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J. COSXSbaV St x- oissstt.
. ' ' ; ' -, '4 , f. . '
irrinss, Five doUnr m adVance, five
,u nil of nix months or six d&llurs at the
i of tit year. No subscription will be
eil until till arrearages are paid,- except
ion of the publishers. Persons wisiattig
iiutf will" pjease give notice thereof in
tcriptioti received fur a 1cm time than
' ' ' r v ' " ' '
iidi'MKNTfl. Inserted at the rate of Oije
t per square (" line ntku,) for the
dun, aiitl. Fikty Cenb a .-square, for
nuiuice. '. , " . '
wtiiicnts which are not united on the
it, a to the number of insertions, will be
tfuuloniereu out huh cmugcu accord
moN-ii A o vkrtihkm knts. For 10 lines
,t alterable, 3 monUis, - '"$10
do. G do . , do. , ' 'jl)
' do. I J . do. 4 ' do.' ' . ,3'
1 job work must be paid) for on deliv
ncing '"Riididatcs for State offices will lie
, and for county rve dollars each. ;; ,,
un letters must be ( aid to receive at-
BY JOHN C. M'CABf. ',.'"'
in beauty, like the young rose leaf,
g'ving frost hag nipt the fragile stem,
in beauty like the dew drop brief,
lers iu the flower's diadem.
in beauty like the soft south winds, '
p- the deep blue star reflected lake ; w v
in bctiuty like the wreath that binds
ic's brow wheu minstrels cease to wake
ted sounds of song, or harp in hall;
ic and caisqe in rusty silence lie,
is through diamond panes the bright blur
in bcaujfy like the fairy strain '. '
ght musk', or the iEokm' breath; '
le last lapse faintly heuril again, , ,
en swa ii,;a3 slow it melts in death.
in beauty like the angel's sigh, v . '
i its white wing falls a sorrowing tear
g man, as with uplifted eye
era peuisou for wand'rers here, v
in beauty lilte a morning star, . '
!y sinks beneath the day-god's bine,
yet lovely till it fades afar,
.lydics before the morning's rays. ..:
I in beauty and in beauty lives,
ivenis beautiful, and she is there-
the hope divine religion gives
our check it wipes the voe wrung tear ;
From! the New York Whig.
;!aoinicst day hath gleams of light; ,
t darltest wave liatii bright foam nffar it;
winkles through the cloudiest night
ne solitary star to cheer it ' .
jloomiest soul is not all gloom t
e saddest heart ii not all sadoess;
iweetls' o'er the darkifst doom
ere shines some lingering beam of gladness,
sir is never quite despair ;
r life, nor death, the future 1oses; '
round thii shadowy brow of care,
ill hope and fancy twine their rotes.
a new dish.
pnllewian wliose knowledge of the
h, was limited to a few words,' and
as ignorant -of the meaning even
be, called at on of our French rtt
I a few days since for dinner
t vill vou have, sare,' said the at'
e French waiter.
I tak some of lhatthat what do
at fome as I had yesterday
French dish another.
lo not recollect sare. at you did
day Lttlore Jis.
itsotne frid dish Itt's see, a fried.
It chambn I believe thai' what they
poor waiter shrugged hi shoulders
ut on a lock ot ptrlect astonishment
bis customer called tor a fried
5EAUTijffjL Comparison. A
rtrtt (1CPWI1 RHSl ft HI or, III tir
)iucf u country danfce, says
e gorgeous strings of glass
h now glistened on the hea
'''.4 Democratic Idea. .A few . weeks
ago,' Men we happened be in another
part nf tbe' State, we heard a gentleman,
who was aUhe lime on hit way lt Jack
son to attend the democratic Convention,
speaking of Mr. Van Buren's recent ti es
sage, say that he was well pleased with
the document, 'except so much at related
to the Indian. "That part of It,'' says
he, ''is : a patch of liee; and tbe whole
course of our government towards the
Indian tfibes for the last ton years, proves
it." In speaking -, of the Florida war,
he said: "it will never be endtd as it is
now carried on; thai the government had
better go to raising okod. hounds, to drive
the Indians from the Sivao-p. What an
idea! Jvicli an acquisition to the Amer
ican 'Jinny! Thought we, that fellow
ought to be President at least, Secreta
ry ot i ar. -
i. ' uooi jrws we know trial the mor-
S . i
'fi at and intelligent portion of this commu
j inly, as well. as of the State at larse.rill
rejoice to learn that bills to prevent
Gambling and belting on Elections have
passed the Legislature, and are now no
doubt, part a ml parcel of the law of the
land. -This is another redeeming feature
in the Legislation of our State. We hope
the laws upon these subjects may be ri
gidly ; erilurccd, and' that eery' person
who infringes upon them, may be made
to pay the penalty ef his transgression.
