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ON lO & ' 2C V EA U S T. I M E"
Sajf 65 year 013 Kentucky Lady,
After a Few Doses
MtdorTtll8. Ey. Mrs. Cyntila
HlggiiiboUiam, of this town, says: "At
my age, which Is 65, the liver does
not act so well as when youns. A few
years ago, my stomach was all oat of
fix. I was constipated, my liver
didn't act My digestion was bad, and
It took bo little to upset me. My ap
petite was gone. I vm very weak...
I decided I would give Elack
Draught a t'uoroust. trial as I knew It
was highly recommended for this
trouble. v I began taking It I vfe!t
better after a few doses. My appetite
improved and I became stronger. My
bowels acted naturally and the least
titrable was soon rishted with a few
. .."V A
KOTE-Top eur nhowii the long distance traffio
during 12 mouth of wr.
Tower curve ahowa tame traffic during
XI months of poaoc
High Tide In Telephone
ThiV pliaff Rriowa the extraordinary crrowth of -
long distance traffic on the Bell system under war
conditions. The difficulties in keeping pace with
such demands may be appreciated when it is un
derstood that the cost pf material entering into
the manufacture of telephone equipment has prac
tically doubled, in addition to the abnormal in
crease in the price of labor and the shortage of
both labor and material with which to add to our
Upon the declaration of war, the Bell sys
tem pledged its 'entire service unreservedly to the
government. . The demand from that source is.
already great and is increasing hourly; more
over the extraordinary increase in telephone traf
fic due to the unprecedented commercial and in
dustrial activity incident to the war is also making
itself felt. 1 r
The problem before us is a serious one and we
realize the service may probably be slowed down
during the coming months. We want you also
to understand the situation and to know that the
operators are serving you cheerfully and to the
extent of their ability, but under difficulties for
which there is no immediate remedy and which
you cannot realize without visiting the operating
room. . V
We ask that you co-operate with us by observ
ing patience and care in the use of the telephone
and by eliminating useless and frivolous calls.
WHEREAS. Petition for Pardon of
Will Young was considered at the
July meeting by the Mississippi State
Board of pardons and the same was
placed on the Meritorious List, which
brings it up again (or consideration at
the next meeting of the Board, and
, WHEREAS, it is the judgment of
the undersigned that Will Young has
. been punished sufficiently lor his
wrong, "-
NOW, THEREFORE, in consider
ation of the premises ive, the under
signed, respectfully ask you to pardon
Will Young.
(Signed) . J. C. Williams. t AI.
Tltt Culnlna That Does Hot Affect ths Head
Brcaaae of Ha tonic and lmtive erfcet, LAXA
TIVE BROMO QIUN1NK is better than ordinary
Quinine ami doc Dot canse nervousness Dor
rinine; in net d. Remember the full name and
look lor the it-nature oi ii. W. GROVE. 30c
Who Tells How She Wu ReEeTei
of dad-Draught.
doses of Black-Draught"
Seventy years of successful use nai
made Thedford's Black-Draught a
standard, household remedy. Every
member, of every family, at times,
need the help that Black-Draught can
give in cleansing the system and re-
lievlng the troubles that come from
constipation, Indigestion, lazy liver,
etc. You cannot keep well unless your
stomach, liver and bowe'.3 are in good
working1 order. Keep them that way.
Try Black-Draught. It acts promptly,
gently and In a natural way. If you
feel sluggish, take a dose tonight
You will feel fresh tomorrow. Price
23c. a package One cent a dose
All druggists. , J. 6
' ... NOTICE.
Chancery Court of the Second"
District of Chickasaw County, Missis
sippi. 1
In the Matter of the Estate of
Julia. Thompson Deceaseds
I have been granted Letters, of
Administration by said Court tyjon
said estate and am winding it up and
will be glad to have all partes
who owe the ' estate' to
come and settle promptly, and all
those who have property of the estate,
to turn it over to me,
All creditors having claims against
the said estate will probate the same
with the Chancery Clerk of the
Second District. Chickasaw County,
Mississippi, within one year from this
date; otherwise-the claims 'will, be
forever barred.
(Signed) Green Barefoot
School will open here on Mon
day, September 9th. ,
Mr. Brooks Wilbourne, of
Memphis, is in the city.
,?fhe Board of Supervisors are
in session here this week.
Mr. W. R. Droke is in St.
Louis on business this week.
Mr. Floyd Darnell, of Camp
Lee, is visiting his parents here.
Dr. H. H. Kinney maJe a pro
fessional trip to Amory Sunday.
Miss Virginia Howell, of Aber-
deen, is the guest of Mr. W. D.
Mrs. E. I. Keller and daughter,
Nona Bell, are visiting relatives
in Chicago. :
A large crowd from here
motored to Tupelo for the picnic
Mr. Frank Cole, of California,
is the guest of his sister, Mrs. J.
