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Huoc&I 'New
Best quality Cement. ,
. Hawkins & Hodges.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Fish are
in the city.
Mr. J. D. Green spent part of
last week in Tupelo., .-.
See us for Typewriter Ribbons.
All kinds. - Bell & Buchanan.
Mr.Xhas. Simms spent Satur
day in Calhoun City.
For Rent 4 rooms $10, 6
rooms $15. . Mrs. C. D. Kay.
-Mr. Lee Borden, of Tupelo,
was in the city Sunday.
Pictures framed and umbrellas
recovered. Droke Jewelry Co.
. Leona and Tilden Dendy ai e
visiting relatives near Varda
man. Mrs. U. J. West and Mr
Harrv Adams are visiting m
We handle everything in
Typewriter supplies.
;' - B & Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Simms, of
Pittsboro, were visitors here
Sunday. -
Ear corn for sale. Apply to
' T. M. Dean,
1 Okolona, Miss.
Mrs. G. W. Foster and Mrs.
Wallace and twins are visiting
Mrs. Dodson.
For Sale -Corn ia ear and
Oats in bundles. ' -
Most all the girls and boys are
home from college to spend their
f Need a new Typewriter Rib
bon? Any kind. Call us
Bell & Buchanan.
Mrs. T. J. Chambers spent a
short while with relatives in
Vardaman Sunday.
, We, pay. Highest Prices for
Hogs and Cattle.
- J. B. Eudaly.
Mpasrs 0. R. Rinrr and T. J
Lvles are in a hospital in
phis for treatment.
FOR Sale - Jersey Cow, gives
gallons per day.
Mrs. C. D. Kay. "
Mrs. 0. .By Conner, of Tupelo,
. . , . pi' 1j AT
IS tne guest oi ner iiurenus, mi.,
and Mrs. T. J. Woodfin.
I will appreciate your votes
in the Automobile Contest at
Liuon's, " Billie Tyson.
1 Mrs. T. J. Woodfin spent last
week in Tupelo the guest of her
daughter. Mrs. Ollie D. Conner,
Big Red Peanuts forlale, $L25
per bushel. J. B. Eudaly,
Okolona. Mis?.
Messrs Henry Andrews, S. A.
Deen, Ben Thompson and For
rest Ferguson motored over from
iiouiKa rnaay.
If your Umbrella needs a new
cover bring it to us, we have a
good selection and prices right.
Dr6ke Jewelry Co.
J H It I I f Uimttn At I Atlim-
bus, State Manager of the W.
0, W., was a visitor in our city
Saturday. . ' '
Mr. Bunyan Carter spent a
short while in our city Saturday
ei route to Tupelo where he is
thinkini of locating. "
Typewriter Ribbons, Carbon
Paper and Typewriter Paper
carried in stock.
Bell & Buchanan.
The revival meeting will begin
at the Baptist church Sunday,
T ,, 5 Rorvioa will rift rrm-
V U11C M. fc. . ..... - -
ducted by Rev. T. L. Holcomb,
-of ronioioc.
The Okolona Chapter U, D.
C's will hold their memorial
services at the court house on
Friday afternoon, June 9, at -5:00
o'clock. The W F. Tucker
Chapter fs" cordially invited tq
attend and take part. All mem
bers and friends are requested
to bring four wreathes,
. - , Mrs.;W. Smith, Pres. ;
Miss F. Abbott Secty.
We have Fresh Meat at all
times. Roast and Boiling Beef
12J to. 15 cents per pound 16
ounces to the pound. Call J. B.
EUDALY, Ind.. Phone 521. "
A message from Rev. A. L.
O'Briant, this morning, stated
that Mrs. O'Briant was operated
on yesterday and is doing nicely.
She is in the'Uaptist Memorial
Hospital at Memphis.
We are requested to announce
that there will be a meeting of
the United Charaties on Friday,
June 2, at 4:30, at Carnegie
Library. All members are urged
to attend.
Porto Rico. Nancy Hall and
Early Triumph Potato Plants,
$1.00 per 1000.
L. F. Prather,
Okolona, Miss.
We are requested to announce
that there will be services at
Grace Episcopal church Sunday
night, June 4, conducted by Rev.
J. L. Sykes. ' Every body invit
ed to attend.
