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RSfil fltlfiCMkt.
| Editoss.
Port-Gibson, Miss., :::;;:An|
* 26, 1862.
for president.
PtAlKLtff PlEfl&E,
Of New Hampshire.
MUfLIAn R. kinc;,
Of Alabama.
Democratic Electoral Ticket.
03F" *' No North, no South, no E«rt, no W|*t un
der the Constitution; but a sacred maintenance of
the common bond and true devotion to tbe com
mon brotherhood."—F kanxli» Pieuce.
To the Patrons of the Southern
In associating myself with the present Ed
itor in conducting the editorial department of
the Southern Reveille, it is becoming that I
express the sentiments and opinions which
will govern me in such a capacity, and will be
reflected so far as I am concerned, in the
coilm of the paper.
Believing the Democratic creed as set
forth and upheld by tbe National Democratic
party to bo the means whereby the blessings
of civil and religious liberty, bequeathed to
, 6 J f .
us by our ancestors, are sustained; ,t will be
my aim faithfully to adhere to the glorious
principles of that faith aa taught by its
AP 0811 «»
I deem it useless to enter into a minute
discussion of all the questions at issue be- ,
tween the two great parties of our country,
and «herefc«-® «hall merely enumerate some of
them without going into details. Believing
that the so-called protective system to b« but
a protection to tbe " lords of the loom and
apindle," and believing it encourages monop
oHee, upholds the insolence, and panders to
the avariciousness of one section of the coun
policy. But at the same time it is my opin
ion that a tariff for revenue is necessary, is
proteclivc enoueh, and will be found sufficient
try while it oppresses another ; it is but na
tural that I should array myself under tbe
banner of that party opposing so ruinous a
so Jong as it is applied with that discrimina
tion which will place the burden of govern
ment on all classes in proportion to their
in tbe
. ,
03^ The greater portion of our neighbor
ing town Rodney, was burned on tho night of
t Z SSStT ^
Drake* * Griffing said to be the only sloronot
. ,
Believing in tbe sovereignty and indepen
dence of the States, and that the Union is a
federal compact, with limited powers delega
ted to tbe general government ; I shall ever
be found with tbe party which resists the sub
version of our liberties by a means so mon
strous os an advocacy of centralization or of
consolidation. Ami furthermore, that the
powers of the general government are deriv
ed legitimately from the people, and that
these powers are delegated, not surrendered ;
I believe the administrators and makerjof
laws are accountable to the people for the
manner in which their duties are performed,
and that no mysteries should be inaooesaible
to publie search.
In the démocratie republican ranks I will
always stand, and for tbe diffusion of demo
cratic republican principles will I always bat
So much for principles; and as regards
myself personally, I hope, by devoting all my
energies to tbe business I have undertaken,
tbe Reveille may not loose tbe favor and pat
ronage ao liberally extended while ander tbe
exclusive control of my able associate.
New Boort—We have received from some
person, a pictorial life of Gen. Scott, and are
much obliged to the unknown publishers for
& giving tbe juvenile world such a lucid histo
ry of that great man. The
one to please the children an
to throw them into tbe most intense excite
ment. We expect to see the little boys oft
our town in paper caps fighting the battles of
Mexico with their wooden guns. We are
* sorry that we cannot tell the little folks where
to find this delectable history.
(TP-To our mind there is no better proof
of tbo soundness of the démocratie nominee
than the eoum now pursued by nearly all of
tbe Soott papers throughout tbe Union—es
pecially their two face», their Northern and
Southern tactics. While the whole démo
cratie press of the nation are rallying around
Pierce and the platform, the whig press of
the North are spurning the platform and sup
porting Soott, and th# Southern whig papers
are supporting the platform with Soott on it
Southern whig papers are endeavoring to
prove Pierce an abolitionist, while Northern
whig papers are earnestly endeavoring to oon
vtnoe the abolition voters, that Pierce is an
advocate of slavery ! This is proof to our
minds that the democratic nominee i* a na
tional man.
ia the very
|jy See Dobau's notioe—though burnt
ou t in Bodbev. MU MB attend to Ms fgidhds
at that place

Tbe New Boston Speech.
be most gloriously acquited. After leaving ! **
New Boston, Gen. Pierce visited other parte tw0
of the Stete, denouncin* the oppo.tr. of th. <*
fugitive slave law as traitors to the Constitu
tion itself, and warning all good democrats to
a tnrrrev] nni „nt« .. iiini, .1 ^ «"•»
spurn Atwood not only as such, but also as a
traitor to democrats principles, at the same party,
time urging them to go for Steele and many
^hereby sustain the comnromise of the consti-1 ^
_ j, , , • • M tbe
* r' °f nU . * a " Uenre an/l li * a(lvo '
cco.y of the fugitive slave law, had the
J glorious satisfaction of seeing Steele der . -1 been
ted over both the whig candidate and rcfurm
A,.,.™,) . Tw* «.r,« ir •
Atu^l R.,oot,b»««.lfg,re ORS
the abolmot, al.nd,,; Do., oot th. re,oH of
that election sustain Frank Pierce in his
truly national character ? Is the action of ( N0W
a man wli^teok tbo «tum« in
rights of the South aud P in opposition to
ngnis oi me aoutn ana in opposition to
fanaticism and freesoiliam. to be cursed and times,
held up to shame by Southern men ? Orb
the fanaticism of Dartv snirit in the S.mth sr, ! w ^*°'
corrupt Z
, P , > "«
character of a national man on the oath (f a the
penitentiary convict ? If this be so, how p ER
will it end 1
Notwithstanding th* wkigs of th* South
have to depend upon the testimony of a mao
rince in tbs Virginia penitentiary, and not
withstanding over one humlred honest men kf]
New Boston deny tbe charge of this jail-bird,
yet they continue to publish it and attempt
by e species of logic as false as tbe charge it
self to sustain themselves.
