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Water Valley progress. (Water Valley, Miss.) 1882-1918, October 07, 1905, Image 5

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The Progress,
Catalou ge,
Memphis. Tenn.
For Plumbing work, Phone 155
Mr. D. Frank Rogers was down
from Oxford Thursday.
Free Tuition to all in Har
ris Business College, at Jackson,
Mrs. F. B. DeShon left early in
the week to visit her sister in
Wagner’s Wonler Flour satis
fies. 0
Remember the Dudley Stock
Company in reportoire for week,
beginning the 16th.
Wagner's Wonder Flour pleases
particular people.
Mr. Herman Nolen is recover
ing from a brief but severe at
tack ot billious fever.
Miss Carrie Tonie of College
Hill, is the ;est ot her friend,
Mrs. G. L Davidson.
Boy’s School Suits, the newest
aty’ea, at bargain prices,
Miss L 'iian Btekstrom ente
tained Tuesday complimentary to
Miss Inez Trent, a pleasant Pad
ucah, Ky., visitor.
Mr. 0. A. Richards, the well
■ known Veteran o* a few mWes
east of towu is convalescing from
a recent attack of fever.
Fire! Fire! Insure your prop
erty against fire. Strong com
panies, low rates and prompt ser<
vice. S. B. Brown, agent.
Mrs. J. B, Whitney departed a
few days since to visit her broth
er Mr. 0. U. Murray, and family
at Marceline. Mo
Hr. Foster Jackson, recently
with the Tu.-iage CHrk Drag Go.,
he'* gone to Atlanta, Qa., to take
a course in pharmacy.
Sewing Machines, all sorts, all
kinds, at bargain prices, at
Mrs. W. V. Moore departed
last Saturday to join Mr. Moore
at Sumner, where the family will
reside for severa* months.
W.F. Oole Chaptar, Order East
era Stau will hold a regular
meeting next Tuesday night. The
members are urged to attend,
We handle Stoves and Furni
ture. See our line before buying.
We can si ve you money.
Wagner & Oo,
Mr. J. H. T ent, now of Memphis,
. and his eistar, Miss Inez Trent,
. of Paducah. Ky., were with friends
Uo the city’ several days of the
Mr. and Mrs. F. A, Pearce and
children, who have been spending
the summer in this vicinity,
returned a few days ago to their
home in Greenwood.
The Wood St. Sunday School
will hold its Bally Day Exercises
tomorrow, Sunday. An interest
ing program has been arranged
for the occasion.
Don't forget that Wagner's
Wouder Flour is the best flour
brought to this market. It costs
no more than the oth
ers, but is better than the best.
Try it. Wagner & Oo.
Not a case of yellow fever has
appeared along the line of the 1.
O. in Mississippi. The railroad
-company has rigidally carried out
the directions of the Marine Hos
pital Service, as well as affording
•everv possible aid aud conveuii
-cnee to the health authorities. v
Pilias Brew a Corfipny.
The P-’las BroWn Concert Co.,
the 14th,vail open the local amusei
ment se in in the initial number
of the Lyceum course provided
by ' «e Wee’ Book Club.
The Pal I *s Brown Company ia
composed ora trio of notables: Mr.
Brown, volinist; Mrs. Laura M.
Gregg, vocr'st. and Misa Edith
EJaie, reader, whistler and char
acter sketches.
Tickets will be on sale at the
Turnage-Clark Drug Co’s. Wed
Notice U. D. C’s.
The members of Lamar Chap*
ter, Daughters of Confederacy,
are called to meet at the comt
house next Tuesday afternoon at
l o’clock, for the pu-pose of ar
ranging to participate in the Vet
eran's picnic reunion on the 19th,
The members are urged to be
There will be services in the
Episcopal Church tomorrow (Sun
day) at 11 a. m. and 4 p. m. The
public is cordially invited.
School Caps and Hats, all sorts,
new shapes, Pall styles, at
Wagner &Oo.
i3"gineer Dekle has gone to
Memphis to .elieve Engineer H.
A. No. on on one ot the “high
ball’’ pass oger runs between
Mempniu and Canton.
Wai ted: 100 cottos pickers for
the Jei ing’s p -ntation nesr
Sumner. Apply to A. E, Jen
nings, Water Valley. tf
Mrs. W. H. Starke and daugh
ter#, Miss Mabel S; *rke, have re
timed i om an erj liable visit of
geie il weeks to neDdsin Rich
mond, Va., and Chicago.
Once tried, always used,' Wag1*
aer’s Wonder Flour.
