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, __
ptÿ- . everal subscribers have complained
to us, of not receiving tho " Reveille
ularly. Wo bave been very careful in
ting out our mail lists, and the fault is
ours. If it lus with the lost Masters, we
they will look to it.__
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"Oct. 6 |
Fort-Gihson, Miss.,"»'"*'"
Of New Hampshire.
Of Alabama.
Democratic Electoral Ticket.
O^r" 11 . l-'ulkcrson Ksq., has "
goods, cheap poods and good goods."
, , „ , ..., • , i
who dou t believe, will be convinced by
,. r, ,. ... , .
ing on him. eee Ins advertisement in
,, .
other column.
Attention Masons.—S ec advertisement
of Dr. J. G. Hastings about that Regalia.
~T, r~ r; : ,
C^rlitl. Lcthca, Lsq, has our thanks
. .• i • , , .
f,,, Lai lkeawentte <to |Md to
Vo tape Lo may alway, got iLc pattoaago
desorre», and that Le may over enjoy
;'o. UC Ciar:IC ''
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e asv ridina binr-nes which are seen about
. .
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their 1 no, nasty eproportbnar nice. Sec
. . . J 1 1 J
your orders for their work 1
from tho Natchez Free Trader, and is sue-1
ccedcd by E.lward Ticket!, Jr.; Esq. Mr.,
Tiekctt formerly conducted thc Memphis
Appeal, and is distinguished as an able and
jra. The merchant who docs'nt advertise
-toT toWira. titbers can affurd to j,ay
for it, and at thc same time employ so many
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I . , . , , , , ,
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And still the merchant who publishes his
stock can afford to sell cheaper than one who
docs not. Hand in thc lists,you who have
never tried it, of your goods ! The business
season is coming om—Ex._
07"Somc of thc Whig papers arc rejoi-1
ring over Amite county, merely because that
eountv cave a Whfo maioritv in a recent elec
emnty gave a U uig m.ijority in a recent elec
•lot,. Tbo popor which inform, tbo pooplc
that Amite is Whig, should at tlic same time
and in thc same paragraph, tell them that
" the Dutch have tikon lînllnnd "
n'v» Gen Scott is exhibiting himself for
■ 1C/^ ULU - l - tüU w Lxuioiung luuisui, ior
»lie nurpose of makin«» political capital_
me j urpo. e oi mah.m 0 political capital.
AN ith tho government paying his traveling cx
penses, he can very well afford to stop at
•cry corporate town to take fine dinners and
make humbu" speeches Oh' for tho da
TlrZrt 3 - J
ffy* Major Richard Elward has withdrawn
elegant writer.
25?" Thc Lexington Sentinel publishes a
lotter from Col. Brooke, to Mr. McAflcc in
which he (Brooke) still says he will not sup
port Gen. iScott. Mr. Brooke is a Whig, and
, „.»■ , .. „
I ultra « big. . roul bitter coder. Here
is what he says :
" Washington, July 10 , 1S52.
Dear Sir :—I snatch a few minutes this
morning to give you a hurried reply, (though I
have not partaken of a hasty plate of soup.)
You ucrc right in the supposition that I
would not support Scott, and I am sur
prised that any one could doubt my jiosition..
You have doubtless before tliis seen thc card
signed by Toombs, Stephens, myself, and
others, repudiating the nommât uni —and
this will, I hope, prove satisfactory to tho,»el
who have any interest 111 thc matter." * * *
I hopo the partv to which I belong- will ponder
■nd eotaioer botore they ram,nut the»,* lvu,
to the support of any man who lias suffered
himself to be used as a tool by that misera
blc jiarty tiiat has caused all our troubles,
and who, in his letter of acceptance, prom -1
*7 ~. -T—[- 7 .
Q 5 ?" A correspondent, in thc Louisville
Democrat, tsies off tbo " History of the hat
tie of Lunya auc, which appeared m the
Tm" : , , t, , ,
. 1 .» Sb/lTLl^
friend that she Uiought it "without conception
the most extraordinary confusion of glowering
ideals and sentinels that.ever intermitted from
the pen ot Genesis. His imposition, says she, 'is
most superfluous." Ihc deleterious sweeUicss
of his coctipation?, thc roun.hicss of his para
graphs, thc impcrtcnancc of the subject, and
the judvish secretion of his expansions, are une
quailed in thc annuals of li fter a tur c.'
[jy Mrs. Partington knows Gen Scott is a
Catholic, by the mass meetings his friends
hold al! over thc country. I
On -IonJay tbc tilth inst., agreeably to
previous notice the Democratic and Whig
doctors, Messrs. Caused/ and Simrall, ad
dressed their fellow citizens of this county at
the Court House.
Mr. Simrall first took the stand and in a
eupied ever since, is free soil, upon which j
I stand his advisers and co-patriots in the dis- ■
J semination of free opinio^. He saidhe had 1
not met a single \\ lug in all this district who
; was not pleased with the platform—granted; >
j but how many W liigs lie had met who were
! displeased with («en. Scott, bo omitted to j
; Mention. 1 lie Whig platform ho said was ,
j adopted without noise and confusion, cauily :
! and deliberately ; but lie did not tell his au- j
, ! dienco that it) members of that convention,
free sutlers, as deliberately arose and cast I
• I their rotes against the adoption of the plat
j fo r!n a ,id especially agaiurt the eighth résolu
rep- tion—lie omitted to mention to his auditors
wri- : ,l iat eight-tenths of the Whig papers of the
not V urt hern «nd Kasten. States are under the
i -'oniicrn Miunobii.ru oiaus n r un
( influence of thoso 70 men and that those pa-1
I pers i.avc declared themselves not bound by ;
tl*c adoption ot the platform He said Gen- j
' c " u lia< ' acw l» ,cJ " mt P Iat ' orm annexed
J would have been the better word—and that
the incidents of his life are pledged to its
I strict maintenance. If the incidents of Gen.
