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Wedxesday, JLXE 6, . . . - I860.
i- f JfP We invite Attention to tb card of Mr
' R. i Doylo, in another column lib hw Just
received fresh end well-selected stock of Gro-
eerie, Provisions, tct, which he offer! ifpon the
.. matt reasonable term He deserve, and, doubt
1 toss. ni receive, a liberal Datronafi. Give him
a call.
. "Tie Weataer.
j.KTb'w U subject, which, we fear, will prow
to be more fruitful of repining than -of the
production of the soil. For tome week
past, not a drop of rain bna fallen in this vi-
. cinity ; and, should the present drought con
tinue much longer, the crops, of every des
rciption, roust bo materially shorteneJ. Al
ready do the gardens in Oxford begiu to cx-
.bjhjt .unmistakable indications of suffering,
the atmosphere is laden with dust ; the days
are oppressively warm ; and the skies display
l he signs of coming moisture. .
Preopects of the Crops.
The planter from the various portion of
. this County report their corn and cotton as
being generally small, but thrifty; and they
think that, with seasonable rains, those crops
bid fair to be unusually largo.
. The wheat nud oat crop of the County may
be regarded as a failure. There arc, howev
er, a few limited localities in which an ordi
nary yield of wheat will be produced.
University of Jliasiuiippi.
, We are indebted to tho Hon. J. M. Howry,
Secretary of the Board of Trustees, for a copy
of the University Catalogue for 185D-60. It is
handsomely got up, and is, wc perceive, from the
Job office of the Mississippi!!, at Jackson.
The number of students on tho roll of the
Law Department is forty-one: the number on
the academic list is one hundred and seventy,
'five: total, two hundred and sixteen.
The total number of alumni is two hundred and
seventy-four; of whom two hundred and forty
one are Bachelors of Arts, and thirty-three,
Bacla-lors of Law. Thcro is an error in the
statement of this last number, in the general
summary of the Catalogue, whore it is put down
at fifteen ; but, by actual count, we found it to
be thirty-three.
The flourishing condition of our University is
very gratifying; and its rapidly growing reputa
tion, no less so. Wc are informed that the de
mand for the Catalogue, and for information in
regard to the institution, from Ml parts of Mis
sissippi and the neighboring States, has been,
for the last two months, altogether unprecedented
in the history of the University; and that the
prospect is for a much larger attendance, at the
next icsbion, than has ever been known before.
A Brntnl Father.
An Irishman, named Dunn, who lives next
door to CapL Delay's big cannon, having dis
covered, on Thursday last, that he was mix us a
aura of money, amounting to seventy odd dollars,
and suspecting that his little daughter, about ten
years old, had appropriated it, proceeded to in
flict upon the .poor creature a most cruel beating,
to compel a disclosure of the place where, It was
assumed, she had concealed tho money. His
wife, w ho interfered in behalf of the child, had
an eye "beautifully" blackened for her pains.
Tho screams of tho little victim, who was even
dangerously hurt, attracted tho observation of
citixens, who terminated tho shocking scene by
taking the tender father before s magistrate, by4
whom he was sont to jail for six hours. When,
that night, he was released, it is said that he was
soundly lynched. His own version of that part
of the affair is, that those who punished him were
"nagurs, and Irih nngursst that" On Satur
day, another Irishman, who seems to have known
very well where tho money was, produced it.
The little girl, who is thus shown to hare been
innocent, is still severely suffering,
Unloa Female College
The annual examination of the classes in this
institution will commence on Monday, tho 11th
Inst., and closo on Wednesday, tho 13th. In
accordance with a resolution passed at the last
annual meeting of the Board of Trustees, the
examination will be private.
The' commencement will be on Thursday, the
14th. The senior class will read compositions,
and the degrees will Ho conferred.
' The U. L O. Society will have their public ex
hibition Thursday night, the 12th. The concert
will be on Wednesday night, the 1 3th.
The annual meeting of the Board of Trustees
will be held on Friday, the 8th. Important busi
ness will come before the Board ; among other
things, the election of a Family.
Progress of Socialistic Philosophy.
A gentleman of this town informs ns of a cir
cumstance which strikes us as being rather sin
gular. Two cats, upon his premises, each pre
sented him with a litter of kittens, within a day
or so of each other; and tho two mothers not
only consented to share the same room with
their offspring, but each of them. Indifferently,
Is daily observed to perform the offices of mater
nity towards the individual kittens of the two
litter alike, without the slightest distinction.
W are not sufficiently versed in cat-ology to
know whether there is anything unusual in the
facts just stated ; and we prefer to believe that
he doctrines of the socialists arc beginning to
make their way among the creatures to whose
features they are best adapted. y
' That Iroa Peace,
Arouna me ruonc square in uxlord, will, it is
likely, be completed during the present week.
ft has been a long time in contemplation hav
ing been determined on by the Board of Police
as long age as the Spring of 1 857 ; but the under
taking was deferred for the time, in considera
tion of the heavy Railroad tax which our citizens
were called upono pay.
Wbea the fence shall have been erected, and
the grounds within the enclosure are graded, the
effect, no doubt, will be very greatly to improve
the appearance of what has long been a most un
sightly portion of orir town.
Bastweta, the Cotton Market, etc.