he bill to prevent gambling, we are par
ticuUrly pleased to see bt-coine a law;
for the evil practice of gambling had be
Come so very common of late, in almost
II sections of our country, as to call im-
eralively upon Hie "assembled wisdom
of our State"' to take some measure for
its prevention. , If the officers entrusted
wifti the execution of our laws, and the
rreservaliou of peace and good order in
our Slate, do their duty, this low-lived,
and dUgraceful business will soon be
driven from our borders; but if they
hrin'k from the discharge of their duty,
the law had just as well be reversed, as
for the good it will do. It is the "solemn
duly of every good citizen, evety man
who loves virtue, and detests Vice, to
stand by the official functionaries of our
country, and see them do their duly. Let
the proper officers enforce the law, in
all cases, of Local, as well as itinerant
gamblers, and there will soon be found
more men honestly endeavoring to irake
their support by the sweat of their brow.
The following cublime and beautiful
specimen of eloquence, is almost as hap
py in style and as handsome in diction,
as the Kentuckian's elering tkaiu of cot-
ting speech whs:
"Gentlemen of th Jure: While Bo
naparte are a marching his army from El
ba to Paris, and front jParis to Elba. inun.
dating the whole country in blood, I
tand here as the humble advocate of
this notorious bog thief. The goats may
soar to the summits of those mountains,
and the sheep may iml on the hill be
low, and (tie cattle may crop the gr?ss nil
the meadows, but my diut are no more
guilty of stealing the hog, than a toad
are got a grate long tail.
The editor of the New York Whig
speaking on the subject of celibacy, and
criminality of bachelors in not marrying,
holds the following correct and Judicious
language. His pica for bachelor editors,
is a very sensible one. indeed;
This evil should be averted, and mea
sures taken accordingly. VV recommend
that every bat'helor past the age nf twen
ty five years, be subject to anaonualtax
(with the exception ot editors, Ihry be.
ing a separate and distinct tpkcie of the
human kind); ami that the revenue are
sing Hum suih lax he trihtited among sin
Klf ft males vr and above a certain age
tf iho rUn wne adopted, we fttel confi
dent that tt'libac'y would exist but in a
slight ovgre, and that many of our young
sir ihs. i-illuhllpc ma...lM. mho ,- now compelled to see
, MVTM. . . , b .rr thmt9irt) ,sf i,olI,e (or n;where els)
(mliftiicU. rubie rfsungon ,(,.Ich;li1M ,t ,uiniht, woulJevi.tuaiiy
tltl'iCHtc MirlttCeuf wurtil u)-.htco.. help ir.'svfor man, and urna
dumplings 1" " ' Jn.tuis ttt wcittj,."' y
Wilri;. -A late author definea a wife
thus:Mjl painted sign, to hang dry good
fn," Man poor devils find it oo true.
Married EnitoRS. We ner ;r heard
or but one editor, who had any jp'reten
a ions to good sense, that got mariieA; and
he came near going crazy before .let could
bring his mind to bear upon so desperate
an enlerprize.
Whig copies a small article upon adver.
rising from our paper nf the 22J if De
ceit) her last, and makes these renaa'ifc:
m vTho following, trom the Pearl iver
Banner, printed at Monticello, Miss., is
a truism loo extensively neglected. How
many country journals of unques'tioiiable
merit have been obliged to' discontinue
their efforts in consequence of a lack of
sufficient advertising patronage, isltoo
well known. It is a wotul tact that the'
public do nut appreciate the value of ad
vertising, generally. We need not refer
to the numerous individuals who nave
made their fortunes solely through the
medium of the pre.'S, to convince snch of
their error; and we venture to guarantee
thai in' nine cases out of ten. wb-re ime
dollar is expended in advertising, teulold
is received in consequence.''' -
Yes. friend Whig, and utWible menerery
where, wbu have any thing to sell, auver
life ii, for they know thereby wore buy
ers will pregeut themselves,' and his arti
cles will bear a Utter price. If a sensi
ble man wishes to hire or buy a good ser
vant, or riding horse, he dot-s not sit down
at home and wait for persons (o come to
him and ask him if tie wishes to hire or
buy such a piece of property. No, philo
sophy and common sense teache ' him to
write a small advertisement and liad it
the printer' for publication. : He knows
by that means that those who have such
property to dispose of will come and of
fer it, and from the multiplicity of offers
be is more apt to get a good bargain than
if only' one were to offer. It is of no
use to preach philosophy to block heads,
ami as Major Jack Downing says, "a
word to the wise ts sufficient, but a bush
el of words ain't enoug for tbeun that ain't
wise." No insinuation, as the fellow
said when he struck another pat in the fate.