Tbe 'Waahiti
ngtern Republic first *uA*d
this report against Gen. Pierce, and it i* pro
per it should be tile first whig paper to cor
rect itself The following
deajiateh received iw New Or
The "LoAftitwo" Speech — Washington,
August 14.—The Reputeic of tbia
"publishes thi* momieg a corrt^tondence
hot passed l*twwn Mr De I»con, late
ja a telegraphic
-leans :
editor of the Southern Press, and Franklin
Pieroe, in which Gen. Pierce declare# that
tbe reports of his New Boston speech are
grossly and absurdly false, and points to the
fact That the Manchester and Concord Demo
cratic paper» have always denounced him as
a pro-slavcry man.
Thus far we hard seen nothing farther upon
tho subject, though H will be forthcoming by
our next issue. Aside from this direct denial
we aak of all our whig readers, doe* it «eeiu
reasonable, aye, within the bounds of reason,
tbat a man who bad taken the stump for the
express purpose of defeating a democratic
candidate for Governor, because be (the can
didate) had stated his entire disapprobation
and hatred of tbe fugitive slave law, should,
to secure his defeat, state the same things
himself? In other words, Gen. Pierce had
been influential in nominating Atwood for
Governor, being nominated, Atwood declared
himself to some frecsoilers as opposed to
the fugitive slave law; Pierce learning this,
went to sec him. but Atwood would not re
tract, then he (Pierce) determined that it wns
con „ istent withhis
previous course that hc do
to „ . . .. ,
*" * n his power to defeat the very man be
be ha(J fa nominating . Another con .
Ten(ion w „ Mlled lhrough tha influence of
its Um8e i f and frie nd 9 , and they then and there
disavowed their previous action in Domina
Uflg Mwooi a3 he had prQved recreant to
, he trast of CO Drtitatioaal democracy ; and
tbey nomlnated ' Steele as the Democratic
of candidate for Governor of New Hampshire,
Genera! Pierce took the stump in his fa
vor against Atwood. In his circuit he
8poke at New ß 0 ston-and in the speech
& ea roade by hi ffl the whig» say he denonn
Md tb e fugitive (lave law! Now—we »peak
to ctnd i d me n—does the charge not bear the
lie in its very face ; i» it not the very pith of
absurdity ? If the whigs in this and every
community would publicly state their own
upon Gen. Pierce would
will it end
ù'o iu(! _. ... .........
A nd 'rrJ'rTh« '^ e< ^ b ®**t*i
Availability ' Availability ! isthe shrine
at which they worship, tbe God which they
adore Plunder* n «I tk. c».v. ^ »k. t»,
* - . ... . S P otls ' 18 tbe h 7
, y . ^ I>0 ltlc ' SßS ' Rnd ttndcr tbe
banner with these ominous word, inscribed
on it, go they forth to the fight, regardless of
the consequence upon the North the East i
the Wert or the So7h. The peope have in
. , , peope nave in
«ho, d.j, boo« blinded by tbe wild en*».
siasm of such men, but those days have past,
the second sober thought is with tbe people
and it i, «]«,,, rigb, and av.il.bilil, freto
.. v , . umi J r ere lDe
i os ot « ovember, will receive its eternal e
overthrow, while moraland intellectual worth
" a ,r ' u "
a postage to Anstrel». Tba nineteenth (sen.
totj i. trulj an ago of wandere Owe gepd
effect at least of this great increase of hnliitm
w to advance the value of labor in Europe
and especially in England, and thereby se
euro to our maau&cturer. the great advao
tage of equality. As tho value of labor in
entrees in Leropc tbe tusnnfeettoing intent*
increases in tbe United States, and we «n
look upon the increased vaine of labor in
*- P*' 1 ° f rtrt » » OdWeeG reri»
levied upon foreign manufactures by oar own
Oy-' The Weii^ër ~ ërgëna of Bo* on her.