" Tb dull season " is now apon ns. Our
treeta, so lately thronged with cotton, are
now bare of that staple, and a deep qniet has
succeeded to the bustle and encrrrr which al-
wars mark the appearance of a multitude of
waggon oa tins untune. Onr nin-hant !
hoaecer, are doing a fair sommer bnsiness ;
their stock of good, are .ffl-ntly full to
nr4 th rrm,ah!f Hptnsiwl nt Atir fai.-fwla t
from I fie vrmT"7 may
-erain'j of brip.T shie
r, -r.t f.. inr irv Vi--
visit Oxford wrth the
to suit themselves in
tbrv mr d'-ir in
Vlatpra-veaseats la Oxford.
In no one year of the last twenty has there
beon such a general " rage " for improvement
as now prevail, in and about .our beautiful
town. The new edifices, which areClither
contemplated or in course, of being erected,
are numerous, and of a superior description
while the older residences are undergoing a
proocss of repair and renovation, which prom
ise, soon to work a complete transformation
in the Outward appearance of, the place.
CoL W. F. Avent has nearly completed a
spacious and tasteful dweling, near the Rail
road ; and he Will shortly undertake the erec
tion of three' blocks of buildings, upon the
vacant lot between the barber' shop and Mr.
WeudeFa residence, designed chiefly for the
accommodation of Law-students, and the nse
of tho Law School of the TJuiversity.
Wm. Turner, Esq., is putting " thefiuifdiing
touches " to a large and roomy residence, of
very fine apearance, a few blocks from the
public square, on the street which leads to
Holly Springs.
Just beyond Mr. Turner' ii a vacant lot,
on the same lido of the street, owned by Mr.
V. Q. Reynolds, who ha Contracted for the
building, in the course of the season, of a
new dwelling-house upon it.
Still further on, upon the west side of the
same street, CoL T. E. B. Pegne has already
kid the foundation of a large and expensive
mansion, of brick, which will be, when com.
plctcd, olio of the ornaments of the town.
Tho new Masonic Hall, in the second story
of which the iNTBLLiOKN-iita ha it office, is
so nearly completed that little more than half
the plastering remains to bo done. One of
the stores in tho lower story is already occu
pied by Mr. Doyle, ; and tho other will soon
receive the stock of goods of Messrs. Web
ber ii Watkin, to whom it has been rented.
Messrs. Geo. D. Fee, and Archibald t
Deamland, have commenced the erection of
a couple of two-story brick stores on the cast
side of tho public square ; and the walls of
the first story are already nearly np.
A. L Shotwell, Esq., it is understood, has
contracted for putting up a residence, of an
elegant description, at a cost of some f 1 5,000;
and there are, doubtless, other contemplated
improvements which have not yet come to
our knowledge.
From the Southern Ilurald.
University of 3I!silppl Couiinenee
mcnt Exercises.
The Commencement Exercises of tho Univer
sity of Mississippi will begin on Sunday, Juno
24th, and close with a Ball on Thursday, 28tlt.
The examination of the Senior class began on
Wednesday, May 18th, and closed on Friday,
25th. It was thorough and rigid, and tested, in
a most satisfactory manner, the attainments of
every member. Tho olass numbers twenty -seven.
Tho following honor were awarded by the Fac
ulty on Saturday, the 26th of June.
First Honor. Oscab F. Bledsoe, Lowndes
Second Honor. Kixlocb Falcoker, Holly
Third Honor.-JosErn M. Adams, Noxubee
The following are tho Senior Speakers, in al
phabetical order :
McGehec Dandridgo, Desoto County.
George 0. Pillar.!, Oktibbeha "
Jcrrie S. Gage, Holmes "
James I Goodloe, Holmes "
Wiley G. Johnson, Madison "
Archclaus K. Jones, Claiborne "
James F. Mister. Grenada.
Calvin R. Myers, Desoto "
George Su.ii.li, Madison "
Micajah T. Wade, Copiah "
Tho exercises of the Senior class will take
place at the University Chapel, on Thursday,the
28th of June.
Tho examination of the lower classes began
on Monday morning, May 28th, and will closo on
Thursday, the 21st of June.
Tho following are the orators of tho Junior
class. The Hcrmean and Phi Sigma Societies
select three Juniors each to represent them, and
the Faculty chooses eight, four from each Socio
ty: Elect of the Hermean Society.
Win. Brack, Lowndes.
R. T. Pollard, Panola.
Tho. A. Moore, Issaquena.
Elect of the Phi Sigma Society.
Francis A. Pope, Holmes. '
James F. Walton, Holmes.
Calvin B. McCalebb, Kemper. -Elect
of the Faculty from, Hermean. Society,
Andrew J. Harris, Scott
James L. McCaskill, Simpson.
Oscar A. Kibbe, Lafourche Parish, La.
Jacob C Robertson, Oktibbeha.
Elect of the Faculty from rhi Sigmit Society.
Thos. M. Peters, Bolivar, Tcnn.
Albert T. McNeaL, Bolivar, Tcnn.
Samuel D. Gwin, Holmes.
Berkeley Green, Jackson, Miss.
The prise Declamation of the Sophomore class
will take place on Monday, the 25th. The follow
ing are the declaimcrs, in alphabetic order:
David M. Ballard, Holmes County.
Fountain Barksdale, jr., Yasoo "
Lavcns M. Bisland, -Point Coupee, La.
Hugh Q. Bridges, Pike - County
Joseph Brown, Lafayette "
John Evans, Oxford.
