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Oxford eagle. (Oxford, Lafayette Co., Miss.) 1876-current, September 28, 1905, Image 4

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The Cmm cf Vbo Proas Crosby b Ooo
of Thousand* of Cm Vfci# by I rla I
£. n=kbUB*i Vwro'-Atk* CoapouM
assay w-rnen mlia that rn.<*a
CtTiA* - th - halazt'^ wheel of a
Vonto o . an*l wh •- » • w^taan is
enu>’ • fr» '--m pen • •-*} *affermr
it is a •* the plan «•# nature that rion ,
iboc i saif« r so «c*erdT
Tbou^ i» 4 Aat-nraa vwnrn. how
•W.hat ' -.*! n 'f frujalnwcthlj
•Riff**- v • g I - ‘ a fw f'inkhaac.«
♦ ■Mne-.-vf a* * tV numt
tkor^ih f^nalr prjfn'.at/v k»wa to
oeiirai wirore. It rum the
which w mn. h •iisnwf*)Ct uxi
tx •*<> na-r -*ruati n of its terrvjcs.
M;vi !•> >* t r- . of 111 «~har!f o
fftrwt SanxiMh. • *a. wrte* :
- Lrdw F f -»4&mb « A -c*cat— * e
t* a tr»* frv**l t*> v «*aR. It W cf
N*~*»- t.» w>^ • wurrg use wrnrslar
•wl pwm/n? nnsirwCTn «»TTtka*£
*J«* tat ft *«t ao: I rtoth r-- onar»i at to
•tte r - .- W vrmxk ~
VV"*n.-n who are tmnKM with pain
fn: «< rregoiar wnttrxa^o. ho-k
* «• ' j «r AttaVanr . !nw>e
rh-r*. fa’ ..~z ;n1aoxa*>« nr n'or»a
t oo of thr aterv\ ««arian tn*f*V*,
that ** learnfdiitwa * fo ug. rt.Xii
**- fa ’•.in* - - • • j«ps* *n. r- -«»:
po>vtrr»*»« * *c the b k«, ta* e
i’XTanlat** a»* *a to trarl off the am
ms «r>, as*l he re^eni to
p r,f<t h*-a!* h ard ^r*r jth hr takiar
Lydia B l*;nkha?n *» Vegetable fona
rtfltvf. and then arte to Mrv Philc
nL Lmn. Ma*«.. f*«c farther free »i
vve Tf isiaia hare been erred hj
•o doing.
jtst asd JocrLAsrrr.
Pnigg'f" ‘T>i : Mrs J-»t'a get tbo
tr* : cel ? Ass.sl
aa! — I t «->e h* ; r. I saw the bliada
dowa this oortitf *
IVw-or (to M*s pe-rkir- whose bus
hard is 1 —"Has he had atr lucid :n
terra> Mr* Perk*cs <with crally*
— "K s ad r thing except whai you or- •
dered. doctor."
She (tt.ck tg to take b:« tr.cd off*—
•"How resr.es# :te wares, are cat They
always seem to be clamoring lor some
taicg I *a: —"Well, they w c t get it if
l can fcejp it."
"Try i a *> p!*a«sr**r "o'1
ffe* photographer to M- Tt> Pt st
~R*rremb-r. I air. making ibeae pinarea
at fcaif the u*-oai rate*. - Thera.
Uui will do nicely.*"
""Why do you call b^r^Le "regwlaront
and oot summer cirl 1 * * Because *!x* s
positively the limit. I ve known fc#r to J
walk yi blocks in the blazing me just

"Sow." fa l the clerk, "this Is a eery
good hath sport-~ "Oh!” errlalmed
the customer. "that won t do. It * too !
l«r=" Xartil Why. u's rather
• nia.i for a bath sponge.” Perhaps
tat I tire la a flat "
Sparta—.—“They say that •*rdencte»
e*:;:--.-»-l la parer*. w*:i crop oat la
eh Ires hunlmt—*Js I hare j
tear: On "hat hyprehee.s-fee romark
able latellignrr of yoor children is per
frc-ly understandable -
The rod hand in heraldry is the <<is
tdneiir* badge of baronets.
A »{ of oil has been obtained from
the tr.rroe of a .ingle whale.
- s sing mg hme is estimated as
•qtml in worn to 12 women
Atlantic nera . —. - .me* bc-n as
m :- h as X*> *. .ns of coal per day
More than be 444 stamps annaa-ly
aie :• IS said, f -.ad lam is the *t
ter-boaes of the Cmted Krii-m
Free- s judges and Jwi.ci*;
are f ib-1 i-n by -he eogweet* of their
FT f* «... in from r ling in aa omnibo*.
Mane pai;j*-rs tare lired to be 144
years old. bet her* a nog a single
recurs of a mi. - nalre at:a.:,ng aat
A Soa'.ng berth dropped 1* *h#
Gnif stream as it lates the Galf of
Merita rj craas the Atlantic i* about
1“ day*.
The amount of capital 1st..ted la
Groat Br.taia ta cattle, sroep, ; ir
ani poo.try a estimated at ahe-st
a.:- - e>
Any thud oree seres a liable t»
prosecution as a criminal la England,
bat In Germmy twelre a ta* limit of
Emerald and beryl are composed of
pro r the same - :t-s*aro-- erc-pc
for co ring matter; amethyst and res
crystal are likewise identical.