C. Archer."" -
Miss Zoe Sassaman, of, Mobile,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Whiting Ames.
Mrs. G. W. Pigg and children
are visiting relatives and friends
in Tennessee. ,
Miss Mary Lucile LaGrohe has
vara' . , .
gone to Meridian to taite (a
business course.
Mrs. Corrie Revis, of Houston,
was the guest of Mrs. J. C.
Archer. Sunday.
Rev. J. B. Randolph is con
ducting a revival meeting in
Fulton this week. .
Sergt. Elbert Davidson is
spending a few days with his
parents near here.
Miss Mary Jagoe, of Clarks
dale, is the guest of Mr. and
Mrs., A. L. Jagoe. -
Mr. Charlie Engels, of Camp
Pike, is visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. Engels.
Mrs. R. B. McEackin, of Birm
ingham, is visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Dean.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Elias are
the proud parents of a fine boy
who arrived on August 14th.
"Dr. Raine, Y. M. C. A. worker
of- Jackson, preached at the
Baptist church here lastSunday
night. -Mrs.
'Annie Arrington and son,
John David, of York, Ala., are
visiting Mr. arid Mrs. H. W.
v Mr.-W. A. Davis, of Shiloh
community, was in the city Tues
day and paid our office a pleas
ant call. .
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Johnson
and children left Wednesday for
a visit with relatives in Shreve
port, La.
Miss Maria McDowell left last
Thursday for a two weeks visit
with relatives and friends in
Sergt. Major Chas. L. Mc
Gehee, of Camp Pike, spent the
week-end with friends and rela
tives here.
Mr. Sidney Glass, U. S. N.,
of New Orleans, spent 'first of
the week with his mother, Mrs.
Annie Glass.
Mrs. R. E. Buchanan and
children are spending a few
weeks with relatives and friends
in Memphis.
Mr. J. Rubel has receiced a
card stating that his son, Mr.
Jeff Rubel has arrived safely
overseas again.
Thirteen Boy Scouts, Prof. W.
M. Cox and William Pannell
spent first of the week camping
on Tombigbee.
Miss Bessie Young, attorney
at law, of Grenada, visited her
sister, Mrs. R. J. West, here
first of the week.
Prof. W. T. Garrett and wife
have arrived in the city and we
welcome them as citizens. Prof.
Garrett will have charge of the
schools in this city for the next
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wallace
and sons of Monroe, La., are
visiting Mrs. Wallace's sister,1
MiiM Sadie Foster. .
Mrs, J. A. Vescy, who has
been visiting in Shreveport, La.,
Houston, Galveston and El Paso,
Tei3, has returned home.
Messrs. John Stone, Owen
Scott,' Fred Lavender and C. W.
Clements went to Mesidian last
week and enlisted in the navy.
Hon. Jeif Busby, candidate for
Congress, will, speak at the court
house here Friday night August
16th. Ladies are especially in
vited. Mhs Harvie Revis has return-'
ed to her home in Houston after
spending several weeks here the
guest oft Mr. and Mr3. J. C.
Archer. V
Mr. E. D. Elias ha3 returned
from the East, where he
' a ' J I .1 a
Durcnaseu a complete stocic qi
fall and winter goods for the
Chickasaw Dry Goods Co.
Mr, C. H.
Mclnnis was' called
to Meridian first
of the week on
account of the illness. of his
father, Capt. J. D, Mclnnis,
who passed away Wednesday
morning. Funeral services will
be conducted in Meridian this
afternoon. We extend sympathy
to the bereaved.
Mr. J. E. Capps severs his
connection with the Cumberland
Telephone Company today to go
with the International Harvester
Company. Mr. Capps has serv
ed the- Telephone Company for
about 18 years as one of their
managers and has been here foi
about half that time, lie will
continue to live here with head
quarters in Memphis. His place
will be filled by Miss Mary Let
Foster who has been chief opera
tor for several years.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic
restores vitality and energy by purifying and en
riching the blood. You can oon feel ita Strength'
ening. Invigorating Effect. Price 60c
The time hai come to prepare
for planting burr clover. There
was a good bit of it planted last
fall and the men who planted it
are' well pleased, j -
Here is what one of them
thinks ab;.ut it.
For the benefit of the farmers
who may be thinking of trying
Bur Ciover. My experence with
it has been highly satisfactory.
L bought 1J bushels of -the
County Agent. ' ;
t gathered aboiit 50 bushels
from this, this springi
According to directions of
County Agent, I prepared a seed
patch of J acre in my orchard
last fall. I used particular care
to prepare a good seed bed and
so got an excellent stand with
this small amount of seed. I
also used some stable manure
which gave it a good start. It
covered the ground by the time
cold weather set in and was
three feet high by last of March.
