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The Pearl River banner. (Monticello, Miss.) 1837-18??, November 17, 1838, Image 1

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jjC. J. COXZHA & X. CA3XEX10X?'.
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StjficmrrroNS. -FiviTt!ollnr In advance, five
cf.v it the cud of fix month or six do las nl tliu
(ipimtiuii of the year. No suoscriptiou will b-)
discontinued until U urreiu'agKsaru. pii'itf, except
..i.. not inn of the D'.llilisliem. Persons winhmi'
discoi-Cmue will ileune give notice thereof w.
No subscription received for a less time than
Ainrfcri8EMETF. Inarrtwd nt the rte of One
OOLLAil per (uare (toi Une irlrt$,) fo- tho
fcit iinerwm, awl tWf cents a square, lor
eh cnnt.uuai.re. ...
i i...r;unn.itc uihtrh are not Imiteit -iin
' JIUIMV'IVH'V " ...... -
wrrmf.aato tho number of ii.se. tinna. will bo
touiiuuei until ordered out mid churned accord
ingly. VV . ,' ' "' '
I'mFRSSlONAt. A DVEIlTtSF.MF.N . I Of 10 lines
or fcs, not alterable, 3 tiionthi, ; $10
do. , f do. s , .mu - oo. s w)
An. lin. 1 ) flO. do. 30
' frt-All Jo wow tt must be paid for on deliv
ery., - ;W? -t.-'-'t ' '
AnrtouBfing ' nuditatcs for .State offices will be
liii Hnllarsi and for county rve dollars encli.
,1'ostago eo Utters uiUi-t do to receive at
tution. : v : - j ;. !',';
' ' ' ST T. IIAJNtl BAVLEV, t . ,5
I her, OS I fanned, fiir,
Ycj, fairest of earth's creatures; '
nw the purest red and v hite '.''-,
O'crspretdbcr lovely features; 1
Fhe faiuta.-l, and I tpriuljed hrr,
1 , Ifer malady relieving;
I n-arii'd both ro?e and lilly nff ! ' " '
Oh ! socins's not 'odici i j!
I looked ngnia"; again I longM
To breathe love's fond confi ssicn ;
' 1 saw her eyebrows form'd t1 givo
Her face its arch expression;
. JJut gum is ray apt to crack, '
' And whilst my breath was heaving, '
It so fell out that one fell off! .
Ob! scein's uot bulievjujj!
1 Rt the treesei on her trow, ,
' So bcamifullT braided,
I never saw," in all my life,
Locks look so well as tht-y dio
Pho walked with me one windy tlay,
Ye tephyrs, why so thifvlngf
Tho lady lost her flaxou wig!
, OU! seoing's not believing !
I saw her fora, by nature'! hand
So brodigallt in;shcd,
Fhe were less perfect if cularged
Less perfect if diminished :
Her toilet I surprised, Jho wor A .
Of wonders then achieving ;
None kuew the bustle I perceived I
OhJ seting's notbrlicvius' ;
1 taw when costly gems t gave, : !
Tbe nnHe wrth which she took tliemt
Anil if she said uo tender thing", " ' :
I've often seen hef tooK them j ,
I saw Iter iny affianced bride,
And then my man:4on leaving,
She ran away witttColonel Joneslt
.' Oh! sceing's not believing! -t
Frosithe Kiderboiler.
The calm waters tiniled, for t'ue storm had pass
d by,
And the moon on their blight face quivered
Vhcn I saw, like a spectre float silently by, ,
A wreck that the tempet-t had shtvereil ; .
Atenantless, rudderless, cliauco-driven thing,
No canvass to steady Its motion ; . ?
It lay like a bird with a starm stricken wiug, )
inert ob the bosom of ocean. , t j
Thoush it heaved in the swell of a moon-silver
ed tea," ' "
The ceiia with na rTorr fiad crowned It : ,
.- 9
dismantled, and s:arrcd, its dark hull seemed
A blot on ths radiance around it. i
'And, oft in tuo world when 'mid music anil
. i mirth ' fi " 1 ' ' ' ;,; ' ;
Tho crowd a bright dreaut Is inirsuing , ,
Q.ides by some marred sciou of kmior and worth,
That affliction bath rendered a ruin. " ,.,
Some oVead dispensation he looked not to mectj
Each bout) that be ciunc to hath scattered, '
Awl left hira with life when no longer 'tis sweet,
To the heart that its tempests have shuttered
lie srnilas not for joy hath for him passed away
He weeps rot his,orrowj entangling; , ,
P. tic not a wuck '. and oh v heie U tho ray,
Ilia ?fsoite atli shgi'l illomiiicl
VOL. !
, . , 1 .. , i .. i. n r
mo wticei Apt aiissigsiypjyovEiiMit
wr. from the Nashville Whie
Dramas and Romances dis
cover to US the hriffhtPct
leanires ofs the human heart,
our imagination becomes h'eaV
ed; oar heurt remains cold; at
least llHi glowin which it is pla
ced hy this means, is momenta
ry and freezes in practial life.
