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118 u II
This popular remedy never ialli to
eifectually cure
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick
Headache, Biliousness
And ALL DISEASES orlsinz from
Torpid Liver and Bad Digestion
The natural result Is good appetite
and solid flesh. Dose small; elegant
ly sugxr coated and easy to swallow.
lake No Substitute.
I si. UUII1, MO
Special!, Pwpered Home Remedies will ba surnished
who cannot iit our SANATORIUM FOR TREATMENT,
Literature and testimonials sent under plain cover. Address
In confidence Chaa. B. Jarrws or James Sanatorium, 139
Poplar bt ,Memprna,Tonn., Crras. C.James or Jamsa Bant-
torium, 221 Missouri Trust Blg., St. Louis, Mo,
An exchange ejteH this terrible
example, and wares the girls to
Dnt dp with a few things rather
than to jerk back: We recently
read a terrible etory of a young la
dv who thooehtleasly jerked her
bead back suddenly to keep from
being kissed, and broke her neck.
This should be a terrible warning
to girls not to jerk back. In fact,
it would be better to lean forward
just a little.
More than halt of mankind over six
tv Tears of age suffer from kidney and
bladder disorders, usually enlargement
of prostrate glands. This is both pain
ful and dangerous, and Foley's Kidney
cure should be taken air the first sign
of danirer. as it corrects irregularities
and has cured many old men of this
disease. Mr. Rodney Burnett, Rock
port, Mo., writes: "I suffered with en!
larged prostate gland and kidney
trouble for years and after taking two
bottles of Foley's Kidpey cure I feel
better than I have for twenty years,
although I am now 91 years old." For
sale by S Clair WylieDrug co., Tupe
lo; Bearden & King, Okolona.
Justice Brewer says so many impor
tant things that he, too, would have
made Milwaukee famous if he had
lived there.
After thirty-one years' absence a
Chicago rnau has returned to his wife
with 05,000. He was received with a
thousand welcomes.
Stella They are always trying to in
vent a bottle that cannot be refilled.
Bella They ought to invent a ring
that cannot be reglven.
The troubles of the wrecked Mil wau -kee
Avenue Bank in Chicago are just
beginning. Two candidates for the
receivership are lighting tor the job of
handling the salvage.
he Dear, soouldn't you manage a
house-boat lor.us this summer? He
Mon't see bw, my love, sinless by
means of a household sale.
Of course you .bane often remarked
that while you ace compelled to work
eighteen hours a day, others slouch
and Joaf and seem to get along all
English Lady (putting ber head ut
of railway carriage door at Irish sta
tion) Does it rain, portert Sure to,
lady; it just rains watbtr here like iv
ry where else.
"What has your ooy.'been studying?'
"Botany." ' What isbotanyr' "Bot
any is what teaches a man the names
of a whole lot of things he hasn't sense
enough to raise.'
Best and Ciiegpest.
Pa-nol Liver Regulator keeps the
Liver, Stomach and Bowles working
just right. That means to ba well and
to keep well. And it mases your
money go the farthest. - Tib box.
16 cents. Money back if you want
We Eke best to call
a food because it stands so
phiticaUy for perfect nutrition.
And yet in the matter of restor
ing appetite, of giving new
fr strength to the.tissues, especially
c to the nerves, its action is' that
of a medicine. ' ;
Send for free sample.
SCOTT BOWSE, Cfaenlsta,
409-415 I'earl Street, New York.
. 50c. ndi.oo; all druggists.
Yoo don't have to file any affidavits
with the statement that the world's
production of raw silk annually is of
greater value than the cotton crop to
ja!re a married man believe it.
R ibberies and assaults upon women
hi ve become so frequent In Washing
ton that the chief of detectives sug
gests that women nee their hatpins in
defence. We would suggest that
Washington ' get more policemen or
better ones. .
To Stop Chills In One Day.
Take Royallne Chill Cure Money
back if it fails. Good to take. Great
Tonic. 60 cents.