Ferdinand I Griffin, Holmes "
Joshua M. Harley, Chickasaw "
Patrick S. Myers, Marshall
David McCalebb, Tasoo
Howard McCalebb, Yazoo . "
James Smith, Choctaw . '
Eugene O. Sykca, Aberdeen,
Jasper D. Terrell, Covington "
The annual orator will deliver an address to
the Phi Sigma and Hermean Societies during
commencement, either on Tuesday or Wednesday
The Societies will hold their celebrations on
Wednesday. The Hermean Society will b rep
resented by Vernon L. Terrell, of Covington
county, a graduate of the class of 1857. The
Valedictory, on behalf of the Senior class, will
be delivered by Wiley O. Johnson, of Canton,
Jiirie D. Talbert, oi Grenada, will respond on
behalf of the undergraduates. The Phi Sigma
Society will be represented by Wm. H. Luse, of
ountr- Th Valedictory on behalf of
lh wiU u t"r,red b' L Cew-
the undergraduates, will bo dolivcrwd by James
F. Wilson, of Frank Un county, Ala.
The ihmr.i of the class of 1&53 snuat rcmeia-
V t that thi ia '.be vear m which they resolved
H-fr A:tu Milrr and brinp ith tbrm
The class oM 855 are given be-
lowt , ..,.,, -' ..
William R. Barksdale, Yallabuaha County.
Paul Barriiiger, Pontotoc.
. Roger Barton, Hernando,
Jacob T. B rougher, Ripley.
, James H. Gaillard, Pontotoc County.
James Gordon, Pontoteo County.
John W. Henderson, Panola u
J. A. Humphries, LL. B., Harrison ' ' ?
Francis W. Keyes, Carrol lton.
Robert M. Kimbrough, Kemper "
Charles H. Lee, Lowndes "
German A. Lester, Hind "
John F. Lyon, De Soto (
Calvin P. McLeod, Noxubee "
John McSwine, Tallabusha
Wm. M. R. McSwine, Yallobusha
William F. M.llen, Natchea.
Lyttleton W, Moore, Bastrop, Ttzaa.
Hugh M. Morrison, Yallabusha "
G. P. Richardson, Rev., Greenwood.
. Henry M. Scales, Marshall "
Rufu W. Shire, Rev.; Decatur, Ala.
James M. Smith, Woodville.
Charles G. Smither, M. D., Oxford.
Mirza L. Wellor, Halifax Co., N. C.
Rich'd. H. Whitehead, LL. B., Carrollton.
Robert R. Williamson, Holly Springs.
Andrew T. Wolfo, Hinds County.
We believe that the graduates of all the other
classes agreed to meet at th University, during
the Commencement of 1800. W trust that
they will remember their promise, and endeavor
to attend, bringing with them as many friends as
they can, thus causing the coming exercises to
be the most interesting that have ever taken
place at the University.
Since the foregoing was in type, wo have learn'
cd that the Commencement sermon will be de
livered by the Rev. Robert B. White, D. D., of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Sunday, the 24th Inst.,
in the College Chapel,
The address before the Law studentj and
graduates will be dolivered by the Hon. Alexan
der M. Clayton, LL. D., of Marshall county, on
day to be hereafter fixed.
Tho orator of the two literary Societies will
deliver his discourse in the chapel on Wednes
day, tho 27th inst En. Int.
From the Misslsalppiao.
Democratic Convention of Missis
Pursuant to notice, the Democratic State Con
vention of Mississippi assembled in the Hall of
the House of Representatives at half-past twelve
o'clock M., on Wednesday, May 30th, 1860. -
Joseph M. Jayne, of Rankin, Chairman Cen
tral Committee, called the Convention to order.
Col. Felix Labauve, of DeSoto, proposed tho
Hon. Samuel J. Gholson, of Monroe, as perma
nent presiding officer of the Convention.
After some discussion, CoL Labauve withdrew
tho name of Mr. Gholson.
J. M. Thompson moved that Hon. Simeon
Oliver, of DeSoto, act as temporary Chairman.
A. P. Jones moved that W. T. Stricklin and
Gen. W. W. Wood act a temporary Secretaries.
On motion, a call of the counties was ordered,
whon tho following lists were handed to the
Secretary :
.4am-acn W W Wood, J A T Middcrhoff,
E M Blackburn, Joseph Lovell.
Amite C H Frith.
Attala J A P Campbell, II D Palmer, J A
Jackson, M S Tcague, S Williams, J M Davis, L
S Terry, J B Hemphill, Samuel Young, Thomas
liolhar Charles Clark, W N Brown.
Carroll C M Taiden, W W Whitehead, F
Hawkins, L W Hcning, 0 J Moore, B Walton,
P F Liddek P W Hemphill, J P Scales, J Z
Chiclaeaw J M Thompson, J B Gladncy, M
T Gardner.
Calhoun Hailo.
Choctaa J B Dunn, James Drane, W C B
Staples, A D Peoples, II D Shaw, J M England(
R J Green, J II Allen, E F II Johnson, M
Claiborne G W Humphreys, D B Hum
phreys, W T Magrudcr, Dudley Jones.
Clarle George Evans, George Donald, S M
Hamilton, D R Hamilton, D R Mcintosh, O S
Copiah M B Harris, Douglas Neil, F Sturgcs.
T J Chrisman, A L Allison, John II Thompson,
T J DccilL B F Nelson, George Poets, G W Ellis,
W 0 'Ford, A Ray, W J WUling, Z Hooker, W
A Stone. .
Coahoma E L Acce, A D Suddoth, W L
Warren, S N Dclany II C Chambers.
CoringtonT R White, J A Eaton, J Bunk.
halter, H II McLeod.
DeSoto Simeon Oliver, T W White, A R
Bowdrcs, James C Dockrcy, Felix Labauve.
Franklin h M Lee, Wiley Wharton, Wm M
JTarriton T J Wharton, proxy.