Public Speaking.
; cool and conrteons manner spoke some hour
j and throe quarters. His whole speech
seemingly an argument against nothing posi
tive or direct, but against the very general j
1852. impression in the South that the ground Gen. ■
Scott occupied immediately previous to the ;
j meeting of the Whig Convention and has oc- j
„ „ ,... „ .. ...
heotts public life, aside from Ins military one,
, „ , , , , , * .
I be all wc have to depend upon, then those in -1
j .. ., , , , .
cidcnts are evidently opposed to the most un- i
* *
portant features of tho Whig platform.
Mr. S. t dwelt at Length upon the Castle
Garden speech of Gen. J>'eott and wished to j
prove from it that he was favorable to the eu* I
* !
forcement ot the Compromise. Ihc Com- •
t Lo„ ,^,l a„J if Gen. '
^ ^ |mJ „„ ilfcl 0 J. , Cun , pwmiM m j
^ Jid ^ know 1(J uatnru, and it wa, an ca,y
' tiling for any man, wLo was fidjing for Uic
) President'« chair, to say, at that time, thc
: j; u i on , llUfe t be preserved, ct. cet. IIo then of
; niadü t l ic assertion that Gen. Scott had been
vcr> activo in Washington in securing thc
passage of thc Compromise, urging upou all j
men to vote for thc measure. Let us judge j t
' men by their past lives, erics Mr S am] not
J 1 ' UIUI .
l>ï «bcir pBmout pmntion-agracd. Nowwbat I»
! has Gcu - Scott cvcr ^ iJ will justify ,
any mau in asserting that lie is in favor of we
t j t | t cu f orcctucu » of []| C fugitive slave
entom.mcut ot tlic lu i! lll ' cslavc
law' Nothin I « 1 Mr S f.nnLl .mi nwx.lt.f.n 1
ta t: ;
fans never signed bis name to any letter or
paper wherin thc fugitive slave law is cn
Constitutional md
and just law. Thousands of rumor* in the !
South arc received among the Scott meu as Gon
! iudisputed facts, conversations aud exprès
< sions are paraded to prove the soundness of cr J
Scott, but why will or did be not write a few 1
,incs - si « n his ,,amc aud siI ' ;nce fur ' ! F
-rtbra^^ofbiral _I«M„
' 111,1 a ' or cai1 an J dcar * rlcnd Gen. Scott („
answcr t Lis question ? No. Mr. Simrall in
l ur «toi»Hco of bra object, in removing the
KtiKtiicMona trltteli rr>et an lmovlte- wnJ
" "Î , ~ h( ? V '}> ^
«Po« h.s candidate declared that New
1 ork ' 1 cnus D v au,a and otber ' Northcrn ' tatcs Wor
cast their delegated vote for Scott in 183G and .
' ^ ■ a " d 1,at 110 aU.tiomsts (Jcn
I . . ° rt ' rguc \vl lanno sa} ,
, '"'T
7"° n " 18 °"' lhat '*** su ^ rtcd L,m M !
the candidate wbo would favor their interest, j
„ . , . . , » . . . , and
111 ,0 « 11 U o j
m thc sceond l ,lacc - Mr himra11 d,d not n,cn - ful
' ,on that l ' lC * vcr * dclcgatcs fr01 " tI,c Statc ' [ ina
| be named, were thc men who came up as a
: bo* and recorded their vote, agaM »lavcrj
„ i ,i , , . . ?, - J that
and the fugitive slave law, at tho same tune ,
»1 \ r /> «.• , , , .
t hoy voted for Gen. Scott ; and their course ,_.
« s j ucc iudicutc the motives of their action in '
; thc Whig Convention—they clory in the P 09
candidate and renudnte the nLofm-m Air
JT .£1 •a . liu ' ' him
Sewardbesaid was an ultra Whig aud sup- or
ported Scott bccau»e be «a, tbo «■»■ A «,
, paeity
dursed nud recognized
as a
thc Whig Convention. Mr. Grccly, ho said, j
did not support Gen. Scott because ho was au
abolitiuuiat, but « » Whig If thi, bo true, .
, .Mr. Suran.il »puke, »pit »jran the Whig plot., mmc
form, why do they scoff at thc South aud her !
to take in the very Constitution itself and
embodying eveiy principle of true Republican
. ^ ,.... .... „
,MU ' w üa g rccw,lhIi im, and feci proud that all we
men m this country can quote texts from it. .
It was singular, said be, that mcn of tbc South 1 „
j &otl lba aboIUioaiA , ,
'. . . * '
^ 1UI ' w " l c 11C Y supixjrt 1 lercc, w ho is also
supported Ly frccsoilers. lie instanced John
aud .Martin Van Buren and others, who arc *ay S
^ wihis
1S not strange at all^whe!! wc look at it in.its most
propcr j ight Every prominent man of thc
frccsoilers who is now supporting Tierce, have the
acquiesced in, au«i approved of every feature five
of lLo Democratic platfonu-Uicy do not To
»" 1 'lwrt Citircc raid repudiat» the platfyrra, »p«„
, U0 , icrc at thls 10Ur ,n tf,e - Surth> l* 1 » 0
** ast or " cst u an Y I m F r or auy prominent percha
mau supporting thc one aud repudiating thc enables
other—Tierce and thc platform are one and exact
; j- - ...