M. T. Lynch, editor of the Phillips
burg, N. J., Daily Post, writes: "I
have used many kinds of medicines for
coughs and colds in my family bnt nev
er anything so good as Foley's Honey
and Tar, I cannot say too much in
praise of it." St. Clair Wylie Drug co.,
Tupelo; Bearden & King, Okolona.
'Heads you lose, tails we win,"
seems to be the show some of the Chi
cago banks give their depositors now
adays. The Philadelphia Ledger doesn't
think the "Star 8pangled Banner' is a
good national hymn. Perhaps Phila
delphia would prefer "Sleep, Baby,
Hero Russell Sage eaid, "I have
done the best I conld by the light of
day." Leander-rWell, it's a mighty
good thing for the rest of ns that the
old man wasn't fond of night work.
Jlggs Why did Jelkinson give np
hw club when he got married? Biggs
Well, he said bis wife could always
find him there whan he went out
nights. . . '
If you have kidney and bladder trou
ble and do not ' use Foley's Kidney
cure, you will have only yourself to
blame for results, as It positively cures
all forms of kidney and bladder dis
eases. For sale by St. Clair Wylie
Drug oo Tupelo; Bearden & King,
Statistics just issued show that Miss
issippi's poultry products for 1906 were
worth 137,609,706. This the Summit
Sentinel regards as a good pointer for
Mississippi farmers.
Forty-fiye vessels, carrying 1,179
guns will be reviewed by President
Roosevelt September 3. Mr. Cannon
will not be there, however. ,
The Macedonian ' bandit who cap
tured and held Miss Helen Stone for
ransom five years ago is attempting to
atch Prince Ferdinand He had bet
ter stlok to Americans, however, if he
really needs the money. Princes are
held pretty cheap in southeastern Eu
rope just now.
In Chicago tbey are arresting Ice
men tor giving short weights, and a
contemporary advises the consumers
to get apothecary scales and see that
they are not cheated. .
. It a man would put only his own
property in his wife's name, it would
not be so bad; hot as a rule the most
of It belongs to other people.
Dowie will be able to Impress many
of bis followers with the idea that be
is the goods unless seme rude court
should attaoh his mother hnbbard.
"For ten rears I was confined to my
bed with disease of my kidneys,"
wtites R. A. Gray, J. P. of Oakville,
Ind. .-'It was so severe that I could
not move part of the time. I consult
ed t very best medical skill availa
ble, bnt conid get no relief until Fol
ey's Kidney care was recommended to
me. It ha been a Godsend to me."
For sale by St. Clair Wylie Drngco.,
Tupelo; Bearden & King, Okolona.
Rich kaolin deposits having been
discovered in the northeastern part of
TiBhominsro county, a town is to be
established at the spot where this kao
lin is found to exist most plentifully.
The town is to be named Tishomingo
City, and is expected to bloom and
blossom like the rose, water power
in the vicinity is to be developed for
the furnishing of electricity for street
railways and industrial plants that are
to be established in the vicinity.
These kaolin deposits are of the great
est value, and are bound to attract
large manufacturing enterprises, espe
cially in view of the convenience and
economy of the water supply.
The man with a Waterbnry watch
and the itch may be busy all right, but
he isn't in it with us on selling Buggies
Adams & weubert,
Has Stood the Test lor 25 Years. J
The old, original Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tenic. You know what you are taking.
It is iron and quinine in a tasteless form.
No cure, no pay. 60c.
The man who takes his whisky
straight, straight through the livelong
day, will scarcely take his homeward
gait that way.
Perhaps the drastic investigation of
the sausage factories will shed light on
the mystery long bothering Chicago
women as to what became of their pet
"Young man, I heard you kissing my
daughter in the hall last night." "Yep,
sir; but it was from a purely scientific
standpoint." What do yon mean?"
"I was merely trying to collect a few
microbes for the medical faculty of
my college."
Victims of hay fever will experience
great benefit by taking Foley's Honey
and Tar, as it stops difficult breathing
immediately and betls the inflamed
air passages, and even if it should fail
to cure you it will give instant relief.1'
The genuine is in a yellow package.