*J& * h £ dirti0 -
gulshed man. He will do nothing to secure
the election of Gen. ScoU; be wiU remain the
silent during tbe campaign; his friends may ded
or not vote for Ma « ft plea» them. This
h M» ptkittoft? law
Ai st* Julia. —This island continent is a
bout to become the rival of California—in
deed, it is already said to exceed in richness
tho valleys of California. A million dollars
a week bad arrived in England, in three sue
ceseive weeks. Emigrants from LiverJJool
which formally crowded everjavessel wiling
for the United States, uow sell all to
for the one by whom k was uttered. If you
do not agree with the hero as to your moral
obligation in regard to your slaves, what is to
follow' The elnrehnlrlin r Vint,, rauï ,
• he staleholding States must
employ all means to meliorate slavery even to
extermination. We dare tbe whig press to
den v this assertion of Gen. Scott. They
. . t ,, ,
«pn .t do ,., and kerrfor* ,bc onl, eour«
left them u to make Gcu Pierce appear as
much tinctured with anti-slavery doctrines as
Gen. Scott, hoping the ••feathers'' of tho lat
lex will make him the chosen evil. This
. . . _ ... ,, . j ....
might succeed tolerably had not their stcorn
witnesses been discredited on the ground of
their previous bad character. We think it
will be rather difficult to convince a moral
««.bof f«
(formerly a cooviet in the Virginia Peniten
tiary) and the statement of Goodale (who ran
•• New Hampehir. had M ch a dm» in
her constitution, and the Locofoco party, of
which Mr Pierce is a leader, Uin g in poicer j
then, still ramnz U." ° ^ !
The above sentence is going the rounds of,
the Scott papers of the South, and was call-1
nd forth U seem, ^rtinn of
J0 " rn& C p arg,ng . n PJ n the wL, f :
of North Carolina religious intolerance. It j
matters little to us at the South what may be
the religious sentiments of North Carolina or
of the Hon Edmund Burke_ü,«n «hon. no ;
• v
man is better acquainted with the history of
** ew Hampshire—defines the position of the
tw0 P artie,i u P° n the r eligi°u» test incorpora
<* >? conetitotion of hi, Sate :
" The constitution of New Hampshire w-os
Copied some forty years ago. while tho fed -
«"•» ^os in the ascendency in >he
It W8s coast ; tarion 0 f .he federal
party, was FRAMED, ADOPTED, and for
many years administered by THAT PAR
^ - W 1 ita °dioos features are the work of
tbe old federed party of New Hampshire.
Since the dera-cratic party have gained the
ascendency in that State, repeated efforts have f
been made to call a convention to alter and
rcfurm The question ha* several times
put the people and voted down—THE
FORM, and the great bo>ly of the ferlerai n
( N0W WH, °) J tarty VOTING AGAINST of
<f™*on has been
referred to the people no les« than jhree
w ^*°' ( ^ moH to a man, VOTED AGAINST
On the last reference of the question to
alteration in the constitution —EVERY
Soott on Slavery.
There U no mao of eminenoe in the Union
whose expressed opinions are more hostile to
slavery than Gen. Sohtt's. In Me letter to At»
kinson, he »ays : •
"T am persuaded that it is a high
AL OBLIGATION of master and SI
HOLDING STATES, to employ all means,
not incompatible with the aafety of both col
* Will any whig paper point u* out a more
dangerous sentiment., (ban this' We give
them"all Gidding* ever »poke to cull from
Look at it whig» of the South ! Dare you
endorse it ? Dare you be so suicidal as to vote
away from Gp
wife and children,) are better than the mere
statement of one huudred respectable men.
Iambus, Ga., leaving a negro
Religious Test.
Herald has inserted tho sentence above,
charging upon Gen. Pierce and tbe democratic
party the responsibility of the New Hamp
shire religious test, we deem it our duty to
place before our readers the matter in another
light, showing that this intolerance, if it be so
great a crime, rests at the door of the federal
paçty. Tho following extracts from a letter
Tbe Southern Press.—T he Southern
Prw has fellen-for want of patronage has
« .
7 H® 1 » reflect for one moment upon two
tbe thing*.
1st. Some three years siora many Southern
of men thinkin th ht* h
i ,l n 5* Kr , 8n l . " 1 '
in the scoff
in 0 f Northern mimls, determined to establish a
Southe „ „ ^ ^ of Gotcni „, n ,
The Southern Pre« »ha« T*.
v- , ,, , .®* .
' °s, ^ T, ■ T""™
lDe of Slavery. It lingered out a aokl y exist
e nce of three years, and fell—fell for want
of patronage. .
"- ^ ""••
'I P* 11 ? bavin * «ncreased to such a magni
tuile, they determined to establish a national
organ at the seat of Government. The Na -
'T* E ~ l b — «fo >" -S*
o .ject was the extemiuaUon of slavery. Its
fenmto« .™. g are, ton .nb^p. I
Uon ^ **|* r Ita pwpnnter. aro grow
"fl! » FW"«* •< «ta «Iwprire |
°° . ' aver y « doomed . /
(E?- The National Freesoil Convention was
held at Pittsburg oa the 11th inst, Brite
was nominated for President, and Julien, of
Indiana, for Vioe-Premdent. »e
for these men will net muerisll; eject tbe ,
election in regard to the other candidate» f
Tbe Barnburner Democrats of New York !