1U ' LvUllblc * thc I datlunu w the «"bodyment red,
°f Gue Democratic principles and Ticrpe is thc
the embodiment of tlic platform! There are rail
other poiuta upon which Mr. Csimrall dwelt, is
He would make Tierce responsible for every
abolition vote cast in the New Hampshire will
Legislature for tweufy years back—he would line*.
pretentious ? This question they can not
answer, at least they do not attempt to answer
3Ir. S., then attacked thc Democratic plat
form, declaring that all men could quote from
its texts—if he meant that it was so broad as
bold him responsible for cvcr imperfection in
the ranks of a great party and cast upon him
to tl, c odium which attaches alone to individual
Whig ,, c Iaborcd to b1 ,ow that slavery was
ad- j n )|0 ,] an p. r nn( i tried through such argu
at mcMt „ tu ^icld t {, c notion of the Whig eon
vent ion, and its nominee from the well foun
in a suspicion of fraud and corruption which
has entered into t!»e minds of two-thirds of all
the Southern people. Dut the attempt was
as abortive as bis trying to prove Gen. Scott
a man of civil ability.
His speech was a good one—wc mean it
was as good a one as could be made in as bad
a cause. The gentleman admitted on the
j * tan( ] t j mt Mississippi would vote for Tierce
dis- ■ & King p ut y Ct | 1C w y, C( ] to unLurthcu his
had 1 wIwIo Ulinj on tLc object. HU remarks
who wore lll0gt |y on and competed witli tho sub
> j cct 0 f „Uvery. Dut he did not mention
were tJje New Doston slander which is arrayed
to j against the soundness of Gen. Tierce; and
was , )| r _ Cassody said that the gentleman did not
: believe it and thought it beneath his notice to
au- j parade it before the intelligent audieuce which
be every where met.
cast I Mr. 8 . concluding, Mr. Cassody, Democrat
j c candidate for elector arose aud iu a speech
two hours long, pulled down most completely,
and entirely every position erected by his
the tuidVin- the Democrats of Tort
the S , l , .
un (^bscin and surrounding eountry, that the
pa-1 causc was |„ glH>1 ail j t |, at t |, cy ncc j
by ; Cllterla ; n uo lears respiting the action of the
j fourtIl district in November. Mr. Simrall
^ U j, f or a f cw minutes at the close of Mr.
Cassody 's speech, but he uude no inetition of
its the New Bostou slander 1
<ir , ,, i , . - „ .
Gf both sjieakers, we must join all who
heard them in saying, that the debate was
conducted most courteously, leaving behind
4 i .* . .
them the impression that they were, in every
. . 1 , , 3 ' ■>
smise of the word, gentlemen.
Gen. ■
the ;
oc- j
to j Tho g nea jç ers atld jj cra | d
I " _
! m. ,, . ,, ,, .
• Jnc Tort Gibson Herald, m cominentin"
' on lira addrarae. of the two cndi.Uio. to I
j oWU)n . in dtarict, givoa a.-,f ran. fortLc i
»und login of Mr. Si,until witbant »rath,- a !
Linglo puint nntdo ly that gmtloraan. Tb«i
article in question is a dictation to thc opinion i
of others, and aecins to take it for granted !
loth parties will bow to the judgments
*»^reiu contained, not daring to enntertain |
j différant convictions. This may be well ! C
j t 500 "^ 1 f« r *l»o Scottites, and this may be cou* J
"«*«*«* a f air opecimcn of thoir argumente; |
. ._ ... . , , , ,
I» « mn»t buninmre .n,Iv,Hmdonvo to-llm
, ^m°cracy, and as for our stn^/e self, we j
we " ilJ as llcvo ,,ut " ns l' av c our opinions
ovcrawe( l Ly the confident assertions in any j
;; ] I J
1 writings be Uicy newspaper or of any other
; — ».
Mr. Simrall is rather Jogieal than other-1 ^
•&»*»» debate, aud no doubl he is courteous!
md dignified ; but he signally failed, as wc
! think, in proving the civil qualifications of
Gon - ScotL Wc Jo nut «»"»^r our " ipse
dixit " sufficient to convince thc mind of ev
cr J °» c of . tlic s '' und,,ess uf what * c "7* ail ' J
1 ierc ore ' g,vc rea * m * i ,r our °I''"' 0,1S - j
! F ° VC <J ° Q ' , 0C ° U U * #totCSUian WoulJ rc *
(„ j . . . !
' mman o ic mi \
^ Th o Ufa .bi,-com„.,- a ,„n o, rre ,^l ,la |
confidence entertained by thc executive in bu h*
ability to discharge an important duty iu a '
imUucc _ yvt .lUonunissions are !
Wor .ira,i : n t i,e samo fi.r.ml „„„„„r l
. , . !
(Jcn know j Dg tl|C of ^ '
, djJ nQt ; vc him large discretionary
powers, but ordered bim not to proceed in any 'fc
! measure without the consent of the collector
j « T - q , Un
and L. b. Attorney at Charleston. ot
j If it „ u»t S«M wc nil pow
ful in nrvcn , in „ nuUifinü . _ • s r
[ ina aad that ," c w „ scnt thcrc for „ t V(J
' . , , ^
I— W "T ^ ! T"' ^
that he is acquainted with the checks and
, „ . 1 , , .
ballances of our government, and that he un
,_. , . , . ' , * said
' ^ ail( ^ A,lu " rc| g n r c a ions. an wc sup
P 09 ? that 1,18 stamping it along the line,
dunng 'he disturbance m Canada, qualifies
him to be President of these United States,
or that it iiany proof of qllIllification ? ^ rcuh
«, ™t K S* Wkk it. a milira,, ca.
paeity a„d hi, eonaolratiou -i.b it, governor by
make Gen. Scott a civiliuu ? If such acts
Charleston to take command of the military | „
jH)sts. Though his commission expressed tlic (
Vm w ^ miuL *, r lbo affai „ rf
bo. vorjlittlc.Jvautogc,»„J
mmc cUeu tlgra •• ib„».^„d and eoe '• uffi.
cors and negotiators iu the country.
