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Mauam, kaisins
Cost Less Now
So Get Their Benefits and Their
Flavor in Scores of Attractive,
Money-Saving Foods
DUE to greatly increased crops, even
though production costs are still much
higher than in pre-war days, raisins now cost
almost as little as before the war.
Use this luscious, energizing, healthful food
lavishly, therefore, in scores of "plain foods"
like rice pudding, boiled rice, bread pudding,
Indian pudding, and in cake, cookies, pie, and
with the children's cereals, to give them "lux
ury flavors" at "plain food" costs.
Raisins are both good and
good for you.
So take advantage cf these
lower prices now.
Not Mor Than
Yr mail should
11 yon Sun-Maid
Seedtd Raiaitw ia IS ox.
blu pack for mat
man thai iOc.
Seeded Seedless Clusters
Picked under moit unitary condition)
in froh, clean cartonl. Very highest quality.
Inaiit on Sun-Maid Brand, the kind that
you know it good.
New 1 1 os. Package
Toar rrtiiler should Mil you SuB-Mid Swotd tm4
SeditM Kiuim ia II m. Eckit to aat man
tiua 15c
Not Mora Than 18c
Your rttiita should m11 yoe
Sua-Miid Stdltst Rauini ia li
o. rrd packa for Bat aura
thaa lie.
Chevrolet Roadster
This car averages the lowest operating cost per mile.
It has style, finish and equipment that completely out
classes all competition in its field. It is the ideal car for
daily use by farmers, salesmen, business or professional
people, and all who want the most economical trans
portation for one or two passengers, with ample rear
compartment for samples, luggage, etc.
QUALITY has been still further improved by more
artistic design and added improvements.
ECONOMY has been still further increased by engi
neering refinements and greatly broadened production
and distribution facilities.
SERVICE is now offered ora flat rate basis by 10,000
dealers and service stations.
PRICE remains the same, in spite of added equipment
and more expensive construction, which have greatly
increased value.
Some distinctive features of the new line are: stream
line body design with high hood and crowned, paneled
fenders; vacuum feed and rear ftasoline tank on all
models; drum type head lamps with legal lenses. Cur
tains open with doors of open models.
Closed models have Fisher Bodies with plate glass
TemsteAt rpfTuInted windows, straight side cord tires.
sun visor, windshield wiper and dash light. The
Sedanette is equipped with auto trunk on rear.
See these remarkable cars. Study the specifications.
Prices F. O. B. Flint, Michigan
SUPERIOR Two Passenger Roadster - -SUPERIOR
Five Passenger Touring - -SUPERIOR
Two Passenger Utility Coupe
SUPERIOR Four Passenger Sedanette -SUPERIOR
Five Passenger Sedan - -
SUPERIOR Light Delivery
Nothing Compares With
r j
t aJ
Jbr Economical Transportation
Cherrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Division of General Motor Corporation
World s Largest Manufacturer of Low-Priced QUALITY
Automobiles, "Inereare 10.000 Chevrolet Dealers and Serv
ice Station Throughout the World. Dealers and Parts
Depots Wanted in ell territory not adequately covered.
jests mr,
"Who Is the fellow In a upon cart
That's) Harold Heartbreak, the
movie star. He get paid big sal
ary for Just making love to beautiful
"In case like that a man would
bar some Inducement to work ever
time." "He's evidently been working over
time. His wife is suing him for di
vorce and names six corespondents."
Birmingham Age-Herald.
Has Been About Some.
"Tour boy has graduated?"
"Yes." said Mr. Grahcoln. "Now he
wants to go abroad and see something
of the world."
"Why don't yon let blm see America
first r
"You couldn't Interest him In a
proposition like that He traveled
with the football team.
Fish: Gee, he's a lucky guy, he
can hug eight girls at oncel
Boon ahall we ae aome fancy trick a
New moral atandarda to secure.
When censorship brings politics
Into control' of literature.
"Boss, Is you connected with de
"Kin you help me out? I wants
marriage license."
"No, I'm a police magistrate. Best
I can do Is to give you a year In Jail.
You're after a life sentence.
Can't Fool Her.
The Poultrymnn Certainly, ma'am.
It's a thls-year's chicken. I'll guaran
tee It.
Mrs. Junehrlde I don't see where
you get the nerve to tell me that
when I distinctly remember they were
wearing the same style of head orna
ments two years ago.
A Little Bit of Blarney.
Mistress Maggie, I can't have yon
entertaining policemen In the kitchen.
Maggie Sure, mum, an' It's a big
heart ye have. I was sayln' to Michael
O'Flinn only last night that If I'd
spake th' word ye'd let us have th'
drawln' room. London Answers.
