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Local NewSo
Rooms to Rent. J. M. Haley.
Miss Modena Clark spent the
holidays in Prairie.
Best quality Cement.
Hawkins & Hodges.
Mr. Robt. Quinn spent the
holidays in West Point.
Wanted Corn.
Adams & Neubert
Mr. George H. Babbitt spent
Christmas in Ackerman.
Mr. M. C. Plunk spent' last
. week in Jackson, Tenn.
4. Wanted Corn.
Adams & Neubert.
Miss Mary Spradley is sending
the holidays with homefolks.
Miss Odell Ivy. of Verona, is
visiting relatives in this city.
Mr. Earl Graur has accepted a
position with the M. & 0. R. R.
Misses Leila May and Loraine
Shell are at home for the holi
day. Taken up, one black Jersey
heifer, about December 10th.
Mrs. M. ' C, Plunk visited
relatives and friends in Verona
last week.
Mrs. Paul Simonetti,, of
Corinth, was the guest of rela
tives here last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. Conner, of
Tupelo, spent the week-end
with relatives in this city.
Rev. D. M. Gean and little
daughter, Bessie Dale, are visit
ing his father in Fayette Springs.
Mr. Alex P. Odom, of Houstoi;,
oassea thruuga Okolona Wednes
day en route to Florence, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Droke, ot
Jackson, Miss., spent the holi
days with relatives in this city.
Mr. J. 0. Chambers left yester
day for West Point after spend
ing several days with homefolks
For Rent-The Mrs. W. G.
Stovall home and also some
furniture. Apply to G. W. La
Grone. '
Mr. and Mrs. C. Engel were
called to Corinth a week ago last
Friday because of the death of
Mrs. Joe Engels.
Mrs. Joe Herndon and little
daughter, Mary Virginia, of
Meridian, are visiting relatives
and friends here.
Mr. E. H. Gregory returned to
Memphis Monday 'afterno'on,
after several days visit to home
folks at Tanglewood.
Misses Leila May and Loraine
Shell spent part of the holidays
in ' Houston the guests, of Mr.
and Mrs. A. P. Odom.
For Rent-Ezell residence on
Adams Street. Newly papered
and repaired. Apply to T. J.
Keeney or W. P. Knox.
Fob Sale One new 5-room
house. Monthly payments, little
more than rent.
J. M. Haley,
Over 1st National Bank
Misses Edna Owen and Mary
Secile McCaskil are spending
this week in Meridian, the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Brock.
Mr. Alfred B. Taylor, of
Washington, D. C, was a guest
in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Shell during the holidays
Mrs. A. P. Odom and daughter
Mary Evelyn, of Houston, are
. spending the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. D. H. Shell and family.
Singer Sewing Machines sold
by the week or monthor on full
poyment or discount for cash by
B. L. Pritchafd, Okolona, Miss.
Mr. and Mrs. Will E. Ward,
of Starkville, 6pent the holidays
here the guests of Mrs. Ward's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
, Henson.
For Sale or Exchange for
Mules One pair bay work
mares: medium weight, 15 hands
A. T. Stovall.
Mr. W. B. Abernethy was
called here Wednesday, from
Joplin, Mo., on account of the
death of his brother, Mr. John
Miss Bertha Jolly and Mr. W.
A. Gregory were married at the
Baptist Parsonage on Tuesday
at 7:00 P M., Rev. .A. L.
O'Briant officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Taylor,
of Northern Indiana arrived in
the city a few days ago and will
spend the winter with their son,
Mr. A. H. Taylor, and family.
Mrs. W. T. Harris, of Green
ville, S.' C, and Mrs. B. A.
Wood, of Mobile, Ala., are
visiting their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. McCarley during the
Married, at Tanglewood, Sun
day, December 26, Miss Hor-
tense Gregory, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. w. n. uregory, t,o ur.
Tilmon H. Smith, a prominent
physician of Banner.
Married-On Dec. 24, 1915,
Mr. Leonard Gray Marler and
Miss Elsie A. Langford. H. B.
Lacey, J. P., officiating. ,
On December 26, 1915, Mr. U.
S. Smith and Miss Kate Clark.
H. B. Lacey, J. P., officiating.
Clover Bloom cheese, co$
sliced ham and roast pork, X
Ray Bogolona also Weiner
Wurst. We are now wrapping
our bread in sanitary paper
Vienna Bakery.
Mr. Lee Borden was down
from Tupelo yesterday shaking
hands with friends and, inciden
tally, advertising his cast iron
welding outfit. Lee says he can
weld any kind of casting togeth-
er. See ni& aa in tins issue.