W.^-wWiour neighbor, that neither
candidate condescende«] to " throw mud," and
we Mf gjlB|mI1 actcd j , j
. •_. - al . ,.. . ,,/ , '
„ ! S ,, - ° * ' y P " dd °' tbc * NuW
am -
The electric telegraph from Paris to
Bordeaux is now open to the public. It is,
*ay S the European correspondent of the New
a*«««. u*m, tic
most perfect line of magnetic communication
inexistence. The wires, ten in number,
the whole distance under ground. They
five inches apart, aud form a hollow square,
To guard against humidity, they are supported
»p«„ »oral» blraik, .itb tbo norararar, i*,
l* 1 » 0 ». a »d encased in a coating of gutta
percha aud lead. An ingenious contrivance
enables the guardians to detect at once the
exact spot where any flaw or break lias
y ""
red, without the digging up of any portion of
thc trench. As the wires follow the line of thc
rail road, upon whose sacred soil no mortal foot
is allowed to tread, they will be safe from pro
fanation. lt is said that thc tariff of prices
will be more moderate than upon the other
The facts in thc case will not warrant a
conclusion iu favor of Gen. Scott, and though
Mr. Simrall may argue, and the editor of
thc Herald iTsscrt —yet most people will see
for themselves, aud draw their own couclu
al 1
.- _
in Mr. Webster.
him Stung by the ingratitude of bis party, Mr.
individual Webster is fretting away the few remaning
was years of his life. That party whose leader
argu- he NHl but n not, has caressed and flattered
eon- him, only to betray. They have clipped tlm
foun- pinions of the old eagle, at a tinnf when the
which vigor of his wing was wal ning, and they have
of all caged him when he is no loger capable of the
was long continued flights, which characterized
Scott bis better days. lie is evidently fast failing.
It wool.] not have been thus, bad he been
mean it cherished by the support and confidence of
as bad bis party. To serve a party with a zeal un
the equalled, and with an intellect unsurpassed—
Tierce then to Is; laid on the shelf by that party to
his make way for flummery, tinsel, buttons and
remarks Others, is "ingratitude more strong than
sub- traitors arms," and Webster feels—keenly
mention feels, the blow. To be worshiped as the
arrayed "Godlike," and then to Ik; thrown aside,
and while bis devotees fall bofi.ro the image of
not that golden calf, acailibilit //, is tin» great an
to indignity for the lofty spirit of Webster to
which bear. The following eloquent extract is from
the Washington correspondence of the
Charleston Mercury.
speech " Mr. Weitster hsiks verv badlv, and seems
[? breaking fast. IIo probably will not
his long after his great compeers w ho have
Tort «"d nr. almost prophetic
«Emmerns stamped upon his swarthy fi.ee,
the tempering its sullen glooui. It is a striking
ncc j commentary on the end of ambition, and the
the ^'"ptiness of its rewards to mark the last
Simrall C" with blobbing'brea\h,^l!ya!id stern
Mr. ly prophesying the failure of his great efforts
of to avert coming evils from tlie land ho loved.
Clay, in his sick chamber, startl d from the
. ''"nteinplation of his approaching change from
who tunc to eternity, by the shouts ratifying the
was nomination of the victorious chieftain, whose
behind wa ? ovcr l " 111 M "'l his will ; and
now iVcktcr, iike a caged caille, fretting
every i : r • • 7 r . "
■> away his few remaining hours m indignant
silence, an 1 passing down to the land of shad
ows with a blacker shadow on his proud soul,
and a store of Litter memories, irradiented
with no li qie."
to I *""»• Wife «ndaUto to .to
fortLc i "» 'S'" 1 ' «<«« «« tto
a ! - r ''" lnl * 1 tllat 11 f""P»
Tb«i ll " fur :1 man loilian-c Lra op'monx. after lira
i ,lin " 1 ,,a ' l " ,aturcJ * an<1 ,us ,ia,l|ts of thinking
! ,,atI l,ero,,lc ^'«firmed. Has Gen. Ncott
cIia,,gLM1, (,r ,s l,c 1,10 Kll,,c ' ll, rc arca fow
| ofhia op*«««—«*d wiU. him they arc run
well ! C " /IW< •*
cou* J ^ I had Uip honor of a vote on the occa
| î'^£î; i ! I 5 ! " r 'î V 't r
, have been given in mvor of the land distnbu
bill, tbu IIAN'KIilTT HIM., and tb„
we j seeond bill for creating a fiscal corporation."
—(•en. Smtt's Circular Platform Jitter,
any j ()ct '"l*'
J " 1 have long been under a CONVICTION,
other • t. . '
other-1 ^ V\ v-ihs:Î' t" SSa °i 811,1
11 ' i { to ""r
wc J. he wants ofour mnmerctTiid Ünmöniv' " 1
of —(Same Letter, Oct. " 0 , 1 ft I i. ' j
ipse " I *«» «'kj'J. ' if noiniiiatod as a candidate
ev- y | "°!Ü! I
ail ' J Yes. TDOVIDKD that ll« ."tRequired to
j renounce any principle professed alsive. My ! it.
rc * ar ° CONVICTIOSS."—W
! '\™. to— toto» KXTSNIH»;
\ naturalization? ami A TOTAL DKTEAI.
,la | WAIj, AOTij UFÇ 0 SU 11 KSS »N Till:
bu h* H*' KG T. My mind mdmus TO IIIK
a ' LATTER ."-(Gen. Scott's Utter to G. IF. ;
are ! ' V<,P ' lu * 1S44 ,
* VJjl l,N amv,n 3 * n t,,e 1 n ' tp, l States to
! after SIA MON l IIS from the passage «I this
' JUGHT TO VOTE, except in tho manm r ;
hereinafter prescribed.—two fears service in
any 'fc % »7 in li ™ C «f war-for any j
United c ^ » T i nf n 1
Un ted tsutw, for any member of thc Ilonac ; j
ot Representatives ot the same; for any Gov-; ,
"*»• —•>»» «Kmrrww. momber of tbc '
(legislature. Judge of any Court of Record, !