The caps day of the year la Loo
gen a 1«»* boom, da New York 15
boor* in St PecersSwrg If. :n Torn**
■arireiess in Sew Zeamad.
Tb* \*» Zealand pa-am., genera,
hope*, with the e* • pern ion of Aw
tralia. ro bar* wireless tewsrraphy «*»
tab 'k'd arr-ss the Tasman m s this
a aoetha. The cost will he fii.'O*.
death seemed hear.
R» » Chgago Tau Fmad ajf Whm
Hope Vu Fart Fa<Lsg Away.
Mrs. E. T. Goali M« W Lake Tlini.
Chkago. EL. Bays: ' Doan s Kidnee
Fills are all that saved ate from death
at Bright * Disease, that I kaon. |
and frequent, anc
eery bad in tp
F”111^ It was in 1J*3 that Dcaai
Kidney Pills he: ped me so quickly anc
cared aw of those trosble* and I ts
asea well ever since."*
BaW-Miihar* Co.. Balfalo. X Y
<*ra«iat*. Frica, *
Food for the Anm.a.j Must Cictaia
Protein Saflccst to Meet
the Expenses.
Al a (nartrioa of dairyman. in a
21- a*ioa of he Ulat. nf rrmt a
-p»ak*r said
ATI aaisa require a tbe food
'•no iX* Jlh-' * • meet ?b* • It#t-es
■>f tbe My a firryat -.a ita phrsio
KxkiI fsnrfloe* E^ecr roT»at*a*. ;
of masrie *he teatiax of tbe bean.
Uratkisc eti rs-'rrires the fipee4i
tar# of #e^rcT tbaf i- ae« !arc*iy fma j
certain n*aap»uads ta tbe f*»*i wh i
oiapoaad* we rail jr *rxa We kaow
tbea that if aa an.aeai Is to lire an.
norfc. tbe fool bi ? rvataia pratela j
^uflkvit to ae»' rbrir encstaat ex
p* The bar-S-r aa a-.itaaJ wort*
the er-s'-r 'bene h-nre the
a»rr prot#ia asst »1k fowl ^r'aia
Araia. »• dr* car?*'hydrates sad
fats to aronsBpfith a»>*hr psrpne |
The ;eaprn?Br* of a <r*m 5s cwia*. ]
ptartjrally a* X F It ss ««•
«taat la man a* 'be same mark Hiw j
<■-'*#etiaJ it s baf 'hr* •twriif teas- 1
**- r*- re ‘ ,ra a* • *ery appwr*
en* !• the bnman >t«?«sb mb#a we r*a
i'rr on#-ha f Vtr** he- w aormaT
Pts? as a rhill. wki'e o~e ha f to oa*
>rr»* »Sii« t<eau‘ ; cs a frrw
e«tber mt-i;T>« !n<TI'Wr»';fit tbe j
Ml fur worb I' - —
to keep tbe le^jwrsnir* «f a te»X tbe !
of X row af der*ee F hT *b# j
aid of aa oil ’aasp we wo*14 »«a he j
a»1< a«ar» • . - of
* k«*pi*c cp :kt*
of )•*■’ hit »)# has o«3y
o*»* «0"rr» WpO* wb Hi n 4B*d
tkat U naa;f««>> the wd rncwia*«l
TV r*m:iar f n - ..«« or th*
#n’*' and far* is m !•*-» up ’h* hdr
•’ppl’i nf hoa* fa far* • v^r ar* «or*
**1 * v« h*t' pr -1 •' • i i®* tV
mtrpnrod* of :V fond TV* «r,.
•a'* of a ' ilav**1 nr»a tfc** W5«‘4»
’» MTPlT'.ftf - tr.-fh ptw a m
<i> rf fij* sr-*^t* of rr/-p!i*o
to *)># aaivaar« v>fr and in -7pp?T.ar
a s'iflkimt a»o3* of ra;..^r.ira**»
and fitj to a:aTO*a;a th* • »p*nt ir*
of ta* tBipiaS * bnfr
An ®r Wfc'fh ¥;!!
A'^osxJttt Th tr Catflt
and Seven Hare**.
J hn F *»• <-«v ® y
N Y a rliB of * * 1«;ry ba-e
tc Hoard's I>»ina!ar Tfc:« kat'dirc i*
j*i*« ' • - . * ■*
tTKitT and has r-zaainc wat*r Ir r*ai
ily Bor>m»«?a’« >• rattV and <*T*a
»*vs, hesKks !ait* aat-nrs of f*o|.
Th* hors* stab - at* a* *h“ >ft of
ike nas doi may and a f*nm the
bamsard op*a* ta«o *h m a!**. r*y«
Vr HashTry^k Tb * -*r f . -a rse"*
covered by plaak* TV:? #h* <tat •<
can be ea*..y c«ean-: and a * :nd -« -
aN ve ear* mier >=a I n.ikes them
i:?ht and well ventilated 7h- «ow
stable? at the bark of the tai'diag are
placed jo aocumm-late * ie rattle in
para^el rows with a 12-lcot »;a«e of
l^elias floor between w«:h hay rhat't
fi ■ -m the mow above opening upon ii
Tneae assist teaiilalioa. He«e a^u
are concrete fioc rs and gutters, and th*
l*r^w Utter earner running isio the
t am yard makes it p.s.-ible •© r—»<»♦
all refuse and «an* Seanlsaess ^oaie dis
tance from the buil'-:.~ g fsr s'anrn
of the a • >mat;r make and a
patent feed marser has been provided
for ea* h an.aal
A* -he end of the feed fir«.r is a’
r*nall milk r-.® wb-re \> ns Ik a*
ve .jvS-rr - - »- ra *»a the risb'
f*de r.f the oa:a %«orway j a spao
1x4% fee: f. - -- Hay s r*«i in
4he wpfer p»r>a *»f the ham and a
pntrn: hay ri^as nz apparaas is hve
w«e<t The 4n veways are tP»wL u:
t»*» in»fc of bar fis b. a«a>
i ?*- ^a» tib.. 1 -bmk I ba<. a
■ n't»c! bars I f 4atj »si
z*t.* ral farm w.