IlinlJ E Kelly, M W Stanley, A Newman
W Lowery, T Simms, J Evans, G B Hall, J Hall,
J P Martin, R E Stratton, D Slay, W Wells, W
A Dawson. J D McConnelL A P Bush, W J
ustin, J A Gibson, L Gibson, R Elliott, P Gib.
son, A M Newman, R A Ilcrnn, J M McNeil, B
F Osburn, G W Osburn, W B Smart, L Mimms,
J J Smilie, J A Ricd, W R Harvey, J Riley, F j
M Riley, B L Brown, W A Thompson, W D ,
Smart, S D Curric, A Yates, A B Mecks, G W
Mima, M G Gaston, Dr. Campbell, t Z annhr
Mima, M G Gaston, Dr. Campbell, Z Z Murphv
R G Yates, R Miller :;cii McNeil, W F Dillon,
w F Coorpendcr, G W Gibbs, H G Gibb n G
liankston, J B Fairchild, J W Klrkpatrick, J A
Fairchild, Major Noble, E Barksdale, C S Hooker,
C R. Dickson, T J Wharton, R A Clark, J D
Elliott, J M Dotson, S H Lester. C H Manshift,
S C Farrar, J C Napier, H n Smyth, W M Es.
telle, Dr. Boyd, M C Rusaell, J D Freeman, Jo
Bell, W P Harris, R Griffith, Geo Stokes, E G
Banks, R Y Stewart, J W Welburn, A Thomas,
C L Thomas, Wm McNeil, D McNeil, J M Graves,
F Morrison, J F Watson, B Blount, W B Wil
liamson, M W Phillips.
Holmes J McLain, M D Hayes, Thomas C
Shlpp, A M Harlow, L Noel
Issaqufncs Wirt Adams.
Itateamba Sam'l J Gholson, proxy.
Jackson A F Ramsey.
Jasper W A Payne.
Jefferson HoweU Hinds, C S Coffee, J Mani
fold, J S Dohan, J D Burch, F A Jones.
Kemper O Y Neely, Dorset White, P II
MJully, J L Morris.
Lafayette T E B Pegnes, J R Bumey, A
Peterson, W F Avant, E A Mead era, Wm J
Jones, D F Rogers, It S Fondrcn, B S Taylor,
Wm. Delay, G D Delay, G D Fee, D W Rogers!
nHHurt .
LvemceG 8 McMillan. ..
Lealt C Groves, J T Donald, L Yanarsdale,
E D Nollcy, Samuel 0 Henderson, William II
ioir.f--I H.wTUon, Jr. T I fharp, D P
. .1;.,, Wm M-Willia A H Hmdr. n
their families.
Ward, A Harrey, Wm Priestly, Wm Read, W
A Harrold, M J KcKie, J L Lamar, John Handy,
J M Elder, Joe B Davis, I T Divine, H G Black
man, M B UcMkken, 8 J Ridley, B B Barnett,
O ALuckett, jr, J H PostelL G A Philips, Wm
G Kearney, P T Koohan, J S Reid.
Mankallh U Clifton, J W Clapp, J L
Autry, T J Hudson, R Philips, T W Harris, W
S Feathers ton, R S Greer, WAP Jones, A Dean,
Robert McGowan, Sr, E W Upshaw, W.Durham,
John McOuirk, J W Mathews, A Wooten, G W
Monroe Dr R Ilarrison, S Buckingham, B M
Bradford, J B Sale.
3farion-W II Bishop.
Keh6b9-L.C Franklin, W J Scale.
ArtoM-dT W Todd, Wm Thames.
AVrvfcw Wa McClure, F G Nicholson.
Oitihbehal N Davis, H L Muldrow.
Panola E B Hibler, N J Benson.
PUeT R Stockdale, S A Matthews, L C
Bicham, T B Bickham, E G Wicher, Goo,Nichol
son, Wm Hoover.
Pontotoc David Prude, C D Fontaine, G D
Rar tin Wm Miller, J O Buchanan, Gray
Ellis, Wm II Clark, J M Jayne, Jos Bennett, S
H Williams, Jas Ray, G Berry, J C Campbell,
Duncan McRae.
Simptonl, B Walker. .
Smith W H Hardy, D. R WaUh, C McAdory,
S D Davis, J Wooro, M E Gary.
Scott D R Jones, J M Hall, A W H Metcalf,
W A Thornton, J D Jones, M Lyle, J Futch, E
R Buckncr, J W Woffurd, A B Smith, M B Kirk
land. TiipahJ G namcr, W T Stricklin, W L.
Davis, J II Buchanan, C A Brougher.
Tallahatchie S Murphy, W II Fitzgerald.
Warren W II Johnson, W F Crainea, A B
Cook, E G Marble, J L McCuUuni, F Lightcap,
W B Sloan, B Springer, 8 B Newman, G SUtes,
F R Finley.
Washington Q R Fall, W A Percy.
iriiiieII J Hearsay, Dr D Holt, T U
Williams. ... f
WinitonT J Holmes, Capt T P Miller.
YalobuhaX K Blythc, C S Armstcad, L R
VatooJ M Sharpo, W R Hill, II J Thomas,
J W Penney, J J B White, D H Miles, T R Hol-
liman, W W Wildey, II Barksdale.
Nor R stubs kxtkd. Calhoun, Green, Hancock,
Jones, Lauderdale, Perry, Sunflower, Tunica and
On motion of James L Autry, of Marshall,
Judge Powhattan Ellis was invited to a seat
On motion of CoL W. II. Johnson, of Warren,
a committee of ten was appointed to report per'
mancnt officers.
