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Water Valley progress. (Water Valley, Miss.) 1882-1918, August 20, 1904, Image 5

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Die Progress.
For Conor' S3.
The ProsrrodB la authorized to an
nounce J-ion. VV. B. HILL as a can
di fir re-election to Congress
trout triv, the Fourth District, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
Oapt. Fred Waldron Is spend
ing the week at Ford’s.
Eastman Kodaks and supplies
at Jobe's.
Miss Ruth Dooley and Miss
Stella Gillespie are recreating at
All our Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under cost.
Wagner & Co.
Miss Carrie Toney, of College
Hill, is the guest of Mrs. G. L.
Four cottages for sale: newly
equipped and conveniently situ
ated. J. 8. Whithead.
All our Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under cost.
Wagner & Co.
Hon. B. T. Markatte, of Clarks
dale, w is in the city Wednesday
and Thursday,
All our Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under cost. .
Wagner & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. T. Nason
have returned from a pleasant
visit to the Fair.
Kodaks $4.00 to $20.00; take
oae to the World’s Fair. Jobe,
the Jeweler.
Marshall Rayburn effected his
usual pay day round-up of crap
shooters Tuesday night.
Mrs. Jno.. G. Brown of Hat
tiesburg, is visiting among Water
Valley friends and relatives.
The Progress 'for good work
aud cheap priceh
Mr. Edward Wagner came over
from Memphis Thursday and will
leave in a few days for the Fair.
Mrs. Sailie Bell and daughters,
Misses Olyde and Irma, are spend
ing the week with friends near
All our Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under r'osf.
Wagner & Co.
Mrs. J. W, Evans and children,
of Memphis, have been the guests
of Mrs. O. H. Garland for several
days this week.
Columbia phonographs and re
cords at Jobe’s.
Mr. Harry Williams and family
returned Tuesday from a pleas*
ant visit of four weeks to vari
ous points in Tennessee.
The Progress and the Twice-a
Week St. Louis Republic both
one year, for $1.00.
Mr. West Simmons left Tues
day, via Memphis, for a trip of
several weeks to Wichita Fails
and other points in Texas.
All our Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under cost.
Wagner & Co.
Mrs. Maude Mauldin, of Mem
phis, was the guest of her broth
er, Mr. 0. G. Markette several
days the first of the week.
All onr Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under cos*.
Wagner & Co.
Mr. A. W.Wood, of the Her"
ring Hotel, departed Wednesday
to join apirty of fri-uds in St.
Louis and take in the Fair.
As an advertising sobcm \ Ilar
r^fc, Business College, Jacksor,
Miss., is offering a few scholar
ships at a big bargain. Write to
Mr. T. H. Williamson, a sub"
st.tntial farmer and good citizen
from Panola county has removed
to the Sylvarena home of Asses
i*or Nolen and cast his fortunes in
with those of the progrossivj pjo-,
pie of Yalobusha, ' '
Fanners’ Instltnte and Pien
The large crowd of representa
tive citizens in attendance on the
Faimers’Institute held last Sat'
urday demonstrated conclusively
that the people of this section
are thoaroughly awake to the im
portance of scientific farming and
tljo advantages of diversified
crops. There is no doubt that
the li e'll - will give great impe
tus to Uu„u_i,ug and stock rais
ing in this vicinity.
Owing to a mistake in arrange
ment or a misunderstanding as to
where the speaking would oe
held the picnic was not ao suc
cessful as it might have be*n, but
the day was pleasantly and profit
ably spent by all.
School House Bonds Not Sold,
After two months or more of
negotiations and a searching in
vestigation of the legal proceed
ings leading up to the issue of
$25,000 of bonds for the er jetioa
of school houses, the Chicago
firm of financiers has declined to
buy the bonds, alleging as a rea
son that the legislative enactment
authorizing the April election was
The leghl point involved is
close, and the attorney’s fer the
Chicagoan’s may or may not be
The officials and the citizens
generally are much disappointed
at the result of the negotiations,
but the matter w'l! not be drop
ped because ot one adverse re
port and failure, but will be
pressed in another direction.
The new school houses are
much needed; the people want
them and what the people want
they get.
Train Master A. R. Taylor re
turned Tuesday from an enjoya
ble holiday of several weeks at
the seashore resorts of Virginia.
You have no idea how little it
costs to insure your building or
furniture against fire. Call at
the Progress office for rates.
Assetsor W, A. Nolen has re
moved to the city and with his
littlH , Master Howard, has
rooms at the residence of Mr. Will
Kodaks under 4x5 admitted free
to the St. Louis Fair. Take one
with you. $1.00 to $20.00. Jobe,
the Jeweler.