I«. retired witb tbe Hunker, .„d intond to !
support Gen. Pierce. If anything, it will ^
reduce Gen Scott » Northern vote, as mauy
«-»•*» P"f
- a ? | *
[f^- Tbe jury in tbe case of the burning of
the Henry Clay on Hudson river, have deci
ded that the burning was caused by the ere- ! ÿ*
'•**"** of the officers. By the Now York
law they will be tried for murder j Ur*
' ^
ft* *t
Nor Ilmnro -Efc^Usg (h, Ä-peniten- .
tiary convicts (Fosi') affidavit the most posi
tire proof that tbs Independent Demeerat
oonttM . «erect „port of Goo «or»'.
New Bosten speech, is it was not denied at
the time it was made. TW» would do very
weti but it happen» to be untrue.
Aon it 5- th« .. bw. ouro, tri.
dence on the question than the statement of
the original perpetrator of the lie. We find
by the following, from the Union Democrat,
a paper publUhed at Manchester N H that
the lie wa* uaited to the counter by that pa
P ««■ ^ er ». »«till 0 » til* nail la clmched, and
will stay, the elforts of the Southern Seott
Journals to the contrary notwithstanding. j
you Here is the proof, read it every body.
Trick » of the Enemy .—We had an inti
to m » l 'un ,ÜD K 9ince thtt tb « wbi ? s , of th "
, . city were preparing a **Wy plate of soup
for 4Mmt | iero pa ] atcs , an d that the principal
to i npre dient was to be the New Boston corres
to ! pondenoe of the Independent Democrat and
it* co-worker in this city. In other words
we understood that an effort woula be made
^ frienJ , of 0 ,„„J
as Pi ., rcc b y scattering broadogst through that
as section of the Unioo the false reports of his
lat- »pcech at New Boston last December, pub
^hed in the papers above alluded to
The plot seems to have matured suddenly ,
for the Vashtogion Kepublic of the 13th in
of «tant contains, in extenso , the correspondence
it alluded to. The editor states that "the cor
' rectueM of lbe (in the ^dependent)
' every word that was uttered ; and we took the
ran earliest occasion to brand the report as false
in all its length, breadth, and thickness. It
j was so, as hundreds are ready to testify. The
report in the other abolition organs (doubt
less by the rame pen) we did not notice at
length, for ii oocurre-1 to us that every line
waa a lie . and. as it was impossible to correct
in ' * P»» «' t? 1 « 1 » w
of j r • r
j ^ , , b M P l . r t an u . ,fa '
! I" 0 " '*" e "'P t W P»'» W-"- ,
''•"P"«!. « •">"'? Iho tottering febne of
of, abolitionism by an intimation that the very
j ea< l e f of l he democracy had assented to their ( .
f : J at be was callcJ 011,0 d . 3 tbe w ^ rk uf
It j dirty men when requested to publish the ar
tlcto8 in qoertion. He certainly cannot be
, of lbe mor ® distinct events in the
cftiÄi inssssz
that time General l'.crce has been he con
slant ^rget tor the malicious aim of abolitiou
uts at home and abroad. Yet in bis draper. ^
ation or perhaps petulance, in being called ,
upou to support au odious candidate, he throws
open hueolumns to matter la Ira on its ta-e
taise in h.story. and taise by tho concurren
testimony ot both the frieuds and euemies of ,
; Gen.roJ Km Wo mny refer to U.U matter
*S a '" ^ - .
Now we do hope, the party claiming all
the decency and intelligence will not iu the
fmte of eueh Wtimon, re: the .hove, reiutnue
lbe h 390 aud baseless fabrication. v i
- - -
Cuba —The fate of the unfortunate Lopex
and brutft , .a of nmnv ^
the brutal death of many at
806111 D0 to llve entire y exUnguis c
*P ,rl of free fr elin & rcall y entertained by
very many creoles of that island They still
nurse tb e hope xssiued by certain parties is
f ... , ' , , r T «>,,;« ft,». 811
*° m tb ' S C0Untr ^' Str ' klUg , ™ lt ^
dom. The papers throughout the Union are
publishing an address called "The voice of
bc c^JmopI. " «hieb U i„«d region
„ , 7 T ; „ ,, o.to
n J ln 8ecrc 10 uvana. ie guuriimou
of th" island have offered a reward of $20,- for
000 for the discovery of tbe printing office, the
and other rewards for the seixure of all copies >r
... , - . ff than
wh,ch 1)0 foUnd fhere now at least vi«
sterns tobe a deep laid and well-organixed Pn-m
conspiracy in the island, and the whole creole U
^.tion are in some degree aroused to a upon
. . . . m,
J? • J t he
desire to avenge the blood of their brethren t h e
shed on the scaffold and congealed in the
dungeon—tbe time is hardly come, but tbe diers.
