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t ! r j ' li 1
t.INK in HKITT, r.dilor.
Earnest, Faithful and Couracror., In Defense of The I'ropleN right.
-31 f'SSKMU'K I'll?. (., l'rop
VOL. 18 NO. t7.
$2.00 WAX ANNUM.
Congress assembles next Monday. J
There are lour lady candidates for
itt office of Stat Librarian.
The National Farmer and Lubor-
jrs' Union w ill meet in St. Loui on
Vee. olli. iMlcgalcs ran get excursion
kcts on application to railroad a-
"Iscar Hob's" thanksgiving procla-
latiou was late later llinn usual
1 there are a large proportion of the
opleofthe State who are specially
ink fill that it is the la-t one lie will
r officially is-ue.
I'he proceedings of our County
inge was not received until we had
iimeiiccd work on this iue o( the
Isri.KK, anil owing to tneir icngin
arc compelled to postpone publi
on until next week.
ur fires in nix weeks at the A. &
'ollcge would imply that the au
itics arc extremely careless, or a
bugor tw o lives in close proximity.
I barely possible too iiiuch learn-
t lias rtevelopeil a species ot lirsanny
tho college. A good detective
rht Drove a serviceable visitor a-
liut this time of the year.
' Hon. Clark Lewis our representa
te in Congress, was in the city lat
week, lie had been to Troy to see the
pople in reference to the jiost-otTice
Here. The Mr.sscsi.KR thinks p.o.
oight to lie established for the bene tit
l the good K'oplo of Troy and the
numerous students at the excellent
s.hool there slid we feel sure Mr. Lew
is will interest himself on this subject
when he gets to Washington.
'The tot; J vote of this State fort.nv-
1 1 ior in i i tit election is set down
.Sk' follows
Uo.'iti M. Stone ; 85,0-15
.Jolin It. Lynch C
Jas. It. Chalmers 5
Tins other State officer ibccIvih!
about the same number of votes as
the Governor. A little h -s than half
a vole was polled.
An cxchatifie seems to think thai
the removal Of the penitentiary (rom
Jac kson w ill be part of the labor of
a Constitutional Couvemion. That is
a bright idea, but it is about a- likely
to become an isiie in the canva as
the suffrage question, which a num
ber ot the pretended friends of a Con
stitutional Convention are now in-si-lin
U to be the b'ndiim fealuie.
The ItcpubliuHii candidate for Lieut.
Governor in Ohio was elected by a
majotity of 41 in a total vote of more
than oHO.tKH). A pretty clo-c have
but enough to keep Gov. Campbell
out of the V. S. Senate this time, lie
will probably preside over that body
in 1K3, as Vice-President with one
G rover Cleveland, not. unknown to
fame, in the White House. So mote
it be.
The Iiiaiidon Iteoorder deities t lie
story that had been going Hie round of
the press, that the notorious ltod Low ly
had prefixed Iter, to his name and
was entrancing Texas audiences w ith
his eloquent appeal to flee the wrath
to come. The Itecordcr says instead
of oeeschhicr. Hod has been selling
,soap receipts ti the cowboys. A soapy
slory, a stiapy subject and a soapy
.easiness. , .-
TlVi Cofl'eeville Times gives pub-'ii-ity
Vo the rumor that Gov. Lowry
will be a candidate for Hail road Com
missioni t against Hon. Walter Mc
Lauren, and pertinently remarks : '"To
beat a Mc Lai.ren v ollice lias been
almost an impossibility, and we doubt
if Low tv tin i hange tli program as
carried on! bcrt-t"fnrp."
The reav.ij why it is difficult to
beat a Mc I.iiiii i- because they arc
true blue IMmihv rats. eo(M ,.5 faith
ful to their pledc s and i.evi r as)iire
to a position that t'.,.y cannot PU will,
credit to theii.seives and prolil to the
people. Wuller M.-Laureu the mem
ber of tin I,ailroa Commis-hm, wnii
elected bv Ihe last Le'liiuuc- over a
number of popular emi -piitoi s, and
his faithful and elficieut s'i vi.-e-for
the past two years entitle him 10 the
customary einlorseiiiciit, unci r 1-ope
to see ! 1 in re-elected, if he d- r. i,e
place. We think U' ai'e Kife 11 sav
ing tli i section if fbe State i- s..'id
for lil m aguiiisl auv bud v.
