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. JI V J . JI c ( UIItE.
Druggist and Apothecary,
INVITES the attention of the public
to hi stock, embracing every article
pertaining to his Hue, viz:
White Lead ntitl Zinc,
Taints generally, Oil. VnrnM.es Putty,
and (IlaM; Perfumery. Snuif, Pen,
."vraling wax, Li nd and Slate
Pencil. Pencil Points,
Violin, Viulrnctlfn, ihiitar and JJauj
String; Flesh, C:oih
Shavinir, Uair, Tooth, Finger,
and Nail Jtruhes; Fancy soaps, and
Shaving Citaius; llotu, Ulackiig.
iVc., Ac.
U A R K S.
Cinchona, JSIippcry Klin. P;i Lory, Cin
namon, Hcmloch, Prickly Ash, Orange
IVfcl, iiC, fee.
Anic, Cardamom, Colchicum, Lohdi:i.
Coriander, Caroway, Canary,
II O () T S.
Columbo, (.icutiau, (Jiieng, Sarap:iri'.-
la.fcnake, f various kind.) rcnen, Va
lerian, Golden seal, Hlood, Hydra ti
Canadensis May Apple, ice.
V O LI A O K .
Senna, Uuchu. Uva ITrs-i, Digitahs, Set.
U A L S A M 9 .
Benzoni, Copnvi, IVni. lV.u. Fir. kc.
Chemical, Acid, Ether.
Act-tie, Benzoic, Citno, Muriatic, Citric.
Oxalic, Sulphuric, Tannic, Tartaric,
Chlorofonu, &n
For Medicinal Purposes.
Malaga, Madeira, Port. Sherry, Jamaica
and Ray Hum, Holland Gui, Wolfe's
Schiedam Schnapps; all kind of Cor
dials, Whiskey, Uourbou, and D-x-ter'a.
WINDOW GLASS, of alt sizes.
The above being only a general list, a
great many other articles usually louud
in a retail
Drug Establishment,
may be found in his stock; till of which
will be sold on the very lowest t rms tor
cash. M J, McGUlIti:.
Aug. 23, 195G.-6m.
Medical College.
fPIIE regular lectures of this C'o'leire
X will commence on MONDAY, the
3rd of November, an! coutiniiu four
John MilUngtoii, M. u,Prrfc3sir nfChcni'
istry ami Toxicology.
Ayres P. Merrill, m. d J1 'to'cs or of Prii.
apics ajia rraciwc oj .iciicine. j
Lewis Shanks, m. v., Prokssor of Of s'c
tries and Diseases of Women a,iJ
Arthur K. Taylor, m. d., Professor nf An
atomy. Howell It. Rotards, m. d., Prfsssor o
C. D. Guthrie, r. d., Professor of Mate
ria Mcdica and Thcroptufies.
Daniel F. Wright, m. d., Profrsror of
Physiology and Pathology.
Emmitt Woodward, m. d , Demonstrator
rf Anatomy.
Tho fee for the entire course js $105,
payable in advance. Matriculation fee
i"o; Graduating fee $2-3; Anatomy and
Dis-ection $10, to be taken once .before
graduating. Comsopcn from the first
of October.
A preliminary cours? of lectures, free
to all nudcnts, and the public, by each
Professor on subjects connected with his
department, which cannot bo fully taught
in the regular course, will be delivered
during the month of October, commenc
ing on Monday, the 13th of the month.
Clinical Instruction is given twice a
week at the Memphis Hospital, A city
Dispen-ary Clinique has also been es
tablished at the College, at which ope
rations are performed and cases prescrib
ed for and lectured upon daily.
The College possess an' ample Mu
suem and complete Chemical and other
Students desiring further information,
will address Prof. L. Shanks, m. d., Dean
nr on arriving in the city on him at LL-
Otlico on Main Stt.
L. SHANKS, k. a. Dean.
Xor the. certain aire of Big Head, Big
Jaw, Big Shoulder, Siciney,
Weak Loins, Q-c., tn
Directions For L'slnjr.
