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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, July 14, 1838, Image 1

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I t ' .t. 03334 & X O" ,, "
I !1isaiiFTONfc Five pollars "in advance, five
L,. . !.. rhi end of six monthg orsix dollars at tht
tniratioB yr. 4No subscrlpUoo wjU be
iicontinued until all arrearage! an paid, except
mtion of the, publislwrs. Persons wishing
C discontinue will pleaw ive notke thereof in
Soriting. :"-V- - ' . "V, " ' ". '
j jio tubscriptjoa receiveq for a leu time than
f AvETBCMENT-Insrted at the rate of One
'DOLLAR per square (r lines vrlen,) for the
$trt hwfrtion, and Fim'.Cwtf Mre,.
C,ch continuance, t ' ' .
dwrtisements which are not tmited oi1 the
'manuscript, a to the number of insertions, will be
Ustinusd until ordered out , and chargod accord
Wiy. . . ' 'v-
I raOfESSIONtl. ADTERTHElIf NxeFor 10 lints
li. i. not alterable. 3 months, . f 10,
do, no. o t u ,noi"
do. do. H f do. do. " 33
fjAll job work must be paid for on doliv-
Announcing csnamaiei unite wj
ea dollars, anfl lor county c wmiwi eacn.
Postage on letters must be pant to tecma at
0! for the thoughts, which, unexpressed,
Awake and die within the breast j ' -'
, Tht fount of joyful feeling stirred,'
The music of the sou, unheard.
O! for the flowfrs which die unsoerj,
Where never human foot has been;
In stilly care and woodland gloom, ' '
With angel purity that bloom.
0! for tome isle far ia the sea,
From turmoil of all traffic free; .
Where nsver keel has touch'd the sand,
ffome breuy, bloomy, summer laud. i,
' i '
My spirit pines to dwell apart, ;
Telive alone for mind and heart ;
To feel and think, btit not the less
"Yo love, and beautify; and bless.
Q tobasometbin more than air j
More wan the secret ndihe rare; .
To be what Sod's own creature should.
vveet fountain of perpetual good!
h TUB &XJmiEfr& QtEEN'.
t 4 t CHAaLIS C. HILli ' , ' .
' Quick the verdure spring,
- From the frnitful ground, '
"Bweej tbe rnusic rings,
' Through the welkin round i .
Sarth, and sky, and air, 1 .
ocal seemed To be,
Jlelody most rare ,
Nature in her glee. '
' ': - :i e7 '
Echoes aoftly Aoa .
Odors balmy stray, s
Vhere the tuneful throa) ,
. Thrills the mellow lay. '
f Where tbe fountain leaps.
And the streamlets glide,
. Where the ivy creeps
By the water's side. v
, Whete the mossy stone, . ' 1
, Mid the cool retreat,
like the Pleiad's throne,
Tempts the weary feet!
" Where the blossoms via ,
With the glowinf green,' '
, There tbe tephyrs sigh
. To the Summer's Queen.
Tins Is not i very poeUcal subject; Hutweoc
cmsionwiy nnd it "done Up" in a few shert litte
ynih a caustic-like power, that cannot fail to man
tie the cheek of those whft are guilty of such ill.
bred practice?, with a Mush of ehame. No all
jons, of course. If it fits wear it. '
If you would know the deeds of him that chews.
mer me nouse oi uort and see the pews.
. Tbe lady's parlor carpet, painted floor, ..
The chimney-piece and pannels ef the door,
Have allm turn been objects of abuse, '
besmeared and stained with his tobacco juke.
i new.fe of Mr. B. F. Cannon of
1P.W nm T i
May 3th, presented her husband
villi four email cannons or iwir
k ; We understand that this
ne i.uie par 0fartillcry is in
wu srrviceaDie trim Ur&r.
vcMMvesn appointment lathe
opnogfield Armory; . .
arr Gasstte.
From th Saturday XwrUiJ '
(t was the bridal eve of El
len Clejand. The sun threw its
yellow rays over the lisdscape.
Ity was the hour appointed for
the ceremony, and yet the bride
groom came nat. ' . v v
1 oroolc the
laughing raillery of )urycing
in the feelings she could notion
ceal, yet she did not'doubVthi
fidelity of her betrQthed ; but'J
sad presentment of sh knew
not what pressed heavily yp
on her heart.