Koll IS VTIt-'H'ATIoX. ! not dr. ire to see thriu forced down
. j the throats of tli people by the arhi-
Wc wish to emphasis the M i v-: ,n"-v ,r,"t'1"' "I" a majority or the del
. ,.ii nil the subiect of refer- "-'''" A" rbanges we de-ire no
Hun the question of a ratification of
the new constitution to the people
.....i !. .i.t n.i. I . m.v.-in.
Will III -"! f-
ment of the people, for the M-opleai1l .v,'-r,'""l advocate of a Constitu
bv the people, and if the people are j H"n Convention, wi-hes it to lie un
qualified to select competent men to I derstood that it is unalterably and
frame a constitution, they are qualified I
to n,i noon it after all the co mi.ro- !
mises and concessions are made in or
der to agree iion an orjranio law.
We care not therefore what precedent
may have been set heretofore in this
Staie or elsew here, the M essknokh
favors a Constitutional Convention,
and that the work of the delegates' A (treat deal ol complaint conges to
shall lie re-submitted to the people lor : us from Houston and ollic s west of
their ratitlcation or rejection. I-et's there, that the Mi:-f:i.U! does not
have no monkw in;; business alxnit come to luiinl in die time a- hereto
this matter gentlemen, it is too jrrave J fore. We wi-h to -ay to our lenders
a quevtiou to be dealt with lightly ' that the paper h.is been mailed here
and there should be nothing hid be- every Thursday iiiorninv. with one
hind the curtain; nothing mysterious 'exception (the we.kol the election) for
about it. Tho people w ant a new more than eilit months and that they
constitution becaue the old one fram-! reach Houston every Thur-day, not
ed by eorn-tield darkeys and carpet
hag adventurers has outlived its day.
Il has been patched and patched until
lika a negro's shirt it has patch on
patch, and Mississippi should have a
new, clean cut, unequivocal document
which fully and fairly expresses the
will of her honest, law-abiding citi
zens, and one that cannot be miscou-
striied or misunderstood. Shaking
for a large class of our fellow citizens,
we want an elective judiciary, because
the system wo now have is full of fa-
voritism and inefficiency ; savor uiucli j
of the centralization idea anil is in di-j
reel conflict with the theory of our;l
j goveriiinsiit hich declares that all
j power ii vested in the people, and
that this power is vested In three hi
' partments, an executive, a legislative
and a Judiciary.
j These departments of government
are said to be equal, co-ordinate and
indcuendeiit of each oiIumv Km h is
not the . ase in Mississippi ami cannot
be so long as tho Governor apimints
the Judiciary. We believe that each
of these futi'ilioiiarles of government
j should derive his authority from the
ame great source, the people, and be
amenable to the people for his failh-
' ful dischai-ec ol official dutv.
'J he Mksk iiv.it believes ton 'that
jour jiidielal. system should be so
changed as to briny the courts nearer
, the people and thereby facilitate the
ends of jin-tice. One of the most di-
lineiiished jurists of the State is quot-
j ed ti.s saying, that for the tw elve year
, he has set veil on the bench, more time
hiisbren spent in determining wlieth-
i v or not tiie litigant has sought his
j remedy in the proper court, than in
! deciding on the merits of the iHiises.
This is simply iulolcj-able and should
not be endured a year longer. t
j The Mi.-si oKi favors coiistitution-
al limitation of official tenure for the
jKxecuiive and that lass of public
I servants, who handle the people's
Taxation should not only he ad va
lorem in theory but in fact. The
lie abolished and the constitution
should explicitly prohibit the exemp- . 1 1 ,1 -n 1 1
' 1 I W hat a scramble there will be w hen
1 tiou of an v species of property iuthc;.u , , . , r
1 . , '"i '" Leglslainre nieel for the
I hands of individuals or eorisiratioas .,, . . ,...,, ,
1 1 1 ono-crf c 1 u 11 tli Lfi t or Hint hiutc.
1 from taxation, ?Cotonlv should the'
I ,. , . -. , ., ,
! power ol the executive be curtailed
'! ... 1111 -ii- 1
istrictious thrown around the law-
j making power, for the protection of
j the public weal. Oue of these should
I positively prohibit tho Ijesidature
j trout making appropriations iu execs;
of the receipts of the State Govern -
1 .
ment the year preceding, except in
cases ot epidemic or rebellion.