In Big Haul, bleed lreely ouce a day
for three days, then apply the Liniment
once a day for 8 or 9 days, bathing it in
with a hot iron. The fanio directions
ipply also to the Big Jaw.
In Big Shoulder, split the skiu on the
. point of the fdioulder. put in a piec.e of
iolkrout thre-i inches long, let it remain
in 18 hour, then wash well with fait
and water, after which apply the Lini
incut as above.
In Swiney, Weak Loins, Ax., apply
hc Liniment oucc a day to the parts af
Reeled, batbing it in with a hot iron.
rX"This Liniment is a good remedy
W Strain, and Edicumatism. Try it.
Prepared by Thos. W. Tomlinson, and
fst Sale by S. T KING, Oxford. Mis?.
july 14 Ira N
5200 Howard.
, information 1ms been re
1 1 cM-ived by me tliat on the night of
the 2d -instant the j.ul of Iiiifayette coun
ty wan broken, and there escaped thence,
llichanl It. Allen, chursred with the
crimoot bigamy, and Jasper K. llolliday,
liarv'cd with tho iimo of burtr'ary and
arcc-ny, rind wheru, said fugitives are
.-til! at brge, and c-t kl I elude the officer
of Hie la l. ,
N.w. ilref,r. I, John J. McUae,
Governor of lbs Main of Mississippi, do
oiler the above ivu i.rd of one hundred
.h.llaw t-aeh tor the a. ,,-t and delivery of
.-aid f.nritive or tu-itiw s to the .vht-nifof
LalO county; i.d I do moreover, re-
quire all oihccr.-of this S'.ate to lo dili
gent in their tifort.- to arrest aid fu-ri-
tiiven under iny hand mid the great
s( n! t id.- .-tii!- allix-'ii at Jarkson, this
jixth tl y ot Auiii. A. D. ISoG, and of
the KovrrciMuu ,jt
!ui State lb thirty
ei ;Iili i : r.
I!) ril'l of tli1 (. r,
.UV.IX J. McllAE.
A. U. !i i.w-r.-ri -S-v'v ofS'ate.
DESCKlPi I()N.-S;.,'i Alien is ab
out 2 j or jiar.-. o .1, .-iout bui't, about
') U ft 7 ii:eh hi iM oye our, but
t!;" ball r!u.if:: eye.s hi ; tloti I coin.
, i- ii, ii.gr :.it
e -i.ii' niiiii-.-r
wi.t n Fpo!;en to; !a
at almost every
vi'ihs about 173 or
ill p.'l!l).l-.
S:u I Uj iid iy it. about 22 or 23 year
on', is tii out ,i n et 0 inciu? h:'i i: weighs
I bo or 110 round; s-toon-. in his frhoul-
d rs;
is very pigcou-iocJ; has very black
. . I
air and eye; hptaiij talteringiv; doe:
not look you in tne faee when talking
Jackson, Aurj. B, 18-jti. lw
Lafayette Count y.
Prolialc Courl. Ausust Tcrni lS5fJ.
'Po Mary E. S .i tinders and her bus
baud Ro!)I S. Satiiuh rs, and all
cither persons interested in the
lands, lenctn-Mils nnd hercdila
menisof Elias J. Armstrong, de
ArOU are hereby cited to b and ap
.L p-sr before the loM:e Court of
Lafayette county, at. the court house
thereof, on the 3d Monday in September
nc;:t, thu an 1 there to answer tiie pcti
t,on of E. M. Matthews, Guardian of
John . I., Sarah J., anil Eugene E. An
derson, and Sarah E. Matthew-, wife of
E. M. Mauhews, for sale of the follow
ing described lands, lying, situated and
being in Iiiuyjtie coumv, to-wjt;
S. 1-2, Sec 33, T7, ll'l, w,
Souih Fractional North 1-2 Sec
33, T7. R l,w,
Fractional E 1-2 Sve
I. 'v.
S W 1 t St.c 3. 1
V. t. w.
About 8' 0
errs, ami to f-how rau.se why a decree
lor sale and divi-iou should not be made
according to the prayer of the pelitiou-
, - . Witness the Hon. A, Pi:ti:kscn
L. S. i Judge of the. Probate court of
. . ' said county, the third monduy
in Aug. looo, and t!ie seal of said court.