Fcut Buasr-xs Why the Tree* Do Xot
Produce the Fruit Which It Is
Seasonable tc Expect.
The Hf.aous experiment «tati>« has
doae eomsiderahie work cm orchard
cwitivmitam and management. In bul
letin the f iowiig are ct-b as
^»r of ik» realms why many or
<*hard* are uaprodsetive:
1 T* • > nasi gr«• *■*-;-«■ are piyrtis*
• crop t Jw» given *hem without put
xg forth any - *.j. n—lve*. aT-r
the tree* have tw-ea set. The app.e
I reuaires tb-* ante carefa! utew
' toon as other farm crops.
| - t-ar * of a-otsrr is a ossaioa
■suae of fa ire 'opevTally in anuhern
I- Thu is because grass and
’ cehrr crops are silesef to Compete
with the Tree* for tfce Kntdsrt sap
plied by ratas Water is jot as eseea
t a! to the tpfh tr»e oa a hot sum
mers day as it is to the laborer ia
the harvest arid
I- Injuries resulting from attacks of
m*eets or of floras :.sense*. These
depredators consider test they hare
as much rght to the products of the
farm as does the farmer himself. fbr
this reason he most get his artillery
and ammunition to fight the enemy.
4. 1-ark of fertility is a common
cause The apple orchard cannot
produce a profitable crop unless pro
vided with as ample supply of nitro
gen. potash and payphone acid, aad
the same reasons may well apply to
he unproductive orchards of the other
states of the Mississippi valley.
Rotation of Crops.
A systematic rotation of crops 4 nr
esseBi.il part of successful farming. To
keep accurate across' of such rotation,
every farmer should have a map of his
farm showing each field and each crop
daring consecutive leasers
The - Dual-Purpose" Arii.l
We doa t take mueh stock is I be
-dual-pnrpQse- animal. There is ar
oM saw that 'anything that Is worth
■Wag is worth dates well ' This
specialism—hat be reasoaab>
about in.
The Story
*V(kf HemJ .-erpof'i cet a acre
eathmsimtic • dm* in fr -acs m ben
Sip* mat an oid and tried friend,
or mhere it met a termr it a forts
ta. H fcfir ■no^ita'i-o* lofrit
om SapnLo f te nr J. tbnrexrfb clean
lag >t* emery part of the A note ewerpt
the hmmmtrm. they wrjnn .-ii srti heart
loom of time, to as ad of raft a me prise.
OnOby Bale hands, amdstained. m-ori
mom older ernes. t-Vaened. rottentd.
and tnyntkcd oat as ft ty ns eye, caf.
tarf specs di-n speared and m»
pie ta ns rJeer.rL Children ceased
their arena,. s objei rant to the n i ^
tins op process, bs-aose it f -rami a
elector Gs'd'
$£m<s -
pfrasare. h freshened a? ry besots
after dsb-masbiai. manut the most
tSsafrreabtc featen of dr; airtsarr
task. It mas femes! to keep d.-O^te
k^v cl -«c 9-ns. oa , V- rV.a
aahe or pOK. Jsr, xvi the cr^mafag
mate it the sort of de&gtM cm * V»
»a mduU member of the ftt—#7r jro# it
kt m /jr SrtX a '/ reaMr* f Out m
Torlhft Firth at a (mat of ~te daCar
■ ■*> outdoor by a smaS fraci.. : of the
btt*e. tem*tear, rrfrcfr trie.
Bi-f. stnoge tfx^yft it ray seevr.
there mere people *.» ktf s.j IcarmcJ
ro prfar To i&r ad*er*
tMmg of hacj Sapofy» *.ar~r as a
surprise. Sapoia** a UMurlsg soap*
adapts- to- the harm: , the ixr. thr
general fci^Ks^*. ft » nutd
be bom I W>-> ee .~r ft_ -n! of <jrt a
■“ •* Ffmsgy a i shopper carried
boar a cake. tw« ft *»>*: Jffc* Eft.
c*e» Sapolio? So one if sure, aid a
cake of that is bmght. and
m*ie. Beep’d a family hvt; t--.h tbs
SapoGo* for retry com. ch able per
goo*. and maparitsf n let.’ After
rasMy and goIcily rrttpsy
pmm otth SapoGo. Jane taomght use
other momfd be grim, and mas mstoo
isbed at the srrti .;... dainty lather.
Another mas certain it momfd tardea
cuss ls umu
tOSusiS--^! X r'-.. F X.l
cm* a. iht NfS !k * a ; k .
art mt mc-m-x. x kU' — X
TVs i . ars a- > ... ■ «ft _
Iklikaiiklin,* EE
l As asssr ca. as s. Ask
AsM iiwc m *-»l » n»t ta» K <rvi(r •irnr_
TV **$-.▼ s l —-- **
the h&-otS and could searceiy r cab re
bom toft and - comfy they faff after
tho mashiog.