A re-apportionment of tho political
powers ot ::ie various departments ol
S:ali! should be engrafted in the new
constitution, an 1 ourelection niacliiu-
ery re-adjusted on a basis that is just
to all clasc of our people, to the end
1 that a tun, tree and lair expression
!of the will of the people may be hid.
I The public school system sdould be
! remodeled in the interests of the com
mon people, its political features abro
gated, Ji.d its wire pulling liianipulu
' toisi aud Ii angers-en' retired to the
shades of private l'a. . , ,
I T!ee arc t int-1 f the many 1
1 the M cssf.v. -ii re .'.res U
t ill't ;
lc law, but this' journal does'
1 our 01 11
do not hope to get. and it is probable
I ome we do -nl favor .will 1m- made,
.! I'ut the M r.-KM.Kic, an in all-lhe-
I'll! the .Mf.km.i ii, an ill
"'""'promising.) opposed ... . 1m.t
- r educational ., mention
can not consent to the suggestion that
the Convention tuny formulate and
adopt a constitution without submit
ting It t the people for ratification or
later than three o'clock. They should,
therefore, go to Atlanta, Cherry HiH,
Pittslmro. Itidgeiiud Honlka the nt
day, and if they do not the fault must
be in the Houston post-office. We
want to sly, further, that if our tub
seribers do not get their papers here
after when they are due, we hoe they
will inform us promptly, to that we
may report the fact to the I'ostma-ter
j 1 !
It will be noticed that the I'adcr
has been for the past two year adver-
tising tor the Capital Commercial
oliege, or ,lackon, .Miss, in our
dealings w itli f. Wyatt. w e have
found I'iui te be a gentleman in every
respect, and we take occ asion to say
that from all we know and can learn
of his excellent College, we canaot see
the necessity of any of our boys in
''' ' "" o ii of the Slate to
! gel a . out Ulei. ni 1 education. All
j things Iwinjf equal. Mis.issippiaus
should patronise Mississippi
'""' !""'
inh the Jai k-oii ( oni-
ni"tvial College 1s equal to any.
Clav County Leader.
- The Grand Jury in its latest v o,.-
informs the public that e.-Tica-uier
Un !!,, of Louisiana, ha- -lolt-i. ifL'i.
0f of tic; baby bonds', und the Pica
yune now figures up his per uhitioti-, to
something ovora million. It now ap
pears that l'tirke is a native of Indi
ana mid w as un einbe.Vr of railroad
funds at Xcnia. I II., jiisi after thv war.
lie cacoet-baggeil to lalvcst'iii. Tc
ami from Texas to l.oiii-iana. It is
soioe colonial. ion to know he is. 1,1.1 a
1 1 n 1 i x c Southerner.
j Stanley, the great African explorer,
i lias been heard from and it i- ; ra t i ty -.ing
to know that he is s;(f.. and that
his wonderlul discoveries are of great
value to the civilized world. In half
a century from now the Dark Contin
ent will doubtless be peopled with the
j Caucasian race aud the shriek of the
railroad w histle will be heard where
the king of the forest now roums com
paratively unmolested.
, , , , , ,
Candidates for every place arc int.,
, . . . , , i
tnerous and still increasing. A few 1
i will get pic the lurgcr iiuuibtr nfet'.tdM'rieitr. Wttrk on 1 lie new systam
1 even- a cold (cotatoe. . Happy i
man w ho w ants nothing;
'I'he Cronln " mnrdcr trial, whieh
jhus been tho scusation for Chicago
: r ., . , . , ..
for months is drawing to a close. The
defense, has succeeded in proving none '
of the accued, save Iiurke V. ere
i i,, a,1 if the ltrv ludipvi. ih u it-
; (M s, there w ill be a verdic t ot tic
i iiitt;sl of course,
j The question of rapid transit has
I pn.ri,,.,.!! the attention ofscicntists and
inventor- of late, and a locomotive en
gine lies been constructe d and is now
on trial, whic h il is said w ill pull a
train of cars SO miles an hour.
A new discovery has heeu made by
a Texas inventor, which dispenses
"xvith ifil ftlydfijainciilitdscii h iifi.
-m tbj !" rle HgUt, thi'l it mivooit
'be iia I j.tjton jt-.j in' e ir' htdti-
Dots from EYery Clime.
The Gulf Coa-t navy jard is to !
located at New Means.