Itsued the 20th day of An?. li 'jG.
E. D. MOORE, Cierk.
An j, 21-lw.
At Office Rules, 2d Monday of August
A. D. I35G,
Catharine Turner,) In the 7th Judicial
No. 1027, vs District Chancery
John Purncr. l court, of the State
of Mississippi.
TTPON opening and reading complain-
U ant's bill ot complaint herein, and it
appearing upon due proof that the defen
dant John Punier, was a nou resident of
the Statu of Mississippi, and resides be
yond the limits thereof, so that the ordi
nary process of this court cannot be ex
ecuted on him. It is therefore ordered
that &id defendant enter his appearance
herein on or before the first day of the
next term of this court to be holdcn at
the court house in the town of Oxford,
on the fourth Monday after the f jiuth
Monday in September, 18oG, and plead,
answer or demur to complainant's said
bill of complaint herein, otherwise the
several allegations" thereof, will be taken
for confessed, set for hearing ex parte,
and tho matters thereof decided accord-
loeiy. it m tanner or-eroi tnat a copy
of this order be publishrrt in thaVecltiy
Oxford Siiiula wei'ltiy newspaper, pub-
l.ohr.l r.mrc a Wek IT tw-j m.iths.
Ulrica rtut.-, Ma 4.i.JV ,ur 1S-j6
J. A. illCK.MA N , ULerk.
E. It. Iileher, S l. Co.n.
August ll-2m.
Commissioner tor lhc. States ot
rtt .T ! '-..A IT
urgiaia, aiauaraa, isMRMjipi aim iciintssrc,
i.pu is villi'., ky.
Will prr.mptty tte:..l :o namM rntrustd to
bis tnrt, nmt etilorre t; Collection of
CI a i mi in tin and the adjoining
Hon, Jacob Thompson, Oxford, Miss.
Hon. J. J. McRae, Gov Miss Jackson,
Hon. H. S. Bennett, Washington City.
Col. B. F. Dill, Memphis, Teun.
Bent & Duval, Louisville, Ky.
Tucker, Brannan Co, Brokers, do.
Hughes Sc Hutchinson, do.
SCj-OFr.CE, "Marble Hall Buildings
Fifth Street bet. ilarfcet JeiTereon.
May 2-tf. 1
It is estimated that Ay
er's Cherry Pectoral and
Cathartio PiN have done
mnrn in nroiflOte the DUb-
'?lic health, than any other
There cn n he
. .t .wi - m .
nupstlon iriiu me iner-
ry Pectoral has by its thousands on thou
funds cures of cold:, cougli. Asthma,
croup, influenza, bronchitis, kc, very
much reduced the proportion ot deaths
from consumptive diseases m this coun-
trv. Hie Tills are as goeu as me i eu-
toral and will cure more complaint.
Everybody needs mora or less purlins
J rSe ine u,ooa ".ni Vs y"Hl'"l'7'
1 urSe lhc boweI' Llvcr iul1. ,hd
visceral pytem from ohtiuiion. Purge
out the diseases which ia.-ien on in
bodv. to work its decay, slhit for diseases
we should die only of f?d age. Take
antidotes early and thru-' it from the
svs'em. before it is vet too strong to
yield. ?