In the sanie moment Hint the
unadorned jrood nature andhon-
its I aiinjM Jf , tv . j v- htm .,.1 1
we qimrel violently perhnps
With the beggar that knocks at
our door. Who knows but that
this iefiner! existence in an ide.
al, actually uiulermiues otir ex-
istenre in the real world" 'We
float here, as it Were, arolind
the two extreme endsof mora I i
ty, Angel and1 Devil, and the
middle smen we pass unheed
ed' K ' V u- :'" ; : !;"" ' . :'; : -
followine anecdote of
t w 6 O e r m a ns w i t h p ro u d j oy
do I write it has an indisputa
ble meritit is true. 1 hope
that it will leave my reader
warmer than all the Volumes of
Grandison and Pamela,
Two brothersBarons !of
Wrmb, had both fallen in love
with an rxcellent young lady of
Wribr; neither knew of the oth.
erspassion. llieloveol oota
was tender and strong, for it
was their first. The lady was
beautiful and formed for love.
Both permitted their inclination
to increase to an entire passion,
while neither knew the dan-
iior which was the most dread
ful to his heart to have a bro-
iher for a rival. Both spared
the maid an early declaration,
and both thus deceived them
selves until an unexpected oc
l A'.fnl.tc-a A ill a whnlA
secret of 1 heir feelings. t
Already had the love of each
tsen tti the lushest degTee, the
most unfort unate affection which
has produced almost as terrible
desolation in the race l men as
its detestable counterpart, hate
had al ready possessed the en
ure surface of their souls so that
a sacrifice from either side Avas
hardly possibly, The lady full
of feeling for the melancholly
iinjn, durst not avow herself ex
clusively for either and submit
ted her inclination of the decis
ion of the two brothers.
Conqueror in this doubtful
mm est liFtwe'en dutV and feel
ing, which our philosophers are
always so ready to decides, and
nraetical men - ate so
slow to undertake the elder
Lrnthfr said to the younger : 'i
know lhatyou love my mid as
ttueaul.tiiMiKW na 1. 1 -win noi
usk in whose favor the right ot
an elder born decides, btay
spp.k the witle worM l
I will strive to forget: her. Jf I
can do it, Brother,, then , is she
J.Mtrc and maV, Heaven bless
Jirtli wa
if i cannoi men
o you also away , and ,-tlo the
same. , ;( '"
f. He immettifltely left; Uerma
.1 if o ii h ii s t p n r d t o Holland-
. ' '' i - f k.o .it i it r! I)!)k'
inn if im;i": 01 iuj "
I mi ml MfiHr'him ' Far from the
climo of his We 'banished from
the land which contained his
heart's whole delight, for whom
1, 1838.
aione ne conk hv ti.
" till. UI"
nnppymaki sickened as a plant
rfwidleawajr, which the cruel
Luropean has carried from its
- "' viiu gig
maternai'Asift. nmi d.A
j ...... miviu JUT
ttway.from a milder sun to a
more rugged bed. In despair he
rpnrli.rl A
.V...W.V.U uiiuicfuuin, wnere a
hot feyrrthretv him into a dan.
gerous condmon. The image
ojhisootoeloved; reigned in
his IranticdrflHms? hU
dependupob possessing her.
ti i. i " Hessmg ner.
His idins doubted of his
lUC-iP? urancft iihmo ti.. .
ins njveft . " n .7 -""fevi "rouier most,
him, rescued uttrpnlQted tolbJ3otl brothers still live; the
the arms of death. A walking r,,-'in- r
. , ; f 7 he vouniicr continues in Bata
consuming gticl, he returned to
lis native land he tottered o-
ver the thre
ihold ofhislove of .
lis brother!
k ere am I again.
What 1 have
demanded ot my
liai iiniu imimiiuuu .,
heart, He in' Heaven knows.
' ii i.
More I cannot." He sank ex'
haUSted into the arms of the la
rly , j
J -. I . : . -
i.. "Brothef.you bore youtgnef
iT ii i ii i
to Holland. I will seek to car-
ry mine farther. Lead her not
to the altar till I Write you far-
ther. Only this condition does
, i.i ii if
a brother's love allow itself.
Should 1 be more successful
than VOU, then let her be yours
and mav Heaven bless your love. ,
oi ,ii . .1- . u.,
Should I not then may Heav-
en decide the matter for us.--
Take this sealed nacketjoreak
it not till 1 am gone hence. 1 go
to Batavia. ' Here he Sprang
:.., thpVnrnae " - "
into tne carriHgu , .
Half dead, the elder brotner
gazed after htm. He had been
surpassed in magnanimity.
TL rushed unon him and at
Love rusuea upon mm " .
the same time, grief lor the joss
of the noblest Of men. 1 he
noise of the fleeting carriage
.u A-.a, ihro.i'ih hi fipari
thundered through his nri.
His friends were concerned lor
his life. Tile lady not yet
her end Wilt Ue reaU 111 Hie se
Q"?1' . .. . Y
They broke the pa eke t. it
was an autnenticaieu uuk iu
alibis German estates, which
the elder brother was to receive
if the younger was successful! 'in
Bataviai Concpieror over him-
sk!l he sailed in a merchant
vessel of Holland and arrived
safelv in Batavia. In a few
weeks, lie sent over to his bio
ther the following lines.
m. m. ' m a)..