Theabegam the excitement of ad* en
tore: »bat mood the mem soap SOT
do? A girt tried a shampoo. Her
hair, pretty, soft end silky -mem op”
perfectly, mitb mane of the ust-mcage
ebfemess that generally e dits for a fob
nrek after the tnnal process. A mam
and felt an med for coU creaaa after
aarda. A pimply face b as treaten
* * daily bath- img > ith the
fall aada. and / \ promptly he
CARE of your mouth and
neglect yocrforee. the myriad
mouths of your skin? Hand
St polio does r t g! « them
ever, or chemically dissolve
their health-giving oils, yet
clears th-rn thor.jughly by a
meth.jd of its ova.
tion. ua another family bad joined the
charaa at friendly acclaim. And an h
h everywhere, those who know the
Its steady ose wi:! keep the bancs
of any busy etraa as white. Tss
tanned and pretty as if she was
under the constant care of a city
maiticttre. It is truly " The tlaieiy
Woman's Fiend,” in the s.carta
oc on the farm.
Those n-ly dark brown streaks
on the neck, arising from tight
collars and the Loe where the
snnbarn stops, can be wiped out
by the eeirely lather of Hasp
St Potto. It is. indeed. "The
Ilaisty Woman s Friend”
fce.1 .. , i.^sSUmaSi , ...
Cociasr.ity That Abhorred the Frills
sad Farbefcrws of Mod
era Prrfrtn.
Na-ar h X rthnaptoo rosaty. Pa.
If rinse !<• n irv It is » *r">apt:
<>f N >n is» aad MessnittNi with i
tart* f i»1 I»f^st N Hfap thmop
u for c**1 sr*sw. |t ts ror««t to
lire th* Nspb life ta4 abhors the 1a
!en’«e« tai frills «f ahat is y«e—
lari; raiH ftvq&em. Mf» the rhaM
piu Teletcnph.
A Philadf brcaa nf wvity r^wtel
•k* or: f day fncea a varanoa sprat ta
;b* pmst n*l -ea. He aare a m
via* -14 »»?r*-ra nf tie «iapiHtr d
r*»- r - te .Vrlsafoa settle
I «nymrk+4 mj trip a? :1*
ma \*4 r»* nit for the e rht I
! Sear- Lai oalt'H to tar lade ay
pe>icjv U«i ax r**t of the elahe
ate H n a vjrs of the ara a
Mw*’4. I sir -v licit* of oar of the
«r c*an - >res wkirl the plane
*« - A I*"* aii*tr* Ja er I na
fmated jev'crietor tapaiiac
hat Kazan v ~ xh- shy a* ^ ima< I
«**d*d to • wa dovm easy as-i
‘ T *aa a * zv* *h:rt"
“TW f - *'’. *.rr ITfrarw* ’rap'*.
a? f bat faaHy a lick*
JV'I oa l a Trrs Bfta a »k >
* f ipria a tick- shirt. A shirt
to «*rep fm*
V’ - d -be r«r»4*^er *1
atxV *h r*d W|tV Jnpt
• va-3 *he «rrre* rsay hare oae*
Joo# * fa f ars r
*«■ T “I ir' WitivHl «• Itf* iR Nva
J'-'t a fa«jiin vr* wV>!r faf**r
” r to ?W t«»t Htt »»■»< tp
• <b’r avf H» pt1tH vi’lta
* ‘I v Iitl’ s&frt am4 »w *4!
t*»: » f3»* w t« r«-| •
• J. -© « iry<p?T cvR-Vrf a**^ ** *■*.
T*' •• r - -*• -/ ay riwa Miry*l
an* <v# ton * *
I* -aV prlipL t«> ua.i M «a»K
• i.s: »!># r*tvaM| mymtfi T*f»r-y
t* »* to twrwv Ho »«H
T v ** " *r »» tv’ -win to ’«**&
iv t •» «v- -4 * prt f»ro l **v»rt**
“ tV I •"■• Vtit pr»n»>M fr*
»'l T”*i TO •” CP* f X|f A*» Of
4’i. mr| 1-a* tfco Wav of
ttfVr I %u | law <wr# *o tins
arv * W* a «**— m iiwy tv. a»i
I iffw vo Ivr nt •
"Wrr * :» 1 4»« * b^W# *W» *r
s la!* *n»i *<«it ili**i tv ’V W ~
a;! Wao* «*ir t* *» pat ra( tkv
-D® Oiitn «r They W5H D» T*a~
X:t « Ar—.nxiw
as Sstvov*
*>« a new eatrh phrase or arnts
t»f inks « <r»v* These ar acf u
uau .-airly u»« «s he emj ssrl
u4 knidyie m The hi* we
*r» Tree* -© kee of the Hml
;ai. -a ihar ha/ <f s-oifref s.-am
Th wee and f»- How-ser it
w. Sd ke 1/T Wire iwt k«RU are
■' i ’/ to rtne tbnwcfe rhaare.
fis»esi»«» — Dk-kras in >am if the
•er? WS» thus Us wot heel sail be
it Tsar Tome *s a shore to rust to
5 1 W Th»* tfce see-atarly isrfn
Am- : vani.to D< others or they'll do
j/wi is wot as ABevusa at all
ar - noroTier 'hat it was owtrte! a
a little diaeer />et—u:ia between
Joa_- rknnlefti! a ad his father aur
rears ago ia ’he e5-Ttn:h chapter of
Mar’in Chartlrwit -
" There s i»«kr ifitt that is sk
easily overdose fiTVr.* reTaarhed
A*-ass af’er a short slkaep
""'hat s that*" ashed The fatfcw.