3IarhaU3. W. Matthews. "
Yazoo J. M. Sharpo.
Chielaeaie J. M. Thompson,
LowndetT. I. Sharpo.
Warren Wm. II. Johnson. t
Coahoma II. C. Chambers.
JRanlin J. M. Jayne.
Monroe Richard Harrison.
Copiah Judge Stone.
Jcfftrton3. S. Dohan.
The committee retired, with instructions to re
port in fifteen minutes.
The following Is the report of the commlttco:
Preiitlent Hon. Samuel Gholson.
Viee-PrriilenttUt DintrictS. Oliver, Do
Soto; E. W. Upshaw, Marshall.
id. District C. D. Fontaine, Pontotoc; C.
G. Armisted, Yallobusha.
Sd District Isham Harrison, Jr., Lowndes
J. Z. George, Carroll.
4th District J. M. -Elder, Madison ; Duncan
McRuc, Rankin.
BtA District Howell Hinds, Jefferson ; W. T.
Magrudcr, ClaiWno.
Secretary Gen. W. W. W. Wood, Natchcx.
Assistant Secretaries Felix Labauve, DeSoto ;
J. L. Morris, Kemper.
On motion, a committee was appointed to wait
upon the presiding officer elect, and conduct him
to the chair.
The committee having performed that duty,
J udge Gholson responded in appropriate remarks,
which were frequently interrupted by applause.
As a mere looker on at Charleston, he reviewed
the acts of that convention. He warmly approved
the action of tho Mississippi delegation, and was
ready to assume any responsibility arising there
from. He also reviewed the compromise, inter
vention and Drcd Scott questions. Ho was op
posed to sending men to Washington to compro
mise hu constitutional rights, lie tnougttt
compromises were only admissable between man
wue. After reviewing the territorial heresies of I
if, u 5i i .u.. I
Mr. Douglas, be concluded by hoping that ths
delegation to be appointed by this convention
would not be trammelled by instructions that
men should be chosen in whose discretion we
have confidence to act as emergencies may arise.
On motion of T. J. Sharpc, of Lowndes, the
rules of the House of Representatives, so far as
applicable, were adopted to govern this conven
tion. ' ' . ...
On motion of J. W. Matthews, a committee of
ten was appointed to draft resolutions expressive
of tho sense of this convention.
Committee J. W. Matthews, Simeon Oliver,
J. M. Sharpe. W. II. Johnson. P. F. Liddell
Isham Harrison. Jj. McMillan, C. D, Fontaine,
Richard narnson,
rififr-f T T CI 11 1...:
7 TTv T 7 T " "
U reftTrcd t0 commJttee.on
On motion, the convention adjourned till 8
o'clock, r. a.
, , Two o'Clock, r. a.
The convention resumed business.
On motion, C. IL Frith, of Amite, was ap
pointed assistant secretary. '
Hon. T. J. Wharton read a letter from the
Hon. D. C Glenn, stating why be would not be
present at the convention to sustain the action
of the delegates to Charleston.
On motion, such pf the delegates to the Char
leston Convention as were present were invited
o address the Convention. -
CoL C. Hooker, being present, responded. He
had hoped, when he went to Charleston, that the
Convention would be prepared to lay down a
platform equally acceptable to every section. But
this hope was disappointed. He reviewed, in
detail, the proceedings of the Charleston Conven
tion, and stated the causes which led to the with
drawal of the Southern delegates. --
Major E. Barksdale was called for. He re
sponded, giving a detailed account of the pro
ceedings of the ' Charleston .Convention. He
argued at Icgth the correctness of the course
pursued by the Mississippi delegation, and ex
plained Lis view as to what should be done in
the present condition of affairs. .
Dr. Vaiden, of Carroll, submitted the following
resolution, which was adopted;
Eesolcek, That th Hon. J. W. Matthews aid
Hen. W. L. Harris be requested to address the
Convention at oariy candle light this evening.
"n. nwl5 "Tvrk, of Bolinir. bring ea'IH i
for, considered the question of the right of pro
tection to slave property under the Constitution
But for one, be was no partisan he was no dis"
unionist, but would not b in favor of a Union
that would rob the South of bar Constitutional
rights. ,
He alluded to the Opposition, and to his former
connection with that party, but eotdd no longer
act with a party who hesitated to proclaim its
principles to the world. But he would not pro.
tnise to remain with th Democratic party very
long it would depend en her action in the pro
sent emergency. He could not act with men,
unless tHey would fight freely and perseveringly
for Southern Rights and Southern Equality.
Hon. J. W. Thotnpaoii, of Chickasaw; followed
next A a delegate to Charleston, he exposed
the intrigue of the Douglas men in the Charles
ton Convention. He would be plain, and freely
confess that he had little hope of ever accom
plishing anything with the Northwestern Demo
cracy. They were wedded to Douglas, whose
whole aim and object, he verily believed, was
to rule or ruin the Democratic party. But
be was one of the hopeful sort ; th times are
troublous, and we ought to be moderate and con
siderate. He was in favor of the Delegates to
the Richmond Convention being also commis
sioned to the Baltimore Convention.
The committee on resolution, through their
chairman, ex-Governor Matthew, aubmitted
their report:
asrosT or comjiittei os aESOLcrtoss.
The committee on resolution beg leave to
make the following report: -
1st Jlesoked, That we do hereby re-affirm
the platform of principles adopted! by the Demo
cratic State Convention held in the city of Jack
ton, on the 12th day of December, 1869.