Here, thanks be to Almighty
God here in this new land, 1
hink offdur and my love with
all t he jd jr of u martyr, new
scehesnhd fate have enlarged
mv mind God has given me
strength to bring the highest 'of
fering to friendship, bhe s
you rsOh God ! ) Here leu a
tear the last 1 nave conquereu
vnurs is llie lady. Brother, l
should not have possessed her-
thatis she might not nave
hPRii hanov with me. But
should the thought ever' occur
tf her that shii miaht have been
h a i py wi i h me B rot her, Brp:
ther, I roll tne responsiuiiiy
1 Forrret riot the obli-
cations which the hard, earned
conquest nas imHi&uti on
Treat '.he angel always as your
young love now teaches you to
do Cherish her as a dear leg.
acy of a uroiner wnum y"i
arms will nevr embrace. Fare
well. Write we not when you
nvbibek fef"
celebrate your nopii;.. lw
wound still bleeds. Write mri
how happy yoU Hre. What
have done is surety to me that
n. oi iorsaue me
strange land.'
in a
The marrige was consumma
"hi. 'fmn tpii
the hapniestof ivfdl.i,- a..
the lady d,ed. . When dying"
she first disclosed to her confi!
"v"" urnusinc unhannv 8e.
Jf her bosom-She had
loved ihf
. . , .. . .. TI
. , - .
A Night S(tat... .Tho star wri
---- - j
glaring mihout acloud to objure .
light; but Ihe lull moon was slotvly sink
,n&ff ht,nMth the ..
y, calmly, like a gcrod man gliding in
peace t'd the land of sleepers, did it
-i r. I. I . .1 .
,,nrw ,"s ' 8",lT-L " Cl
and along the shore 6f the Settle, , ere it
tank (0 wavy couch.
who that has once gazed upon that
beautiful aigbt, has eer forgotten id
, m ninoi.M ne mu ituusuai.
iowiiie inuuviicrr; ami iiiifu up ni iiiri
t0 ,he6gollJen )avilioM lf th; sky jo 8i.
lent worship! And who that has gazed,
bas not felt tbeir feebletless, and longed
,ce r l"
meir lar nome in the ncaveiiif
T " T 7 i , "B
as0 on ,he brow of the beautiful. She
has thus set through months, and years,
no centunear one nas vnus sn(n over
. a ... , . cre.tion jawned.
a()d witi thus shine until the records of
time shall be rolled together, and the
earth and the heavens sink into chaos
She has risen upon free and nappy stales,
and hag 1iltertd up,m tbeir tnonuments.;
ImperU, Romtf tich jn empite, was be
j,ej by her who now casts her mystic
and endimmed light upon its tottering ru
Ins. Unchanged and uucbiageable, shft
haj ffc. fc. r home
. n 7j,ebeflv scepireiessLarisa,andun.
remembered Philippi, as she chM whe
jine world iremDiea in tneir irowu orcr-
isnea oeneath their treau.
Her course through the "heavens Ts now
the same as the one on which she trod
generations 'since. Like the dett, they
hate gone, ami her path is ion, isnd "still on.
Cities have ttianged ana passed. away.
Volinni liavn 'ri?pn Still (lCaiP(?. Thft
hills have mouldered, 'and the eternal
mountains have bowed cloud-capt palaces
in dust. Ocean. lioaVse with telline the
flight of centtif fes, have moved front their
unfathormed beds; and empires, big with
conquest, swept like sparks frorjj the fire,'
out of lexistence. Towering pyramid,.
have crumbled, and they who repose be
neath the shadow, passed to nothingness..
Calmly has she thus looked from lie r far
chambers, all glorious and uodimmed, up
pii uiesefTa we ttota npotf ttav cbas-- ,
(ng on wave, on tlie bosom of the greatr
deep, aud Yti her. course is onward.
i rancis Armine.
Thk Wiirld. The world presents art
infinity of aspects. Shakspeare called it.
a stage, and men and v oaten the pi a vers
The merchant regards it as "a great ba
zaar, in which my thing isanarticle of
trade tLe physician deems :t a great?
hospital, the preacher looks at it as H
church, mine host tancies it a tavernton
the great highway from nothing to eterni
ty, and to ; the black leg: life ettrm a
game, in which. death holds till the aces '
and trumps and Uk whomsoever be plea- '
ses. . It is a, school hanse to the ptrda
gngue, a ball. room to the dancing mar ler.
and a prison to the turiikejr. The orls
man views it as a ereit fieM, on 'rvhicU
death is iba wily Nimfod and at o and
women bis game; while the nW .logical
piscitor dee met h it a wide fish; f nd, tit ,
which all, from Ihe whales tt. t ,ie win
now, are nibbling and biting: t i the gild'
ed baits whicb ihe devil throw jn. A
to the printer it seems like a largt fot
of type, from which he may seHt,sucH
characters 1 will make tit 4 i p tsiou,
desires.' 1
'.... -a t 1 -

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