. Mrs. J. M. Haley visited her
Ulster, Mrs. P. W. Shell, in
Houston, last week and the
families of Mr. John Matthew?
and Mr. Houston Wood, in
Monroe'county, this week.
Pure Early Triumph Sweet
Potato Plants $1.50 per thousanc
prepaid. Five thousand or mort
$1.25 prepaid. Any quantit
ready. ' W. T. RHODES,
24p Highpomt, miss
Mrs. J. R. Jackson and littl(
3omv, of Pontotoc, after a trim
weeks visit to her parents, 'Mr;
and Mrs. J.' L. "Lyon, left thi.
week to Spend the summer on
the Cumberland mountains at
Jasper, Tenn.
Dr. J. R. Jackson and sister,
Miss Nannie Pearl, of- Pontotoc,
made a short visit at the home ol
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lyon thif
week while en route home frorr
the I. I. ; & C, where Mist
Jackson recently graduated.
. Dr. B. T. Huston, a graduated
veterinarian, has recently decided
to locate here .for the practice ol
his profession. Dr. Houstor
comes to us from Kansas and U
highly recommened. When ir
need' of service in. his line give
him . a call. See his card in this
issue. The Okolona Chapter U. D.
C's. will hold their annual re
ception at the home of Mrs. E.
J. Abbott on Saturday afternoon.
June 3rd. v All members are
urged to come and bring a guest.
Mrs. Walter Smith,.
Miss Frantes Abbott,
Rec. Secty. -
The following pupil3 constitute
the graduating class of Okolone
High School this year:- -.
Bereneice Moss, Sadie Alice
Davis, Mabel LaGrone, Louise
McCool, -Charline LaGrone,
Lucy Sansom, . Dale Hensor,
Charlie Woodfin, Tom Owen
Betts, Frank Adams, Frank Mill
er, Clarence Cunningham, Tom
Pogue, Ligon Hodges, William
Hexter Rubel
The following announcement,
which, appeared in . Saturday's
News Scimitar, is of much in?
terest to Mr. Rubers many
friends: ,
"Mr.- and Mrs: S. . George
Hexter announce the engage
ment and approaching marriage
of their daughter, Miriam Kann
Hexter, to Mr. Emanuel Morris
Rubel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Rubel, of Okolona, Miss., the
marriage . to .take place in
fror Infants' and Children
In Use For Over 30 Yesrs
AhMys beam
Signature of
Last Saturday Mr. J. B. Rob
inson, was haulinga load of logs
near Chickasaw Switch . with an
ox team consisting of three yoke
of oxen, and, in crossing a bridge
a span of it fell in, suspending
the middle yoke of oxen by their
necks. In this position, accord
ing to Mr. Festus Norman's ver
sion of the affair, they remained
Dne hour arid thirty five minutes.
When released they were still
ilive and are most probably help
ing pull a load of logs now.
Teachers for the school here
for the ensuing year are a3 follows:-
W. M. Cox, superinten
dent; English, Miss ElburCreigh
ton; mathematics, Miss Omera
VIcBeath; Latin and Spanish,
Miss Corinne Bluminburg; com
mercial department, W. E. Rob
erts. Grammar School Depart
ment; Primary. Miss Annie Glad
ney; penmanship and vocal mus
ic, Mrs. Therese Cavin; spelling
ind geography, Miss Kate Bo
ienhamer; domestic science and
language, Miss Clyde Bell; agri
;ultural and manual training, S.
. Renfrow; arithmetic, Miss
Frances Jarman; reading teach
;r, to be, supplied. - The past
ear has. been one of the most
luccessful in" the history of the
school, under Superintendent
:ox. -
I..) CuLtlnOvTtist Doas Net Affect The Head
c.-ar-it cf its tonic nno laxative effect, LAXA
;VH HKOMO Ql'ININEis tetter than ordinary
;c!iiti'it- nnd iloe jft cause uervousnes nor
irsing iu head. Remember tie lull nume and
.a lor Die signature uf 15. W, GROVE. 25c.
The annual' reception of the U.
D. Q.'&, celebrating Davis' birth
lay will be given June 3rd, at
Mrs. Ben Abbott's.
Having known our hostess for
some time and now knowing her
uveet daughter, Frankie, quite
in enjoyable time, is anticipated
by all who-expect to participate
by virtue of membership or invi
tation in the occasion.