For sale ,by St. Clair Wylie Drngco,
Tupelo; Bearden &King, Okolona.
.Mrs. Madison How do you like your
new neighbors? Mrs. Dyer I don't
know, I haven't tried to borrow any
thing yet.
Joseph bad succeeded in cornering
all the wheat, "We will call it," he
said, "merely a little game of Pha
raoh' Which was considered fairly
clever, even in the days of old Rame
ses. "As near as I kin make de differ
ence out,'' eaid Uncle Eben, "it's die
way: De speculations what wins is in
westmento, and dem what loses is
- Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup is sold
under a positive guarantee to cure
constipation, lick headache, stomach
trouble, or any form of indigestion.
If it fails, the manufacturers refund
your mqney. What more can any one
do. For sale by S Clair Wylie Drug
co., Tupelo; Bean. -n & King, Okolona
"Are the dying willing to diet'
asks a Denver paper. Can't say as to
that, but the dead are not always will
ing to stay dead. There is William
Jennings Bryan, fov example.
Policeman (to wayfarer embracing a
lamp-post) Do you know where you
live, anyway? Wayfarer Let me
alone; only four more lamp-posts and
then I am at home.
Gladys Don't you thinkr that kiss
ing is overdone here in Washington?
Birdie O, possibly ; but I prefer mine
overdone to too rare. ,
Southwest Offers Best Opportun
ities For Secnrlnff;ilomesij
, -mi
Many farmers In the Northern and
Eastern states are selling their high
priced lands and locating in the South
west. Many who have been unable to
own their homes in the older country
are buying land in the new country.
Unusual opportunities exist along
the lines of the Missouri Pacine-iron
Mountain Route. The rich, alluvial,
delta lands and river bottom lands of
Southeast Missouri, Eastern Arkansas,
Louisiana and Texas, capable of pro
ducing 60 bushels of corn, a bale of
cotton, 4 to 6 tons of alfalfa, 160 bu
shels of potatoes, and other grains,
vegetables and , bay crops, can be
bought for 7.60 to $16.00 per acre.
When cleared and slightly improved
will rent for 4 00 tfi.OO per aore cash.
Uplands more rolling, lighter soil,
adapted to fruit growing peache,
pears, plums, grapes berries also
melons, tomatoes and other vegeta
bles, can be bought for 5.00 to ftlO.OO
per acre in unimproved state. Many
places with small clearings and eome
improvements can be bought very
cheap. This Is a fine stock country.
NO long winter feeding. Free range,
pure water, mild climate. A healthy,
growing country, with a great future.
Write for map and descriptive lit
erature on Missouri, Arkansas, Louis
iana, Texas, Kansas or Indian Terri
tory.' Very cheap rates on first and
third Tuesdays of each month. -
H. D. Wilson, A. G. P. A..
Memphis, Tenn.
11. C. ToWNSEND, G. P. & T. A.
St. Louis, Mo.
In all the latest patterns and weaves suitable for any room in
the house. You can't help buying a set after seeing them.
Some New Designs in Hat Racks.
We have a few Refrigerators and Hammocks left at a bargain
$if f IIHS.
A sigh of supreme satisfaction steals
o'er one after drinking one of our delightful Sodas.
vwiurwri' Made from the pure fruit and drawn
rom ou rarctic f ( 1 1 tain.
And Oh, so cold !
To Cure a Cold, in One Day.
Take Laxative Broino Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails to
cure.' E. W. Grove's siguatureis on each,
box. 25c ", ;
Champ dark wants to improve the
Mississippi river,, but Champ's river
Improvements are like bis nomina
tions of good Southern men for the
presidency confined strictly to vocal
exercises. ;
"Newport needs an ambulance,"
eays the New York Herald in an arti
cle on that renowned resort for fash
ionable degenerates. But what New
port.naeds worse than an ambulance
is a densely populated cemetery.
" While an American is busy making
money for his wife," says Alfred
Harmawortb, "an Englishman is busy
making love to bis " This is one ad
vantage of the English policy of mar
rying American heiresses and not hav
ing to work any more.
