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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, August 18, 1838, Image 1

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, i , -, v ,-
.,..,rrioNS.Ilve dollar In advance, ;fiv
f fV at lb ofltix oitH'orix rioilws at ths
,'i.Lrioit of tbe.year. ' No subscription will be
.ditfoiitmue will 'please -give notice thereof in
writing' . V ..!..-.! r. . w .k. !
No sutiscnii""" Bvcl,v,v" " ,v""
sue mow" .. T,.,i , ,!...,. m.
noLl.AU per square (f' ,) wr the
L, insertion, and Firrr Cb.t a square, for,
ach continuance. ... c-. .
Advertisement which are not Imited on the
.,,u-rint. as to tlm number of insertions, will be
continued uutil ordered out -and. charged accord
ing. $ -. ''?:5t"f'i:;.
leu, uot altonuae, - "'
do. do...,,t 30
fj-All job woa must be paid for on deliv-
Announcing fftndidates for State office will be
ten dollars, and for county five dollars each. ;
Postage on letters must be paid to receive at
' v
Fi-om the Parian Telegraph.
my life 13 LtiR THE scattered j
WKith. ., i
. 17 aiBF.RT EMMtTT II00E.
imJlTylifeu like tiie Summer Rose.
My Ufa Is like the scattpred wreck ;
Cast by tlie waVes upon the shore :
The broken rhastWthc rifled deck -
Tell of the shipwreck" that's o'er;
Yet from the relics of "the stbrm,
The manner his raft willfcirm, , -Again
to tempt tlie faithless sea, ',
But hope rebuilds no bark for me.
. .'" .
My life is like' the blighted oak .. T
That lifts its sear and withered form
Scath'd by the lightu'm;, sudden stroke, .
Sternly to meet the coining storm ; . j . :
Yut round (that sapieis" trunk wiU winyt
The circling tendrils f the vine,
And lil anilrCRhness there Impart ,
Hot to )hc xission-blighted heart. v r i
4 i, .. , " , t
"V i ' - ' ' i
My life is like the desert rock, '-
In mid-ocean lone and drew;
Worn by the wpd w&ves ceaseless shdet,
That round tlie base fts surges roar
Yet there the" sca,moss still 'will cling
Some flower will lind a deft to fprins,
And breathe e'en there, a sweet perfume
Tor me, life ' flowers no more will bloom.
,lThou art mine own, my best belovii,
Thou art indeed mine, own ;
What though forever from my heart ,
Its carlj' joys have flown 1 . t,
A bird is'singing sweeter far ' ,
Than tho)e which mailo their nest,
Uo'fore I. fey mnrnlng ray was pale, ;
In my uiirullled bxeabtt . .
Once all Was Wight and all Was fair
Each "merry fount of June
Played like a seraph lute for ran
A soft, 'celestial tune.
Tho blossoms and the dewy leave?, f ,
That stopped W kiss the flowers,
Shed perfume round the dancing fuet
Of boyhood's fiolick hours.
. Now iu the steams and in the bud j
No tones nor odors dwell, . .
For Fancy, like a changeful nympy, :
Hassigh'd a tad farewell.
But thou to me art music, love,
And the enamored air '
Is rife with sweetness, when I feci
, 'I hat thou art present there.
Mine own ! Within those charmed words
What fond endearment lies! :
Lun-d by the spell, what lovely scenes '
Along the future rise !
For age will wear more brilliant plumes
Than youth's gay season down,
Fince thou art now, in very truth,,
My beuutiful, mine own !"
Climax "May the cour
please, gentlemen of the jury
the defendant, in this cause
vith all the fury of a fiend, em
erged from the dense wilderness
like a roaring lion, and in his
gigantic strength he seized my
Client nv me
M9 shirt!"''-
color, and-rf
r tn i .....