Supt. J. G. Neudorfer is ex
pected to return today from a
pleasant vacation of two weeks
spent at various northern re
All our Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under cost.
Wagner & Co.
An interesting program has
been arranged for the Children’s
Day services at Wood St. Church
tomorrow morning. The public
cordially invited,
Order your phonograph records
through us and save the Express
charges, Jobe, the Jeweler.
Foreman Will J, King depart
ed Sunday to attend the National
Association of Master Black
smiths, in session this week in
Evansville, Ind.
Reliable fire insurance at the
lowest possible rates, Call at the
Progress office.
Mr. S. J. French, a well konwn
resident of the northern portion
of town, died Sunday. The re
mains were laid to rest at the
Camp Ground Oemetary Monday
New line of umbrellas and fan
cy p*rasol?, guaranteed goods, at
Jobe’s the Jeweler.
Mr. Harry Cahill, of St. Paul,
Miuu., spent several days in our
city this week, visiting his un
cle Mr. James Cahill and other
relatives. Mr. Cahill is studying
for the priesthood.
All our Summer Dress Goods
at cost and under cost.
Wagner & Co.
Folding pocket kod iks, no
trouble to carry. Load in day
light. Jobe, the Jeweler,
Mr- E. H. Shoffuer aifd family
were down from Memphis several
days of the week,
Mrs Sue Oonner and daughter,
Miss Kate Oonner, are among the
visitors to the Fair,
Columbus, the 10 year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bennett,
is quite ill with typhoid.
The cosey cottage of Mr. John
Oahill on Simmons street is
rapidly nearing completion.
Yocona Mills shipped 200 bales
of wrapping twine last week and
is receiving large orders almost
every day,
Misses Maggie and Janie Scan
lon, of Memphis, were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Christy
last week.
Miss Julia Herring, the pretty
and attractive daughter of Capt.
and Mrs. Robert Herring, has
been quite ill for several days.
Mr. J. B. Rogers came home
from the delta Wednesday morn
ing suffering with malaria and is
confined to his room with fever.
The ice cream festival held in
the church park Thursday night
for the benefit of the Wood street
Parsonage was a pleasant and sue
cessful affair.
Attention is directed to the
large ad of Wagner & Co. in this
issue. You know that when
Wagner says bargains it means
bargains: so, it is worth your
while to go and investigate,
The Progress is requested to
state that services will be held
at the Presbyterian church to
morrow morning at 11 o'clock.
No evening service.
The Progress hae arranged to
print in its issue of next week the
proceedings in the notification of
Judge Parker, the Democratic
nominee for President, also the
famous speech of John Sharp
A pleasant party, made up of
Mr. J. W. Spooner, Mrs. Z. It.
Stevenson, Misse% Lilia and Ma
mie Stevenson, Anna Brown, Bet
tie Boyd and Brooks Boyd, de
parted Tuesday for a week at the
great St. Louis Fair.
Out glass and sterling silver
ware for June weddings at Jobe’sT
the Jeweler.
Mr. D. W. Longstreet, assistant
general freight agent of the Y. &
M. Y. with headquarters at Louis
ville, was in the city Tuesday
with a party of high freight of
ficials. The party was traveling
In two private coaches and was
making a leisurely trip over the
southern lines.
Presiding Elder J. W. Bell and
family will leave early in the
coming week for Grenada, where
they have leased a cottage near
the Methodist College and will
send their daughters to the
school. It is not known if the
district parsonage in the eastern
portion of this city will be rented
by Mr. Bell or locked up until
his successor is chosen at the De
cember Conference. Mr. Kell and
family have many friends in the
city who wish them much happi
nessin Grenada.
Mr. C. G. Markette, acppmpan
ied by Dr. J. C. Armstrong and
Mr. J. L. Kirby, departed Thurs
day for Chicago, where he will
have expert treatment for a stom
ach disorder. Quite a number of
friends were at the station to
wish him a quick recovery and a
speedy return home.
Marshal Rayburn received a tel
egram Thursday afternoon from
Sheriff Price announcing the cap
ture at Omaha, Nebraska, .of Wal
ter Williams and John Fuililove,
both colored. Williams is want
ed for an infamous crime com
mitted in Lafayette county some
two we**ks ago, and Fuililove is
wanted for a lurglary committed
here something more than a
month ago. Sheriff Price and
Marshall Rayburn have been close
on the trail of the fugitives for
some days, and both are being
congratulated on running them
down. Capt. Price is expected to
arrive with his prisoners this
of pills, powders an-l oth<»r medi
cines is always to ho found in our
establishment. ' When we say
“good’’ we not only mra i a large
quantity, but also that the quality
is right.