- m T U
Aver I'll Is lo thrust' out disease, not
only while, it is weaK butwheu it has ta-
11 -.11 wu liuiu, A kVUU inv mo uuwuwj j
statements of ho hoii- 'ji ben eur
ed by them fron!TjL tO&sadx-
pepsia, dropsy, uos. Skin dis3!es, rheu
inaiism, licurulgiR, intfruiil ins, billi
ons coinp'aints. heartburn, headache.
gout, ami many less dangerous bu: Mill
threatening ailments, such as pimples on
the face, uornts, nervous irritability, lo-s
of appetite, irregularities, dizziness in
the head, colds, levers, dysentery, and
indeed every variety of complaints lor
which a rurgativu Remedy s required.
These are no randoii statements, but
are authenticated by your own neighbors
nu t vr.hai Dlit.'i..wi.. .
JUU1 1 "J " ,au'-
Aiy uiein once, ana on never win je
without them.
l'rice 2-3 cts. per Bo? 3 Hoxes for $1
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER. Chemist.
I.oweil, Mass., and .-tld by all revoc
able Druggists everywhere.
.luy 10, 18oG.-2:n.
D It
.M c Is Vt A N
Two of the best Preparations of
THEY arc not recommended as univer
sal cure alls; but simply for what their
name imports.
'emiifuiie for expelling Worm
from the human system, has alo been
administered with the tnot ?atisfactorv
results G various aubnals subject to
The Liv'er Pill for the cure of Liver
Complaint, ail Bil'.ious Deranjiennruts
Sick Headache. vVe. !
Purchasers will ! particular to ask fur
Dr. M' Lean's CelrbranL rmnifittiel
and Livir Pit fx!
P It F. PAH K I P. Y
FLEMING ( DwvniKus,
sfolr rropnetors, Pirf-TTT?; Pcim-vlva-
nia. and take no other, ns there are v.-hi-
ous preparations niw bfore the pubhe
purporting to be Vermifuge and-Liver
Pills Alio'hers in comparison with Dr.
M'Lcan's are worthless.
The genuine McLean's Vermifuge and
Liver Pills can now be had at all res
pectable drug stores.
Flemish Brothers,
60 Wood St. Pituburg, Pa.,
Sole Proprietors.
SCOV1L Zc MEAD, New Orleans,
General wholesale Agents f-r the South
ern Slides, to whom all all orders must
be addressed.
Sold also by S, T. KING. Oxford, Miss.
and by ail respectable Druggists m trie
State. (June lfJ lr56-ly.
ale of Property
"jyfOTICKis hereby given, that on the
1 4th Monday, (the 221 day of Sept ,
next,) at College ilil!, Lafayette county
Mi.s., the undersigned, Trustee under a
deed of trust execute J by James E.llnrt
on tht31st dy of May. IboG. to secure
certain liabilities of James K. liowies
and llammet H. Hurt for said Jame3 E.
....... V I
Hurt, which said deed of tru;-t is duly
recorded in the Probate Clerk's Office of
the county of Lafavette, will proceed to
sell under said deed to the highest bidder,
for cash, (9) nine
consisting of 4 men, 2 women, 2 girls,
and 1 boy child; I new family carriage, 1
buggy. t e-wgoi.j two tiorae 'Aagon.
together with sevcrak' swu. x
o uk ur u.u, 4q uoaa or came, iou
stock-hogs, 1 lot of bacon and corn, farm
ing implements, saddles, .bridles, Zee.
Also one fine
, New Store House and Lot
in College Hill. The above property
w;n i,e onen ior nrivate purchase, until
I r . . .
the day appointed for public sale, auch
title as is vested in the undersigned, by
$a-,a trust deed, will be conveyed, This
. . ,. , . . l1flmiKt
JOHN B. HILL, Trustee.
College Hill, Aug. 14-lm.
rt-N. B. All those indebted to Jas.
E, Hurt, either by note or account, aie
hereby forewarned to come forward im
mediately and pay up, and save costs.
JNO. B. HILL, Trustee.
WE have 2 Printing Presses on hand
the one an Imperial - No. 3, Wash
ington Press the other', Imperial No. 2
Smith Press, both in pood condition; and
being supernumeraries, we would dis
pose of them on most accommodating
terms. Also a surplus of Cases, Chases,
Sec. Apply at this office immediately.
