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'M A
r .
Democratic in Principle, But Independent in Thought anti Action. Devoted to Honesty, Truth and Good Government.
NO. 3S
VOL 50
Chickasaw County
Favors Vardaman
The Precinct Vote as We Could
' Get it by Telephone ,
A Farm Bureau
For This Courtly
Meeting to be Held at Court
House Thursday Night
XT. A:
v ; uA
Good Idea to Note How Dame Nature
Hat Arranged Growth to the
Beit Advantage.
' In a state of nature, shrubs that
(row In masses or thickets stand close
together, intermingle "their branches
from the time they spring up as seed
lings and make their growth wholly
upward 'from an early age, since the
light Is shut off from them on all sides
by their crowding neighbors. Thus,
all run to height save those on the
outermost edge of such mass.
To arrange a planting that will at
once conform to this that Nature
produces, shrubs that grow erect and
"to the top" must be used for back
ground, with low-growing, spread
ing, and even drooping kinds planted
against them. Tet the mistake of a
monotonous, evenly graded bank - of
green extending from the turf upward
everywhere is to be avoided, for this
is .truly fearful In Its artificiality.
The proper way to assemble a
shrubbery Is to cluster the individual
shrubs loosely and irregularly, group
ing them by kinds, In the main, but
Invariably scattering the kinds to
gether at the -edges of each group;
and further scattering one or two of
any dominant king here and there
throughout the entire mass. Or, to
express it In formula: All , varietal
clusters should give way on their
edges to the neighboring -variety, so
that a friendly Intermingling shall
prevail, to a considerable degree In
some places down to almost none at
all in others; for all the world as
daisies and buttercups intermingle In
a meadow TJT-:" r.T"--
Makes for Delightful Hours Out of
Doors During the Long Days
of Summer,
"" The 'embowered garden seat entice
one to pause and rest, and while away
mnny delightful hours out of doors In
. Ideal Seat for Garden.
peaceful seclusion. It Is also another
excuse for more graceful climbing
vines and flowers.
Bungalow Vs. Two-Family.
Put a two-family house on the usual
alze lot and the neighborhood at once
takes on a citified look. A 'bungalow,,
probably costing leea thdh half, on the
tame lot would preserve the charac
ter of the neighborhood. But If the
town, In seeking to maintain Its sub
urban characteristics, Eones out the
two-family structure, Is It within Its
constitutional rights or does It unrea
onahly infringe the rights of the
property owner?
There Is a very nice question here,
the right of the neighborhood as
against tho Investment right of a
single property owner, and compli
cated by the constant likelihood of op
eration by the real-estate speculators.
Probably it Is the last that make most
of the trouble. It would be quite an
Intricate calculation to say whether
the maintained value of the neighbor
hood would In case of resale compen
sate the Individual bungalow builder
for what he might have earned by
building a two-fa'mlly house and rent
ing one floor. Newark Evening News.
; -' , - ,t x s . ' -
Planting the Lawn Shrubbery.
" It is an axiom Osgood design that
, a lawn that Is broad, sweeping and
!, picturesque shall be planted in a broad,
jpweeplng, picturesque manner. Straight
, lines ' must never' show anywhere,
v either as boundaries 'at the founda
tions of buildings or as drives or
walks. The effect to be created Is of
a broad, open glade In the midst of
the forest o,r at least in the midst of
'. flense and secluding growth, If the im
pression of actual forest background
is impossible. On every side should
be vistas of swirling masses of shrub
bery suggestive of the shores of a bay
or any small body of water shrub
bery that looks to have been pushed
back and piled against the heavier
background material to make a clear
apace where the turf may grow.
The detail vote given below
for Chickasaw county is only
approximately correct, being
such figures as we were able to
obtain over the telephone Tues
day night. The totals are the
official figures and not the sums
of the numbers above.
How Chickasaw Voted
Precinct J '
r h bo
-S J u o
CO O-i &
N. Houston.. 155, 134 1011 189
S. Houston.. 179j 169 84 229
PI. Grove.... 6; 110 58 58
Concord 9 83 36 55
Sonora 1 38 28 12
Houlka 120 184 155 146
Beeson .0 35 14 21
New Hope... 21 31 19 33
N. Okolona.. 122 . 49 103 67
S. Okolona... 266 132 242 147
Egypt 42 28 15 53
Van VIeet... 26 79 67 36
Buena Vista 22 38 18 42
McCondy 46 77 34 85
Sparta 27 68 48 42
Woodland.... 56 70 84 43
Anchor , 4 117 65 55
Atlanta....... 1585 56 43
Total '.. 1125'15081229 1377
' A Card
I want to thank my friends of
the Fourth Congressional Dis
trict who supported me in the
first primary,.. I do not -wnat
you to feel that on account of
the light vote I received outside
of my home county that I am
less appreciative of the uniform
courtesies extended me during
the campaign. ;
It is with pride that I can
state to my friends that I receiv
ed 504 out of 751 votes in West
Point, my home town,' and that
I led the Congressional ticket in
Clay County oyer all thieof
the opponents. .