The Editor of the Natchez Courier
calls this sketch 'graphica Isuhlimity:
"It is the glad and glorious pastime to
the spirt to look down upon this type and
token of Jllmigfity . power to vwrrslle
wita the living thoughts which dwell like
things amid the stir and strife' of these
eternal waters -to encounter the strong
breatlitessness of awe which is dashed
upon the soul as we inhale at a glance,
the vastnessof the scene. Upon the face
nf the deep, the spirit of eternity still is
brooding; as we pause, before this wide
unbarred space, and our naked , mind
stands bold against the unveiled, eternal
universe, a silent thought of homage
swells through the endless space; and
that thought is God. The ocean is the
material image .of the Almighty: what
attribute of Deity is not here substantial?
Power, ol an iiiainte lulntss;--beaut),
of that particular pervadingness of es
sence, that rain and tempest, and the
buak-i of winds envelope and not efface
it; life, abstract and indestructible, that
never wearies and that never vvastts -whose
days know not repose, and upon
whose bosom the cloud ol nightly slum'
ber never weighs.
It the .dancing water brook should ceae
to chant his praises who inspired its glad
ness, or if the infuriate storm-Man as
it gnashes through the forest, should burst
through its bands, and disown its Maker;
if men should ever gaze upon the wes.
tern sun, and forget whose countenance
its brightness mirrors, pr rest upon the
mountain turf, nor own from whose on ni
potence the strength of hills has sprung;
if the knowledge of the Infinite One shall
ever pass away from the earth, the roar
of the ocean will thunder it pack. It
was the sublime intention ot Nicholas
Frrar that a perpetual chant or solemn
service of music shuulJ be established at
Litile Giddiug, to be sustained) by gue
ration after generation, and continued to
the end ol time without the interruption
of a moment. IU wished that, whatev
er might be the condition of meu or the
character of , the times, the voce ol praise
might ever be ascending; tha' it should
rise amid the mat of content, tike a smi
ling lotos through a- tangled ruin, and he
U"j b!nded harmony of all the thought
of peace; thai the ancestor and his de
scendant nielli unite ' iu the same song ol
thiuk'ingi aQtl ccn'.dry be bvuud lu
16, 1S39.
,rf in t'.) , erhrating slrao i
wl Sip. 1,1-t the .ii.: .;-sijn.d, Ji
sei ' ' yTbereWe times per;-;
in which from human tips throughout f..i
broad extent of the earth, no four. J of
prayer or praise is heard; but tb listen
ing seraph' who looks out from the win
dows of Heaven, hears the organ of the
waters peal eveifastftigly.-- It iliot wilb .
out an inauence wnicli may be termed no
. ' , .
ly, -for its beginning is tear and its effect
is cleansing, that w muse within this
cathedral or the sky-rooted deep. When
first seen by man, it gives him a thought
and a disturbance, which though noihing
can ever before have atafted sothe
inotions' within him,: seem "strangely fa
miliar I to bis feelings. .And when we
claim inMrocii've brotherhood with' that
which stretches back, like a broad sheet
of light, to the first moweiit that (he gush
of , sun beams flowed down upon the
waves, and forwards till the depth of the
heavens shall be opened, we realize on?
1 those moments of existence in which
man feels his immortality and trembles at
it- Yhere are thoughts of mystt-ry and
dreatns of magic floating around (bis
scene; and there are those who hasefeas.
ted on them 1ill they trave become mad
dened, and their life has turned to parch
ing thirst for the fulness of those unearth
ly sentiments. But such thoughts are the
food of heaven; and while I would labor
for their recognition as the proof of hea !
ven, 1 would postpone tbeir ijuyment to
another life, and abide in hope till the
veil of the flesh which aims them, is
."The inqumtioon heie,'( (in he city
of Venice,) aided by official iiilormers
and seciet tribunals, became one of the
most cruel eugines of tyianny ever known
perhaps, wider any government. No
man's lile or liberty;" or property, was
secure. When any fell tinder suspicion,,
they were privately arrested and in most
cases they were heated ot no 'more.