111 a,1 >' Statü or <>'' ^
^ Fnitsd btates, or for auy Mayor, Intendant, t|,
" I
and Common Councilman of any city, borough or ,
iucornorated tow» nr vill««» Sn »n» „P ii,,.
un- ., y, 1 a , u . or ''"W 10 any ot llie |
* said States or their territories, or withiu the i I
District of Columbia."— Gen. Scott's hill
açaiwl foreigners, drawn vp for enact- en
»tent by Congress, and puUisltctl in the t |
Nalumd InuUigtmer, Decnnherll, l*tt. Uu
rcuh explanations, signed « Americans."
ca. ^ Tto ,M„cbe»ter Jfc«oe™r, edited .
by Goodal. tto. ,peak, of Gen. 1-ieree : "
Fustian.—T bo hunker pre* arc »Hedging °
that wc are cinlcavoring to render Gcu. Tioroe j
odious to the South by representing biui a.< only
an abolitionist. This is not the fact. Wc
have invariably spoken of him as devoted
to the su/yx/rt >f the most extreme sectioned
views on the subject of slavery. We never
pave him credit of sincerity in his speech at ous
New Boston, but regarded his anti-slavery
remarks as a political ruse, designed only for
this Latitude. No oue m any degree aequam- t
ted with our columns can have misunderstood to
us on this point.
So ends the matter. Gooilale believes with
Gen. Tierce to be a sound man on the slavery none
question, after having tried to make him out the
an abolitionist. After lending himself to the
Scottites be conics out and tells as, be docs
not believe it himself. What will become of
| „ a turaliz.ition'
tlic ( IF A LI, ACTS OF G<)NGKES 8 < )N Tl I Ë j
... mind inclines TO THE
— (Gen. Scott's Utter to G. W. I
al 1 those affidavits ? Will they go for naught ?
Have some more swearing done gents ! and
get swearers who " won't hack out."
^ [tv" The editors of the Whig {tapera in the
East, nro porfoctly horrified ard di.-gustcl be
cause Gen. Cass recently, in addressing a large
asscuthy of the Democracy, in a close room
a warm evening, pulled iff' his coat.'
dandy editors seem to think that all a man'»
respectability un i statemausbip lie iu bis coat
and the quality of it.
, on
[O" Several married females creasing tbc
Isthmus of Panama, on tlieir way to California,
bought mules at Cruces to rule. After travel
ling a day from Cruces, they stopped at a
rancho for the night. The next morning they
found their mules had all been stolen, and
they were obliged to walk thc whole way to
Vauama, carrying their children.
ff#" C. 8 . Consul Rice, who has been stay
ing at Panama some time, has left for Acap
ulco. The President has appointed annullier
ers«ju to the''«jasulate.
Two Views of Life*
■¥^ rz . . .„„„„a it
Î The **"<* eveninfwere closing around
the earth. The whole of human so,fishi.« ,
of human ingenuity, of human love, °V
sacrifices and human misery, were be jJ
the universal silence of gradual
The grand and resplendent orb of
a million rays had seemed to pass from sig it,
and the modest moon was in thc Hast, mount-1
ing the heavena amid an ocean of ripp *
clouds. The scene, to tho muser, was unusn
ally beautiful. A softness was stealing upon
all tho world, and the gentle zephyrs o a l
summe, 's evening were trembling among the.
rose buds of many a blooming bush. I &U
to—. A—M*—»Ster.-H
me le riK nd i»* the eulmnem ot the e.e
"I*. Ibat • feecied hi»». * thinking mind, L
ml-h. enmh .« — » -^^ ^ „
MKithed. Beneath an oak that stretched
broad and brawny arms, as if to embrace the ^
very clouds, which fluted so charmingly in I
the eternal space of heaven l saw and sat me I
down beside a man of the days that are not, |
w,th whom was one wlmae very .ppearanco
indicated the vanity and hstlessncss ot na
The two, the old man aud the young
hushed in
were in earnest conversation.
Twenty-two and ready for the fteau monde ;
all the no«™ry aud Mmuablo accomrluh
inenta of the day. IKv.l taka >t. WM a
long dull time I've had of it, it seems like a
, i _I
very eternity since I began my course seven I
. i «Jrious
vears next -Jane. Dut it is now useless to
, tea- , I a *i «„l,
think or speak of time and labor, thank
goodness it is all over, and my education, ffI,
... , . , I
ubuut which ray dear l'api wa, w extremely
.solicitouc, b at last finish,^ ! Kver, thin- I
have at iny tongue's end. I am always posted awa
iu the beauties, of the last novel and have
•juite a store of chuiee aud well received ex- 1 ^
tracts and quotations arranged in my head for j
immediate use, whenever thc occasion and
' I in
lira company ro,|uira it.
lira arc not only very goad in tbo choico of pic
teresque grounds, thc construction of rooms t,ic
and the arrangement of the furniture, cur
fow tains, &c , but it is said that my selection of cu *
a party parlor and walking dress is cer tainly I
hm /<«— aud will secure my instant admis- 1 to
sien in tho very first circles of fashionable the
Ufe - Well I think I have a good taste and flood
. in
"V diittugHe appnannao and
My moustache is incomparable, and asso
eiated wifh this bewitching and cultivated steam
goatee, situated upon a very fair and dimpled of
.. T , . . a
' chin, will I doubt not, influence many a fair „
««. - «» ^ -
omnL Weil - wcl1 - 1 w,il V rt,cn> l ^ »«
similarly situated with Uie poet's hcroin.o
" 1 " Charnûng, all wemwefam. of her dram."
j Let me sec, there arc other things to bJ wer
thought of, before I make my formal debut, tria.