Hie FUiNEaAt ATtHEA. jsweetsitiileofihe deceased, and
;4r;;flVwer.aiiieVer bloom fancy pictured the sorrovyvhis
upon higravrno tea r of affec- j death would cpst, ovet the cir.
tipufull upon - the briny surge tele which life htd left. An ajn
wjiich rolls over him'- ' I propriaie prayer and a lew rt
ilt was a morning at sea. The ! marks suggested , by the occa-
suirhad rinen in glory and was
beam, a shower of
golden light, in richness over the J
ooutuiiess expanse 01 waiers. -jii couiu Know, in ' us uncon
Not a cloud, was viable, the tsciousness, that tears were in
winds were1 hushed and the o-'jlie eyes of strangers, and ten
cean yas unbroken by a ripple, jderness in their bosoms, thtu
'A solitary' ship was the only; a single heavy plunge broke
object! in all the 'wagnificent Strangely the wide 'siillnessV
scene which spoke the existence, the , ocean, and entih long
ofinan.'.ilcr sails wer hang i and cit cling ripples over itslas
tng sluggishly' from her yards, jsy bfeasi. v , We gazed with
The lightihotionless flig sus- ;straiiied eyes afier the slowly
pended at half nmst seemed to ! sinking corpse, siill jt grew' f'im
portend thatmisfortune,perhHps and vaguely shaped in the'ileen
death nad ,',oeen tnere. Anil
such indeed was the case among
the party; who composed her
passengers on leaving the port
was one. whose health had been
'declining in the coolness of our
northern winier, and wno, ns
the: last hope of regaining it,
! had determined to visit the sum-
ny vine hills of France, and in
,a . t hp. niirr ntr nl lf v. v His
- j - j
nends, as they bade him adieu,
Relieved itwasi uheir ..last '.fare
well, and he himself, as his na
ive shoies tadei from his sight,
elt ihe dark dreary conscious
ness come over him, that he was
going to die among sirangpr.?
He was'tyo'ifog SI and '!- belore
disease had" fastened itself upon
im, hai moved the beloved and
admired of all.! He . could ill
.itar the thought of dying, for
his hopes were high and anitna
tinsr: iust such asari arde.nt and
inexperienced mind 'delights to
indulge, and he had. iuoked lor
ward with impatience to the
time wlien he stiould beconift an'
actor in the busy world. He
had talents and education fit
ted lor any e in pi oymen t tvd
his friends confidently. ibric1p
ted the period when he should
share in thecouncilsofhis conn
try, or siaiiu prc-etiiHicutir. ui
tinffuished at the bar. He had
ties too of a duterent nature
wOich had given ft ltiryjcharm
to existeiice,aud ,bnund ? him
still closer to life ttt s which
were too lonilly a cherished, en
twin ed a s 1 1 h e y I w e r e wit h t h e
very fibres of hts heart, to he
severed by any thing saVe death.
No wonder he felt i t hard tod ie !
But the victims which the grave
selects are not, nhvays those
whom! we '-.Value most ; 'light ! y,
nor who most readily sink into
its shadows. iHow olteii is
y o ti t h c u t do v n W h e n j ust open
ing into manhood and glorifying
mall its origin anticipauons.T
Such wast he case wiih the ohp
be fo r e, it sr Co n stt m p t i on h a d
been silently but gradually per
forming its task, and. the unna
tural flush upon its cheek, land
his glazing eye told but too
faithfully that he w as rapidly
passing to anot her world. He
died at last, and his death was
calm nd penceful.a, ,he ,!eeP
of an infant, folded in its moth- h(i was on Vbeway, lessening, as b ho-
erS arms, and HOW his manly lptd, the distance between him ar.d the
form lay St retched lipon the1 object of his affections. As the depar.
j i i i I., ,nmmiii "in lure of the boat did not take place till
deck about, to he commuted o fer lhearriV)ll uf lhJ. pareBls
the world of waters a leeble m, dawghterat Buffalo, fortunately for
thing. But ah! the hope and the young maft, be arrived beforeMbey
haooineSS of how many hearts bad placed the lake between tb ii !
miiv srr. with it to old ocean's si- r nJ wbe" iU deJJC,fd Jn -r
may go witn it to oiu o;ean s si , tbe bo.Ut8tie was more sorpri,-
lent Chasms. I he Ship S com- anJ 0V4rj(,y to behold him, iban her
iiMiiV were ColleCteil and Stood nrnia were veied. The latter testified
around, gazing upon the cold
..lacid c.Hm.en.nc.wl.ich .Ley
were about to consign, with all
t.$ beauty, to the deep. , No.