2d. Rooked, That we cordially endorse and
approve as a wholo, and in all its pans, the ac.
tion of our Delegates to the late National Demo
cratio Convention recently assembled at Char
Sd. Petolred, That we approve of the call of
Convention at Richmond, Virginia, on the 2d
Monday in June next, and do here appoint as
delegates to said Convention, the same persons
as delegates and alternates as were appointed to
the Charleston Convention. -
4th. Rcsohed, That reposing entire confidence
in the wisdom and fidelity of our said delegates
to tha Richmond Convention, we do hereby
authorize and request them to defer any final
action at said Richmond Convention until aflor
the assembling of the adjourned Convention at
Baltimore on the 18th day of June, and to pre
sent themselves as delegates to said Baltimore
Convention, pursuing such a course in reference
to said two Conventions as msy, in their discre.
tion, be best calculated to secure the unity and
harmony of the Democratic party, and the nomi
nation of a sound man upon a sound platform,
but in no contingency to forget that principles
are dearer to us than success, and paramount to
all the claims of party.
After some discussion, the second resolution
was, on motion of CoL W. II. Johnson, of War
ren, adopted by acclamation.
A motion made by CoL W. S. Fcathcrston to
postpone the discussion of the other resolutions,
was postponed by a call of counties.
On motion, the report of the committee was
ordered to be printed.
On motion, the Convention adjourned till to
morrow morning at 9 o'clock.
At an early hour last night, a large crowd
assembled in the hall of the House of Representa
tives, when lengthy and eloquent addresses were
delivered by ex-Gov. J. W. Matthew and Hon.
W. L Harris,
Tdi'Rsday, Mat 81st 18C0 9 o'clock, a. ii.
Convention called to order, Hon. Samuel J.
Gholson in the Chair.
The journal of yesterday was read and ap
On motion, the regular order of tho day the
Report of the Committee on Rosolutions was
then taken up.
Hon. W. P. Harris, of Hinds, offered the fol
lowing as a substitute for the 4th resolution,
upon which he addressed the Covention.
4th. Eesohed, That this Convention, in the
hope that the adjourned Convention of the Dem.
ocratic party which is to meet at Baltimore on
the 18th day of Juno, will, notwithstanding their
late action at Charleston, adopt a platform of
principles which will give the requisite guaran
tees of adequate protection to the right of the
rtH?nfl ftf ft, clairolirtliUnff QtntAa tn 41, TAnl
. . , - T
tonc& herobT confirm nd Mntae the Powers
of the delegates aforesaid, as delegates in said
Convention, and having full confidence in their
wisdom and fidelity, authorize them to take their
6eats in said Convention at Baltimore, if, in their
j udgmcnt, it shall appear expedient, and to act
therein under the instructions heretofore given ;
and to this end, they are authorized, in their dis
cretion, to delay final action in the Convention to
be holdcn at Richmond, until after the meeting
of the Convention at Baltimore.
Dr. Vaidon of Carroll, L N. Ds.vis of Panola, i
J. W". Ch'pp of Marshall, and Richard, Harrison
of Monro addressed the Convention.
At the conclusion of Mr. Harrison's speech
Maj. E. Barksdale read a telegraphic dispatch.
from Memphis to the effect that the largest meet
ing of the Democracy ever held in that city was
held last night ; that the action Of the Southern
delegates to Charleston were enthusiastically
endorsed that Tennessee was wheeling Into
line, to,
Thos. W. Harris of Marshall, then got the floor
and addressed the Convention. . i -
Wiley P. Harris of Hinds again addressed the
Convention on hi substitute for the 4th resolu
tion of the Committee. :
S. Oliver of De Soto, moved that the words
" and requested," in th 4th resolution offered
by the committee be stricken out ' "' 1
J. W. Matthews, chairman of the committee
on resolutions, made some statements on the
report of the tame. He called on T. L Sharpcj
of Lowndes, for the reading of a resolution pre
pared by that gentleman, - .(,;
The resolution waa read, . .
F. Labauve of De Soto called for the previous J
The resolution offered by Wiley P. Harris, of
Hinds, was then read.
O. S. Holland; of Clark, moved to amend the
4th resolution, as an amendment to the amend
ment of Mr. Harris, by striking out all after the
word " hereby," in the 4th line of th 4th reso
lution of the committee to the word " resolution''
in the 9th line, and inserting, accredit them to
represent the Democratic party of thi State (a
the Baltimore Convention to assemble tha 19th
of June proximo.
On motion the vote on the above amendment
was taken by counties, with the following result:
j Ara. Choctaw, Clark, Holmts, Jackson,
Newton, Yallabusha 9. ,
5 ai? .hms. AmHe. tttTvtr; Csrrtf Chick
Claiborne. Copiah. Coahoma, De Soto,
rranilin, Harrison, Binds, Holme, Issaquena
Itawamba, Jefferson, Kemper, La&yette, Law
rence, Leake, Lowndes, Madison, Marshall, Mon
roe, Neshoba, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Panola, Per
ry,. Pike, Poo to toe, Rankin, Soott, Simpson,
Smith, Tallahatchie, Tippah, Ttshomingo, War
ren, Winston, Wilkinson, Washington, Yazoo
n. '
' The vote was then' ordered on the substitute
offered by Hf. Harris.
Araa. Adams, Amite, Attala, Bolivar, Car.
roll, ChooUW, Claiborne, Clarke, Copiah, Coa
homa, De Soto, Franklin, Harris, Hinds, Holmes,
Issaquena, Jackson, Jefferson, Lafayette, Law
rence, Madison, Newton, . Noxubee, Oktibbeha,
Panola, Pike, Pontotoc, Rankin, Scott, Simpson,
Smith, Tallahatchie, Warren, Wilkinson, Win
ton Yasoo 61.
