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Water Valley progress. (Water Valley, Miss.) 1882-1918, March 07, 1903, Image 8

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■» Negroes Need Apply.
is no better evidence that
negroes are not desired as office
holders in the North than is tar
nished by the turning down of a
colored candidate by the white
voters of ths aristocratic town oi
Larchmont, N. Y. A negro named
Tom Harris was seeking the Rep.
ublican nomination for receiver of
taxes, and he had the support ol
all the colored waiters and coach
men of all the wealthy residents
of Larchmont, but in the conven
tiou he was defeateb by a vote ol
90 to 34, tho nomination going to
one Evans, the town baker a
white man. President Eoosvelt
may defend his negro policy as
mush as he pleases but it is evi
dent that the people,of the Nor'b
Republicans anb Democrats alike,
are just as determined as this) oi
th* South not to recognize the
s >cial or political equality of the
negroes. They refuse tj accept tfce
President’s opinion that the negro
should have the privilege oi run
ning for office and whenever be
runs they take great pleasure in
burying him under an avalanche
oi votes as they did Tom Harris at
Larchmont. On the doors of the
political offices in the North Is
posted a sign which reads: No
Negroes Need Apply.”
N. O. State.
Why Some People Do Not Marry.
Much is being said on the sub
ect, and many reasons are given
why so many men and women rs
xuse or neglect to marry. Of
course there nas been no change
in human nature The sentiment
of love is just as powerful as ever
it was. and the sexes are just ss
necesary each for the companion*
ship of the other Neverthleas
many young men fear to marry
because they are notable lomain
tain a wife in the style in which
hii supposes she will demand to
live, dome of the happiest and
most prosperous couples haye
married poor. Any girl with the
right sort .of bringing up is wil
ling to share her husband’s lot
if ho be an honorable, industrious
and worthy man, and any such
man can support a wife if she be
a true woman and not a butterfly
of fashion la a household where
the man works and earns, and
where the wife keeps the gear
together, there is no such thing
as poverty. The small beginning^
are gilded with love and aae
m t unified by brave endeavr and
wt rthy hopes, and there hap
pine>s abides. But if people mar*
ry for show and realize too late
tl at they are not able to make
or maintain it according to their
id ;as, then theirs is the abode oi
disappointment and misery An
old gentleman, who in his time
bad held high public trusts ot
honors, told^the writer of those
lines that when he married his
wife, the daugter of a disting
uished family, he took her to a
cabin in a mountain region,
where lie owned land, and "they
commenced life in the most prim
itive fashion, the earthen floor
of the cabin being covered with
the skins of beast killed in hunt
ing. They were not afraid to be
gin life under such conditions
because their humble home was
illuminated by love. Years after
wards, when they lived in grand
mansions, anid all the gsand sur
roundings of luxury, they were
perhaps no less happy, bat cert
ainly no more happy than when
they were in the mountain cabin.
The young people of the working
closes are not afraid to marry be.
cause they are not afraid to work
and they make up, after all,' the
great body of the1 people. One
reason that sets not a few women
against the nuptial knot is that
they have had in too much expe
rience with idle and worthies*
male relatives they have had in
too many instances to support
such drunken or loafing fathers
. or brothers, and they are «fraid to
take the chances with a husband
who may be no better. Without
doubt, n en are steadily, if not
rapidly, degenerating under the
intemperate use of liquor, tobacco
and other drugs. It should be rem.
era hered that while wine and beer
have been in use from early
times, alcoholic liquors, like
Whukey, brandy, rum and gin
have been known but a few cent
nries, while tobacco came into
we after the the discovery of A-1
The moat timid man will take any
chance of escape. The slender rope
dropped down the precipice, the slip
pery log oTer the abyss, anything that
offers a chance of life, is eagerly snatch*
ad at. The end the man seeks is safety.
Re cares nothing a
for the means to 1
that end. A ’u
There are thou
sands of men and .
women whose A
lives are at stake, C
who are hindered \
from accepting j
the one means of I
safety by foolish ^
Doctor Pierce’s
Golden Medical
Discovery has
been the means of
restoring health
to many men and
women whose hol
low cough, bleed
ing lungs, ema
ciation and weak
ness seemed to (
warrant the state
ment of local phy
sicians—"There is
no cure poesiDie." t// ▼ 3
Why should prejudice against a put-up
medicine hinder you from trying what
has cured thousands of suffering men
and women ?
"Only for Dr. Pierce’• Golden Medical Dis
covery I think I would be in my grave to-day,”
writes Mr. Moses Miles, of Hilliard, Uinta Co.,
Wyoming. ”1 had asthma so bad I could not
sleep at night and was compelled to give up
work. It affected my lungs so that I coughed
all the time, both day ana night. My fnends
all thsught I had consumption. My wife had
taken Dr. Pierce’s Pavorite Prescription and it
had helped her so much she insisted on my try
ing his ‘Golden Medical Discovery '—which Z
did. Z have takes four bottles ana am now a
well man, weighing 185 pounds, thanks to Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.”
The sole motive for substitution is to
permit the dealer to make the little more
profit paid by the sale of leu meritorious
medicine* * He gains; you lose.
The Memphis
Evening Scimitar
1 J
Leading Afternoon Newspaper of
Full Associated
Press Report
450 Special Correspondents, Cov
ering Six Adjacent States.