CTiosjas already ia aatkipataoa.
lareaia." saM The sua -Herr s
she rale for knaiw—'Do other area
for Tier w««H do vow ’ That s the
Itwe has.new precept. All others a.—
The dele-Sited fa-h-T inhaled Tils
sea -Tae-i SO the eebo; aad w-rs »>
ti -kied by it That he was at the pains
ef iaiSFTias the same to his aacea*
'--eh. wV> nkrl his hands, wadded
its pal- --! head wished hit water
*>** and med in hts whistling -oars.
■CftK rood Tear »i soa. Mr Chxc
tfewTT" with -very feeble dearmstfa
•y-a e ’ delight that h» was apaMr of
—ah lor
As: ;he old traa wight has» add'd'
in lew anl troth. 1 think it will je
•vsar pnpalar ia tier ”
Bees as Arr tints.
When was a needed a-ennis tnbet
<d ee f-eVvted rttttrms pne with howey
ar • karr ftp ia chares • r ttniiw ewrh
hre r tdk by her float feet to tat
k sd feet of the awe »S» re her M»
Japanese acrobats. and there they ro
=-*•- wamcare* tor two days. bbuI the
*« •**#* »if t' f»t*l am from
rsery pocket It is sot hard u> asder
,r«1 that. stare mark homey » needed
■ r ’h» maisfarsure of mat a he* after
Si:-.n* W'*h tk* raw aa»ra: would pro
dare mack more »u by keeping quiet
-kan by using asy of tk* gorged kneey
' er energy ia Boras afecvt and ink
*ec Bat the necessity of -h«5«;ag
buds' while tbs work gees oa — - -T
*s*r retnmia to as aaorber orewlt rn
d*ar« of tke clew* rrte’nns in rbe tew
commune —Chantry Uf* in America.
Cot too 3d it. Sir!' carping! y cried a
hypercritical summer boards- addrrea
ire *he genial proprietor of tk* Tatar*
Ir* Cream Parlor, ia Pruntytow* -g**
here, what I hare foaad la my ■**
cream—It looks like a botch of w am
5-’ it done, for a fart, bat I Coni „e
derstaad bow it u preanbiy br wh*
j V«rs ' was the reply -fer we met* that
ere iee cream with shared ire.”—Pack.
Undcn's Consumption of Ire.
London aes ia one way or another
quit* »*»<»* tons of ice a year and
Saw at present is consuming consider
ably orer l.saa ions a day. Alibisigh
a great deal of ice is made artificially,
nost of that mnsamed here is aatn.-al
and Norwegian. Th* Norwegian xe
erep m an arerage winter cartes from
half a million to CO* *ao toes. At least
half sf thin comes to the railed King
dom. the rest going to the eoatineet
Sot That Kind.
Mm Cafiertr—Of wad loike C git a
pair o' shoes fer me bye. sor
Clerk—Yes madam. Prench kid’
"So. begorm. Irish-'—X. Y. Times.
London's Debt.
In IS years London has more to*
trebled its debt aa-i doubled its ■—
tiou. Dating -he fire years ending in
!»1 th* lowest rated parish only ywid
is 1M in the pound, and the most
highly rated paid «e id. To day the
lowest rated parish pays Cs (f whik
ir4 PopUr the rates have reached II*
Ib the porn 1
Taken Its.
Eiplorer— What tee* me of that e.
eaurt who w»: up cere last locw
Csns.-bti Chief—O. lu rime lcu> ye,
tribe.—rtiiaceiphla BaDeun.
\ POC8 ««II.
sics Ktmrpv
p»-«-s» cisno.
V-v I*- » > N •V'-T sjnert,
w Ij»p. NiUit Trsa^vrilfs:
*1 iuis* kj»l pw hrai h for tV past
r -Bfi^ars. fans m (V hark up( r*>
■s4 •ft*;'. mA v> i> »r. vita hrirax
a pa *v
-t frii!arf.»fc> *« rmp*fi«Mtsi«c
i*oof f*erwra VtnWftef I irj M.
— I !•■«* t f-<r !^a 4i-» »a-l v»s««r
w i»'i to tfarf tkit I M wslinle ;a.a
**I tVrrf re ««• to v«p it t»!
it tV p 4 of taa nn«tkft b»t paiss k>i
wii. It t ieryai’rti
—I tue Vrs »'f f*c V« •/ hem**
timte mm4 feet tem yemr% jmmmger. I
t m very grmtefwi m ymm~"
Ci»**rHi >4 *ke w*pml m-fa frv'a
i lr e^s av»r the *trvsr.lk t»* f*
3 BPS lhe Tst*Ji» T XB>I P1B»PS kPmW
hna IVfvaa La tie
HtH Irrr4 ft Bret.