OPFdtATK by their powerful influence on the
internal visrera to purify the blood and slimu
lato it into ltallhy action. They remove the
o'ustriK t:!is of the stomach, bowel, liver, and other
r .':iiis of the body, and, by restoring their irregular
(tciioii l health, correct, wherever they txiist, such
derangements i are the first causes of disease.
An extensive trial of their virtues, by Professors,
"i'liyMci.iiis, and Patients, has shwn cures of dan
Krous diseases almost beyond belief, were they not
substantiated by persons of such exalted position
and eharaetor'ait to forbid the suspicion of untruth.
Their certificates are published in my American
Almanac, which the Agents below named are
pleased to furnish free to all inquiring.
Annexed we ave Directions for their use in the
complaints which they have been found to cure.
1-'ok Cos m kness. Take one or two Pills, or
stub quauti y as to gently move the bowels. Cos
tiveness in tVequently the aggravating cause of
riT.bt, and tV.c cure of one complaint is the cure
rf both. No person can feel weil while under a
ci stive habit of bodv. llcute it should be, as it
can be, promptly relieved.
Fu:i IlvsrhpiiA, which is sometimes the cause
of Cvstin ss, and always uncomfortable, take mild
J-s from one to four to stimulate the stomach
arm iiwr into he:;'.thv action. 'J hey will do it, and
tii- lu arlbarti, bmlii'utrn, :aid sonburn of dyspepsia
v.;,l rapidly disappear. When it has gone, don't
fi.ret what cured you.
lVr a lori. .stomach, or Morbid Inaction of the
Iif-h, which nroduic general depression of the
spirits and bad lv .1U11, take from four to eight Pills
at fust, and sn.a'.l r doses afterwards, until activity
and siren lb is wl'ired to the system.
Vo:i Ni.stvoesx'-ss, Siu 11kaachk, Xavsr.v,
',') .a '.- S'unur. h. H ick, or .Wc, take from four
ev.ri.t pi Is n-i going to bed. If tliv do not oper
ate ai'JiicWisUy. t.'.ke more tho next day until they
de. Tln-sf co!.i;)'..uut-i wi'1 be swept out from the
system. l).i;i't wiiar these and their kindred dis
jr'ieis because vour stomach is foul.
l'i'U Sckoki l, Hkysifei.as, and all Disease
of t?? S.';in, take the Pi!l freely and freuuenlly, to
kfv;i t!.e bowels open. The eruptions will gener
ii' so ii iicein to diminish and disappear. Many
i:e:n'.;'.!i ulcers and sores have l en liealed up by
mn 'ir.u and j.uriiint; effect of these Tills, and
c (ii .;.Mil!n diseases which seemed to saturnte
the whole sysii-rn h ;ve eoiupUtelv yielded to their
iiit'.iu-.nce, ir.ivii'r the suil'cier in i:erfoet health.
I'at'.cnls! y ur duly to S( iety furbids that yon
ho':!l par;. do vonrsi-lf around the world covered
with pimples, bloti he ;, ulcers, sores, and all or any
of the uucle.iu d; -.eases of the skill, because your
svsH lO Wants cleyashiLj.
To i'l i:i; v Tin: IjI.isot. they nre the best medi
cine ever d:si over. d. They should I e taken freely
and fre: i.i nl'iv, and the impurities which sow the
si-.- o!" i:!.-!!! a..'.- di-icabCs will be swept out of the
s .'.-in like ehetf before the wind. Py ibis property
t! i do u moeh i ti in revetithi sickness as by
ihe it ii.urk..l.e cures which they are making every
l.iVhK t'.iMVl INT. JaI'MUCK, Oiul nV IUU'iHS
I ;. from son e d-rar.reient i-ither
t"i oi.'i: , i ..i ejestion, rr nb.- tnu tioiis of the Liver,
'fi i)'': i Mid enM'estion vitiate the hi'..it.d render
t '.'.' t'.t .--.- 'I'm In te-n-trvw", m the
!, .'. ,ie i tlie coustit'itien i fre.Kcijtl y undcr
iiiiii' d !. l.o othr r.m'.i'. Indigestion is tho ymp
tooi. .:.s'.ri',ct: 't" tne duct v. tiih emptim tbe
r,i-..: ::.!o ti e stoevo li rntiso- th t-i'e to overflow
U,!o Ik" blood. li;is pr.duct.s Jaundice, with a
(us; Mid doiijerous il.iin of evils. ("osli euess, r
vlteruateiy rn-iion-s nnd r'iarrtoea, prevail?..