Just in this connection we will
tate that our Annual Decoration
at Soldier's Cemetery in west of
town will take place the af ter
noon of June 9th.-
We look forward with pleasure
o the promised address of. our
talented young friend, Mr. An
Jrew Wood, who recently distin
guished himself at our debate on
"Preparedness.? '
We will be glad to have a?
many as will take part in these
ixerciSes. "
Mrs. M. B. Dottery.
Her Health Restored by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
, Compound.
, Indianapolis, Indiana. " My health
was so poor and my constitution so run
down that 1 could
not work. I was
thin, pale and weak,
weighed but 109
pounds and was in
bed most of the
time. I began tak
ing Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound and five
months later I
weighed 133 pounds.
I do all the house
work and gashing for eleven and I can
truthfully say Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etafffe Compound has been a godsend
to me for I would have been in my grave
today but for it I would tell all wo
men suffering as I was to try your valu
able remedy."-Mrs. W. Green, 332
S. Addison Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.
There is hardly a neighborhood in this
country, wherein some woman has not
found health by using this good old
fashioned root and herb remedy.
If there is anything about which you
would like special advice, write to the
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
'- y,; ' Notice; ;'.
. By June 1st. the use of Cess Pools
must Be discontinued. Cisterns, wells
and privies well screened, An in
spection will be made regularly after
this date.- , A. F. WICKS,
- ' Sanitary Inspector.
puw III
r 111
Is , . y
Garden Paty
A cleverly planned and beauti
fully carried out entertainment
wa3 the garden party given on
last Thursday afternoon by Mrs.
T. L. Betts aud her sister, Miss
Helen Owen, in honor of Mrs.
Klau.-i of Macon, and Mrs. Hobbs
of Kentucky.
At the gate the guests were
served to refreshing punch and
then introduced to the receiving
Huge iardineres of nastur
tiums and sweet peas added to
the charming effect of the out
door scene, while rustic seats
placed here and " there on the
lawn gave pleasure and comfort
to the guests, who were enter
tained by the following program,
after which an ice course was
served, nasturtiums being used
a favors.
Piano Solo, On the Meadow
Louise Nix
Reading, Rosebuds First Bail
Marguerite Archer
Piano Solo Mrs. Sam King
Vocal Solo, May Time
Miss Hilary Ward
Dance arid Song, Spirit of Youth
' Miss Jaunita Neubert
Reading, from Dorothy Dix
Mrs. W. M. Cox
Song and. Dance, 'An Enchanted
Orchard . Marguerite Archer
Danec, Spirit of Youth .
Miss Sadie Alice Davis
Reading, The LastWord
Miss Birdie Whiteside
Recital Given by Piano and Ex
pression Pupils of Misa Ward
The Recital given by the Pianc
aid Expression pupils of Miss
Hillary Ward, on Monday even
ing, was a brilliant success.
Each number on'the program
showed much thought and stucj
on the part of the pupils, ano'
careful and thorough training b
the teacher. The Scarf Drii
and Costume Dances were beau
tiful and graceful, showing th
good of rythmical work.
From beginning to end each
number ; was thoroughly enjoyet
by an appreciative and most at
tentive audience.
Te following program wa;
Greeting Song
DuetNational Graded Conrs
Book I Mable and May Bacor
Reading Lost .Tommie..
Marguerite Archei
Little Bo-Peep..
'....Mattie Sue Johnsor
Cradle Song 1
Brownie Bear's Birthday Party J
Marie Cook
Declamation Boys Wan ted. .......
: LeRcy Nix
Song I Wanna be the Captain...
Marguerite Archei
Duet Approach of Spring ,
...Thrace Murphree & May Bacoi
Rambling Roses... Marion Sandert
Song-When Papa Calls Get Up. '
: Mable Bacoi
Duet Invitation to the Dance
Weber.. .
......Mary L. & Allynne Brewstei
Song Wont You. Come to M
Tea Party... Ruth, Nix
Happy Farmer f ' , '
Thrace Murphree
Duet Serenade Schubert
Louise Nix and Lois Moss
Readings-Arithmetic & Peaches
...Marguerite Archer
Scarf Drill and Dance.-
Louise Nix, May Bacon, Mar
garet Morgan, Thrace Murph
ree, Judie Ivanhoe Davis, Mar
ion Sanders, Marie Cook, Mat
tie Sue Johnson
Accompanist ..'...Lois Moss
Flying Leaves .....May Bacon
Reverie Carrie Jacobs Bond
: L6 is Mos s
Song and Dance............
r......Marguerite Archer
Crescendo Lasson
Tzigani Dance Carrie J. Bond J
....Louise Nix
.Song Three Bittle. Maids of
. Marion Sanders,' Mattie Sue
Johnson, Marie Cook '
HarktHarkl The Lark-Liszt.