Every thing was conducted with rite niosi
profound ' 6eCTesy the accused ; victim
knew not the secret toog'?, that btry!
liiiri, or the secret hand . that stabbed
him. Near the palace, and separated
only by a canal, is a prison; this prison
is connected with the palace by a high
coveted bridge,v called the iirtdge of
Sighs. The bridge was, or bad, for it is
now t'los'ed up, two passages; one lead
ing from the prison into the council cham
bers, another 4eauiiig to other mure pri
vate apartments and dungeons under the
palace itself. Thes-e dungeoos were at
so accessible from the palace by a secret
passage, which was unknown to Ibn pub
lic until the arcana of the apartments
of death were laid -ripen by the French.
Indeed, it is said, that the citizens gener
ally did not know of the existence of
these wretched ctjlls. Here the tremb
ling victims were led to I he torture and
todeaib. We vijitd these gfotimy pris
ons; they were dark as mghU and cousis
ted each of one arch of heavy masonry,
with a single hole for purposes of respir
ation, &c. They had been generilly
lined with wood, but Napoleon permitted
the citizens to enter and tear out ait that
was inovanle in these horrid tells.
ore was a grated window, whwre' the
victims used io be strangled. Thy
were seated on a block within, and a
rope, fasted at one find, pissed through
the grate, and round the neck,- end out a
gam to a machine, by the i turning ol
which the head and shoulders were drawn
up to the grate, and the poor wrlch was
strangled1)y tli cotd that passed around
his neck., Anolher place was tilted up
lordecapilation. like a guilbtine. The
hevy knile, tixed to a Irani", was laised
by machiutiiy to the proper di-taoce, (the
victim, being fixed in at right posjnon,)
when it fell and struck the head from the
body, and a trench in l lie stdiir.'and holes
made lor the purpose, conveyed th
Lluod down into tli water below. Jli
this was done by ' night, and with the ut
most privacy ; and heie were the little
arches in the wall, where the exi-cututner
placed his-laitifi while he performed his
bloody work.' Fii'i't T. avett in Jare
!.4ThhilZino stoky.
Ai extraordinary story is lot, Uy Cap
tain Wallace, of a lover and his ntistres,
who wete saved in singular inauuer Iroiii
the jaws of a shark. , .
A transport with a part of a regiment
on board, was sailiiia with a gntl breeze
along the coast of Coleny; one of the tof
ficers was leanhig over ife poop railing.
Conversing with a young lady wh had
inspired him with the tender passion.
Theiady was iu tlia cabui in the act of
banding a paper to her lover, wnen. over
rearming herself, he fell into the sua,
l"id HUppoited , by her clu-'hes. drifted
a-leni; the officer Jokt nu.iiiin m ptung
ing 'iu after tier, and uphu 'jit with, one
arm. The sails were quickly backed,
the hhip lay to, and prepuiatioV
made tJ l',t a uti, wben 'llio dis
a is a . . k ' a ' a.
mav o( auin nun r i, a a ,rt An
a in..
dumber 7.
gl.f.fj lo'eardi tie victims; a shout of ler'j
rorvi the ago iztd spectators c.illeJ
tl i:: v.inn of tie otficer to the appre-;
l.iy.il z danger; he saw 'the inonterY
f..r..l length rtefrin hi." he made a. -defperatd
effort ptiinyeJ and apUshed (
the water so as U frighten the shark, who -
....! ..4 -,..f..i , Li. : .u. Ti,"
luincu riim wivruiniH'i in- 9ni , i
current had n caf riecr the officer and.
She lady 'close fo the vessel; then the
snarrn appeared second time aiongsiue ;
and was in the act of hirng m hs back to
seize one of the hap'e pair, when pri
vate of the officer's company, who was .
standing in the bammnck nettings, jy?p-
ed fearlessfy overboard with a bayonet in .
his band, which he plunged inte the back
of the shark, which instantly disappear .