Feverish . se.pt. a,s, lanni'.r. low spirits, wt arinrss,
-.sl'.easiiess, ;,nd lix'i. la l.o1 v, with soloe'.ill.OS in
i'ii!itv to fcl.-ej, ai!" s uiiet iioi s f.rent ibowsinoss;
soii;cth;u s tk ! is se.. re p. in in the side ; the skin
and tiiV whi'e of the t es l.ri oioe ;i kri'el ilsh ve'loW ;
tb s1om.t h ;n id ; t'.. bowc-'. sore to the loueb ;
ti e wh'-'e s.siei't i;v!'; !-ie. with a Icndcncv to fever,
wi ice. io:.v loin to bi'i' lis fever, hiitou coiie. bilious
diariltn-a. ii ot. ry, Ar, A medium dose of three
or fooi l';i s t .ken ;.t ni ;ht, I'-j'dowcd bv two or
t!:!ee iii ;': morn'i .-'id n pe ited a few d:iy, will
rem ve the c u'l-e of ;;il the troubles. It is wicked
to stid'cr such p:.'ns when vou c-in cure them for
I! tn.rvt v l !M. (iot T, ar. J u!l In finwiuattirij Ftc
n rs mc t :ii; 'ti died bv t:ie puri'yiiii; -de ts of
these iYi1 upon the blood iM'd the stiiouivis whieii
t!:ey a-t'ord to t.ie viiei principle of Life. l'-r
t ai.d ail kiTuhed eo!nph;ints they should be
tckc-nin ini'd ihisi I inovc the bowels gently, Lut
fit e'.v.
Asa DiNNi-.H Pn.r., th's is loth a-.-ree ihle and
ireful. No J 'ill c;"i ! ma le more pleasant to t.ike.
ind certciiii' none has been made more eiii (tu;.l to
the purpose lor which a dinner pill i employed.
;ia tic:I and Anal f ical t licmist. (
S. T. KING, Oxford,
J. R. WILSON, Panola,
Pontotoc, and by all Druggists.
"accommodation train"
iIrom and after monday 12th may, and
and until further notice, a passenger
and freitrht traiu will leave the Holly
springs Depot every day Sundays ex
cepted at 5 o'clock, a. m. connecting
at the Junction with the 7 o'clock a. in.
Accommodation Train for Memphis, and
the morning train goinif Kast.
Returning will leave the Junction at
6 1-2 o'clock, p. m., or on arrival of the
Accoinmodnt iou train -toom Memphis,
irriving at Uolly Springs at 8 1-2 o'clock
will con-
tinue to run as heretotore,
uutil further
General Superintendent.
Holly Springs, may 10-tf.
Respectfully announce to the citizens
of Oxford and surrounding country
that they have this day entered into a
partnership for the purpose of carrying
on the Carriage & WagOll making
business, in its various blanches. .They
will finish to order. Carriages, Buggies,
Wagons, etc., and warrant their work -as
neat and durable as can be furnished any
where in the country.
Carriages, &c., repaired and trimmed
at short notice, and on accommodating
terms. . - - JAMES KIMES
. .WnivDAGAN. .
. Oxford, Feb. 25, '56.-5.-tf. t. . '
TIIE fcNbscribers paving purchased the
office, materials, &c, of the Demo
erotic Flag, propose to publish in th
town of Oxford, Miss., a weekly politi
cal journal, to be known in future under
the name of The Oxford Signal.