',lwas uttered, hut memory
was uttered, hut memory
cd the gentle voice1 and
tiuw, were the only religious cer-
jemonies performed ; then the
body whs lilted r.HrefollyV as if
igreen waierrand then gradually
disappeared, A gloomy silence
succeeded, and the desolation
of a desert pervaded the ship.
, ' ' , ',
beneath the ocean wave, '
High soul, thy rest must be ;
' ,' We ask for thee no prouder grave '
Tba a deep eternal sea, .
Light be the wind that blows .
Abdve thy gentle head, !
.And nniselcss be the waves that cldsa ;
Around thy sea-washed bed. ,
No costly stone we rear,
No Snarble sculptured bust; v .
Deep in the ocean-cavern here,
Dust shall turn W dust. , t
Over the heaving wave ; ;
No mother's tear m.iy falfy .
No sister's hand shall deck thy grave, ,
Thou loved and inourued of all. -
The brecio is rising now ;-f
, Onj sails full proudly swell, , ..'
The white foam curls around tny brow ,
Farewell! a list farewell! . f. .
A fiwyeara ago,' when but a single
steam boat made its semi monthly toy
age upon Lake Erie, from Buffalo to L)e
tioit, n urhing at Erie, "Cleaveland, San
dusky &c., ainJ When Its arnVal'or depar
lu e at either place waa an incident Ibut
created no little- bustle. Ve were !tatid
me an6n" the crowd upon the n brl at
nng on 5a,.j Xfie Superior, Captain blur
3 ttilll ltLQ 111 u fi LU Va.llltl f In t&kl
its depanure fbt Detroit. , There was a
latge numbeT nf passenger, mos'tly con
slshriff ot eftiifran(8 to Lisas ftben) iat'8t
larl of promise, Micbapan. 4nong.tbe
different groups lipofi the deck-erea
couple somewlai past" tha meridlaH 4 of
life, who were irt, earnest 'conversation
With a youn man, while a female ol
"bldomiog seventeen" their 'daoghtcr,
stood listening to the discussidm ' with a
look of deep absorption, which betrayed
the inteuse interest she felt in tb sub
jt ct. - ,
.We rear'n'ed afterwards that the fco'U
ple had been long attached to each other,
but the young man bid been unable lo
obtain the consent of the parents to mar
ry the" daughter. She was an only child
and the circumstances ber lover were not
.ucb as answered tlie views they bad for
her. Business had called the young
man from home for several weeks-,' and on
bis return, vo bis great surprise! and cha
grin, be found that Mr 8 , the la
therof bis beloved had sold his farm, and
with bis wife and daughter I a I departli
for Mtchagsn. James thought " be 3W
through the motive of this movement, v d
learning that they had beeu gone but a
few days, bis resolution was at once li
ken to'follow, unprepared as be was for
tbe journey, either with ready money or
"J- , 2 ' S
their di-pieasure
at bis thus loHowmg
ii r tfst d tngtiiit with tftem with all the et
oqueace be could command, he still found
tbtm nu,vioie-
Al lenjui me wviucmvi j.aii'"j
prj Mbfe tt bell wa ruiig-W
given Tor hvt who 7r not niij!
