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Democratic in Principle, But Independent ia Thought and Action. Devoted to Honesty, Truth and Good Government.
NO. 42
Proceedings Board of ':..,;
visors, Octclior Term 1922
On the Road of Good Intentions
S!i53ti;?o Al'r.iv
t'ellaw Jackets.
Still UnkfoateJ
Be it remembered that on
this the 2nd day and First Mon
day of October, 1922, the
Board of Supervisors of Chick
asaw County met at the Court
House in the Town of Houston
at. R-'i) aVlnrk A. M.. nursuant
to adjournment. There- werej
present J. A. Martin, rresiuent
and Member from District 1;
J. N. Brvant, District 2 ; P. E.
Hadley, District 3; H. W. Nel
son, District 4 and A. I). Car
lisle, District 5, attended by
J. C. Williams, Clerk and J. C.
Beasley, SherifF, when the fol
lowing things were had and
done, to-wit:
,T A. T. Neal, Repairs to bridge,
Dist. 4, $13.00.
Shellie Brand, .Building
bridge, 14.00.
A. T. House, Salary, 25.00
C. C. Westbrook, Building
bridge, 18.00. '
G. J. Houser, Lumber, 28.83
R. H. Rigby, Salary, 150.00.
A. C. Rowe, Refund. 7.6G.
J. H. Allen, Coal, 216.76.
J. A. Ward, fU'-.s.irs to type
writer, 8.00,
Houston Light & Water
riant, Water & lights, 26.75.
G. L. Wooldredge, Salary,
J. C. Beaslcy, Feeding pris
oners, 1G.40.
J. P. Alexander, Gravel,
Cumberland Telephone Co.,
Thone rent, 4.90.
Anna Hunt, Janitor, 10.00.
D. L. Cowsert, Lumber, 66.82
H. J. Bullard, Lumber, 39.24
Woodland Hdw. Co., nails,
etc., Dist. 5, 20.60.
Kelvey Dobbs, Lumber, 7.29
J. J. Davis, Building bridge,
J. E. Ellison, Lumber, 11.80.
J. C. Williams, Postage, 1.35
R. B. Waldrop, Stamped en
velopes, 44.96.
J. C. Moffatt, Salary, 50.00.
W. E. Bearden, Paper, 1.60.
Queen City Cement & Paint
Co., Paint for Jail, 33.00.
J. A. Ward, Repairs to type
writer, 8.50.
J. E. Harrington, Salary,
J. C. Beasley, Sheriff Salary,
II. L. Harrington, Deputy
Sheriff Salary, 130.00.
W. J. Williams, Deputy
Sheriff. Salary, 125.00.
Brand-Smith Ildvv. Co., Bolts
etc., 30.65.
L. R. Clark, Dynamiting, 1st
Dist., 2.50.
Wright Motor Co., Bearings
for tractor, Dist. 1, 4.30.
T. D. Trammell, Salary,
C. B. Harris, Salary and
team hire, 67.99.
A. ;M. Cook,. Balance due,
Dist. 1, 7.25.
Gulf Re-finning Co, Oil Dist.
2, 1.93.
J. E. ITarring-ton, Refund ex
pense, Dist. 2, 1.50.
Wade Burgess, Road work,
Dist. 2, 2.50.
W. P. McLaughlin, Salary,
Lee Lancaster, Salary, 65.00
J. N. Brvant, Refund ex
pense, Dist2, 13.00.
Choctaw Road Supply Co.,
Culverts, Dist. 4, 7.25.,
W. J. Davis, Repairs to
bridge, Dist. 4, 10.00.
Choctaw Road Supply Co.,
Culverts, Dist. 4, 448.90.
Sam Gilliam, Road work,
Dist. 4, 1.25.
W. A. Marion, Patching
bridge, Dist. 4, 2.00.
Bill Tucker, Refund rpad
tax. Dist. 4, 3.00.
T. C. Morgan. Salary, 80.00.
L. R. Bowen, Salary, 75.00.
Luther Lancaster, Medicine
Dist. 4 mules, 1.20.
Bill Vaughn, Hay, Dist. 5,
Bill Lewis, Repairs to bridge,
Dist. 5, 4.50.
Grady Moore, Abutments to
bridge, Dist. 5, 75c.
J. J. Morris, Work on pike,
Dist. 5, 5.00.