Rev. C. G. Blouat has returned
from Colorado, bringing his son,
Mr. Z ck T ount, with him. It is
teirned with regret that Mr.Zack
Blount’s In th was not improved
by his sojou a in Colorado,
Wagner’s new Fall stock is
here. Drop in and let tts show
Mr. H. P. Nolen, the popular
citizen <*ad u.e chant prince of
Nelen, has ren cd his form six
m;ies wes'of low a r.nd sold his
mercantile business to G, W. Fair
aod so •, first-class men of the
; .me oa of the county.
ForSa e. Thr Methodist Dis
t-ici Pa-: ;zn*ge aud ten acres of
1-, ad, located on South Simmons
street. Apply to S. S. Spencer
or Jae. G. McGowan. tf
Better than ever is onr line of
Children’s School Shoes. Best
value for the least;money.
Wagner & Oo.
Messrs. Nolen & Heliums, tbs
popu*»r g ocers, have accepted
the agency for the newly adopted
school books, succeeding the
£*u mag 3.Clark DrugOo., who sur
Veadered the contract. The new
a eacy will g"ve the business
careful att jntion.
Silk Suitings iu fashionable
Pall stylos, the beautiful change
able effects, all right up to date,
at Wagner’s.
The Water Valley Elks are ar
ranging to give a awagger min
strel show at the Opera House on
the evening of Nov. 10. Every
local member of the Order ie on
the program for a turn, and, ns
well be imagined, some of the
numbers will be rich.
The Standard Guarantee and
Trust Oo., ot Dallas, Texas, loans
money at 5 per ceRt to boms*
builders. A bustler wanted to
work in Yalobusha eoujty. Ad*j
dress B. 34, Coffeeville, Miss. lm
liev. II- M. Thompson, who has
been principal of the colored pnbi
lie school for the past two years,
left Wednesday with his family
for Winona, where he will have
charge of a boarding school. He
has made Water Valley a good
and useful citizen, and his earnest
and upr gbt course has earned
the regard and confidence of the
beet people of the city who rs* |
gret his departure. x
R. J. Alexander.
Mr. R. J Alexander, father of
Mr. A, F. Alex aider, of several
miiea west of to vn, and of Mm.
J. F. Branrou, of Memphis, died
nearOo tersx: e, Union County,
8ept. f d, {■ i 91st year. Mr,
Alexanr badjoee • a magistrate
o ' his beat for more than 20yeais,
4: 1 was one of the best known
and most esteemed men of the
Mrs. Anderson Drool *.
Mrs. Leaora Brooks, wife of
Mr. Audeison Brooks, a well j
known farmer of the Hatton
neighborhood, and daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Gilmore, died
Friday of last week and was bur
sd Saturday at G *shen cemetery,
Rey. T. F. Pendergrass officia
ing in the funeral set vices. Mrs.
Brooks was a devoted member of
the Baptist Ohurch, md tie be
reaved husband, seven children
and aged parents have the sym
pathies of a large number oi
Mrs* W. B. i ;tiu*.
M w.Scurrt wife of Mr. W. B.
Scurr, one • the best known and
most gene* ly esteemed citizens
of the lower portion of the coun
ty, died Friday of last week at
tie ’mily home at To. ranee, af
ter an illness of o y one week.
Mrs. Set rr w* • a woman o(
due cb vi-ot and was much!
loved by a large circle of devoted i
• riends. The rea*>ins were laid!
to rest Saturday in the faro ly
burial ground near Torrance.
Fever Situation Well in Hand.
The promised visit of President
Roosevelt to New Orler is the
latter part of this month has ad
ded a new incentive to the fight
aj,r 4 Miss 8tegomyia in the
Crescent City and a9 a conse
quence the condition of affairs is
improving rapid v.
In the county precincts of
Louisiana notable advance hi
also been mads in controlling the
Scranton and Mus* Point, both
on the coast, have been added to
the list, bat the disease is of a
mild tj pe and only three or four
eases have been reported at each
Vickabr-g and Natches con
tinue to occupy the center of the
stage in number of cases, but the
death ratals decreasing rapidly.
As a whol- the situation is
much oror. , and sopn frost
will com. etc tae work.
Water Valley lithe best market
in North Mississippi for eonntry
A floe liue of “Banner” Bug
gies, You know what they are.
Every buggy guaranteed. Gall
and see our line of Banner bug
gies. Wagner A Go.
H. P. Nolen and family, con
sisting of wfe, son daughter, of
Nolen, have removed to this city
to reside and are occupying, a
part of Mi. Jod e Ware’s resi
dence. formerly the W'l.Oook
place, sonth of town. Mr. Nolen
and family are valued additioas
to the eitisenship of Water Val
Garter & Dorough have just re
ceived a second ear load of Or
gan and Pianos—all of them of
the beet m Jke. Gall on their
representatives at the Howd
House. 2w
Rev. J. H. Abney, pastor of the
Cumoerland Presbyterian Gburcb,
returned Toured y morning from
a vacation of four weeks, bring
ing a young bride to preside at
the parsonage. Mr. Abney and
Misa McOlanahan, of McKenzie,
Tenn., were united in marriage
Wednesday night, The heppy
couple were given a cordial re
ception. The regular se* rces
will be resumed at the G. P.
church tomorrow.