, Nat. Chickasaw, Choctaw, Itawamba, Ja.
per,' Kemper, Lafayette, Leake, Lowndes, Mar
shall, Monroe, Neshoba, Pontotoc, Tippah, Tish
omingo, Washington, Yallabusha 30.
A.' K. Blythe, after briefly addressing the Con
vention, moved to reconsider the vote just taken.
The motion was sustained by Mr. Drane, of
Gen. J. T. Freeman spoke at length In favor
of th resolution of Mr. Harris. He doubted
the propriety of sending the delegate to Balti.
more. The contest before the country will be
between the Southern States with the Richmond
nomination, and the Northern State with the
Chicago nomination.
Judge A. iL Clayton, of Marshal, followed.
He thought the delegate should first go to Rich
mond, re-asseverate the doctrine promulgated
at Charleston and present a united front to the
Baltimore Convention, n hoped the original
resolution, offered by the committee would be.
Gen. Chaa Clark, of Bolivar, and Mr. Greer,
of MarshalL followed.
On motion of General W. W. W. Wood, the
Convention adjourned till S o'clock, r. u.
- S o'clock, p. m.
Convention was called to order.
Mr. M. Nelson, of Madison, a delegate was
admitted to a seat.
Mr. Greer, of Marshall, resumed his remarks
on the queetion before the Convention. Ho
hoped no party action would be taken, and
thought that the delegates should go to Balti
Hon. Samuel J. Gholson, next got the floor,
amid loud cries for the " question." The Judge
remarked that he was too old now to be restrain
ed from doing his duty, and proceeded to argue
tho propriety of sending the delegates to Balti
more, and hoped therefore, tliat the vote would
be reconsidered.
Hon. -W. P. Harris, replied submitting further
and still more forcible arguments in support of
his resolution. He wanted the Richmond Con
vention to be a substantial thing, and not the
mere shadow of the Baltimore Convention. His
resolution, however, provided that the delegation
should go to Baltimore under certain contingen
cies. Mr, Thos. W. narri-s of Marshall, responded.
He argued in favor of tho resolution of the com
mitteedeeming them all-sufficient
Simeon Oliver, of De Soto, followed, approv
ing of the resolution offered by Mr. Harris. He
thought so far as there was a difference between"
the two resolutions, tho discussion appeared to
him to be one between twecdlo-dum and twccdle
dce. Et-Cov. Matthews, as chairman of the com
mittee on Resolutions, offered a few suggestion.
Gen. Wood called for tho previous question,
the re-consideration of tho vote by which the
resolution of Mr. Harris was adopted.
Tho call of tho counties was than called, with
the following result
Ayes. Adams, Chickasaw, Choctaw, De So
to, Franklin, Itawamba, Jackson, Jasper, Lafay
ette, Leake, Lowndes, Madison, MarshalL Mon
roe, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Pontotoc, Rankin,
Tippah, Tishomingo, Yallabusha 48.
Nays. Amite, Attala, Bolivar, Carroll; Copi
ah, Coahoma, Harrison, Hinds, Holmes, Issa
quena, Jefferson, Kemper, Lawrence, Neshoba,
Newton, Panola, Pike, Pontotoc, Smith, Talla
hatchie, Warren, Washington, Wilkinson, Win
ston, Yazoo 39.
So the motion to reconsider was carried.
The question was then taken on the original
It was moved and carried that the vote by
which the previous question waa ordered be re
T. L Sharpe, of Lowndes, offered the 'follow
ing as a Substitute for the original resolution and
the amendment offered by Mr. Harris.
4. That reposing entire confidence in the wis
dom and fidelity of our said delegate to th
Richmond Convention, w do hereby recommend
to them to defer final action at the Richmond
Convention until after the adjournment of the
Convention to be held at Baltimore on the 18th
day of June, and do accredit them to the Balti
more Convention with full power and without
instruction's to pursue such course in reference
to. the al Conventions as may in their discre
tion, be best calculated to save the Constitution
secure the unity and harmony of the Dem-
ocratic party,' and to obtain the nomination of a
sound man upon a Bound platform embrac!. j
the cardinal principles incorporated in the tn j r
ity report aubmitted to the late Charleston Con
vention, which are dearer than success, and par
amount to all the chums of party.
i Mr. Fontaine moved that the amen
1 T.t 1 '
adopted by acclamation. Carried. - -On
motion of Gen, Wood, of A i.m
f 1
and Sd resolutions of the report were s ;
acclamation. . '
Mr. Chambers, of Coahoma, of" r 1 1
ing resolution which was adopted :
EttohetL, That the delegate here
the several Congressional districts, or i
them, have leave to retire for half an 1. . i
lect name to propose to this Convent;, n
the vacancies which they may know w ''. e. t ;
the Richmond and Baltimore delegations f ' a
their respective districts; said selections, 'r- i
tnadet to be placed on the same (noting iih the
original delegate.
Whereupon the Committee took a recess
half an hour.
On reassembling, Mr. Matthews, from the 1st
Congressional District, reported as additional
Delegate Gen. W. S. Fcathersion, of Marshall,
and CoL Ii. C Chambers, of Coahoma, and aa
Alternates, CoL W. F. Avent, of LayUfes..