Slowly she walked towards
the wild fountain whose spark
ling, waters had witnessed the
first vows of her Edwards
With a languid smile she pluck
ed' some of the modest snow
drops that bloomed but once
since those vows were register, j Almost deprived of motion, he
ed, and twined in a flexible hri-j took the token. She bent for
Hal chaplet. She! thought of j ward, and pressed a Warm kiss
Edward ewn words when . he ! (which seemed to breathe forth
placed one 'of the Pearl like j her broken heart) on the quiver
flowrets in her glossy hair. ling lips of her parent, and gave
4This,lsaid he, the iweet em-a sudden plunge, into the deep
blein of thy purity, is not more blue waters. For a moment her
free from guile, than the passion s white; robe was seen upon the
1 avow.' 4The withered flowers surface of the curling eddies,
though ' forgotten by) him, she 1 slowly' it disappeared, and the
had preserved as a sweet me-! waves were onruffled, again an
mento of that blissfnl moment,1 arm dashed them; and a mass of
and no w twisted it with the I dripping hair floated loosely a
wreath she was forming of its ; bout -they were seen ho more
pure successors. &ne had just
finishadlt, and U'as placing the
snowy chaplet among the thick
" a . .
dark braids which abound her
forehead;when she was startled
by approaching root-steps: it
was her father, j Has he come V
said she, eagerly, bounding for
ward, arid as suddenly stopping,
her cheeks and temples glowing
at her own e agerness. ; 'My
child, said " the old ma n in a
tremulous voice, he fias ;;not
come." She gazed at him at
tentively. His deep f-y eyes
gleamed vwith an unt il ex
pression of anger, not un tinged
witiyigrief.; His high forehead,
which had once boasted of its
great beauty, now seemed as if
some uncommon event had pressj
en out ine wnnKies, anu leit ii
clear and proud as youth. , 'Tell
me, oh, tell,' cried the surprised
and agitated Ellen, "what has
happened! Is, he Aty&V No,
Ellen, he is a villain! he is wed
ded to another!'
She heard no more; a wifd
agonizing shriek reached on the
calm summer air but, ere the
sound had ceased,Hhe who nt
tefed it was senseless 1 Her
death-like brow pressed the
while brink of that deep foun
tain where first her vovs of con
stancywer plighted. Her slen.
fer hands and round White arms
were immersed id its Waters, and
her bridal vestment was eprin
kled with the diar "J spray.
The agonizing paren. .elt down
by his only child, and shed o'er
her pallid features full many a
tear of anguish. One deep
drawn sigh issued from her lips,
and she stood tip pale, faint,
: . i . .... if-:.. i i ,
and lovely as tire the genius of
the waters. Not a tear dimmed
the diamond brightness of that
(lark ' eye not a liquid drop
seemed to cireulatr H that
smooth cheek and bL..hed lip
her pearl white teeth seemed
glued together as she raised het
hand, and with a horrid calm-
nessunbound the dripping wreath
with which she had just entwin
ed her brow; one jetty braid af
ter another was untwisted, until
the whole beautiful ban fell in
rich abundaDct'oier her lorely
In speechless wonder, the old
man gazed on his child, as the
twisted her lingers in one of the
longest tresBes, and tore it from
her head. "Take t his,' said she
in a soul thrilling voice, Mt is he
last sad gift of i thy child.' The
parent unconsciously received
the darkbraU she reached forth.
She gazed long and steadily on
the chaplet of snow-drops ; but
it was not iKe fresh withired
treasured emblem she had twi
ned among them, on which her
eye was fixed. Once she rais
ed her hand as if to cast it from
her again she drew it back,
and a large round drop gathered
in ker eye and fell on the token
of a faithless heart. 'Give this
to him,' said she, Hell him it is
the bridal wreath of thy daugh
ter, nnd the emblem of her fateP
the waters had closed over her
forever, and she sunk to her
pure bridal bed; and the aged,
I grief stricken Jamn Cleland,
soon after died a childless ma
4 Advice to persons in gener
VVhea you feel your passions ri
sing, never confine or suppress
them. - How many boilers have
been burst by too close an im
prisonment of their 'contents!.
"Always proclaim the faults of
others. There should be no se
crets' in a republican 'govern
ment. 4
: 'Never give up your opinion
though you know you are wrong,
it shows that vou have no inde
i . - . .
Whenever you attack your
neighbors character, do it be
hind his back, so as not to wound
his feelings.
Make it a rule to kee'p com
pany tth rogues and rascals,
and then if you should be prose
cuted for an offence you have
committed, and your comrades
should be called as witness a
gainst Vou, nobody will believe
them and so you will get off
clears ,v , . , - ( ,
Never mrgive an injury., Tht
power of pardoning belongs to
the Governor.
When you haVe done an act
of ehnrity publish it to. others;
so that they raav do so too. Be
sides a man can preach best
from his own notes. .
Never pay your debts it is
unconstitutional (oi payment
impair the Obligation bf a Con-
tract, and even the lekislatdre
has no right td do that ' : f
Temperance is a reat virtue j'"eP wlyou. v .