The value of a medicine de
pends largely on its purity. That
is one thing on which we pride
ourselves. You may rest assure ’
that if your physician gives you
the proper prescription, our rem
edies will have the desired effect.
It is certainly better to get wis
dom thin gold, and to take our
medicine than be sick.
Spencer 8c Jennings,
Prescription i>rug^sts.
All our Summer Dress G >ods
at cost and und r cost.
Wagner & Co.
It is not really an economy
to buy any but the very best
tooth brush. Who wants to
get a mouthful of bristles
every time they clean their
teeth as a result of trying to
save a few pennies on first
cost? Our tooth brushes
are the
Every one made to keep its
Bristles until the brush wears
out—which meaus a long
time. You will appreciate
our tooth brushes more if you
have been using the ordinary
bind. A special leader is a
krush that we sell for 25c.
Robinson 6t Williams
Drug Co.
The Pall examinations for
teachers will be held in Septem
ber, 1904, as follows:
For white teachers, in Water
Valley, September 2 and 3, and
in Ooffeeville, Sept. 16 and 17.
For colored teachers, in Water
Valley, Sept 16 and 17, and|in
Coffeeville, Sept. 23 and 24.
J. jB. Hodnetf,
County Supt. Education.
Notice of First Meeting
of Creditors.
In the District Court of the Uni
ted States for the Western Di
vision of Northern District of
Mississippi. In Bankruptcy.
Office of B. X. Markette, Referee
Clarksbale, Miss,
in the matter of Barr & Barr, a
firm composed of Max Barr aud
Martin Barr, Bankrupt,
To the creditors of Barr & Barr,
of Water Valley, iu the County
of Yalobusha, and District, afore
said, a bankrupt:
Notice is hereby given that ou
the 12th of August A. D. 1904,
the said Barr & Barr was duly
adjudicated a bankrupt, aad that
the first meeting of creditors will
be held in the Circuit Clerk’s office
in Water Valley ou the 29th day
of Aug., 1904, A. D. at 2 o’clock in
the p.m., at which time the said
creditors may intend, prove their
claims, appoint a trustee, examine
the bankrupt, and transact such
other business as maf properly
come before it. Aug. ISith 1904.
B. T. Markktte,
Referee in Ban fcruptcy.
Tourist Rates
The Frisco System will issue,
during the summer mouths, Tou
rist round trio tickets to various
resorts anb locations—the Moun
tains, Lakes and Seashore, at
greatly reduced rates, with ample
return limit.
Call on nearest agent or, ad
dress, Passenger Traffic Dept.
Saint Louis
World’s Fair Visitors.
The pavilion erected by the
Frisco-Rock Island System at
Maiu Entrance of World’s Fair is
surely a place of no little interest,
in fact it is ono of the many at
Visitors to the World’s Fair are
cordially invited to inspect the
Frisco-liock Island System build
ing. Here will be found a place of
rest, courteous attention, besides
there will be distributed, free ot
cost, souvenirs and descriptive
literature of the great Southwest.
The reader will overlook a very
important attraction in case of
failure to visit the Frisco-Rock
Island System pavilion.
Remember, Main Entrance of
World’ Fair.
of Mississippi.
✓ _
Twenty-six schools offer cour
ses in Science, Liteature and the
Arts, and professional courses in
Law, Electrical Engineering,
Civil engineering and Mining
Engineering, Education, Medi*
Tuition Free to men and worn1
en, except of courses in Law and
Medicine. All expenses very
low. Attractive location. Per
sect sanitation. Complete water,
sewer, lighting and heating sys
tems. Purest deep well water
(Treatl.v enlarged ^cientine
equipment, and new buildings.
Admirable arrangements for
women students in Woman’s
Hall. New boarding II til for
mei. Special opportunities for
students of limited means.
Sssion of 1904 -5 opens Septem
ber 22, 1904. Summer term, 1095
opens June, 13.
FO'1 catalouges or bulletins of
special v formation, address.
R. O. FULTON, Chancellor.
U uversity, Miss.
The Progress and Home and
Farm, both one year, for $1.00.
Ask for t'ne Progress * great
clubbing offer
All our Summer Dress Goods
it cost aud under cost.
Waguer & Co,
The Progress Office for
Note, L-tter and Bill tie t Is
And Commercial Printing.

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