The Difficulty.
"He's kinder to his second wife
than he was to his first." '
"Yes, hut his second wife keeps In
slstlng that he's not nearly so kind
to her as her first husbnnd was."
"Is your place In the hall of fame
"Dunnn," said Senator Flubdub. "T
don't feel any too sure about my sent
In the senate."
Wifey: The eggs are stale. Why, I
asked the grocer if they wee fresh.
Hubby: What did he say?
Wifey: Absolutely.
Hubbyi You must have misunder
stood him. He probably said: "Ob-eoletely."
i'ha barnyard golfer had no aharoa.
Nor sense of right and wrong.
He played a ringer In a frame
And boasted loud and lone.
At the Concert.
Mrs. Bllltop, Sr. Do you know that
beautiful song she Just Bang? It Is
one of the old classics,
Mrs. Billtop, Jr. Yes, Indeed. I've
Jazzed to It many a time.
Possibly So.
Her Second Husband No, I chn't
go out with you this evening. I have
some work to do at the ofhVe.
Mrs. Pstinjier You've neglected me
shamefully ever since we've been mar
ried. If my first husband was alive
you wouldn't dare to treat me so.
Signs Tell.
Jack Halloa, Bert, who's the girl?
Bert What d'you mean?
Jack Well, you're not wearing a
collar like thitt for fun, are your
London Tit-Bits.
Alter Th:roi3!i Trfc! q D:.rcl!,
aitjtliaa t.iwll UIimUJ I W I M ilu
The following letter written
from Detroit, Michigan is no snap
judgment expressed on the menu
ol 1 e-ru-na, the well
known catarrh remed y,
but rather a mature,
sober opinion formed
after a full year's trial.
This la the way Mr.
Michael Fako of 9uo
East Palmer Avenue,
In the Michigan Metro
polis, writes i "After
using FE-KTJ-NA for
about one year will say
I have found it a very
(rood medicine for ca
tarrh. It has helped
me a trreat deal and I
am very well satisfied. I have
gained in weight, eat and sleep
well, my bowels are regular ana
better eolor in my face.
b. (l
i - i
"FE-BU-NA has done wonders
and to me is worth its weight In
gold. I shall continue to ate
rc-UU-SA as long as
I live and recommend
to my f ciends who are
troubled with catarrh.'
Nothing can be more
convincing than an en
dorsement of this na
ture from an actual
user. There are many
people in every com
munity whose experi
ence ,ln wing Pe-ru-na,
has been identical with
Mr. Fako's. It ia the
standby for coughs.
eolai, catarrh, stomach,
and bowel disorders and all ca
tarrhal conditions.
Put up in both tablet and liquid
form. Solo mimiu,
Cdtool HssLa
airs, . aw- , J
7 v
Osera Ckalra,
'Idlis CtUrt,
Kiaaertartaa Ck
keel aassllea,
r - ' i
42 years manufacturing the only hiftt'
grade, low priced wagon in the wornl
Capacity, 300 annually.
One-Horse Wagon at J3S.C3
TwoIIortc Wagons at S.C3
C. H. Rtuifll & Son, CkrlurSe, Taj
W. N. MEMPHIS, NO. 42-1922.
So Different From Hera.
Edith "Jack wants me to set the
late for our wedding." Miss Flyrte
Goodness I Do your fiances take their
mgageinents as seriously as that?"
Boston Evening Transcript.
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" eon
taint directiom so simple any woman can
dye or tint her old, worn, fnded things
new. Even if ahe hm never dyed before,
he can rut a new, rich color into shabby
kirtK, areea, waisU, cnata, stockings,
wenters, covering, draperies, hangings,
everything. Itirv LHamond Dyes no other
kind then perfect home dyeing is guar
anteed. Jint tell your druggist whether
the materinl you wish to dye ia wool or
silk, or whether it is linen, cotton, or
mixed goods. Diamond Dyes never streak,
spot, fade or run. Advertisement.
And Starts His Pump.
The mosquito Is an economical little
aviator. When he lands oq you he al
ways shuts off his engine. Boston
To Insure glistening-white table
linens, use Red Cross Ball Blue in your
laundry. It never disappoints. At all
good grocers. Advertisement.
Possibility of Their Successful Em
ployment In Making Aerial Ob
servations of the Himalayas.