; . _ ;11 ti# ,p . try
Several friends have asked us if the Man
ehester De mocrat and the Independent Dem
«,.«„» n» m re.»««;-i r .v,
®° rat nn>
the ^ r c PP ^l rm >n7/r JourZil
l ' , ,
° 0D,C Democratic paper in Ohio offered a
' reward of fifty dollars to the Whig editor who
wouJd ^ ^ bi t lic on duri
a « T® r . *
he renv«,.« Send ,o„r mo,,, m, friend.
to Frefitice of the Journal ; the above we
tb * B ^ Inh® all such reward«, and will
^ «"« «- — -oli
A Union Convention was held in
Philadelphia some days since. Mr. Webster
rr 1 ^. for
disaffected Whigs, and their name is legion,
for him iu November next. This
movement insures Massachusetts and New
T " k fo r Piewa md King. _
^ Why don - t lhtJ Sc0 ttites deny the free
Lx-praiteuliary convict a la mode the Rev.
| Mr. Fore will swea, it down. Wo adriac
libère genUent.n .be ...How Soott to eon
suit Mr {The Reverend) Foss bv leu*,! ! in
Hc mli ®* k ' lt " a11 ti^it."
^ v . v . ■ l r 77. : !
.* ^ IrtleUl * ena:r ' M r
" 'V-ltogSX rn*<* Omni
, de .
f " «* ba ® been practical to an
! "ffa* hlm ^administer the affairs
! bi- to STK , . , SÄ2Ü
^ spirit."_
The ^ . „ . r , . tbe
| * ^ 1 - *
" Indiana will no fo, ^
; so will Qh!,. ' We martkeep l^k
ÿ* f« Kentucky-^e, too, is onthc fctî
Ur* S J tfT® Ï* ^ ^re-not
^ Wh<rC «t** * tion«
-r /
* I
For the lev«!!!«
. a t
posi How Can a Southern Man Suppo
„9v*' 8 °V i t„i -Hh the
«J fch, Ä VVhi g Coo
at Tenfion at juiUmore. It is in v*m no» to
very ^ k fo ^hnw tris principles are not the P n " c '
pies of freeeoih Ï» » *** ^ dlnpated «teint
of ^ t heir candidate— and that their united
find ^ p^^vei-insr support accomplished his
nomination. " w r Sontheni
that otinjr
pa- JJ« one te dk»os ballottinnto prevent
and ^ Terf ^ Mu i ms lte ll of what has happen
» Whet waa it that broke up the Congre*
j sional caucus that called the Whig ( onve ntio a^
wj£rt*a2«qwently occasioned the Caucus of
inti- Southern delem'e* just before and during the
" sitting of the Convention ? What afVrwards
produced that hitherto unpreoedented party
, lri u w | l5 o|, „«„ied the Southern delegates
Uirouteh that terriblo contest in the Conveo
and tion, like the old guard on the ffold of Water
loo, until the sixteen bolters of Tcnneeseo and
Vir-inj. ««vo way like the front rank of that
^ *„K ,^ ir «,m™d« to ooo
that f(HÎon an(J defeat? Wh » t prevented them
his ß na j| v casting their votes even once for
I)#ni ;. 1 debater, whom they were pantine to
honor, and for whom after despanng of Mr
, pjU mor# 'i BUC cess, one hundred and six of
in- ^ w „ g anxhu3 ^ vota , in tbe language of
w ;y, -hearts swelling almost to
bursting?" Why have they ** written a false
chaptw 5n history " of which Mr. Webster |
the tiong j, waH to preven t the triumph of Gen
under ^he freesoil influence. Tho South
It watc h P( ] too anxiously that bitter contest, and
svmpat | lis( .j too deeply in the gallant, but
deftperat0 conflit 0 f tbe Southern delegates,
at w) ^ to f() t t heir defeat or join iu the
beartlps8 trmmp l, 0 f their adversaries. A
gpirit of bonor foad those delegates to
yi.ld « forced .uppori to ,he oomioeo, of Ih.
Ctmvention of which they were members
' Mortified pride may neck to hide the humilia
, ioo 0 f defeat in a twlortant .ppearance of
of „,i„ flclin „ io tbo rera lt. but th. peal bodjr
of t , )e \y b j„ party a t the South can never
( . ons j st/ , nt ].. aC q U iesce. They cannot so sud
2Ä" *****
uf they exhibit alaerify. when their dciegates
^ ^ returnc j ^ them to acqmVsce iu
the nomination -, With what &oe " they
wi jj - can yon R sk us to unite with those,
sit^rjss - -sis
ésriss =î£
^ a DOft of a Democrat to defeat Jefferson
Davis because he wished to hazard the Union
^ (]pfpncc of 8outb , rn Ughte-do not now
, eek to di<graw U8 b anklliange with Se
wafd and ^ reel m / efenoo of freesoil. Do
k ^ . nomination we con
(omn or . « ()f incipie8
, T * .. rr^ r . •.