Assuring you of my profound
appreciation of your support, J
am, Yours very truly,
B. S. ,Semmelmai.
School Opened Monday
A large number of enthusastic
pupils assembled at the Public
School Building Monday morning
to begin their new year's work.
Everything is in readiness for
one of the most successful cbool
years we have had in number of
years. Let every patron and
friend to the school get behind
the faculty and ' Superintendent,
encourage them along with the
pupils in the good work they are
trying to do by your presence as
often as possible.
The ladies of the Lanier Club
and the business men of the City
have provided an excellent rest
room for the ladies coming in
from the country, whatever may
be the purpose 'of their coming
to town. It is noted that this
room is not used nearly so much
as it might be. It js the desire
of the Lanier Club and of the
business men that the people
make the fullest use of this
place provided for the accomoda
tion of the visiting ladies. The
room is free. When you come
to town make it your head
quarters; read, write and lunch
there. You will find this room
provided with modern accomoda
tions and it is yours if you ere a
t isitor.
r. ;2 -p
Hubert D. Stephens Defeats Jas. K. Vard.iman by about 9000 Votes
He Will be Senator after the 4th of next March.
" Complete unofficial returns from the entire, state with 53
precincts missfag gives, the following; . . . ,
Vardaman.............. 80,673
. Stephens' Majority " 9,414
The remaining 53 precincts will make little change in the vote,
and cannot possibly change tlvj result.'
Interest in the senatorial race w.w- such a to cause most other
contests to be lost sight of. From meager information at hand,
hnwfiver. it ainears thatT.ios. E. Pegram, of Ripley, was elected
Judge over Joa H. Ford, of Hpuston, by from 400 to 700 votes.
Come and See For Yourself
Some people seem to worry
because they think my shop is
not sanitary. Not long ago I
was stopped on the" street and
the person stopping me said, "I
have heard that you have a shop
full of cats and dogs, it mus(t be
a very filthy place." In reply I
asked him if he was ever in my
shop. He said, "No, I was never
there, but I have heard it talked
about in other places and on the
street." '
I invite everybody to come and
inspect my shop and I believe it
will be found to be one of the
cleanest in the town. I occupy
the Whole floor . and have one
large room -for a shop, one for a
living room, one for a kitchen
and another large one where I
clean clothes. All the rooms
are clean and sanitary. I have
no cat3 and only one small ter
rier, which I keep for watching
when I am in other parts of the
Some people have an idea that
1 shouid'. not sleep or fix my
meals here. Remember I some
times have several hundred dol
lars worth of other peoples
clothes in my shop at night. If
I did not sleep there at night
someone might break in and
steal some or all of these clothes.
Then, too, should fire break out
near by at night I could save
these' clothes. You see then
why I stay in my shop nearly all
the time.
Again asking you to come and
see for yourself, lam,
Yours truly.
M. Hodeck.
,f ' i
f -4
ft " y
& $ - : & ,K
Might Learn From Athenians.
To have n grownup body of citizens
in a town it is essential that local loy
alty, local interest, local pride, aug
mented by local service, be inculcated
nnd assigned their tasks. -
Why not recall the spirit and mode
of ancient Athens in her period of
highest civic power and .grace? The
'Athenian youth, on reaching his ma
jority at eighteen years, was intrusted
with a citizen's weapons, the shield
and spear. He took his citizen onth
at a public meeting In the temple of
Dionyslus, where solemn rites to Zeus
and the local divinities were observed
in connection with a drama. Among
the new Athenian citizen pledges was
this : "Not to leave my ' town In a
worse but in a better condition than
I found it." Qulncy L. Wood, in the
Chicago Daily News.
Petunias Single and Double.
Because of the ease and facility with
which all of the single-tlowered
varieties of the petunia can be grown
from seed, this plant commands at
tention as a worthy candidate for the
summer flower garden. The young
plants grow rapidly and come into
bloom early, and In addition to this
thev furnish a continuous wealth of
blossoms until destroyed by frost. The1
large-flowered strains aVe very beauu
ful and of great variety.
For the best results the seeds of all
6orts should be sown In a gentle hot
bed, coldframe, or in fine soil in a
box placed In a sunny window before
or by the time freezing weather Is
over. United States Department of
Landscape Beauty Enlists an Aid.
The state of Michigan is embarking
on a gigantic tree:plantlng campaign,
not reforestation, but beautifying the
roads of the state, t is pleasing to
note that there Is one commonwealth
which 'is recognizing a long-felt need
in this country. When a nation be
gins to recognize itself as a landscape,
as. well as farm land and town sites,
its soul Is beginning to awaken, lieuutj
of nature costs little, aside from some
common sense . planning and putienl
execution. Here's hoping that more
states Liny follow MielilsMi'w I'xnmpW
. ' feed Advice. '
It Is not enough for a maa to know
a good thiug when be sees 1L Ut
must also seize it
Much Can Be Raised on Patch of
Ground Which Some Might
Thing Negligible.