with lit Imal to leve, and lli,qfilr '
'cMtofT fron lh Captain. ws heaM. -Willi,
mingled Ifxik f , Hffpclion ' nt
ffgrrt James extended hi hand to -Msry
Irnin kIxm eves iireannd the last flin(j
drop,, , Whal was ths whoU orlJ t
them at that wunifht? 'I hy forgot thr
gaping muliilude and fivrry tbuif bm
,3cb oihs-rMhtir hfans, how about. to
b runlfrJ cliiB'ha clostr. ;A ile
'farewfll was utterd, Mary held litr
band with a titrvou's pra!p, whilf quick
as thought h ihrt-sV lr discfiga-d arm
fir-t rounJ titr mother's jieck andtlifn
round h-r falhrr'fl, iuipriiiting a blinting
kis uitii the check of etch, ami ,jac
latmj. 'hiiewfll, father farewell itoth
er -cotit Jan.ci and er lier tarni
bad tune to remonstrate; sirunjt w ith tier
lovr trmii the boat td the tvharf. I hr
boat (lipvtJ uiajflically on' br wav.
lnle a slwut of dt-bght burst fnim ' the
surround in crowd who bad witJ
the whole, and t warmly mpatbijEi'd
with the loiers; The tonflict b)-tAeii
dut and aff'eciion and love, had hum a
violent stiugle in the breast vl the maid
en; but Jove triumphed, lather and moth
er wi re forsaken, and now went on tbnr
lorifly way; while the lover bore to his
bumble dwelling, in triumph,, the ; joy ol
his heart and the sharer ol Uif luture
)rop-rity or adftrnty. fh;ladelphia
We have occupied - our jres
ent counting' room but a few
weeks, and the premises, before
we came in, were used for van
ous purposes, too" numerous kto
mention. At times a rope, store,
a grocery store, and a commis
sion house. We have therefore
sundry'riills for articles that do
not come within the line of a
printer's business, aw! questions
that-' our devil answers ns best
he can, and sometimes produce
colloquies more amtising than
profitable.' l ' ' ' '. " , ,
A man steppeii up the other
day andVke.d him,lHve ,vmt!
any fnmily flour?" .
"No, sir, but xve have the
Family Magazine.."
J Another sks, ' "How; do you
Sell hacon?"- , t '
lWe have but one ccpy, and
cannt t part with that
; Do you want to bfly any Mlss
issipppaper." ,
"No, we use LamhdiuS. :
kWhat - is the price bf ybtlr
salt?" ' 'v' .
"Have pot got Any. The lo
co foeos have been rowed up ,
Salt Viver so thiol that they
have dammpd jt up and Slopped,
th'e supplv . 1 .
' "Do von make ropt here?'4
uNo, but we sometimes spirt a
yarn." ' . ;-,,
The little imp.' however," gvt
as good as lie sent, yesterday.
A boy stepped lip apd asked if
he had any lamp oil. , 'No,' said
hr.w.e are the lamps that light
the' world. ,
"Well, yotl never will be wntth
any thing until you are hung."
. lr timing Times
" We hnve; eten thought that
distraction of pursuit , was the
rock upon which most minds had
split in early life Let tbe
youth fix his mind upon a lauda
ble ' profession, rtnd thern is
scarcely a case iit a multitude
of cotninon powers of intellect,
in which he could go up lo'tlis
tinctitm and eminence. That
tnan is learned who can concen
trate Iib learning upon" the pur
suit of his life. If he)iannot
thui draw in the ramification of
his knowledge What is knowl
edge good . forf Ha may read
Hebrew, Greek nnd Laiin-eoti-verse
in the Orlefdat tongues,
a nd be perfect !y U mllia r with
all the philosophy of mntiquiiy.
tin I yet be imallc lo; cons'ru's'i
house, sail a ship,' deliver k
sermon; l)lea"d a law suit, or euk
ivale a ' farm, i rhat iitanUa. '
earned vxho caii bring hi know
edge down to practical utility;-
and it; has: ever struck' us of the -tilinosl
.iinporianc.e,'V.tliat the'
yt..tth of our country slmuld be '
first impressed wit h iho. i'lea. -'hnt
he ottly i learned who urn
ilerstands criectly the tletajls
ol h'S ,'owo rofe'-siou To he
leHrned it is not iwressary u
know evfery thing, but the man.