I think it will be fine wiater
grazing and so I am now prepar
ing several blocks to graze hogs
and calves on this winter. .
This August 8th 1918.
F. J. Bates,
R. F. p. 1.
Mr. Bates will spare 25 or 30
Lbushels to those who wish to get
into -the game this year at a
dollar a bushel. ,
The usual measure 13 10
pounds to the bushel but he will
give 15.
. It will be noted that this clov
er yields seed at the rate of 150(
bushels to the acre. -
Mr Frank Wilson who lives in
the same community had even
better success as he gathered 30
bushels off of one seventh of an
acre or at the rate of 210 bushels
to the acre. '
Mr. Wilson is going to use this
to sow. down liis big pastures
but he would spare a few
bushels" to any one who wants to
try them.
If you will give me the order
I will have the seed brought to
my office. m ,NiD- Guerry.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
DroMists refund money If PAZO OINTMENT faila
to cure Itehmfc Blind, Pi-iinilorPrornidine F"
Instantly reiirwa Itching File, and you ran evt
restful aleep ailer the first application. Price 6-K-,
.Why -We Fight
. No. 2
Because Germany's Lsw! the Law
of tfce Junl and Her Doctrine
"Might U lliht"
Scwtfi.ry of the Wiir Cominlttea of the
Urilun league 1:1140 or cinuu;;u.
Wis are lit wfir with Germuny be
cause Tniswla dominates Qer- j
many, and from the days of Freder
ick the Great, Prusslu's law nan been
the law of the jungle, her doctrine
"Might is Right" and her policy, In
dealing with other nations, one of rob
bing the weak and terrorizing the
strong. Germany has grabbed terri
tory and exacted tribute from her
neiRhbors, and finally, her greed be
coming greater, bail looked out over
more distant lar U, and has commit
ted herself to a policy of world domi
nation whiri menaces the continued
free exlsteuce of every nation which
will not submit to her. will. '
Germany's policy Is not an acciden
tal one. It has been carried out with
remarkable silngleness of purpose
from generation to generation of
Hohenzollern rule, from the time
of the Great Frederick until to
day. Germany's atrocities are not
accidental. They are a deliber
ate, well thought out part of this
Hohenzollern policy, which was to
break down the resistance of her op
ponents, not only by fighting and de
feating their armies but by killing,
torturing and terrorizing the civil
The German rulers committed them
selves to the doctrine of the survival
of the fittest. Through generations of
teaching they made the German peo
ple believe that they, and they alone,
were the fit
We have the words of the German
rulers and German warriors and Ger
man leaders of thought for all of this.
More than that we have the perform
ance of German officers andv German
armies in conquered lands to prove It
Let's start with Frederick the
Great In presenting the evidence.
This monarch, who enrned his sou
briquet through despoiling his neigh
bors, rather than through any real
qualities of mind which he showed,
said, in a letter to his minister, Had
ziwlll: "If there Is anything to be gained
by It, we will be honest; If deception
Is necessary, let us be cheats. One
takes what one can, and one Is wrong
only when obliged to give back."
This philosophy, applied to present
conditions, meaus that Germany was
right when she took Belgium, and will
be wrong only ir she Is not able to
hold it
From Frederick the Great to Bis
marck Is a long Jump in tllfe matter
of time ; but we find the Trussian pol
icy unchanged. Speaking before the
military committee of- the Prussian
Chamber "of DepuUes In 18G2 Bis
marck said:
"Not by speeches and resolutions
of majorities are the great questions
of the time decided, but by iron and
Then, with blood and Iron, Prussia
weit out and despoiled Denmark of
territory In 1864, bead and robbed Aus
tria in 1866, and finally, In 1S70,
brought France to her knees and took
her richest provinces.
Ilere Is what the present kaiser told
his troops when, in 1900, they were
about to depart for China to put down
the boxer uprising:
"Use your weapons in such a way
that for a thousand years no Chi
nese shall dare to look upon a German
askance. Be as terrible as Attilla's
Coming on down to the present war
we find a German minister accredited
to a neutral state far across the sea-
one which one would think should be
free from the entanglements of world
polities writing home to his govern
ment in a state paper, advising the
sinking of two ships from this neutral
nation, in such a manner that no trace
be left Dead men, he believed ,teu
no tales.
It was Baron Luxburg, minister pleni
Dotentiarv to Argentina, who wrote
this amazing dispatch on May 19, 1917
"I beg that the small steamers Oran
and Guazo . . . which are nearing
Bordeaux ... be spared if possl
ble. or else sunk without a trace be
ing left" .
This telegram was intercepted in the
United States and published. It sent
a thrill of horror around the world.
Chancellor von Bethmann-Hojlweg Is
a true disciple of Frederick the
Great Bismarck and his royal master.