Fr ivJ IV r*a tk ak 4. m‘
vHI «a-»p«ire*2v taLr tie Ipurv W »W rr_i
tv*1* EafVkwk* f4w» ■ I s.+rntr
■ hmk •* TV r* r**4 «JM LSjMS ?»•>•
far .6s« tw m tiu» ma:n L.m--<V
"kr* Trieskp.
Jca:i2f a: a
* \* 'W «/ •*-* liJNW *~w
WkW oar ta 4ay wk m «mfehac I
pa*a*'-m,:so*J“ «aa£ t ecr* *•»**» C5rjcA-?*r
*tk' Mb.* nriukpJ «w «.•». ~:Vs
rnt *Tt* li- H t« Irny bp - ,
KM*«ar Mar, oa'i j^pei
—- ■■■♦
H* Was S„-fT
H*r. .--?e—CV^-.-r « - bp- • f. up
» *4T- *. w i*A. r.aa i-r a
IWrvvw—Is i'« >• * 4
“ V*- • f-rifi ** •-• » cm-o jvci^sre u
NKfirf.'-PU* ■ -1 R/**vi
Six Doctors Failed.
S'rtk I»4. M-i 25ek «Spe<iilK
- \fi*t fltfmmc !r*mn k-ivT FWm for
%nr tr»T' ai er tiliaf tmtsm: k *
« faction vitWt
Mr -J O. Li-. >smb. «i tk** pbc.
is»i wet <aly rr*icf. kt a ny-Iy n4
h«mBf4e*e me ia Doifs K.fwr
«< k« care. Mr. balmu «i;«:
“Yc*. I wferef from RiJiey Tnaik
Ear tire* year?, awi ined «i foct.T* ••
r^wi TU I tprA raM tv . km -d ;
fMf’» Kv'vt P15*. it>i :kr r - mly
nr kt w^c ac i
kah) a e*wnl. Of ware I rr-m
K>Wr P"» t» orVrrv.
i*i I Vvt a *w*vr *ȣ>> are _ra^
l+*w vita «ard
M-’ I.ivVmis* > avt n
lam. TV-sm** Sri* r^e ?i:*5«lar ciywi:*
««♦*. F<*r »krc *r*-c pc- mom a cm*
pf Kmc* TrrnMe irw Pi ■ wk " >
Rr*kt‘* ‘,'»rH* tv TW«s K Hb—* rflf
ovU *M m*. TW rW cmfrr m>
bir tlui *rcr —r** 5 Br^bt ' D ! ••
Ccvidat Be Worse.
Tarfer i! S Evj-tit? !!oe
I »t. kaficW. j* w : * *J a* worse tkaa ;t
v» lame Htf.
Usf, x b^mtUr. rr'-J»iy.
— • -
TV* L* HiWi aw imaH for tkr
oi«n*L 1-e at fd^-*•* :<&r uw
—1 »■ **- * ^ tke moot ca. u*r *s
toi r*.i»4 4 Nf&i. tkat ka* yet U.a
h* * tb wir&ct. It a t«*«a a* u*
boint .Vauikwc Xcnui i V »x
h«cm. 4*4 s* (wnM fry rtat>«uy
*tc Utuno. iie Lac («;*«*• bn^n. ,
X- J-. u»: )UU*rt»va, a «ijuat «« fe
R^r*. 2f 5a kvian! *• S' r
lie K »e»- lie **»*» tii t» te
lee 1XI » of a Bile apn; for tke mi
•« tie WBe. ascot see a*i •ae-ti.ri |
•a** apart- It mull roqaiee ate power
fiaata tor liarp^ tke iilann. wkek
Wtl he r rated at Kof«: r! Jrnitea
Rtkcwf Jawrt *e. Mi n. Orfoef uf
HfOiVl am. Ike Lae to he pettevte-i su
two xa»i kw uaeko at ihfmt ^au
“4 a tke Boat roarer: ri pm ot tke Erie
►jateaa. Hitherto a tomil Uvi. aui
a a tower wttk RpHk apn-ei by a
toweneaa. kaa hen aai aa a Mart pa
teetaM, let kaa brew tonae-i teat to
toM-ii1 aa aw mat •: lute, for farther
fr tectato. ami to arrewrale ike sat
newt of *.r»-a» Tke tow »- otoer w-3 he
n'.eaiol iter tke ow. ee lee to tke fatwrc
fbe Atfrae which fa catotorm to i3
tot rata if asnetr a that tke i*r :by
WTXO to m tke toot of alt boor apt
l‘< irwets m>! of defeseri-.m yet
to atei. k- l". T.toer.
ScSert-i Ajtsy and Eii to YSTear
—nififea All the Time—Aa
ether Con by Caucusa.
Aaeeker nre hr Cbtim a foU of by
lira tar-far Cabo, of Watari. « «
IB the toikew* mufti letter: 'Mi
Stohasl itfEorr-i leer arth rail tun
oa kr kiak. aaf 1 <ri I., keep taeto
haaelacee ali tke •.ace. We tried net
»Af*l fl *; --ura. «•**■ *** *4
Cvws Soap. Os'KC'E-. ami Pus* cvmi
ksm «•£***?. ami km k*ml* k**e tm «
»»• « «* poamkie em time*. 1 d fe «*
tius letter wJI be u* ^ r.: - »
•case ocWr w^mr."_
Oae tkeay j i . a> rritrrr : :•
M “tbe Kk :®« t rhkd ci it*
ur*m Tv-ur pa^b* ..
