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established imz.
W T. QUINN. Cditor and Publisher
Til 13 I 1.11 OC.
iciepnones: rvesiaemc, inu i-j;
Office: Independent 22: CumWIan J GS
Entered at the Post Office in 0olon.
Miss., es Second Class Mai! Matter
political reasons. Just how many As we go v to press r it is not
voters fall in these two classes f ally decided whether or not
a mere matter of conjecture; there will be a run-oif in the
but from the small known" dis- congressional election in this
oyalvote (those who changed district. With the figures at
t Senator Vardaman because of .hand it looks like Mr. Sisson is
ii.H course , in the Senate) ' the nominated but there is an ele-
ntnmer mint have ueen very'ment that maues it looic as
though all is not fanciful for
One Year $1.50
Six Months 75
Three Months..... r .? .40
.Sinjle Copy Or;
Display adverlis'nii, 10 cents pri
single column for space, wi'h a ctv.irti
ot 5 cents per inch for all composition.
This rate meansfu ithout position.
' Readers, 5 cents per line. PolitU
cal advertising and other lone readers
are charged at display rate.
One prije to all alilce.
We employ no agents; we pay no
commissions. Inni
No advertisement taken for 'esjijjian
25 cents.
All notices will he charged for
where an admission fee is charged o
moneyollected for any purpose.
Obituaries, Tributes of Respect,
etc., (except from regularly organized
bodies, signed by officers or, commi'
ee) will he charged for at one cent a
word for all over 100 words.' cash to
accompany copy.
For Congress
We are authorized to announce
of Kosciusko,
as a candidate for Congress from llu
4th Congressional District, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce
of Houston,
, as, a candidate for Conjress from the
4th Congressional District.suHjncl to
the action of the Democratic party.
e are authorize
thorized to
of Winona. '
as a candidate for Congress from the
4th Congressional District, subject to
the action of the Democratic party,
For Chancellor
We are authorized to announce
of Booneville
as a candidate for Chancellor for tlii
the First Chancery Court District
'subject to the action of the Democra
tic party.
Tuesday was a proud day for
for Mississippi soldiers and for
the state as a whole, for it was
then that the state registered its
Drotest against the anti-war
course of our Junior Senator and
proved itself loyal to the cause
of the allies in the world war.
Notwithstanding his strong hold
on the affections of the voters ol
the state, Senator Vardaman
was able to secure the endorse
ment of little more than 35,000
voters. At the same time,
55,000 voter registered their dis
approval of his course. This is
an addition of only three or four
thousand to the strength of the
normal vote against the Senator,
There remains a silent vote o
some forty or fifty thousand to
be taken into account. These
last represent the boys in uni
form and that part of the nor
malVardaman strength whi:h
refused to endorse his course in
the senate. These last, also
may be added to those endorsing
the course of the administration
in the war, thus giving a majority
for the cause for which the
country stands of about 3 to !.
Then, too, many of those who
voted for the Senator were led
to believe that it was all a mis
take about a vote for Senator
Vardaman being a vote of con
demnation of President Wilson's
Administration, and others Ioya!
.1 f d
arge. rrom tue expression or.
the voters at the polls and what
we know of the people as a
kliole, we conclude that Missis
ii)i is 19 per cent loyal.
w.s.s. 1
Notice to Subscribei-s
For those who are in need of a
lemedy for kidney tr:ub es an J back
ache. It is a good pl-n to try Dean's
Kidney Plljs. They are strongly
recommended by gratef 1 people.
Mrs. J. M. Huffman, 209 S. James
St, Aberdeen, Miss;, says: "I suffer
ed rom uric arid pol:on. My back
vvas wean ana i naa pa. 113 wiruusu
rjr lo!ns. My kidneys were disor
dered and my left limb was swo'len,
causing me a lot of worry. My kid
neys were at fanH, as they didn't
throw off the poison from my system.
I was In bed for four months and
was practically a cripple. I didn't
find relief until I began using Doan'?
Kidney Pills. The swelling In my
limb disappeared, my kidneys actel
right and my health improved. S nee
then I have never been laid up or
needed to have a do:tor on account
of those troubles."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
Imply ask for a kidney remedy pet
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. -Huffman had. Foster-Milburn
Co. Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
It is only a short time now
until the Fourth Liberty Loan
will be offered by this govern-
fment and the people should
begin now to prepare to meet it.
Because of a shortage of print 'Tuv war must be financed and
t ' i , i i i i
paper, a'l newspapers are rc- wnaiever is jacKing in doihis
quired to reduce their use of will have to bemade up in taxes.
paper by 15 per cent. Thi.s is So it id either buy bonds or pay
effective Sept. 15 with the week-
y papers. This means that we
will not be allowed to buy more
than 85 per cent of the amount
of paper used last year.