W. C. Iluddlerton, Expenses
road commissioner, 25.00.
L. M. Canipe. Expense road
commissioner, 25.00.
W. A. Moore, Expense road
commissioner, 25.00.
New Hope Gravel Co., Grav
el, Dist. 3, 33.25.
Houston Hdw. & Fur. Co.,
Pump parts, 53.48."
Latimer & Williams, Gas,
etc., 25.81.
Commercial Bank & Trust
Co., Refund expense, 66.57.
E. A. Anderson, Road work,
Bark of Houston, Refund ex
pense, 65.55.
Henry Carouthers, Repairs
to courthouse, 17.50.
Resolution Favoring Govern
ment Control of Roads.
Resolved by the Board of
Supervisors of Chickasaw
County Mississippi, that: we
proposed amendment to section
do favor the adoption of the
170 of the State Constitution
which puts certain roads under
the supervision of the State
Highway Department and re
spectfully request our people
to vote for this proposed
amendment at the November
1922 General Election.
J. A. Martin, President
of the Board of Supervisors of
Chickasaw County, Mississippi.
Cumberland Telephone Co.,
Phone Rent, 8.25.
Southern Telephone Co.,
Phone rent, 3.00.
E. A. Anderson, Lumber
hauling and lumber, 129.44.
Bank of Houston' Freight on
gravel, 56.96.
J. B. Paden, Mdse. paupers,
D. C. Kellum, Lumber, 26.63
D. C. Robertson, Building
pike, 316.65.
J. T. Bray, Repairs, 6.25.
Cumberland Telephone Co.,
Phone rent, 2.00.
J. T. Bray, Keeping paupers,
Dr. J. S. Evans, Jail & Paup
er practice, 12.50.
W. A. Moore, Lumber, 48.24
A. C. Raird, Lumber, 25.72.
A. J. Weed, Bridge repairs,
Dist. 4, 36.50.
Cecil Dossett, Lumber, 108.10
J. C. Beasley, Feeding pris
oners, 10.80.
Geo. D. Riley, Postage. 10.50
G. D. Riley, Salary, 138.60.
Vardaman Hdw. Co., Dyna
mite caps etc., Dist. 1, 33.25.
J. A. Martin, Refund ex
pense hay, 22.00.
Wr. A. Lancaster, Corn, Dist.
1 13 74
' P. A.'Torir.val, Oil etc.lst
Dist., 38.00.
Harry O'Bvrnes, Mule shoe
ing. Dist. 1, 3.00.
Gulf Refiining Co., Gas etc.,
Dist. 1, 29.18.
Luther Paden, Road work,
Dist. 2. 12.00.
Tom Middlebrooks, Remov
ing tree, Dist. 3, 1.00.
S. C. Famed, Blacksmith
work. Dist. 3. 4.00.
J. T. Lvon, Blacksmith work,
Dist. 3, 3.50.
L. W. Murphy, Services, 2nd
Dist., 118.80.
C. E. Chresrnan, Estimate
Thelma road. 59.71.
R. A. King, Estimate Thelma
road, 406.37.
W. J. Cole, Estimate, Gres
hom road, 392.09.
T. C. Harris, Estimate Gres
hom road, 378.20.
Henry Lowry, Estimate Thel
ma road, 240.51. '
E. Saxon, Expense road com
missioner, 25.50.
E. I. Harris, Expense road
commissioner, 31.00.
J. P. Alexander, Concrete
work, 374.00.
Mayo Griflin, Building pike,
Prairie Lumber Co., Lumber,
D. C. Robertson, Lumber,
Okolona Messenger, Enve
lopes etc., 8.25.
D. M. Ilearne & Co., Mdse.
paupers, 17.24.
D. A. Box, Lumber, 40.66.
J. W. Carlisle, Mdse. paup-
I -rt Mil' VAfll tu t" r- , mi, iv i
&s "a. Uan M s,-pt
Farm Bureau
Meeting Oct. 30
Meeting to be Held at Houston
at 1:00 P. M. on Monday
October 30th
On October 30th a meeting of
the farmers will be held at the
court house at Houston at 1 P.
M. The purpose of this meeting
will be the beginning of a cam
paign to organize "a County
Farm Bureau for the farmers of
Chickasaw County and it is very
important that we have a good
representative number of farm
ers from every community in
the county.