Don't despise the little patch of
ground for a vegetable garden. Even
n little pocket handkerchief - sized
patch will produce something worth
while. A stalwart tomato plant
trained to a stake can be grown In a
foot square of ground, and training
a single trunk to a stake is the very
best and tke ideal way of growing
It Is wasteful to allow them to
sprawl over the ground in the old
fashioned way where it is impossible
to gather the tomatoes without injur
ing the vines, and when a portion of
the fruit Is likely to rot from contact
with the earth,
Accommodate the vegetable that can
be planted closely to the size of the
garden. Even a 5 by 5 patch would
grow lettuce, radishes and young
onions for a number of meals for a
small family. A 10, by 10 garden,
which is usually within the reach of
anybody who has any garden room at
all, will give substantial return. It
wouldn't accommodnte much in the
way of sweet corn, potatoes or melons,
but It would take care of tomatoes,
peppers, radishes, young onions, car
rots, a few beets, string beans or
other vegetables that do not need too
much room.
Ageratum for Blue Flowers.
For strengthening the. garden's .color
forces In blue, no annual Is so good
as ageratum. It grows well upon al
most all soils, and through a wide
range of climate ; for that reason many
combinations with it are possible. The
plants are easily grown, neat, bushy,
and erect, with a continual profuse
clustering of pretty bushlike flowers
throughout the season. The dwarf
blue sorts make fine borders nnd are
much. used, ivhere contrasting color ef
fects are desired. For. early results
the seed should be sown In cold
frames or boxes In the house early In
the season before freezing weather Is
past, but for summer and fall blooms
the seeds may be sown In well-pre-paoed
beds In the open after the
ground stops freezing. United States
Department of Agriculture.
That -Coat of Whitewash.
Whitewash is of value both as a
disinfectant and also because of its
color. It acts as a ' preservative of
wooden structures, and If properly
prepared is a fire retardant. A dark
and' gloomy cellar may be made bright
and clean by the use of whitewash.
Cellar steps, beams and other obstacles
should be covered- with .whitewash,
which will serve to call them to atten
tion, thus avoiding accidents.
On small buildings about ,the lot
as well as trees nnd fence posts, white
wash can be used to advantage as a
means of Improving their appearance
and also to some extent reducing at
tacks from vermin.
Get Rid of Unsightly Places.
. Unsightly places can often be cov
ered with vines and hidden by flowers,
If unable to be removed. At a small
cost, grass nnd flower seeds can be
purchased and even the children can
help, and take great delight in plant
ing and caring for the flowers. A
few flowers will, .oftentimes, trans
form the most unsightly yard Into a
perfect little paradise, which is a cred
it to the neighborhood and our city.
If .each family will improve Its own
yard and surroundings, the city will
take care of Itself.
Jf. , u
A meeting of the farmers and
business men will be held tat the
the court house, on Thursday
night, Sept. 7th, at 8:00 o'clock,
in Okolona. It is important that
the business men be out as well
as the farmers. Let me urge
every farmer who is interested
in securing more money for the
products of his farms to be pres
ent at this meeting.
Mr. A. R. Simpson, . of Chica
go, will address ' you. Mr.
Simpson is one of the national
organizers of the American
Farm Bureau Federation and
will bring to the farmers of
Chickasaw county the experi
ences of successful farm bureaus
all over the United States.
He will explain the Co-operative
Marketing Plan of the
Farm Bureau and show you why
the Farm Bureau members' pro
fits are greater than those of
their neighbors. He will tell
you how Co-operative Associa
tions the country over are sell
ing great quantities of produce
where there formerly were no
markets. He will tell you why
over two million cf' the b?st
farmers in this nation have
joined the Farm Bureau.
Frosperous farmers mean
prosperous merchants, bankers,
etc. So let me again urge every
business man to be present with
the farmers -at this meeting. A
R. II. Rigby,
County Agent.
To? the People of the Fourth
Congressional District:
I thank mv friends for their
loyalty and support in the hst,
as well as in former campaigns. :
I do not regret my defeat so
much on my on account as on '
account of my good , f nend3.
Their defeat is a source of sor
a K..4- V?a t-ni-rAnT 'Id
TOW lU II1C UUt una ouiivn i
mingled with pleasure for their
support was so pure and and so
unselfish and so true. In every
campaign, we made a clean fight
and. therefore, have no unpleas
ant memories of any wrong done
anyone. .
I have no ill will toward any
voter who cast his vote against.
me. Every American citizen
has the right to vote his choice
for any office without question.
I hope to forget the unpleasant
things that have happened in
the campaign and trust tnat
good may come even from the
evil that was done.
I served the people with all
mv mind and soul and strength.
The man who labors with , his
nanas. wno piows anu cuiuvaiea
the fields is the man whom I
have tried hardest to serve.
When his lot is made easier,
when the heavy hand of op
pression is removed from his
back, the Government will be
strong and the people happy.
This truth is in my heart and I
will labor for that as long as I
live. .''.,.,''
I surrender my commission
without regret for it has- no
stain on it. Whatever wrong I
have done has not been against
the people. I have been true to
them and to their best, interest.
I pray that the richest bless
ings of Heaven may rest upon
all the people of the Fourth
Congressional District . for all
time. -
I am
Sincerely and gratefully,
Your friend,
-T. U. SissorT.

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