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The Old
(Copyrlflit, 1910. bj Wei ten Nnripiptr Union.)
U J 1 1 . . . .. .
i aoDi seem io piease ner," spoKe
Martin Frey to bis old-time friend,
Judge Bartlett.
"Well, Mary Is not a demonstrative
person," said the Judge. "Dou't get
lot of nonsense Into your head, Mar
tin. Tou have provided a beautiful
borne, the children are healthy and
- nappy what more ran you expect?
But Martin Frey siched and shook
his head, and although he did not pur
sue the subject It remained In his
mind. He had married Mary hack at
their home town, Lelghton, twenty
years since. Never had there been ft
. more loyal and Industrious helpmeet
. And now, only a month before he had
couiruuicu oiuif wim me nurprisu ui
her life.
t ':. For years he had planned it the
building of a model home as good as
" any In the town. He hud cherished
. the Idea, saving, scraping, for nearly a
t decade. He had neer let Mnry even
i surmise what he was at. When the
beautiful house was all completed and
newly furnished he had appeared In
brand-new automobile and had piled
in the delighted children, with the
' brisk, cheery hall:
j "Come, Mary, I'm going to take a
, drivel"
; - And then, as they reached the new
i home he had so proudly acquired, he
; drew a key from his pocket, handed It
to her and said, grandly waving his
1 hand toward the pretty house:
, j "There's your new home, Mary, and
; no one ever deserved one as you do!"
Mary was pleased, there was no
doubt of that. She admiwed all the.
i line points of the handsome residence
i and her eyes brightened as they noted
t the comfortable and even luxurious
I "You are a good man, Martin," she
aald, and her voice quivered with emo
tion, and then she kissed him, and his
heart warmed toward her.
For all that, as time went on, Mar
tin noticed that Mary did not seem to
exactly fit Into her new environment.
They were able to keep a maid now,
but Mary was wedded to her old
housekeeping ways. She missed the
old kitchen stove and the shiulng gas
range troubled her. She missed wash
ing the children every Saturday night
In the old-fashioned wash tub.
"It's beautiful, Martin," she would
Bay, "tint I can't help thlnkins of th
old hniiio hrtc': rt L'i,''ifn. Hon''
you l ua-tiiber t'ic- viev: f;-n: tin :'
open pi;!::,! til'.'iv. .,nst fnr mi I j; ;i!d
And "the cool weil water, urul the
honeysuckle vine, and the little school
house Just beyond our lot?"
"T Hn. fnriaAfl " Mnrtin tvniil1 rnnlv
".and It's the sweetest picture In the
world in my memory. Rut ways have
changed, Mary. And the old place?
Twenty-years why, I suppose I.oijrh
" ton Is Just a bustling little city now.
and you wouldn't recognize it, with all
,the old landmarks gone."
Still Mary cherished her dream. U
was not difficult to convince her that
the children were given great advan
tages under the new order of affairs,
but the old home seemed to beckon
her. It was a shrine In memory and
devotion and she longed for a slht of
It once more. How much, Martin never
knew until Mary was under a spell of
ltkness. He was spelling the nurse
one evening and seated In the h:ilf
darkened room where Mary lay, when
he knew from her restlessness that she
was fevered and Incoherent. He
caught "some words that enchained at
tention and Interest. In her delirium
Mary fancied she was conversing with
an old-time girl friend. "
"I don't want Martin to know, dear,"
Mary was murmuring. "He is so good
and kind to ine, but It has seemed to
me for years that the greatest boon J
could ask would be to visit the dear
old home again. If it Is only to
freshen my memory and help the long
Ing I cannot repress, it would bo n
blessing to me. I hope some time be
fore I die Martin will visit Lelghton
.and I will get my wish."
"You poor, romantic, sentimental
dear! That you shall!" whispered
Martin to himself, and until the day
far ahead when Mary regained her oK!
strength the Idea never left his mind.
The glad look In her eyes fully re
paid his care and thought fulness,
when he one day ttnnnunreil (lint he
was going to take n trip to Lelsrhfoa
In the automobile, children and nil.
With eager, expectant eyes Mary
leaned from the vehicle as the inn
chine turned Into the street where she
had passed her early childhood. Slow
ly her face lost Its token of delight.