.t,.-r. Tm 'tVbeotwasi Single man, the world
herefore al ways b;e modera e w eJ0Ugk WM jlJ8t
In thC tlSeS Of atdent Spirits. blX i;i,r..mnihiisi I was passenger, paid
glasses Of Slirig before breakfast my levy; and badn't nothing more to do
la as good as a ihotfsand. 1 j with it but sit down and not care a i button
When vou are Kt cliurer. "V rt for iftt ,hin,t s Posig ,ths
-.?rJ"n?: r. f u . . Upset-welt, t walks 'off and leaves tbe
to sleep. Sunday is a day of 0 pick ti? the piece. But then 1
rest.'-:;,.;"?" .V,;;. ;'; 'mnsttakt wife and be. banged to me.
If a secret has been commiti'lfsailvery w.u for a whil; but after
ted td you to keep, take special h?! "-P'01
care to keep it safsly j and it , rN?v queried Jlutitezama-'what's
may be well for caution's 6ake ill tbat atcat cmnibuses?
cil iocs.:
to c caa or trdcahelp yca. tJ
And as woman is called the
wea ker vessel,' she should have
half a dozen to help her. 'Fast
bind,' last finoV,'
I JNevier sweepyour parlor, It
makes a confounded oust; ( ; ,
"''.(Never brush dn a cobweb;
it is a part of a spider's dwell
ing house, and of course his cas
tU and therefore is sacred. J- v
EDttbaiAt LAB0iuihe bc
tibbeha Gazette( published at
one of the Pacific Islands, is
printed in a barn which answers
every purpose for publibaiion'of
f Mf, bulletin office editorial of
fice, printing office, and cham
ber, parlor, kitchen4, dog house
and stabte,!fbr the editor; his
family and the cattle He does
all his composition, writing, se
lecting, book-keeping,, market
ing and devilling himself. He
says, with perseverance and e
cononiy, he thinks he caii geta
longi '.mil a taih tight sijUMze.J
How we sympathize with such
poor devil's!! A printer has no
tnor? use for a wile, than a wa
gon has for five wheels. No!
t her are formed to low and en-
jov me not to . nave tneir tree
spirits kept undtr. subjection to
the most tyraanical and arbi
trary of all governments khc
petticoat! That 'II not do.
A D L op a bustl3e."A
lady promenading Broadway, a
short time eihee, .accidentally
dropped her "bustle.", The N.
York Herald says, "it contained
the head of a sweeping brush, a
quantity of .'deal , 8haVigsta'Jfep! PU nd Manser of
A ...tt.A !TrTTelctions for Representatives t eipmsty
pair of stockings stuffed With
bran, a bundle of fine tow, and
sundry 'othermcM'tica
A L'ono Horse.- A travel
ler who rode a horse of very
great size : and .'especially of
uncomftibn lengthy lately stop
pedat a public house i a Mtissa
chuSelts, and ordered his fciecd
to be put in the Stable. , Feel
ing anxious fbV the comfort of
his four footed companion, ihe
afterwards enquired of the ouu
ler if he had put iip his horse as
he directed. W hy 'Ty 'tip Said
the Currycomb,'Pve put orte tend
of him up.' One eend of him 1
exclaimed ' the traveller, and
what have you done with the
other eend, as JroVi call it- ..
'Why hang me; said the ostler,
if I cbiildget the whole of him
in the stable;' do I left the other
eend out in tht wckard.'
The subjoined outpourings of a marri
ed man. are from the "Charcoal Sketch
es" of Nal. CoOrlinjt bas been aptly
termed s paradise, and matrimony ihe
way from that region1 to the earth, agiiis.
The rol rowing, if true, id a pretty gdod
illuslration; ' -C-'' 'i "!V"'
'What made ybii get married,' If you
don't like it? K "!;v..'".',.'' , a
Why 1 wai dluddintd it-i-fafrltr ile
Juded into it, I bad nothing to os oi
evenings, so I went a courting Now
eourting's fun enough;? t ,bav'nl got a
word to lay agin courting. It's about aa
eobd I wat of killing a ft evening as I
fer oL f.i4h. 'Fltt?