In a public speech on January 31, 1917,
he said:
"When the most ruthless methods
are calculated to lead ns to victory,
swift victory, they must be employed."
So they were used, and are being
used today. They Include sinking of
hundreds of neutral ships, the burning
of cities, the deliberate devastating
of the fair lands of France, the ravish
ing of women, the enslavement of
workmen and the murder of little chil
dren. -
Horrors such as these are told In de
tail in The Prussian System," by F. a
Walcott who, for a long time, was en
gaged in behalf of America in trying to
get food to the Poles whom the Ger
mans were deliberately starvlngf by
the hundreds of thousands so that they
might not cumber the land which the
Germans intended to occupy.
Knowing nil this, can the American
people talk of any peace by negotia
tion? Can they stop this war until
thla mad dog of naUons is freed from
the military rulers who teach frightfid
ness from the cradle, and will only
seize a respite now to prepare them
selves for further conquests?
re?" l:v','.;pi'.zv., " Coait'.patlaa er
J.:t 1 7 c::3 W-c-t bottle of C'.-VC"
y:t:j rzren. a uquid lvi;
ht:: .'.':a -socr.t to tako. Made an-1
T-x':x-.'i to 3 public by Paria MeH-
c'.so C.,i;."'ractc-er3 of Caxatlve Bron..
Coir".? x C.-ovc'a Tasteless chill Toi-ic
v - '. - ,
Hsrrisou Cl iH Orgrnized -'
Monchy the word was passed
aroi n i i.ijHC triors would be a
rne"t.hy; at4he court house that
purpose of organiz
ing a Tat Harrison UluD."
Quite a i.unihfr were present
and all pjgnfd pxc?pt three and
when the na nes were counted
there were found to be 153.
Early next m.sroiiig the list was
made out to considerably more
than 2 K). f dkiK off the names
from other ounti-i, the list is
published eh-ewhere in this issue.
Afur the organization speech
es were made by Messrs. L. P.
Haley, 11. J. West, A. T. Stovall,
T. M. Dean. J. L. Lyon3 and W.,
F. Duchai an, a Noel man, who
said that if every gathering was
like this that his man had no
show. y
All 'present seemed to be con
fident that Mr. Harrison would be
nominated at the first primary.
Should Read Mrs. Monyhan's
Letter Published by
Her Permission.
1U;f.t.al Tnrl "T.trrlia'R Pinlrtinm'ai
Vegetable Compound helped me so much
curing me ume
was lookingforward
to the coming of my
little one that 1 am
recommending it to
other expectant
mothers. Before
taking it, some days
I suffered with neu
ralgia so badly that
I thought I could
not live, but after
taking three bottles
of LydiaE. Pink
ham s Vegetable
Compound! was en
tirely relieved of
neuralgia, 1 bad
gained in strength
and was able to go
. i w ornnnrl nnd tin all
my housework. My baby when sevenl
months old weighed 19 pounds and I feel
better than I have for a long time. I
never had any medicine oo me so
much good." Mrs. Pearl Monyhan;
Xiiitctieii, ina. i
C.nnA health rlnrW mat'?mltV 13
most important factor to both mother
and child, and many letters nave Deen
received by the Lydia E. Pinkham
Maq. tellintr of
-health restored duringthis trying period
by the use of Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vege-
How's This? '
W offer One Hundred Dollar Reward.
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine.
Hall'a Catarrh Medicine ha been taken
fcr catarrh sufferer for the past thirty-
five years, and ha become known as ther
most Tellable remedy lor catarrn. Hairs
Catarrh Medicine act thru the Blood on
the Mucous surfaces, expelling; the Poi
son from the Blood and healing tne dis
eased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
Medicine for a short time you will see
gTeat Improvement in your genera
health. Start taking Hall' Catarrh Medi
cine at once and get rid of catarrh. Seswt
for testimonials, free.
P. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, Ohio.
- Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Business Notice
kh tt 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ct F
For Sale 5 passenger Over
and car. Good as new. Reas
on for selling, want to invest in
W. S. S. J. T. Stanford.
Real Estate for Sale Resi
dence and other houses in city
tndfarm six miles out. R. J.
Spradley, Okolona. Miss. 4t
Two Registered Duroc-Jersey
Sows for sale, will bring pigs
3rst of Sept Also 8 pigs for
?ale. R. H. Haughton, Okolona,
For Sale: Registered Duroc
Jersey pigs, farrowed April 28th
Best of Duroc blood. v
. J. S. Price,
v' Okolona, Miss.
For Sale
A few grade Hereford heifers
and young cows. Cows have
young calves at foot A. new
Crossett silo for $275. ' Which is
a bargain. Size 14X32, ' holding
about 11 tons. Remember, No.
2 silos cannot be bought from
factory now as Government take ;
all of the best lumber.
T. L. Word.
Southern Th
if i i i i Mr-
u i

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