I There is my substantial education, for in-1 ^
to ^ance, as old Trof. Thoughtful u.scd to have Gen.
! it. Well, as to tliat, I confess its greatjm
portanoe, was never very evident to .no ; and
.*} ^
fashionable life, who would draw a young an«l !
«lashing fellow down to such drnggery, once Yes,
My knowledge of tho praetiex I
, f i r , ti » him,
; 1 «■"* '* ***«*"■ 1 ^ 1 in
, d,cd ns moch a « becomes any gentleman tho
to study, and if I am not greatly mistaken, by a
everything worth thc knowing has a lodge J * u
r ; *" "f . I,Ut . #nJ try,
b,sh,on Rnd hulies, dre* and dinners, Imll- }, a d
j room and evening-parties, arc my chief do- must
1 ^ " 100 dry ' Tbc ° ry " * ^
; j jat in and Greek arc only suitable for the a b
, , . , , „. , . who
' Jnt^ngckooln«*».! rasrephy»»».«».,
! 1'^try is effeminate, Mathematics docs not cou
ente r into the education of a gentleman, and that
t|, c w hole rang: of minor studies, one becomes L ' on
I wrato of by corap »Mo», wbc, be i, a rach. ""**
, , . L tl - - , . . , Gen.
clcd school boy. Tho thing is demonstrated. j,,ii
| J b .
i I am ready for thc world, and once in it, my stancy
motto shall be, "tho night comes on apace, ''he
en j„ y thyself while thc day lasts!" NVhat public
t | j k venerable friend liav'nt 1
Uu "* >° U ' " y venerable fricml, havnt 1 day
marked out tbc true course ? er in
. ''. T ° *'"'."'1 *?' Cr
" "Y" ? --"ne
° r a ay m 1 I e 1 ^ 8 ,V,D I "' 80 whigs
j sun," began the old man, " is too often the General
only ambition of minds moulded for better Go
thing«. To puint thc outlines of a picture is Wuu
comparably easy, but to give tbc canvass us to
. ... . General
tbosc delicate touches tbo offspring of labori- him,
ous study and deep thought and start thc once line
misshapen mass into seeming life, is difficult bc is
iaileoJ To gather into tlic mind sufficient ^ 8 Ut
t ?... . ... . ... thought
to pass tlirough life is nothing to retail thc would
beauties of a novel, to fill tbo conversation thi*
with snatches of poetry, to discuss the phe- though
none ma of nature and to.be able to criticise
the nature of dross with the taste of a Chcs
tcrficld, only marks ono as tho man of the
world and not as the thinker. taken.
" Three score years and ten," said he, in a a , man
trembling voice of mingled sadness and of c
Ui°»sbt. " Three scoro jera ,»« tc». have
their hastened impress on this brow. Thc as well
time seems to old mcn, short, because, per- w i(°*
haps, they tremble on the verge of the mor- do
j' Tfrr-. Tbo ?•
docs it lead A voice of thought as silent provmg
and as hashed, as it it issued from the dark w ,vc *.
and dingy caverns of dead men's resting pla- lld
ces, whispers to me. " Fear it not, ye sons of 3
men, it leads to primary truth, and opens to tbat
the world of thought an everlasting field of Gaa8
increasing sublimity." If such bo the end aDncxatl
of the grave, who would hesitate to kiss the 3^
very clods that fall so cold and so roughly
upon bim ? Who would not, even to know ^ j
and understand the thousand mysteries that re 1
surround him in his daily walks upon the
earth, yield to the grave all the victory of his
death ? But why such thoughts ? My phil
osophy can teach me nothing as to the future.
My ideas of taste
Ë j
•• My lifo io in the soar and yellow leaf "
has been* pawed. J 0 "ng man, in the pursuit
of those things which to your mind were un
necessary for a gentlemanly education—yea,
it has been passed in pursuit of those things
wl)(J dü J wrestle patiently
, ^ 1><rfotp ^ )ook at mC( tn d see, I have
obtained nothing. I know nothing. The
jJ Hm>(5 fctvo tyne ly OD o opened them
^ ^ ^ f ^ ^ ^ ^ g9m thc
of #od undersUn(]< and mcn call me a
|.| 1 |j o 90 p] ter TfirflC d i„ all matters of knowl
^ fcut can j ^ij yon why that withered
^ ^ u j jf ol) tbc ntalk, would burst into
^ ^ blushing flower? No. The
^wling idiot and untutored savage might for
a l mns(j ^ ^ nn d(} Do mofe
the more I think, the more I
attd more I learn, the
" 1 1 The d«p tbo«gb> of
^ ( ^ M „ c , |„J to the un
L kj j J,.,, of caturi:', myiteric,. and the
„ orc I „.«cel .pen her «ereU.be mere 1 in;
volvc a hbyrynth of perplexities >
^ ^ } ^ ^ tcachcH nic to stand
I ^ WQrs|| - aml W ondcr, stending as I do
I ^ ^ incomprehensible
| wor j cg 0 f j) c ;ty, being unable ns I am even
^ ^ of n H my Philosophy, to
andentani | and appreciate thc simplest action
Young man let me teach
^ ^ ^ ^ iv „ cJ „„ hll wH „Uod
^ A „j i th Lt upoI ,
' 1 ., , . ., . .« i
what he had said and trembled, flow Iabo*
I . ,, ,
«Jrious is the life of that one who would be
come learned! How great the toil to him j
.. i '
ffI, ° BCekf * y fl tI,c g ,t " ;
I nrieelcKS noarl of wisdom! And then I
P""™ P 03 " " '"* lu ' a An ' J
a11 U1 > E 1 ;' VIM "" ä of gmto.» p«.n*|
awa y> as 1 thought upon the words of thc
weeping Thilosopher, and the pride of my
1 ^ ,car * a!1 '^ ^ ,0 'auity of my thoughts were
j sorely rebuked. VoLRET \ isionarv.