Tbe Illinois Central maintains Double
Daily Service, and operates tbe best of
trains, with Dining Cars, Buffet-Library
Cars, Chair Cars and Sleeping Cars, from
Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Louis
ville south to New Orleans. The best road
for reaching the Winter Tourist resorts, of
tbe South, including
tkw rlcaiw, Wchsbiirfi,
Gulf port, Ms, teraosd, la
Mardi Gras at New Orleans Feb. 27. '06.
Gulfport is a Mexican Oulf Coast resorj
having the new, line "Great Southern" Ho
tel. Regular ocean steamship sailings from
New Orleans for Mexico, Central America,
Panama, West Indies and Europe. Send
or call for descriptive matter in regard to
the above. "
tmm via tim Orleans.; . '
Havana, Cuba, is best reached via tbe
Illinois Central through service to New Or
leans and tbe new ocean liner, twin-screw;
leaving New Orleans every Wednesday at
4;00 p. m, and arriving at Havana at sun
rise Friday morning.
tbot Springs, Brit, jfloriia -
Daily Sleeping Car without change
Chicago to Hot Springs, with connections
at Memphis from Cincinnati and Louis
ville. . . ' y
Through "Dixie Fiver" Sleeping Car
Line St. Louis to Jacksonville via Nash
ville. Chattanooga and Atlanta.
3clco, California
Special Tours of Mexico and California
via the Illinois Central and New Orleans
under the auspices of Raymond & Wbit
comb, will leave Chicago Fridays, February
2nd and 23rd, for Mexico and California,
the last to include a stop-over at New Or
leans for the Mardi Gras. Entire trips
made in special private vestibule trains of
finest Pullmans, with dining car srrvioe.
Fascinating trips, complete In every detail.
Illinois Central Weekly Excursions to
California Excursion cars through to
Los Angeles and San Francisco as follows:
Via New Orleans and the Soutnern Route
every Friday from Chicago: every Tuesday
from Cincinnati and Louisville via Omaha
and the Scenic Route; every Wednesday
from Chicago,
Full particulars concerning all of tbe
above can be bad of agents of the Illinois
Central and 00 necting Tines or by address
ing tbe either of the undersigned.
JOS. BIGGS, D, P A., Cincinnati.
F. W. HARLOW, D. P. A., Louisville .
Jno. A. Scott, A. G. P A. .Hemp' is.
A. H. Hanson, P. T. M.. Chicago.
S. G. Hatch, G. P. A., Chicago.
Laxativo Fruit Syrup
Pleasant to take
The new laxative. Does
. not gripe, or nausea t e .
Cures stomach and liver
troubles and chronic con
stipation by restoring the
natural action of the stom
ach, liver and bowels.
Refus substitute. trlo COo
, K St. Clair-Wylie Drug
For Sale by Tupelo, and
, Bearden & King, Okolona,
The Pioneer Druggists of Okolona
BELL, Registered Fharmacint
W. J.
I Queen and Crescent Route.
ft Is now in position to quote Summer Tourist Rates to all
and special cheap rates to other points in the North and East. Make no 1
mistake, but call on the Queen & Crescent ticket agent or the undersigned hi'
for rates, schedules and-other information before arranging for your trip. p
- p:
George H. Smith, G. P. A. R. J. Anderson,A.G.P.A. L W. Wood, T.A.P. g$
New Orleans, La. New Orleans Meridian, Miss. f
t V.
Freeh Meats, ..
Bacon v
Sausage, Lard,
Ready Cooked Meats.
All handled by expert butchers.
West Main Street,
Livery Stable
, e
Largest, Best Equipped stable in
the county. Always try to please
the public, and i prices right.
Swell line of up-to-date Buggies
cn display and for sale.
Okolona, Mississippi,
S 7 -11 1-1. 1 ! 1
vvc arc upen an ngnt anu n you nave
morning or
thing. Let
tSa' x$ .li3 OA j
to make that early
atnight tram a sustaining lunch is just the
us serve you. Just west of the depot.
Always the mark of good printing.
a guarante
Abo Stoinberger & Sons.

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