Consideration has been given to the
possibility of aerial observations In
the Himalayas. The range, It appears,
has only six peoks above 27,000 feet
high, and an aviator flying at about
2o,000 or 24,000 f'-t should have no
difficulty In crossing If the highest
peaks were avoided, while, If he chose
certain of the gorges, an altitude of
some 19,000 feet would suffice. The
greatest of the many obstncles to be
encountered Is the mountain sickness,
which occurs In the highest altitudes
through deficiency of oxygen. The grad
ual climber, going afoot, Is less handi
capped In this respect than the avi
ator rising suddenly from sea level In
his machine; on the other hand, the
pedestrian has more fatigue to under
go, and this practically equalizes mat
ters. The chief consideration In any
case Is an adequate supply of oxygen,
with a proper inhaler.
A Good Word for Him.
nans Schmidt was reputed to be
the meanest nmn In the neighborhood.
He died. Ills body was placed In the
grave, und according to an old Penn
sylvania tlerman custom the people
stood around the open grave, waiting
for some one to say some good things
about the deceased before filling the
grave. After a long wait Gustave
Schulz said: "Well, I can say Joost
one good thing about Hans; he wasn't
always as mean as he was sometimes."
XsSor Spring. F1
Anglo-American Druf Co., U5 Fulton St, New York.
Dear Sin:
1 am using Mr. Wlnlowa Syrup. It saved my haby
from dying of colic, which ahe had for three months.
borne ona advised ma to get Mra. Vr lnalow's Syrup
and 1 did. Yours trulr,
(A ow on rwQuof)
Colic 13 ouieklv overcome bv this nleas-
ant, satisfactory remedy, which reuevea
diarrhoea, flatulency and constipation, keeping baby
healthy and happy. Non-narcotic, non-alcoholic.
The Infant' and Children' Regulator
Formula on very label. Write for free booklet containing letters from mothers.
At All Dmggiatv
Omtrti SMimt A.- Umvti T. RUkU a Ck.. h... Hm Tm-k,m .Mi,lt,ft
Man With Exceptional Endowment
Gives Up Position He Had Long
Held at Sing Sing.
Sing Sing is without the "human
camera eye" which pierced through
disguises and made alibis futile, for
Louis Powers, Bertlllon expert at the
prison for 20 years, who finger-printed
and photographed more than 20,000
Sing Sing convicts during his service,
hus retired.
He was famous for his ability to
Identify criminals, and for years has
been known as "the camera eye of
Sing Sing." He was often called on
for Information about criminals In vari
ous parts of the world, and frequently
attended triuls to establish prlBon
records of men and women on trial.
Besides learning by experience that
women, even though preparing for the
death sentence, were "very vain,"
I'owers said he had profited little
from his unique position except what
he obtained in the way of salary.
The Better Plan.
"Don't you think she should have
her voice cultivated?"
"Yes, plowed under." Life.
When you cease hoping for the best,
yon take an Inventory of what you've
Discords Might Have Been Omitted,
but They Were Very Apparent J
to Mr. Splnka. j :
' r.
S pinks, the musician, and his wlfw
were on their way home from a con
cert and were overheard dlscnsslnc
the merits of the entertalnmer;.
"It set my teeth on edge," Splnksi
said, "to hear the orchestra playing
'Yankee Doodle' and 'Dixie at the)
same time. The idea Is all right,
of course, and even commendable from
a sentimental point of view, but the)
two pieces, when played together, arst
full of discords."
"But didn't you notice," said Mb wlftv
who Is something of a musician her
self, "that where certain notes ear
passages would have been discordant
they were omitted from one air or the)
other and left to the drums?"
"Of course, I noticed It," he testfljf
rejoined, "but I could hear the dla
cords In my mind Just the samef
Milwaukee Sentinel. ,
Highly Displeased.
Pamela (who has been told to brosft
her teeth) Mother, you always asK
me to do that, and It's my favorite
thing I hate to do." Life.
The truth Is always the strongest
Why Risk Your Health?
THE path of the coffee or tea
drinker is beset with dan
gers to health and comfort
These dangers lurk, in the
Irritant, caffeine, which is the
active principle of both coffee
and tea.
For those who enjoy a well
made cup of coffee or tea, but
find that it makes them nervous,
wakeful and irritable, there's
satisfaction and freedom from
discomfort in delicious Postum
the table
beverage of no
Its fragrant aroma and rich,
full-bodied flavor are delightful.
Postum is made from roasted
wheat and contains no caffeine,
nor any other harmful ingredient
OrderfromyourGrocer TODAY
Postum comes in two forms:
Instant Postum (in tins) prepared
instantly in the cup by the addi
tion of boiling water. Postum
Cereal (in packages, for those
who prefer to make the drink
while the meal is being pre
pared) made by boiling fully 20
minutes. .
"There's a Reason"
Mad by Postum Canal Company, Inc, Battle Craak. Mich.

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