The Farm Bureau and Cotton
Association will be discussed by
men who know and are able to
handle the subject well. This is
an opportunity which you a3 a
farmer cannot afford to miss.
It is an associotion for the farm
ers and is made up of the farm
ers themselves. Talk this Farm
Bureau matter over v h your
iif iydlirr. no. "vry r.rtii-1" -oii
'.in find ii' j'-i i ir i . ; w and
1,1 hers, si ".ii . ; ) " ' ui- io
Himsttiti .-t ( a! 1
P. .V.. i'sti-1 I" a at tii- siifak-
V. Ill '
I V . .1 !! . !!
!:,.,-, i.w. It.m't
I i.o ;! r .V...i.tt.- .' lM:t..:.er
I :!iii, ! I. M.
R. H. ; .
Coui.i..- Agent.
Forty Year for Work.
V man's working life cvoraws fortj
ers, etc., 25.45.
C. A. Brown, Gravel hauling,
Dist. 1, 58.25.
Houston Hdw. & Fur. Co.,
Mdse. S2.08.
Edgar White, Salary, 60.00
Ellis White, Salary, 50.00.
Pete Buchanan, 2 days, 2.00
Ewing Spencer, 2 days, 2.00
Roy Tomlin, days, 1.50
Henry Cunningham, 2 days,
Andrew Gregory, Salary,
Arthur L. Tacker, Refund
road tax, 3.00.
Jno C. Williams, Gas etc., 2.98
Roy Bowen, Refund expense,
E. E. Freeman, Mule shoes
etc. 5.70
W. R. Davis, Salt brick. 1.00
J. A. King & Sons, Mdse.
roads, 61.87.
Borden Eros., Mule shoes,
etc.. 32.25.
P. A. Tornwall, "Work on
truck, 5.00.
J. Cursey Lawson, Repairs
to truck, 1.00.
W. J. Cole, Building bridge,
J. T. Bray, Repairs to Bridge,
J. L. Morris, Refund tax,
I r.-r::..,1 11 ..
Breeding of
it WW
Malaria News Hem No. 4
(Ry State Board of Health)
Where do malarial mosquitoes
In water in s,;" water and in
the pools ami grassy edures cf
running water.
How do tfc rn' qiitoes
breeu ?
They lay their eggs on tha
surface of the water. These
esg float, and in a few days
hatch into larvae, or "wiggle
tails". These live in the water,
and in time turn to pupae, or
"tumblers", which turn into
mosquitoes. There are four
changes in the development of
mosquitoes just as for butterflies;
the eggs for both; the larvae in
place of the caterpillars; the pu
pae in place of the crysalis, and
the mosquitoes in place of the
butterflies. For mosquitoes all
these changes must take place
in water, and for Anopheles will
take from 12 to 16 days iu sum
merlonger in cool weather.
Can one tell the larvae of
! Anopheles? (Malarhl Mosqui
jtoes.) j Yes. The Anopheles larva
1 lit s at the top of the water and
parallel to it, for all the world
like a basking pike. The larvae
of other mosquitoes hang from
toe top, head downward. If the
latter are touched, they will al
ways dive. If the Anopheles
larva is touched, while it may
dive it will generally "scoot"
backwards along the top of the
water. They are not a bit alike,
and once seen no one will ever
mistake one for the other.
Is it important torecognize
the larvae of Anopheles?
Yes; it is far more important
to recognize the larvae of Ano
pholes than the mosquitoes
themselves, because this enables
us to find their breeding places
and hence to destroy them.
In what kind of places do
Anophi'-'s breed?
They prefer to breed in clean
water, in small, shallow, shady
pools with grassy edges; if with
grass growing in them so much
the better. A marshy piece of
ground with many small pools,
among bullrushes and sedge, 13
an ideal place. The grassy edg
es and quiet pools formed by ob
struction on small streams are
also favorite places,' as are cat
tle tracks. They have no objec
tion to running water unless
running swiftly. Some species
breed well in large pools.
Do they breed in such places
They occasionally breed in al
most any collection of water, un
less it, is very foul; shallow
O'd I'amilv
;i I 'crniinii or
nod in turn wa-i
Tfj or'i hv a cv. rl 1 e ..i Sun-
ia as I:U 0 clock.