Exquisite line of Fall Waistings
just received. Call and see them.
Wagner & Go.
Have you ever returned from your
feeling that your time had been wast
ed? Have not you s)m)tiw>3 bought
goods because it was the best yon
could do?
We have searched the markets for
Cgoods that please. Our novelties are
positively the latest. Come soon or
you Will find yourself among those
who wish they had seen it first.
No duplicates among our novelties.
Jobe, the Jeweler,
From the extensive prepara*
cions. in progress the Veterans*
basket picnic reuD;oa to be hell
on the 19-h, promises to be a
urge and\i ninently sucessiul af
fair. The gallant old eoldeir boys
are entitled to a good time and
the Progress hopes they wdlhave
Attention is directed to the
cards in this issue of the Geo. H.
Goodman Company, of Jackson,
Tenn. This is one of the largest
firms doing business in the South,
and is composed oi reliable men.
The firm ships whisky a, o. d. and
guarantees satisfaction and
prompt service to its customers.
Among the ads in this issue
will be fbuod that of Eltiott &
Burke, whisky dealers, of Mem*
phis. The members of the firm
are both Mississippians, Mr.
Burke being from this, Yalobu
sha, county, and the house has
has built ud a largj busi Aras by
lowpuees, honest business meth
ods and prompt service to custo->
For Plu oxbing work, Phono lii
We are sole agents for the Cen
tal and Otransboro wagons—the
be^t wagons brought to this mar*
ket. Call and see them.
Wagner A Oo.
Has been opened on the earner of
-We will keep in etook——
Beef9 mutton, Pork til
a^ Choice Meats, full weight!,
and prompt delivery.
Your Patronarb RbbpsBti
Slssel & Snell.
Phone 108
Special Corresponded a of the Progress*
0. V. Bundles and ?am’v re
turned irom their visit to Big
Creek Monday.
Mrs. 0. T. Doyle and children
yisited Scobey a day or two the
first of the week.
Mr. George Frost and fami!y,
of near Oakland, have moved into
the Baptist parson ige.
Mr. Tom Scurr was in town
Wednesday en route to his home
at Fort Worth, Texas.
Mr. J. W. Tyler the popular
train dispatcher of Water Valley,
visited our town Snaday.
0. B. Fly pays the highest cash
price for chickens, eggs, wool and
hides. 1m
Oapt. D. E. Kelly,, who remov
ed to Holly Spriags a few weeks
ago, returned Tuesday for a few
Prof, and Mrs, W. H. Drane
and family, of Oxford, are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Dr. Henry Leonard, ot Swan
Lake, cams uy Sunday on a visit
to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. O.
Mr. Radford Astoa, in the em
ploy of the Cumberland Tele
phone Co., at Water Valley, spent
Sunday at home. |
Mr. Hodnett and daughter,
Miss Geuie, from the delta, eu
route to Water Valley, spent last
Monday with Mrs. Gum.
Mr. Ernest Edrington and fam1
ily returned to Water Valley
Wednesday, after a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. J. M, Edrington.
Dr. Adrian Beadles and Mr
Wiley Bounds, of Big Greek, were
visiting inends in and aronnd
Coffeevilie a few days, leaving
Wednr day.
Mr. T. M. Murphy, of Pittsboro
is reported as being serionsly ill.
Mr. Murphy is well known as an
old Confederate veteran, and for
a number of years has been the
editor of the Monitor, one of the
best Mississippi papers.
Messrs. J. W. Brown, B. W.
Whitten, M*s. 0. H. Oohea and
Misses LncUe and Lottie WMt*
ten left Wednesday to attend the
Baptist Association at Charles*
ton. Mrs* Oohea will attend her
visit to retatives nt Oakland and
Although *bi«t T5 hales of oat
ton were m i tie ted here last Fri
day, when it sold for tan sent*
and abovr, ‘*i«* decline in price
since that M >i j has oansed a phe
nominai i«Uin* off in ree*fpta.
The farmers m this community,
having pro 1 ted by their sneecst
in holding lust year’s crop, aia
determined to market their OOta
on o oaservativUy.
At a meeting of the local sum*
bership of the Southern Gotten
Association, last Saturday, reso
lutions approving the proceed
ings of the Asheville meeting
were passed. After liberal die*
cnssion the deterioration for the
past thirty days w is fixed at ten
per cent. Great fervency and
zeal was manifested for the eaase
■ throughout the meeting. Ad*
journed to meet ag.in the lust
Saturday in October,

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