Not being entire strangers to the po
litical public, no lengthily detailed pro
gramme of policies for any future gui
dance in this undertaking, need at this
time be presented. Suffice it to bay, that
the Signal will, like its predecessor, the
Flag, zealously advocate the time-honored
and time-tested creed of the , 0
as first promulgated by Jefferson and his
compatriots, in contravention of politi
cal dogmas and heresies simular in many
respects to those which we are at pres
ent called upon to oppose a creed, whose
policies have not only met the sanction
of every true patriot in our land, but
have, in everv tiast emerencv of our
government, proved th?m -'sufliciect uu
to all hings" political, and have given
impulse to our renown aa a nation un
paralleled iu the annals if tarth.
While the Signal will be "national
not .sectional" in its politics while it
will advocate what it tnav conceive to
be the true interests of our whole eoun
try, it will watch with jealous care those
peculiar to the Southern portion of our
confederacy, whenever assailed by h
naticisni, native or foreign, having at all
times a strict view to the peace and per
petuity of a
he only Uinon which can be regarded
as being of paramount political value. .
The Signal will seek, to elevate the
.-tan 'ard of po'.iiieal honor and political
freedom; to this end, will wage a war of
! extermination upon all oath-bound, and
secret political organi.at ions, ever found
ed in distrust of the morality and inteli
gence of the masses, and their capacity
or self government.
It will advocate unequal right in eve
ry citizen to a participation in me tues.
sings of our happy country, without re
gard to the place of nativity, religious
or Political persuasion, inino-iiuj; no oth
er tests in oliice than honesty, capacity
and fidelity to the constitution.
We will advocate a regular system of
within our Stare borders; and cordially
co-operate in the infusion of a spirit ot
State pride in our Seminaries ot Learn
ing, C'a liege.? and Sta e University.
In order to enhance the interest of the
Siguil to the general reader, its tirt
side shall generally be devoted to
Miscellaneous Paragraphs.
Tales, Sketches, dec, judiciou-ly select
ed fro m the current literature :ji the day
The Signal will be ismcH regularly
on' Thursday of each week, from and af
ter, the l.-t of February, proximo; at the
following rates, to-wit:
Copy, $3 00 per annum advance.
" 5 00 "
" 22 oO '
40 00 "
h" Cash 5vstem being the mo-t
. . . . ' . i it !
plea.-ant both to patron ami publisher,
patron ana pumner,
and only successful one in enterprises ol
this kind, there will le no deviation in
any case from the above terms
Oxford, Miss.. Jan. 31, lSOu.
Lsued under the Seal, Sanction and
Authority of
Chartered by the State of Pennsylva
nia, April 29, 1853, with a
Capital of 8100,000,
Mainly for the purpose of arresting
the evils of spurious and worthless
Also, for supplying the community
with reliable Remedies wherever a
competent Physician cannot or will
not be employed. 'This Institution
has purchased from Dr. John R.Row
and, his Celebrated
Tonic Mixture!!
War a s Ti ieTV iity u re ac s a te c ufe for
J . -
and his inestimable Remedy for
Bowel Complaints. '
Rowand's "Compound
Which highly approved and popular
Remedies, together with
The University's Remedy for Com
plaints of the Lungs. The" Universi
ty's Remedy for Dyspepsia or Indi
gestion. The University's Remedy
for Costive-Bowels Also The Uni
versity's Almanac may be had, at the
I Branch Dispensary, or Store of
Nov. 22 tf. Oxford Miss
For which we wip pay the highest mar
ket price. Reynolds & Co.,
may 23-2m. - " Confectioner .
continue to re-publish the following
British Periodical, viz:
THE NORTH BBinsii Utviiuw
(Free Church).