'/ ».«* ^ J o n n bon H
become prisoner* te our opponents, spare us
the humiliation of behoMfn* you. whom we
had choeen as leader* on the field of battle,
performing the peaceful duties of recruiting
XhnplpX-I'S no ret
v i ce bnt tbe serT ; ae 0 f tbe j r Country. It is
only the expression of that spirit which is J»
»welling m the breast of every Sonthwn man.
who calmly considers the present poskten ef
part i ea ,s houW it oominno the defeafof
General Scott, will be humiliating to even a New
greater degree than the elation of bis frien-ls in
wh^n they succeeded in his nomination It
is difficult for a Southern man to contemplate and
811 opposite result with calmness—what is it of
possible to discover in tbe character of Gen. his
Soott that could induce him to look on it with T»r*y
approbation? It is not pretended tliat his the
-»«F —HiA-etfe« th, h.hiM of a W
o.to ? are «.It-nlatoJ to G, him to dUch,™ Ute
duties of a civil magistrate, or to qualify hioi the
for a wise and'temperate administration of
the laws; yet Gen. Scott pretends to no greater South
>r other capacity for the office of President Botts
than is tbe retrait of forty year* military ser- "ueb
vi« and the acquirements requisite toper- South
Pn-m that service with credit to the country,
U as his friends contend it is to be bestowed
upon him as a reward for a long life of mere
tonuus services—it is hirdty to be presumed
t he American people are prepared fo convert public
t h e Chief Magistracy of tbe Union into a "fo
pension for tbe benefit of suporunuated sol- oolor
diers. The value of those service* tbe coun- bill
try has gratefully acknowledged and worthily a p pi
rewarded, by elevating him to tbe highest
^ J* " Which ^
*7'-^ ^f mocrat ' c ^^
gone further and sinoe the conclusion of the
Mexican war. more than one effort has been ate
made by Den,ocratic " aemb « r8 of Congre** to
®^te a new and higher gra^ in the army- oea,
that of Lieutenant General—for the single
purpose of confering honor upon hi n wboe: ®d
entait was said, had exceeded aJI the h-m- have
ora in that branch of service, which it was in
, h . fo„, rf Govemmen. to breto». Le, i, I,
never be forgotten that this was the propoei- least
Uoo of a Democratic Senator, Mr. Clemens firm
«fAl^mnto-.nd th« i, dofottod b, to
Whig votes Let this fact tear off tbe dia- But
guise from the freesoil influence, which now oourage
»*• *®®ret purposes under the snares
^ «sm. »,
bow fiur Gen. Seott'» military acquirements don.
a, -d experience qualify him for the new spbere The
of civ .' l duties to which he aspires, his politi- com#
^ f Harrison when tbe Whigs first often
'»ditery capital ,u the party, h» time Us at him
Sj! •»"«<[.•»«» »»*• oat
££ pJren. KSi.ntu7^naTl t '"'1
in <be SC ol'Lf , do StiSSSS I
leiUn on the policy of the Government It been
^^T **f". bad e *hib^ed a ofoar perception »bo
r .?l 1 7.t P , ao,i ^ «nder
emeation, tbej might b«ve oentribntod ut
overoomc the natural presumption against h.b life
opacity to administer a civil Government «4
Zr.XïÂfS ^
principles of Gowrument of whateverif^
tbe - v J 11 # 1 bave given evidence of a de
policy in their administration, if thev hmri w,ro
^ his
S ^^ ^ ^
werc onkttUod to winpSkr'&lfeÄ
thcra letters might have ^
tion« of * 8te*3ra ra £2MK^
- «*»4
<■ j ; i
lead iu to ex
policy In
oouuined merdy the« evideaoas of qS
turn far civil office and Betides did - a|>0 ,.. r
only t° advr>cate such measures as at
E tfS5Σ T* P 0 ^ W-avE
rayffo iodiora
»«^pendent m i ad
.* ê
- . w , 2 <kpn tu itm •«<*
an rf a patriot faLrs. P*i*ra
p<WH «h*. * * -« h>if ^ /
one of the ZEtS£ M
the purpose of recalling th >* T nM ' 1 „ c
ÄMnsnÄ. !
sfäS5a5» , stÄ T
sacral £3 O* 1 -* £ï»
Ai/âinut tbe annexation of Toxii, b«owHi II tto
Su considered en acquisition to the politic*! because
strength of the Sooth, and wha® Soothern jfcia
Whin filtered even in their wpport <A Henry | be
CIsy in thf contest on thii question, and too.
learns that when the South bad triumphed on has
the question of annexation, and it **• band ! a
necessary to devise a new metbqfi attack and
upon Southern politica! power —that then an
Gen. Scow planned the attack and led tbe tained,
assault. In one of the same half doacu let- hope.