K«»i G'W» Barstcc? ef Saa Prta
X !ta oa’y TJSll TiC" 1Bli«
a X I X;X i f iTXKf la
tX T; »:t Hoo<mr iX a a ia*
perttraer oa IX lasnsuti of Xr
oara aultoc. She a 'i^natMiX
Titi utin nfTini aa a Uw tar.
A faanx Aiinatet ci:Sr. ia -.X
■Says »fc»a fX ama a tasr.a «at a
•rv atiferaeao. Sat yet iirl a: if
an o' K WiSIImi K-Laxiii *u
ia the A-lirnafar kt tXi tkrra arrr
■m Sat OM laiai trafi*. ati X
aad St. Reels latfiv rat xr oaca at
Ike Itfiaa Xtu to X t»:el
Gr»n McCBrtaia. at«a>r of JX
fSottia aaita. X9 tak* ia piaff
UMf tke al .raa.Tt era iat Ho
arsiof ap IX afart of IX trtSa r*
cae'ly iarolTiof tx aa> "f roal iaatt
■ -* ta eont or tkta porrkaf
an Got. MrOartals «fll rarrlTa tea
per c*at. aa naatabk or
Mr. v & Pratt of AfSaata. Go.
X uF to X the ooly T.-au ocotk of 1
Cina ia IX iaaxr -r».Se *ira
taa trm Sy >M *a* Oil •ap-.jvi
oaat cot of toataea Tl ioit it. xt i
day t itriat a pottos »i» "F*"! aa
ofka at! X«u o>n:»aa To-iay
■X X Xai of a fra iasCiaf IV
a*, of haX: enotkiy
IXraikrr Hrotoo. Tie Sas don V
aas for fha rfcoapeotaic of pota.
caBamtoa la Gnat Br.-u arere
tke inraatioa of a Xocot to ukt iX .
pm: * pm* niTtsi it a. mi .
aisspC Is Aim i«nf«<»-t>lfpt»if
:-f a so n.1,1 or Jo S*« To-k
okeo a M!*r to Ctuii as p»o
ikrcork V» Took lot a pvsay.
Mr r.'.on to tor exe ij^J »
k» cmttt- Ho «o 10 Vetwe ex eStt
in' ly trf r* a fir's oo .ain uf
• o m t» a»a»4 Vy a fnraf ua* 1
A*a*» Jo wit Ik Ktv* » Ho
«i‘ to <ti«4 rkt k «r»* k
rrjjy satf: ~lMra Mr Afict « -
•m afiuji yox oa eVmrirsty. ar t t
or. kaia«n’* *Ji' k tai to *ay
« ‘.1 :k tjpartisa”
Tie izrnmt of Ctfo* nlnnUr A
* rt y safer S>.iH a year.
TV wait forester of XaaiAtma
j»ps :k aatj of teiKij a !t« |tk
lac srkoo&x
Tkr opts rt V aakis: sack k»!»aj
ia Orsaii tkxt AiHus tkexsf tot M
v* li**f to »t®fy <« cf trkooL
I'tler 'to tspra of I Or rumtil.
cf liuto* atiwlaii. a Jokccm
lit j for wata ociy t» sera
jpr® 4 ia ti! rai
Si.raat ta part of tko. «nsa'«a«f
tv pakix vim a of iarmatk Uj
M TV Sort air uka to IV tier*
-1 gardes as i are [rtsec IB iVj cas
iwa St yanis ia tk* sea
Tko .sputa iotrse njarisc 'k ap
yregrubox of tospos for ataiv nn
t* fsuptai N :n Ckaa H-raii. a
: -.s* anal oat ia Asks- A*. LacOca
ii few tory large .sages onai j to
ike r~.< of incrarsxc ka*e tees itrs
foot ta sake noa t,r 'sn. ei-trse
leys » stagy Dglst
Tie am-irai of saay Riafcoa frta
Ida to itier as stares's ai ike !x
gerai ttincsitt aaf srkoefts of -.or*.
M"««y at TA» kat »t tatef Jasoiy
It «u .itittv ixeejekrair (V ieausa.
cf ike p i: Is tax u-oo. kora
Sisaii. at Tokic tit* year tor ue lrs*
tiee xuk proa: eeias.
Ia eke n: snag aarxisa ike vi,:. j of
Fitke are to (ijer aes; oc ax ea
:sm« scale xttk a iys-'x cC lewt.sg
fciMory ly Osa fresseg io regresos.
raraeaa go ton's as.i Axncim. A a*,
cesrfal otkiV-toe of tko xeskof a
Para ecs * r-ee Ktai«s tkas ikm
ncr;-. is tkr giaa. Tke faggots ar-*
cale to xose ky arta of svAos cores
kax>iie4 iron stoie. ox a axanrs
«xr«s Tio XaBs iejr»s»at xgacJu:
««« a tke kistary of tke caxacry.
SAMs ASS tatma
TV-re an ia Kagaa.1 ISAM past f
tre saTtsga Vslt
Tke Saxe of Tke V ierarii to*
Wk K IM1 ono w-re gout ikaa a le.i
z year ago.
Tke- P-A- f a# anait a aaaU ksU oo.
kai« dcueef mil KC.M onr
a f«r ago. has tint r. ■ .>:).,- *r
R iK larger.