There were-stores where the house
Of her youth had been. The old-time
green lawns were gone. The (pinlnt,
well-remembered little schnnlhousp
was occupied as a repair shop, the
grand valley" view shut out by the
smoke of great factories, the honey
suckle vine was no more, and 'he
house, always so neatly, painted and
kept, seemed ready to ci llapse with
the first strong wind and was given
over to pr mill workers.
Mary drew down her veil to hide
her tear. "We hnd better go on,"
the said forlornly, nd was very quiet
a!) the way , back to their starting
point. That evening t.he was more
kind and gentle than ever to the chil
dren, nod she placed her arm about
her husband's neck when they wor
U::t?!n. dear," she said,- as she
;. .,! .!ni fondly, "I have learned a
. -.. ii(mie Is where love Is; and,
r .'. I fin ' content and hapryl" '
mm mi
6y Mry Craharn Bonner gj
Tve always loved the snow and
the slush which we get at this tlm
of the year," said Peter Gnome.
"That's true, you always have," said
Ftillle Brownie,
And then they both hugged each
other, as they ulways did, and rolled
over In a slushy snow bank.
"Of course," said Peter, "I mean thai
we must have a party when I begin
talking In this way."
"1 thought so," said Billle Brownie.
"I, thought we might have a fancy
dress party," said Peter. "So let's send
out the Invitations as soon as possible.
We must have our party while we
have this nice mild weather which is
making the snow very slushy and soft
and squashy and wet."
"Ail right," said Biliie Brownie,
"let's get our friends, the Breez
Brothers, to send out the Invitations,"
"Come hither, Breeze Brothers," said
Peter Gnome, and Peter Brownie
called out: "We have messages foi
you to deliver."
So the Breeze Brothers took around
the messages to the fairies and the
elves and the rest of the brownies and
gnomes, so that all of Peter's friends
would come to the party.
The messages told them to weai
fancy costumes and to come that verj
afternoon to Gnomeland at the edg
of the woods.
All the guests arrived on time. Th
fairies wore lovely costumes of som
The Fairy Queen Did a Beautifu
fv..-j 0f vtnd- -fit sol'.' .--'Iky m::rerSi
V 1 .e; t ci.an -r rs.
First it was puiple, tiien blue, tliei
lavender, and then piuk. And th
fairy queen wore a silver costumt
which dropped stars of silver as sin
moved about. So that the whob
ground was covered with silver star1
which shone up from the snow am
looked very lovely.
The brownies wore costumes madi
of little crocus flowers of all colors
And how much they did look like tin
very early spring. The crocus flow
ers came up one day when the snow
had melted and then some more snow
had fallen upon them.
The gnomes wore cos! tunes math
of evergreen branches, and the elver
wore little circus suits (so they caller
them) which were of pink and green
One side of each suit was of pink an--the
other side of green, so when the;
turned one way they looked asthoug)
they were wearing? pink costumes, am
when they turned the other way the.
looked as though they were wenrin?
green suits. And some of the tim.
It looked quite funny, for some wen
standing one way and some the othei;
Peter Gnome was dressed in a sui
of dark purple with a very tall pur
pie hat which had a handsome pilrph
tassel on the end.
Old Mr. Giant wore a costume marif
out of newspapers nnd on his dies
In huji'e letters was written: "1'h
Party in Gnomeland, Everybod.'
Happy." And on his tall hat wer.
these word-: "Weather Today Pot
feet for the Slush -Party."
They all walked through Petei
Gnome's slush castle, which was ver,
ha tdsoine, and which had been math
out of the soft snow. At the end o
the castle Witty Witch snt In a rourw i
room and gave every guest a pre?
And then as they all followed Wittj
Witch, after all the presents had beet
given, to a great courtyard with wall
made of slush, they beheld the mosi
beautiful of fountains.
The water fell over a statue mad
to look like the fnlry queen, and It
the water danced many colored Httlr
lights. First all the lights were greet
and then they all changed to purple
niid then to golden, and then to silver
All the guests cried with Joy whet
liiey saw it, and the fairy queen AW
i beautiful dance as her thanks foi
the compliment which Peter Gnome
had paid her.