Mrs. 0. H. Rawls was called
to Meridian on Dec. 10, because
of the illness of her father, Mr.
J. H. Roberts, who passed away
at his home in th'at city on the
12. Mr. "Roberts was a well
known citizen of that city hav
ing conducted a livery business
there the past 22 years.
Mr. John Abernethy died at
his home a few miles southwest
of town Monday after a short
illness with pneumonia. Only a
few days before his 1 death he
was in town mixing with friends
and seemed in the best of health.
John was a good citizen and was
making a. success on his farm.
His remains were laid to rest in
the local cemetary this morning.
.res Old Sores, Other iw.... Won't Cut
ie worst cases, no mattet of how long standi:
e cured by the wotn'-rt'il, old reliable 1
rter's Antiseptic I i li Oil. It re'.iev
in and Heals at thr Z5c. Wc. '
To our customers and friends:
: We extend to you the greet
ings of ythe season, and wish you
a prosperous new year. We ex
tend our thanks for past favors
and trust our service has merit
ed your, future good will and
patronage, we are
- yours sincerely,
Adams & Neubert.
If you want to make your
wife, daughter or mother a
Christmas present, buy a finger
Machine, one that, will last a
life time, from.B. L. Pritchard,
Okolona, Miss.
Varying Color of the Eye.
-yes, as we know, are apt to vary
? ;us:derably in shades ot color in the
time individual from time to time a
.'act that explains why Wordsworth's
,'amiiiar description of Coleridge a3 a
aotlceable man with large gray eyes
loes not quite agree with Carlyle'a
Impression that his eyes were of a
light hazel, nor. this again with tht
writer who found them "light gray,
prominent and of liquid brilliancy, as
though the orb itself retreated to th
Innermost, races es of tb brain."
The Quinine That Doss Not Affect The Held
Breauxe of U tonic nJ laxative effect, LAXA
TIVE BROMO QUININE better than rdinanr
Quinine and doea no cause nerrooatieas nor
rineinc in bead. Remember the Ml name ami
ook for the gignatare of B. w. GROVE. c
" Wisdom. '
The most manifest sign of wisdom
Is continual cheerfulness; such a state
and condition, like things in, the re
gions above the moon. Is always cleu:
and serene. Montaigne.
Traveler In Other L and Muit Be Pre- 1
pared With Opnn Mind to Ab
sorb Impressions. ;.
In the Woman's Home Compan- ;
Ion Laura Spencer Portor continues
her series of interpretations of vari
ous countries. ( owerning a nation's
perconality, Miss Portor says in part :
( "He who would travel in other
lands must leave his own behind. He '
who would judge'of a country and a
people must leave his own fireside
opinions, turn the key on his own
prejudices, cross whatever seas of dif
ficulty "may lie between his and an
other's land, and with eager step,
whetlier upon roads good or difficult,
whether upon hidden by-paths or
highways known to all, he must
travel into the very heart of the
stranger country. Thus he may come
any day upon that country's great
cities in the dawn, or chance upon
her noble events spread solemn be- '
rjeath the stars ; so shall he come to
know and love her simple village life
and' humble pleasures, her fertile
plains or rugged mountains, her at- ;
tainments and her difficulties. So,
living among this people and sharing j
the intimate life of their homes, they
shall come to have for him a particu
lar meaning, shall stand to him for
certain things not elsewhere to be
found in this exact kind of measure.
So sball an entire nation reveal to
him a distinct personality, even as an
individual with whom-we have lived
intimately and understandingly be
comes to us dear through the unfold
ing of that indivMuality.and those
characteristics so wholly his own, the
like of which we shall notvlook upon
elsewhere or asain."
Lines That Have Been Highly Praised
Declared to Have Been Produced -In
Time of Peace.
Tlobcrt Service, the Canadian
writer, who is at present engaged in
liol Cro.-s work in France, has cent
to the Paris correspondent ofvan
English paper what he describes as
"the best war poem I have seen."
The verses, which. AJ. Service say,
were found by a French priest on the
body of an English soldier killed at
the Mame, run as follows f v
They say that war ia heh, the great
accurst :
The sin impossible to "be forgiven;
Yet I can look upon it at its worst,'
And still see blue in heaven.
For when I note how nobly natures
Under the war's red rain, I deem it
That he who made the earthquake
and the storm
Perchance made battles, too.
As a matter of fact, the lines were
written in a time of profound peace
like most good war poems, and by a
man who was an ecclesiastic, not a
soldier. Their author was "Doctor
Alexander, the late lord primate of
Ireland, and they were first pub
lished in the Times some seven or
eight years ago. Manchester Guar
Green There goes a woman whom
I once considered the light of my
life. .