tem which form the repository of Ws polit*- I tory
cal opinion», we find the following statement : honor
Though opposed to incorporating with*«» ooeld
Districts (tensely populated with the Mex : - twined
oan race, I should be most happy to ffat er- Uarel
nize with our Northern and Eastern formed
neighbors," (tbe Canada*. New Brunswick, deadlier
&c.) Will it be «aid tbe whig nominell has Lane.it
also changed this opinion ? If he has, what aed
can we think of a man, who i* ready in mo- not
ruent* of excitement to announce the mort meaning
startling measures as his "qfnvictiona" when Junius
they appear to be popular with a section, and | adorns
aa suddenly abandon them as soon a* they strip
ocx»« t# obtain favor If he ha« not —H
what an attitude does he stand before the
South ' His Southern supporters may take consider
either horn of the dilemma We leave them of his
to their choice. Though less consistent with their
his character, it is more in accordance with by
his political situation to believe that in tbia sustained
opinion, at least, he remains unchanged. Tbe port
signifloanco of the fate Scott celebration oh 1 est
the Canada border—the cWaoter and known I
inclinations of his lieutenants Seward and the
Greeley —and bis recorded opinion, are feels ligpneer
to be overcome only by evidence at least as try,
conclusive. ^ the
A I'resident wbofe political principles ari life
so rashly adopted and so easily changed would irtntion
bd a fuUl pilot for the shin of State, unless in the
aided and influenced by the wtaest oounrtil- He
lor* Who then is H supposed will bo his ali the
advises ? In bis letter sccepting the nom«- and
nation, be has already asserted that " iu re- (dent
gard to the general poli ey of the administra- Unlike
tion, if elected, I should of course look among a 8eutt
those who may approve that poliov for the a the no
gento to carry it into execution." Wbo at ( adviser
this time appiahd Gen Sodtts nomination ! can a
Are they tho sage* the counsellors, sod the satisfied
STlH/?*'' tifm
jP , v _ 1| find Webster, possible
Mf. Crittenden, Jfr. B .*11 er Sftr. Gentry, sup|M>rt
»eft whose talents, whose experience and the
eminence of whose character* before the
country have made them the oracles of their
J» rl y «W» """ tiw pride end
nP* J* the,r country. '«fJ
"Nrateii «uxilio a« «Ufcn.wibu.irti.
Tempo. e*at.»
New men have taken their places and behold
in their rtead, Mr. Sewanl Mr. Johosttm,
Pennsylvania. Mr. Botta, long Jimmy Jones relation,
and Horace Greeley. Prom the freesoil wing j ÄMO f
of the whig party in New York proceeded w>tn P*
his strongest aupp<* and *o heatSs of tlwt ' ^
T»r*y Ve Seward and Greeley^ And from ; ha.
the freesoil whig, of Pennsylvania under tb* f n»* 1111
W of reGoventor Mow*. „»««W K, Mg
«r.«,ot aox,l,.rj Ihre... TWre nr. him
the commanding position he oceapied in the tbe *rrit
convention, and the timety de«ertMM from the hMshnd,
South of the lx>k of Jim rar Jones and Mr
Botts accomplished bis nomination Uwder tmSSÄ
"ueb an influence what raniid man in the
South can contemplate with calmness the
prospect of his election ? Already has Mr.
Stanlef, tbe leading supporter in North Car-1
f-Wrawd. lu Z th. Ho«ss of Re
presentafives, making an appropriation of the
public moue y for the purpose of transporting
"fo Liberia, in Africa, the free people of
oolor within the State* respectively." If t
bill should boo one a law. it require* only Un
p pi lotion of an existing article in the ein
stitution, authoriling the foroed expropriation
nl^TthT. U98 ' V^T
m J*
'anguago of Geo. Seott himself, "to mehor*
ate slavery even to extermination.
Even under meh inauspicious mreumstan
oea, with » Prraident whom political opinion,
resembled those of Gen. Scott, andsurround
by such influences, the country might yet
have a ho,m in the çenamal character end V
dependence of the individual. UuflJMuniUe
h. i, k ,„ »b,„
least expect to find him deficient. That be is
firm on the field of battle, that be i. prompt
obo, ,bo i.«i„« rf b„„„r. „„ S2T
But tt requires something more than physical
oourage and impulsive honor, to avoid tbe
snares of political intrigues and escape a
ÄftT. mtSJSt
don. we must know thnt we are tempted
The personal vanity of Gen. Soott hx* be
com# proverbial ever since h® has beon oro
r ZT
often subjected hi. friend, to the mitiflolt!^
tbe ol£et if unfveJl Imiter telw?
tbo eountry, from which evon tbe brillian
1* 3T2Ï
been more unsparini than the ^
now seek to bide tbe faggot oHfoetril
«nder his military coat. WuTvanitHik!! |
gjgfo ffc'J '•TV « 'Jd"mto*"
nooonotttbl." for SiT" *u •« oe
and whieli teu. h^Jk . • m '** of bl»
? ' ok> *>U'»ioo
^ '» ? JyggLSg U ***
^ OT<rtBa ^ Pride. wkU.
ara »^ of »-*«t subtatasioo
' X
# ^
Jr. 1/, Düt,Mn « "'O 1 ® P^c. to shape am pr«p«rrd
^ Wt* * «boutd ek* Si
^osSVokwnwter in eivil fife,' k ^ k*«
i» whtoraa t?- * Wd ï
«*»4 Ayrton«*« hero;
mÊk »
these changes of
ixed leaders of the
them we do not
At *
M ^

hs* been
ami •
- Morne'»
#. •

W t


] l y
*t rortand
^ < >«»tch
with a
•«<* tiw MfW*»i{-Woek «f foc flr««|
P*i*ra Hupert the mort d.rtinçumhn
/ the c.ts&M toringthi i£, , jf
M ßr*. «u ridfcoJV «XÜ*
„ c 4 other talent in the opèn,„„ ^
stïA'it =.. ï ^
! SE-S5 rSE
ass s ï?£â
T Ä. jjg jgga ti
II tto lMWrt#d TWlQf wü MppWMj te i
because be bad the *t to control an »,
jfcia person*! influence—yet what a «
| be become among the politician. of W»
too. Ocd Sooftl bw not oven this
has the talent to plan * campsign-u
! a skilful movement and ex-eote it **
and dexterity He lias the courage u> J
an enemy wherever an advantage cat fcT
tained, and if oaoeamry to lead fed
hope. He ha* led an American army kj
I tory more than once. 1!« ha* urtaiari
: honor and glory of the emintry
ooeld be done ou the field of Uhl* ai q
- twined aronud his brow a chaplet of unf»
Uarel Bat every achievement t*
formed under military drill, and n«4 f
deadlier free of Chippewa and I®,
Lane.it was the tall form, the gnld
aed the yellow feather which emamn i
not Winfield Soott, the nun—with a c !;li
meaning wo may apply to him the lang*,
Junius to the King. " The feather, .
