniUage wuld be very great.
iur, leu 1 " '
neighboring city, and whilst iher fill
into the society of Liston Heward, s wan
of the most lascinaimg enn.,n
sinuating manners. . , He kuell ia hoiflagev
at the shrine of her youthful loveliness,
and cast around ber heart many a spell tif
power, until he nude it all his own, and
iLn triiimnhiniT in this off ring to his vatv
.. . a .1 . . I J I . 1 ..in.. r.......iv . Sl hail ..- .
""s1"; " '.-:. . - q'k.t a mittastetinr uiu ciil irv, ne coiuiy -
lingcharacter, was recently ?"'. , nilAttsls nr0 understood to twd her head's rich treasure forth,
petrated in the western part ot " Wh-t House, only ; ; lut was -unpaid for their PriceieM wbrtit," ,
Alabama.' ine paruuiu'ii, rw,.,h,. rnnitol Of and she iuiilt beneam ms oiow-uui v
1 ,k- t-k-ville Ex- on mile from ln .?? V VftUer until earth and its visions were ft
recorded in the T"ies.".l hia nilcaea will ba but .fc' breathe hisnamw
' a im na 1 . (iwi vx ...... . ". "t a"ji
press are nw....-. f.nts.ond. if he will tnke nis
ing ellect: . he can have our
f . ...hmr meant the thine,
When first we sought that shady bower,
'Twas sudden as a breeze ot spring
Twas natural as a rmumng iuwi.
Ala'- that faiOilesseyes should own
The thoughts our Inmost bosoms harbor;
Tis dangerous, love to sit aloae
At twUight, in a silent arbor! -
irr.,i imvf. a nunv enemy,
bu)irn;if a potent, one, teat
1 mm.
. . .. . a
iv.,.or in that neitlbborhoofi,
sioa and partook of the repast hfld formcd an acquaintance
which tie bad piepared for them. wilh a y0uth of wild and duso
However, as it began to, grow iute habits and her parents in
dark they were a little afraid; con,equencc forbade him the jjw A(! LudvTHoolt.
their fears increased . with the house, and exorted themselves TJffi S1STEV8 revenge.-
cloonsofthe evtining. tosever the cannection, by pro-
-JV M1S9 St. MtLlCS.
' What shall we do? said one ,vidig 4Miss Julia Maria' with a , wa( A nij,bt of storms, but Mr, os
,0 the other! they agreed that,Sready,iniddle aged husband.- mond,the wHf xU
TO me uiiics. w j ' ... u.r.nT nt-rformfd m.rrlianta n the city ol F .p"-
one thou d watch wnue inr uiu-. me bqn ..-y.-s, s -------- ,f biJe lts pitile beat
. , - !.i .nonv thr. hanDV Coil- parea aer-e.a w - r ,
Thattrembling hand wa, clasped " ' . . "" , hc ted-lnle' Set off for their home OH the rfso n wh(se uuntsbad already fen-
. .1...1. .xinammtinouflui it ii""- -r ! . . i . ' J . . . l .. ... .i...i ihi.
ibMCMw..,.TS-..:v - . . f afr,rf,P inihAM ri ot creat prairie, aou it
WIIIIH c uiu niii "-ao --- ww.--.- -7c .
And then the long, long, tltrUUug uss,
When love grew wild and I grew polder!
long year's have uen os far apart,
Yet still upon my memory lingers ,
"The beating of that genua naa.a,
'Tie elasp'ins boss pretty fingers. ' .
his baud.
In this way oae of them
watched until twelve o'clock.
he then awoke his companion,
ia nnw his turn and
8yMa, a " - , .
laid down to sleep. In a. short
dt 1 t .. I . Ail taMi-1
nitt the door slowly opencti nu
an n!d man of a most gigantic
. . , ri
tbe most staturt enrrred the room. ic
beconed to tne ouicer, hu
a art 1 : ... -.-I T-l
I..... thorn a a. iifta fif
.-.f.. 1 .:.i. t .1.1 .it annarentlV ' S
hnnt twantv vsars of see. ihs was oif ,, n.. Hp ' arose and lol-
a dark cocoplsiion, eye black as jet, the . , Anwn Several
. . 1. v. :.(.il ntan kar n-ck and ntt. ,nm Himlv llfZhteCI OV
ana ner iour ai. ,s- - . a iai iv-... .-v " -
.hmildara behind, lone enough I, ..,k'.ti hnnor in the center.