....... ...;...............EIeanor Haley
Goodnight Song , " ' ,
I When
1 ou
CI'TS will bring you for FOUR MONTHS as a
trial subscription, the South's greatest poultry journal.
It has more ood practical articles in one month than
others have in six.f A paper that is worth something
to every farmer and beginner in the poultry business.
It is a paper than every poultry ciub n:ernfcer should
pet. Send direct to the Mississippi Poultnman,
Box 17, Tupelo. Miss.
Serifs Pressing Club
an ! i!..l of li-ivmc ti-- eld om dry
e'e ;m il Ky ' i hert- cmh !rt no
i'. lupvisoi1. - "f-t I r ibe litde
tn i..-) w "t yur old suit
-v i 1 I,.- him it pric u :ii y new. See
i'-t- !.,uin V'iu ci'ii m :!t.-? liv
ii,.t ii ' tin- V xoerlme ti?
l-,'er.vthirr in naivin," and
Ptcs-1 t g Done Just Right and
..rs 'i'n;v.
Change of
the only line :
operating solid viwiig,
through trains Cotton Belt Route morning train to Texu, leaves Memphu .
from Memphu 9)40 m- Traiat from Southcatt connect at Memphia.
to Texas. m Low faret to Texas, Lom$iana,Ohlahoma
W. C. Peeler, District Passenger Agent, 62 North Mala St., Memphu, Tenn. '
Y E S !
We Still Handle
Jrfalcible Flour, $ ,
l-Iar.ke's World's Fair Coffee,
Heinz Pickles,
in fact every Leader in the GROCERY LINE.
Both 'Phones
Vcnnerful Alaskan Doga. i
Tfcp riincJpal meana of transport- i
Con In Alaska la dog eleds. i good
dos Is worth $150 to $200. He hat
wonderful enduranee and can Ut on
Alnslsnn atmosphare.
Drives Out Malaria, Builds Up Syttem
Tie Old Standard f eaeral ilrcoirlHenint tonic.
GROVE S TASTIIL1J33 chill TOXIC, drive out
MilarU.rnrlchcithe blood.andbnildiopthe y
Icbs.' A tne tonic Fot adults and children. 90s.
Explanation Enoufln.
rsnsei" "That last station wa
my destination, fl&h. Why. tah. didn't
you atop ,ther?" Conductor "Wo
don't atop thert any more. Thef
(Ineer , la mad at the a,tUon ageaC
Bacmd Heart Rerlew.
OhTTdron Ory
Do You Think About Quality
or do )on merely cJ! Inr rexain
aniotiiit of ery givri ibipg? , There are
many grades ol drug procurable, and
it ycu rr not n judge, you j.!icu!rl se
lect a family druggist cipen whom you
can relj,' 'II ou buy at our More you
can be jure ot right quality. We han
dle only die pureM goods.' We don't
judge quality by price uhen we buy,
but we if si all diujts arid male sure of
purity and iiffjt poler.cy. Profit a the
expense of a customer's health we do
not consider legitimnte.
We should like to furnish
all of your drugs and drug
store goods, on the basis of
quality goods at fair prices.
ressinsi Club
Quickest train Memphis to Dallas;
Cotton Belt Route all the way: no ;
cars. Leaves Memphis 10:10
i.-c t .J
m. i. . ft
But They Naver Da.
tit tit fault would be found wttat
Hople who tell all they know If thej;
voua Quit when thy hat dona thaj.
Ohiiaren Ory
Way of tho World.
The girl who. deelrea tho wonldal
Barry tho beat man living usually
atanda pot and hooka up with a floa4
Tho Strong Withstand the Heat of
' Summer Better Tnaa the Weak
Old people who art feeble, and younger
people who are weak .will be strengthened
and enabled to Jt through the depress
ing beat of summer by taking regularly
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It pmiaea
and enrichea the bjood and builds up
the whole system. ' 59c.

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