| adorns the royal bird, rapports Ui s jfa
strip him of bis plumage and you lia k
Contrasted qrjifa such a character V
consider the eonwHeut and elevated s
of his opponent. Adopted by no Urt J
their representative, he was brought f«J
by Virginia, the mother of StatoM»^
sustained by tbe undivided resy et an-,
port of hearty. II* ieabu**] l.y hi» !q
1 est enemies—at the Nértli, a he:-• lw 1*1
I known—only for his ftilelily to the I B ii*J
the rights of the South. *fhe Nations!
ligpneer tbe leading Vf big pres« of the
try, has admitted his rapacity to
the Goverraneat with safety -old
life has been devgted to tbe stmly and xk *t
irtntion of its*laws and a large aortiu* d •j
in the highest legislative council of the
He has been oowmeixted to their •*i,pr,r', M
ali the leaders and statesmen of bisom; •!
and should he be aiect^l, be will be tte Ë
(dent of the whole people and not -f . ' J
Unlike th« oetradsu. of Daniel wXaeruk 1
a 8eutt administration, his greatest rivai t
the no mi .ation, Gen. Cam, will be hi» !tsl f
adviser if not the bead of Iris «biner li
can a Southern nun. who would hav*M
satisfied with Gon. Cass hesitate u- vcti *
tifm Iiutmo«than all-srfel
possible grouads oan nth a mao U k 1
sup|M>rt Gen. Scott ?
relation, an* friend» to pioum hi. fo*.
j ÄMO f wrf r Tba» w« deeply deplore hi» lwn>l
w>tn P* !M ' , **ed b«artily »yfopethlze wnb Ku -I
' ^ JTu 1
; ha. giveiftortl Iu. affleted rSiLn-n fcere î» J
f n»* 1111 *h*' r flour of need we point th*m ■
Mg **».«■*»■■*»■**. «Ä. ««1
IT* " "Η ■ I
tbe *rrit I !un, t. •:i-r*o*.v*Tt ÎTmV •
hMshnd, That the rooi t ««u> w w
^ ' IIOOrB * n K fcvtèirtv
tmSSÄ toteLÄfUteÄä
^ ^ZX&tftlJS'H*
am pr«p«rrd u> rweiv« fmebt *nd mup ^
Si <•* 1
* Wd ï ^ ^ ® *«•» ^
Port Oinsr )N , \, Iar g]*
At * regular meeting o( Clint«, Rovn,
Chapter, held at tire time and stare „U^ t r.l
M ^ fo® fotfowira preamM*
unanimously Ideatedi
■ WHiau», tb« alt-wi»e creator of thr
hs* been pteared to rrarav« frou: m
prap—upw. *2*%""
Hcndetil, That there rerelutiom be *pr,.
ami • K-M-i i.-,' an,I u,«
- Morne'» Magasine/' to puWirt. tb*
W F. E1MU.I. x
A. ». BOCO I
_ Cm
Rob't. C. McC at, Secretary, yrelem.
*4 *

#. •- cinunt. NOTICE. r > rn «*j
LIBERAL Advance* mad» ou Cette« »hippo
Cotton Factors k Commission Serckia:
a» CojtMcaqiAL Plate». M»w Oauuv ;
. _ . tT Giaaoir, Sh».
O^Wratrtii^Suypl.o. furuiahed at rettwr p
hngm 25, ltea
x oTi
W t have arrange man ta by which ordre -
b« «xecatod without drier, in am M »
»nowlof eitiea, for any kind M urerchatrii« '
lt m louul . j
■ * * . I UitOiwkw
_ * . CURRY ft
A*g 23,1M3 . mr Ojaia^ * 1 1*
*■ ST" «Mb*. , _ . v .
] l y u. Keatucky J«ans
^ÜLZÄ h «SKSfly
*t rortand Char|«a Pits
August u, van •
_ SSSiTl
ryyrrws Will bä («reived and forward
^ < >«»tch » r 1 »,by _ Piiîo, & Cl
* .Ri asïT brooaw
eäl iïïïsîjîtasr
Augurt *3, l6su p aaloa A Ci»»'
k Ct»r
... m
Psm ft Cet*>

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