Brown Why, didn't you marry
Green A chap with more money
than I .could show came along, and
the light went out.
"Did you see how red those four
young women got when you detected
them trying to get in on a bogus:
''Yes ; it was a regular cae of four
"Is that orator speaking for peace
at any price?" . ,
"Oh, no; he's fixed substantial
minimum rates."
"Why do you suppose .Tinks is so
continually looking at his watch?'
"I have a suspicion. There' may
be a woman in the case."
"Is your father's illness serious?"
"I think not. He's been in bed for
. three days now and so far the doctor
hasn t suggested an operation.
1 N
"Men are alike in all times. I dare
say when Adam first met Eve be
thought she was good enough to eat
"Well, wasn't she a spare ril?" -
Writer Points Out the Danger of Eat
, Ing Pork That la Underdone In
the Slightest Degree.
.Trichina? are minute parasitic
worms which occur in rats, dogs,
cats, hogs, and cause a serious and
sometimes fatal disease, trichinosis,
in man. Rats found around slaugh
ter houses are frequently infested,
and dogs or hogs contract the para
sites from eating the rats. The au
thor found a cat affected that was
kept at a slaughter house to catch
the mice. (
The practical aspect of this ques
tion is the presence of these para
sites in pork and the danger to man.
It is estimated' by some authorities
that about 1 per cent of all hogs in
this country harbor trichina?.
Man becomes infested by eating
pork which has not been thoroughly
cooked or cured.' The mortality in
man ranges from 10 to 40 per cent.
These parasites are very minute, and
practical meat inspection does not
guarantee that the meat is free from
them. Since the parasites are read
ily killed by heat, safety lies solely
in eating no pork that has not been
thoroughly cooked. H. S. Eakins,
Colorado Agricultural college, Fort
Collins, Colo.
He Married ?
She Oh, yes.
He And happy, I hope?
She Perfectly. Haven't seen him
in five years.
"Dubwaite is greatly distressed
about his little son."
"What's happened to the boy?"
"Nothing lately. You see, he was
born with a dimple in his chin that
gets more pronounced every day; m
addition to that, he is an uncom
monly handsome little chap."
"I don't see whv Dubwaite should
worry about that."
"He's afraid the boy will grow up
end e a moving picture idol with
his photograph in every girl's bed
She Do you believe that women
are, more" cool than men in danger
ous situations?
He Sure thing. I have seen it
demonstrated more than once.
She Indeed I Under what cir
cumstances ?
He When they were getting mar
"What did you find in that sup
posed Indian mound?"
- "Some rare specimens of pottery.1
"Any inscriptions? The inscrip
tion often fixes the date.
"One bore the inscription Made
in Kalamazoo.'" Louisville Con
"Here's a spectacular writer says
the flames ran along at a fast rate.
What kind of a path did thev pur
"I guess it wa? 8 cinder path."
"Why did Jaggs marry a snake
charmer?" v
'Tie thought then he could per
suade himself all he saw were real
"But all this preparedness will
bring on war.
"Will it? Does it ever rain when
y u go out with an umbrella ?"
Beggie Callow Y was born on the
rerv day Grant died.
- Miss Keen Yes? Misfortunes
..LtOl' COUiC 6. j
The complete assortment and high quality of our goods
enable careful drug buyers to get just what they want
at our store, We stock all worthy preparations as soon
as they are on the market and you can usually save time
by coming to us first for "new things" which you hear
of or see advertised.
Very often it is not convenient for customers to come
to our store in person. We urge customers, therefore,
to take advantage of our "Free Delivery Service."
Small orders sent as cheerfully as large ones. Ask us
to deliver drugs, toilet goods, etc. Ask us to call for
your prescriptions and to deliver the compounded
medicines. Our aim is to give you
Come and Have Your Work
On Main Street
You Can Get the Cheapest
in the County. All Work
We have just installed a Corn Crusher to crush corn on
the ear. 'Bring ybur corn
Select your corn and bring
can have the best meal for your table. '
We want your business, so give us a trial.
This is the place
Work for the
- - ,,, , i ..... m
Okolona liarage Company
Rlose Kleaning- Ko.
Cleaning, Dying, Pressing and Tailoring
Hat Cleaning and Tailor Made
Clothes a Specialty
Offi" over Fi.l National Bank,
& Jones
Cash Prices and Best Work
Guaranteed. Horseshoeing
a Specialty. -
and see what fine feed it
it to us to grind, so you
to get First Class
Least Money.
May the Liberal Hand
Be Extended to You
Throughout the Coming
That You May Grasp It
and Prosper '
Is the Wish of
Okolona. Mississippi. Telephone 35

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