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Entered at the r ostoflice at Oxford,
Miss., as second-class matter
GEOKGE VV. PKlCE.~Ed.ttfr and Pub.
Published Every 'ihursdr.y_
Lafayette County Press and Oxford
Eagle consolidated August 24, 1915;
absorbed The Independent July 1, 1918
Official Organ Lafayette County and
City of Oxford.
Foreign Advertising Representative
All obituary notices and cards of
thanks are charged for at the rate of
one cent pel word, and must be paid
in advance in all cases.
Sample Copies 5 Cents Eech—None
Advertising rates, 33 1-3 Cents per
Inch for display; 1 cent per word for
classified but no classified ad taken
for less than 25 cents; 10 cents per
line for readers.
Oxford Eagle Subsnptioon Hates.
One year, in advance.$2.00
Six months, i;i advance. 1.00
Three months, in advance.50
Outside U. S. one year. 2.50
Subscriptions Are Payable in Advance
in All Cases.
No free copies; no papers sent on
credit to anyone.
Do you
know why
it's toasted?
To seal in
the delicious
Burley flavor.
It's toasted.
A bad taste in the mouth comes
from a disordered stomach and slug
gish state of the bowels. Herbine cor
rects the trouble immediately. It
purifies the bowels, helps digestion,
and sweetens the breath. Price- 60c.
Sold by A. H. Kindel. Advertisement
; World’s Leading Authorities Show Just What Tnalac Really Is
and Explain Effect of Each of Ten Ingredients on the Human
System. Power of Medicine Conclusively Proven.
| ■„
A day nlfer passes but what thousands of people ask the
questions: What is Tanlac? Why its phenomenal success? Why
do we hear so much about it? and Why has this preparation so far
out stripped all other medicines of its kind? i
The answer to these questions is easy and can be explained in
just one word-merit- Tanlac is scientifically compounded and '
represents years of work, study, experimentation and research by :
some of th foremost chemists and pharmacologists of America.
The Tanlac formula is purely
ethical and complies with all Nation- .
al and State pure food laws. -•It is
purely vegetable and is made from
the most beneficial roots, herbs and
barks known to Materia Medica. The
Tanlac Laboratories are among the,
largest and most modernly equipped !
in this country.
Ten Ingredients in Tanlac.
Altogether, there are ten ingredi
ents in Tanlac, each of which is of
recognised therapeutic value.
In referring to one of the more im- j
portant ingredients of Tanlac- the |
Encyclopedia Brittania says:
“It has been the source of the most
valuable tonic medicines that have
ever been discovered.'’
In referring to other of the general
tonic drugs contained in Tanlac, the |
13th Edition of Potter’s Therapeutics,
a standard medical text-book, states
that “they impart general tone and
strength to the entire system, includ
ing all organs and tissues.”
This same well-known authority in
describing the physiological action of
still another of the ingredients of Tan
lac, which is of value in tVeating what
is commonly known as a “run-down
condition,” uses the following expres
“It is highly esteemed in loss of ap
petite during convalescence from
acute diseases.”
There are certain other elements in
Tanlac which, because of their influ
2iice upon the appetite- digestion, as- :
similation and elimination, improve j
the nutrition and vital activity of all !
Ibe tissues and organs of the body and j
produce that state of general tonicity i
which is called health.
The United States Dispensatory
makes the following comment regard
ing another ingredient:
It may be used in all cases of pure
debility of the digestive organs or
where a general tonic impression is
There are certain other ingredients
described in the Dispensatory, and in
other standard medical text-books, as
having a beneficial action upon the or
gans of secretion, whose proper func
tioning results in a purification of the ;
Mood streams passing through them.
In this manner, objectionable and poi
sonous ingredients of the blood are
removed and the entire system invig
orated and vitalized.
Tonic and Body Builder.