I in man's existence,
tbccone lesson; Learn humility, least not
of irhal thou art, nor he. vain-glorious of
t,ic 1 ,! * 1 °' September.
cu * at . WD a,n '!" g the pojirer classes in Paris, j
I jV^been
1 to Xsmdeon, who replies that, when i
the general interest should bo at stake, be
flood rea«ly to anticipate public opinion, b-it
in the ease of an interest which m Hit ann«ar !
, bo „„Ufclb.wpnSfa^nVi«^
The Constitutional, in an article on the ;
steam navy of France, assumesthe possibility ,
of a successful invasion of England.
Thc reoort of a treitvof free trade lK.t«rr«m,
„ 1,,c ai | c * K > 01 ireoiraae oetween
set* *» ^ »- - !
S rAIN ._AH the publisliers of the Madrid
Joumals have been imprisoned on charges of I
intriguing against the government ;
wer in Italy bJ^iv^^at anxict/ W I
tria. Thc fortifications of Florence and Dol
^ LaTC 1,0011 »ne rrared a nd strengthened. I
Gen. Scott and thëîfwdMUlBribc
Jhe Scott papers an trying to make capi- ;
Mexico with a salary «t a million of dollars. I
Yes, witli lordly scorn he refused the glitter
briljc. Aralto ,Li ; we.re vote to
him, and nudto him oar President ? Becnue »
in an age when a so,,« 0 f honoî is S i
tho most needful of virtues, and surroumh.l
by a conquering army of his own countrymcu,
* u the midst of a hostile laud, he would not
try, and dÄr^Tw^A whlT^
}, a d W0I , distinction and renown, for this wc
must elect him Tresidcnt. Had Gen. Scott ,
Tt "V*"' ,,C WoU . M havc ^ '
a b andoncd hy those companions in arms;
who ha«i contributed to his clorv and his
of «pttmdy,ttoogl pS^LtZ,.'- i
cou ld not hate driven away the consciousness '
that he was covered wit!, tho obloquy .and
L ' on tempt which treason, even though sue
""** a »ay. proconrato tbo traitor. And |
Gen. bcott refused all this for a million of 1
j,,ii ar) , Wnndnrft .1 . . . .T "" m
' Wonderful virtue, astonishing con
stancy ! He would not civc up his positmn „ ! «"'»
''he victoriom coinmamf-r of thc «»reatest ro . j
public in tho world, aud abandon" tbo bopc. '
was cvcr prerent to bis mind, of some ,,,
day reaching tbc Presidency, for supreme pow
er in Mexico, the exocration'ôfhisoo'untryumn,
dSCÄ' ' AtÄtTm " m,ll ! U " Ä
--"ne «ituation woold bÄn" TlS be !
whigs mean to imputo any peculiar virtue to
General Scott, in the course which ho took/
Go they imagine that others, in his place,
Wuu Id li.ivo accepte«! thc bribe ? Do they wish ^
us to bcljcFc jhat there was any struggle in ^
General Scott s mmd—that the offer tempted
him, even for a moment, to swerve from the
line of his duty ? If he was tempted, thou
bc is 'mt thc man that every American soldier
^ 8 Ut . to *»• W ^ was tempted, ho only
thought and acted as any American antli*«
would have thought and acted. Why then is
thi* incident, extraordinary and romantic
though it may be, brought forward at this
^ wI '* 8 8 think that thc- »
BtufFoa^thi^thcy wilTwako u^ou^h
November And find themselvcs^gricvoiwl ^is-^
taken. Democrats have no idea of voting for
man ""pty because ho would not desert to
c CIJC1 1 0 or a million of dollars .— La Cour.
07-It »« . judic»», reK l»U« rf. M ,c,
well ns a most pleasing oomplimcnt to his
i(°* when, on being askod what he intoudod
do Wlt ^* repliod : " I intend
provmg time, and be fitted to become like her
,vc *. mothers, and heads of families and use
lld Ulc,ubor8 of Oooiety."
3 ^-The Cleveland (Ohio) Herald states
tbat »? .^ir «peochos in that city lately, Uen
Gaa8 j° laod Judge Douglas in advocating tho
aDncxatl " n
3^- Dove of praise dwclU iimmst great aud
*P irita . ami tbom who bust deserve it,
^ j S e ' M) . r *% ^ keenest and moat
1 0 lt
Foreign Items.
The Duke of t\ clhiigton uie«J, OH Tuesday,
Francs.—A petition has been Dllt in cir- !
c ttj I i
T <>
Dr. R. h W. Adam», formerly of Chicago.
Illinois. 1 » reported by the Marysville (Cal i
Herald as having absconded from that ok.
with ?130ft belonging to » lady whose ph v»,\
cian he had been in too Atlantic Fûtes J
0 JT - No North, no South, no Fa«t, ft0
dor tho Constitution, but a «acred »•*„, 1 ^'' *
the common bond and »nie devot»* to tk
mon brotherhood."—Fn4»auii Pi««,, "\
Interior, none Mid. Fair to i.«.,,
Ordinary, H «9 t-4 Fair. ni jV*
Mitldlisg. 9 3-Oa'* J-4 t»ood F»ir | t| j .,
(food Mid. t7-ttol» Fine, |«j ^
Id our town the market ia dull,
ranging from i) to lft cent«, the Utter
commanding even higher rates.
me a
the prlb; Bsc«, iH.m. .u«r cured. iTAis.p,,, '
of lUÄ^fefeSMSSStS .
un- JjH
the mi V> I.Vv»!« pr Ù.A *.h.l| P ,*IÜfu
in; M ^ j. » J
> oil.,«perm, pr k»i —»I 7 r,, «|„
stand J
do do -«*•«»; N. 1 ^ fine, »ark 5. tJS
| ^
even -«jl; Tobacco, common, or lb vt t-.wj'i " '
action j mto.