who knows all! that can brb
learned '.updrv any laulble pur
suit of life "Is "a learned nrin
notwithstanding he mAy h ig
uon.nt of the detailed all oth
ers. . Sonte men and that, it
strikes ns, is . the great error of
(he dny in which w Iiv -ara
learned in e,vry ihing in it :ier
al,and are profoundly i?mrnt.
in partic far of al! purtii,s i"d'
rroressions, or trades, or s fut
employments. Sat Courier. '
Wben I bink upon the tombs of the
great, every tnntinn if envy r!ie withnt
me.i . wben I read the epitaph of the
beautiful, every inordinate desire-. goei
cut: when I 'meet, wi'.h the uris-f of pa.,
rents upon th tombstone, mj heart melt
with compassion; when I see tn nt.s of pai
rents themselves, I censk'er tb'e vanity
of Unevlag for those whom e must fol
low; whMi I see king lying with llms
who dpned them, when I consider ri
Vila laid ide I'y side, or fh holy mem
that divided the world wilb their con
ests and disputes, I reflect with sorrosr
and astonishment on the little c'ompti
lions, factions and debates of mankind
wheal read tbe several dats rtT tbrt"
tombs, ot some-that died' yesterdfty ahdt
fom'e six hundred year ago, I t'Ocsidee
that grestday. when we slisll of o
be co'nteinorarier,' and make our ap
pearaiice together. ilJiaon.
.The New Fwk Momirti; NVws give
tbe following as tbe reported testimony of
a wiloi-. in a tml for man slaiiiditer by
llitt in 'lidifiiiia 114 uf littioli " T lio urit.
I ness va$ ci'l-d for ibe defence. 'IknotV
an important lact. manms (wowu o(
in a powder, mill., i Two and twenty
Iragmeats were collected in a basket:
one teaspounful of the eds rf lobelii
wad shaken into the b'askct svifh tliemj
this united tbe Mrav panicles, aod rousit
up a healthy action la tbe bstket. in fif
teen tr.ino'es, vomited out tho tnati inonj
entire mass, and he tJ on bis legst
the (bird tea.t'Onn!'ul restored him Id cnn
sciousnes) ahd rti-tion, and 's cup rf cofti
pobition ebahUd bun to talk. lit ban'
been well t'Ver aince.V
A JdsiTftatcisM. A cat beongirig t sl
widow sat lately upon half a dofcen . Ji ickr.
egs(s, and continued ber att'etition linlit '
they were liatched, and one half .dock:
and half cat, having duck's heaths an t
catu lads; and tt hat i still m'ote vo nder- .
ful, they metv and quack alternately, ..
Cdnundruiit.- Why are ladiei jjown
about the waisf, like a Camp f-fl'ine?
Because thete is a fcreal jatnr'n ; iere7
Small Tallr.ont bnbv, wautsi
to tuiti to muzzy, turn, ti'.m Tar--ley,
and div inuzzy a UjlrVdatsr
a tiood tild. , - , x
! Feedixc 1 Ikfasts; "The Me-U
ical Examinerspeaksootagaiiii.t.
the excessive feeding of infants.
It says, ! the Stortiach of nevv
born infant would not hold two
table sponhs fnllt nd vet some
mothers nhd hutes cram fund
down the little innocents mouth
by Ctlpfullal. ..-.rftr,;..' t,v;;v'v
Black tlawfrr' beartt since hi
retiraey, has gnnvn so long n
to eayilv switch it rotmd'a com
mon height rain bow, and tie a
hard not. .
:- 3v"4'-:
The only pniper wnfcil tleat.
with ; fools,; is',' eitdet m si .
I e nee, or i o bio w , v. fclrJe 0r ,
the 'part, of h sensiblti Vtan will
vacate himof hirantorji7
.am i hi A it w fi
n iiiciiraoi A,
Iieels o"
1 I
! !
I ii
i ;U
f s
r I-'
. v
1 ;
1 '
5 f !
.... ;

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