Market Report.-* a Specialty, Be
ing Accurate. Concise, Complete,
and Fifteen Hours Ahead of all
The Scimitar's new home gives
it the handsomest quarters, the
most perfect exuipment and the
best facilities lor getting and print
ing the news of any paper in the
The Scimitar has 300 agents
and wants an agent iu every town
not at present represented.
Subscribers now will get bene
fit of forthcoming Housewarming
Subscription Rites — 50c per
month, $1.50 fir three months,
$2.50 six months, $5 per year.
merica. Modern commerce and
ohemialry have pnt opium, coc>
aiueaud other nvrcotie drugs
in the reach of the multitudes,
and thus it is that under their
destructive influences there has
been a perceptile degeneration,
which is vastly raore prevalent
among men than women. It is
a terrible state of things, and
there appears no remedy for it
Here is somethi ig for the social
phillosophers to consider.
Times Democrat,
To Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas and certain points in New
Mexico, on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Lowest Rates
—both one way and round trip —via the “Chocta^v” Route.
Ta California: Personally conducted tourist sleeping car excur
sions leave Memphis every Tu odav. 9 a. m. and run bhroufhto San
Francisco, via Choctaw Rock Island • El Paso Route.
To Oregon: Personally condmted tourist sleeping car excursions
leave Memphis every Thursdav. 9 a. m., and ruo throngh to Port
land, via Choctaw, Union Pacific Route.
Aak any of your friends who have traveled via the Choctaw
ind ti.i y will tell you it is the best road.
rr-TTT—Tl Write for rates anp time-tabler.
LJUJLSIILJ District Passenger Agent,
\1 ll 1 i-V ) it., EMPHIS.
3*aptr Jian^cn I £Worafo
Main Street, North of Martin .
Water Valley, Miss.
Prompt attention given to al
contracts. Estimates carefully
Carry a full line of Wall Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
and Brushes.
Sample Books of 1902 Wall Pat
per from the best manufacturers
in the country.
W.M. Saint,
Prompt attention given to all
contracts and estimates
carefully prepared.
Carry a Full Line of j
Plumber’s Goods.
Offios anp Shop—Whitney
Block, north Presbyterian "church
Senator Hanna’s bill to pension
the darkies was presented by rea
uest. Of whom? There is reason to
believe that the “reques” came
from some fakir who expects
to line his pockets by collect
ing money from the negroes to
pash the bill along. It is an old
dodge, and it is said that one such
concern in other days collected in
2 dollar fees from tne deluded
negroes as much as 200,000 doll*
ars to carry through a similar
bill, which was ” twice read and
referred to the committe on pen
sions.”—Dallas News Dem.
When your lungs are sore and inflamed from coughing,
is the time when the germs of PNEUMONIA, PLEURISY
and CONSUMPTION find lodgment and multiply.
stops the cough, heals and strengthens the lungs. It con
tains no har9h expectorants that strain and irritate the
lungs, or opiates that cause constipation, a condition that
retards recovery from a cold. FOLEY’S HONEY AND
TAR is a safe and never failing remedy for all throat and
lung troubles.
| The Doctors Said Ho Had Consumption — A Marvelous Cure.
I L. M. Ruggles, Reasoner, Iowa, writes: “The doctors said I had con
3 sumption and I got no better until I used FOLEY’S HONEY AND TAR.
M It helped me right from the start and stopped the spitting of blood and the
W pain in my lungs and today I am sound and well.
THREE SIZES 25c, 50c, and $1.00
Mississippians residing in Wash
ington are jubilant ovor the cand
idacy for Governor of Congress
man Fuller Fox Mr, Fox is very
popular with Mississippians here
and could, they have the say he
would be unanimously chosen
as the next Chief Executive of
the grandest aud greatest state in
the union. Fuller Fox is recog
nised as one of the ablest men
Mississippi has sent to the lower
hous^ of Congress in many years
His great speech in defense of the
constitution of Mississippi deliver
ed at the last session 01 Congress
is considered one of the mort pro*
found and able legal arguments
that ever fell from the lips of mor.
tal me n. It is considered a gem in
legal lore by all Southern lawyers
and the man who has failed to read
it has, indeed, missed a rare treat
Washington Correspondence
— ■ .. i ■ ■ i ■■■■■
Vicksdurg. Miss., Feb. 28
Prof. J.T. Bass of Greenville pres
ideal of the State Teachers’ Assoc
iatioD, was in the city today to
make arrangements for the con
vention to be held here April 30
Express paid
Memphis, Ten!!. |
ill ship you f
At 2.50, 2,75, 2.03 anJ 2.S) Pjr Gilto.1
In Jugs or Pottles, Express Prepaid.
\ . , : i i . O? U'O UJIiS.
Write ua for
No charge for
J. S. AM* -
% Years--*—
in Business
226 Second St,
.md May 1 and 2. This organiz
ation numbers over 700 educators
and Prof. Bass expects fully 600
will convene here, which will be
about the first public gathering
outside of municipal to assemble
Fresh Bread and Rolls
Every Day Free Delivery.
Of Every Description,
Progress Office
in the new city hall, in the event
that the present tangje is straigh
tened out by that time.
—Commercial Appeal
J. 6. iMcGowen,
Houses for Rent.i Houses,'for Sale,
Collection a Specialty. Offce
No. 109 Main Street
Stone & Wilson,
Will practice in the Courts of Ya
obusha Co. and the Federal Court*
Dr. J. L. McFarland,
-Water Valley, Miss.- f
Telephone 14.
Office over Bank o Water Valley

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