In carrying out this reduction
certain rules are laid down anr!
publishers are required to follow
them out and they are required
to make sworn statements once
a month in order to buy paper at
all. One of the rules laid down
is that all subscriptions must be
paid in advance and that the
publisher must cea3e to sendthe
naper when the time is up.
This goes into effect Oct. V.
Now, much as we regret to re
fuse credit to our subscribers.
we must do so in order to run at
ill. So if you are behind, or if
vou are only paid to Oct. 1, you
'hould renew at once in order tr
ceep the Messenger coming. At
chat time we go on a ' strict iv
paid in advance basis. The datt
)f your paid subscription h
tamped on the name tag o!
your paper ana a statement
not necessary.
Remember, it is notour fau!.
that this change is made. It if
i war measure by the govern
ment and we must obey if wc
ose half our list.
w.s.s.- i
Congress is again in sessioi
with many matters of importance
before it. The most important
is what is known as the "Ma'
Power Bill", and next is tht
"Revenue Bill.'' Both are ur
nt and will likely have tin
right of way.
The "Man Power Bill" pro
vitles for changing the draf .
age3 from 21 to 31 to the ages o:
18 to 45. The War Department
has worked out a scheme foi
raising and supplying an arm.
large enough to bring the wai
to a quick close, and it may
ultimately require all the mer
within the specified ages to dc
this but we hardly think it likeb
that congress will leave the ag
as low as 18. -
It is the experience in all war.'
that boys from 18 to 21 and evet
younger make the best fighters
Perhaps for this reason th
Secretary of War has wanted
the age set at 18 all along. H
failed to get it in the first draft
law, and is trying again. Wf
believe it would be well to put
the ages at 20 to 55 for the pres
ent and lower the ages only
when it is seen to be necessary
She Couldn't Lift
A Scuttle of Coal
"I Feel Stronger and Better
Every Day Since Taking Tan
lac" She fays Gained Twenty
Three Pounds.
The voters of the Okolona pre
cincts showed themselves to be
thoroughly loyal to the govern
ment in Tuesday's primary and
ire to be commended for the
unity with which they backed up
the boys in the field. This
however, was to be expected for
the town was known . to oe at
most 100 per cent loyal in every
war activity and largely so in
the number of boys in the
By reference to the tabulated
vote of this county it will be
noted that most of our soldiers
who voted and got their votes
counted were for Pat . Harrison.
They feel the strain of Senator
Vardaman's loose talk and anti
administration utterances more
than do the people back home,
This straw shows how the whole
Business Notices ;
Two Registered Dtiroc Jerst
M)ws, for sale, wiil bring pit
8 pigs li i
HaJghton, Okolona
"I have changed from a run
down nervous wreck into a
strong, healthy woman and have
gained twenty-three pounds in
weight besides, since I' began
taking Tanlac," said M. G.'R.
Burgin, of 211 Second street,
Birmingham, Ala., some tine
a jo.
"For three whole years I suf
fered torture from stomach)
trouble and disordered kidneys,"
she continued, "and I had about
given up hope of being well any
more, for nearly evefy medicine
could hear of, I . tried and
nothing helped me. It seemed
like everything I ate disagreed
with me and 1 fell off until I
a s almost a shadow. I was bo
vcak I couldtr't li t t a scuttle o;
coal" to put on the fire and t-eem-
-d to yet weaker all the thru,
m.til I was f 1 most helpless.
"If anyone had told me that
here whs a medicine that woulc
uive done for me whsit Tanlac
mn, 1 I couldn't hav.j. believed
.hem, before I took'it! I beun
to improve from the very begin-
ling and my father says fiat he
n iver ?aw such a cnone in any
t - - .i . T . i. I
0'ie. kvfryinmg teat nnunsnes
ma and builds me up and I have
g .i.c up fr' -My pounds to
hundred and three, a clear
riiiu of t vveri t -curee founds. 1
V1 stronger ni f' better every
!ay si ic-i uiking Tanlac."
Tani'ic h vo d in Okolona by
V. E. !U'?ni"- a b- one pstab-'A-.---'
five t'v in every town, adv
irst.of- Sept. Also
For Sale: Registered Daren
Jersey pigs, farrowed April 28u
3est of Duroc Blood.' '
J. S. Price;
. Okolona, Miss.
For Rent Five room cottage
n Fleming street Apply to
ltp Mrs. J. M. Davis..
I. am atrent for Monarch Tai lot -
ing Co., of Chicago, and S. B
Rose, of Chicago and would like
:o take your measure tor you'
Fall Suit. Moderate price.
isfaction guaranteed.