Port Gibson Prices Current
coaster» w*i«i.r, at a. rwiu, « r|
■IOC hast."
I Fur .he Milli,,,,
,,7,"' ~ _ „ ,
upoI , S. ROSER Sf it 1)1

Iabo* Ml
him j clothixu, tiociur, samui, p
i ' which we intend to *ell as rtwap m the« n> j
; obtain«*! ■< any other place. The «tyi. j
I imwi are new. and have been «elected witk J
w, h.,p, ,11 in.u.1, will J. ;. 1
n „ g ,
E have lately receive«! an iimn. i,.w|
Staple and Fancy Dry Gooq
. r . wmBl . _ _
j € body, Urs« au« I «mall, hat« a«.i .«V"'
tin ,V h,rt ;- COt, T ^ ,n, ' nno 1>I,L
i r '" r l wt
be *^*1 Lard tear c 7 V C irrnt' ) '
aflll , h o l „ aiM |.'„,'a I n,:i,. , <l to'nmiu'njii. *
! rail ii %•„„ nt«*«,.
P^täÄStob., ..ln».
; —
, a * 1 r< * a< **V—l •*«* |»Ullrt
f** Slflllll'N i||i!
fl 0008 * 1 '«"»rked «nJ rradyf«
! .. *äsö«s&
of I III IHsIrtSK !
; T FIND that I have i,k, many , 1 ^. .
I of mcanin K in th^TSS^K* ■■III
° vt ° lv *' 11 S
I rngm-rwy wy tit
^° ^ VCr U'^(hj!
It R I? VII I « 1 I Af L'' |) %
; ' 11 ^ R '
^ . *
I * *lH vV I II f CF ClOdlk
ff will h« impoMiU« to beat M «• well lärb. I
» Vi ■ '* 1 ' * *'# alw»y* I» *»
i Ä ' M,t i
1-ùnUtï J^ml bteT.
low«!!., ticking. lace
a>ll«r» > and < nto!ir *i y ** bomwts,
»»nuUa*, llaltea
' dSSvSSL,
1 ««W plain and
«n»l>. linen rambrir K'fc
i , A "' hhw
!»»V and m,„* A SSTkatV™!
r *P*, ** r */ t *® winter r/otking of ev«nr dc*<-n?.
| ' "fö l T"
1 and mon . m«»!-#// )***iry, nnil>n<
«ini iuoo moreartir/*-«.
Fhc above stock nm»t K# «o/d nut tin»
! «"'» 'hr only w« v to ViAnf it i. \ n i.
. j 'hey wi//|»daaii»|f/owi*rtliaH rvar*
WIIl . WARE!!! ^
Ä S' T'U'^tTeraV
! ' H
IL,,,,., ; g i
IjCIClH'tlf 1011 .
AJEMBERS of th« Fraternity wishinr^Kt
^ purchase can !«< «uptU
^ applying, previous to October 20 th. to
October G, j g Hartixgi
Figured «ilk«, worsted plaids, colored
merino*, alpacra#, cashmere «!«• Jain*, for,.!, I
laiiiSjdoil de nort. ginehain«. shawl« an« I silt^l
tillas, calico«, rc<l, white, yellow èt <i«>tt*-d rt* I
Black an<! white cashmere ami merino
•lo cotton and lamb wool do for la«lic* and y -M
silk and red cashmere and cotton xlorca. nil ■
I '*"* a,lu r ™ casnmere aim connu giou*.
velvet ribbon»; jaconet *wi*« ami t).r««l r
and inserting«, cotton dodo.
A large «lock of white ami yellow Aim
cir- ! »Lirting« and «heetinsa, lowelJ*. ker*ev<
i rawmet«. cottotiatles and lie«l blanket«. « loibitiKl
I Oct. «, iH.n
11 . S. F « Lut I*««

T 11 !'' ,,nd Pr»'KncJ. to whom the estât
, Duncan McIntyre, deceased, was 0 «
nutted will, at tho < ketober Term, A I» l*
ot the Honorable Probate Court of Claiborr
county, present his annual account for paru* B
settlement and allowance.
Oct. 0, 1852.
J^JOTICE is hereby given, that, at the «^1
Term, A. I). 1852. of tbc li |
orabhi 1 rebate Court of Claiborne c«*j
cttenio f Administration were granted to
c™ ,si° a "• c * tot * 01 Gcor ß® a *
All persona indebted to said estate, 1
m î ko 10 the *
wlhout delay. an d those hst*
te 2 ft? the 8arao - m likewise not*
in [T *? 111 1110 dtt, 7 anthentieated. *
fori. T *T 8ra * d l Y « ^7 ^ 11
b-t. 6, !8o«..—7 Gw Administrate
WM. It SUGG, Adm'r
T <> all creditors of the Estate of rkd 1
l ° rre y< deceased, declared Insolvent *
September Term, 1852, of the iW*
t tTS ¥pl<^orm county, Mtssisstff
Y U . Me hereby notified to file your cW*
against said estate, probated according
low. with the underaigned Clerk of »aid Cs#
on or before the 15th day of April next,
or the same will be forever barred.
By order of the Court.
, - 7 - 6 »
Oct 6,1852.

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