wi m. - Cl1.4 IU.111W tsiaav.a "' "
for bar to let down upon. Sh J h,e were seat-
Jargs silver ear-nog.; snd i s Uter r .g .ttin" Aifc n nf?hflSame
through ber under Up, fenny rawing 11 cu eie v r.ss
4own and displaying bsr fine testb; gigiotic stature of the nrst. ine
ihroueb ber hair was passsd a ilf sr sr rti,i mn,; thn went out leaving
row.connin.i'gber veil to the top 01 be; :,.tnfi:tfr : tie middle of
bead, which was thrown back, negligent- ;
.. .... ... .I....U.M. ahsi was habited in the room. He.couul not con-
J.. LI... ahirl nn. it ! lh ! ..... ilit 1 lflV WKrC flOIIlf SS
a IOI1E oiua v. -r " w I IBiiius; wiivi.ip.i ' - ; . "
breast, ber bars armi ware covered witu r . - . never 0pf n their lips, ine
ring or oeaqs ' . .,l nrnirl rar.
entered the ' S'
borders ot great prairie, anu m Jered hirn conspicuous,
six months the lady ; appeared parent which conta.d a. h. aP
perlectlysatisnedw : ,
and exertea nerseu 10 iuvc, v
or and obey her leige lord. One
morning as the tanner was c-
riim or home With I1IS rilsJB ao
doss, he met his former rivd,
who accounted lor-nw suuoen
to her food devoted sister. FlofD'e
taucy's character was cat in a different,
mould trom her mevk and gentle liner's,
and deeplr feeling the want t all ll
kindly iaflueuces of home, the became
cold and haughty, and although her na
. I.. .f..li...l. ....J U .
ture was pe,cuiui'y iuhi..io mi nci ,
feelings warm", yet was there something
about her lhat repulsed the approaches of
mere worldly menus, n "
Therese LancyV funeral, and Florence
knelt beside the bed opou which was ex
tended ber motionless form, weeping irs
the bitterness of a desolate(har!. bi.e
was now to take a last look of the sweet,
pale face upon which still liogered h
spirit's smite. It wasa esooieotofagoiiy
"Oh, not an hour like tbis,
For biuernes has earth,' .
and she felt that she must go forth Jnto a
1 1 i.i ;ihmil n. tiiniirad lie around
Coiu wuriu ,i.w -
wbicb her young affection might elmg.
'ri.... :. .A.naikiiicr acri-d and hallowed-
near ner ..,.. j i..,i mere is aoiuvun5
-My dear mother! this s kind indeed, xU tB)lg ink of sttHy love. . The
i..,i ..... will surelv have the carriage . .. javs in which ihey share to-
I.- . .. ...u ii.r vou to venture Irour. i , . ...nd .MUii.li sniritti. the con.
borne." . , fidene in which tbeyium to each o.bef
'No, Henly. poor Cato bas been tar wbr, 1Ue C8res and sorrows or ailer l,ife
from well to day, and I will not call h ,f ve , MJ nei eB (he brow, serve but
out You know iti but a step or two (OJinlkt ,hfi silver chain still brighter as
' hw .vir that he to Mrs. Delville's. and itb the aid 0(J Florence heeded itM he
m nucaiauvw "j j a i .... u .,i.,i.f rv wu i ' . . . i
r r., . .. ' .....mJiI f,m Wiiar Or. vour strong af " - -
nao JBSk rciumru ,. .... ., at(c( . 1Jave .ou uearauow
i-i f , miiare n hhu ninuo ....t
icaua, ) " - , , i inerese w .. . ,
..i n. m 'raT n ifls. .. ... .... .. i ram un. reuueu .re.
rare Pcui" ,"" M i swipim a - . ..