Several lare bank, have sii-pended j
payment during the week. ,
TheSt. Lawrence Kiver sea-oil of lotip'st coniie. tiou by telephone ion w ilh the class to w hic h !hee
navigation has closed. ow in j to h e. ver made. I beer-barn l blac kguards and empty-
Sevei Hl new iron nulls are sl.or.lv! Oorge talker, treasurer of i headed upstart-belong. There Is an
ir. I .ied -t CI,n.tn.K.a Ten,,. I K nights of I'vtbis. Lodge in J.-r-ev 'H'-r gratifjing feature con.iccte.l
Tennessee w a visited bv a heavy j
fall of mow the atter part of last:
week. i
The cotton crop is estimated bv Li!l I
. ;
Memphis cotton men to reach 7,1 i.l i4 -
)wiim to the reyolulion. two llril-
i-.li .warships have been ordered to l!io
de Janeiro.
The price of roal is on the rise at
Birmingham, Ala. This is good new s
for the miners. . '
The Isipartment of State lias not
yet instructed recognition :f the new
Ilra.iliati ltepublic. j
A planing mill and contents, valued
.110(100. was burned down at IV.,-'
sacola, Fla., on Saturday.
Several fatal train wrecks were oc
casioned last week in Minnesota by the
recent heavy falls of -mow.
A revolution In the Island of Cuba
was reported last week. The rumor
has not been authenticated.
The first train on the Northern Ceu
trai Itailroad since ihe IbsoU arrived
at Williamsport, l'a., on Friday.
Hubert Illand, a ravisher, w a taken
from jail at Petersburg, Va., an,' 1 s
iem.ee, ,o oy re - rmu.j JUJK-M Clc ff land appears to
Late advices from Admiral lo, J' I e l,ll,al' a" !' eonn-wpiadi-on
state that thf1 new shipAlV'GjVit the present tune. At a recent
Yorktown, 1- the roller of his fleet. Idinuer of tho chamber of "commerce
A school house near MiWn, Tent.., 1
wa desl roved bv Hi'" Saturday night. !
A defective flue t-atfed the damage,
I. XT. nona'.d ha. been iihsnt fr
Norwich, Conn.. o long 1 hat creditors
to the amount of f ."0.tHs are anxious.
Taree llctroit, Mich
have been indicted f
gau. ablcriiimi
r brilMTv and
tr.i I-.
A aivl.ou-e, contuiniiig 20.sJlbs.
of sea i-i.ind 1 ottoti, w as de-titu ed bv ! .
fire Satr.n'ay night.
Damage about
! W, T. I !( -1. a prominent member
of the Ccaii'edc rale Slates Senate died
011 Friday, at (ioldsboro, .t'., in bis
: The Au;risia. I. a., Lv huugv ba
invited the l'an-Americun delegates
!to visit that city during their next
graiel tour.
: On Saturday evening, the dry goods
bouse of Sharpie
destroyed by tin
l'.ros., Phila., wa
The total danuiae
was H's'i.tHK).
There is omc talk of marrying a Ger
man Princess to a Itussinu Prince iu
order to further guarantee combined
! pein e in Lurnpe."
I Over eighty-four tlioiissncl vol '
j were cast for Gov. Stone at the re
cen elwliois in Miswissippi, The to
ft jd Vote ,vas IWflcl. " v
, , ,
, Memphis, afiiT a deal of dauionng,
. . , ., , ,
1-, ( hsve her 'tix-et earn prupcib'd bv
will soon he nmnnieiiced.
Fire broke out in a mine at Hut te.
Montana, on Saturday, and several
men w ere, tullooatrd by the poisonous
gases generated by the flames.
The Old Dominion Line steamer
1 Manhattan collided w itli a barque oil
! I'cnwii k Island, Del. About twenty
passengers Were reported drowned.
The subscriptions received by the
New York World's Fair canvassing
co nmittee show a total of f 1,071,017.
New York has some chance after all.
A fatal collision occurred on the Le
high Valley road near P.cthh hem, Pa.,
on Saturday. Two train hands were
killed and several others badly injur
ed. It is estimated .that the Canadian
govtji anient lt.il been jli-frauded of ! s.-lves on the ruilroad company. The
jyt1'' this yc.ii- owing ro the whi.-ky j accused narrow ly e"-aped lynching
sna j i '.it w h.c 1 is eout ntiallv foiug at tho b inds of the citizens whan ar
011. rea'cd.