Per anum
For any one of the four Reviews $3 00
For any two of the four Reviews 5 00
For any three of the four Reviews 7 00
For all four of the Reviews 8 00
Ve r Ulnr.kwood's Alasrazine . 3 00
For Blackwood and three reviews . 9
For Blackwood and the 4 Revie'
Pay ments to be made in all cas
vance. Money currctrrlTV
where issued will be recitved at ptir-
A discount of twenty-five percent,
from the above prices will be allowed to
Clubs ordering four or .more copies of
any one or more of the above works.
Thus; Four copies of Blackwood, or of
one Review, will be sent to one address
for four copies f tho four Review
and Biackwood for $30; and so n.
In all the principal Cities and Town,
these works will be divided, through
Agents, FREE ()P POSTAGE. When
sent by mail, the Postage to any part of
the U. States will be but JJL Cents
year for "Blackwood," and but 1-1
CCIlls a year for each of the ie views.
JiimittJJtccs and communications
should always be addressed, post-paip, to
the publisher-,
ot Gold Strkft, New YoKKi
N. B L S. - Co. have recently re
ceived, and have now for st.ic, the "F Ali
MKirS G UUU:," by Hiiry Stephen,
of Edenburg, and the late Prof. Norton,
of Vaie Col'iecre, New Haven, com-
phne in ii o.s.,
royal octavo, euu
14 eteei aiui oiKi
Mtining IU)0
etiod engraving-
rice, tn musiiu tusnt-
r.cy T'ni- ic'irk is nut ihf old Hwk ij
'tc Farht" - lately ur.s iscrrATLD and
irovn ufjon the market.
Tobacco, Cigars & SmilF:
ir)I;LD re.-pec'fuiiy auuouiice to t'uc
if eiiizens of Oxford an 1 vi-'inty, ttitit
'hey have recently opeueeo u tu TSouth
wf.st corn:r of tin square,1 a superb sto-k
ol t!i above good-, embracing almost
very possible variety of Brands; among
which may be found the following:
Booker and Halsey's f co tite Brands,
each a superior article of ea-'wing tobac
co, put up iu t-'.eroi! 10 and 20 lbs cases,
with hiiivi-s, locks wiid keys.
. . . 1
Idoilo do.
i,;vlr:, e,,,,, ,.f .
A mom; their varieties of Smoking To
bacco. my be found
Mill' and Pibreli's Peach r'.aVorcd.
Webb's Superior Spanish Cut, Arc.,
&e , iV c.
A iiion i$ tlwir Brands of Cigars, may
be tound
Hnptrior El Leondcorro,
11 abas nu.
Washing' on,
Vc, Ac. itc, &o.
Without f.inlier specification of nr!e
ties, etc.- thy would say to all, that their
stock is as complete as can be to nnd iu
the country; and being purchased direct
ly from the manufacturers, they are pre
pared tooifer bargains to cash customers
who may wish to purchnse by retail, or
by the quantity. Call a d see for your
selves, gentlemen.
Oxford Feb. 7-3m
Plasterer, Cementer. Stu co-er,
Ornamental Worker,
Oxford, Miss.
WING permanently located in this
tdac.e. he oifer his fc-erviees to the
f ni liiut in u c n experience in every branch
I .... 1 t ' I' A . 1 ..
ot nis ousiness, ne win guarantee mat an
work done by him shall prove satisfac
tory where the proper materials are furn
ished; and hopes by strict attention to
business toshare a portion of thepublU
patronage, Thebesfof releence given
when required. He also buildsHterns.
All Utters addressed tQhim at this pvc
will meet with prompt attention.
Jan. 31-lR5G.-tf. r
W, STEWART, professor of mu-
6ic, having located in'this place for
the purpose of pursuing his profession,
will give, lessons on all musical instru
ments adapted to the parlor or orchestra.
He will also pay strict attention to tuning
pianos, and arranging music for amateur
clubs or banus. All orders left or ad
dresshd to him will meet with prompt at
March 27, 1 856. tf:
fBlanks of ail kinds fox gala
thwofc. , - .... , ?

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