And then they all danced while th
ninny lights In the fountain played
They were of one color at a time, but
they changed so fast that it seemed as
though- the fountain had many, man)
different colors In It at the same time
And they all cheered Peter Gnom
for his beautiful party, his slush eas
tie. the beautiful presents and hl
fairyland fountain, for they had a!!
had a marvelous party, full of nr
prises. , V-
Brightest MoonrJiine.
Septeiuix r or as Their oaleR&j
puH it A-J.ciist 1"., "il'v day of bright
tvM lanns'iln," ! wher th Ch'-J."
v; i: ie lip i ut'r -debt for yif.
CORPORATED 1. The corporate title of said com
pany is Okolona Gemetery Associa
tion, Incorporated.
2. The name of the incorporators
are: May Owen Betts, Postollice,
Okolona, Miss.; Mary Green Abbott,
Poatofiice, Okolona, Miss.; Frances
Abbott, Postoffice. Okolona, Miss.; R.
J. West, Postollice, Okolona-,' Miss.;
W. E. Savaffe, Postoffice. Okolona,
Miss.; Lillie Seale Davis, Postoffice,
OKolona, Miss.
3. The domicile is at Okolona,
4. Amount of capital slock None.
5. The par value of shares is
6. The period of existence (not
to exceed fifty years) is Ffty years.
7, The purpose for which it is
created: To own and care for a
Ce retery within the corporate limits
of the City of Okolona, Mississippi,
to establish and administer an en
dowment fund for the maintainance of
said Cemeterv; to make contracts in
connection with the purposes above
8. The rights and powers that may
be exercised by this corporation are
those conferred by.the provisions of
Chapter 24, Mississippi Code, 1906.
May Owen Betts,
Mary Green Abbott,
Frances Abbott,
W. E. Savage,
R. J. West.
Lillie Seale Davis,
State of Mississippi 1 '
County of Chickasaw
This day personally appeared be
fore me, the, undersigned anthorily
May Owen Belts, Mary Green Ab
bott, Frances Abbott, W. E. Savage,
R.J. West, and Lillie Seale Davis,
incorporators of . the corporation
known as the Okolona Cemetery
Association who acknowledged that
I hey j-itiaed and executed the above
(' ret'ii l bi tides of incorporation as
ii.ci; uc: and deed on this I lie 3rd day
of April. 1919.
A. C. Rowe.
1 ' Notary Public.
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soning Is made of two ounces each of
sweet marjoram,
parsley,., sarory,
thyme, lemon peel,
and one ounce of
sweet basil. The
herbs are dried,
ground fine and
sifted until wel!
mixed. This pow
der keeps indefinitely; It should be
used sparingly.
Kitchen Bouquet. Put one cupful
of sugar In an iron frying pan and stir
until it melts to a dark brown color.
Add half a cupful of ,water, stir, add a
clove of garlic chopped, a chopped
onion, six whole cloves, a teaspoonful
of salt, a snltspoonful of black pepper
and n dash of tabasco sauce. Simmer
20 minutes, strain nnd bottle for use.
This will keep for months. Nice to
color and to flavor sauces.
Amber Marmalade. This is better
than the original orange marmalade,
if the hitter taste Is at all objection
able. Take one orange, one grape
fruit and one lemon; wash and wipe
dry. cut In thin slices, discarding the
seeds. Add 12 cupfuls of water, three
quarts, ind let stand over night. The
next day cook until the peel Is tender,
then set away again over night. The
next day add ten cupfuls of sugar
and cook until it Is thick. Put hi
glasses and cover with paraffin. Thl
makes a dozen good sized glasses.
To make a cheap strained honey
for the table with the honey flavor,
add a quart of wnter to five pound?
of sugar, and boll, add one pound of
strained honey to the siuup while
warm, mix well and It Is ready to
Mixed Spice for General Use. This
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rerlpe. Thi mixture is used In plnm
puddin.'j. fruit ci!-.-,' ::id, r,i!n"t '.
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tnhlesp.omii tils' of powth'-r.'d cinnam-.in,'
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meg. Put away In a tin box or tight
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We make no charge for an
Inspection fee or for the
traveling expenses of our in
spectors, and there Is no
charge for examination of
your abstract of title by our
General Counsel ia New Or
leans. We will lend up to 50 of
a conservative value of tho
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On the smaller loans the
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Annual interest payments .
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