"fjt s si i vv tis IV! V Hb W wrwm ,
perflous situation. , -
From the New York Whig. 1
Seeing latdv in some of the pprj
Intf M h a itifttMa ijBiA arAaluasiart Fmrnt thail i
several anecdotes and practical jokes of
the eccentric Munga Mackay, 1 was re '
minded of two or three instances of hn
mad waggery, which I heard many years
ago, and which I believe have never ap-, ,
peared in print. The following is out ,
ol them:
While at Havard Cotlege, Mungn pne .
evening gave a supper to several toi nis
lellow stuJenfS; on the occasion ot his .
binh day Previous to the serving w
way ot stiarpensug their apptjtites, mat ! -
inoiiL' the luxuries of tne least would be a.
fine fat raccoon, a -lice froin which was
then considered a rare hit by alt true Don
vrvanis ano gourmanus. iccwromgiv
when the supper wns ready the visio'ors
made a point to get as much ol the rac
coon as possible as possible,, turning up
.L..h .... . L. . . . .l.ol.adt
inoir nuses at iiib inure i ihiiihuh u.o.i... .
that graced the table. Muogo however
made love to a chicken flic, avoklinz the
raccoonn, which he said was tm solid lor
his stomach. But that dish suffered none
the less n$tiis account, and dne large
i -Ci - .....i. ... , i4 until :
there was sfrce enough Veil to swear by.
But by andhy jhe rattle of knife and
. . ... i. i . ... ... i C . ii . . '
lors. uecaiuc lainier, aiiu uuaiiy ceateu
altogether, and was succeeded bv the
pop of corks and the rattle of glasses, and
then jeke, song, and repartee followed in
quick succession. A were lood in tha
praises ol the supper, and especially the)
raccoon it was so fat, so juicy, and so
sweet! 'But come Mungosaid one of
his visitors, tell us where and how you
raised so substantial a -supper? whose
farder and wme cellar suffered!' " "Why
jfariy. td say ttie truth' replied .Sfickay,
i should hardly dare to tell. That wi'nft
you are drinking by the way, bow do
you like it?' Kiglil well, answered the .
other, emptying his glass with a smack.
"That,' continued Mungo, 'carr.e from
your father's cellar.' The devil it did
saiu uarry; -nreti I luuvgiK u oau a ta-
miliar lastse. The old man is a good
.: I. ..... . i . l. .. a .. . . i i-
judge of wine so good, in fact, that he.
never asks any one to try it for bun, hut
then I frequently help myself in a ly
way But the raccoon?' 'Yes, the rae
coon! the taccoonl' cried a dozen voices.
. i. ... .I. . . 1.... 1 !tf ....... 1 -1 ...
il l ittv Vlll i tibig vil iiiv lauic iu viiiiv
honestly obtained.. That lellow I capi
lured myself, and in a rather queer man
ner, 1 assure ynu. . JTou see and Muo
go here threw himself back in his cbair, ,
and put on a remarksbly grave counteO'
auce, while his viator bent forward in a
li-'teaiug attitude; (or, notwithstanding
his assumed gravity, they observed a s'y
twinkle in huh corner of his eves, ivhich
convinced tiiem that sotnelhing "htivieroui :
was hre wing. Voo see I bad b'eei wit
gunning all dav yesterday, and 5 was re
turning stitwe at night with an empty nag
when' the animal yon haveju-t devoured
sprang across my path, and up a neigh
boring tree. 1 followed him with niy '
eye until he s (UstteJ down on a limb,
and then raised my gun to my shoulder."
Vou' re mine, said 1 1 myself aloud, 'as
sure as my name's. Mungo Mackay!' At
(he sound of my voice , the creature star,
tediipin terror, and shading his eyes
with .me paw,yed me wttb a pierrinjj
look lor nearly a minute. Muoj A!tG'
ky,' hrt at lart exclaimed,' 'is that yot
tuiign? 'Yes,' I n-p inf in att'iii'shi
nen, dropping the po-nt nf iwy gun; 'i
... i ! .Ti, f..M n ..IV
sak-i dtui't fire, be Cmtittuesl; 4 kn0
youre a dead shot, and Iftad rather ci-mit
. i. t. . 1. 1 ... .. . i . . &
ijowu man item own i pieces oy inat.
damned blunderbuss of your.' 4nd down
he cuae, fuivennngh, and delivered hitj
Keif into my hand-; aud 1 appeal to ytiuK
friends,' ssij TJckay. as he filled IW
gles all rouni, 'to ay, if you ever ute.
a fatter Hrt'.?' '.f lvut.kl a J-kutikl they.
ll excuii neu at ckicc, vtiy Mungx. ui
don't c ean ty thai ttt lvve l.een ia
tic a ' : ..J nn, ymwA ' lie
en- I " .it Vunii -ii"ir..vkiit5
:a- , .. . Votievrr t.j.- a ruti&ou' luj
t.A z:. ' . '
: ' ' tv .....

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