Tanlac was designed primarily for i
the correction of disorders of the j
stomach, liver and bowels. At the j
same time, however- it is a powerful!
reconstructive tonic and body builder,
for it naturally follows that any med
icine that brings about proper assim
ilatin of the food and the thorough
elimination of the waste products
must, therefore, have a far-reaching j
and most beneficial effect udou the:
entire system.—Advertisement.
- - |
j. E. PEGUES’. |
I “ ” , " " !
II Now going on. Every day is Bargain Day
For CASH Only. j
' ' ;
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12 yards Good, yard wide Domestic Cai .•. ’
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10 yards Bleached, yard wide, Nainsook and Muslin Night Gowns j|
Domestic for .$1.00 worth $100 and $1.25 for ...... .75
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Mattress Ticking .10 1 Big Lot of .Ladies Wash Skirts for .7d
Best Feather Ticking.25 Silk Finish Shirting worth 40 and
Tupelo Cheviot .12% 50c per yard, will go in this sale j|
36 in. Best Quality Percale.15 at.,per yard ' j
Good Percale.1® SLIPPERS
10 in Voils 15 Every Pair of Ladies> Misses and Chil- j
Good’Gingham . 12% drens Slippers in the House at Cost. i
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Very Best Bleached Domestic, sells for . $1-75 I -
everywhtrt for 20c, will go at. .. -15 $2.00 Quality for. . ... $1.50
Men’s work Socks. 08 Childrens Barefoot Sandels any size i j
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Men’s Lisle Finish Socks.15 Men s Union Suits, the $1.00 Quality
Ladies Silk Hose $1. Quality for .. .75 for .....• • • • 65 K •
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Silk Boot Hose.40 Sampson Overalls per pair for. .. $1.00 a
1 Lot Children % Hose.10 Best Work Shirt.75 .«
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-- --==^^====^=======^^^-"
r I
Illinois Central System Makes an Appeal
to Shippers and Consignees
The amount paid out by the railroads on account of loss and damage to
freight represents an economic waste burdensome alike to the railroads and the
public. That this waste is substantial is shown by the following record of the
loss and damage payments made by Class I mads:
1916 .$ 23,346,965
1917 . 35,079,757
1918 . 55,852,797
1919 . 104,507,174
1920 . 104,398-930
' The Illinois Central System has borne its share of the economic waste on
account of loss and damage to freight, as will be seen by examining these
figures. N
1916 .$ 655,293
1917 . 1,077,720
1918 . 1,653,706
1919 . 2,298,250
1920 . 2,745,099
The foregoing figures show how theproblem of loss and damage to freight
has got out of hand. The Illinois Central System, in common with other rail
raods, is making a determined effort to reduce this drain upon its revenues.
In this we need the painstaking co-operation of shippers and consignees. We,
therefore, earnestly request that all shippers and receivrs of freight co-operate
with us to make this movement a success.
During May, 1921, 68 per cent of the amount paid out for loss and damage
to freight on the Illinois Central System was carload shipments. We request car
load shippers to insist upon being provided with cars suitable for the paiticulai
kind of freight they desire to ship and to see that shipments are properly
braced and stowed in cars to prevent damage by shifting.
We request shippers of less-than-carload freight to comply with the rules
and specifications of the Consolidated Classification Commitee appointed by
the Interstate Commerce Commission by selecting substantial containers m
which to pack their goods for shipment, so that packages may not be crushed
and contents damaged when loaded into cars with other freight. We request
them to mark their packages plainly as to name of consignee and destination,
removing all old marks that may appear on packages, and to furnish legible bill
ing orders, so that billing may indicate clearly the name of consignee and de
stination. We also request them to deliver their goods at freight depots early
in the day to avoid hurried loading and billing. .
The president of a large wholesale house on the lines of the Illinois Cen
tral System was told by one of our agents that many packages were being sent
back to his house on account of improper packing and addressing. He express
ed great surprise and immediately called in his shipping clerk to ask him, m the
presence of our agent, how many packages were being returned from the Illi
nois Central System daily. The shipping clerk replied: “I cannot tell you ex
actly, but a good many ” As a result of this interview, the necessary corrective
measurs'were immediately applied. .