' fy , molaises tindy foao hour or
!two lo sat riothine of the kisses behind
tKe d6orias youtsweat Uartgoe. td the
; 'What did 1 f''Ky ii? cottiitii-d
enaliel, fegir ' Wf tht) Interruption-
How ouch f . . jawiftjjfld srour8
snd three sci::,..;' f.JIKhty different
from eouttioj tbat if.. Wbat's lbs fun of"
biiy ing things to cat , snd thing! to wear
for tbero, and wasting good spree in mon
ey on tucb nonsens for other people?-
And tbao aa tor doing what you like,
iberVi nosueb thing. Yuucao't clear,
out when people'a owing you so oiurt) "
money you ean t stay coovenient. No
the oabbers uSust bavn you. Vou eao't'
go on a a pree; for when you co.ne home;;'
missus kicks dp the deril's delight. . You
can't teach ber better inannfri, for con
tables are at thick aa Macfcberriea. q
crtort, you can't do nothing. Instead of
Yes my ducjt , and 'no, my dear', 4
yoti please honey and wln yo like -lot
sly,' like it was In courting timesi It ,
a rigilar row at ,U boura.' - Sour Jooka
and cold potatoes, children and tablo
clothes bad off for aoap always darning
and mendinp and nothing oer darned or
tnended. if it wasn't that I'm particke
larly sober, IM be inclined to drinks-it
excuse enough. ( It's beart'hteaking, and
its all owing to' that ' I've aucft a paio ii.
my giizard of a morning. I'm so mise
rable I must stop and sit on tbe steps.
What.s the matter now!
lW j;etting aggravated. Jlfy wife'e it
aavio critter a 'sword of narpness she
cuU the throat of my ' felicity, stabs ray
happiness, chops up my comforts, and, ,
snips up my Sunday go to-aeetings to.
make jackets Tor the boyi-t-iihe gives alt
the wittels to the cbitdreo, to make me
spry and jump about like lamp-lighted
I can't stand it my troubles is over
powerTn when I come to add 'em op.
Oh, nonsense!', bebaee nice don't
'make a noise fn the streetbe a man,'
How can I be a man, when t belong
to sometody else? My bours an't my
own roy mdney an'l my own-! be- '
long to four people beside myself the
old woman and them three children.
I'm a jparfaersbip concern, ind so man
bas got their fingers io the till that I must
bust up. I'll break and sign arer the
stock in Wade to you.
1 ResolVed, That tht power of it'.
Representatives i esprrssty
given by the Federal Constitution to the
Legislatere of the States respectively,
subject to no supeVfision or control, es
cept by law,of Congreis only, and that.,
in ibe eiercise of this power, the) State
Legislatures may constitutionally fix the
tiaae i df election subsequent to the etpira
tion of the Congress preceding that for)
which such an election is to be boldfnJ
. 2 r Reioived. That neither the Fede
ral nor state Execotivsian constitutional
y anticipate, suerceda ; of change the
times of eleclioti as fixed by the State;
f , 3 J Resolved, That this House; has not
the cooslifutional power, either Legisla
tive or Jadicial, by ita oWft action atone,
to annul, suspend, or Impede, the opera i
tion of an act of a State Legislature 6x
iiig the, timej place and manner of elec
tion for RepreSentativea. "J . v
4 i?solved,1Tbat no resolution or aci
tioo of this House, can deprive the peo:
pie of any State of their constitutional
right of electing Itepresentatives to Con
gress at th'a time designated for the pur
pose by this Legislature of uch State,
(bat the cilmof uch power, on the part
of this House, would be a dangerous ent
eroachment opon the right of the States,
and its frcise a direct and palpable vi
olation of the constitution. .
6 Reiotved; ' Tbat the eonstiluiional
jurisdiction of tbiS bouse over the Subject
f representation is a limited om. embra
tirig the questions of election, iilalifica.
t.ori and return, buljr; and tbat, i judg
Ingof eleciioh, this touS Is bound td
judfje it Iccordince with the ict of th
Slate Legislature egulating tht timei
place atid wanner thereof. .
6 Reiotved, that iti atjfeordance with)
the constitutional act of tbe Legislature
of the State of Mrsstsdippi, prescribing
the time; place and. manner of elective
for representatives td; CongreM. and its
compliance with all the provisions of said
act, n election was holden irlNovembei ;
last, lor two representatives from aaiV
State to the 25th Coo? res, at which eiee .
titfh S. S. Prentiss and Tboeas 3, Wot(
were duly elected, possessed the coust i
tUtionat cjualificatioo, and ware dy i . Hi
legally relumed. .; , ' "
7 Resolved. That tlie reAluti tr
this House, adopted on tbe 6th- dj -of
February last, denying t said Pre lies
snd Word aaats In this House as meaf &tts
thereof, was a dangerour attactt irpe . , tba
elective fraocblae. In derogaiioi w (' ibs
rights of the Slate of .Mississippi. t vio -Jation
of Ifcei Conslttution pf this I . nitwtl
States, a mischievous eaample te futur
times.;.'; : ; t,
8 " Resolved, thmforei Tbatt res.
olution be, aud tie satt is'liff r ..0y ,t
i I
vs. i

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