Si, fif II I.U , intantionto.., Su J.-,, "-.""SwJ.
r.ts to his new proper.y, ; si -'
so soon as he had completed ; o , wisb ,
. '.un..nnrf.mntB I lift I i ..... . ..i.i uncle lea ve oer in i ,rl mv n-n eiorein
aa asm am n aan 1 i w a-i s s niic. aisaimsai - .. , a-a n saw a.iiia.ii.x mw ' - - ..a t 1u1r111.11 . r
:.T..c.;.;m,, husband invited fh.t ooarding bauB mi destitute of s i ead yuU beBCr,thisis toe tryir.g for ysu.
u":r . .: ' K-,mfArtS4,f aboiner ana a uars. u. ,,
h ft 'rientf to pass a uht "Vm.7K: t..t..l tr -rir.r,f..?,heesclaine
years iso , - . .
time that had passed, ami a Hep m that
silent chamber artHed her. Henly
mond, with a countenance pais ana
mournful, drew near, and gating down a
moment upon i ." --
face sf the dead, east bis erm around hef
waist, and raised ber Iruui ber kneeling
fr.! ..." .. . n fliirxrirof ll-t MS
ve . . " , . . .
. . i... j,;., i ' mi '. " . .l. . ..I,:, a u,;j.ii
inn 'iiKitw w a - a . .a i ..ha l. a, Aii . i i 1 a ir...m l a.. BM' n r aa ' aiitf riv.iiii.iiru n iiwis
" . a l. ? i; slant oIlhAllirh rose W0IS l"re. - . 1Ur -- -
With niiUf ayi"Bi - '-& -i Weil, well, my on, sbim ... . " Mj4wsyM inowyou an w w.i, a,...
u. cUnnlrl hr. obliffea' to CO to fK;.,iv -.i Wlll not leave the sweet . ,h ,h(J ,,. IB4 lMCb the voicw
r .it...... Ha iVit. npxt dav. thelnrnhan'suntil
..HkCf.l.v aa.w
. -
day, the orphaa's until sotnstbing better oflets-1 ff((C,jont m4,ic, a..d the heart be toW,
1S.f Until cornel' ' . , . an. r,or. MJ .-Phi
n siirndicitv and alaeaaea of sppearsnce gea tt m,c uuu
have f evsr' .e.n a fin. lad, of Europe, officer Was SO experaicu ia ynj ,. ; ; fcU ror(ner
wi.hberjewsl. and pearls, equal La.s ne drew his dagger ana emeus.!. 'V'"'" nnf, finljiv suc
plain and simple j.brgiruy him l0 the heart ; but wimi was sw?l- - -
A lady looking at some stock- his horror ! when he awoke! loir ceeueu . ; - fft.
a i. a awaa.vi aa ii n ri riiua naaa ww-'-'---
ings in a dry goods store, inquir- u was a areamr to . - . ...... , . h li(T) The
- a a . m . . a a a as a a mm wm a a r l aw in a a . mw m a r,
mtirof reu iiib-m.- , - "Va(1(j in the meant me,' had
cxll!f:.:J. "lUri tntrll ncctcd, to return ? for several
l nc ytjui'o iia" , , S j , , 1
-.1 U...ir hirrk ii.. nmta.f l'h
Gu li.'.T raaiv .i.kj v.... . .w
"clerk very seriously replied, I
' never. tried tbem on, Miss, but
'believe they will reach above
in our home, anu a tvj . n . .
"' . . ... ..k' ma as cnasien-
Such hours 01 i.s. -
a ua from earths ti- l!r
e ifca , shadows upon that 7QU"g M
K and Florence best over .he .lu.nber
er. She opened ber eya and a fatal
smile lit up be: watted couiiteawee.
IC1I a?a , w
Florence', exclaimed the
lover, for such h was, in great alarn.
come with tne dearast, aau rem a wime
my mother is bere.
"V.. . n t . I ..II ..na. L.M. .1 tkia
iread hour, that I haver ra be yanrs
, . .. . .i. a. .
' v . .wi ui.th a rrasn mini m
never, never, -erief.
she was sbauttn throw besself upon
fhe bed wbd ATenly forcibly prevents
her, and removed hr from the roia luan
insensible slate. , .
ii k
h i
San aV ii ia. If'Vii laaai t Ma.

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