We request receivers of freight to observe the character of containers
used by shippers and the manner in which goods are packed, crated and marked,
particularly when goods are not receiv ed in good order, and to make those
facts known to the shippers, appealing to them to use good containers on the
ground that defective goods and delayed transportation seiwice cause them a
loss of trade. We also request receivers of freight to notify our representatives
promptly of any concealed loss or damage to their shipments, in order that im
mediate investigation may be made- Some receivers of freight neglect to do
this for days, and even weeks, after shipment have been received. rendering it
difficult for the proper inspection and investigation to be made. This militates
against good service.
Our purpose in nresenting.this problem to our patrons is to enable us to ren
der a better service, by eliminating delav in the delivery of freight in good con
dition. and to assist in reducing the cost of transportation. Bv no means do we
t claim that all of the trouble is due to lack of care on the part of shippers and
consignees. We are doing everything within our nov er to collect abuse., foi
which we are responsible. We are putting forth our best efforts to render a
service of satisfaction. Bv working closely with shippers and receivers of
fveio-ht we believe it possible to bring the troublesome question of loss and
damage under control, to the great advantage of shippers and receivers of
freight, as well as to this railroad.
Constructive criticism and suggestions are invited.
President, Illinois Central System.
' j
-—+--- ' ' ■ r~:: —-— -- ---
6\votc\i Kotos &x\A £ommewto |
Mrs. A. F. Calloway. J
■ ■ ■ • j »■ # t■■•'• T t
.*.. »^*-» •**•••••*•••••*♦“•**^****** **
“If ye abide in me, and my words
bide in you, Ye shall ask what Ye
ill, and it shall be done unto you”
jhn 15: 7.
Have you learned the wonderful
‘cret of abiding in the Lord, have
)U found the strength and sweetness
? confiding in his word? This is
jur privilege and the victory that
rercomes the world. Gods promises
•e sure and he has never failed his
tildren one jot or one tittle of all
lat he has promised.
Ask thy Father and He will show
ee.—Deut. xxxii, 7. j
Almighty and Eternal Lord, we
me by Thine own appointed way to
bee. The Name above every name
our only plea, and for His sake
ho bears it Thou wilt bear and
answer. What infinite grace Thou
hast for all needy ones; what love and
what compassion! Our souls adore
and worship Thee for all Thou art,
and for all that Thou hast done. We
praise Thee for thy Son, and for all
that He has become to Thy trusting
ones. Especially do our soi ls go up
to Thee in adoring wonder as we think
of His cross and passion. It is in
the cross we find our hope. And now,
O Loi'd, wilt Thou create within us a
simple faith in Thy Word, and cause
us to see that naught of all Thou hast
promised can ever fail of fulfillment.
Evermore increase our faith. Keep
us walking with Thee; safeguard us
from all attacks of the evil one, and if
it be Thy good pleasure, take us into
the circle of Thy anointed ones, that
we may effectively serve Thee. Help
us in our daily duties, whether these
lie in our home or business; therein
may we honor and glorify Thee, and
prove a blessing to our fellow men.
Speed the coming of Thy Kingdom,
and hasten the day wh.en our Lord
shall take His own throne and reign
j gloriously. In the Name of Him who
loved us and gave Himself for us.
\ Amen.—Rev. Joseph W. Kemp, New
; York.
i _
Don’t forget the County Sunday
! School Convention at College Hill,
July the 20th. Be sure to go, and
take a good report from your School.
These meetings of Christian workers
are worth their weight in gold to
those who put themselves under the
Bro. Lipscomb informs us that he
has secured the services of Rev. W.
A. Wilson of New Albany, Confemece
Evangelist who has had great success
in this line of work, to lead the ser
vices at our approaching Camp Meet
ing the 2nd Sunday in August.
Bro. W’ilson comes to us, highly re
commended as a revival preacher and
a man of God, full of the Holy Ghost,
and of Zeal for the Conversion of the
unsaved. May God bless his efforts

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