A jtas Well ha tie -n tMireil near
Tuskaloo-a, Ala. Tlii.. is eood new-
'for that section and will no doubt
prove a ImnaHa to I tie urroumting
A tcleiihone i now in daily u-e be--
twol, rt!a,d, Me., and' r.nff.ih.. ;
x.Y.. a distance ot 7.V) miles. This i- !
(' t toot iafiii.,lilu.i-i-.,... 1, - IV. '
" . - -
gold watch and ifJbOof his talhcr-in-hny
and Is nowvinU-ing.
Hannah Ha-.ting-,ol Ih'iKiklvn, N. ., I
.... , ,, ', , ,
who is SI vears of age; walked abroad '
, , . . . ,. . ,r . . , . , ,
ai iiihiiiiiii ,,ii i iitmt iiiiilOtlllA lllloe
w rapped up and sent home.
Sam Jones has been having n big:
lime at Meridian the past week. Lots
of jisitors, plenty of converts and, a-'
hove all, plenty of money. With these I
the orator is happy.
convention was held in far-ofl
Ala-ka on Nov. ."ilh, at w hich it was
resolved to niemorialje Congress for
representation of the territory in the
-National Assembly by one or more
delegates. ,
Highwaymen have been heard from
quite frequently of late around Mem
phis ami on Saturday night a Mr.
Horace Place, a contractor, was knock
ed down at his own door aud robbed
of about lot).
Gov. Lowry has ordered an election
in Tippah co., on Dei!. 5th, to fill a va
cancy in the Legislature caused by
the tragic death of General Kalkncr.
Ilcii. I. I'iuk Smith is a candidate and
'i'-,J' V'SS f ehvted
of New York, he received a great ova-
lion, the members cheering again and !
j "if1""-
I Typhus fever is .aging
among the
German sailors at Apia. Samoa, and
several have died with the dread uis -
ease. The outbreak is attributed to
the dccai ing siilita.n es of the w reck
of the war ves.el lost
in the liuiri-
line lu-i Man h.
Tw o young ladies of Dayton. Tetiu.,
were tc 1 ten 1 y it pet cat rmay aim
tears sire entertained ot livdroohohia.
j.,..,, u.u ,., ; ti,. ,-at when
i without naming it tlew at them, bit-
1 ing one 011 the shoulder and one in the
! iaec. I'.eware of the cat.
j A M Paul, Minn., engineer, on
; Saturday waswarded $ U). 143.!!'! in
ac tion he bad brought against his
employers for dan nige s on acc ount ol
injuries ustai..ed iu a recent railway
jcolisin. This is one of the large-l
i V-rdi I- ever give, in -iidi a ease.
It is said that an el'ort will be made
at the coming session of Congress to
increase the -alary of Congressmen
from $0,000 to $7,.Vsi. Any effort in
tki at direction is hound to be defeated
; aim anyone who votes lor the increase
might a well retire to private life.
The farmers ii'-r Hiawatha, Kan.,
are burning corn for fuel. Corn is
worth 2' rents a bushel and coal, de
livered, il to 23 cents. The Alliance j t 1M1;jiics a Democrat always he has
advocates burning half the corn crop ; tvx r0 ), ,.1,.,-ted to represent thi
for fuel, and thus cornering the mar-j County in the Legislature by over
ket and raising the p. h e of this feed-j ,. -hc-luiing majorities, and in our bom
sl11"' : ocrat ic primary this year, though hi
I he Gev. .Martin lloreiisen, an
F.piscopal clergyma!., was found in a
woodshed ill the rear of his premises
at Council Bind'-. la., with a deep j
trash in his neck and another iu bis!
w rist, from which he had bled to death,
... ,, , ,.
He was t,l years old and supposed to
have been temporarily insane.
Two men were an
( 'ity. Ten 11., on Frida
having -aiiKi d the rec
-led at I'liion
, charged w ith
ut frei 'ht trail,
wreck near that pi acts by misplacing
the switch. Their names are lioou
and Ates and they were recently em-I of tins view s ol' others, mil his ntim
plo) ed on a bridge gang on the M. & ! erous friends who in,li.iire him for hi
O cool lint w ere di-.rhm-.re1 foe mis. ! candor, his boldness, abi'ily and
conduct shortly befor ; this occurrence.
It is surmised that they took this
fiendish means of revenging tbem-
i A tiencr o-
ie!-ni.F ami a
lolt Teaieitt.