It if reported that Hadley and
Sumner, his brother-in-law, had
followed Haley all over town
several times Saturday with the
intention of giving him a whip
ping and when they finally came
upon him and started an argu
ment they were stopped by an
officer. Il4'jy started off, fol
lowed by Hadley and Sumner,
and when they overtook him,
which happened to be almost
directly in front of the Metho
dist church, one of the men
struck Haley from behind with
a stick about three feet long,
weighing about five pounds, and
knocked him down. As soon as
he hit the ground, he rolled over
r.nd fired t either two or three
shots, from a .38 Smith & Wes
son pistol, while lying down.
Raising himself to Ids krees, he
fired once or twice more. Two
of the shots struck Hadley, one
hitting him in the leg and the
other under his left shoulder
blade. Sumner had struck Ha
ley with the stick, but when
Haley first saw the two men
Hadley had the stick and the
shots were fired at him.
The cause of the difficulty was
of some years' duration. Oscar
Halley, father of John Haley,
several years ago turned up
some stills said to be operated by
the Had'eys, and bad feeling has
existed between the families
since that time. Haley's broth
ers had moved .away from the
neighborhood, which is four
miles north of Okolona, and he
had made arrangements to leave
Saturday, when he was followed
by the two men
The parties in the affray were
all married. They were all
young men from 22 to 25 years
of age.
Iladlej's remains were in
terred at Pleasant Grove ceme
tery Monday afternoon.
Miss Elbur Crighton, English
teacher in the Okolona High
School, who was on her way to
town at the time of the affair,
wa3 struck by one of the bullets,
which glanced from the walk,
but was not seriously hurt. It
is thought that she will be able
to resume her duties in the
school in a short time.
The cases against Haley and
Sumner was tried before Judge
Lacey Tuesday morning and
Haley was set at liberty on a
plea of self defense, while Sum
ner waived preliminary hearing
and held to the grand jury in
sum of $500.00.
wells, water barrels, tin cans,
etc., especially if they have
leaves or erass in them or the
green algae "frog moss".
Generally, however, they avoid
barrels, cans and other artificial
containers unless they have
grass, moss, etc., in them.
How long must a pool last to
breed Anopheles?
Since it takes usually about 14
days for the egg to produce the
mosquito, if a collection of water
dries up completely in les3 than
14 days, it is not likely to breed
Anopheles mosquitoes.
Plays Corinth IIu-Kies to a Tie
Here Last Fri l.iy, Score
6 to 6.
T.P fi' t foot l:
.-' t:i l e placed ! :
-! w:n pi-
r ri i a; ienioon - '.,(
Y-!'..-w Jvkels of O. II -v - id
the l.r huski'M '" ( ie
'.ao. was well i'a . a i : . .-J
I'otisjht from beginon, ; I,
hot", tams useing o. - 1 li
able play to mak t.ie wioiung
From the beginning it was
th. night by some tint the game
was going to be rather one- iind
in favor of the visitors. Aiiout
the first of the game Okolona
made a play near the visitor's
goal which happened to let one
of Corinth's men get the ball,
he took advantage of the play
and carried the ball over for the
first touch down of the game.
They tried to drop kick goal and
failed, making only six points by
the touch down. The second
quarter was played '
of the field neither
any material gains.
At the beginning . I
half Okolona wen' 3
game with renewed . '
termination to wi-i.- J math -kicked
the ball off 0; ;h" -ceiving
it, and from the rits of
that quarter Okolona made gain
after gain with almost every
play they made: Near the end
of the third quarter Bean carried
the ball over for the only touch
down made by the O. II. S.
boys. This tied the score and
left the game to be decided in
the last quarter. When the
whistle blew for the game to
to start for the last quarter both
teams went determined to win,
Corinth useing their fifteen or
twenty pounds of extra weight
and Okolona playing real foot
ball. The ball stayed near the
center of the field most of the time
until about three minutes before
the game was over when Okolo
na made several gains, bringing
the ball to within about ten
yards of the goal line, then came
the time-keeper with his whistle
ending the game thereby ire
venting Okolona from making
another score.
There were 4,720 bales of cot
ton ginned in Chickasaw county,
from the 1922 crop, Ij Sept. 25,
a3 compared with 3,125 ginned
to Sept. 25, 1922.
hahd t&ther ay.
doctuh say ah los'
wah conscience but
jedgin' fum bill he
sont we , eat mule
mus' ei? done kick
HIM Too!
Cow!. 191) Dy UcOurt Naaatp Syttfnfk
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