The anngt *cie cimluiM of the
io;«ra. Bask of Germaay ta 1M
was «X313TjM«: tS> «>i .*»
or December Jl. lowest. CHCl.*,
oa February 3
The Bank of Ftaac* las earned oa
nock ticaasge deaiisgs tot is ca
isaen tun IfK. The rohsme of
sack tatiaesa ha* increased from ft>.
Mh.hM la lVxi to FT*.bUjM» ta 1>M
The rale of lacroase la the British
tasking deposits is aasatisfactory ac
corviias to the Loadoa Ecooomist—
a fact which that Journal npCaias by
the georral fllriu*it:t dec eloped ey
.eceat prosperity.
German cap.ta.ara are to opea a aaw
oaak IS Soda. Bavaria, oa October L
The project it regarded with disfator
by Aaunaa laterest*. who charge tier
=aay with "foUowiag sp a lytiea of
Knoakil spproprtauoa ta the east.*
la saciags bask deposits this com -
try leads the world. Owr deposit*
imo-wased at the begiasi&g of this year
to P.W.1W.L That mm occraa
ilerau anagi hy KK W.tW. aid
"he German ai.igi ocztraa anything
is Estop* by (I S* Mo B>it a the
uaor. of arsgs pe tnhabitaat
Great Brttaia ttaads at PMf Otr
ssaay a: Ft It. asi the L" sited aa. -*
a* pra.
Jeweler—Tear watch * ■ e« to be
amgaetted Hare yoa bees a-ar a
dyeamm lately?
Town* Maa-Xo: bat I—er—called
«n a rery ancutin you* lady
aight—Chicago fatly New*.
“Did he accsaily dare to seal a Ua
from jar
“Tee ha* ! made Ba pat k back.'_
Royal Magmnae.
order. tmM iNin K the < of
uninef ratal organa la tta »fi
The ram which fVhnro n3 be read
art* {treat aw~t few all wfatu n >t
' the whole Wr. and ref and to
tni-rhi few the
Mia. Ida A. Oai
"UJaaea# IttR I’-rat taken iTIwuh
what at few* appeared to he a fewer. I
•eat feraphrwa — wh> prtmnenred at
warn rfeowic ermpelat aad ad it
wonkt he a fane Oat before I go* wed.
** ^ fe_a
icmd al! ntf BJ bnit. M/ereswre
ewoOta aad mrmad halaag cat of them
tre-ket*. I ww ta a terrible plight aad
•offered the aoa* iiate paia thraagh
<"t aj bade. The doctor oei my
rase a** a rerp teeere rat. Cotter
bit treatment, hoaerer. the atum
te a did no* diwiaieh aad the pain*
wme-h Who* tbmwgh at hndr tarreaoed
in wrertty. After bring tem Death u
-er h»rar>. withoal mmy lapontonl, I
-imatmed him.
" -^heilr after thin, on the ohn of a
frond. I bttao to take Dr. TiSaai'
Pink P f * Pl> People, two at a done
'fare times a dar. After the anal hex
had been led I wat tarprard to aocirt
(hat the itlhmmaiKa wat graag down
*nd that the paint which ear-1 in raw
e- «o mark Moot had disappeared Af
ter wag ex boxes of the fell* I vat op
aad amtnd the Wee at tending to my
hwesehn'd deters, at well as eter."
th W a ms' P«k P.IIt are nil hr
»’ d-a>rw :a nstnae or mar fee nfe.:
«a::»ed dttec* fmm the Dr Wuhamt
McleeimeCo. Srniamtadr.XI.
* '
The Highest Grade of
Cereal Food m
the World
Every Grocer Safe k.
-*• «• -J* <wm «# » |» rt Bar hr
— - "*%is uud( u -r« tars Kn u .
twntt; ahatB^-Nti.
Tim Is Xntr
- ' *■« to the F-nr
T->rt 'tar. tit (mt Istt-i-rT mrih
m*»-se rf trmi cel rfsttur A
**0*r Ttry tierW Mm Untr
sr-i"s Vmtt mi »Vn«
*>•* rrr IT TStrr?*. PsMMrr 7 Em
*Sati «««. Itr TA f-r frQ paztwsfc*.
Cfcprr-s^tr k»ris hat asrs Oiarr
**K«n ;mw teyy -Lie.
— I
W. L. Douclas
nmi HI h mma
\-k am <
TV *—n. mu r«:.a» *>.•*** ^* •
•** »«•■« •?« «f '-a* ,m* *
Vfc HA*- .- rua **»7 ,
•Raw* kt't.itf ^
! :
ASbiaimCmls.'-*. —
fc?%3-rv ««. art * ul 5* ail W: *».-»
Mn. Ca&kof** -a
L e. A TWINS (a CO. Inc
?TArfr. ■ ■. OWhfc^B i,itti-»
I Saj> BV OJCO lEJins DE^'OfV'
A. I.L-f 20*3
Cnpititirt Waited
MJO Per Week
CATlItri.MB AS1 tTW'I ■t'
*|**^**—l Mwn—a■» ynn'-iw i •
rVUnUrTsHS a., cists
c^r..:rr. ;er "r1- 1
MMk wa. StrJkv ..a. Mir*-*.
NTT. «xpmoac» %n>t tx9 joriirT-^rt.
Mmrm m» cmcaco
Save SIO.- Per Cow
few U Bnvity toting 8 jsttas
And S3, to *5. Per Cow
few JUI MifeiJh^intHs.
TwTSe Livu. SemutmTcl
(VMttlCalik. I lltMMtM

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