I latiering
III II e !l f.i M; H ofla-t Week w e
took o c.'-inii to shv, that we teei
eoiiipliiuen'eil rather than anjrerwt
Iliat certain itiit liii"iulieets should
abuse in., lor it was evidence to decent
people that we hail nothing in eom-
w on sin n un
dents which we trust
'we will be pardoned for mentioning t
These attacks furnish our friends with
an iV-iim for reolv i&lih'li iiivMi'isititv
, , , .
overwhelms our traduier, hence we
. . , . ,
repeat : Nftt to the debt of grati-
tude due his friends the editor of the
MissrsoF-it is indchtel to the persist
ent ahum- of certain mac hine editor
in this State for ttm proud reputation
he lias attained as an earnest, faithful
and courageous deteuder of the peo-
pie's rights.
The following letter pnhlUhc t in
the Memphis Avalanche of the 23 rd
Hist., is .IhiHtrattve of the ihiiiiI
made, aud explains itself:
To the P.ditor of the Avalanche:
Okoi.ona, Mis., Nev. l'.i. I'ader
th headinj ef "Tii-Stato Notes'' in
your isu of .Sunday last, wo fiud the
following :
Tteferi-ing to a statement in the
Chickaiaw Messenger, the llraudoii
Hpubliean says: "The fellow win)
wrote the above is the mot Narrow
minded man in the State. The au
thor of the alsovc i one of the Mean
est a.en iu the Democratic party t
day. His caliber i remarkably small
sinjl shot Ne. '1- and geaerallr
maps. He is a man with one idea,
and that idea is inl'amoasly infernal.'
Iu Mississippi, where the editor of
the MfssKMii R is well known, such
currilous charges excite only pity or
1 tempt for the author, but the Ava
lanche's circulation is not confined to
this State, and w e fri l sure that the
spirit of fairness and justice which
should actuate a great daily, such a-i
conis, will prompt you to give place
; to the following statement :
; The Hou. Prank lliukiit, editor of
; f. Clin ks vw Mo .-i.Mii 1;, was born
j and reared in your Slate. When a
,i,v in ,is teens he enli-ted in a Terr1
ncssee regiment, and served the Con
federacy faithfully from June Is. Hf.1.
to May lo. Iv"., din ing w hich time
lie was engaged in acthe service,
which ii attc-te.l by rcrrul battle
scars on bis person. hortly after the
war he removed - to Mississippi, and
has heon a citien of ('l.i.a-aw coun
ty fir more than tw'enty-two years,
for eighteen of w hie h bo has been ed
itor and proprietor of the Cm. kaam
Mi--s:ni.kh. and through all thesi.
years that paper has inaintained an
influence as a bold, fearless advocate
of the people's rights, and lias a pat
! miiage second perhaps to no weekly
published in the State. In ls7'.l Cap!
Iturkitt w as elected Grand Master l
1 Masons of this State, when but oil
I ) ear of age. and was the youngest
; man w ho ever attained that honor iu
i this jurisdiction. He is to-day one oi"
the most honored ami influential mem
bers i.f our Grand Lodge. Many
j year- ago be w as an officer of the State
(i range, and is now one of the officers
of our State Alliance, and we believe
u de legate to the National Allianc e.
' 'I II til IU IUM,I 111 Ills I , I IS. lif II. il .1
candidate for any otlice, he received
l.'.llS of the Po:S vines ctisf for ( iovern-
or of the State.
We don't know
from the extract
j f''",m yr 1t to what state-
! ment ol the Mrs.. xon; the I'.rai.doii
j;,.,,,,,,,;,.,,, lvlVl.s, ,. aiv W(.(.oi,cen:-
! ,.J about that matter. We simply v isl.
: to say to strangers who rend the a!l-
wool-ami-) ard-w ide A alanche. that
j in this section ot the Stnt, ivcn the
(enemies of ('apt. Iliirkilt concede that
he is an original thinker. honct 111 his
convictions, earnest, iu his advocacx
of anv cnue be csiiouses. und tolerant
ins personal and pop ileal mtesritv,
know him to lie iin apal'le of.i th nigiil.
word or deed that can be iu-tly cluir
acteried as unmanly, 1101. h '. -in-famou-lv
J. M. T;:n k.
J. W. WlM'S it.
Representatives-elect l'ort iiiikaavv

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