HOD ECK, the Tailor.
Both Phones.
4mmimnmm iiwwiiiiiwiiiiiMwii"i'WffWimi'iiiiw''W'iwM)iim''wiwi'iiW)fc
I -J -J -J, .JIMilKi
VI r 1 i ' w
f gT- r,.1ntrtrnn.-K.illli1ir,.jIiiiiHlntliJl
il IT
ilUlUUUl I'll UUUU UtW (JM
Raw places, watery blis
ters, cracks under the
toes. Constant itching:
burning: pain when touch
ed by water: always dan
ger of infectionand blood
poison. O. B. ECZEMA
'TREATMENT: greaseless
IT "J .! J!5i
nquia: anusepuc, aisuuuu
tant: stops the itching at
once: takes out the
inflammation: kills the
germs, v
Successfully used for
Eczema, Tetter, Skin
Eruptions of all kinds.
At your drug store, 60c;
money refunded if you
Destroying Optimism.
. Some of us try so hard to be op
timistic tbat the nervous strain makes
ts irritable.
Try This
For Biliousness
A bilious condition is indicated bv
'oss ol appetite, pain in the side, bad
and shoulders, restlessness at . night
and a furrowed, foul tongue. 'lliei
is otten a lealing ol depression, tlie
eyes are dull, the (ace is sallow, .anr
quite frequently constipation or diar
rhea occurs. When any ot thesi
symptoms are present, a course o
VIN HEPATICA is at once needed
Begin with a full dose to remove th
poisonous matter from the bowels,
and continue for a few days with
smaller dose. ,
Mr. W. B. Scrugas, of 3 Driftwood
Street, Nashville, Tenn., who had
been subject to spells of indigestion,
cramps, and bilious colic for a lonp
long .time, writes: "My last spe I
c ime very near getting me. I got to
t'le point where I didn't have any ap
P3tite, was all run down; couldn't
sYep. But I took VIN HEPATICA
and myappetite is again - normal. I
feel better in every wav and more line
doing my work. Don't have to get
up at night, sleep well and can heart
ily recommend Vin Hepatica."
Yoa can gettbis wonderful Vin
Hepatica treatment only at
Bell & Buchanan
Ensilage cut and b'o-vr
into your silo by a Rowel
Ensilage Cutter is all o
even length. There are iu
lorn? Deices to make an
pockets. Rowell cutter
will not delay you from
breakage. They areaverj
rusr&red machines. L.et us
auote you. -Immediate de
IO N. Front St.,
Memphis, Tcnn
Wit Iwava Welcoma
Wit makes its own welcoma1 ana
evels all distinction. No dignity, bo
.earning no force of character can
make any stand against good wit.
is Uke ice, on which no beauty of form
no majesty of carriage, can plead any
Immunity; they must walk gingerly
according to the laws ot ice, or down
they must go, dignity and alL Emer
son. j
Extend Production of Camphor.
Experiments by the Japanese gor
ram en t of producing camphor by dis
tilling the leaves and branches of cam
phor trees have reached a stage at
rhich 817 gallons ot distillate are rro
duced from each 400 -pounds of leaT&
. - " LOAN ON
The Nation's Needs
Come First
Any patriotic American would glady stand
aside and give his place anywhere to an officer
on government duty.
The placing of the Bell telephone system at the
disposal of the government, a3 was done when
war broke out, involved the same patriotic obliga
tion. . ; . ,
During the months of military preparedness,
the War and Navy Departments had the service
of the most comprehensive and efficient telephone
system in the world. And it must be kept so. In
the face of the unprecedented demand from pri
vate sources, every government need must and
will be met.
The government comes first, but we are do
ing everything that science can suggest and that
money 'can accomplish to maintain our general
service', at the usual standard of efficiency. A
loyal organization is working continuously to meet
the increased demands and your patient co-operation
will prove helpful and inspiring.
Telephone users can help by avoiding useless
conversation and by encouraging their employes
and associates to use the telephone only when
necessary during ths busy hours of the day, and
to make their conversations brief
With thi3 patriotic attitude of the public to
ward us we can 'serve the government first and
render a' service that will meet the requirements
of the commercial and social world.
Rapid Fire
Toll Service
To All Points in
s :
Southern Tel
& Tel. Co.
Local Manager
:Dr. N.: A. Love, Son G
v.. . .t .. in i .. . I i ton 4
sjihe ever rim ricaooal Dank, Ukomta, Mississippi. 1 eiepnoM j
to the cause voted fcr him for
army feels.
5f 'MAF'''AMf .'

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