Adopted. ,
From the 2nd District, Capt A. K. Blythe re
ported as Alternates, for J. M. Mayson, Judge
Samuel J. Gholson, and at alternate for Mr. Ty
son, Mr. C G. Armlsteed. Adopted. . ,
From the8d District. Capt P. F. Liddell, as
alternate fo CoL Jas. Drane. 440Pted- , .
On motion of CoL Fontaine, the thank of tbe
Convention were tendered to the Delegates from
Hinda for their oourtoifes.
fin hint'fn ri Mr. M"-m. the thi 'ks f the
Ccmeutiea rere teneVaad t Jb Fififmt'
rotary and Assistant Secretaries of the Convci
tion, fot the very satisfactory- performance -r "
their onerAis duaea. '. : " -
Cm moUca of Mr. Berlcklift; i( was '
Essolsoti, Thai the Democratic papers, i"V
all other papers sadoraing the acftoo af this Co
vention throughout the State and elsewhere, l
requested to pubiUh the yrooeeUingt of this Con
vention. . ...?V. .-!.;...
The Convention- adjourned tins .
SAM'L. J. GHOtSON, Prssf.-
W. W. W. Wooa, Secretary. ',' .
Faux Labawb,)
Cbas. C. Fairs, Am't Secretswism
J. D. Mosata, ) . .-i . c . : .
l Gen. Gideon jr.'lillow.. ''
We observe, in a recent number of t
Memphis Appeal, a long letter from this ge"
tleman, in which, after stating that, w ha
opinion, the South may justly chum tho
rights which were conceded by " the majori
ty resolutions," as they are termed, reporte
to and voted down by, the Charleston Con
vention, he take the ground that we shoal I
not insist ijpon those rights I But we will
let the General speak for himself. Hear hh I
" It will thus be seen that I concur with 1
South in the opinion that it is entitled to pro
tection of slavery in the Territories. That
while I am positive that this right exists, y t
I do not think the prtttnt a proner time fr
the demand of the passage of tha law, gr-r
do I think the South should insist upon tlx
recognition of the principle in our party plat
form, at the cost of the rupture of our partv
organization irnivuy uicrcnning me run ti
licpublican triumph; but that' we saonl.l
strengthen rather than weaken our friend l.i
the coming contest ; that while we do ot
abandon our rights, we should for the prescr
defer the demand for its recognition ! thai
though I think tha qnostion of duty in th-;
Government to protect every specie of prc-
pertv which is known to the Constitution, in I
the Territories and every whero witbia it in-'
risdiction, is clear, and do not regard tfir-
Sncstion a embraced in or touched by tho -ill
:ana and Nebraska act yet, that nndo
(tending his recent speech in tha Senate a j
tantamount to admitting the principle of pr I
toction a claimed by the South, therefore I H
am in favor of hi nomination for the Pro i- -j
dency ; that I believe with him aa our leader J
we can crush out Republicanism, ' and that i
then, with a patriotic Congress and ' Preau-t
dent, we can demand and obtain the passagn i
of such laws at will satisfy the. Sooth; that I
entertaining these opinions, I sin opposed tv
tho withdrawal of tho Southern States' from
the Charleston Convention, as Hkclf to pn- j
cipitato, by its consequencoa, upon the South
the very dangers it was intendod to avert, j
and that if that movement it persisted it), it (
must ultimately endanger tho Union of tho 1
" In this contest with the Rcrmlllcan par
ty, my convictions of these righto re with
tho South my interests arc thure, and all
the sympathies of my heart are with it, and
whatever of energy, talent, and ' power, and
means I possess will bo freelr given to It,
when all proper means bm exhausted In th j
eQortt to maintain IU rlglita, ' , , : ,
v Hon. Jacok Tbompaa,
It will be accn, from hia admirable Icttcf
which wo reproduce in another portion ef ou
paper, that our esteemed fcllow-cliiiou, "U7
presides with such distinguished ability over-.
tho Department of the Literior, unhesitating
ly approve the action' of our delegate in lea- 1
ving tho Charleston Convention. W e oom.
mend hi strong, clear, and sensible h-Uor ti . ,
our readers, as containing view whichtho y
poople of Mississippi, and of the South, ho"' '
adopt as articles of their political faith, t '
held fastao long as they are resvlVcd that v
State shall not be compelled to occupy a po
sition of inferiority in tho Union.
Th' ability and tatesmannlnp of Mr.
Thompson have long been known to, and ap
preciated by, our people j and if ho were b ,.'
elected by the Baltimore Convention to bi,
aloft the Dwuoeratlc banner d&Ar the bp-
proachliig Presidential contest, Misisij j
would roll p for him, at the Ioc;jn,'such a
majority as no other man h r t re
ceived, v -' ! '' -,
R. E. DC
Grocery ax iC.
Al.'t 71" 1''.
stafls .or:
nABDTTa'w.Z, i:.c
Sou )i - 'if'
June 6, 1" 1
ef .
JL of i
fiwvi, on use 1 . : 3
fflttfC If ST t V TU Oil, v ;
Uiifti, Aj ..x.i"f . ' h '
iiimT. ltealetti Arc
and all(fed. i . i
.June ft, iaervUl-4.
' ' " Administrators ir;;... .
rnrREAS, letter --' -
ted to the onder!iimd al t " i 1 s '
Probata Coort of "lafir1 te C-' , -riprJ
: Now U prwii bavins 4, i s '
tale of sait o"..-"rt, at bn ij rt , ! ' .
the sjir.e ib'.a the fcse prei-cnW. tT ",
f i!e ill be otrrrt; a r
JOIT tr.'v"'v V
i. l?s-l !-'

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